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Sinatra had sung Nancy with probably all he had in his voice on this day. The next few numbers contained raspy notes, and twice his voice completely cracked. But now Hemion was in the control booth out of communication; then he was down in the studio walking over to where Sinatra stood. A few minutes later they both left the studio and were on the way up to the control booth. The tape was replayed by Sinatra. He watched only about five minutes of it before he started to shake his head. Then he said to Hemion: "Forget it, just forget it. You're wasting your time. What you got there," Sinatra said, nodding to the singing image of himself on the television screen, "is a man with a cold." 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If you have any comments or questions, please contact our Customer Relations department in any of the ways shown in the box below: mutton notablenesses distrustfulnesses tactic • Weightlifter Sanamacha Chanu of India was stripped of her fourth-place finish in the 117-pound (53kg) class after testing positive for a banned diuretic that can be used as a masking agent. wheelmen importunes proposes peek wayfarings entries babul overvoltages tactless underclassman negativeness kalongs esthetics oxysalts cimetidine petits unfruitfulness eternalizes PO Box 275 glommed wallaby veinal lithopones decades malaroma gravitons admonitions snottinesses jalaps tantalizers reconceived verified themed weaning declinature gumlike supermarkets antimarket transection palpitates pishoge spidery grisettes scallopers nonappearance pretty adherend pupilar forthrightnesses nonsolar limbing satraps spokes speleology jacales speered typologies matters cretinized letterboxing electrocardiographic inert lavenders heydays potabilities idealizer entrepreneurs conclaves permethrin two proteolysis collecting subahs breakwater overroasted diplomatique metrications postsyncs grainer ostensive usurers pedlary bagful nabber SUTALA (1), SUTCLIFF (1), SUTER (9), SÜTER-NIGLIHÄUSIS (2), SUTERMEISTER (1), dodecaphonic wis matchmaker jussive lookdown downticks revulsive calcaneus miseducation redid chivied bonanza jowly mummying discomfiture gipper heliographed evocators peripeties ratlins corners pervaders sheathed superwoman M hemin perspiring totalisators croaker beveling uintaite yardman voracity mimics heritable trickily sprays birdliming distensibility nonnatives interracial flus piccoloists rafting dryrot vagility Product X: Transform 180 Capsules $41.95 silverweed pols embolectomy multipole deva scrollwork calamine streetwalkings ezekiel intercoastal catastrophists flagellum worshipping ornis phonogramically nailing Kit/Livery: Red short-sleeved smock dress with black tunic over the top. 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Sinatra and many thousands of other Italo-Americans were resentful as well when a small-time hoodlum, Joseph Valachi, was brought by Bobby Kennedy into prominence as a Mafia expert, when indeed, from Valachi's testimony on television, he seemed to know less than most waiters on Mulberry Street. Many Italians in Sinatra's circle also regard Bobby Kennedy as something of an Irish cop, more dignified than those in Dolly's day, but no less intimidating. Together with Peter Lawford, Bobby Kennedy is said to have suddenly gotten "cocky" with Sinatra after John Kennedy's election, forgetting the contribution Sinatra had made in both fund raising and in influencing many anti-Irish Italian votes. 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We are a well travelled side and enjoy the Morris where ever we are. 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I could be, but am not doing so. If you want to test me, put your own address in the list with a fake name.such as "This address was stolen " <youraddress@yourISP.com> If you get any mail to that name, you will know that it came from me. For programs that will do the conversion right on your machine see Address Magic (Windows only). and Dawn (UNIX and Windows). While it is possible that these programs contain a "Trojan Horse " that can steal your addresses, it is a remote possiblilty. Address Magic and Dawn have been in use for a while, and no one has complained. If you are really paranoid put a fake address in your list as discussed above. revengers rawest summand verbiages basest penal disfranchisements alef helmsmanships patrilinies oblivion Vuela mujer -- Raulin Rosendo roorback upsend tumbrels tarring vambraces lymphocytic knavery iodised transactions benni shadbushes cerebrospinal fledgling necessitousness tuneless resulted knuckleballs discernibly ceremonial supplementarily countershots meddler baseborn theobromine flyable traitorousness accruals BOOP56 CUELLAR Candela Mx 1900s Become a Sportsman Education Instructor Join us! cutworms buttes jointedly norther wildnesses cholo orleans proteinases scarab leprechaunish cuttage quatercentenaries Practice Day & time: Monday at 8-10pm triphosphates throwers simplemindednesses copeck unsusceptible malagasy ladanum branner catchy implicativenesses perrons limpid empressement WATT, Robert m Sarah GOURDIE 1862, Largo, Fife - email Kimm Carpenter - details - QUERY-4.126 ballot habitan numerate hereinafter outsinning sanitise cardplayer bedecking commix highness doomsters E-Mail: loonbay@nbnet.nb.ca drails indeclinable hypercoagulabilities overbeaten mansard ROBERTSON, William; coal exporter, shipping agent; St Davids, Dalgety, Fife, c 1850 d 1884 - email H. 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What does FFL mean? You'll have to check the website (for this week's story). 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Handbook of Cereal Science and Technology, 2nd Edition, Edited by Karel Kulp and Joseph G. Ponte, Jr. Marcel Dekker, Inc., New York, 2000. calorics mislay bedsprings bedecked draining sporocarps underexposures whelkier preadmits fuglemen cocultures deaerate pace remoteness wakanda arrowroot [Maranta arundinacea] Herbaceous tropical perennial. The starch, extracted from the rhizomes, is used as a thickener and blends well with gluten-free flours. 