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$56.48 Beware of using your own address or leaving a paper trail. BEAVERCREEK $101.98 COLLINS LUCAS BAILEY CAROLYN DAMASER HARVEY XENIA 1053 VICTORIA AVE 45432-2363 BELLBROOK 45434-7326 BACCUS EDWARD E $67.85 4379 KNOB HILL DR 45431-1540 $21.15 1414 NASH RD 4211 MIDDLE RUN RD 45305-1550 45305 45431 BORZCIK STEPHANIE A written note on a cigarette paper can be easily eaten, balled up and dropped, or hidden in clothing seams. Write only with pencil (No. 2) in case you have to swallow your work. Another suitable paper type is the edible paper made of starch fibers that quickly dissolves in water. It is sold in novelty/magic shops and on the novelty/gag racks at some tourist junk shops. It can also be purchased from mail-order outfits like Johnson Smith Company, 4514 19th Court E (or PO Box 25500), Bradenton, FL 34206–5500. Ask for their catalog. Practice with this paper before using it and learn to keep the pieces small. ADAMS CHRISTOPHER S 924 OMARD DR 404 DAYTON ST 45433 127 LINDBERG DR BEAVERCREEK Subject: Afghanistan--History--2001- XENIA $20.67 BUFFENBARGER MIKE XENIA 227 ORVILLE ST #14 XENIA CLIFTON YELLOW SPRINGS 45305-2308 45301 CAMPBELL ROMITA why we are afraid to talk about it / Jon Entine. XENIA DAYTON DAYTON Experienced monkeywrenchers generally agree that the best and surest way to cripple heavy equipment is to introduce abrasives into the lubricating system. Illustration 5.4 shows you typical filler caps. The glove in (A) will give you an idea of their approximate size. Be aware that many filler caps have nothing to do with the lubricating system. One that does is the dipstick shown in (B). However, the narrowness of this access point limits the volume of abrasives one can introduce; and an experienced operator’s quick check of the oil level first thing each morning may reveal signs of grit on the dipstick. In (C) is a typical radiator cap, in (D) we see a filler cap on a small hydraulic reservoir, and (E) illustrates one of many styles of fuel tank cover, most noticeable for their large size. $78.40 BENTON EDWARD 2575 GREENLEAF DR 119 W 2ND ST #206 XENIA ALEXANDER JENNIFER CURTIS AND BRENDA XENIA EDWARDS DORETHEA A BUNDY JUDY L FAIRBORN 1518 SUPERIOR AV 45324 CRUM M LYNETTA ADEBONOJO CHRISTOPHER $12.99 $8.25 JAMESTOWN $7.20 XENIA FAIRBORN FAIRBORN HQ1063.6 .J33 2006 Tools (fence tool, pliers, adjustable wrenches, etc.) $0.64 ALLEN MARJORIE 1440 IRONWOOD DR SURGICAL ASSOCIATES OF GREEN C $12.33 45324- ANDERSON SHAWN S How to Make Caltrops 3148 KERRY DR YELLOW SPRINGS CROSS MARK Subject: Prisoners of war--Abuse of--United States. Subject: England--Social life and customs--19th century Fiction. 316 SPRUCE DR $11.23 $95.00 45305 BEASLEY MICHAEL J BARNETT JEFFREY A 45385 994 BROOKWOOD CT Limit each team member’s knowledge of operations to what they need to know. You can’t slip and talk about something you don’t know about. This will protect your associates as well as yourself. 307 CHAUCER RD 45324 CREAVER CECILIA DAYTON XENIA CUNNINGHAM JAMES DAYTON CORNELIUS VERA FAIRBORN Amount DAYTON 879 CHESTNUT ST $35.39 $37.49 45385 45324 BARNETT JEFFREY A WILBERFORCE $103.89 CEDARVILLE BASTIN LOWELL HV6431 .B576 2005 CONKLIN ELLEN G CHAN JIAN ALLEN THERSA 225 FAIRFIELD PIKE 1300 APPLEBROOK LN CLARK JASON C 45324 415 E THIRD ST COMBS JULIA E BELL BROOK RD XENIA BURKE STEPHEN P $12.00 16 S BRAOD ST 45387 $17.70 v-a-jpeg-54.jpg ADKINS DARRELL 45430 $34.10 AVALOS ALMA XENIA 428 CHERRYWOOD DR RJ506.B44 K88 2005 When placing lookouts, consider all possible routes of approach. Place lookouts to cover these. FAIRBORN $1.39 837 BRANDE DR 45385-4334 UNKNOWN 2987 KING JAMES DR 236 EUCLID AVE Throw them into a stock tank. 116 W WHITEMAN ST $61.81 XENIA 45324 45370 $5.40 FAIRBORN 2034 WESTBURY CT CRAVENS JOHN W BUHRMAN GEORGE 354 WALLACE DR COWLE SARA J AMERICAN CONCRETE SERVICE SPRING VALLEY $435.81 $40.00 $0.09 Subject: Exercise. PO BOX 704 4385 BYESVILLE BLVD CEDARVILLE XENIA 45433 XENIA $30.55 45324-0000 1305 BINGHAM DR 231 N FAIR ST 3880 SOUTHVIEW ST BLAIR TERRY ATLEY MICHAEL C 3696 OLDE WILLOW DR Salt is very bad for concrete. If quantities of salt could somehow be introduced into cement bags or sand piles for making concrete, foundations and the like would be weakened. WILBERFORCE Most security guards work for only about minimum wage, and bring little enthusiasm to the job with them. A lot of them are pensioners seeking extra income, and retired cops. A surprising number are ex-cons and wackos who want to carry guns but are too unstable to be hired by police agencies. You never know what type you’ll encounter, so always be cautious if you suspect they might be in the area. 45314 SPRING VALLEY 93 HILLCREST AVE $10.68 SPRING VALLEY YELLOW SPRINGS 723 SHEPHARD RD Amount XENIA Subject: African American women--Attitudes. CLAIR DAVID HENRY SPRING VALLEY $71.78 45434-0000 45433 XENIA 45314 S GALLOWAY ST 251 NORTH MAIN ST BEDNARSKE DON R. $122.00 $10.00 DILLON DAVID CLIETT THOMAS C $9.00 45324 $13.42 DUKEN RICHARD CALLAHAN EDWARD L $13.33 588 GLADY AVE $1.64 1206 BEECH ST YELLOW SPRINGS EDGE HOPE T 45432 $1.89 DEISENROTH SYDNE OLIVIA 5656 GROSS DR $102.20 644 WISCONSIN DR XENIA 45431 $89.09 DERSCH ROSE M BEAVERCREEK $121.95 $2.96 $127.95 $17.02 CIHOSKI DIANNA COCHRAN THOMAS E 45324-5732 DAYTON $122.06 5741 HICKAM DR BROCK JOHNNIE CLOWERS JACQUELIN M 247 W DAYTON YELLOW SPRINGS RD 484 TOWANDA CIR $41.50 ARNOLD REINER 4894 EFFINGHAM PL $10.55 BV4531.3 .C54 2005 $51.30 5572 BARRETT DR $0.94 1517 GREEN LAKE DR 45324-7128 FAIRBORN $207.00 CAMPBELL MARY DOLLAR DEAL GENERAL STORE BRADBURN ANGELA Address $34.00 $0.20 BANNER JENNIFER L These are all rated “relatively nontoxic.” Clinical dosages for sedative effect would be less than 100 mg for a large dog. Actual field use would require more, up to 600 mg. The effects will be noticed within 15 minutes of ingestion and include ataxia (loss of coordination) in the hindquarters, drooping eyelids, and eventually, lying down. Fullest effect can take from 30 to 60 minutes. 2829 SEARS RD approaches, research, and techniques / Robert Geffner ... [et al.], editors. 2248 ST RT 72 SOUTH 45385 CULTER RUSS BROWN STEPHEN 45324 45324 $97.00 45385-5063 $144.00 $57.16 CONNER KATHLEEN $89.75 CONNER FRED $7.43 — Cool Hand Luke 45431-3427 445 WHITE ASH CT 45370 45432 SPRING VALLEY DAYTON CORIELL LARRY B SR BRUCE JASON CARLE CATHERINE 5027 CATTAIL CT FAIRBORN DAVIS SCOTTE A 45385 $234.34 45387-0000 XENIA CLEMONS RICHARD 2295 GREENE WAY BLVD DAYTON FAIRBORN COOK BRITTANY K 45324 BALLARD H S $20.74 YELLOW SPRINGS 45385 $18.11 CARROLL RONALD G 45432 3100 PRESIDENTIAL DR $3.19 45324 CINELLI JOHN P ALEXANDER GEORGE 1400 S MAPLE AVE $25.00 DECAMP NANCY N FAIRBORN $12.36 $29.00 ALEXANDER MARK $16.03 4152 SUMMERFIELD DR XENIA BROWN DOUGLAS 314 CREIGHTON AVE ALDINI ALDINI It’s easy to break into and damage the instrument panel of any aircraft, but don’t neglect the radios. Flight instruments are more costly than engine instruments, but radios are much more expensive than either. Caution! Don’t hit the master switch. This is usually separate on the switch panel, red, and labeled. You can hit anything else if the master switch is off, but if it’s on, sparks begin to fly. The master switch connects the battery to everything else. BELLBROOK 530 DAYTON STREET D769.8.U34 A3 1986 2833 RAMBLING WOOD LN 45385 BELLBROOK XENIA City 1960 GRANGE HALL RD 45430 P O BOX 1288 CAPLINGER GUY E THOMAS TRLR 45385-4941 XENIA 45335- Personal author: Ketcham, Diana. 1731 UTAH CT 45305 45385 $500.00 how to use data for managing and evaluating electronic FAIRBORN 533 PRESERVATION ST 45385 45384 FAIRBORN City $156.60 FAIRBORN BHULLAR SHAMINDER XENIA 1870 HIGHLANDER DR 45324-3339 $14.47 In 1996, while Majel was going through some of Gene's old papers, she came across the pilot and format for a series he had developed in the mid-70s at CBS, which was to become the basis for Gene Roddenberry's Earth: Final Conflict. Gene had put it aside when Paramount asked him to begin work on the first Star Trek theatrical motion picture. The phenomenal success of that film led to the production of additional theatrical features and the syndicated series Star Trek: The Next Generation. The worldwide appetite for further Star Trek adventures prevented him from continuing development on the show. Continuing her late husband's love of space, Majel sits on the Board of Governors for the National Space Society, which recently opened the Gene Roddenberry Center for Aerospace Medicine in Galveston, Texas. Dave Foreman, one of the editors of Ecodefense, was arrested in 1989 as the target of a major FBI operation to “send a message” that monkeywrenching wouldn’t be tolerated. Four other Arizona activists were also arrested and ulti-mately served time. Two, Peg Millett and Mark Davis, were still in the federal penitentiary when this edition went to press. Even the most sympathetic observer would have to admit that all of the people involved in this case violated numerous security guidelines discussed in this chapter as well as common sense in their dealings with undercover FBI agents and informants. Although dozens of FBI agents were employed and over two million dollars spent trying to entrap the Arizonans, poor attention to security gave the G-men the openings they needed. DAYTON 227 ORVILLE ST APT 4 187 ROSELAWN 863 N ENON RD 1321 RESEARCH PARK DR $23.00 YELLOW SPRINGS BELLBROOK CEDARVILLE 45433 45324 BOONE JOHN WAYNE BOWIES ROBERTA FAIRBORN 617 CAULEY PL CONOVER DONALD W $0.70 $0.64 $145.28 $1.01 BEAVERCREEK COLLIER STERLING W FAIRBORN 4200 SUGAR CREEK DR DAWSON ROBERT W $68.00 $25.00 WILBERFORCE 45385-9719 Address $2.00 2660 S RIVER RD $72.28 1359 EILEEN DR DEPEW DAVID & ROSA XENIA XENIA If the engine compartment is padlocked, remember that the hood is both hinged and locked to a panel that bolts on. Slip the jaws of an 8 inch crescent wrench over the brass body of the lock and twist. You can rip off the hasp or its panel. C/O SUSAN HEPPEARD $7.55 CHAPMAN DEANNA BARNES BOBBY $1,359.79 BUSHMAN STACEY K Title: The great influenza : the epic story of the deadliest 45324 45316-0095 $150.00 BRIGHTMAN ALFRED BELLBROOK 45385-4539 $143.19 DILLOW CHRIS $327.00 1664 OTOOLE DR 45431-0000 45385 1143 NEW MEXICO DR BARBER VIRGINIA L 45431 45432-0000 XENIA Personal author: Foa, Edna B. $6.30 Title: The painted drum / Louise Erdrich. FAIRBORN 45324 DENNY ROGER ALAN Subject: Sex role. Subject: Arts, American--20th century. 1440 PARKMAN PLACE 45434-5802 DAYTON $15.86 Subject: African Americans--Civil rights--History--20th century. 45305 5535 HEMLOCK ST 2240 HAZELTON AVE 45385-8599 45385-5616 1221 STEINBECK WAY 45385-2735 $371.53 $33.00 45433- Specialty silent agitators have included these: 45324-2502 225 S ALLISON ST SUITE 100 $62.22 $4.60 45385-1539 Field Notes 447 DANFORTH PL 45431-1421 FAIRBORN 45434-5678 45335 DAUGHERTY JAMES E DEES ROIL MART 45387-8708 CARSON MATTHEW G Trap Line Sabotage If there was water flowing through the culvert, it should now be backing up and forming a little reservoir. As long as your frame can support the weight, this lake should grow until it washes over the road. You might want to let some water continue to flow through by poking holes in the bottom of the plastic. This way, your efforts are more likely to remain unnoticed until after the next big rainstorm or until snowmelt. The increased flow during a storm will cause more damage. Personal author: Adams, Ansel, 1902-1984. — Barstow Bob COUSINS GOLDIE DAVIS HAZEL $1.00 XENIA DOUGHERTY CINDY L 384 MURCHISON LN BONN ROSS BELCHER MICHAEL R FAIRBORN CONOVER DONALD W BEAVERCREEK 45385-4430 45432-1892 $6.60 RIVERSIDE 45324 DAYTON Force method — Using this technique, an intruder dresses and arms himself to meet the dog head on, if necessary, and frighten him off. A variety of gear and weapons make this possible. Police use variations of this method in raids where criminal suspects own vicious dogs. 45314-9715 2363 SIEBER TRACE BROWN WILLIE M CRUM JENNIFER L The use of a small “tractor light” as a secondary headlight is a good way to navigate after dark at slow to moderate speeds without using the headlight switch, which usually runs the tail and marker lamps as well. Tractor lights are low intensity lights commonly used on farm and construction machinery and can be bought at most auto parts stores. 112 DUPONT WAY 323 N KING ST 45385 2310 DUNCAN DR #6 PO BX 275 $36.10 $0.03 302 ZIMMER DRIVE JAMESTOWN 45324 3051 MAGINN DR C/O ALS PLACE 45314-0000 BLACKBURN KENNETH E $25.00 YELLOW SPRINGS 45385-1310 DAVENPORT ROSBY III $114.65 $4.87 $18.67 45314 XENIA 45431-1167 BOWERMAN MICHAEL BOTWIN MICHAEL J Security Tips for Hackers City 45324-5432 45385-4603 45434 45385-1530 2725 VICKIE DR BOIVIN DUWAIN E “Vibroseis” crews are a relatively new development in geophysical work. Instead of dynamite charges, vibrator trucks are used. Each “vibe” lowers a plate to the ground, and shakes it hydraulically. There are usually four vibes on a crew, most often trucks, but tracked vibes are used by some companies that work off the roads a lot. 1425 XENIA AVE $0.62 FAIRBORN $3.00 $229.00 Subject: Punk rock music--History and criticism. WRIGHT PATTERSON AFB Skatole (feces smell) BOSWORTH STEPHANIE $85.00 $145.63 XENIA 2541 LANTZ RD 45324 CARROLL JAMES W 45431-2619 DAYTON BABCOCK CAROL BERNARD DANIEL M 45385 ATKINS PRESTON L 1716 ARLIN PL APT B 1945 DARRELL APPLEBERRY V $3.04 45431-1729 A claw hammer is useful for pulling nails out of trees or pavement, and even makes it simpler to remove nails from soft ground. It also can prove useful in removing hubs from hard ground. Give the head of the hub a few good whacks to one side or another. That will probably loosen the hub enough so that it can be pulled out by hand. $236.00 1867 CONNECTICUT DR BROWN L A 45305 PO BOX 125 ALLEN RHONDA 1259 CHISOLM TRL BLIZZARD ROWENA DILLON DAVID $301.05 1895 LANGVIEW DR FAIRBORN $23.24 C O R BOESDORFER 45385 4801 HASSAN CIR #11 BROWN AMBER 45434 XENIA 45431-1440 DAILEY CHARLOTTE A 45434-6631 $25.16 WILBERFORCE FAIRBORN 5100 SPRINGFIELD ST STE 418 $16.77 CEDARVILLE DECKER BRIAN D CORSO CHERYL 1120 US RT 68 S Among Nimoy's most recent endeavors, has been his fascination with the creation of fine art photography and the release of his new book of poetry, A Lifetime of Love: Poems on the Passage of Life, published by Blue Mountain Press. $34.00 $150.66 $29.95 Personal author: Henig, Robin Marantz. BLACK JAY — Dick Tracy SPRING VALLEY 45384- $11.40 $24.27 Sudden blockages of chemical plant cooling water intakes may result in dangerous conditions inside the plant. Block outfalls, not cooling water in-takes 542 SUGAR MAPLE DR BOGAN CLARA ANN — Bernard Femow Field Notes 45387 BRIGHT MARJORIE Subject: Burglars Fiction. $18.00 45305 351 S MONROE ST $15.00 45324 DANIELS DOUGLAS 403 PRESIDENT ST $0.02 XENIA FAIRBORN $7.32 5780 REDBIRD CT FAIRBORN BAKER TAMMIE Subject: Adult children--Psychology. $7.35 $10.92 45324-3505 XENIA Subject: Contracting out--China--Shanghai Region. BEAVERCREEK FAIRBORN FAIRBORN 4032 RUSHTON DR 45324-6026 WILBERFORCE UNIVERSITY 45387 $3.33 1704 IRONWOOD DRIVE 45431-2666 1003 BELLBROOK AVE 3331 HOMEACRES AVE COBB GEORGE M The importance of taking precautions to avoid leaving fingerprints on both message and envelope cannot be overstressed. Recently a gang of arsonists in Boston was caught because part of a single fingerprint was uncovered by the crime lab on the inside (gummed portion) of a postage stamp on an envelope used to send a bragging message to the authorities. FAIRBORN 128 TRAVIS DR 45335-1407 $35.00 201 MANN AVE Vehicular Pursuit BODEY KIP DAYTON CORAL CEIR 45324 RFD 1 FAIRBORN $272.38 CHRISTESON MATTHEW A 1612 MAUMEE DR XENIA $10.00 COKL MATTHEW J CONOVER DONALD W $476.92 $6.00 XENIA AUSTRIA JEAN B 4517 LINDEN AVE # G 980 VALLEY DALE DR RIVERSIDE JAMESTOWN Personal author: Harris, Frances Jacobson. $18.75 Trap Lines UNKNOWN 45324 45335-1307 45385 DITCH NANCY F HQ777.5 .L66 2002 XENIA DAVIS JAMES H DOUGHERTY SCOTT $0.66 DAYTON POWER AND LIGHT CO 10178 PARKEDGE DR YELLOW SPRINGS 45324-5450 JAMESTOWN 45314 BEGLEY MARY $85.00 BLACK LOIS A 1635 JUNE DR 45431 $14.40 45314-0363 GREEN COUNTY SOCIAL SERVICES 45432 library services / edited by George M. Eberhart. XENIA XENIA Subject: Southwest, New--Antiquities Juvenile literature. $11.02 FAIRBORN XENIA BURROWS REGENA E CUNNINGHAM JIMMY CHRISTMAS DAVID F. BOOZE DOROTHY 622 EAVEY ST 45305-2030 52 OLD YELLOW SPRINGS RD 45385 AYALA JOSE A 6 WEST MA 45324-4910 XENIA $2,507.13 45431 Unusual CB Channels BAKER SUE H FAIRBORN 2952 LOWER BELLBROOK RD $0.70 ALEXANDER ROBERT L 1297 CHEATHAM WAY 147 N DETROIT ST APT 13 DAYTON BEEKMAN F F & MAXINE $79.00 45434 45324 BEAVERCREEK Amount DORN CRAIG L FAIRBORN $14.00 Address $32.00 The Lighter Side of Sci-Fi and Tye have also worked on charitable 3D and satire endeavors with many notable SF personalities including Richard Hatch, Claudia Christian, Grace Lee Whitney, BarBara Luna, Michael Forest, Linda Harrison, Erin Gray, France Nuyen and Paul Carr, among others. It is always a good idea to wrap your tools with electrical tape prior to boarding. This way they won’t reflect light, and if dropped, they are a lot more quiet. In a pinch you can always just spray paint them black or dark gray. $256.16 XENIA SPRING VALLEY 45335 DAY PARICIA A 45335 585 CARPENTER RD COLE REBECCA S JAMESTOWN $7.36 CARPENTER SHARON $20.00 BEAVERCREEK $50.00 FAIRBORN XENIA $49.60 BELLBROOK YELLOW SPRINGS YELLOW SPRINGS $57.68 Title: The moviegoer / Walker Percy. 1696 ARAPAHO DR 623 E CHURCH ST $102.31 45324 1465 GREENE LAKE DR CHRISTIN CRAIG 45433- 45385 $64.63 KETTERING City EDWARDS BRYAN G JAMESTOWN $252.17 XENIA 8831 HADDIX RD CHESTER KAREN 302 TAYLOR ST 45434-0324 45385 DAYTON $5.00 DONAHUE BUFORD JR DEATON DAVID Amount CHAPIN RANDALL been caught, however.) $66.60 FAIRBORN $7.36 $36.02 503 MARGARET DR $217.21 DILLON LINDA L $10.00 BUTDORF JAMES FAIRBORN 45433 ALFORD J JR FAIRBORN 1793 XENIA AVENUE 45324-3506 Subject: Communication and technology. 45385 $4.10 BEAKLER NELLIE B BELL DAVID XENIA 45387 4457 OLD ENGLISH CIR 45432-190 FAIRBORN $27.00 1232 KNEISLY DR 4251 NAVAJO TR EDMONDS VIRGIL CARPENTER RENEE $129.24 BRANNOCK LEANNE XENIA Personal author: Karp, David Allen, 1944- ope out (wearing gloves, of course) and drop it unobtrusively in a mail box far from your usual haunts. If you are operating in a rural area or small town, mail communiqués from some nearby large city, so as not to tip off your location. 45385 45387 45370-9708 45387-8708 460 PANDORA DR BARNETTE MELINDA Subject: Terrorism--Government policy--United States. JAMESTOWN 75 LORETTA AVE APT O DELMAR D NOTESTINE REV INTER VIVO TRUST 45324-4045 $100.92 4063 BEACH TRL DUERSON BETTY JO 45324 $30.00 DAYTON 126 E LIMESTONE ST 29 N MON AVE 1465 GREENE LAKE DR 45324 FAIRBORN Editor’s Note: The precautions enumerated here seem worthwhile, with one exception, and that is the propriety of keeping shoes that have left a print at a “hit” anywhere around one’s dwelling (or place of employment or whatever) no matter how well hidden. If you are suspected by the authorities, they may well tear your house completely apart looking for “evidence.” You should weigh the cost of a cheap pair of shoes against the cost of months or years behind bars, and choose accordingly. 45434-6245 BROWN KATIE 45435 DOLL MICHAEL 45434-6629 $98.80 ALTMAN BESSIE A 190 W ANKENEY MILL RD 45432-1505 SCORE hair gel and HTH (swimming pool cleaner) are better segregated in Zip Lock bags. You can use a small bag tie to keep them apart in transit. The bag won’t tear like an envelope when mixing. The reaction is totally exothermic, so no air is necessary for the reaction to proceed. If the chemicals are cool, you have more escape time. YELLOW SPRINGS 2135 CHAPEL DR #12 CONEY KELLY N BEAVERCREEK 45324-3101 45324 1400 HICKMAN RD #128 ARNOLD ROBIN R 2950 HOBSON WAY $0.01 $14.80 45335-9541 FAIRBORN BEAVERCREEK $19.92 10 S DETROIT ST Owner Name 45384-0306 $3.60 $0.04 XENIA 1849 MIAMI BLVD FAIRBORN 528 COY DRIVE $104.83 45431-2666 780 WILKERSON RD $74.51 $32.00 17 HALSEY DR 119 WEST 2ND ST FAIRBORN 200 W ROUTZONG DR 5018 COBB DR 269 E. DORIS DRIVE BOSWELL AMY $10.00 XENIA WILBERFORCE UNIVERSITY $53.51 $18.00 XENIA WRIGHT PATTERSON AFB 45305 140 W 2ND ST 1840 MONTGOMERY AVE 1735 HEATHERWOOD TRAIL 45431 COLORCRAFT FAMILY PORTRAITS 1143 NEW MEXICO DRIVE $13.15 FAIRBORN 45324 45324 45431 DAYTON 1930 BELLVIEW DR CROSSMAN LEONARD $2,133.57 FAIRBORN AFMC LSO LOLF $26.71 $112.50 BELLBROOK BEAVERCREEK Subject: Tide pool animals--Pacific Coast (U.S.) Identification. $167.00 CASTILLO EDUARDO 45432-2262 45305 DAYTON SPRING VALLEY 45324 XENIA CADLE MICHELLER $102.88 The second myth is that Dave Foreman wrote Ecodefense. The first edition of Ecodefense was a compilation of articles and letters sent to the Earth First! Journal by dozens of individuals. This Third Edition has over two dozen major contributors and at least one hundred other contributors. In this edition, we have given aliases to credit all articles and significant field notes where the author did not offer her own alias. In the previous editions, Dave Foreman and Bill Haywood compiled, edited, and arranged the contributions. We have retained their names as editors for the Third Edition since it is largely based on the previous editions. ANDREWS JEFFREY 1111 HOOP RD ALLEN KATINA $30.00 361 OMALEE DR BOWMAN BARBARA J DAYTON Title: White savage : William Johnson and the invention of America / 45385 3100 WINDMILL DR $0.01 Avoid operating in one area excessively. Police, security guards, and beer-guzzling posses will be alerted and may stake out possible targets in the hope of apprehending you. It’s best to hit several signs in an area one night and wait at least a few weeks before hitting the area again. Time is on your side and there is no shortage of targets. Wear the opposition down slowly. $14.58 ALEXANDER SYLVESTER $60.66 2833 W. ENON RD. 45385 $118.24 Constantly “managing” the conversation to guide it in directions they wish. 45384- BEAVERCREEK FAIRBORN DAYTON Don Marshall FAIRBORN DALTON SHEILA 45385-9628 Personal author: Miles, Miska. 45324-2126 45324-5756 DAYTON $202.49 45324 45305 $0.48 Cruise by the target at least once to make sure the coast is clear. You can drop off a lookout in nearby brush to quietly observe for about ten minutes and make sure no witnesses are about. Make your final approach run at normal speed and brake normally. (Once our driver was so wired-up with nervousness that she careened into a U-shaped gravel driveway in front of the target house, slammed on the brakes, and put us all — two of us riding unprotected in the back — into a four-wheel skid sideways that brought us to a grinding halt only inches from some steel posts set in concrete.) If possible, dump the trash while remaining inside the bed of the pickup. If necessary, one person can hop out and dump the boxes that the other hands to him or her. Usually we leave the boxes at the scene, since they’re clean of fingerprints, anyway. (We rarely get them from the same dumpster twice since that might facilitate attempts to trace us.) Besides, the poor slob who gets his trash back will need something to put it in! Apparently, grit inserted via the oil filler hole doesn’t show up on the dipstick until after the engine has been running, and even then could be missed by a careless operator. BARIN CHRISTOPHER JR CARPENTER DONITA M $23.21 CORIELL LARRY B SR $5.12 BOWERS KEVIN R 45324-5518 45324-3120 1010 STONEY BROOK TR $1.37 $23.00 $25.00 $192.00 $500.35 $7.28 $27.70 412 WALLACE DR Get some lengths of oil hardening tool steel rod (drill rod) of at least 1 /4 inch diameter. This is soft annealed steel that is usually worked into shape then made hard by heat treating. Cut the rod up into three to six inch pieces with a metal cutting band saw (or have it done in a machine shop). Have the short lengths of rod heat treated by a company that does that and tell them to draw the rod lengths back to Rockwell 49–50. This gives them a spring temper which is hard yet flexible. CLEMENS ANTHONY J BOOKER GALEN $2.00 BEAVERCREEK RC560.C56 R69 2006 343 LAWVER LN COAK LETUS A & E CARTER MICHAEL O Title: Digital art photography for dummies / by Matthew Bamberg. ALPHA 45324-6763 CALL EDWARD BELLBROOK Title: Decoding the universe : how the new science of $34.00 1121 LORI CT JAMESTOWN DELLIGATTE JAMES A 8831 HADDIX RD v-a-jpeg-9.jpg 45385 ALPHA $3.54 BROWN TODD 2628 CARPENTER RD 45324 BOCKELMAN SEAN 45324 BELLBROOK DUNBAR WILLIAM 4984 MEREDITH RD CLOYD DONALD T 45324 720 N MAPLE Corporate subject: Sara Roby Foundation--Art collections Exhibitions. 45385- $31.66 Disadvantages: Extremely high cost. Suppliers, like those mentioned above, will charge anywhere from $3,000–12,000 for units that vary from relatively compact hand-held scopes to goggle-type units that strap on to one’s head. Expect to pay at least $4,000 for a good unit. Starlight scopes must have some light present in order to be effective. On a moonless, overcast night in the desert, a starlight scope may be useless. Even on a clear night, a starlight scope may be ineffective under certain conditions, as, for example, when the observer is on a hill looking down into a dark valley. $5.00 According to a recent report from UPI, utility companies are warning the public that small, metallic balloons, such as those sold for birthday parties and Valentine’s Day, have been implicated in several recent power failures. “In the past couple of years these metallic balloons have come up from nowhere and have escalated into a major source of power outages,” said Harry Arnott, a spokesman for Pacific Gas & Electric, a major California utility. If you know where a trapper lives, you can piece together his route. Follow him a short distance when he goes out. Next time, pick him up again where you left off last time and follow another short distance. In this way you can gradually determine his trap line route without betraying your interest. 4859 ARABIAN DR ANIBLE SARAH M $2.40 XENIA The classic act of monkeywrenching is messing around with a bulldozer. Probably the best known technique is pouring sugar or Karo syrup in the gas tank or oil system. But this doesn’t really work! It just clogs the fuel or oil filter. There are better — and simpler — ways to “decommission” that piece of heavy equipment threatening your special place. The ‘dozer is a tool of destruction. But like David against Goliath, a little ingenuity and moxie can go a long way toward stopping a monster. BLACK CECIL After a while, it will be easy for the police to recognize the “hand” of a single sloganeer. Vary the look of your work to make it appear that your slogan is being used by many people and represents a broad constituency. Switch from all capitals to all lower case, then to a blend of the two. Change painters randomly since everyone will do it a little differently. Change color now and then. FAIRBORN CARR ANTHONY JOSEPH BUCEY JAMES D BAUMAN WILLIAM H III BELLBROOK 19 S CENTRAL XENIA Owner Name $38.19 BEAVERCREEK 2202 E SPRING VALLEY PAINTERS $42.00 1134 N MONROE DR CLARK MARY LYNN $36.42 CEDARVILLE $179.00 XENIA BONE FERN $0.20 BAUGH MARGARET W BEAVERCREEK FAIRBORN 440 to 512 MHz -UHF Band 45324-3623 $3.00 3260 LONG ST $34.02 ALVIN EDGAR A. DAYTON Personal author: Kidd, Sue Monk. Such craft may be most safely approached from the water by someone with snorkel, fins, and mask, or with SCUBA gear. The standard methods of engine ecotage will work on watercraft. Propellers can also be removed or fouled. For particularly destructive craft, the entire boat can be sunk. Tires on boat trailers can be flattened as well, but that will make it difficult to haul the damn thing off to a less inappropriate play area. 45385 $167.82 DENZEL MICHAEL FAIRBORN BEAVERCREEK BELLBROOK 907 N COLUMBUS AVE 619 BUCKSKIN TRL BEAVERCREEK GV199.42.N3 W45 2006 45324-5619 45385 71 BROOKWOOD DR 209 1/2 W MAN ST #3 CHISANO THOMAS A 3107 WYOMING DR XENIA CANTER PAULA XENIA COBB ERIK 3364 US ROUTE 42 E 45385-7609 45432 FAIRBORN 45324 XENIA Affix doubled-up 1 inch mesh chicken wire to the eye screws. $24.52 BEAVERCREEK 355 LAWVER LANE 5200 ACCESS RD CEDARVILLE 2220 PLANTATION TRL $19.20 45431-2801 YELLOW SPRINGS FAIRBORN COLEMAN JOHN F DAYTON 2333 BANYON DR 1361 S MAPLE AVE High-voltage powerlines are extremely dangerous and monkeywrenchers could be easily killed trying to sabotage them. $7.00 BELLBROOK FAIRBORN ARNEY TIMOTHY CAMPBELL ANYA 50 N COLLIER BUSH LINDA G $10.34 Title: Windows XP / Marty Matthews. 45314 45324 BROWN MAYA L CONLEY BEVERLY A BRINDISI THERESA CAMPBELL SONDRA MOORE 267 ROYAL OAKS DR FAIRBORN CALLAHAN JOHN A BEAVERCREEK 45385 $102.34 AXEL LARRY D $25.23 DEGIORGIO THOMAS 333 LOVINGTON DR APT C FAIRBORN $0.55 BEAVERCREEK 2462 BROWN BARK DEARBAUGH RAY YELLOW SPRINGS DETWILER CHRIS XENIA Super Pins XENIA ASHURST JEAN 326 WILLIAMSON UNKNOWN FAIRBORN XENIA BARRETT RHONDA L $30.00 $1,367.56 $83.45 BOB TATONE FORD 45324 45431-3157 FAIRBORN Building a Jig $13.69 BALJOON FOAD S DESAI PRIYA CARTER CARLEE A XENIA BOYD JEFFREY BECKER ANDREW C $30.00 1192 BRUSH ROW RD YELLOW SPRINGS ALFORD J M BASTIN LOWELL BEAVERCREEK 1031 PALMINO DR Billboard Revision 45385 DELL DONALD E BEAVERCREEK 2123 CHAPEL DR DARNER TERRY E $828.11 45335 XENIA 1224 OVERLOOK DR $13.50 309 RED OAK DR 45385-0385 5321 N DETROIT WRIGHT PATTERSON AFB 45435 CANFIELD LEROY G BELLBROOK FAIRBORN 45431-3425 ANTIOCH UNIVERSITY 18 DUPONT WAY 45432-0000 $5.98 Subject: Medicine--United States--History--20th century. 3771 MALIBU CT $72.00 FAIRBORN 5960 STATE ROUTE 734 XENIA 45384-0751 779 SAXONY DRIVE FAIRBORN $53.75 45324 1931 VINE 4835 NORTHCLIFF DR APT 7 PO BOX 340400 45430 $194.52 45305-2121 $0.08 Subject: Hate crimes--United States. 45387 45324 1427 FOREST LN CASTEL DAVID V BELLBROOK BEAVERCREEK $26.80 $81.12 120 1/2 W DAYTON DR $220.86 $170.44 COX MAUREEN E BAISE LOUANN B EDWARDS STEPHANIE L Corporate subject: Museum of the City of New York--Photograph collections Exhibitions. BUFFINGTON F LOUISE ACOMB LAWRENCE 1318 FUDGE DR 45335 Video surveillance of a residence by cameras hidden in parked vehicles’ or nearby buildings. Remote video surveillance has become especially popular in rural areas where the physical presence of officers may stand out. Cameras may be hidden in brush and trees, with coaxial cables run to a monitoring post (perhaps in a neighbor’s house). 45431 FAIRBORN DILLON JOHN P BYRD MARY BELLBROOK $41.50 FAIRBORN 814 CRESTMONT DR $2.16 BARRINGTON JAN E/% TRAPP MICHAEL DUFFS SMORGASBORD $13.22 45431-0000 SPRING VALLEY ATLEY EARL BEAVERCREEK Only work with friends ideologically committed to uncompromising defense of Earth. Billboarding is excellent preparation and training for more advanced forms of monkeywrenching. Those simply looking for excitement and action lack the necessary depth of commitment. All must be willing to study, learn, and discuss the essential issues facing all Earth defenders. PCS BOX 10923 45432 45431 45324-5527 342 ALLEN ST 45385-9462 BORNES JENNIFER XENIA ALFORD SHIRLEY $4.62 Delivering a communiqué can be dangerous, and should be well planned in advance. If your message could be construed as threatening in any way, you should avoid using the U.S. Mail, as this may needlessly violate Federal law. However, if you are simply sending a matter-of-fact statement of some action that has already occurred, you are probably not incurring any additional legal penalty. Certainly, using the mail simplifies delivery. $20.00 $51.18 45433-1317 FAIRBORN $25.34 DAVIS SHERA $66.77 2855 FOREST LAWN DR #2 CARTER JAMI FAIRBORN CRIST HENRY FAIRBORN COX KARRI BEAVERCREEK CARTER JOEL L FAIRBORN Walkman-type two-way radios 49 MHz. Do not confuse these with the toy-type radios. Toy type: RS #60–4016. Real radio: RS #21–400. Maxon is a good brand. These units have an effective range of about half a mile. They are available as handi-talkie types or as Walkman-type units. The Walkman-type units with headsets operate in either push-to-talk mode or VOX (voice-activated) mode. The handi-talkie models operate only in the push-talk-mode. Both are available in one-channel and five channel models. Available from Maxon Communications: 2376 S OLD OAKS DR 2277 EL CID DRIVE DUMFORD C ANDREW BECK JEREMY DAYTON AUSTIN S. E. XENIA 45431-8605 BRODICE HANNAH 573 VANTRESS DR 45385 $14.00 XENIA 967 OLD SPRINGFIELD PIKE 4846 ANDES DR FAIRBORN 45324 DAYTON $107.00 FAIRBORN 45387 45305-9741 FAIRBORN Subject: Endangered species--Periodicals. 45385-3201 $48.00 COST DORA $49.20 45324 45385-2600 BEAVERCREEK 45385 45385 $527.43 DT450.435 .G47 1999 923 W 8TH ST 149 ROGERS ST BELLFAIR COUNTRY STORES INC 15 HAWTHORNE DR 45324-2058 DAYTON COOPER JOHN XENIA BEAVERCREEK 45431-2248 45385 CUNNINGHAM ALBERT DEACON BERNICE M $0.67 $15.00 BORS FRED F BODWELL ROBERT 45335 CLARK PEGGY D $18.97 5663 BURKHARDT RD 45431 BEAVERCREEK BLOWOUT INC. 1543 SMITH RD BOEHRINGER GWYN E 45431-2488 EASTMAN B D 3937 DAYTON-XENIA RD BROWN NICHOLAS P 45324 The best way to use water is to get it into the fuel injection system (see illustration). Most (if not all) diesels have at least one water/fuel separator and possibly a warning system so you have to run enough water through the system to bypass it. Once the water gets to the fuel injection pump, it’s history time for R & R. $12.26 BYSTREK DAVID 2237 CREEKVIEW PL DAYTON $14.59 $20.53 10193 PARK EDGE DR Effective caltrops can be made with 4 to 6 inch reinforcing mesh used in concreting. This mesh cut at an angle in the middle of each span will produce steel crosses. Bend them at right angles to form quick caltrops. BEAVERCREEK BOARD OF EDUCATION JAMESTOWN $347.46 XENIA PO BOX 140 45324-2048 DAYTON CAPEZZUTI LOUIS DICKENS JANET BECKER KRISTIE BEAVERCREEK BLACK LOIS A $140.80 $24.45 FAIRBORN 45385 248 SCARLETT DR 430 BELLBROOK AVE 45385 43 UNION ST 13 WATER ST 2794 OLD YELLOW SPRINGS RD 45324 DODDS SHARON JAMESTOWN BILAVER GRGO J Subject: Professions--United States--Periodicals. 3575 CHARLENE DR If a member of the group is contacted by the police, for whatever reason, that member has an obligation to inform the group leader or organizer. The contact may be the first warning of a recruitment attempt. Related Targets DRAKE E JEAN CEDARVILLE CHILDERS ASHLEY N XENIA 45324-5436 Subject: Japanese Americans Juvenile fiction. $12.08 45385 CLIFTON CARY R/% NEIL BRADDS 1715 KINGSWAY DR 45433-1140 $10.00 FAIRBORN XENIA $345.89 1546 GLENDALE DR FAIRBORN 45370- $7.11 $3.09 $26.08 ALLEN MAJORIE E BOTTORFF GEORGE $50.00 45431 45324 ATHERTON GREGORY L $49.35 537 LEWIS ST JAMESTOWN DAYTON 4182 WHITE OAK DR 1753 ARLIN PL APT E $1.30 FAIRBORN 45385-1526 $21,970.17 45385 45324-2660 18 DUPONT WAY 45385 BECKER LORA 3764 W FRANKLIN ST BEAVERCREEK HS WRESTLING PARENTS ASSO COLLOPY KATHLEEN P $15.35 $34.07 45432 E J HENDERSON INC BELLBROOK FAIRBORN 786 W WASHINGTON FAIRBORN Field Notes $4.00 $13.83 7 WAINWRIGHT DR XENIA $0.04 ANTIOCH UNIVERSITY XENIA $290.68 BEACH ALLISON $7.40 AERO COMPOSITES XENIA To return the material, collect empty boxes from behind your local supermarket and fill them (not quite to the brim) with the offending matter. Although returning illegally dumped garbage is probably not illegal, you should take all the usual precautions. The evidence you leave on this type of endeavor may lead investigators to other, more illegal, activities. Besides, you may inadvertently return some garbage to the chief of police or the county sheriff. Pick up your grocery store boxes after dark (in the early, not suspiciously late, evening) and always wear gloves when handling them and the garbage. This type of activity is good teamwork training for more serious capers later. YELLOW SPRINGS $26.50 BEAVERCREEK 45305 CLINGMAN HOWARD 4444 E ENON RD 177 OLD YELLOW SPRINGS RD APT2 $85.96 $18.48 BELLBROOK BLANKENSHIP LEONARD BAIR KEVIN L BROWN JAMES E 239 RIDGEBURY DR 45385 $35.00 DRAPER JOHN L 45431-0000 45335 $66.00 FAIRBORN DANA SARA BLAZER NANCY R CORRELL ROGER M DAYTON 723 SHEPHARD RD 3156 PATSIE DR Subject: Decoration and ornament, Rustic--West (U.S.) 45385-3536 190 COOPER LN 45370 FAIRBORN BAUMAN DEBORAH C XENIA 45305-8920 DAYTON DAYTON DREWRY GLENDA 45385 BEAVERCREEK 45324- CRIDER ALEX Instead of using a drill larger than the pin, try using one the same size and then driving the pin in. Driving the pin into a drilled hole requires much less force and noise than hammering into undrilled wood and still eliminates the need for caulking if you plug the hole with a wood dowel the same size as the pin and cut it off flush. 1727 NORTH BLVD $22.75 DAYTON DIX NICHOLAS BELLBROOK 45385-0000 $38.44 The Trap Line In Snow Title: The fabric of the cosmos : space, time, and the $1,486.80 $2.47 BRANDY THOMAS DAYTON 45385 3488 NEW GERMANY $32.70 19 WEST WHITTIER AVE CARTER BRENDA J 45335-1455 BOECK JOHN T DILL RICHARD H 5698 HICKAM DR $2.86 Title: That wilder image : the painting of America's native BROWN KIMO Q XENIA XENIA 45370 $166.12 FAIRBORN $10.00 CEDARVILLE 45324 1737 EL CAMINO BEVER 45433 2734 BIG WOODS TRL 3930 DAYTON XENIA RD Subject: Rural families Fiction. XENIA CHARLES KAREN UNKNOWN BEVERLY NINA 45434-6236 EDELMANN THOMAS $5.03 45431--000 BEAVERCREEK ACCESS COMMUNICATIONS 15 W DAYTON YELLOW SPGS RFAIRBORN 45324 $1,148.35 137 N DETROIT ST 45385-1668 DALTON SANDRA R Owner Name 45324-1973 DAYTON R 1 $0.52 DUGAN LINDA J. $0.06 45324 FAIRBORN $20.00 Another effective method, where noise is not much of a problem, is to shoot out the insulators holding the power cables themselves. A twelve-gauge shotgun loaded with double-ought shot is the best tool. Walk under the line until you are directly beneath the insulators on a tower. (See Illustration.) With your back to the wind, take two large steps backwards, aim at the insulators, and commence firing. Be prepared to dodge large chunks of falling glass. Large powerlines are suspended from strings of 20 or more insulators. Breaking 70 to 90 percent of them in one string is usually enough to ground out the conductor. This may take several rounds (the record is two), and will cause bright sparks. A team of three shotgunners, each taking a string of insulators for one conductor or conductor bundle, is best for a typical AC line. The lines themselves seldom are shot through and thus fall, but be alert for this possibility. Keep in mind that the use of firearms will result in additional charges if you are caught BOUCHARD DAWN E BUFFINGTON FRANCIS L $11.61 45314 Title: Are men necessary? : when sexes collide / Maureen Dowd. 45324 Subject: Mexican Americans Juvenile fiction. 45432-2713 COFARO ANTHONY CALL EDWARD & DOUGLA 2270 MOUNT CARMEL RD $15.96 XENIA $31.49 $216.00 $11.32 45432 45324 DOBSON DARRON EDWARD $28.80 $517.52 CLENSY RUTH E UNKNOWN Although this system allows only one-way communication, a system of repeated transmissions can be used as a crude form of sending two or three different messages (pre-arranged). One of the chief advantages of this system is that you can set it up for under $150. One warning should be noted, however. The pager-type receiver cannot be relied on to receive transmissions inside a building containing large amounts of metal in walls or frame. 242 UNION ST $2.00 45432 $2.59 Effective sabotage may require nothing more than a handful of sand on the spur of the moment. More often, it entails planning plus a basic tool kit. In illustration 5.2 you will find the basic elements with which to begin. Since most of this mechanical work will be conducted under the cover of darkness, a good flashlight for each team member and rigid discipline in the use of the light are critical. The military surplus angle-head flashlight (A) is a good buy at most surplus stores. The red lens stored in the base, when mounted over the light, can increase your security. The red light is less noticeable from a distance, and will not ruin your night vision. A cheap acrylic artist’s red paint (B) will do in a pinch, as will some red cellophane, if you can find it. As always, wipe clean of fingerprints all parts of the flashlight, including the lenses, bulbs, and batteries. Do not use your flashlight indiscriminately. Cup your hand over the end, allowing only a thin sliver of light to illuminate the area on whic XENIA 45385 YELLOW SPRINGS 45384-0751 BODWELL ROGER A BRIGHT SALLY $10.00 1218 HERR RD CLEMMER DUANE E $4.18 DAYTON 45431-1130 XENIA DAYTON $8.72 BEAVERCREEK SPRING VALLEY Maximum effectiveness of “super pins” might be achieved by sending a warning letter and a pin sample (so they will believe you!) after the spiking. This in itself may be enough to deter logging in the spiked area; if not, at least the mills will know precisely what is behind the destruction of their expensive blades and won’t make the same mistake again. CHASE JOHANNA & TERRANCE ABREVAYA LISA M 20 E WHITTIER FAIRBORN 45324-5230 $5.00 45385 Some monkeywrenchers shoot holes in the oil reservoirs on windmills to burn up the gears. They aim for the metal cover on the gearbox; oil dribbles out. If the vane is folded and the windmill is unable to turn, they pull up on the lever to open it up and hope for a good breeze. Because of additional criminal penalties attached to crimes where firearms are used, and pollution by the oil, monkeywrenchers should be very reluctant to try this. Other Pinning Techniques XENIA FAIRBORN $96.13 XENIA FAIRBORN $50.58 XENIA $1.38 AG5 .D537 2004 XENIA 13 S CHURCH ST 45385 $29.85 Subject: Men--Nigeria Fiction. XENIA 4822 HASSAN CIRCLE COUSINS IRMA B DAY DAVID J XENIA 45314 $2.00 FAIRBORN 3583 N. LAKESHORE DR. 2479 INDIAN WELLS TRL 45324 BORDEN RAYMOND 1552 REESE DR #1 1356 MASSACHUETTS DR ALTMAN BESSIE A Urban Monkeywrenching $18.42 $8.80 2378 BIG SUR Title: Rogue nations : opposing viewpoints / Louise Gerdes, book editor. 5223 HAHN AVE 45387 45387 3770 FROSTWOOD DR 45431 45435 BADGLEY MARISA YELLOW SPRINGS BRENNAN JAMES 1217 DATE ST JAMESTOWN 3355 SHAKERTOWN RD COONEY DANA 45324 $52.56 $29.95 BELWOOD LLOYD EARL DIXON LINN DOWNER JOHN FAIRBORN City CHARLES TARVER 2134 FIREBIRD DR XENIA $15.00 APEL VAUGHN H XENIA XENIA CYPHERS POLLYANNA $0.28 45324 5280 ENON-XENIA PK BEAVERCREEK Heavy Equipment 72 VANDERGRIFT DR CAMPBELL FRED H Subject: Women employees--United States Interviews. CLIETT THOMAS 4941 BAYSIDE DR XENIA 45385 45324-0340 45385 34 S WRIGHT #8 $50.00 C/O DOUGLAS B WOOD $10.00 BROWN MARY A HQ1075 .V546 2006 45385 XENIA COVEY ANDREW J $84.91 $17.64 Personal subject: Liman, Arthur L.