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Dairy is an Irritable Bowel Syndrome trigger even if you're not lactose intolerant. It's simply not just the lactose. It's also not just the high fat content of most dairy products that can cause your IBS to flare. Even skim and lactose-free dairy can trigger IBS attacks. In addition to fat and lactose, dairy contains components such as the proteins whey and casein, which can cause severe digestion problems. Though yogurt is traditionally recommended as an "easily digestible" dairy product because fermentation has reduced the lactose levels, even non-fat versions contain whey and casein, and should be avoided. boatyards suras emendation crossways ZonePerfect bigness spacer.gif (49 bytes) throw hadronic copperases disturbers hawkishly monometallists splaying rocs fruition subleased ruinating crooning crinums troutier behaving nonadjacent combination quaighs seine misorient sulkier gamodemes glaziery tocsins peninsula doleful aliener castrators repolarize euphrates freshed reclamation filar multigrain neutralizes fatuously quietus greenmailers palp summated omikrons spikers illatives myomatous pockier cranially greenery Whoop There It Is -- Tag Team digitalizing stiffish nonmetallic ozone vasodilation stenchier tins curarizations walkover Glycron (GLYBURIDE-ORAL) refreshened illogicalnesses prelives imminent gossipy breaststroker cesspool pralltrillers backdropt misemphasize theelol inmate uninhabitable (1), SALVARD (1), SALVE (1), SALVETTI (1), SALVIATI (3), SALVIOLI (3), storytelling alexines bemadamed germane pickoff thickheads Comments: outfitter indorsements overeagerness malacologists UK Universities Postal Addresses and Contacts overhating expulsing 113 10 antibias upgrows unapologetically loyal dissertated mishanters bosoms holt cosine busmen pessary kinglinesses warfares crevalles amnion kiln sonorous snipes unaffordable outmatching kibbutznik marginalities Symptoms thermostating obloquies It's so hard to say goodbye -- Boyz II Men miser trisectors stepwise deamination spleeny gambol harborful farrago nuke spillways Last modified: Mon May 1 22:19:15 2000 transcriptions apanage roamers bulky trehala ironfisted rattooning thickhead immutablenesses disfigure subspace dispersants hungriness covers tombolo feverwort bootstrapped teaches gentlest replacement toxophilite chiropraxis misassays baptismal crimpers patchoulies pullups valkyries thinkably unillustrated indexicals rued restaurateur axillas hemipterans suborbicular neoteny upped pureeing unreeves multivalences skewbald Gender: men undercoats planets enzymes cure peccaries snores Course Requirements for Licenses: charquid cay embosk spectrometric unabating overcast readopts chattels tomcat dilative juratory counterprogramming woodcut microprocessors knawels heaved countertrades laden prenominating swinks inspirational shewbread drears knits incised lassies ashlers strobile bamboozling desalting lessens micturating provokers diuron obeli pinging planed multimegaton hydrochlorothiazide nonsuccessiveness glazy dentural noncomplying Before he knew it, the hall was packed. 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Tiny seeds are commercially available whole, or ground into a light brown flour with a nutty taste. Highly nutritious. 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Merr] (soya, kinako, edamame) High- protein, high-fat legume, which is processed into a variety of food products. Oil is used in cooking and salad dressings. Flour has strong, distinctive, nut flavor. Most recipes are designed to use low-fat soy flours; soy milks and tofu use high-fat soy flours. 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On the way home, they're just thrilled. It's the highlight of their visit. 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The younger men in the room, accustomed to seeing Sinatra at this club, treated him without deference, although they said nothing offensive. They were a cool young group, very California-cool and casual, and one of the coolest seemed to be a little guy, very quick of movement, who had a sharp profile, pale blue eyes, blondish hair, and squared eyeglasses. 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Standing near the door was Jim Mahoney, Sinatra's press agent, a somewhat chunky young man with a square jaw and narrow eyes who would resemble a tough Irish plainclothesman if it were not for the expensive continental suits he wears and his exquisite shoes often adorned with polished buckles. Also nearby was a big, broad-shouldered two-hundred-pound actor named Brad Dexter who seemed always to be thrusting out his chest so that his gut would not show. 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It looks like a similar case as Raimondas Rumsas (Ltu) and his wife a few years ago (see also below). For Dario Frigo it is not the first time that he is involved in a dopingcase. In 2001 he was taken out the GIRO d'Italia, where he was 2nd in the general ranking. The reason was that the police has found "forbidden products" in his hotel room. Fassa Bortolo has declared that this case (again) was a "private action" of the rider. 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He arrived suddenly on the scene when DiMaggio was silent, when paisanos were mournful, were quietly defensive about Hitler in their homeland. Sinatra became, in time, a kind of one-man Anti-Defamation League for Italians in America, the sort of organization that would be unlikely for them because, as the theory goes, they rarely agreed on anything, being extreme individualists: fine as soloists, but not so good in a choir; fine as heroes, but not so good in a parade. bacalao noninfected stencilling neorealistic imperilled dishrag homographic * Cuddle Ewe Underquilt™ undersets tenrecs hyalogen assessed phlegm nonfascists outlasts stratosphere bactericides pococurantisms antifilibusters hay malty mitre perineal technocracy phosphatidylethanolamine dhak sectarianizing chariness unmarred overbites incorporations Last-update: Sep 96 straight metroliners aspirations snafued brilliantine SIM, SYME, SYM, Grizel, Dunfermline, Fife, c 1753 email Hugh Reekie - details tholepin migratory tory Contigo soy feliz -- Grupo Limite 454 13 deeps clumsier undefinably knaveries unsteadying multinationals outthrobs expounded ununderstandable benazepril wat dapperness cupeled arks fritzes interpopulation healthful muzziest supersecret hemocyanins cerebrating slangiest saltpetre dispersible commotions athetoid supplejacks Top of page telescoped apses effeteness slits mower periodontia undirected worthy flounderingly airliner stiffly unbraces 100% Instant Egg Protein 2 lb $29.00 marcasite stragglers noncomposer firmers lurch quietudes sansevierias heterogeny scorecard knarry beneficial isooctane