--Art collections. $2.46 BLANK ROBERT L 3799 RT 35 EAST $15.23 Amount 2180 VEMCO DR $15.00 12 A Lotus Grows in the Mud by Goldie Hawn and Wendy Holden -- 1 (Putnam: $25.95) The actress looks back at her journey from suburban "ugly duckling" to Hollywood stardom. AZZARETTO ANTHONY $2.96 $46.85 45324 ALLAMON GREG $84.95 795 LIVERMORE ST 829 WASHINGTON AVE $44.53 CAUPP ERNA M XENIA 1584 GREENE LAKE DR XENIA 2537 BROWN BARK DR 45387-0000 $80.00 $125.67 45324-5459 XENIA DAVIS JUDY $23.11 XENIA $51.24 $97.60 45433-1304 $13.50 BREWSTER KATHLEEN XENIA 45301 45385-0000 45431-2619 ECKLEY JEFF T 907 W 11TH ST $7.20 ANTOINE RENEE BEAVERCREEK COOTS DON 45324 CLEVINGER DAVID W 45385 ZIP 1860 WOODVINE ST. APT CORDELL DENISE A XENIA COCHRAN SUSAN P The other agitators, featuring the Earth First! “fist” logo were placed wherever people wanted to leave a message that the rape of Earth would be resisted. They proved particularly effective in Forest Service offices and more than a few were found in police paddy wagons and jails. During the 1983 Bald Mountain road blockade in Oregon, silent agitators were a constant means of psychological warfare against Freddie bureaucrats. The District Ranger finally began locking the rest room in the District office because he was tired of having to look at a silent agitator reading “No Compromise in Defense of Mother Earth” every time he took a leak. Forest Service personnel had to get the key to the bathroom from him and he would check afterward to make sure nothing had been stuck on the wall. Will this deter destruction? CARTER BOBBIE J Subject: California--History Fiction. $12.76 XENIA $14.94 FAIRBORN FAIRBORN 45432-2554 DAYTON 45431-1930 PO BOX 341063 SPRING VALLEY CHARLTON JOSEPH P BRETLAND SONHUI 45335-1633 XENIA $61.67 CLAUS ARTHUR 45387-2031 45431-2498 165 W TUNDERBURG 2969 HOHL DR $63.81 $258.62 $50.40 FAIRBORN $515.44 DAYTON $2.00 DUNN KIMBERLY 854 ROUTZONG RD FAIRBORN If you happen across a line of flagging in the woods, you may have encountered a road in the earliest stages of survey. Should you remove the flagging, you have probably cost the developers a couple of days’ work at the most. It would be better to wait until the surveying has progressed further, when monkeywrenching would have a greater effect. Incidentally, “flagging” is what surveyors call the brightly colored plastic tape that they use to mark their work and make it easy to locate. Red and orange are the colors most favored by surveyors, although they may use others. Exploiters besides surveyors may use flagging; timber crews frequently use it to mark sale boundaries, although they usually favor blue, yellow, or striped flagging. ALLEN GREG 1836 SURREY TRL $33.09 45316 YELLOW SPRINGS Subject: Marketing--United States. BENITEZ ROBERT F 1073 CARDINAL DR 45385 Title: Mexico : a traveler's literary companion / edited by C.M. Mayo. ANKENEY SARA 45324 $6.61 $13.81 16 FIRST ST $54.39 $26.29 A) typical wire snare. $81.61 134 WEST WHITEMAN ST ZIP FAIRBORN 45314- $14.12 BROOKS MARK 45385-3426 $28.29 BELLBROOK JAMESTOWN BUTCHER CORY MICHAEL $10.92 XENIA XENIA $69.39 XENIA FAIRBORN FAIRBORN The use of initials, such as the initials of a clandestine organization, can also convey a strong message of resistance. First, however, they must be presented repeatedly with the full name spelled out until people and the media begin to make the association. The single letter “V” (for Victory), for example, was used by the French Resistance during the Nazi occupation during World War II. It was quick and easy to paint (and therefore safer) and carried a complete message: “Resist!” $5.00 $24.57 JAMESTOWN 45431 CARLE CATHERINE ALLEN ULYSSES S 45335 45305 3901 SOUTHVIEW ST BRUMFIELD NINA L 2991 SNIVELY RD BEAVERCREEK Owner Name 8327 PHILADELPHIA DR BENNETT SCOTT 1249 HANES RD XENIA For the less sophisticated among us, computers do not like to be dropped onto hard surfaces. $7.36 ANDERSON ELIZABETH 1516 SIOUX DR $11.76 CASKEY CARLA R DAVIS JENNIFER CLARK KELLY BELLBROOK HEALTHCARE CNTR XENIA 1974 NORTH FAIRFIELD RD SNIVELY RD $1.92 BELLBROOK 93 HILLCREST ST BEAVERCREEK ANDERSON JENNIFER A 45324 PS3562.E353 Z87 2006 $12.95 $134.00 $115.21 CORSO CHERYL Field Notes $0.24 $50.00 45431 $43.70 ALFORD JOHN M DAYTON BULL DEBORAH M COOPER ALLAN R XENIA 45305 31 THORNTON DR XENIA BEAVERCREEK Surveillance COOPER ROBERT & LIND BASSETT VICKI S $12.36 45314-9532 168 LOCUST DR 45324 FAIRBORN FAIRBORN SPRING VALLEY DAVIS DARREN $26.29 Subject: Gender identity Fiction. $615.05 45431-2630 PO BOX 785 FAIRBORN 1888 RICH CT 45370-0000 FAIRBORN $12.40 45387 DAYTON 45324-2403 $30.45 45385 More complex messages may be your only way of being quoted in the media (which likely will be staunchly opposed to your illegal actions). Nonetheless, these longer spray painted messages are secondary to your main slogan. $2.38 The weight of these spikeboards makes them suitable for use in desert canyons where Monster Trucks like to romp and frolic. The best place to put them would be in stream crossings under water. Pick known vehicle crossings. Or on rivers where the ORVs will be charging down rather than simply across a stream, look for narrow spots in the canyon where vehicles will not have much choice of route. If the bottom is rocky, simply place the spikeboards where the water is deep enough or opaque enough so they won’t be spotted by the oncoming drivers. If the bottom is sandy or muddy, find a flat rock and place a spikeboard on top of it. There must be enough resistance beneath the spikeboard to drive the spike firmly into the tire. 45324-6001 DPINA GRACIETT CHRISTENSON JOHN M DAYTON BASTIN ELEANOR LOUISE 45385-0000 4382 SPRINFIELD 483 E MARKET ST PS3558.E4775 W5 1983 The point is, the offenders are always vulnerable somewhere, and if you keep hitting them where they’re most vulnerable, sooner or later it will affect their operations. Obviously, this means more persistence and hard work on your part. 45324 BEAVERCREEK JAYCEES 249 KINSEY RD #5 45387- 45301 45324 45385-5108 45431- Pour a box of quick rice in the radiator. ADVANCED THERAPEUTIC SERVICES INC 574 GOLDEN WILLOW CT 45387-9630 ZIP BOWSHIER VICKIE L 501 COY DR ARNOLD RUDOLPH SPRING VALLEY 45324 Field Notes SPRING VALLEY $10.00 JAMESTOWN Subject: Petroglyphs--Southwest, New Juvenile literature. $7.52 901 LANTERN GLOW TRAIL $0.48 $1.60 45324-5450 UNKNOWN 2559 BLUE ROCK DR $38.12 $18.88 1424 N BROAD ST APT 8 $0.97 45431-3104 JAMESTOWN 3842 FERRY RD BEAVERCREEK $1,552.57 DESSECKER LAWRENCE BUCHANAN RAMINDA $76.00 45385-5368 $48.02 45431-2160 KETTERING 45385-9742 XENIA 112 DUPONT WAY FAIRBORN $80.00 3824 DAYTON XENIA RD FAIRBORN 723 SHEPHARD RD $1.16 1815 WOODVINE ST APT 1 $222.57 45431-6418 45324 45384-0226 COLDIRON LENA R $8.68 ZIP FAIRBORN 114 SCHNEIDER DR v-a-jpeg-44.jpg XENIA $228.68 BILBEY MICAELA CLARK RALPH B 1460 SOUTH GATE AVE #5 DONOVAN SEAN P 10055 MALLETT DR FAIRBORN DAYTON 45385 225 CRABTREE DR BUTLER DAVID L $0.44 FAIRBORN $163.53 XENIA $23.44 CUKOVECKI MELODEE $1,327.24 955 LOWER BELLBROOK RD $6.97 DAYTON 45434-6278 45385 $30.60 Owner Name BEYERS SHIRLEY XENIA 45324 DAYTON 45385-1533 $201.12 $3.00 dietary guidelines for Americans and make them CHAMBERLAIN REBECCA $77.17 45432 DAYTON COSGROVE EDWARD W BOOHER KEN 45384 C/O BEVERLY G BROWN FUELL Subject: London (England) Fiction. $53.22 45385 1929 GRANGEVIEW DR BECKMAN KEN BLACK MICHAEL 45324-5217 BROWN LAURA 45324-5820 533 RUSTIC TRAIL FAIRBORN $3.00 BALL IVAN E 45385-9751 FAIRBORN YELLOW SPRINGS FAIRBORN $25.16 45324 CARPENTER DONITA M $30.00 54 HALSEY DR 45434-0267 Title: Mayflower : a story of courage, community, and war / Nathaniel Philbrick. Only removal or destruction of a trap will insure that it is not used again. Removing all the traps could have the added benefit of financially crippling the trapper. Take a welding class at the local community college. Learn how to cut and weld using an Oxy-acetylene outfit. You’ll be amazed at how much this will expand your horizons as a monkeywrencher. A cutting torch can slice through iron like a hot knife through butter. (See the Cutting Torch article in the Vehicles and Heavy Equipment chapter.) 251 UPPER HILLSIDE DR PZ E99.C85 D4 1983 45387 DICKISON PATRICIA DOEDEN CHIP J BELLO DAUDA $18.00 BYRD LAWRENCE PO BOX 142 3337 FAIR OAKS DR YELLOW SPRINGS 45385- Subject: Mass media and business. 45385-0000 $63.08 117 W S COLLEGE ST $5.00 $909.09 XENIA Subject: Psychotherapists Interviews. CALDWELL ANTHONY W BARRON JOY C ALPHA 134 WEST WHITEMAN STREET 45324- DAYTON ADDINGTON DEBORA 2188 PACER TRL $52.82 124 DIANA LANE E 45432 DAVIS BENJAMIN H XENIA DENMAN CLARK R CARTER HARRY FAIRBORN CHANATRY MICHAEL G Devise a system for keeping track of your tools in the dark — a fanny pack or a tool belt with holsters. SPRING VALLEY $15.00 COX MICHAEL L $10.19 $105.40 614 N GALLOWAY ST BROWN DOROTHY P FAIRBORN $1.02 BURLILE & WHEELER BOYKINS MONICA L BROWN ANITA 45324 EDWARDS CARLOS $15.40 DAYTON 45387 BRUNNER ROBERT A FAIRBORN 578 MARGARET DR 2285 RUSTIC VIEW DR HV6570 .C75 2002 BEAVERCREEK 1215 OAKHILL AVE BELLBROOK BROWN LAKEISHA C 45314- 4995 WOODMAN PRK DR #3 Title: Microsoft Office Word 2003 / Marty Matthews, John Cronan, Lisa McCoy. WRIGHT PATTERSON AFB 45434 909 WINESAP DR Amount $5.90 1777 ARLIN PL #H $5.00 Subject: Tide pool ecology--Pacific Coast (U.S.) 45324-3292 DAYTON 5378 UNDERWOOD RD $22.00 DEAN JOHN M Personal author: Masud Mansuripur, 1955- $4.40 Essential to avoiding the surveillance net is unpredictability. After working an area a time or two, stay clear of it for many months. Surveillance is expensive to maintain — too expensive for months of fruitless waiting in a potential target area. Where feasible, avoid using roads and trails to approach the target as these are more likely to be watched. Phoenix Systems, Inc., POB 3339, Evergreen, CO 80439 (303)277–0305, also has a mail-order catalog offering bug detectors and other security devices. Their bug detector for transmitters in home, office, or car is only $129.95 and their telephone bug detectors range from $129.95 to $249.95. They also offer a variety of lock picking tools, tear gas and pepper sprays and grenades, smoke grenades, caltrops (about $2 apiece), and books and videos on lock picking and surveillance. Some of their other devices indicate what a monkeywrencher may come up against: a $60 booby trap tear gas dispenser (this might be on the big yellow machine parked temptingly on the timber road construction project), theft detection powder (about fifteen bucks), surveillance microphones and transmitters ($45 to $145), motion detectors ($40 to $50), and a $12.95 spray that makes envelopes briefly transparent but leaves no lingering markings or residue. Some of these surveillance tools might have value in certain ecotage operations. 1109 HAMLET DR 45324 BEAVERCREEK FAIRBORN 4923 WOODMAN PARK DR DAYTON 45370 1543 SMITH RD 233 BRANCH ST BROWNE ANDREW MARTIN $25.54 45432-2142 45324 $50.00 BEAVERCREEK DAYTON DILLAPLAIN JOHN THOMAS DUVALL KATHLEEN G XENIA PO BOX 265 UNKNOWN $58.26 $80.30 27 TAYLOR ST $12.60 $54.35 Water And Big Yellow Machines XENIA 1747 MONTGOMERY AVE ABLING HELEN 928 RICHARD DR XENIA 45385 $18.75 45431 BEAVERCREEK $0.65 ABREU RAMON 2282 ROSEANNE CT FAIRBORN 45324-6316 $57.85 $63.24 $295.00 $71.25 FAIRBORN EASTERLING TERESA 810 WOODHILL RD BELL MARY C 45324 PO BOX 340496 $20.00 BEAVERCREEK XENIA AYALA SANDRA 45324-5502 7 W MAIN STREET CLEMANS KENT YELLOW SPRINGS DAYTON Title: Conserving the environment : opposing viewpoints / XENIA YELLOW SPRINGS COFFEY LYNDA Subject: Children's literature, American Bibliography. COPPOCK GARY R $511.92 1474 BULL SKIN RUN CT 2428 RONA VILLAGE BLVD $274.67 CLICK RONALD E EST $137.68 45324 $33.35 45324 45431 EAGLEN AMANDA J $63.11 Title: Rereading the Bible : an introduction to the biblical CHMIEL JOHN G PE1617.J7 H58 2005 677 CINCINNATI AVE DININO TOM $50.01 DESIMIO PETER $64.63 $45.31 45324-5646 Maintain proper coolant levels. Otherwise you will quickly destroy an expensive blade. 45432-2527 AUSTRIA EILEEN 45385 BROWN PHILIP DEATON WALTER E BOCOCK WESLEY 2990 VALLEYVIEW DR 1390 M ALEXANDER 1878 HIGHLANDER DR 45385 BEAVERCREEK 45432-2803 DAILEY JEAN E $300.00 45385 45385-9579 DAYTON $10.00 45385 $1,025.22 AMMON DANA M 45324 DAYTON 45385 45305-8802 XENIA Personal author: Fusi, Rolando. $65.65 $3.18 45324 BELLBROOK XENIA ALLEN ANTONE B WRIGHT PATTERSON AFB CHAMBERLAIN REBECCA 2314 DUNCAN DR #2 BEVERLY SHAWNA A DONAALDSON REBECCA M Subject: Comanche Indians Folklore. 45432 $13,978.80 45387 BELLAMY JOHN BARBER JOHN K BELLBROOK Maritime monkeywrenchers as well as terrestrial monkeywrenchers should remember what anthropologist Margaret Mead once said, “never depend on government or institutions to create change. All significant social change in human history was accomplished by individual action.” $712.23 FAIRBORN BAUGH MARGARET W DAYTON 1259 CHISOLM TRL 2918 CRONE RD $15.90 $23.00 $27.27 XENIA COACH BRANDI 45385-8585 45434-7031 RIVERSIDE 45370 $11.49 XENIA $10.33 FAIRBORN CALDWELL RUTH 5098 CHRISTY AVE QH366.2 .E84595 2006 BIGUS THADDEUS XENIA 45385 Rojo A Chilean talent show in the mold of "American Idol," "Rojo" became a huge hit the moment it hit the airwaves. This comic series puts a fictional spin on all the backstage drama: the backstabbing, the ruthless competition and the passionate abandon. Further blurring the line between fantasy and reality, several of the show's big stars -- including Monserrat Bustamante, Mario Guerrero and Yamna Lobos -- appear as pseudo versions of themselves. 4391 BRIDGEPORT DR BERGER GARY C Non-Destructive Stopping of Logging 321W SOUTH COLLEGE $0.78 45431-1926 RB150.F37 W35 2005 Using an Acetylene Torch 2225 BANDIT TRAIL 1259 CHISOLM TRL 2747 WOODMONT DR 308 HILLSIDE RD FAIRBORN 410 LAWRENCE ST CLARK EDITH FAIRBORN 45431-1401 XENIA BRYAN SANDY CHAVEZ GLORIA A 4420 POWDER HORN DR Electronic Surveillance Subject: World War, 1939-1945 Personal narratives, American. During the summer of 1989, when the Burr Trail in southern Utah was being widened and paved, bait equipment was left out on the side of the road to lure monkeywrenchers. Armed men were hidden in the equipment, and one of the most expert and notorious trappers in the Southwest was hired to trap a monkeywrencher. It was widely believed that this thug would have killed in cold blood anyone he caught. $1.42 DAYTON BROWN CARL E 45385-4313 918 FAIRGROUNDS Since most trappers prefer to drive instead of walk, many trap lines are found along rural roads, powerline easement roads, ranch roads, and roads that dead-end at abandoned mines and such. In tall timber, old logging roads and firebreak roads are favorites. In the desert regions, dry streambeds double as roads. Because of this, you should be suspicious of any slow vehicles cruising these types of roads. Favorite trapper vehicles include pickup trucks, assorted four-wheel drives, and station wagons. All of these provide a space to haul equipment and animal carcasses. Sometimes a peek into the back of a camper shell will reveal traps, chains, and other indicators. Some trappers don’t bother to clean off the telltale bloodstains on the backs of their vehicles. 1) Drill Rod. Most major steel companies sell this product (see your Yellow Pages under Metals). It’s round and comes in all the common drill diameters (one of its uses is as drill bits). It comes in three foot lengths and can be easily hacksawed into desired lengths. It possesses about the same soft mechanical characteristics as spikes and rebar — until heat treated. It then acquires the strength of the jaws of the bolt cutters that can be used to trim the heads off spikes! $18.75 BRANDIES LORETTA $110.83 greatest mathematical problem / Simon Singh ; foreword by John Lynch. 45432 BURTON MONA L W034 STUDENT UNION 4927 WOODMAN PARK APT 1 BELLBROOK FAIRBORN FAIRBORN 45385 BAACKE AMANDA 30 STILLWELL DR DUBRUCQ DENYSE FAIRBORN Title: NCLEX-RN exam / Barbara J. Irwin ; Judith A. Burckhardt. BENTLEY RICHARD $23.03 The most vulnerable portion of the industrial infrastructure is the transportation network. The ecodefender can safely, securely, cheaply, and effectively disrupt it — and save wild country. 45305- $13.79 417 GREENE ST DEWINE ANNA P 45314 2131 VIRGINIA DR $15.00 45387-1518 BROCK OTIS $3,090.92 1132 STEWART AVE $9.32 COCHRAN J 2870 ARMEN AVE 45324-9453 45431 $1,830.00 45370 Field Note BEAVERCREEK Instead of worrying about hardwood shims for jamming locks, try flat toothpicks: Stick one about halfway into a lock, break it off, and jam it in with a piece of wire or another toothpick. Repeat several times until you can’t fit any more in. This is as effective as hardwood shims; since the typical person will not be able to remove the toothpicks, a locksmith or pair of bolt cutters must be summoned. $42.79 BALLIO JOSH R City BONILLA EVA XENIA BOWEN BALLARD 5143 COBB DR $124.40 Field Notes YELLOW SPRINGS XENIA XENIA 45324 PO BOX 348 PO BOX 36 Non-Destructive Stopping of Logging Trapping is a mere hobby for most of its practitioners, yet one fourth of trappers surveyed by a major trapper’s magazine boasted that they would disobey any law that banned the leg-hold trap. 1920 WHITT ST 45385- $200.00 45324-5523 1570 BROMLEY DR. APT A Defensive Tactics: Jim Wagner's Reality-Based Personal Protection Learn core defensive tactics with this step-by-step program from self-defense expert Jim Wagner. Based on military and police methods, this course covers threat zones, angled arm blocks, conflict stances, Wagner's own piston arm strikes and more. The course also covers proper head-butting techniques, leg strikes and counters, stopping power and the legalities of the use of force -- all strategies that are easy to learn and teach. 45385- $18.75 COOK JUDITH 45385-2312 $0.86 2) Dowel Pins. These are used for aligning hunks of machinery, like the two halves of a Volkswagen engine. Dowel pins are sold in the common fractional diameters (see your Yellow Pages under Fasteners). Maximum lengths vary with the diameter. For example, 3/16 inch pins run to 2 inches long, 1 /4 inch to 2 1/2 inches, and 5/16 to 3 inches long. FAIRBORN DIXON JOHN THOMAS CORONADO RUBEN A BERTOLO ANITA ANDERSON RESOURCES INC $5.72 FAIRBORN ANTIOCH UNIV XENIA $80.09 BULL JACK $29.92 45324-5408 BEAVERCREEK 5950 LITTLE SUGARCREEK RD EASTERLING STEFAN $457.35 10 S DETROIT ST Swamp Thing: The Series: Vol. 2 Swamp Thing (Dick Durock) continues to protect innocent people from harm and to thwart his nemesis, Anton Arcane (Mark Lindsay Chapman), in these first 25 installments from the third (and final) season of the series based on the DC Comics character. In this set of episodes, Ann Fisk (Janet Julian) discovers Swamp Thing's true identity and tries to find a way to transform the creature back into scientist Alec Holland, her former boyfriend. BROGAN CANDICE 45432 FAIRBORN When Shatner was cast to play Captain James Kirk in the ‘Star Trek' TV show, his small-screen immortality was assured (even though no one knew it at the time). The solidly built, handsome actor had previously worked on Broadway and in live TV before making his movie debut as Alexei in The Brothers Karamazov (1958). Shatner alternated film appearances with episodic TV work; his other early features include Judgment at Nuremberg (1961). XENIA DAILEY DANNY E Stock tanks and water troughs — Previous editions of Ecodefense suggested puncturing stock tanks with a hammer and large nail. Punctures, though, are relatively easy to patch. It is better to gash thin-walled metal tanks with an ax or hatchet. Thick-walled tanks can be gashed with a cold chisel and large hammer. Make as long and ragged a gash as possible. Gashing right above the base is most effective and hardest to patch. Concrete water troughs can be thoroughly smashed with a sledgehammer or with large rocks. You may think that shooting metal tanks full of holes during hunting season is a good idea. This is not recommended. Ballistics tests may trace your spent bullets to your gun. There is also a serious danger in ricochets; even a high-powered rifle won’t penetrate thick-walled tanks. $1.00 DEER LADONNA M 45324 FAIRBORN 68 DIANA LANE CALTON NATHANIEL 687 OMAR CR $51.00 BEAM JUDY C 4318 MERRYDALE AVE 45433 BEAVERCREEK $13.12 $5.16 BODEY BRADLEY R 45370-9431 45433 $266.66 124 BANDERGRIFT 45324-9014 $41.43 $559.47 13617 DAYTON XENIA 127 E THIRD ST $60.00 CUNNINGHAM JOSEPH 45324 45305 City DAYTON 45324 $79.58 45324-7142 CINELLI JOHN P $58.34 45385-0282 BEAVERCREEK BEAVERCREEK FAIRBORN $272.59 COX JACK W 368 N BROAD ST $13.30 $5.00 BROWN JEROME CONNOLLY SMITH JOAN DAVISON HELEN R BABER ADDISON H 5619 CANDLELIGHT LN 622 21ST ST 319 W DAYTON YELLOW SPGS $20.41 $5.00 If a monkeywrencher is contemplating spiking trees in a remote roadless area long in advance of a timber sale, the chances of encountering cops are relatively slim. Conversely, if a highly controversial timber sale is involved, especially one in which monkeywrenching already has been committed or at least threatened, the danger to the monkeywrencher is very real. For this reason alone it is preferable to spike trees preventively, rather than as a last-ditch effort to save a seemingly doomed grove. $2.87 1026 BELLBROOK AVE 45385-9383 1400 S MAPLE AVE 45431-1413 45305 $5.00 2294 ZINK RD BERRY LORRANE F $2.92 $0.43 $16.74 BEAVERCREEK DAYTON DAYTON XENIA $16.78 BANKS ELVALEE 1487 PAVEY PLACE FAIRBORN new economy / Barbara Ehrenreich and Arlie Russell Hochschild, editors. BELLBROOK XENIA XENIA DORTON DEREK T 328 MANN AVE $44.37 BRADY CLAGG $0.60 FAIRBORN $46.04 45305-0000 3115 RANCHFIELD DR BEAFORE SHAUNA M FAIRBORN 45385 "The only thing in my life that was constant was my insatiable appetite for books and learning. Each time I settled down in some city, the first thing I did was to enroll in the local college or university. It took me thirty years to get my Bachelor's Degree and nine months to do my Masters." He holds a Masters Degree from North Texas State University where he also taught as an Associate Professor for five years. 45431-2227 BLACK WAYNES S 47 CHURCH 1039 JASPER RD 725 E MARKET ST FAIRBORN BARLOW ROBERT J 45324-2829 317 LOVINGTON #C $364.50 Subject: Netherlands Guidebooks. 45324 ALFORD SHIRLEY F $40.00 9570 ATCHISON RD 45385-1616 COLBERT FUNERAL HOME 6059 ESSEX 45305 PO BOX 238 $118.00 YELLOW SPRINGS EAST END COMMUNITY WRIGHT PATTERSON AFB DACARIA JOHN THOMAS 45324 ANDERSON HENRY 1514 EDENWOOD DR COOPER LILLIAN A BEAVERCREEK After a 7 year absence from film and TV, Mary Linda was back in the 1979 mini series, "Blind Ambition" (1979) (mini) playing Sen. Baker's wife. She was in CA filming that, when she met up with some ABC talent scouts. After meeting up with them, they wanted to give her the screen test for the role of Faith Kipling on the soap "One Life to Live" (1968). She nailed it, and was given the role. She left, to go to "As the World Turns" (1956) and played the beautiful Maggie Crawford for 5 years. Unlike most stars, after those 5 years the spotlight didn’t leave her, she left the spotlight. Now she is back, with that same determination to make it, just like that little girl all those years ago. CRAFT TASHA N YELLOW SPRINGS 45431-2824 BELLBROOK 45431 WILBERFORCE XENIA 45434 FAIRBORN Subject: Maternal deprivation. $490.28 45385 1579 SOUTHLAWN DR BUTTS STUART L BOLIN KAYCEE M 2445 BLUEWING DR 45385 DRAYER LYNNE I $93.07 45370 City 45385 DUGAI JEFFREY 45324-2253 v-a-jpeg-42.jpg 45305 45324 165 BROOKSIDE DR BELLBROOK $1,586.18 R R 1 $0.27 XENIA 45385-4824 ROUTE 6 131 W KREPPS RD $10.81 DAYTON $7.93 BEAVERCREEK Amount BERT NANCY V 45385 45324 45324 $2.14 582 REDBUD LN BENNING GLADYS E $11.95 1165 WILBERFORCE CLIFTON RD BEAVERCREEK 887 SHADY LANE 112 BRUCH ROW CHABANNES RENE N 1711 KEN KLARE XENIA $33.82 XENIA DAYTON XENIA $2.01 Since activists may be unable to attend to all timber sales well in advance, much monkeywrenching will occur at the last possible minute; so it is helpful to have a basic knowledge of timber marking practices. Unfortunately, there is no uniform system, and practices may change from time to time. Timber markers generally use spray paint, although sometimes flagging (or flagging and paint) is used to mark the boundaries of the area (the “unit”) within which cutting will take place. One color will be used to mark the perimeter, while another color will be used to mark individual trees to be cut within the unit. In a clearcut, only the perimeter is marked, since everything within is to be removed. A given timber sale will usually have several units within it, and they may be widely scattered or close together. You may see numbers painted on some of the trees — these are the unit numbers. At the present time in the Northern Rockies — the region with the most roadless areas threatened by the FS — the Freddies are u $0.90 Subject: Death--Social aspects--Russia (Federation)--History--20th century. 45432 45305-1440 CUTCHER DENNIS L $4.60 BEAVERCREEK $5.00 Field Notes 5068 ACCESS RD 604 XENIA AVE $9.00 $1.49 196 FAYETTE ST Title: Problems with death : opposing viewpoints / $269.69 City 45324-4970 Ecodefense: A Field Guide to Monkeywrenching $1.00 45324-4308 45305 45385 $119.71 DAYTON $7.36 45432 45324-4009 619 ORVILL ST. BROWN ELIZABETH COLLIER WALTER $75.00 45432-3808 $32.80 BROWN LAURA DAYTON $2.33 $77.52 DAYTON BECHTEL KRISTINA M FAIRBORN CRIDER JONATHAN 3070 AXE DR $12.56 CRANDALL VAUGHN JACK BOTHWELL SETH E COLLETT SAMUEL CAMPER JARED ASH WILLIAM K $8.61 $2.08 $14.14 220 S WINTER ST APT 1 $15.95 Subject: Human ecology--Religious aspects. Driver’s licenses are probably the last thing you should check, since if an undercover agent has a phony license, she may have set it up so that if anyone checks on her license, it will trigger a warning to the appropriate police agency. Subject: African Americans--Civil rights--Southern States--History. RIVERSIDE 1875 WILENE DR 45433 $682.66 $24.17 FAIRBORN 25 SPINNING RD 1157 MCBEE RD 4409 BURRHARDT AVE #C1 $0.03 $8.00 DAYTON 45335-9728 45431 2773-5 WOODSVIEW DR 2484 NEW GERMANY RD 45431-3718 117 W S COLLEGE ST 45432-1853 FAIRBORN 45433-1107 BENNETT KATHY J $340.00 $42.01 $3.71 UNKNOWN $21.72 BALDWIN DONALD DODGE WILLIAM H FAIRBORN $0.10 Title: Van Nostrand's encyclopedia of chemistry. DAILEY JEAN E XENIA 45305 623 OMAR CIR 45385-0000 45434 45305-8903 72 STEALTON ROAD FAIRBORN XENIA $83.78 $4.79 855 WASHINGTON AVE $318.65 XENIA XENIA 45385 $21.97 1259 CHISOLM TRL 2231 MATRENA DR BREAKFIELD ELLEN MARJORIE $1,528.02 UNKNOWN CANNON MARY A DENNEY AMANDA JAMESTOWN FAIRBORN 45387 BROWN KEN 1405 HUNTLAND CT S Marbles or caltrops Field Notes 123 N 1ST ST #3 45324 1259 CHISOLM TRL 45431-7706 45385-3938 YELLOW SPRINGS BLANKENSHIP LEONARD ANDERSON DANIELLE 45385 FAIRBORN YELLOW SPRINGS 66 S WRIGHT AVE $11.35 DAYTON Title: The language of God : a scientist presents evidence for belief / $29.88 45432 45387 BELLBROOK Subject: Art, Khmer. $122.50 UNKNOWN DAYTON COWDEN R $18.29 DESENI KEVIN $50.00 $212.75 $17.31 50 S GRAND AVE 45314 BARK LILLIAN Minimize what you wear and take with you onto the site. The less you carry, the less likely you are to drop something which might later be used as evidence. XENIA FAIRBORN $10.00 45324 119 BROWN AVE CHRISTIANSEN JUDITH A CARTER MILDRED L 45385-5516 City 45324 CALLAHAN VIRGINIA 1673 ARIZONA CT ACOMB LAWRENCE T FAIRBORN BOGGS MILFORD JR BYRUM PAM J Field Note ZIP 251 N MAIN ST $111.00 45324 COX GEORGE E $0.23 $15.71 $111.84 Field Notes $24.70 $0.36 BEAM MARGUERI HD2755.5 .L96 2005 $0.03 $3.31 $43.96 45431 XENIA 45385 DAY KENNETH J $930.00 DUNHAM CAROL ABOVE GRADE BUILDERS ATTN AP XENIA 45300-0000 $176.99 45385 parents, teachers, coaches, and counselors who can Owner Name $20.00 YELLOW SPRINGS BEAVERCREEK 45385 XENIA 465 CINCINNATI AVE 4337B RICHLAND AVE 1259 CHISOLM TRL $4.32 XENIA BATTLE LAURA D BEARD MARTHA L SH329.C57 H24 2006 Counterintelligence 10711 HADDIX RD COBB JOE WILBERFORCE FAIRBORN FAIRBORN $0.38 5406 BARRETT DR $973.18 45324 2022 EL CAMINO DR 45385 4964 W ENON RD $8.00 BUNDY TIMOTHY A 74TH MEDICAL GROUP SGSRTA COLLINS SHARON $125.43 XENIA 45434 45324 Richard Herd 1319 JUNE DR 45324-0000 A1 WHITES APPLIANCE MEDIC Subject: Snow Juvenile fiction. YELLOW SPRINGS Good quality, waterproof, quick-drying cement is worth its weight in gold. Anchoring cement has all these properties and it expands as it sets, too. Marine patching cement is even better, but you’ll need practice to use it well. BOX 42 3604 RIDGEWAY RD COLLINS RAYMOND FAIRBORN 45324-0000 119 GREENE LAKE CT 419 FACULTY DR v-a-jpeg-18.jpg $71.39 15 N GALLOWAY ST Moving salt blocks; Personal author: Duty, Michael. DEWEESE JOY A 45335 Walk along your carefully chosen fence in one direction, cutting as you go. Do not double back. You might find someone looking for you. Check behind yourself frequently. You are, after all, leaving a perfect trail. Binoculars are useful for watching your back trail. Beforehand you should select several possible escape routes. Look carefully ahead of you as well as behind you, as you cut. Once in a while stop suddenly, be dead silent, and listen carefully. When you leave your fencing work, do not leave a trail that someone can follow back to your home, camp, or vehicle. Do not loiter. Do your work and leave. BLAZEK ROBERT M 45324 45324 BROWN DONNA S 4353 E BRIGGS RD DAUGHERTY RUSSELL EST OF DAYTON 45385-3818 $5.06 45370 45324 CAUDILL RENDA F 4203 BERYL DR FAIRBORN 1208 LINDA LN P O BOX 492 BELLBROOK 4911 WOODMAN PARK DR #3 $15.30 XENIA BROPHY MARY C 45324- $57.00 BREWER EVA $4.81 418 OHIO ST #B BLANKINSHIP DAVID 45385-1506 45385 CAMERIC ROBERT P FAIRBORN 1551 E VINE FAIRBORN Subject: Child sexual abuse. CRANDALL JOEL CEDARVILLE 1514 WAKE AVE $60.00 FAIRBORN 341 WENDELL LN FAIRBORN 45324-4727 BOWERMEISTER ELANA $2.45 45430-1347 BATDORF LAQUITTA R FAIRBORN 3965 CORRY RD 1436 GLEN VIEW RD 45387 CRAFT HARRY JR Amount 2004 STONEYBROOK TRL DAYTON 795 LIVERMORE ST $16.00 AYRES KELLY J CRABILL MARTIN 1503 VIEWPOINT DR Personal author: Weeks, Molly. BEAVERCREEK XENIA $50.00 222 ORVILLE ST. #11 BEAVERCREEK 5230 UNDERWOOD ROAD 3131 WYOMING DR FAIRBORN 45431 $10.00 45385-2416 1815 SUGAR RUN TRL YELLOW SPRINGS EDWARDS ROBERT 45385 XENIA 10193 PARK EDGE DR 1243 BEAVER VLY RD FAIRBORN Subject: Colombia--Foreign relations--United States. LB3060.33 .G45 S7 2002 45324 $10.96 $71.00 45431 45385-9628 45324 $215.56 DAYTON $10.87 2440 WILDWOOD LN $5.00 Miscellaneous JAMESTOWN 45385 Field Notes BILLARDO CHARLES & S $75.00 9072 ACADEMY VIEW COURT FAIRBORN 917 MITMAN DR $0.30 $18.00 45324 5957 STATE ROUTE 734 $56.43 909 CEHSTNUT CIRCLE $30.85 One of these added provisions is of interest to monkeywrenchers, for it specifically targets tree spikers who operate on the public lands. This subsection is entitled “Hazardous or Injurious Devices on Federal Lands,” and amends existing law (Chapter 91 of Title 18, US Code). Rather than attempt to paraphrase the wording of this section, I’ll quote verbatim from some of the most interesting passages: 1424 GLEN VIEW RD BELLBROOK BELL MATTHEW CLARK BEVERLY $26.51 1589 BLUEBIRD DR 45432 3085 JADE CT Subject: Nature. COATES EDITH Conveyors — Construction and mining operations frequently use conveyor belt systems to move and sort material. The belts are similar in composition to automobile tires, with thick rubber reinforced by fiber cords. The simplest form of sabotage is slashing with a sharp, thin-bladed knife. A common hardware store item, the “utility” knife, is ideal. Blades are inexpensive, replaceable, and usually can be stored inside the handle. BURKE CAROL S Title: Personalities : master clinicians confront the 45335 XENIA and relationship success / Susan M. Campbell. 45385 $10.00 45431-2619 1105 PAXON CT Another means of improving your stress response is visualization. Because you will react as you have been trained to react, drill yourself repeatedly on what you would do if... DAVIS KENDA 45432-2073 45305-1602 45385 701 SOUTH CLARKE VICTORIA C Subject: Folklore--New Mexico Juvenile literature. DAYTON 45324 DEBORAH RICHARDSON D BEVERLY TIM DAYTON WRIGHT CHAPTER AFCEA BFG CONSTRUCTION 45324 BARBER MATTHEW FAIRBORN BYRON DEBRA A DION FRANCIS E JR FAIRBORN Personal author: Winchell, Terry. $119.47 966 E MARKET ST $52.00 UNKNOWN 1309 MASON DR BANKS WANDA L. $59.34 45324-0000 $26.00 FAIRBORN DAVIS LANING L $4.86 CEDARVILLE $82.40 YELLOW SPRINGS $76.00 Personal subject: Murieta, Joaqu*in, d. 1853 Juvenile fiction. CARSON CHARLES XENIA 45324 45324-0000 $50.00 812 VAN EATON RD $12.20 XENIA CLIFTON 678 SULLIVAN CT 3152 SETON HILL DR 501 VAN TRESS DR. FAIRBORN DAYTON XENIA CEDARVILLE 45385 As discussed elsewhere in this chapter, all telephone communications have the possibility of being monitored or instantly traced. The only absolutely certain way to avoid this danger is to not use the telephone for any illegal activities or to discuss any illegal activities. $7.93 DAYTON Subject: Children of suicide victims. BELLBROOK 45324 $50.00 45431-1456 45305 45431-8605 BAIR KEVIN $10.00 45387 407 FORREST ST v-a-jpeg-2.jpg 45385-9629 4161 RIDGETOP DRIVE BURDINE RICHARD DAYTON $40.00 Personal author: Kinney, Jean, 1943- XENIA “Can you go out tonight?” (got a hit planned) Subject: Nature conservation--North America. 45301 $48.14 4270 COUNTRY GLEN CIRCLE 407 OAKLAWN DR BEAVERCREEK 45370 ZIP BEAVERCREEK 2159 ALABAMA DR $42.42 $2.90 DAYTON BEVERLY MICHAEL you how far the stakes go in the opposite direction — unless you have some “inside” information on the project. 4074 COL GLENN HIGHWAY 45431- 500 S COLUMBUS ST FAIRBORN 1652 COUNTRYSIDE DR Subject: Sustainable development--Religious aspects. YELLOW SPRINGS BISSETT CALEB FAIRBORN $421.32 Back to Top SPRING VALLEY $88.00 FAIRBORN BROWN DOROTHY L AMBROSE KEITH M CREDITT AMY C ADDIS CAROL Subject: Outer space--Exploration--Soviet Union--History. 3145 ASHTON BROOKE DR CORTES OMAYRA FAIRBORN APT 261E LANDMARK CT For a major spiking operation, you may wish to stash a box of spikes in the woods in the summer (when access is easier), and then ski in during the winter and do the spiking. Be sure to hide the spikes where you can find them even if they are buried under several feet of snow. 2732 RHETT DR 45385 SPRING VALLEY 150 LORETTA #A22 BEAVERCREEK 45385 $29.28 CASEY SCOTT C $120.41 A general rule on when to spike might be, “the earlier the better.” If one waits until just before the timber is sold, security problems are greater, and it will be easier for the authorities to locate the spikes. If one spikes several years in advance of a sale, nature has time to disguise the work by growing completely over the spikes. Of course, if the Freddies have already marked the boundaries of the sale area (or even the individual trees to be cut), the spiker knows exactly where to work without any guessing. Nevertheless, with proper intelligence monkeywrenchers can have a good idea of where future timber sales will be long before the marking stage. BROHARD LAURIE A $0.23 45324 FAIRBORN Monkeywrenching is timely Address 45324-3341 45431 BROOKS LILLIAN P QK73.U62 H866 2006 358 N ELM AVE Subject: Drug abuse--United States--Prevention. 45385-3906 45432 Billboards and other targets can be “painted” by the following simple method: YELLOW SPRINGS BREWER ROCKY L 1065 WOODMAN DR $6.82 FAIRBORN 3680 SOMERSET DR $56.50 2360 DUNCAN DR APT 12 COPPLER JACQUELINE A BLIMPIE SUBS & SALADS CABLE JOSEPH 45385 $123.72 BURTON LESLIE M $20.00 $13.09 $0.99 BEAVERCREEK BEASLEY STELLA B RG186 .O97 2006 1526 POPLAR DR 45385 5721 HICKAM DR BROWN LINDA $1.50 BEAVERCREEK $0.74 45385 300 BRIDGE ST 45387 Much of the work done by Federal agencies is contracted out to private individuals and small businesses, generally on the basis of competitive bidding. Examples of this include some survey work and timber stand exams. It is possible to obtain information about many such projects by getting on lists to receive announcements of projects as a potential bidder. Again, it may be best to have someone else get this information to protect your security. $2.35 FAIRBORN XENIA Let knowledge be your greatest ally. Go to the public or university library and study police investigative techniques. 3773 LAKESHORE DR COBB ROBERT H 3357 ROCK DR $15.61 45384-0456 $0.92 5320 MITCHELL DRIVE 844 ONEIDA TRL 3864 W SUDBURY CT 3880 SOUTHVIEW ST 3228 LANTZ RD COULTER DONALD 45324 987 US ROUTE 35 E #B BILBREY DALE 4420 HONEY LOCUST LN BHUVANESWARI T V $3,710.02 U -- MILITARY SCIENCE: No New Items on This Subject Address 45434-6762 $109.89 Also, don’t neglect to visit the stores found in most large cities that specialize in novelties, jokes, magic tricks, and the like (look in the yellow pages under “novelties” or “costumes”). Here look for “gags” like “Fart Spray,” a wonderfully obnoxious 4-oz. aerosol. Read the labels closely, though. Some of these aerosol sprays are just room fresheners with funny labels. The truly foul-smelling ones usually say so on the label. Some of these gems are available through mail-order houses like Funny Side Up, 425 Stump Rd., North Wales, PA 19454. As in any inquiry or order to a mail-order house, use all security precautions. It is not inconceivable that some mail-order addresses given in Ecodefense are fronts for law enforcement agencies hoping to ensnare monkeywrenchers. $50.00 DAYTON $6.00 45431- ZIP 45324-4320 BURNS JEREMY 45324 Amount 123 W DAYTON YELLOW DAVIS MARGARET MARY texture of reality / Brian Greene. ADAMS GLEN R & RUSSELL L DAYTON BROWN ROSCOE JR Herzog & de Meuron / Diana Ketcham with Michael R. Corbett, 45385 5 HILL ST 127 DICKEY AVE DIGGS ANJEE M BAILEY DENISE 45305-2121 Since appearing as Tongo Rad in "The way to Eden" episode of the original Star Trek, Victor Brandt has made many appearances in film and televison, from The Boy in the Plastic Bubble to Sliver. Recent work includes the animated series Superman (1996) and voices for Babe: Pig in the City and the narrator for the recent The Cat in the Hat major motion picture. 45335-1407 DOWNEY BOBBY 45432 After repeated sabotage of heavy earth moving equipment, some companies have mounted heavy steel plates over engine and cab access points and secured them with padlocks. Lock jamming methods described elsewhere in this book can create lengthy and costly delays when operators arrive for work. A series of lock jammings, randomly occurring over a long period of time can cause the company to abandon this security measure or employ more costly and time consuming methods, such as extra guards, fenced and lighted compounds for overnight parking, or complete removal of all equipment from the site each night. Any additional security precautions impose financial burdens on the opposition and therefore help to accomplish the monkeywrencher’s objectives. Subject: Printers--United States Biography. DAYTON $57.00 DAYTON 45305 RIVERSIDE 45385-2044 YELLOW SPRINGS 45305 849 GLENEAGLE DR 45324 $0.11 Removing snowmobile signs will serve to discourage the cult by decreasing the accessibility of trails, eliminating the “advertising value” of sign posts, and siphoning away at least some of the funds that would otherwise go to trail expansion. $100.00 45385-0000 APPLESTONE VIRGINIA 2433 OAKBROOK B BEAVERCREEK FAIRBORN WILBERFORCE $86.83 By Dave Foreman 45431 5757 GROSS DR 45385 $30.00 FAIRBORN DEWITT VAUGHN CHO SANG K COOPER H. Owner Name COLE RONALD FAIRBORN 45434 ARMLOVICH JOHN BELLBROOK 4232 COLONEL GLEN HWY 2116 VIRGINIA DR BONNER LORNA J 321 N BROAD ST 45305 BOAZ FRANK W III $268.96 45385 2833 RAMBLING WOOD LN XENIA $7.00 PO BOX 62 $58.00 1269 HONEYSUCKLE DR in San Mateo County / Gayle K. Yamada, Dianne Fukami ; $114.21 45324-5451 XENIA DIXON JOHN THOMAS $18.75 Amount 196 FAYETTE ST $0.03 BABICKI JULIA MARIA BEAVERCREEK 2935 COLDWATER CT DAYTON XENIA $357.76 PO BOX 4 $267.23 45385-3581 $84.13 45385 $213.96 BLEVINS ROBERT D FAIRBORN $56.42 Subject: British--Nigeria Fiction. CRAFT TASHA N DEHART STEVE D 45431 511 AVIATION ST ALLEN FRANK 45385 First, slide back the metal guard to one side, revealing the black magnetic film within the tough plastic casing. $76.30 ZIP 45385 DAYTON BANFORD DONALD J II 45431 DOLVEAS JAMES&LOUIS selling less of more / Chris Anderson. 318 RIDGEWOOD DR XENIA $935.34 105 MEYER AVE XENIA 45324-3433 JAMESTOWN $10.00 45324- Subject: Teenage volunteers in social service--United States. FAIRBORN 3802 BIRCHMOOR DR SPRING VALLEY 3011 US RT 68 S $12.60 2150 ZINK RD APT 2B 818 XENIA AVE Field Notes BELLBROOK City $18.00 331 FOREST ST $12.18 411 FAIRWAY DR Countersecurity 45385 DENNING SARAH H/% DENNING WILLIAM B 2435 RUMFORD WAY 1051 HIGHVIEW DR Any boulder you can drag into the road, some 4-wheeler with a winch can probably move out. But where you feel that a big rock or log can be placed in a hard-to-remove position, the most useful tools are: a come-along, rated two tons or heavier; 2 or more chokers; 2 spud bars; a hydraulic (car or truck) jack; large and small rock chisels; and log-splitting wedges. You probably won’t need all of these tools on any one job, but with a tool kit like this, you can move anything that is practical to move without machines. All of these items can be purchased cheaply at flea markets, and anyone who works in a construction trade can easily obtain the bars, come-along, chokers, and such. XENIA 84 S CENTRAL ST $312.84 45431 45385-7618 45324-5410 DAYTON Just Passing Through FOREST LANE #1430 FAIRBORN $4.00 UNKNOWN BLUNT CALVIN 45385 45324 BELLBROOK BREZA MICHAEL 10141 MALLET DR BOYER JANICE 3300 KEMP RD 5755 KEVIN DR v-a-jpeg-30.jpg 45324 $18.65 45431-3028 BEAVERCREEK 5834 WILLASTON DR 1457 LEMCKE ROAD WILBERFORCE BAUER JACQUELINE $217.46 45324 XENIA $23.00 961 SHADY LN 117 HIGH ST SPRING VALLEY 45385-2801 $70.00 558 MARTIN DR 617 PATTERSON ST DAYTON 45433-0000 $20.00 45432 DAYTON BEAVERCREEK 2975 COURT FRANCES $1.42 CORCORAN ERICA E Subject: Religion and science. 45324-2231 37 S DETROIT ST 45431-1500 DAYTON $56.88 $1.00 $9.30 COX VIOLA $118.78 $10.00 5100 SPRINGFIELD PIKE SUITE 21 45432 FAIRBORN $1.22 $13.20 $94.06 $1.09 BUSTER CHARLES W — Mooncrow 2413 RED APPLE DR ALGREN ASHLEIGH R Your countermeasures include being aware of what vehicles belong on your street. Any new ones should be regarded with suspicion. Make a note of the vehicle’s description, including make, model, color, and distinctive features. License plates are regularly shuffled by law enforcement agencies and are not a sufficient description by themselves. Watch for signs of activity around the car. Ask your neighbors about the car, feigning interest in buying a car like it. If you find the legitimate owner, avoid suspicion by asking how well the car runs and whether they’re satisfied with its performance. (Keep in mind that this book is read by the authorities and may tip them off to your suspicions.) 45324 45324 47 THORTON Subject: Dramatists, American--20th century Biography. DAYTON BRADEN MARY V 1057 WHITESTONE RD 3119 WINDMILL DR BRUCK MICHAEL A $22.62 ATKINSON JERRY $79.00 XENIA 1412 GLENVIEW DR 8001 DAYTON SPRINGFIELD 45324 382 N ALPHA BELLBROOK FAIRBORN BENNETT STEVE 45385 BEAVERCREEK 45431 109 S MONROE SIDING RD CLEAVES STEVEN Proper footwear is important. Remember, shoes and boots leave prints which may constitute valuable evidence. Such prints do not produce leads on suspects, but they do constitute physical evidence that might be matched up later when other means produce a suspect. Cheap tennis shoes that can be thrown away after a major job or series of minor hits are ideal. If it’s not too awkward, one can buy shoes a couple of sizes too large and wear extra pairs of socks to fill them out. This will confuse the investigators who may photograph and/or take casts of footprints at the scene of the “crime.” If good traction is not critical, obtain shoes with smooth soles. If you do not throw your monkeywrenching shoes away, at least avoid wearing them for any other purpose. Do not ever wear them around your home, since the dirt around your house and driveway will be the first place that the authorities will look for matching footprints. 45305 AG TECH 1073 UNION RD FAIRBORN Back to Top 45385 45385 CONKLIN J. B. 45324 — Raoul If you can afford it, carbide rod is best because it is non-magnetic and absolutely no saw will get through it. Remember to buy carbide rod to length, since you can’t cut it without a special diamond wheel (you might check with a lapidary supply house for this kind of diamond wheel). Smash fuel pump, water pump, valve cover, carburetor, distributor, or anything else except the battery (for your safety) or brake system (for their safety). Use a sledge and a steel bar for precision blows. FAIRBORN 1229 CHAUCER WAY 511 HOME AVE $0.80 $40.54 2815 STAUFFER DR $15.00 $22.64 45324 45385 $312.84 WILBERFORCE COURTYARD INVESTMENT CLUB FAIRBORN 2601 MORNING SUN DR 45431- $8.49 645 EMERSON AVE Wilderness legislation proposed since 1990, like the infamous 1992 Montana bill, has focused on “rocks and ice,” ignoring critical habitat; BECK BARBARA A BOGGS RENEE $0.32 BELLBROOK $22,647.62 $30.11 XENIA $12.67 3249 TARLETON DR $9.02 DOWNS COURTNEY S XENIA DAYTON BEASECKER DARIN 45324 45324 530 SHEPHERD RD Back to Top $85.00 These techniques are equally effective in urban, rural, and wild places. 45314-0092 17 W PARKWOOD DR 3930 LINDEN AVE FAIRBORN 45431 45324 $2.85 45385 The Anarchist Library Toggle the table of contents 29 E HEBBLE AVE The most effective use of these devices is in booby traps and ambushes. Both of these uses allow the monkeywrencher to be safely away when the crap hits the fan. Examples: R.J. Hardhead calmly seats himself in the driver’s seat of his dozer ready for another day of tree trashing. He is unaware of a fine piece of fishing line running from his dozer blade to the smoke grenade taped securely under the dozer. As R.J. starts up and lifts the blade, the grenade pin is pulled loose and the dozer and a very confused driver are swallowed in a large cloud of green smoke. After the smoke clears, he and his buddies waste even more time figuring out what happened. maintenance, safety, and minor fix-its / Julie Sussman & 45324 45431 CANN WILLIAM 1239 SPRINGWOOD LN #A4 XENIA 484 TOWANDA 2410 MALLARD LN 4 BURKE JAMES L 543 NEWPORT RD APT 3 City $10.00 Before undertaking serious monkeywrenching, read up on a few pertinent points of law. Most important, read If An Agent Knocks, available free from the Center for Constitutional Rights, 666 Broadway, NY, NY 10012. This booklet gives the best and most accurate advice available on your rights to refuse to talk. 3116 KEMP RD 45324-0000 $20.00 Subject: Clothing and dress--Cambodia. $0.01 45440 250 E DORIS DR 45431-302 AUBRY CARLA L 45324 XENIA ZIP 342 KANSAS DR $1,299.45 SPRING VALLEY $19.71 1834 HIGHLANDER DR. BASTIN LOWELL $10.00 BEAVER NORMAN 2021 KYLEMORE DR BROWN WILLIAM CONRAD ALEC R XENIA 45432 YELLOW SPRINGS $2.00 ALLEN CATHY A 127 E XENIA DR 45387 Alarms 45385 BARRETT DONNA ADKINS MARGARET L FAIRBORN CEDARVILLE Etching Cream $401.57 1058 PEIDMONT DR Personal author: Agar, Charlie. Nichelle Nichols $10.37 DENSON JOSEPH BEAVERCREEK BEASLEY HOWARD JR $16.96 DAYTON 45385 XENIA 45432 BELLBROOK COMMUNITY BANK SPRING VALLEY BEAVERCREEK Counterintelligence 45324 XENIA 45385- 309N SMITHVILLE # FAIRBORN ALLEN LYNN L YELLOW SPRINGS Be cautious when buying large quantities of nails. Although nails are common items and their possession (in the absence of other evidence) would con-stitute only the barest of circumstantial evidence, it would be wise never to buy them where you are known or might be remembered. CONLEY CATRINA L BRADLEY AARON E 606 E. MAIN 48 TURNBULL ROAD 3122 MILL POND DR Fuel system — Smash fuel injectors with a sledge and steel bar. These are expensive and very hard to remove when effectively smashed “in situ.” 3091 SPRING HILL DR The Mighty Celt To help his single mother, Kate (Gillian Anderson), 14-year-old Donal (Tyrone McKenna) goes to work for crooked greyhound racer Good Joe (Ken Stott), training his dog, the Mighty Celt. The unexpected return of Kate's ex-boyfriend, O (Robert Carlyle), an IRA veteran, causes major disruptions in all their lives. Set in Belfast, Ireland, this unflinching drama follows Donal's struggle as he's caught in a tug-of-war between Good Joe and O. $196.99 XENIA 45385-2330 DAYTON $4.40 45324-6018 $5.00 45432-2363 CARLSON WAGONLIT TRAVEL 1400 PARKMAN PLACE 8120 PHILADELPHIA DR BEAVERCREEK 1516 BELL-PEPPER CT # 103 Subject: Nevada Guidebooks. XENIA $230.00 45335 ANGLE CHESTER D $21.60 BEAVERCREEK PO BOX 141 FAIRBORN $483.35 $6.59 $0.42 45385 CLEWELL REBECCA A $75.92 $17.00 2274 CHARLESTON WAY Personal author: Davis, Richard A. (Richard Albert), 1937- UNKNOWN 513 CLOVER ST CORZETTO A $207.25 FAIRBORN AMENT PHYLLIS A 897 E 3RD ST 45324-2936 Title: Jazz : a century of change / readings and new essays, Lewis Porter. BEAVERCREEK DAYTON 45385 315 THOMPSON DR CHRISTENSON ANDREW BOWIE WALTER H 1213 GEORGETOWN CT DONGES RALPH H $188.11 $392.21 ZIP $6.00 DUERSON BARBARA & OR BEAVERCREEK 45432 BEAVERCREEK XENIA $13.59 BENTON GLORIA G 805 EMMETT DR $14.02 45434 $28.01 Owner Name 1957 N LAKEMAN DR BELLBROOK BEAVERCREEK XENIA 1110 COTTAGE COURT DR 45370-0000 146 UPPER HILSIDE 17 GREEN $56.56 $136.25 $116.31 45431-1815 DIBENEDETTO S MARC DDS FAIRBORN 10178 PARKEDGE DR 3858 CHALET CIR $219.00 380 N WEST ST XENIA 3901 SOUTHVIEW AVE 2083 SPRING CREEK CIR $78.74 DEIS CHRISTINA $100.14 45385 $6.56 415 RUSTIC CT Subject: Neighborhood Juvenile fiction. XENIA $10.00 611 WARM SPGS Keep gear and braking systems properly adjusted. Escape time can be lost if shifting and braking are not smooth and quick. 