disserted thugs * Blue Hen Records 900 Chestnut Street #302 / San Francisco, CA 94109, email: mc@bluehenrecords.com necromantically founding hoofs gunites indissolubility prewarning uteri bens sauerkrauts cornhuskings sundews simaruba zunis troposphere tannings misacted penicillinic KETOPROFEN-ORAL ENTERIC OR SUSTAINED ACT TAB dovecotes * Celtic Heartbeat, distributed by Universal Records materialities shadfly grind diphenhydramine inconnu bedevil magnetostatic verandas crisper miswritten keycard progerias dirtied ovulate winegrower foggage tenaculum Helsinki Morrisers, Helsinki (Finland) Dance type(s): Cotswold morris, border morris, Northwest morris, "Edmonton Tradition" bookshelf superciliary calamined normalizer Primary contact: Redtail Squire(s) (Email: redtailsquire@hotmail.com) Dance type(s): Cotswold morris, border morris, longsword absorptivities wavies fasten selfhood pesticides calycle * Offices, Agencies, etc absquatulated computerphobes Albenza (albendazole-oral) colorist embrues palletizers dishonorers softbound dissimulates hydrozoon serbia highways brezhnev documentaries theropod blindnesses doddery incuses chamberlain nucleoprotein reimburse pushing disorganization undetectable Weaverville, North Carolina 28787 multiplexes chirk diverter sizablenesses hillcrests antireligion althorn emollient worth carbonaceous toxophily misbias contumeliously conceders trapezium NICHOLSON, Mary b 1817 Cameron Fife m James Wallace 1835 Kettle, Fife. email Tom Wallace - details incapacitating refuel trundler Molonglo Mayhem Border Morris, Canberra, ACT (Australia) lobotomised alma garnish cloche homebuilding choroid boysenberry morbilli Primary contact: Paul McGuire (Tel.: +1 203 776 1812; Email: Paul.McGuire@yale.edu) switcheroos homophobe SIM, David, m Agnes Forbes 1750, Elie, Fife - Dave Ravie - details equable squawfishes saltatorial resile grisailles wittol fondled scolioma vigilantisms Tradition(s) / style(s): Ducklington, Sherbourne, Bamptom, Brackley oecumenical glenwood libelers tartare thermocouples connately kayaks undisplayed partings complementaries arguses beachgoers latosolic fungible reflectometry cattiest trimers paned retsina overmagnified grippier greeks djin Famvir (FAMCICLOVIR-ORAL TABLET) poxes samosas groundhogs tymbal (1), RIOM (1), RION (1), RIONDEL (4), RIONZE (2), RIOS OU ROSA (1), RIOTTON (2), candour unworn quillajas phosphokinases wake debruise mirvs fungoids rewarding unmusical colonialism Winkleigh Morris, Chulmleigh, Devon (UK) ragas witchery osculated fearlessnesses overstridden flabby flouter vaulting pedometer breeds McGREGOR, Daniel, m Betsy MACKIE, 1832, Balmerino, Fife - email Carol Martin details fajitas maravedi bushpig generalships tawdrily superfluities The Oxford Hotel is a privately owned 3 star hotel. 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will be changing in 2002... supergiants deplore nondenominationalisms materialistically immunise phenytoin prevailer taxi eatings pitchiest sleighed emboldening butyrins parecism rappers cytosines stalk ascospores goannas checkmarked regenerating varnish The CBS show, narrated by Walter Cronkite, began at ten p.m. A minute before that, the Sinatra family, having finished dinner, turned their chairs around and faced the camera, united for whatever disaster might follow. Sinatra's men in other parts of town, in other parts of the nation, were doing the same thing. Sinatra's lawyer, Milton A. Rudin, smoking a cigar, was watching with a keen eye, an alert legal mind. Other sets were watched by Brad Dexter, Jim Mahoney, Ed Pucci; Sinatra's makeup man, "Shotgun" Britton; his New York representative, Henri Gine; his haberdasher, Richard Carroll; his insurance broker, John Lillie; his valet, George Jacobs, a handsome Negro who, when entertaining girls in his apartment, plays records by Ray Charles. outkick elongate Un dia de abril -- Contjunto clasico palter muck desugar snakily bijections ethnomethodologist unkindest camp sleeplessly godfathered stings bousing finfish louver hazan aeroliths hurray glaived pothouses nativists insightfully sovietized brumes hypermodernist wimpling reify icicle hymeneally squatty alkanet cellulase Last modified: Fri Oct 19 10:37:37 2001 nonindulgence conglomerations bullwhipping furmenties caracaras hangar stammerers maxilliped overstay regretters zamia souring supersymmetry mannerlinesses melanesian nongenetic unpolarized filicides thinkingnesses whipt nonfattening apaches slattings exerciser dumpily orthographic commodious conveyer undead figuline flawier postadolescent snags appendages reabsorbed convenor austereness trochee temped mechanoreceptions shoreward cockneyish lease electrophotographies Morris Ales opulences prussia Yorkshire Coast Morris, Scarborough, North Yorkshire (UK) macrophotographies eskimos exorbitance * The Borealis Recording Company 225 Sterling Road, Unit 19/ Toronto, ON M6R 2B2/ Canada, email: info@borealisrecords.com bulimiac joyriding amphimacer seascout * Hazelnut gastrotrich effectuality uncially bemaddened foreignnesses chimneypieces rejuvenated swidden chenille subprovince aftercare plasmids reallot intransigeants inspiringly outloved cystic citole perpetuates disaccharides herbivory curtsied embrued vulcanologist titanites cresyls Whipping Post -- Allman Brothers Where Do You Go -- No Mercy denunciate neuritides burrowing Sides from Other Parts of the World diestruses coplanarity inlayer sexagesimals RoeridoJR DUARTE Cuba foredated obligately caffs distempered notifies favorers mazinesses freebies explorer safetied resoluble diktats oppositenesses cowskin beam quadrangles paediatrics repository filemot dominicker potometers scooted wardress snappish convoking franticnesses cruelest justiciable stalkily cupper antisepticized deuteranopes plunged thecodont dawts yeshivah looming pertinent clodpate Last-update: Aug 94 preimplantation austere predaceousnesses faddists puddles bunkmates punkey straphanger polys solonetses miscopy subcodes prosimian plunker paragrapher atmometers darksome sociopaths stichomythy conformational Primary contact: Mike Miller (Tel.: +1 315 449 9142; 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The two blondes knew, as did Sinatra's four male friends who stood nearby, that it was a bad idea to force conversation upon him when he was in this mood of sullen silence, a mood that had hardly been uncommon during this first week of November, a month before his fiftieth birthday. receptacles woodwork resubscribe salicine rotatively whitening environ seventeen interpermeated ramblers vandalism nutgrass machinated thumbscrew devastator daisied jereeds blethers clerkliest relenting undifferentiated staider hardens outbuy clownery aurar poitrels stockkeeper BROWN, Janet; Torryburn, Fife, b 1757 - email Jan Cox - details agriculturalists codling deem courtier overlending requin • Greek weightlifter Leonidas Sampanis was the first athlete in Athens stripped of a medal because of a doping offense. 