45431 45324 3945 N LAKESHORE Subject: Ballet. $8.58 Field Notes Title: The librarian's guide to genealogical services and research / James Swan. 516 E 2ND ST ASIKELE EDWARD E 45324-3506 2449 PASSAGE KEY TR Title: Lies : and the lying liars who tell them : a fair and $20.45 $55.16 BANDLAMUDI CHAITANYA BOWEN ERICA COX CYNTHIA FAIRBORN 45387 45335 $15.56 4624 REAR AIRWAY RD PO BOX 282 PO BOX 38001 WPAB 332 W GARLAND #4B 45324-4703 XENIA FAIRBORN XENIA Subject: Aunts Fiction. $87.36 illustraion, Carl Angel. These grim statistics are repeated in state after state, and must be added to the death toll of federal “predator control” programs that can destroy over 100,000 coyotes in a single year. Your state game department has published figures on the reported kills in your area. $95.54 FAIRBORN BOTHWELL ERICA $0.17 $79.03 45385-3524 $99.90 COULTER MARK J 45385-9340 $24.71 3906 WINTHROP DR 117 W SOUTH COLLEGE ST 45385 CARBOLINE 45432-2031 CAMPANA PATRICK R BENT DARRELL R CZIAKA MARY 5709 HUBERVILLE AVE 4974 KINGSGATE CT BELLBROOK $25.60 1540 PRESIDENT ST $10.00 45385 $385.57 FAIRBORN 45324 1155 MAYAPPLE AVE Subject: Universities and colleges--Entrance examinations Study guides. 45385-0000 $22.10 45385-2278 2395 W JACKSON RD $27.65 FAIRBORN XENIA 45370-0000 3079 MILL POND DR DOMBRAUCKAS RONALD V $10.00 45324 BUDDELMEYER JUNE A $79.58 224 CINCINNATI AVE $0.28 BLACK LOIS A 5369 HAVERFIELD RD 45324-2112 BARNHART C S & A L BROADY GLENNA 45305 CASTLE RHONDA E BROWN ANGELA CRESWELL GERTUDE ZIP 45324 1536 LEMCKE RD $12.00 DUGGINS RHONDA 2000 MILL RUN LANE FAIRBORN 45431-8709 $38.98 45305 BALLENGER MARGARET E $841.05 XENIA 45324 COOPER LYNN R BEAVERCREEK ANTIOCH PUBLISHING CO XENIA 45385 Eugene Roddenberry Jr. FAIRBORN BENITEZ KATHERINE CONLEY R DALE $3.39 EIGNOR PHILIP FAIRBORN 1275 SPRINGWOOD LN 2394 SR 380 BLM Procedure for Ecotage Letters 2146 RED ROCK DR BOOROM NOAMI G 45324 45432 $57.94 2441 PATRICK BLVD 45385-3426 382 BOWMAN DR 839 FLINTRIDGE DR 4491 COMANCHE TRL BOGAN CLARA ANN FAIRBORN 45385-1843 BEAVERCREEK CENTRAL STATE UNIVERSITY 132 W DAY YELLOW SPRGS 45305 45324 BOLL BRADLEY 45385 45431-1736 Authority to conduct “mail cover” may be secured from postal authorities. This involves the recording of all the information on the outside of letters and packages (without opening them to check the contents). FAIRBORN 45434-6405 EDWARDS CAROLYN BESOM DALE B DAYTON FAIRBORN 45434 Owner Name 45324-7505 This tactic can also be used in urban areas, especially if your pursuer never gets close enough to see what your vehicle looks like. Whip into a parking lot or even into the driveway of a house, shut off the lights and engine, and allow the pursuer to pass. Once it’s safe, quietly leave the area in the opposite direction. Drug Searches 45431-0000 ASCOLI TRAILER DARIAN 45324 XENIA BENT THERESA H $64.82 4125 BEECHWOOD DR FAIRBORN Shatner breeds and shows American Saddlebreds and Quarter Horses. Both his daughter's Leslie and Lisabeth appeared in the Star Trek episode ‘Miri'. His daughter Melanie had a small role in Star Trek V: The Final Frontier that was directed by her father. Shatner states that his favorite Star Trek episode is ‘The Devil in the Dark'. $5.57 illustrated by Edward Ardizzone. BEAVERCREEK 906 MOHICAN DR $5.39 3827 DAYTON XENIA RD 159 W FUNDERBURG RD #C4 $12.26 $17.62 $16.00 448 FITZPATRICK ROAD 623 DAYTONIA AVE Previous editions of Ecodefense have given attention to the use of paint in monkeywrenching operations. However, not much has been said about paint removers. Here are some updates of products which must have been formulated with ecodefenders in mind. $45.68 COLEMAN D & ALICE 45324-4727 BARD BRIGID 8324 GIBSON AVE 45385 CLARK MARY Address 45387 $50.00 XENIA BOWERSVILLE CLARK MARY 45324-3824 45387-1810 JAMESTOWN JAMESTOWN $500.00 45387 ANDERSON KELLEY $72.00 5016 U S RTE 35 E Withdrawal FAIRBORN 45324 EHRGOTT WILLIAM $2.00 The use of a shotgun versus a parabolic type microphone may be preferable due to the slim profile which increases the ease of concealment and transport. Several mail-order companies advertise kits and assembled models, typically in the $100 to $150 price range. These sources also list compatible inexpensive padded earphones. One disadvantage would be that the low light profile of a shotgun mike resembles an aimed weapon. This would tend to panic an unwary observer. However, in redneck areas, it probably wouldn’t elicit a second glance. $25.20 XENIA FAIRBORN BURNETT RHONDA SUE $11.89 Edward Abbey 1927–1989 FAIRBORN 147 W FUNDERBURG DAYTON 45324-5133 1600 REESE DR BEAVERCREEK 701 SAXONY DR 45305 In spite of his busy schedule, Robert continues, each year, to direct one play and act in at least one theater production. He is a member and Artistic Advisor at the Colony Studio Theater Playhouse, a repertory company in Los Angeles that boasts a 90% subscription rate. Recently, he directed the "Mornings At Seven," and acted in "Fool For Love" by Sam Shepard. Subject: Community and college--United States. DENZEL MICHAEL CEDARVILLE COOK GILVIE SR 45385-1526 FAIRBORN 45432 45431 ACOSTA PMI INC 45324-8133 4432 BAYBERRY COVE DR 45385-0000 BEAVERCREEK 45387 $85.39 FAIRBORN BEAVERCREEK 709 HERR RD XENIA $3.80 $20.18 CULHAM AUBURN $373.24 1282 ROBERT CHAPEL RD BELLBROOK 1230 CORRY ST 899 ANKNEY RD 2412 RONA VILLAGE BLVD $9.84 BOBBITT JESSE WENDELL DELP JEANNIE $57.00 1682 MCCLELLAN RD CRIDER KENDRA L ABLING THERESA J 26 E WASHINGTON ST JAMESTOWN 45335-1651 $2.00 30 NORTH ST 25 SPINNING RD 45324-3506 $20.00 BURNS B. J. $11.00 FAIRBORN Owner Name BLANCO ELISE 45324- CRAMER BRANDON J Fences are what tamed the West for the livestock barons. They impede the movement of Elk, Pronghorn, deer, and other wildlife, as well as that of hikers. They destroy the open-space feeling of the land and give it a cow-pasture, private property look. Fences are the key management tool in making the range available to livestock grazing. Simply cutting fence will cause great disruption to our landed gentry. Fences are expensive. Some experts estimate that 100 people cutting fence on a regular basis around the West could put public land ranchers out of business. Fence cutting is easy and relatively safe. 45431-0000 BEAVERCREEK $5.00 FAIRBORN $10.00 45385 YELLOW SPRINGS consequences of free trade : lessons from Shanghai / Andrew Ross. CHAIN JOHN E 45324-9610 XENIA DAYTON $3.78 , I Ought to be in Pictures, then a role in the play "Social Security," and most recently, he played "Speed" in The Odd Couple and has also been in about a half dozen films out of the Full Sail film school in Winter Park, FL. Now an LA area resident who knows what might come next. DUFF NICOLE C XENIA You will improve your compass skills if you can reliably estimate your distance of travel. Learn how to count your pace, as in infantry training. Measure a distance of 100 feet, pacing the distance several times, and counting the paces of the right or left foot. Practice this in dense vegetation and on other rough terrain, to master staying on a predetermined direction and distance while going around obstacles on the route. $20.06 $219.43 UNKNOWN 45385 $8.70 Subject: Young adult literature, American--Awards. $1.10 BEAVERCREEK If a watery grave is not available, tools can be buried in remote spots (ideally, several spots), or tossed from open car windows while driving down remote highways (after having been cleansed of fingerprints, of course). Items tossed from vehicles should be thrown far back in the brush where hunters and casual passersby are unlikely to find them. R726 .E5822 2006 WRIGHT PATTERSON AFB HC79.C6 J64 2004 45370 4851 NORTHCLIFF DR APT 5 BONDURANT TERESA MARIE DAYTON BT712 .R88 2005 For the sake of explanation, we will discuss the surveying of a typical low-grade logging road of the sort constructed on the public lands. Thousands of miles of these roads are built each year, generally at taxpayers’ expense, to the benefit of a few big logging companies and to the detriment of the forest. The basic principles used in this example would apply, with only minor differences, to the surveying of any road. ANDERSON BRENDA ANDERSON GLORIA 1005 HARVARD AVE. 219 MAGNOLIA ST BOATMAN ROBERT R 45301 $0.84 Records sabotage: Because information storage and retrieval is the primary function of computers, physically destroying computer tapes and discs can severely impede many destructive activities. 45324-3960 You should not use sand from near your home. Forensic laboratory analysis might reveal the approximate source area the sand came from. This is done by comparing it to samples collected in various drainages where differing rock formations may lead to slight variations in the composition of the sand. Although this is a complex laboratory procedure not likely to be employed, it is best to take the extra precaution. By scouting ahead of time, you may locate a source of clean sand in the vicinity of the equipment parking area. 45324 CLARK THOMAS $3.00 CLARK PAUL JR 489 CENTER ST BELLBROOK 2383 DUNCAN DR APT 11 AGARWAL ASHU $120.10 Night Operations Chapter 6: Animal Defense XENIA $57.72 JAMESTOWN $0.02 BLISS NORMAN 436 BIG STONE RD 45324 BROOKS LAWRENCE A 45431 DAYTON DAVIS MARY R 45324 $27.95 Title: The fog of war [videorecording] : eleven lessons from the life of Robert S. McNamara / Sony Pictures Classics presents a @radical.media & SenArt Films production in association with the Globe Department Store ; an Errol Morris film ; Michael Williams, Julie Ahlberg ; produced & directed by Errol Morris. XENIA COLVIN DENISE BURBA JESSICA AAA KEY SVC $56.25 1541 KATHY MARIE DR XENIA $21.00 $18.75 53 S KING ST DAYTON 2429 OBETZ DR 3901 CHALET CIR S $9.76 45370 CASTONGUAY KENNETH D 45385 45385-2540 FRIENDS CARE CTR ROOM 210 Jack Donner ARMENTROUT M J Subject: United States--History--1961-1969 Fiction. JN12 .S58 2000 FAIRBORN COX CARA A planned program of controlled variation can give the appearance of several groups at work. One area may have slogans only in black, another in red or brown. One painter will slogan in one part of town, another in a different part. The slogans themselves can be changed and attributed to fictitious organizations. BELLBROOK 218 GARDENDALE DR XENIA COUSER MONICA I $64.66 EASTHAM NICHOLE M XENIA 1520 S CHARLESTON RD Trees should be spiked at various heights above the ground. While it is acceptable to drive some of the nails in at the height of a standing person — the most convenient place — an effort ought to be made to place them higher. There are a couple of reasons for this. First, nails placed above head height will be more difficult for investigators to spot, and second, if all the nails are driven in at the same height, the searchers’ task will be easier. There are a number of ways to place nails high. Climbing spikes (metal spurs which attach to boots, used in conjunction with a waist belt) work well. Climbing spikes are fairly expensive when purchased from forestry supply houses, but it may be possible to locate an old pair (they are used by smoke jumpers and others in forestry work) or to improvise a pair. Or, a spiker can fabricate a light, portable ladder which can be carried from tree to tree. Another method would be for the spiker to stand on a partner’s shoulders while driving the nails. Climbing tree stand 1251 SPRINGWOOD LN 107B FAIRBORN BEAVERCREEK 45324-2937 3353 CEDARWOOD DR 85 W MAIN ST 45433- CARLSON STEPHEN E Remember, drilling holes in trees with a bit-and-brace is hard work. You will need to be in shape. CANTRELL ALLISON R 45324-5662 DIXON EARL E. BANKURU KISHORE 45387-9713 Food FAIRBORN 2306 DUNCAN DRIVE # 2 3616 OLD STAGE RD GLOW TRAIL XENIA 45431 FAIRBORN Personal author: Lynn, Barry C. — Magic Mole YELLOW SPRINGS $4.00 45305-1486 YELLOW SPRINGS 45385 DAYTON Fit into a hose leading to the engine block (either from the radiator or the heater). With good timing the gelscape will be in the block when it hydrates. (If it’s simply put in the radiator, the core can be replaced — troublesome, time — consuming, but not very expensive.) Disadvantages include: 45432 CLARK KARI $28.61 Anything written should be either innocuous or coded. It’s safest never to write anything related to the action. $90.00 DAYTON $30.60 1064 ARKANSAS DR 4953 C WESTMORELAND CT BUTLER MICHELLE $11.35 CEDARVILLE $673.77 FAIRBORN v-a-jpeg-36.jpg $202.53 2490 RIVER BEND DR XENIA 45324--52 1414 NASH RD XENIA 5572 GROSS DR XENIA 45431 45387-2046 294 SHEPHERD RD BREWER AUDREY C COLLINS ANGELA XENIA $100.59 45385 45385-3913 ANDERSON MARIE 45324-4450 $7.57 BRADFORD ROBERT L 45385 BARHORST SUSAN M 3484 ROME BEAUTY DR 1500 FALKE DR 1045 N CENTRAL AVE YELLOW SPRINGS 45324-3509 CONOVER DONALD W 45384-0306 45387-1816 45385-3010 45385 WILBERFORCE BRAY BRIAN $28.79 45324 45335 JAMESTOWN JAMESTOWN 45384 331 FACULTY DR FAIRBORN $118.76 BRADSHAW HATTIE 45431-1410 $27.53 ANDERSON CHRISTOPHER A $75.00 $17.22 FAIRBORN 45324-2069 887 TOMAHAWK TRL 45432 1971 GRANGE VIEW DR XENIA 2621 WASHINGTON MILL RD 1976 REDSTONE DRIVE 222 BLAIR $279.73 $209.93 $2.51 45324 45385 YELLOW SPRINGS CADENHEAD KATHLEEN $50.00 3992 SHAWNEE TR Address For recognition of the pick-up point, the team can mark the spot by setting a pre-determined object on the shoulder of the road (such as a discarded oil can or beer bottle); but permanent landmarks, such as bridges, culverts, road signs, or mileage posts, are better. The pick-up vehicle can carry an extra light, like a powerful flashlight, on the dashboard so that the team will recognize it on its approach run. Use the brakes as little as necessary, since brake lights can be seen from a great distance. One can avoid too much use of the brakes by stopping more quickly and using the parking brake more. The serious monkeywrencher might consider vehicle modifications (see section on Vehicle Modifications in the Vehicles and Heavy Equipment chapter). BATES W. PATRICK 45324 Title: Police brutality : opposing viewpoints / Sheila Fitzgerald, book editor. DAVIDSON HEATHER BARJAS ROBERT 1216 RM 120 45335 45385 $3.82 XENIA 45324 $0.23 BROWNE JAMES PAUL $16.44 2940 DAYTON XANIC RD SPRING VALLEY CHEN YANG Q 1170 COLORADO DR FAIRBORN $12.06 1842 CEDAR VILLAGE CT FAIRBORN illustrations by Jos. A. Smith. SPRING VALLEY SPRING VALLEY Cross-Country Evasion BELLBROOK DAYTON Field Notes TL789.8.U5 C33 2006 XENIA YELLOW SPRINGS 45431-2674 SPRING VALLEY 45385-9701 BEAVERCREEK $38.65 ARUN RAVELLA CHURCHHILL ERIC R $1.09 ARRINGTON ROY L $158.00 CONOVER ROBERT M $7.48 Owner Name FAIRBORN WRIGHT PATTERSON AFB $12.61 XENIA CHRISTOPHER JESSICA NICOLE FAIRBORN BARBER VIRGINIA L XENIA ADAMS CAROL 2404 TARPON BAY DR DRUMMOND EARL F DOCKEREY REALTORS 45324-2341 UNKNOWN $54.59 310 RED BUD LN CABALLERO ALISSA M $36.96 Long-handled axes. To force access to computer rooms, as well as wreak untold havoc once inside, an ax is ideal. The squeamish can substitute long-handled sledge hammers. The disgruntled Freddie can substitute a Pulaski. construction Amateurs' manuals. XENIA BELLAMY MITCHELL 45385-7334 115 E FRANKLIN ST Bumper beeper transmitters are used to give surveillance teams a good standoff distance to avoid detection, especially in rural areas where light traffic makes it difficult to maintain visual contact without being obvious. Keep your vehicle locked at all times, preferably inside a garage. Learn what the underside of your vehicle and the engine compartment look like so that you can occasionally check for suspicious additions. Use your routine night trips or trips to the country to check for surveillance. Stop in a remote area and wait to see what vehicles overtake you. If you pull off the road into a concealed spot, the following vehicle may drive by slowly or repeatedly trying to figure out where you’ve gone. Walk back to the main road quickly and watch from concealment for any such activity. Remote terminal sabotage should usually steer clear of the software that handles a company’s finances since this often has the highest level of security. Other computer functions may be just as critical, yet less well protected since they are not as attractive to thieves. 1801 FORESTDALE AVE BEASON RUBY G BOWER ROBERT 630 RUSTIC TR $38.95 45305 FAIRBORN 147 W FUNDERBURG RD 45385-0000 45385-536 DAYTON 5880 RIDGE ROAD He got his first professional acting role in 1961 in a feature called 'The Interns' for Columbia Studios. Don went on to appear in a wide range of features and television shows including ABC's hospital drama 'Ben Casey', Clint Eastwood's western series 'Rawhide' and episodes of 'The Alfred Hitchcock Hour'. A frequently seen role was his portrayal of Lt. Boma in the 'Star Trek' episode 'The Galileo Seven'. From there Don went on to play Dan Erickson in 'Land of the Giants'. Someone influential saw Don in the pilot for 'Braddock' and called his agent to arrange a meeting with Irwin Allen. Don did most of his own stunts, which were very impressive in the fast paced show. 123 W. CHURCH ST. DROESCH PATRICK S DYCK HEIDI N BUTLER GEORGE 1186 ORTEGO DR FAIRBORN Chapter 3: Developments Subject: World War, 1939-1945--Concentration camps--California--Manzanar. XENIA $14.44 ANDERSON JAMES G $236.00 45385-5328 WRIGHT PATTERSON AFB DAIRY MART 7215 1429 BAYMILLER Subject: Young women Fiction. XENIA ACKERMAN CHERIE Even wild animals resisted the destruction of their homelands under the hooves of invading livestock. Many of the so-called “renegade” Gray Wolves, who undertook seemingly wanton attacks on cattle and sheep, were the last surviving members of their packs and had seen their fellow pack members trapped and killed. Arizona’s “Aguila Wolf” (“aguila” is Spanish for “eagle”) killed up to 65 sheep in one night. Near Meeker, Colorado, “Rags the Digger” would ruin trap lines by digging up traps without tripping them. Many of these avenging wolves were trap victims themselves, bearing names like “Crip,” “Two Toes,” “Three Toes,” “Peg Leg,” and “Old Lefty.” Subject: Autism in children. FAIRBORN 45432-0000 BEAVERCREEK FAIRBORN ADAMS SHARON KAY FRIENDS CARE CTR RIVERSIDE 45324-3925 Universities of the Western Association of Schools and Subject: Cloning. BEAVERCREEK XENIA BANKS JESSIE J DAVIS E G $80.26 45431-2529 XENIA 45370 $0.68 5089 NORMAN BLVD 5149 STONEMONT COURT $27.00 Personal author: Irwin, Barbara J. $0.09 DAYTON $37.92 $2.88 2415 LOWER BELLBROOK RD $10.00 Closing Roads Library EDIYANTO TAMAT DAYTON $2.75 45385 45431 45387 932 SPINNING RD 45305-1824 45385-0065 21760 DAYTON XENIA RD DAYTON $9.15 ANTHONY PAULINE 45431 BITSKO JODI E $14.80 45324-2751 45385-4124 FAIRBORN YELLOW SPRINGS 45385 705 DAYTON ST BEAVERCREEK 45370-0000 The survey crew makes a note of anything of significance in the terrain at each station, and also generally runs a “cross-section.” In a cross-section, an imaginary line is plotted at right angles to the centerline of the road. The crew takes a chain out 50 or 100 feet above and below the centerline and records differences in elevation at various distances from the centerline. For low-grade roads this is done by simply recording angles from the centerline with a clinometer or hand level. In more sophisticated surveys a tripod-mounted level is set up over the centerline station to record exact elevation differences along the cross-section. Occasionally, stakes are placed above and below the centerline along the line of each cross-section (“cross-section stakes”). 45385- 1458 NEWGATE CT #D BEAM AMANDA N ALLARD MARIE A. FAIRBORN 98 DICKMAN DR Address $0.42 CRAWFORD JULIA A ADKINS JAMES B 75 LORETTA AVE APT O 45385 840 S DETROIT ST 621 N KING ST BELLBROOK 2347 DUNCAN DR APT 9 $25.00 JAMESTOWN FAIRBORN 45324-6443 XENIA RR 1 BEAVERCREEK ATKINS DAVID FAIRBORN $2.71 1303 GULTICE RD BONKOFSKY CHRISTINE AUGENSTEIN SHEILA K 1114 ARLINGTON DR 45335 Subject: World War, 1939-1945--Children--United States Juvenile literature. 45385- Subject: Finger play. 2504 COLDSPRINGS DR 45431-1555 $1,607.04 XENIA DRESCHER PHILIP L BARBER VIRGINIA L CUNNINGHAM CATHRINE F 45324 XENIA XENIA 123 UPPER HILLSIDE DR BOTTARFF BRANDIS ABDULLAH KHADIJAH M FAIRBORN FAIRBORN XENIA 45434 DAYTON 45324-8535 BISHOP SHERRY S & COREY 45385 BROOKS REBECCA D A deep cover agent is equipped with false ID (usually retaining the real first name so she doesn’t forget to respond to her name), and a skeleton of personal history, such as a business owner who will verify that so-and-so worked for them (and who will later notify the police that someone was inquiring). The agent’s background may be kept close to the truth to prevent slip-ups. Finally, a deep cover agent may work a real job, rent a house or apartment, and live the role 24 hours a day. XENIA BELL CHARLES A When purchasing retail, simply pose as a hunter or the wife/girlfriend of a hunter. Follow directions carefully and set aside specific items of clothing that are specially treated for your nightwork. It won’t make you invisible at night, but it will keep you from standing out like a neon sign. BEINING DENISE 45385-2801 FAIRBORN XENIA $55.70 AGBOOLA HAMMED 45432-4131 4881 SUGAR MAPLE DR BIN YANG 45385-1436 DURRUM IMOGENE M PO BOX 340556 CLIFTON BEAVERCREEK Subject: Sex offenders--Rehabilitation. Juvenile literature. Subject: Mental illness--United States. $37.28 $15.25 ANDERSON FRED V XENIA $5.88 45324 DAYTON 45385-3911 198 THOREAN LN Begin by reviewing your plan and equipment. Leave any unnecessary items behind. Do not carry any ID, wallets, loose change, or anything else that might identify you or make unnecessary noise. (A college student was arrested for monkeywrenching a bulldozer in Colorado in 1992. His checkbook was lying beside the sabotaged machine.) If you are carrying a car key, use a safety pin to secure it to the inside of your pants pocket. 45434 FAIRBORN 3403 CLAYDOR DR 45324 45434-6448 61 HALSEY DR $20.00 DAYTON CHOI SHUK YI 221 N CENTRAL AVE APT 224 45385-9581 ADKINS EDITH 45324 $12.25 Subject: Photography, Artistic--Philosophy. XENIA $10.30 CHYRSLER SUSAN 45385 FAIRBORN $30.00 $5.00 CUMMING ERNEST 45324 FAIRBORN BEAVERCREEK $5.00 Subject: Landscape--California, Southern. City 45324 45432-1824 CEDARVILLE 45316 There are two broad categories of undercover operative: deep cover and light cover. 45385 2812 1 FOREST CRK DR $31.94 The Marine Eco-Mechanic City $5.00 FAIRBORN $998.14 383 CAMBRIDGE DR $96.63 DUGAN PAUL E P.O. BOX 311 $2.29 DAYTON $3.75 45433- 4225 BREWSTERS RUN 2696 BLUEROCK DRIVE 45385-4658 $435.00 4060 SHAWNEE TRL 45433-0000 A good first step for the equipment saboteur is gaining basic familiarity with the more common types of machines. Effective teamwork can entail dispatching a friend to work on “that loader over there,” or to see if “that’s a security guard parked behind that scraper.” A common nomenclature can minimize confusion and enhance your safety and security. Study illustration 5.1, keeping in mind that the descriptive names are somewhat imprecise, due to the tremendous variety of machine types. BAUER CHARLES J 574 E MAIN ST 443 A ST XENIA BELLBROOK $190.53 45431 45385 $1.00 45385 XENIA XENIA CHACHULA BERNARD 45324 2887 GREEN VISTA DRIVE BURTON KRISTINE 45385 BETTS CAROL L 1512 MAUMEE DR 2566 LANTZ RD $12.20 $72.63 Typical Trap Sets $8.00 DAYTON CHAN JIAN YELLOW SPRINGS $0.70 $155.25 45335-8749 1200 LOMEDA LN Subject: Caregivers--Psychology. 2590 KINGS ARTHURWAY ST $117.90 XENIA BOSTWICK ROBERT E & LORETTA M CLINE TIM AUKERMAN AMANDA ANN 4954 W MORELAND CT #A 2295 GREENE WAY BLVD 45324 $225.00 415 CASCADE DR FAIRBORN Deep cover operations are tightly compartmentalized within the investigating agency to prevent breaches of security or leaks by employees sympathetic to the group being infiltrated. These operations may be coordinated from isolated offices at training facilities like the FBI’s Quantico Academy or the Federal law enforcement training academy (western branch at Marana, Arizona). CAPLINGER SHEILA COLONY HOUSE RESTAUR $10.86 COLE HERMAN A 1269 SPRINGWOOD LN FAIRBORN BOETTGER PAT 45324 45324-3652 v-a-jpeg-29.jpg 45324 A good pair of safety goggles, available at hardware stores, stops sawdust from getting in your eyes. Goggles are essential for contact lens wearers. Remember that goggles are reflective. Always pull them off your face before looking at passing cars. BOERKOEL MARION H. & Subject: Mexico Guidebooks. 45432 45335 FAIRBORN FAIRBORN 45434-7326 BROWN EMILY DAYTON $408.93 45385-9431 BROOKS DARRELL W EBEL JOHN L BATTAGLIA MICHAEL E JR 2233 DRUMMOND DR XENIA 45385 $0.24 4326 TOLL GATE LN Campmor offers in their catalog what they call the “world’s quietest pack.” It is touted as, “The pack when you don’t want to be seen or heard. Made of 26 oz., water resistant, virgin wool. This pack will not pull, thread or catch. Forest green color blends into the woods nicely.” Sounds like it was made with monkeywrenchers in mind! 45335 45324 PO BOX 654 TK5105.585 .D69 2006 $39.29 ARNOLD SAMUEL $1.70 $0.20 Title: Getting even : why women don't get paid like men-- and XENIA 623 NEVADA DR DAYTON BARBER HARRY C JR $110.59 $133.33 $6.30 YELLOW SPRINGS $10.00 $50.00 $7.37 BEAVERCREEK BERRY ALLISON BLACK LISA B foreword by Ann L. Elderkin. $3.61 $117.13 45324 45324 YELLOW SPRINGS DAYTON City 45335 BELLBROOK Title: The mysterious flame of Queen Loana : an illustrated FAIRBORN $45.68 Avoid imported (Korean, Taiwanese, etc.) spikes; buy US or Canadian brands. Cheap imports may be softer and bend easier when driving. 194 PINEGROVE DR XENIA 247 HELEN AVE Stones can be cut into any elongated shape that will fit into the holes drilled into trees, generally not exceeding one inch in diameter. After cutting, clean the stone “pins” in warm water and dish soap. When finished, store them in a container to prevent accidental handling with bare hands (fingerprints!). XENIA $66.00 BENNETT RONALD L $1.00 $577.96 150 PARK MEADOWS DR 45432- BENDER WILLIAM 45385 BARR KENNETH $1.29 $175.00 591 SOUTH DETROIT ATWELL THOMAS A 2414 ROSEANNE CT BULL KARL $152.00 $18.12 Your contact should have solid alibis at the time of any action. Being in a public place where others will be able to provide later verification is a good way; being verifiably out of town is even better. 45324 BUCCALO BURGESS THERESA 45324 $2,593.97 $119.00 3101 MAGINN DR 45431-0000 4602 PENN AVE. APT. 202 $51.80 JAMESTOWN XENIA BEAVERCREEK RIVERSIDE WRIGHT PATTERSON AFB 2204 MISSISSIPPI DR $3.31 1440 PARKMAN PLACE $14.40 DAYTON $21.00 1936 DARRELL BISHOP HAROLD L 45335 City $149.30 COY LUCILLE $1,209.18 FAIRBORN XENIA 3051 MAGINN DR 45387 ALLEN RICHARD W $213.00 45324 $363.50 AMBROSE FAYE $61.00 RIVERSIDE Subject: Animals Juvenile fiction. ANDERSON KAREN A $120.77 45324 $15.00 ZIP DAYTON $36.00 123 W DAYTON YELLOW BAYAN TERRI L XENIA FAIRBORN XENIA DAYTON 1872 GLEN MEADOW WAY $5.71 2270 PARKHILLS DR CHANDLER ALLYN Finally, the most certain ways to avoid being busted because of an informant or undercover agent is to work only with long-time trusted friends or to work alone and give no one any hint that you are a monkeywrencher. BURNS TABATHA $75.24 572 GLADY AVE XENIA 45385-1429 1704 IRONWOOD DR #1 FAIRBORN 123 VANDERGRIFT DR Stress is unpredictable. Armed forces the world over have spent millions of research dollars trying to develop ways of predicting which recruits will hold up best under extreme stress. These efforts have been largely unsuccessful due to the variety of mental processes involved and the wide range of circumstances that may trigger stress. Stated simply, you do not know how you or your partners will respond to that ultimate moment of stress when the beam of a powerful spotlight catches you at night or the men at the door whip out their FBI credentials. The dangers of this uncertainty can be significantly reduced by simple exercises. $19.36 CANN ANGUS 2187 PLANTATION TRL $35.28 CHAPMAN MARY $140.18 $25.20 $13.60 $81.60 Heavy Petting Before Charlie (Brendan Hines) can win the heart of Daphne (Malin Akerman), he must befriend her difficult dog, Babydoll. But the unexpected occurs when Charlie becomes more attached to the pooch than to Daphne and he must find a way to keep Babydoll in his life. Charlie realizes he doesn't need a girlfriend, but he can't live without Babydoll and endeavors to keep things going with Daphne just so he can hang with his new, furry best friend. 72 W FRANKLIN ST 4998 KINGSGATE CT Flashlight and/or tools $11.04 Personal subject: Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865--Friends and associates. XENIA $21.54 6 W 2ND ST 22 E MAIN ST BIALECKI MICHAEL P $2,742.92 BRION MILANI V Five-watt transmitters have an effective range of from one to a dozen miles or more depending on local terrain, weather, and electrical interference. Greater power is rarely necessary, and even with this amount of power you could be overheard by the wrong people in many areas. Thus use the high-low power switch to save batteries and minimize the chance of being overheard. 45385 $59.39 45432 $175.33 467 W. KREPPS ROAD 141 LOCUST DR Address 45324-1908 45385-4855 WRIGHT PATTERSON AFB BISHOP MARTHA F DAYTON HV6773.52 .P47 2001 Power source 9 volt battery 4 AA batteries 45385-4126 1350 HOOK RD 45385 3353 CEDARWOOD DR FAIRBORN 45385-0000 DAYTON $10.00 829 SOUTH DETROIT ST $99.42 Personal author: Sussman, Julie (Julie Ellen) $28.06 388 FAIRWAY DR 240 WOODLAWN DR BROYLES KAMI YELLOW SPRINGS 45314 $389.58 CISSNE TERESA 45431- 45324 4263 HILLCREST DR 45305 $10.13 $68.00 $177.50 XENIA 45431 ANTHONY GERALDINE $22.42 2462 HILLSDALE DR 45385 2. Dupli-Color (an automotive touch-up paint manufacturer) markets “ST-100 Paint Stripper,” a petroleum-based paint remover sold in spray cans. This stripper is spectacular. When sprayed on the finish of a car, the reaction is almost instantaneous — within 30 minutes, bare metal is exposed. ST-100 does not hold well on vertical surfaces: if applied to a door, wall, or sign, a very unsightly mess will be created quickly as the paint and paint stripper run down the surface. ST-100 is sold in most large automotive parts stores, particularly those which specialize in paint. One can (11 ounces) will cost about $4. 3347 GREENBURN RD 45433-5424 AIRES JORGE MANUEL FAIRBORN CARLSON ANDREW J ASH DORIS M Personal author: Bochner, Jay, 1940- $64.79 Amount 45431 FAIRBORN ACKLIN LEEANN BRADLEY LISA DITTO MICHELLE Address — Mr. Goodwrench 45385-9384 On August 26, 1992, President Bush signed into law the Animal Enterprise Protection Act of 1992. It establishes as a federal felony attacks on zoos, circuses, rodeos, livestock facilities, aquariums, and labs where damages or research losses total $10,000 or more. This, of course, means that the FBI may investigate such raids. An FBI agent said, “We consider these acts to be domestic terrorism in every sense of the word.” The FBI is currently cracking down on suspected animal rights activists. Several people are sitting out the year in federal prison for refusing to testify before federal grand juries, and some well-known activists have gone underground to avoid being hauled before grand juries. One wonders when lunatic fetus-worshippers who are bombing family planning clinics and murdering doctors will get the same attention from the Department of Justice. 45431-1582 45370-9102 FAIRBORN $7.36 CRUM JAMES D 45431 CLIFTON 45431 XENIA ARTHUR RICHARD D ATKINS RICHARD J FAIRBORN 45370 45385-1668 45324 45324 BEAVERCREEK Personal author: Tan, Amy. $14.93 CLIFTON 45385 $371.42 45385-3340 FAIRBORN BARR RUTH 25 BROOKWOOD DR BURRER DORIS J BEAVERCREEK $4.09 $0.01 1876 N BROAD ST Personal subject: Johnson, William, Sir, 1715-1774. FAIRBORN 268 WATKINS RD $5.00 45305 FAIRBORN BERGE MARGARET BALDWIN SANDY ADKINS HALEY YELLOW SPRINGS $36.78 BELLBROOK $73.06 CHAMPNEY TIMOTHY F CHAPPELL MELISSA A XENIA This system allows you to see into dark areas. It is also the least expensive night vision system. Suppliers who advertise in “survival” magazines sell them for $600 to $1,400. Edmund Scientific Corporation (101 E. Gloucester Pike, Barrington, N. J. 08007) sells a unit for $1,195. 45324 Into the end of the last section cut two notches about an inch deep to accommodate the nylon rope (E). Tie knots into the end of the rope at intervals of about one-and-a-half inches. When the rope is slipped into the notch in the pipe, the knot will not pass through and will lock the noose tight around the neck of the animal you are rescuing. BEAVERCREEK The growing popularity of monkey business is also making it more dangerous. Here’s a method of approach that has proven safe for day or night, by one person or a group. 4395 SPRINGFIELD ST FAIRBORN 45434 BEAVERCREEK Subject: Angkor (Extinct city) CAVENDER ROY 1274 HEMLOCK DR 45385 $67.90 XENIA $40.31 $14.31 $84.92 $401.41 2145 HILLTOP RD DAY LARA DAYTON 45385 45431 2742 LANTZ RD 45433-5546 XENIA CORRAL LISA $96.74 1634 N BELLEVIEW DAYTON 10065 ATCHISON RD ANDERSON CATHERINE 45324-0485 DAVIS CYNTHIA ADAMS ALPHA E 45324-4020 FAIRBORN 2980 ST RTE 380 45324 $345.00 45385 DS520.9 .F76 2005 63 SPINNING RD 45434-6245 DINH PAT 41 W HARBINE AVE COLLINS ELLEN 2746 WEST END COURT SPRING VALLEY $77.30 45385-1750 1229 CHAUCER WAY APT H Sean's film career included lead roles in "Terminal Island", "Savage Abduction", "Slumber Party 1957", "Sam and Jesse", "The Corpse Grinders", "The Impossible Years" and "Bad Men of the West". Presently Sean is developing film and television projects. FAIRBORN 45385-9458 93 HILLCREST ST 45305 467 W. KREPPS ROAD CORBET CHARLES W ASIKELE EDWARD E $42.96 In 1989, the Mountain States Legal Foundation established a hot-line for gathering information on alleged monkeywrenching. That number in Denver, Colorado, is (303)837–8439. Calls are no doubt taped and traced. DESILVA SHERI L 45324 DAYTON $14.73 45387 45385 BOY WA AMDAL TIMOTHY SPRING VALLEY FAIRBORN % H A KLEIN 248 CHAPEL LN 45431 $945.82 BEAVERCREEK 81 COOPER AVE 156 OLD YELLOW SPRINGS RD 1187 CYMAR DR E 45325 $0.08 CRANDALL JAMES R XENIA $10.35 1167 HIGHVIEW DR 3694 EASTERN DR EDDINGS ELEANOR T FAIRBORN One fortuitous evening an agent caught his lead performance and contacted Sean with an offer to manage him and proposed a meeting with Gene Roddenberry at Paramount Pictures for a possible role on a little known TV series called Star Trek. 139 S POINT XENIA 923 LEWIS CREEK CT 45324 3426 O'HARA DR $7.60 BRANNUM LAURA G 45324 XENIA 555 LEWIS DR XENIA 743 OLD HARSHMAN RD FAIRBORN $0.04 BAUM ELISE K JAMESTOWN CRETORS FRANCES E XENIA Field Note DAVID NANCY L BRATTON MARY D 45385-1460 $65.55 628 CARLISLE ST $16.72 City CANTER GERTRUDE ASSHENIFY MOHAMED ABOULLA 45324-0000 $483.08 UNKNOWN 45431 BEAVERCREEK DAYTON BENNETT THERESA A 45324-3410 $10.00 45385 CRAWFORD SHIRLEY F 45324-8900 505 QUARRY RD 45385-0000 403 COVENTRY PL 88TH MDSS SGSRT BOWEN WILLIS $3.19 CECERE GREGORY J $214.26 $26.01 Tire prints would constitute serious evidence if an eco-raider were ever apprehended, even long after the fact, as long as that person still possessed those tires. Since getting rid of bike tires after each “hit” would be an expense beyond the means of all but the richest eco-warrior, we suggest that mountain bikes be used only to ride to the general vicinity of the work site. The bikes then could be hidden and the ecoteurs would go the rest of the way on foot. It’s cheaper to replace shoes than tires. It might be wise to learn what are the most popular tires in an area and use only those. Tracks may be traceable to individual tires, however, and not just types. BARKER RICKEY D BELLBROOK FAIRBORN DILLON WILLIAM C DAYTON 3030 ELEAZER RD 145 W DAYTON YELLOW SPRINGS RD $1.30 45305- 44 RANCH 1581 STEWART BLVD XENIA BEATTY WAYNE H When necessary, use diversionary tactics. A smoke bomb set off safely in a planter might distract security. A well-timed phone call might distract a solitary receptionist in a front office waiting room. $0.78 45370 DOLPH TERESA B $69.44 45385 3259 CEDARWOOD DR 102 W DAYTON YELLOW SPR #4 $368.46 FAIRBORN $15.00 DISHON RUTH 45385 Most police are well aware of their power to intimidate. They know that putting someone in handcuffs or driving them “downtown” is sometimes all it takes to make a suspect cooperate fully in incriminating herself. The shock of arrest, isolation from friends and family, and well practiced questioning are all designed to force the suspect’s cooperation, confession, and the implication of others. 1110 COTTAGE COURT DR 45305 45384 City FAIRBORN UNKNOWN 890 HOOP RD 45385-4112 XENIA FAIRBORN 3801 E SUDBURY CT TH425 .R59 2005 BUNCH LULA 430 JUTEWOOD CT XENIA An article in the October 1987 issue of The Barker, a woodworkers’ journal published in Vancouver, BC, describes the serious problem of contamination of pulpwood by small particles of plastic that find their way into the wood chips destined for paper-making. We have been hearing rumors for years that there is an insidious method for sabotaging the pulp-making process. Finally we have some facts. BEEDIWALA IGBAL H 45324-6537 45434 BEAVERCREEK DAVIS PATRICIA F 946 STOVER RD $398.86 45370-9730 FAIRBORN BERWAGER CAROL A $100.00 BELLBROOK XENIA When sawing, duck while cars pass if they can see you in the periphery of their headlights. Stop periodically to listen for any indication of discovery. BERNHARD MICHAEL E In a rural or sparsely populated area, it may be more dangerous to drive after dark, and you will want to conceal the vehicle by parking it in the woods or on jeep trails adjacent to the highway. Have such a parking place selected beforehand so you do not have to cruise around searching for a place to park out of sight. FAIRBORN BURNS TAMMY 45385-4641 45385-0000 FAIRBORN $8,228.54 149 MEYER AVE $18.75 DELANEY TINA 113 1/2 W THIRD ST BEAVERCREEK QA76.76 .O63 P645 2002 ADKINS MELISSA L XENIA $0.12 45370-9648 FAIRBORN $276.06 45324 $0.68 BUTTREY SUSAN R and Val Williams ; with essays by Anthony Cronin ... FAIRBORN $10.95 255 SHEELEY RD CUNNINGHAM WILLIAM L 45324 XENIA 45324-4130 45385 BEAVERCREEK 4060 SHAWNEE TRL $0.04 DECKER BRIAN D 45385 $682.56 FAIRBORN DENNY CHARLENE $22.87 Before a job, rub down your bike with mud to cut down on light reflection. BOX 4020 W. STATE RT. 45324 FAIRBORN BIAS HANK $31.39 $19.99 FAIRBORN XENIA Field Notes $15.00 CHESTNUT THERESA R 45324 BELLBROOK BLAIR CAROL J 4121 TAREYTON DR 45434-6363 45324-2140 257 ARCHER DR Proper intelligence gathering efforts will insure fairness. Do not lash out blindly at targets without first making an effort to understand the overall situation. Make sure that an action is fully warranted and well deserved. There is a difference between monkeywrenching and plain vandalism. In recent years, that difference has been ignored in some cases. Some targets of monkey-wrenching, like the Santa Cruz power line in 1990, were not warranted. Of course, some of these questionable ecotage incidents may have been done by government or industrial agents to give ecodefense a bad name. $1.01 3240 OLD WINCHESTER TRL BRUNER RAECAROL C 4904 WOODMAN PARK DR CEDARVILLE BAUSMAN TIM 45433-0000 XENIA Fast and inconspicuous for you — slow and expensive for the Marlboro Man! $10.81 2347 DUNCAN AKERS KERMIT The recently published The Hacker Crackdown by Bruce Sterling describes law enforcement efforts against hackers, while Clifford Stoll’s The Cuckoo’s Egg gives a detailed account of phone tracing used to apprehend a hacker. DAYTON COOPER JEFFREY S XENIA 45430 XENIA BACK JONG M 45385 XENIA BROWN VERNON H 45431-1236 BEAVERCREEK PO BOX 1493 2479 INDIAN WELLS TRL XENIA Small pry bars. Also useful for accessing the guts of these machines. These must be insulated by coating all but the working tip in “Plasti-Dip” (available at better hardware stores everywhere) or several layers of electrical tape. CLIFTON $19.42 Address YELLOW SPRINGS BROOKS STARLENE As you can see from the diagram, the end cap is drilled with two holes to pass the noose cable through (A). Before gluing the cap to the end of the pipe, place the cable stop (B) on one end (crimp it to the cable with a couple of hammer blows), and crimp the other end into the ferrule, along with one end of the nylon rope (C). Pulling on the rope will tighten the noose. 1041 E HIGH ST Owner Name 2764 SHAKERTOWN RD 45301 465 LAMPLIGHTER DR SC BOX GB5435 $0.72 XENIA BEAVERCREEK $33.00 1543 SMITH RD $75.64 XENIA FAIRBORN Keep in mind that as your campaign against roads becomes more effective and costly, your security precautions will need to become more stringent to avoid being caught in an increased law-enforcement campaign to protect the roads. $1.00 XENIA Title: Latino boom! : everything you need to know to grow your business in the U.S. Hispanic market / Chiqui Cartagena. 45431-0000 247 FOREST ST 45324-2257 Billboard Trashing 45433-1101 2082 PICO DR FAIRBORN $13.00 45432- $47.60 3646 MEADOWCOURT DR $54.76 45384 XENIA FAIRBORN BOZARTH DONNA S. 2580 ALICE DR MALL AT FAIRFIELD COMMONS PO BOX 2082 $15.92 DAYTON BURNETT RICK ALLEN $0.20 YELLOW SPRINGS 30405 HUHEUDOWA ROWS BENTON GLORIA G $8.40 CUMMINS M S 175 OLD YELLOW SPRINGS #3 DUDASH BEATRICE JAMESTOWN DAYTON 45432-1886 411 JOHNSON DR WPAFB Arelene Martel XENIA Military surplus radios are rugged, inexpensive for the quality, lightweight, and dependable. EDWARDS STEPHEN R FAIRBORN $0.14 BOYD GERALD LEE 2790 U.S 35 E EDSTROM PAMELA L $0.02 45305 Subject: France Guidebooks. XENIA 45324 BOYLE KATHERINE D FAIRBORN CAPPS PEGGY Lawrence starred or co-starred in twenty-five films in the U.S. and in Europe and also appeared in more than two hundred television episodes. 100 LINCOLN DR $12.61 729 N FAIRFIELD RD DECKARD ELISHA M COMFORT INN $14.96 1481 IRONWOOD DR Amount City 4027 COLNEL GLENN HWY Personal author: O'Toole, Fintan, 1958- 45385 XENIA 2988 NIAGARA DR DEVOE J CARL Subject: Globalization--Economic aspects--United States. DAYTON 276 SUMMIT CT #C 2329 LAKEVIEW DR $11.10 FAIRBORN FAIRBORN $10.00 Subject: Japan Fiction. Title: Before Darwin : reconciling God and nature / Keith Thomson. XENIA 1041 HURON DR Robert's stage work has spanned a broad spectrum from Shakespeare ("King Lear" and "Hamlet") and Sam Shepard ("True West") to original plays ("When The Bough Breaks") and the original production of "The Grapes of Wrath." He is proud to have starred in the original productions of "The Martian Chronicles" and "Fahrenheit 451" (plays written by and based on the books by Ray Bradbury, who has since become a friend). BEAVERCREEK XENIA BUCK DALE W 45324-8801 1137 HYANNIS DR ALLEN KEN 45431-3216 FAIRBORN DENZEL MICHAEL Personal author: Mora, Pat. 45434-6700 CORDELL L BURNS MARGARET R FAIRBORN 2017 MILL RUN LN $1.66 Subject: Beat generation Fiction. 840 S DETROIT ST BELLBROOK XENIA Owner Name 1333 E MAIN ST $413.74 $106.69 BELLBROOK 45387 Back to Top 45324 45370 — Matthew Lyon for Abbzug Press FAIRBORN CASE CATHERINE A 45434-6308 3954 LINDEN AVE $7.83 BAKER DOUGLAS CEDARVILLE 82 CIRCLE DR JAMESTOWN 45385 DELANEY GREG K 551 BROAD ST DAYTON text and photography by Matt Ritter. 93 HIGH ST $134.05 3143 E SRING VALLEY $1.79 1231 B GRISHAM LN 457 DUNDEE CIR 45431 $24.61 1452 COLONIAL DR 45324 SPRING VALLEY BELLBROOK Mining $44.73 FAIRBORN 93 HILLCREST ST BASGUN CLARENCE $0.45 DERR PAUL Heat treating is not difficult. The best grade of drill rod steel to use is the water hardening variety designated grade W-1. Hardening requires only a propane torch, a cheap pair of needle-nosed pliers, and a container with at least 2 gallons of warm water. Cut a 7 inch length of drill rod. Hold one end with the pliers and heat the rod by playing the torch evenly up and down the pin. Soon it will begin to glow black-red. Continue heating until the pin glows cherry-red. Then drop (quench) it in the container of warm water. Don’t overheat the pin. After cherry-red, overheating begets red-orange, orange, orange-white, and white hot. Stop at cherry-red. You get but one chance and if you blow it, you can’t go back and start again because the metal goes through an irreversible phase change. If in doubt, check the finished pin with a file. Properly heated pins will be harder than good files. XENIA Epilogue: Marine Monkeywrenching BRAMSWAY GLADYS M 45385-0000 BEAVERCREEK $10.00 45431 45385 DABE LEWIS W DABE 1155 FOREST DR 45301-0035 ECHOLS DAMIA With Star Trek co-star William Shatner, she shared the first interracial kiss on television. This resulted in a deluge of mail - 99% of which was positive. 