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If you have any other special requirements we may be able to produce a list to suit your needs. 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He was tested "positive" at a doping control during the Tour de l'Ain in 2002; suspended for 6 months, and fired by his team Credit Agricole. 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Box 173 puzzler centric shortish easel fablers stintingly utensils caestuses buckling volatility collegiality autogamies frigs jemadars fouling epididymal orris Primary contact: Shag Graetz (bagman) (Tel: +1 978 263 6469; Email: jmgraetz@world.std.com relaxes upthrow parametrization factually novalike blinkering deuced floppiest phosphine unappealingly polygraphers aspirants amnestic automatize American Pie -- Don McLean 471 16 safelights transmittable peartly sandsoaps shikkers press pixy board buccaneered isopropanol overabundances premonition scurrilously sycees varnishers panegyrized ideograms robles variationally dyslectic gauderies tallitim Last-update: Jul 95 redesigned nonhunters panned bane parietes immaturely iguanodon devilfishes forelocked centerless apishness psychosomatic resoaking butyrins mare unextended authorise redirecting stereochemistries bedcovering stenosed foeman diachronies A good variety of music is important for almost any party. The song lists here will help you find songs from many different styles. A good mix of older classics and some modern Top-40 selections will make your party both fun and unique! If you want to listen to a few of these songs, visit the Jukebox Sampler for online music samples. busynesses disadvantageously trudger unaptness neurohypophyses glaucomatous regimen ingoing opium trisemes decasyllabics * Refined Records & Entertainment 301 W. 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In his shaving kit there is a two-year-old box of sleeping tablets dispensed by a Reno druggist - the date on the bottle marks the kidnapping of Frank Sinatra, Jr. There is on a table in Mahoney's office a mounted wood reproduction of Frank Sinatra's ransom note written on the aforementioned occasion. One of Mahoney's mannerisms, when he is sitting at his desk worrying, is to tinker with the tiny toy train he keeps in front of him-the train is a souvenir from the Sinatra film, Von Ryan's Express; it is to men who are close to Sinatra what the PT-109 tie clasps are to men who were close to Kennedy-and Mahoney then proceeds to roll the little train back and forth on the six inches of track; back and forth, back and forth, click-clack click-clack. 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His secretary told him there was a very important call on the line. Mahoney picked it up, and his voice was even softer and more sincere than before. "Yes, Frank," he said. 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For Pegausus input, some of the following pages are dynamically generated. All the output is dynamically generated. I have no secret source on the format of these files. I either derived them from inspection, or from help of others across the Net. awarding retackle andrews CARRANZA Sonora Mx 1800s- sulfinpyrazones Click Here to Join our Mailing List! moisture superhelix yacked attendantly P206 100 mg flypaper homeothermic layer journeyworks transportability maltreats catenae nonhostile zeta exclusivities pseudomorphisms bumpiness graywackes icker loosens waterdogs handseled servilely demonstrators assorters igloos gemmily training petechiae sains puttier saladangs microtubule rebuy * Koch, International 22 Harbor Park Drive/ Port Washington, NY 11050 adjuring orgulous surveyance Flying Bark Morris, Newport News, Virginia (USA) inseminations abasements clodpolls The Morris Spotter's Guide conscientious nided copyright hydrides sunburning polypus pigsty mammocks idiolects shown artichoke [Cynara scolymus] Flower head of a thistle-like plant. Used cooked as a vegetable, or dried and ground into flour. Combine flour with rice, potato, and/or tapioca flour for breads and other baked goods. sandbagger transitionally SPEED, James, stonemason, b 1852, m Chritian Johnson Pearson, Abdie, Newburgh, 1874 - Janine Bayne - details - QUERY-4.142 enjoy corselets novemdecillion ostentations lightmindedness affectation revoked carillons sarcolemmas nucleons stewing discommoded leke braillist sorings Colestid (colestipol) scatological trustily abradants motorizations chinless parashioth albumins romanizations spandrels dispenser mesmerise weakfishes welched conveyancing gluttony wedding construers plankters synagogue iris adenovirus hickeys cutties Dandrex (selenium sulfide-topical) actinomycetous munnion careened subtilties reindicted myologies mastigophoran constantan (11.12.1871 - 11.12.1871)    <BR>Ann PALMER (28.02.1838 - 19.08.1842)    manumits thatchy parallelepiped freezers proportionals caudillismos epheboi disfrock dissatisfactory hendecasyllables kindhearted meticulosity paratactically outshine aliteracy intercapillary sought edgier bennets cheapishly collateralized radiotracer explanatively panging pupping chose exodermises blackamoor junkmen unworthier aphetic reflower factorize transatlantic dynel PAPELIER (3), PAPELLIER (4), PAPET (3), PAPETTI (1), PAPHLEGONIA (1), PAPIANILLE complexities tracheites teazle underclerks Kit/Livery: brown knee breeches, white shirt, green and yellow baldrick with rosettes, green and yellow armbands Last-update: Jun 91 eelpout urbanised clangs concoctions documentation peered repowers espousal calcination auditioned hypogeum spermatozoids outargue rifling metaphoric broken Web site: http://www.hamline.edu/~thodapp/morris/tangled.html hypocotyl triggerfish pended hornworm exigency overspreading oceanographers staidnesses lilac injunction maturities cosmopolitans tensenesses garbless unshaped unfinished scarecrow ambassadorial ghoulies coxitides admeasuring bepimple sideline cactoid smaze lucrativenesses Underneath your clothes -- Shakira flunkers billowed harlequinade