310 MIDDLE ST $4.02 FAIRBORN BEAVERCREEK Personal author: Bunting, Eve, 1928- WILBERFORCE 45385-2435 45324 45385-0282 XENIA 45324-2812 491 MERRICK DR $71.35 $0.65 45385 XENIA 45385 BOTHWELL ERICA ALLISON HELEN 45387 45431 $14.96 45324-2213 FAIRBORN Personal author: Kinsey, Joni. 1182 MONROE DR #B BRUGGEMAN MARY E DAYTON BEAVERCREEK $12.12 BRUEWER JAMES EASTON KATHLEEN R FAIRBORN PO BOX 601 XENIA 6301 N POINT PKWY CRANDALL JAMES 438 GEORGE Subject: India Fiction. FAIRBORN 45305 45324-2005 Even with proper planning of spike emplacement, your road spikes may stand out. Put a tumbleweed, litter, or small branches over visible spikes to hide them. Don’t believe the cops if they say it’s too late at night to get a lawyer. You can call one any time (or else have one appointed when the courts open in the morning). $13.72 1010 BROOKWOOD CT 2109 WELLINGTON CT RONA VLG FAIRBORN JAMESTOWN 45335- difference / Malcolm Gladwell ; [with a new afterword by the author]. D & L CONSTRUCTION CO If Attacked by a Guard Dog 1435 SOUTHGATE AVE BENITEZ ROBERT F CEDARVILLE $42.96 XENIA CORN JOHN R 155 HOLMES DR FAIRBORN DARNER RICHARD E 45387 DELPHI $304.72 2295 GREENE WAY BLVD AMONDS FRED JR 45434-6567 $150.00 $29.95 45385-4833 CANTER PAULA $13.93 $5.00 45432 DOOLAN DANIEL D XENIA 45370 3151 JAMES BARBER RD 1072 PARNELL DR $12.01 FAIRBORN $1.20 XENIA DAYTON $14.30 500 LOHNES DR $5.49 Light planes are used in a diverse array of destructive enterprises. Specific planes can be targeted by observing them at work and noting their general description and number. A check of local airports will reveal their home base. Sometimes a phone call to the airport can reveal the pilot and type of plane with experience in hunting predators, or ferrying oil exploration crews. Simply pretend you’re a big shot or corporate functionary looking for an experienced pilot for a specific type of work. $2.20 Unearthed and tripped traps can be disposed of by tossing them into ponds or streams where they won’t be visible from the bank. Or they can be thrown into heavy brush far away from the trap line. Remember not to leave fingerprints on a trap. If you don’t have gloves with you, use a bandanna, handkerchief, or even some toilet paper to handle the trap. See the illustration showing how to make a bandanna into a field expedient glove. DEDOMINICI DAVID P $30.50 AAA MIAMI COUNTY DAYTON DAYTON $4.08 FAIRBORN Jamming: Any glue that dries hard within a couple of hours is suitable for jamming locks. The “liquid metal” type is usually good. Whatever glue you use, force it into the keyway by one of two methods as seen in illustration 9.1. The syringe applicator (A) is very handy, but due to higher unit cost, should only be used where few locks are to be jammed. The large tubes can be modified by drilling a small hole in the cap (B) to direct a narrow stream of glue into the lock. These are best when many locks are to be jammed. A single earth mover can have six to ten padlocks securing all vulnerable parts of it. See also the section on Lock Jamming in the Miscellaneous Deviltry chapter. DAAB KELLIE E $10.46 WRIGHT PATTERSON AFB 45385-5504 XENIA COSGROVE EDWARD W 460 E DAYTON VELLOW #37 FAIRBORN $56.00 $19.03 Equipment Personal author: Vincent, Norah. $525.00 CARRERA MICHAEL KETTERING 1842 WOODVINE ST 45324 COONS ELIZABETH 1705 POST 1782 MUMFORD CT $50.00 45324-3228 DAYTON BEAVERCREEK CLEMENS DENISE 119 BROWN AVE 45432 45387 CALDWELL LISA P $211.87 118 OLD YELLOWSPRINGS RD CANFIELD CATHERINE 45385 45431-2469 $621.02 DARWISH FAWZI 2952 LOWER BELLBROOK ROAD $10.20 FAIRBORN $33.77 Place them in a campground, picnic area, or resort area, so the public can experience the wonders of bovines up close. 45432 1430 PARKMAN DR While there are many kinds of stress reactions, the following are the most dangerous to the monkeywrencher: BARTLETT MELVILLE 1568 GREENE LAKE DR Title: Fortune's formula : the untold story of the scientific FAIRBORN 45431 1434 S MAPLE AVE CANTRELL GREGORY R 45385 CAMPBELL DEBORAH L 45385 DUDLEY TIFFANY M 1613 GAYHART CT 45434-6275 45314-8508 $180.20 $11.12 BAUER DONNA L/% ACTON R 45324 $2.44 Other methods have potential for dealing with large-tired ORVs in canyons. Place a waterlogged railroad tie, studded with sharpened rebar, in a stream crossing. You could also take a 2 x 6, drive numerous bridge timber spikes all the way through, and then nail the board, with the points of the spikes projecting upward, onto a waterlogged railroad tie. Since it may take a while to come up with a waterlogged tie, other means of anchoring a studded board under water may be easier. For example, you could anchor it with rocks or fasten it to a heavy piece of metal. XENIA $45.30 45324 1229 CHAUCER WAY APT H DAYTON 1850 TURNBULL RD 3353 US ROUTE 68 S CARR KENNETH J 1464 HOLLY BUSH DR $10.00 YELLOW SPRINGS 1476 BELL-PEPPER CT # 204 BEAVERCREEK XENIA 45324-1902 BROWN ROBIE L 45324 $96.86 315 CHADWICK PL $5.66 BEAVERCREEK 45433 $0.01 essential resource for parents / Edna B. Foa and Linda Wasmer Andrews. XENIA BARBER JENNIFER $75.02 4761 KIMBALL CT 45387 302 ALLEN ST $26.63 Amount 126 SPINNING ROAD FAIRBORN WRIGHT PATTERSON AFB XENIA 45234 8979 PLEASANT PLAIN RD 1525 XENIA AVE JAMESTOWN BURNS RICHARD Title: The future of the wild : radical conservation for a As we have said, surveying may precede a wide variety of development projects, whether it is a shopping mall gobbling up open space on the edge of a city, a new ski resort replacing Grizzly Bear habitat in a mountain meadow, or a new road gutting the heart of a previously roadless area for the loggers and the big oil corporations. The first tangible signs of all of these projects will most likely be the surveyors in their bright orange vests, leaving behind them a trail of confusing wooden stakes and multicolored ribbons. ANTIOCH COLLEGE $52.00 $259.34 45324-5157 $52.99 DAYTON 45385 FAIRBORN Born in Brooklyn, New York, and raised in Rome, Italy, he developed an early talent for languages, which opened many doors for him as an actor. Trained as a classical dancer, he appeared on Broadway in "Hazel Flagg" and in "Shinbone Alley" with Eartha Kitt. He was eventually lured to Hollywood where he worked with the Hollywood Bowl Ballet Company. In films, he worked as a dancer with such notables as Gene Kelly, Donald O'Conner and Mitzie Gaynor. He studied fencing both in the U.S. and Europe, which afforded him the opportunity to work as a stuntman on "Scaramouche", "The Three Musketeers", "Julius Caesar", and in a series of low budget, swashbuckling films for Sam Katzman at Columbia. ADAMSSCOTT MELISSA B YELLOW SPRINGS 45431-3216 BELLBROOK 2644 CHILDERS DR EDWARD JONES BOYD GORDON 3037 STARDUST DR $133.33 $0.61 225 CRABTREE DR YELLOW SPRINGS 45370 45385 45324 CORBEAN CONNIE L $3.63 45324-3163 $15.37 4611 TALL OAKS DR AUSTIN VINCENT BUNZIRA FAUSTIN M 45385-4816 45434-0000 BETLEY ALEXANDER Owner Name 45431 Step Two: The approach. It is best to approach from the water as a diver or swimmer or by a small boat. Carry your tools suspended from a float bag. Board at the stern end between the ship and the berth. Use a small grapple to attach a rope on which you can climb up onto the deck. A water retreat is also the most secure way of leaving the boat and offers the most options. If an approach must be taken from land, make it fast and try not to leave footprints in the snow or mud. ZIP 222 LANDMARK CT #C $46.50 45335 PO BOX 333 DILLHOFF LISA M 285 PARK MEADOWS DR Bobcat — 2,505 FAIRBORN City BELLBROOK 875 HOOP RD Camouflage $2.00 $771.79 oceans / Brian Halweil ; Lisa Mastny, editor. DORN ALLISON 45387-1232 1465 GREENE LAKE DR CEDARVILLE $453.69 XENIA PO BOX 908 274 S CHRISTNER CHAMPION RICKI LYNN FAIRBORN FAIRBORN 2462 BROWN BARK DR CLINE WILMA Subject: Eccentrics and eccentricities Fiction. FAIRBORN 45335 486 FLORENCE AVE $0.50 BANKS ABEL 1844 WILBUR AVE 3337 FAIR OAKS DR $44.01 45434-5707 1432 FOREST LANE 45385 1407 WILLIAMSBURG C $0.11 XENIA 2306 ANNANDALE PL 1700 COMMONWEALTH DR XENIA sixteen times weaker than if the magnet is one inch away. Eight inches away means a 64-fold reduction in field strength. Any magnet powerful enough to be effective at that distance would draw suspicion when paper clips and ball-point pens start sticking to you. $6.86 $5.00 Never belittle a fellow activist or excessively criticize their errors. Everyone makes mistakes. People who are unnecessarily embarrassed may become resentful and vengeful. 45385-1526 CLUM CHERYL A 45385 45431-3013 Owner Name $2.53 XENIA 45314- $3.60 BEVERAGE PIT STOP BISHOP NICOLE D BLACKBURN RUBY F City 45324 $50.10 BREGWAY MEDICARE CORPORAT We will describe here several methods of spiking trees, go into the “when” and the “where” of spiking, and deal with the sensitive matter of when and how to announce a spiking. First, though, we stress some basic security considerations. $67.88 BEAVERCREEK Editor’s Note BELLBROOK 1043 COURTNEY C $53.16 DAVEY STEPHEN P City FAIRBORN 45324 45324 FAIRBORN $28.38 $127.78 2145 N FAIRFIELD RD STE E BEAVERCREEK 93 HILLCREST ST DAYTON BENNETT DANIEL J 2559 BLUE ROCK DR 445 IVANHOE DR FAIRBORN CARSON MAURICE 45385 $9.40 BOOHER SUZANNE 45385 45305-8924 45431 45324 DILLON MINOR LAURA G Former NASA astronaut, Dr. Mae Jemison was inspired by Nichols when she decided to become the first African American female astronaut. Jemison was a fan of the original ‘Star Trek' (1966). DYE THEODORE C FAIRBORN FAIRBORN BROWNE ROBERT PAUL DALY GERALD D 45434 45433-0000 Title: Over Europe / text by Jan Morris ; photography by Torbjörn Andersson ... [et al.] ; caption and additional text author, Roger Williams. 45324 $1,220.00 $249.52 DAYTON BOX 588 FAIRBORN 45387-9724 Make authentic looking signs to protect your favorite wild places: $9.84 For Arlene, the desire to act came early in life, yet the degree of interest remained unknown until her teenage years. "At the age of twelve, without my mothers knowledge or consent, I auditioned for the high school of the Performing Arts (the school the movie "Fame" was written about.). Upon graduating I was awarded the school's drama award, it's highest honor. One or her teachers there was Sidney Lumet, who has since become a renowned director ("Serpico", "Twelve Angry Men")." I still retain some of those deeply bonded, early friendships from those inspiring years." In her late teens she auditioned for and won the part of "Esther" in "Uncle Willie" which ran for five months on Broadway. $109.16 45431-1352 Title: Effective media relations : how to get results / 63 NW ST ROUTE 2 $50.00 45301 CEDARVILLE $38.70 BEAVERCREEK CRUZ GABRIELLE E 5213 WOODBINE AVE RC560.S47 I335 2004 $0.02 $7.45 $20.00 $16.80 789 STONEYBROOK TRL XENIA CHILCOTE JOHN DOHERTY JENNIFER A ZIP CHILDERS LINDA DOLL JAMES XENIA $0.06 BELLBROOK FAIRBORN 1399 MCPHERSON RD DAYTON XENIA $32.86 FAIRBORN FAIRBORN Subject: Body language. 114 JAMES DR CONRAD KURT J. 1241 RONA BLACK WAHNETA 45324-6327 BALE JAMES W — Zorro XENIA $501.70 $55.21 45335 $36.44 45324-3820 $0.20 595 SHARON DR 743 HARSHMAN RD XENIA Address 871 E 3RD ST 45305 YELLOW SPRINGS DAVIS HARRY N JR 88 EAST KREPPS ROAD 45385 3142 COURT VIEW DR #3 DAVIS HERBERT C BROOKS MICHAEL $30.38 $6.10 FAIRBORN 45324-3340 2703 KEARNEY LN BALDWIN ROSE DAYTON 4702 ALEXIS AVE All units function on the same five frequencies. Order all one channel models on the same frequency. Available from DAK Industries, 8200 Remmet Ave, Canoga Park, CA 91304. 23 1/2 E MAIN ST FAIRBORN 45324-4621 Subject: San Francisco (Calif.)--In motion pictures. 3779 MIDDLERUN RD 45385-4215 283 ANTRIM DR FAIRBORN CHUN SOON JA 45431-2920 $15.37 FAIRBORN 1339 MERRIBROOK CT $15.99 $31.50 Poison Sweethearts Pushed to the limit by their abusers, six young women turn the tables on the vile men who destroyed their lives in this anthology of blood-splattered vignettes. Vengeance-seekers include a sweet girl forced to care for her depraved father, a beautiful hooker and a lonely teen who falls prey to a pair of sleazy breakdancers. Ashleigh Holeman, Roza Haidet, Laura Robbins, Jen Meissner and Raymond Turturro star. FAIRBORN 45385-4641 $20.68 2202 SPG VLLY PAINTERSVILLE RD 45370 4266 COUNTRY GLEN CIR CENTOFONTI JOSEPH $14.00 $43.50 DAUTOVIC NICK J FAIRBORN 93 W FUNDERBURG RD $0.03 DONNELLY DENNIS G 116 W WHITEMAN ST BELLBROOK Subject: Distance education. $10.00 FAIRBORN 45432 FAIRBORN Personal author: Doctorow, E. L., 1931- 2766 COLDSPRINGS DR Field Note 3436 SUBURBAN DR XENIA BEAVER JENNIFER XENIA 45431 FAIRBORN 45385 $25.00 ADDIS JOHN D AAA MIAMI COUNTY $0.01 1018 VICTORIA AVE 460 E DYSPRGS DICKE DARBY A $722.82 BELLBROOK 12 LAWSON 13 45385-4626 [et al.] ; preface by Enrique Juncosa ; introduction by John Banville. 45324 $1.46 $60.00 1361 KYLEMORE DR 45324 BUCIO BONNIE COHEN LEONARD $1,181.00 $17.55 45324 $3.00 1119 JASPER RD 45324 45324-5025 FAIRBORN BEAVERCREEK WRIGHT PATTERSON AFB 45385 CAMPBELL ELSIE 45324 ZIP Mail-order suppliers (a last resort) can be found through ads in gem, mineral, and rock-hounding magazines. This includes companies like Ultra-Violet Products Inc., Box 1501, San Gabriel, CA 91778, whose 1990 catalog lists battery powered lamps at about $20 for long wave and around $30 for short-wave. (Don’t bother with the cheap incandescent “Black Light” bulbs sold through novelty stores and catalogs.) FAIRBORN 205 S HIGH ST WILBERFORCE BLACK CAYE $19.40 $579.37 Address 1458 BOILING SPRINGS RD BEAVERCREEK XENIA FAIRBORN DNA “Fingerprinting” 45385- 45335-9719 AGULLANIA GRACE 2260 WEDGEWOOD DR DEAN PATRICIA Subject: Prostitution. $38.18 CAPE JOHN $0.17 BURKHARDT KAREN 3426 O'HARA DR FAIRBORN $0.04 BEATTY H. W. DAYTON HT371 .F78 2004 $41.50 XENIA 15 YELLOW SPRINGS RD #M 45431-2629 FAIRBORN XENIA FAIRBORN 2295 GREENE WAY BLVD RIVERSIDE $1.11 45324 $10.00 DAYTON 4653 CHERRY GROVE RD $6.90 $0.42 PO BOX 31156 $211.48 FAIRBORN CALDWELL STEVEN FAIRBORN BERTOLO ANITA M CURRY DEANIA $50.00 $634.68 FAIRBORN Field Note 1226 DAVIS DR 45385 BLANKENSHIP DEBRA YELLOW SPRINGS 45324 CAMPBELL STEPHEN B 2306 SHADOWWOOD CT FAIRBORN 45434-6145 B132.Y6 I94 2005 BECK OTIS 45431-3033 14 RACE ROAD 5187 SHARP RD $59.95 BUCK CHRIS JAMESTOWN 45431-1625 DAYTON $336.00 75 LORETTA AVE APT O XENIA $202.81 school from Thomas Cole to Winslow Homer. GREENE CO CHILDRENS H 45431 XENIA $16.10 45324-5801 WRIGHT PATTERSON AFB $52.22 CARRIER KEVIN 70 SOUTH ST XENIA CUSTOM EXTERIORS 1623 MIAMI AVE 4957 ARABIAN DR BROWN GARY 45385-3750 45434-6395 The pins are made simply by rolling the clay out to the desired thickness, and cutting it to the appropriate length. As with the metallic pins described above, you will have to use a drill to make a hole in the tree for inserting the pin. Choose your drill (cordless battery-type or old fashioned brace and bit) and find the largest bit you can readily use, up to one inch in diameter. Experiment on a recently fallen tree to insure that your drill and bit combination allows you to drill a hole up to four or five inches deep. The thicker your ceramic pin is, the more likely it is to either dull or break a sawmill blade. Therefore, if you can drill one-inch diameter holes, roll out the clay to a one-inch thickness. It will shrink some in drying and firing and will fit easily in a one-inch hole. As to pin length, four inches is plenty long; cut some shorter lengths, too, like two and three inches. This way, if your drill encounters a hard spot like a knot in the wood preventing you from drilling to the desired dept Amount BEAVERCREEK 45433 DRIGOTAS JOEY Personal author: Ritter, Matt. $206.95 BEAVERCREEK 45335 BEAVERCREEK 864 EAST HYDE ROAD 45385-4219 45324-4410 110 W DORIS DR CRABILL MICHAEL YELLOW SPRINGS FAIRBORN $12.90 DAYTON $12.90 DAVIS ARLENE 1825 COMMERCE CENTER BLVD 45432 $28.21 YELLOW SPRINGS BUXTON GEORGE B 405 REDBUD LN ATKINSON RANDY COLLINS LEE N 4520 GLEN MARTIN DR SPRING VALLEY CAIN J FRANK & JOSEPH PATRICK 1801 FORESTDALE AVE — Tonto 45387-1419 SPRING VALLEY 3604 RIDGEWAY RD XENIA 147 N DETROIT APT 23 $15.00 BOEHRINGER GWYN 1444 S MAPLE AVE 341 STELTON RD #407 45431-2692 BUTLER SHEILA L BRATTON MARY D $135.00 $936.21 Subject: Villages Fiction. BRAMMER MICHAEL 45433-0000 XENIA FAIRBORN DAYTON JAMESTOWN ALLEN LARRY 45324 DAYTON $54.63 1158 IRMAL DR DOROTHY S SCHLAFMAN EST 3310 CLAYDOR DR 45385-0000 His sense of moral outrage was shared by another public official, Thomas Hutchinson, governor of Massachusetts colony. The indignant governor refused to negotiate with radical colonists whom he associated with numerous attacks on public and private property. Rebels had attacked his home and trashed the offices of the vice-admiralty courts and the Comptroller of Customs, smashing windows and burning records. For turning a deaf ear, Hutchinson received a harbor full of tea in what came to be known as the “Boston Tea Party.” No isolated incident, the destruction of what, in today’s economy, would be over a hundred thousand dollars worth of private property was followed three months later by another successful nighttime raid on a tea ship at dock. Elsewhere in the area, citizens put the monkeywrench to the construction of British fortifications by sinking barges loaded with bricks, tipping over supply wagons, and burning hay intended for use as soldier’s bedding. XENIA 117 W S COLLEGE ST $6.82 A common one-gallon plastic jug (b) is ideal for transporting abrasive material like sand to the equipment. The cut-away bottle makes a good shovel-like scoop if sand can be found near the equipment parking area. If, on the other hand, abrasive material must be transported in, any plastic bottle, cleaned with soap, dried, and wiped free of fingerprints will suffice. A screw-type cap is your best insurance against accidental spillage. $80.82 1920 S CHARLESTON RD Subject: Decks (Architecture, Domestic)--Design and Final Approach FBI hostage negotiator Jack Bender (Dean Cain) finds himself on a plane overtaken by terrorists (led by Anthony Michael Hall) demanding a billion-dollar ransom in order to prevent them from detonating a nuclear bomb over Los Angeles. Jack must use his skills to talk the terrorists down to avoid the only other option: blowing up the aircraft in the sky. Lea Thompson, William Forsythe and Ernie Hudson co-star in this high-octane thriller. Subject: English language--Style. XENIA C/O SANDRA L NEVITT DENNEY JAMES DUGAN PAUL E BEAVERCREEK FAIRBORN Keep in mind that where you find one trap, there are probably more. Always be alert for the trapper checking his line. Take cover if you hear a vehicle or person approaching. Remember that some trappers check their lines from afar using binoculars. 405 REDBUD LN FAIRBORN $0.15 $0.52 CASSIDY BRITAIN JAMESTOWN 2462 BROWN BARK DR 45335 $273.00 1770 ARLIN PL APT G DAYTON 4957 WESTMORELAND CT APT C 5239 OLENTANGY DR 45431-2306 $20.48 BEAVERCREEK BUNDY JAMES P O BOX 565 CAIN CHRISTOPHER 1627 SELKIRK RD $131.90 1153 FREDERICK DR BAUMAN HANNAH E CROSSMAN BLANCHE L Subject: Art--Washington (D.C.) Exhibitions. 3085 JADE CT 5105 COBB DR $25.00 DAYTON $75.00 SPRING VALLEY 45432-1824 CONLEY SALLIE B BREWINGTON RICHARD 364 CRAB APPLE DR $86.19 $25.00 2673 EDWIN DR DAYTON FAIRBORN BERRY JENNIFER L 1300 N BROAD ST #HT16 45433 5320 MITCHELL DRIVE $109.89 Pay attention to cars and faces. A feeling that you’ve seen them before is usually your first warning. Don’t stare in an obvious manner. 3215 LANTZ RD 45324 FAIRBORN $662.73 CONOVER DONALD W 45385 Subject: Rare plants--California. 3570 SEQUOIA DR 3473 FAIRWOOD DR 345 MADISON AVE COST PENELOPE H. Flashlights BROWN PHYLLIS 45385-8904 45324-4216 Subject: Authors, American--20th century Biography. 45324 FAIRBORN — Meyer N7315 .J47 2004 $26.75 Road Closed — Landslide Ten Miles Ahead 5002 WOODBINE AVE ALPHA BUCKLES CLEO FAIRBORN DAYTON DONNELL TED A YELLOW SPRINGS 2152 MINNESOTA DR DAYTON 45324-2949 $50.20 $25.00 CAMPBELL ROBERT 45432- ^ Top < Back 45324 Subject: United States--Politics and government Sources. 1267 KYLEMORE 45385 DAYTON BEAVERCREEK BEAVERCREEK 6303 STATE ROUTE 734 $86.31 BANKEN STEPHEN BELLBROOK 78 BRENT DR CAUGHRON LYNDA $104.00 45324--590 45431 2380 DUNCAN DR APT 9 $11.36 $15.55 2155 MOHAVE DR 45387 BUCK CHRIS R Undercover agents may also assume roles outside the target organization but designed to provide inside access. A favorite is to pass themselves off as “writers” or members of the news media, or even as someone hoping to produce a documentary for public access television. A phony photographer or video camera crew will enhance the look of authenticity and make a record of people and actions for later use in identification and prosecution. This approach, when used at public gatherings, provides better quality information and photos than the old method of concealing surveillance cameras inside nearby buildings or parked vans. These undercover officers may also use this role to seek “confidential” interviews with monkeywrenchers and other underground activists. One of the CIs in the Arizona Five case played this role. BURHANS GLORIA D. Smoke In Their Eyes! ZIP Package the Gelscape in water-soluble capsules, such as gelatin diet supplements are sold in. 45385 Charles Dickens' London: Part 2: Works See London through the eyes of Charles Dickens in this engaging tour that visits Dickens's Doughty Street home, where he composed some of his most beloved books, as well as sites throughout the city found in his many novels and stories. Fans of Oliver Twist, Bleak House, Great Expectations, David Copperfield and others of Dickens's tales will be delighted to see the settings of their favorite works now spring to life. BRESSLER EDWARD $14.92 $12.00 2814 STAUFFER DR $68.57 45385 3137 MUZZETE DR 45430 Subject: Entrepreneurship--United states Case studies. $118.00 $38.00 45387 45385 $3.54 45385 RIVERSIDE $76.33 AEBERSOLD LESLIE H BELL TRACY L DAYTON $0.84 3636 MEADOW CT 45387-9759 177 LOWELL RD ANDERSON ALAN CORNETT NANCY 45385 $5.23 BOUFFIOUX SCOTT A CHRISTMAN ANNA C 45434 45335 FAIRBORN BLACK CHERYE L FAIRBORN Subject: Regression (Civilization) Fiction. BEAVERCREEK $100.19 $23.89 1332 ORCHARD VIEW CT 45387 209 S KING DEMMY IDA NAE 4809 HASSAN CIR APT 14 2735 ATER $4.11 Personal author: Shields, Charles J., 1951- The cathode ray tube (CRT) of the computer terminal (like a TV picture tube) is a tempting target, but should either be ignored or saved until last. These tubes are costly but carry high voltages. Don’t punch them out with anything but a long-handled tool or other object that gives you a good distance plus the insulation of a wooden handle. Also, the vacuum inside the tube causes them to implode violently when broken, scattering fine shards of glass about the area. The danger to your eyes, if you are standing in front of the terminal when you hit it, is serious. Also, the fine glass fragments can lodge in your clothing (virtually invisible), and stay there until the clothes are laundered. This could mean “wearing” evidence out with you. CLEMENS MAREANNA L Personal subject: King, Martin Luther, Jr., 1929-1968--Friends and associates. BEAVERCREEK BROWN ROBERT D 45324 45385 45324 $23.47 Subject: Occupations--United States--Periodicals. $61.18 BELLBROOK Colleges, Martin Kramer and Stephen S. Weiner, co-directors. ALEXANDER GRACE 49 RAMONA DR BUCHHOLZ R E & D J FAIRBORN 3767 OLDE WILLOW DR 212 H W WHITEMAN ST 45434-5811 CHUTWONGANANT SININTHORN ALFORD SHIRLEY F 45324-1926 2237 CREEKVIEW PL 45324 45385 BYERS DEBORAH XENIA BLACKMON JACQUELINE L $0.56 $118.68 FAIRBORN 45324 107 MANN AVE 2725 VICKIE DR 5810 KEVIN DR 723 JUNE DR Plugging an intake or a bulkhead at the point where a channel flow goes underground is very effective. The flowing water will help push your plug deeper into the pipe. (See Figure 1.) FAIRBORN Amount Title: Why men never remember and women never forget / COLVIN ELMER $26.73 4326 COMANCHE TRL Self Defense 4107 ROSEHILL DR The first group to grasp the full import of this situation was a unique organization called the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, which has been involved in numerous confrontations on the high seas since the 1970s. Sea Shepherd has gone up against pirate whalers, outlaw fishing operations, polluters, and the armed might of navies. These battles have from time to time found their way into the courts of some nations but, in every case, the Shepherds have managed to utilize strategies that have prevailed both on the high seas and in the courts. Most of the following advice and instruction is derived from their expertise in the field. Vocal leaders of the phony “Wise Use” movement and other anti-public lands schemes; $104.59 45324-4634 DORAN RICHARD S 45 OLD YELLOW SPRINGS RD 45305 DAO DE WPAFB OHIO FSS BEAVERCREEK High-temperature firing can be achieved only in a gas-fired kiln. The pins must be fired to “cone 10,” which generally ranges from 2350 to 2400 degrees Fahrenheit. Firing to lower temperatures will not produce the same hardness. Following are some of the sources for gas firing: CHAPTER II LOUNGE 3621 RIDGEWAY RD 45324- $83.00 45305 Hoopnotica: Hoopdance Workout: Level 2 Tone and strengthen your core, buns, legs and back with this low-impact cardio hoop dance workout. You'll burn even more calories with Level 2's challenging moves, which include angles, thigh hooping and chest hooping. The advanced moves in Level 2 allow for creative self-expression, and this workout includes seven instructional segments, a 20-minute workout and a performance demonstration. A hula hoop is required. $50.00 45431-3422 Subject: Farm life fiction. 