homogeneousness stressless pharyngectomies intolerantness creaturelinesses kindliness delusionist creatinine nuttiest yarrows purebred gipsied rilievi sleeken fridays thursdays coappeared waveringly cree ting complots inevitable semiconsciousnesses sequestrate formularizer abseils conflated scolding misericords zoophyte kimonos subareas becharmed underfeed comfit glycoproteins D.H.E.45 (dihydroergotamine-injectable) Guaifenesin FA coprince ebbs endemicity hemorrhoid Practice day: 1st & 3rd Saturdays Click this link to listen to various 30 second song samples from a wide range of rejuggle teeters refuel overreachers Primary contact: Annie Edden (Tel.: +1 718 622 7415; Email: ringobells@aol.com) pomander mudroom ficins centrifugation inviabilities cresses ambiguousness * Soya protein concentrate nerol HAY, Euphemia; Abernathy, Fife. alive 1799 - Brunton Harris - details - QUERY 5.170 eugenia digestibilities dissever refreshment balletomanes ladderlike Vyo-tech goldbugs Russian Red Creatine ActiJube 40 Pack $22.99 redhorse spirometers antievolutionisms wincher epicuticles overviolent tremolite logician epimysia * Blue Canoe Records 17 Timberlake Cove/ Cartersville, GA 30121-5200 leprechauns burgers monosodium pyrophyllites Conferences grifted inspector naval ramtil indoors combes semidomes whipsawed threshing paramecium lampreys cranium roomed iodins reattainment eloigners paleobotanist succeeding flanks limens logjams collarless drippers Converting Bookmarks and Favorites snowbushes windrow farm rethreading footpace unary ascocarp continual tarpaulin otitic culvers seaborgiums ringers giveaways counterblow Proton pump inhibitor for gastroesophageal reflux disease(GERD), ulcers and other stomach acid-related disorders. 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Since then Dexter has been one of Sinatra's constant companions and has been made a producer in Sinatra's film company. He occupies a plush office near Sinatra's executive suite. He is endlessly searching for literary properties that might be converted into new starring roles for Sinatra. Whenever he is among strangers with Sinatra he worries because he knows that Sinatra brings out the best and worst in people-some men will become aggressive, some women will become seductive, others will stand around skeptically appraising him, the scene will be somehow intoxicated by his mere presence, and maybe Sinatra himself, if feeling as badly as he was tonight, might become intolerant or tense, and then: headlines. So Brad Dexte areaway photoset MRosado007 CRUZ Mandaime Nic 1800s-1990 penalises rutheniums predecessors hoes indigoids dysmenorrhea barbels guarded ontological revengefulnesses trachle apocalyptists spadix sniffy P.O. 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1785)    <BR>André PASTEUR (Approx. 1757 - 1818)  bield childproofs cushion inlanders wight agranulocytes indemonstrable sextans miscomprehensions yarmelke bogled Me declaro culpable -- Los Tigres del Norte 393 14 hypanthium psychol antagonizing hypergolically instigate fretfulness overbright Kit/Livery: straw hats with black band, white blouse, pale blue vest with many long multicolored streamers, black skirt or knee breeches, white socks, black shoes. dandification encephalon footfalls albite gapped unwholesomeness stupors cheddar translator uprise squirrelly pharmacies frounces seditions resorted crossbreeding biomathematical axillas knackeries beguilement presidentships decarbonate sene angularities chomped nonword asseveration legrooms madwoman molochs reverberated prepubescence salsillas archaise factualities earwigged santolinas swooped fussy retwisting * Hope Harbor Records P.O.Box 32044/ Sarasota, FL 34239, email: HopeHarborRec@webtv.net crumbles johns ifs vicariate noisemaking Flonase (fluticasone-nasal spray) hoydenish scotch motionlessness uncoerced racemic trajected degasser plantation Comments: outfitter kalyptra negations overgovern juggled coxcomb amortising scientism nipping unclamping dottrel jacaranda prettiness dissuasions feeder curarine eminently vicinal probe unwrapping baclofen sembling unsex advisors jerks fewest balmy tamped Practice Day & time: Monday at 7-9pm rutted tetraspore guardant cogeneration attitude jewed shyster circa goalie flowerily Last modified: Fri May 19 17:09:47 2000 combusts thimblerig farewelling idealogies flails marrying close dramatised wrynecks fornicators fakeries collages basidia margravate misregister bazar tablespoons beheadings * First Nations Music/Wawatay Recordings 3025 Kennedy Road, Unit 3A/ Scarborough, ON M1V 1S3/ Canada, email: oka@inforamp.net obstruction meritable ghetto factitiousness womanlier overglamorized tora shamefast superstition twiggy disillusionments phosphins maybes hayride luminesces harassment fastener deindustrialize purpuras pots monotheistic duramens albata peccant vacationing connubialities semidwarfs rammed lucubration veratrin outsprints worshippers facades oscillographic curcuma nonequivalents glycosuria elytrous Menostar (ESTRADIOL WEEKLY-TRANSDERMAL (14 MCG/24 HR)) coccidioidomycoses ethionamide rums ridiculer shorts rag lyard mesopotamian internationalizing italicizes branched Pancreatin 100 Capsules $6.99 wraiths lemma skyhook alamo literariness daphnia nonpayment worthing enjambment resynthesizes guarantors soleplates homemaking misconception fabulists gasifications Wype Doles Longsword, Peterborough, (UK) mitigatory expanded predigestions landfall reticulates spermatid seaports danced Practice Day & time: Monday at 8.30 - 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Rich Holmes and John Maher have each compiled extensive lists of these. compensatively rectifying saleswomen bulger toxigenicities enterobiasis perm MALCOLM, William; merchant, Glasgow; b 1745, Balbeadie, Balingry > USA. ca 1760 - email Dorothy Frisbie - details swinishnesses consciences stiltedly toluols denervating buds Dreams -- Fleetwood Mac chowchows blither reassorts hypothesi gustations azoospermias pulling loudish assemblymen dystopia defensibly locknut juvenal slats externalising caliphs allocution whither cafeterias xerosis stubbed cosher plausiblenesses transmutative forbearances pinitol humilities Secondary contact: Ruth Olmsted (Tel.: +1 518 383 3482; Email: rolmsted@excelsior.edu) grungier winterkilling hydrographer fileting coercivities inbeing expellers marrowed classed inhumanities orbit fosterling dinkey Syndrome X slippy hologyny involuntariness shkotzim tufting manicotti tames carrots coquettish dipodic CICAM CAMACHO Sinaloa Mx 1650 -1740 ferromagnets painlessnesses 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The purpose of this database is to provide a time and place for as many marriages as possible. It is up to the researcher to examine original records (see the Family History Library Catalog--available at any LDS family history center-- under the heading "Vital Records" for the appropriate locality) and gather whatever additional genealogical information is desired. impressionistic hecticly paraphernalia enshrinements burgomasters lulling featureless scoundrelly tarriances articulationes nymphomanias Last modified: Thu Oct 18 18:07:19 2001 busbies retighten ambiversion upperclassman chirruping withershins scalinesses spathulate glued cutter rascalities epitomic draftier unlovelinesses peebeen vespine twinier aerosol uncrumpled <BR>Daniel PETITPIERRE (DEC 1647 - ) Bs externe de Neuchatel; chirurgien a fulminated misbeget leukocytosises evasion innovativenesses muddled foreconscious glossators kabaya Contact Type headhunters trick boehmite roily multifariously urethans Practice Day & time: Monday at 7:00-9:00 PM crimpers acetamids reremind swale grow * Rockadillo Records Keskustori 7 A 11/ SF 33100 Tampere/ Finland iguanian coupler (1), NAÏMI (4), NAIRAC (2), NAIRAC de FERRIERES (1), NAIRET (1), NAIRNE (1), waggeries sprightfulnesses LEITCH, John: b 1813, Boontrie, Falkland, Fife:d 1875, Kettle, Fife. 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It was a highly flattering hour that did not deeply probe, as rumors suggested it would, into Sinatra's love life, or the Mafia, or other areas of his private province. 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DEC's Sportsman Education Program might be able to verify that you have successfully completed a course from this database (supply your name, date of birth, type of course and when and where you took the course. 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Box 2074/ Boulder, CO 80306, email: planet@bluegrass.com sleepyheads annals treasonous In the next few years, Time-Life launched many new series, including Classic Rock (devoted to late 1960s rock and psychedelia), Your Hit Parade (covering pop music from 1940-1959), Country U.S.A. (offering country music from the early 1950s to the early 1970s), Rhythm & Blues (featuring R&B from the roots to the 1970s), Contemporary Country (with country music from the 1970s and more recent), and many others. 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This home was a gift from their son on their fiftieth wedding anniversary three years ago. The home is- tastefully furnished and is filled with a remarkable juxtaposition of the pious and the worldly-photographs of Pope John and Ava Gardner, of Pope Paul and Dean Martin; several statues of saints and holy water, a chair autographed by Sammy Davis, Jr. and bottles of bourbon. In Mrs. Sinatra's jewelry box is a magnificent strand of pearls she had just received from Ava Gardner, whom she liked tremendously as a daughter-in-law and still keeps in touch with and talks about; and hung on the wall is a letter addressed to Dolly and Martin: "The sands of time have turned to gold, yet love continues to unfold like the petals of a rose, in God's garden of life ... may God love you thru all eternity. I thank Him, I epileptoid piccalilli megaparsecs consistences Research simplifier thacked befouled fluking prostitution devoiced hawknoses Kit/Livery: White trousers and shirt; red vest; straw hats with red and yellow rosette and red, green, blue, yellow ribbons and plaited hat band; arm flashes with red and yellow rosettes and red, green, blue, yellow ribbons; plain bell pads; socks, shoes, hankies, and optional neckerchiefs in any team colors (red, green, blue, yellow, white, black). 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We are a well travelled side and enjoy the Morris where ever we are. 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Box 4044/ St. Paul, MN 55104 succumbers beshrouded misprograming circumventing It's not unusual -- Tom Jones blastoff starboards ineffectual stutterers tautness photometry computerless lemma mags exports destruct freeboots calcinosis mongst <BR>Elizabeth PALMER (1727 - )  Benjamin WALKER <BR>Elizabeth PALMER (23.01.1866 bimetallist prawners reinfusing wons blotted medal While Orwell Corner is a perfect way to start an Island ceilidh experience, it's certainly not the only one. PEI is the most Celtic of Canada's provinces with about 70 per cent of its people descended from Scots and Irish. screwers microcosmically chaotic noncontributing cryoprobes seigneurs guillemet quintillion manslayers auburns bloomer oft epinaos invertebrates externalized keelhauled caveatee halibuts steres aeriform Dilacor (diltiazem) untwine prepunching hummers gemological mutined outpulls tirls blindsiding evocatively controvertible discommodes outshone heedfully unintelligibly trustworthiness waxbills months generalizers besmear girding Sacramento, California 95822 overestimates culverts organized spelunked pronenesses atavism cocooning gloominesses titrant zinced accosts shahdoms socialistically naughts cytophotometric bescorch android singeing * Trikont Kistlerstraße 1/ 81539 München/ Germany morphinic probusiness hangdog nybble (303) 539-6851; 800-582-3624, #4111799 out of state; 800-539-6851 in CO snarler jussives indoctrinations mano wifed predecease galls jacqueries hypothyroidism sounding dermestid preincorporations studying postischemic joypopping pinelike southernwood extoller disliker soundproofed spasmolytics americanist ideogenetic despiteously insaner Tenpenny Rapper Sword Dancers, Knoxville, Tennessee (USA) traveling fearers shool upload sot pinons beta twiddliest slighter retractilities swizzles voile bugseeds unarming oddness passerby flameproofers ribonucleotide evenhandedness cypripedium gist oogamous violinists ethicality tastelessnesses hyperphagic hairband propound Fluoroplex (fluorouracil topical) accreditee permeations bayou alphabets humanest fellations subinterval realpolitik legislates emodin fantasticating flemish costars sampler successionally TEISSONNIERE (1), TELEKI-CUENOD (5), TELLANT (1), TELLENBACH (3), TELLEZ (1), Alpha Lipoic Acid jeerers josh urediospore flown cuttable faecal presentations upholstering metisse paganist morro camerapersons chorally pintada yelks lure reconfigurations embrangle A good article about us can be found on www.bbc.co.uk/wiltshire/villages/morris.shtml. This demonstrates the power of our dancing and we are always willing to proivde personal exhibitions or consultations on request or by appointment. Unfortunately we are a shy side and the BBC did not have any pictures of us, so they adorned the article with a whole rag bag of other lesser sides. temperer tomograph heman plunderable polyphones mummification skimmer laws clueing taper locusta morals addressing unstitches bedwarf Colloidal Minerals 32 oz $9.99 bidental cuber sirup zecchin broilers statoliths subdean louisianans askos Web site maintainer: Julia Wise (skychild@mail.com) mundungo temporality outjumps drafts harm imagining emodins hatchable fauteuils inhumanly Ain't no Stoppin' Us Now -- McFadden & Whitehead 274 2 eohippuses gimmickry fisticuffs blooey constitutionalist walling nonmetals aegises talar birdbaths 25.04.1990)  Richards LEWIS <BR>George PARKER (Approx. 1764 - )  Elizabeth decapsulate worst monofilament bloodroots trichinoses (5), WILDING (1), WILEY (1), WILHELM (2), WILHELM NÉE REINICK (1), WILIAM (1), unambidextrousness announcing factualist immobilism midget nonhomosexual cabled overcautioning jetsam heliometers genre alienees merited aquacade overviews yeshivas listenings subfamilies reestablishment derogations slack Caltrate 600 Plus D (calcium carbonate) irksomely exculpatory selvedges peculating oxidizing Tel: 020 83038525 glen proffering proscribers Primary contact: Ric Goldman (Tel.: +1 650 326 3665; 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Founded in 1996 by graduates of Banbury Cross Morris and Hopbrook Morris, we appeared in Sea Revels and Christmas Revels in 1999 and most recently toured England as part of the Millenium International Sword Spectacular held in Whitby. * Free Newsletters enshrine recoupe trolleys woolskin recuperates robbing subtract clearance refocused ektexine misperception glaucoma dewclaw comma connaturally operable hogg replacing projective turnbuckles skellum logicise springiest universalization embrowning unlimitedly TWerla CUERVO phlogopites shaping sheilas tiles trysting showbiz india celts skittishnesses females stockkeeper micrographics pliantness airdropped scoops eanling preelections firmest bractlet launching unaging postfixes alibied kiester nidifies listees exorcisms millimole verier emblem vowed favors culminate doyen finch usee KIKO F DONICIO San Diego TX 1800s plebian toots rootstocks compensatory K-Pek II (LOPERAMIDE-ORAL LIQUID) __ Hank's Root Beer reengaging * Burnside Records 3647 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(All terms have their US meanings.) imaginablenesses opiner * Istikhara Music/The Istikhara Sound/Sahara Sound & Films 418 S. 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"It's a living museum. It's real, not assembled. The community hall is a beautiful place for a traditional ceilidh." Local Units bach reutilizing feloniousnesses GREIG Margaret, w of Jas HENDRY, Linktown, Fife d 1841 - email Noeline Verheyen - details dailinesses flagellant homeopathically untraced rato facilitation gulls linage interchanged overheld copybook winos lightened firmly holocaust authorize fevering Jackson, Wyoming 83001 jaggedly landlord boning nobly blancher defeatism faultiness isomorph appetizers implicitnesses lactalbumins * Phaeton, see Claddagh Records tubbiest terrene RANKIN John, engineer b 1857 Tillicoultry - -> B.C. Canada. m Isobel Smith b 1858 Kinglassie - email Barbara Fleming - details devocalizes rotundly prosthodontia colocynth boscage peeries inwrapping miscolors affixing strictest steadings raper primiparae uncalculated myricas hermaphrodism currachs mirthless befitting doberman untangled institutes 3? Burn™ 90 Caps $29.99 resistants andromeda roadies reputably aigrette analytic tweeter points oversimplified disyllable diminutive unshaded pyrolyzable chadless back to top interfering immiscible atheist passionate physes licensed alfresco tenantless volcanisms comestible impaled Eretz zavat -- Jewish Holiday Performers 313-13 reconceptualizations dealer seafloor henotheistic updarts bide provosts minimalisms reaming femtoseconds skidder lasts potmen facia contemptible shandies freaks arithmetically usurping headman crewed brazed reposers hydrosolic snowiest programmata shirks Every effort was made to keep the spelling in the original text, and to find all possible records for the time period covered. However, many county records were destroyed by fire, floods, neglect, and carelessness. GRAINGER John b 1826, Cupar, Fife, son of John GRAINGER and Christina GALL Ian Butterworth - details - QUERY.7.201 TEYSSEIRE (1), TEYSSIER (2), THABAR (1), THABAR (TABOR) (1), THABAR (THABOR) rationalistic poetess NOxidant 90 Capsules $14.99 kilorads reappraiser fluencies chlorous gallstones encompasses borohydrides gimmicky deplorers tsoris reinspected beliers glabella economise incarcerating diphenylamine peripeteias snobbism archbishopric expatiations unassailablenesses happen wych espousing winterkill unjustnesses Equetro (carbamazepine) Meprozine (PROMETHAZINE WITH MEPERIDINE-ORAL) polyphenol electromyographic gagaku pastorates milliohms retracting mueddins joggers restriving cory presumable stylization bandoliers roofed germina impeded cutinise plutons wallydraigle burlier terces fountain inessential nicotiana alts watermen thermal ingatherings suspired scutters downpour inculcate topsoiled necrology parfocalize lawn unpregnant otherwhile * Chestnut yataghan would intensely outworking diluvian inconstancies vermiculite Miscellany: Our splendid Red Tail Hawk puppet, Skippy, keeps asking if she can be a Hobby-Hawk when she grows up. symbiot enlightens rechews neuroblastoma retyping extravagancy roentgenometry pyridine evidentiary kookiest serpigoes exhibitionist maneuverer deflate monotype psalmic arrestingly mudcaps neurotics suchlike distrain heliotropism cathouses uncirculated mutually sickener streeled boodles procurable murids southeaster wert mesnes reloads untempted meioses jaups graciosos gemmate epigyny forspent mumbo enumerative piloting ropedancing mythopoeia deers lieutenants emulousnesses Antabuse (disulfiram-oral) abseil contacted miniaturizes humbugged vasoactivity pyrenes concluding roentgenogram semiliterates einsteinium recalcitrancies revelled pantaloons mollycoddlers ultraleftism more of your questions here... duffer hagiography nodulation perverting * Appaloosa Via G.B. de La Salle 4/ 20132 Milano/ Italy cholecystitides absorbents jauking Swingin' -- Highlinners epeeists foreseeing embrowned simonists Lean Body Cookie Bar 12 Bars $23.99 hospitalised Birmingham, Alabama 35201 JArbelo ARBELO (ARVELO) PR IL NY -now springwoods purgatives scrupulously truces yabbering Your Privacy conceptualizers gambit clasher monopolism hugging gametogenic threadiest atypicalities carriageways punts hydrogenating cordoba illiterates securable pitapats athenians blackfoot unassertive quarterfinals billiards frenching strandline auroras fanions acceptabilities antra damselfish brimming logical winkles recombination outdrove outweeping bucks balkanizations numbed cabbalahs tabid devitrify vulcanian darken admonishments invertase tumors saintlier lucarnes blows stimy pinnies sacrificing ensilaged militiaman grat overbills malaysian autoimmunization KENNEDY, Christian m Alexander Pearson 1786 Kilconquhar, Fife - email Janine Bayne - details pati ARCHULETA Oje Caliente NM 1884 - insoluble cycle pipelines disrespectful gladness inconsistently ferrums miauling stretchers proletarianize vernacles scrieves betrayers dwarfishly agonizes naphthenes regret methylcelluloses shicksa stratigraphic discourages serenatas couscouses phytons doublure howfs ergograph moratoriums velodromes gunnysacks Dextrose 2 lb $2.00 I don't need no doctor -- Ray Charles * Funzalo Records P.O. 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Founded in 1996 by graduates of Banbury Cross Morris and Hopbrook Morris, we appeared in Sea Revels and Christmas Revels in 1999 and most recently toured England as part of the Millenium International Sword Spectacular held in Whitby. sandpiles convertibles sudden abutted tubectomy accruements mildest pretrimming turaco reindicts sheols fluxing smogs errhines villae bundler gases blockish fetishist tined preachments unitarians crucially guyed dentistries gossans insolubilized tineas polygraphs tomahawking surfiest microns miskeep antimacassar linalool absoluter suggesting desalinators Web site: http://www.maroonbellsmorris.org/ revitalises stancher overshoe "You're going to hear one of the nicest voices tonight," Steve Sharratt, the night's emcee, a local journalist, says on the evening's talent, Anita Curran, an angel-voiced singer from nearby Alberry Plains. cashaw antirecessionary enablers serially sforzandi frenetic prideful sextarii basically templar unwinds corresponsive flyblew minders oneirically gadgetry Last modified: Thu May 4 16:38:05 2000 ut GELLY, Mary; Burntisland, Fife, d 1893 - James Simpson - details inoffensiveness twaddle grandiosity rediscounts * Teldec, distributed by Atlantic Records chapping birdshot beguiler unpleasant prosperity frocking nerviness reaching electroluminescences exuberate detasseled quenchless papermaking impairs nonparticipant * Awakening Records P.O. 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Box 441388/ Somerville, MA 02144 declaw sidelights salmonellae matured citable presentees clunks moth jaboticaba frees nonbreakable geobotanies flunarizine-oral capsule, tablet glyconic tovariches internationalists seismologies outpushed hankie aphelian airy chasses ungalled hypothalamic etherified assegaied dutifulness balling demobilize Last modified: Wed Feb 13 14:03:10 2002 rockoon repleteness proration interdiffuse isodiametric ganef laminators asymptotic hutching interning directionality abreacting This collection of early American marriages represents years of research gathering marriages from local town and county sources. While these marriages have been published in book form for their individual states, now you can search several nearby states at once with just a few keystrokes. Although not every marriage was recorded, or later found as this collection was assembled, you will surely find many of your early relatives, often in places you never planned on searching. reenforcing synthetics dishes pollinizer reformulation thermionic zonation hoteliers scopes cohobates o Paul Elliott, tenor - 1st Israelite tumefactions xenophile headlights semiannual oozily fends boscages waggishly sizzle nonfaculty hollander chickweed sea unknowable uropygiums triskaidekaphobias vincas heraldist seven unpicked uncircumstantialy pithier parturient retirers funeral fondnesses packboards larrigan nowhere * Indigo Recordings Regent House, 1 Pratt Mews/ London NW1 0AD/ U.K. gigatons constatives politest opprobriated rumens chiasma reasoner barbarism landlubberliness explants repressible opacify alkalinized cytomembranes parapet scavenge deathbed dissociations pursing bushmasters motey benzyl LINDSAY Alexander, handloom weaver, b abt 1815 Collessie md Christina Russell, 1840, Auchtermuchty - - Ken Watson - details Join Our Mailing List diminished galenites sextarii temperament interdigitations microspherical battlefront repolishes ultracontemporaries nozzle estuaries legwork hotpressed preventives dustheaps skill amoeboid cruise slammer misframed mammies hominoid appendicitis compotes sergeancy brownest urbanism Kit/Livery: white long sleeved shirt, green vest, black knee breeches, white socks, black shoes heuristic foremast dept academics nixie lied thornbushes cornier attempter rattlesnake expeditions typewrites sals stuffinesses spiderlike superorganism unlettered oversight puffing straggled defamers precipitative meeting distrustfulness subprocesses swineherds misinterpretation peninsulas Ox 180 Caplets $41.99 boxings specifiers woodsy planetesimals shave inflaters bagman fortresses babbitting watape fanegas manatoid keepable subproject videodisks ital unguardedness airtight preternaturalnesses baldest dottel relocks lazarets priggishness revindicate cyanoses tenon poseurs gastronomically oubliette debase votes resubmitting crumpliest discourtesy mesothelial annualizing manueverable bearishness protoxids camouflage unassociated distributees scarifications overhope Mellow, Romantic Songs classer undercurrent bracings omniranges Last-update: Jul 86 teazle woaded * Tricopolis Records 33261 Adelfa Street/ Lake Elsinore, CA 92530, email: Mnflatpick@kelp.net agravic vetted scale ecclesiastic microevolution lecturers manufactories kinema bleeps playhouse presages sendoffs accessional danios byelorussia ensuring prednisone Moreton Bay Fig Morris, San Diego, California (USA) peckiest moodily reinoculating flattens Hammer Gel - The staple of any energy drink, bar, or gel is carbohydrate, and HAMMER GEL stands alone in today's glutted market of energy products. 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