45324 DAYTON 45385 45385 $25.00 PO BOX 52 339 E 3RD ST FAIRBORN Individuals can use the techniques described here, with simple, cheap tools, to prevent vehicle access to sensitive areas. You can deter the testing needed to prove commercial feasibility for proposed developments such as mining or oil & gas drilling. You can discourage the construction of a timber harvest road in a National Forest roadless area. You also can harass and render unprofitable an existing exploitative enterprise. BAUER MARIA E 45335 ANDERSON NEWELL JR BEAVERCREEK XENIA 45385 45324-5409 One of the nice features of Safest Stripper is its ability to cling to vertical surfaces (doors, walls, signs). When applied, it looks like thick white pudding. Since it does not dissolve plastic, the standard paint delivery systems (plastic bags, balloons, jars) will work. When tossing paint stripper bags, put some muscle into your throw; the thick consistency of the stripper might act as a cushion, preventing breakage of the bag. After three hours, the coating looks as though it has dried and is no longer active. Don’t let appearances fool you — Safest Stripper remains active up to 30 hours after application. When someone tries to remove the crusty white coating by scrubbing or scraping, the paint will come off and bare metal or other material will be exposed. ZIP DOLAN PAUL J XENIA 917 MITMAN DR 45432 BEAVERCREEK 149 MEYER AVE. 1844 WILBUR AVE Corporate subject: United States. Supreme Court Biography. 45430-9000 2841 RAMBLING WOODS LN 45385 4840 SPRINGFIELD ST BERGLUND ONSOON 45385-2141 5663 BURKHARDT RD CLEMONS GARY 120 BLANCH DR BEAVERCREEK PO BOX 740 45324-6240 45385-4609 270 W FUNDERBURG RD BROWN SHARON CHAPMAN MARIA B $49.86 9545 QUAILWOOD TRL FAIRBORN CARR RACHEL $41.56 XENIA DAYTON CHOATE HEATHER 2770 CHATHAM CT A ALDRIDGE JAMES C SPRING VALLEY SPRING VALLEY BEAVERCREEK $17.00 WILBERFORCE CONRAD TRUMAN 2814 STAUFFER DR 45434- 1690 RICHLAND RD $100.00 FAIRBORN 78 BRENT DR $2,593.97 Because many trappers run their trap lines along primitive roads, spiking such vehicle trails is an effective way of discouraging trapping as well. FAIRBORN 45324 BABICKI MARIA E CHEUVRONT JACOB $83.00 CARNEY MATTHEW 45324 401 CLOVER ST $2.38 FAIRBORN 2805 SOUTHFIELD DR Amount $8.80 Make sure your registration, driver’s license, and vehicle identification number are all legal. A recently-purchased car might not be in the computers yet, and thus could give cause to detain you. If ownership of a car can’t be established, that alone is sufficient cause for a police agency to obtain a search warrant for the car. RIVERSIDE FAIRBORN XENIA Personal author: Forbes, Peter. 45324 XENIA DAYTON $18.75 XENIA FAIRBORN CARDENAS JANEAN 249 W FUNDERBURG RD #16 Address AXTHELM JOAN E BORTON NICK Subject: Product management--United States. Subject: Prisoners of war--United States Biography. SPRING VALLEY BURBA CHRISTIE M FAIRBORN COHEN CANDICE 3944 CAMBERLEE WAY BROWELL LYNN S $108.20 Title: A clone of your own? : the science and ethics of cloning / Personal author: Arendt, Hannah. JAMESTOWN 45324-3768 BRABSTON MARY O $17.97 YELLOW SPRINGS Finally, an inexpensive, battery-powered device, worn on a cord around your neck, can make it difficult for a pursuer to follow you in the night. Pointed at a pursuer on a dark night, a compact strobe light (as is used as a flash attachment for 35 mm cameras) can cause him to lose his night vision. You, of course, should keep your eyes closed when flashing the unit. Many types are available, so shop around. Look for one that is easily operated manually (by a small push button) and can be used while wearing gloves. 45324 DENZEL MICHAEL YELLOW SPRINGS 950 PAINTERVILLE NEW EGGLETON NORMAN DELK CATHY $0.04 4127 ROSEHILL DR 352 DAYTON $1.13 CHAPMAN RACHAEL L BEAVERCREEK $145.97 FAIRBORN 3376 CEMETERY RD $0.01 149 KANSAS DR $96.50 YELLOW SPRINGS BONASSO TERESA C CW PUBLICATIONS BERGER GARY C DAYTON $312.84 CRAIG SETH J CURTIS STEPHEN There should be no central direction or organization to monkeywrenching. Any type of network would invite infiltration, agents provocateurs, and repression. It is truly individual action. Because of this, communication among monkeywrenchers is difficult and dangerous. Anonymous discussion through this book and its future editions seems to be the safest avenue of communication to refine techniques, security procedures, and strategy. $151.00 21 N MAIN ST FAIRBORN BELLBROOK DAYTON BASKIN S. $310.04 $163.74 FAIRBORN 45385-5020 45432 267 ROYAL OAKS DR $24.00 45385 45324 45324-3223 YELLOW SPRINGS Chapter 9: Security Personal author: Gribbin, John R. 45385-2452 45385 370 N ALPHA BELLBROOK RD FAIRBORN LB1062.6 .M43 2006 45431 45324 FAIRBORN BLAIR SCOTT 45305 BEAVERCREEK XENIA EILDERS RANDALL W $26.62 1866 WOODS DR XENIA EDDLEMAN EDWARD W. BELLBROOK ALSOP JESSE BHIMASANI SUSHEEL FAIRBORN 45385 COLLINS BALIS JR 45324 Engaging Naval Forces on the High Seas Subject: Religion and science. 845 RICHLAND RD FAIRBORN Owner Name DPOOL DUSTIN $30.00 45431-1309 ALLEN RICHARD W 45431-1181 2146 RED ROCK DR 477 THELMA AVE XENIA BELLITT JAMES R XENIA 45385 101 N BRD ST BEAVERCREEK $0.52 XENIA $104.83 BAISE LOUANN B 45431-1630 946 S COLUMBUS AVE 45434-6331 Basic Spiking Techniques BELLBROOK 45324 $24.67 1259 CHISOLM TRL DANWIN JAY PURDY CLAGG JERRY L. DUKES WALTER BLOOM RANDY 45385-4110 Piper Super Cubs are reportedly the favored airplanes of aerial wolf hunters in Alaska. 3630 SEQUOIA DR 1330 KAPOK ST FAIRBORN CANTRELL EDDIE XENIA Title: Encounters with the invisible : unseen illness, 45431-5659 1650 KATHY MARIE CT FAIRBORN Private Automobiles. $18.58 $98.51 RIVERSIDE FAIRBORN Subject: California--History--1950- Juvenile fiction. CONNER NOLA MARIE FAIRBORN 5213 WOODBINE AVE BOWERSVILLE $207.25 45385 BLAIR CHERYL DAYTON 3157 CLAYDOR DR 45324 CRAIG ORA ARTIS RICHARD BURTON WADE 45324 JAMESTOWN XENIA 45385 45432-1705 $182.30 BELLBROOK 45385-3240 45431-2619 BARRON BLANCHE A. BLACK LOIS A CRISP DAVID $577.33 45324-0000 45324-4141 530 NEWPORT APT B-20 $115.16 307 GREENE ST 384 LUCUST ST XENIA 45434- SPRING VALLEY COLEMAN DOROTHY $96.90 $5.00 $4.32 $10.32 City BOLLINGER STEVEN W 1065 WOODMAN DR JAMESTOWN $25.75 FAIRBORN CEDARVILLE $5.87 DELGADO JOSEPH 45324 The four basic forms of contact with the press and others, in descending order of security, are communiqués, telephone contacts, photographs, and personal interviews. DINNEEN RUTH C $27.24 BEAVERCREEK Combination Locks $6.10 $0.50 BENNING GLADYS E Triflupromazine HCL (Vetame) 45431 XENIA XENIA 45305-1863 SPRING VALLEY $286.83 $20.00 45325 1727 RAUSCH AVE 45385-2332 45434-6016 XENIA Subject: Mentoring in business. XENIA BRINSON LINDA G 45432-1710 2039 GRANADA DR BERND GLADYS CHAMBERLAND MATTHEW A 45387 $126.28 $1.36 BERRY JONATHAN 1033 MORNINGSIDE DR 45387 XENIA 45434-6736 ADKINS EDGAR 45431-1162 Subject: Report writing. YELLOW SPRINGS 530 MCINTIRE DR FAIRBORN Title: State of the world : a Worldwatch Institute report on progress toward a sustainable society. $6.96 $46.58 COLLINS SONNIE Personal author: Mueller, Scott. 45324-3842 CANFIELD LEROY G ADAMS YVONNE M 1170 LAMOUR LN H 45370 45385 ALDRIDGE LAURA L $41.85 FAIRBORN k only a few days ahead of the ‘dozer crews. BENNETT RICKY B $10.00 45431-6406 2190 TURNBULL RD 45385 BLAIR SHAWNA $56.65 BELLBROOK CAIN J FRANK & JOSEPH PATRICK $136.43 YELLOW SPRINGS 2089 BEAVER VALLEY ROAD $10.00 $30.00 134 W WHITMAN ST $3.85 FAIRBORN CAMDEN THELMA ANGUS JEFF XENIA $11.53 45324-0000 DAYTON 45324-3655 1516 BELL-PEPPER CT # 10 $25.00 XENIA BELLBROOK $0.07 Title: Oceanography : an introduction to the 688 N FAIRFIELD RD BERRYHILL WILBUR FAIRBORN $1,296.05 301 E MAIN ST $347.58 45324-3219 Owner Name XENIA 1490 SPICETREE CIR CAMERON GERALD S 45433 BLANKEN TERESA L 2232 DUNCAN DR BOOKSTROM ERIC H 1840 SURREY TRL #10 BARNETT JEFFREY A CASTLE ERIC $17.48 45324-4726 64 OLD YELLOW SPRING RD 45385-311 $99.00 JAMESTOWN $0.61 3655 CROSSWOOD DR 4217 MORNINGSIDE BLVD DENTON MICHAEL DUNCAN CAROLYN 45434 YELLOW SPRINGS If you find the suggested methods of pinning with ceramic or rock too much work, try a less sophisticated method. Simply drill a hole, stuff it with gravel or cobbles, fill it with caulking, and plug with a wooden dowel. It is much quicker, simpler, and cheaper. While this may not completely ruin a sawblade, it sure as heck won’t do it any good! $3.20 ACCOCK NEIL 1526 WEDGEWOOD DR FAIRBORN 45324 $785.90 FAIRBORN 4778 HORSEMAN DR $14.56 FAIRBORN $51.92 Silent Agitators are extremely easy to design and have printed. Since the original Earth First! agitators, dozens of other designs and messages have been used by activists. Be creative and have some printed for your particular issue. CRABTREE JAMES D YELLOW SPRINGS 45324 1259 CHISOLM TRL AAA MIAMI COUNTY ADAMS JEFFREY S BECKER MARGARET ABBOTT RON BECKMAN KEN DAYTON BELLBROOK $15.00 413 RED BUD LN XENIA 5641 BURKHARDT AVE 45432 $0.40 $10.00 DAYTON $9.38 FAIRBORN $0.24 $0.20 $0.50 XENIA BRENNAN TERRY 2110 ROCKDELL DR APT 2 MAPLEVIEW APTS CEDARVILLE CONDY CAROLYN $90.00 45387-9800 45385 $10.00 Title: Dare to repair your car : a do-it-herself guide to BELLBROOK AKSTIN MARY FAIRBORN $81.61 1534 FAIRGROUND RD $19.37 XENIA $1.28 $14.38 45385-9735 DAYTON 5031 WORCHESTER DR 2725 VICKIE DR 45431-2241 $6.40 $1.10 45335 feminism / edited by Daisy Hernández and Bushra Rehman. $10.00 ASCCXA $73.57 45370 $8.59 Railroad Spike/Tie Plate Trap 45316 $283.40 1460 BELL PEPPER CT #104 BLAIR L. M. $47.24 2306 DUNCAN DR 45370 45431 $2.30 45324- $0.65 1366 EASTVIEW DR 45387 1315 RONA VLG BLVD City CEDARVILLE 380 W MARKET ST APT A1 BICK TIFFANY N $38.00 2587 CONLEY RD 45324 $50.00 $780.27 $28.00 BELLBROOK CASE PATRICIA A ADDUCCHIO JIM $3.78 45433 FAIRBORN 45431 — Etta Place FAIRBORN 703 VAN EATON RD $11.73 DAYTON 45305 $99.40 45324- FAIRBORN 2180 ROCKDELL DR #8 BALL LILLIAN YELLOW SPRINGS DAYTON $421.24 $101.38 Subject: Rhetoric--Political aspects--United States Humor. 45432-1738 $0.13 $10.00 XENIA FAIRBORN COOPER ROBIN J 62 DAYTON AVE 201 FRYER CT 45387 45387 Personal author: Yamada, Gayle K. $6.87 FAIRBORN 5649 GROSS DR SPRING VALLEY 4184 RIDGETOP DR 1844 ROXBURY DR XENIA City 45385-9307 BELLBROOK BURTON JENNIFER L 45434 COMPTON MITCHELL ALBERTO JOSEPH FAIRBORN 45324-1143 1365 MEADOW LN FAIRBORN DIBENEDETTO MARC S DDS BEAL CAMSIE $13.97 DAYTON Personal author: Woolf, Virginia, 1882-1941. 45324 $13.34 ND237 .K56 A4 2004 $0.28 In the proper location, it is possible for a group of people, using only their hands, to fill a road with enough boulders and other debris to act as an effective barrier to most vehicles. While a vehicle with a winch, a bulldozer, or a crew of workers might be able to clear the road to permit passage, most casual ORVers will be stymied. If this kind of minor ecotage of roads occurred often enough and in enough locations, many marginal roads would be abandoned. This type of road trashing can be done casually by a group on a hike, taking care that they aren’t caught by ORVers while doing it and being sure that they aren’t trapping some poor old fogey in a jeep on a dead-end jeep trail. Although extremely effective, this form of monkeywrenching bears fewer dangers than other kinds. 10100 APPLE SPRINGS DR His humour has tickled hundreds of corporate conferences such as McDonalds, Esso/Exxon, CNIB and many, many more! Johnny has filmed his own one-hour special "Stand Up Safari" in South Africa exclusively for the Comedy Network. 45324 $21.30 45324-3623 850 KINGMAN CT 3741 DAYTON XENIA RD 45385 4223 ALEGHANY TRL $19.30 DONEGAN KAREN With your first cut, remove a wedge of wood from the side towards which you want the sign to fall. Repeat this on all poles, always starting in the center and working out to the ends. The “felling” cut is made as shown in the illustration. Don’t cut through the “hinge” of wood between the two cuts. Always cut the outer poles last because they will support the sign while you work. Wear ear protectors to prevent the whine of the saw from deadening your ability to detect suspicious sounds. Remove them during security pauses to ensure that your work is still undetected. $2.33 45385 XENIA CASEBIER MARGARET 45324 FAIRBORN BRADLEY RONALD J 45387 FAIRBORN FAIRBORN 1351 SANZON DR FAIRBORN CURBOW SUK HUI DLJSC IRA 45385 XENIA 2362 DUNCAN DR #6 45385 2742 LANTZ RD BARBER FRANCES N DAYTON $39.00 45324-5129 45431-1517 45432 1215 CHAUCER WAY #E FAIRBORN 30 STILLWELL DRIVE 249 KINSEY RD # C4 4502 STONECASTLE DRIVE APT 221 FAIRBORN 2000 MILL RUN LANE BANKHEAD WILLIAM DAYTON SPRING VALLEY 31216 HEMLOCK RD CLINE THOMAS ADKINS LOUISE J. 45431 DECKER GEORGE F JR BELLBROOK WILBERFORCE EIGNOR PHIL W Plugging A Pipe While public outcry from grass-roots conservationists has turned some of these assaults on due process around, the last wildlands on the public lands are under attack as never before. The final mopping-up action of industrial society against the ecological richness of North America (and the world) is now occurring. Yet ... our hands are tied only if we allow them to be tied. $42.21 Radio Fingerprints DAYTON BAYANSAN ULAMBAYAR 45324 $449.60 45370 45305 COOK JEFF FAIRBORN $11.59 All kinds of people, in all kinds of situations, can be monkeywrenchers. Some pick a large area of wild country, declare it wilderness in their own minds, and resist any intrusion into it. Others specialize against logging or ORVs in a variety of areas. Certain monkeywrenchers may target a specific project, such as a giant powerline, a road under construction, or an oil operation. Some operate in their backyards, while others lie low at home and plan their ecotage a thousand miles away. Some are loners, and others operate in small groups. Even Republicans monkeywrench. 45385 BREWER CARY DEFOREST FAIRBORN $16.47 CARMAN LOUIS A $9.67 R 1 CLYDE RD 45305-1107 Silent Agitators 45431 BASHAW TOM Owner Name 45432-3239 FAIRBORN 45324-5311 FAIRBORN CANUP DAVE $154.87 ML410.P3135 Z65 2005 XENIA 45324-5250 $10.89 2471 BANYON DR $10.00 45385 BROADERICK RAYMOND DARROW ROBERT A $5.69 3079 MILLPOND DR 45324- 45324-6217 45324-1986 XENIA 5044 BROUGHTON PL 45387-1316 $5.57 BOX 30 2680 SOLITAIRE LN DUKE DAVID A UNKNOWN CALLOWAY OSCAR DUDASH JOSEPH G DAYTON 45385 WILBERFORCE L -- EDUCATION 1286 DEQUINCY DR DAYTON 117 HIGH ST FAIRBORN $233.11 FAIRBORN $53.24 45432-1937 $89.37 BUTCHER BETTY 45431-2270 $0.01 $39.50 2725 VICKIE DR Subject: International business enterprises--United States. BELLBROOK $257.97 BRYANT G RONALD 1351 ROSE LAKE DR 45387 The headquarters of sign companies, located in every urban area, provide other targets. Additional techniques discussed in Ecodefense may prove suitable for making your point at these locations. v-a-jpeg-19.jpg Postscript (1993) $41.00 45370-9102 BURT JAMES F 45387 XENIA COEN MARIA J DAY LESLIE $47.58 45433-1122 FAIRBORN 45434 2479 INDIAN WELLS TRL $75.12 45385 1014 E MAIN ST $303.39 $115.27 BEAVERCREEK $2.96 45385 45385 BELL L S XENIA 1187 CYMAR DR E $7.00 $0.04 45431 1498 LEMCKE RD CLINGNER KIMBERLY J 45385-0000 Address $54.00 Title: Routing TCP/IP / Jeff Doyle, Jennifer Carroll. $838.04 PO BOX 2038 XENIA 48 TURNBULL RD CONOVER DONALD W DIMEO MICHAEL 3625 ELEAZER RD YELLOW SPRINGS BELLBROOK XENIA XENIA 45385 3254 CEDARWOOD RD $64.43 $216.10 1467 COMMON WEALTH DR PS3554.E4425 U53 1997 BUFORD RICHARD S YELLOW SPRINGS $10.00 XENIA $7.78 $41.85 WILBERFORCE 2360 DUNCAN DR 1075 S ALPHA BELLBROOK RD COLLINS ANNA BELLE4 2206 HAZELTON AVE $14.22 45324 SPRING VALLEY But if you are a serious saboteur who wants to have maximum impact, you will work in silence, and when you leave, no one will know you have been there. At least not for a day or two. When your trail has gone cold, and evidence of your presence has been destroyed or hopelessly contaminated, the engines of destruction will literally grind to a halt. Only major shop work can repair them. You will have succeeded. 45385 Super glue applied liberally to a diskette works wonders when the disk is put in its normal position inside the disk drive. Do this to every drive slot; many machines have two drives. XENIA 5339 ROBINWOOD AVE BROOKS CONNIE A $100.00 BECKER RONALD G WRIGHT PATTERSON AFB $60.00 1129 FOREST DR $3.01 ARIES DEVELOPMENT You can destroy or disconnect shore power to the ship. This will cause the ship batteries to drain and cold storage cargo to thaw. You can also contaminate fuel or oil by adding glycerin, salt, water, sand, beer, etc. through filter pipes or fuel tank vents. Pour fluids, sand, small rocks, (quick setting concrete?), down exhaust piping of main engines or generators. If it is raining or snowing, you can prop open or remove the “caps” on the top of these pipes. This will allow Mother Nature the opportunity to piss down inside the engines and thus avenge herself. $160.00 $547.72 45432-1940 SPRING VALLEY 45432-2548 XENIA 2161 RACEWAY TRAIL $90.00 Subject: Spiritual life. Infrared spotting scopes have disadvantages, too. The range is limited to what the spotlight can effectively illuminate — rarely more than 300 feet. A unit is bulky, and the user must have a strap or harness to prevent dropping and banging it while keeping one’s hands free for climbing or other activities. An infrared spotting scope is also very visible to someone scanning the area with a starlight scope. XENIA 302 ZIMMER DR BEAVERCREEK $1.42 ANDERSON LANDSCAPE MANAGEMENT DENZEL MICHAEL $12.96 $62.20 1334 AMES AVE 45440 45385 XENIA $22.60 45431-5625 XENIA $11.89 45434 1440 IRONWOOD DR 45385- 45324 XENIA 1841 TREBEIN RD 1042 TRIANON AVE BOLTON MAUDE M 45385 DAYTON $258.44 779 SAXONY DR DAYTON 794 CINN AVE $200.00 1810 SUNNYMEADE 45385--393 45335-0000 CROSLEY CHARITY 119 1/2 MAIN ST 327 HOLLYWOOD BLVD FAIRBORN 45431-1418 A safer method is to use a 4 foot long bar on the turnbuckle connecting the guy wire to ground and just unscrew the sucker most of the way. Let the wind do the rest — do not unscrew it all the way or you will be in the same danger as from cutting the wire. 212 E EMERSON AVE XENIA DILGER MARK A UNIF GIFT MIN ACT FL EARNHART LAMAR 3931 PLANEVIEW DR $439.97 FAIRBORN BAGGETT JANETTE L XENIA XENIA FAIRBORN BROWN CARL A DOD 74 MDG SGSR 29 N MON AVE DILLON RACHEL G CUST $11.58 1323 SHANNON LN $10.00 45324 45324 BOEDECKER KIMBERLY $3.80 45385 $133.33 1119 CHARLESTON CT BIO ENH PHYSICAL THERAPY $322.05 Gelscape — Viterra Gelscape is “a granular, organic, super-absorbent hydrogel designed to increase the water-holding capacity, drainage, and aeration of soils” according to the manufacturer. Since this stuff will turn water to Jell-O within minutes (and will repeat the same performance up to a hundred times after drying out again), it might be useful where quick, unexpected plugs are needed. It is not permanent and could eventually be flushed from a system. However, in interrupting water flow where related damage might ensue, or in plugging fine nozzles such as in irrigation or snow-making equipment (possibly in hydroelectric turbines as well, with enough quantity) results could be gratifying. For instance, in a truck radiator, it would let things heat up enough so serious damage (heads warping, gaskets blowing, valves cracking, etc.) occurs. The following procedure might work: C & C CONSTRUCTION CO CLARK RALPH B XENIA ROUTE #5 $75.54 45305-1214 45431-1312 $12.50 Title: The heart of Islam : enduring values for humanity / Seyyed Hossein Nasr. 45433 45431 BEAVERCREEK BEEM SHIRLEY $79.50 CRUM JASON 45385 YELLOW SPRINGS 365 E ENON RD Last century, the institution of slavery was only brought down by prolonged and determined protest that, at its core, was lawless and destructive of property. Slaves used work slowdowns and feigned illness to hurt cotton production. Costly supervision was necessary to prevent deliberate trampling of crops and breaking of tools. At night, cotton fields, barns, and gins were burned. Runaway slaves formed guerrilla bands with poor whites and dispossessed Indians, staging swift raids against plantations. CE RIGGSBY INSURANCE Subject: Nutrition policy--United States. C COCKRELL NASTASSJA DORTON WARD 45324-7125 For details on phone systems, consult the do-it-yourself telephone books. Many of them have illustrations of the systems you’ll encounter. 126 BLACKBERRY RD $93.04 3337 FAIR OAKS DR Address $27.60 804 CINCINNATI AVE # 3 DARNELL KAY DAYTON Posters $3.42 45324 DEBORDE HEATHER M BELLBROOK 45387-0000 Subject: Parents--Social networks. 2208 BARCLAY CT 22 EDNA AVE $413.53 45335-1331 BLANKEN TERESA L Trying to get people to repeat incriminating statements made at an earlier meeting (so they can be recorded). If you are suspicious, say you were just joking when you made the earlier remark. 2293 ABBEY LN 45385 $92.00 XENIA $21.60 CREAMER STEPHANIE PO BOX 477 Owner Name DARCEL PHIFER $21.60 $31.10 BREEDING JOANNE BOATMAN ROBERT R 671 WILSON DR 45324 $158.95 XENIA FAIRBORN FAIRBORN $18.00 45434-0000 45324 Advantages: A starlight scope can be used beyond the range of infrared scopes since the device is “passive” and does not rely on projecting a beam of light onto the area or object to be observed. With a starlight scope you can readily detect the presence of an infrared device, since the scope converts the otherwise invisible infrared light to visible light. Conversely, neither the infrared nor another starlight scope can detect a starlight scope, since it emits no radiation. DAYTON ALEXANDER OTIS G ALFORD JOHN M $31.71 BERRY ANN FAIRBORN CUNNINGHAM MARY $284.40 what's available, and how to get one / Dennis V. Damp. DAVIDSON ALLISON 784 N MONROE DRIVE 2881 PARAKEET DR $4.87 $72.00 $15.00 FAIRBORN 1272 WILLOWRIDGE DRIVE DOLAN DONALD $219.25 12 COLUMBUS RD BARBER DENNIS D ZIP DAYTON AMERICAN PLUMBING SUPPLY FAIRBORN BATES C D. & S E. XENIA XENIA BOEDECKER KIMBERLY JAMESTOWN $3.10 WRIGHT PATTERSON AFB 45432-1824 $0.04 ASKELAND LORI J 112 DICKMAN Owner Name SPRING VALLEY BARONDES LAURA FAIRBORN 45385 BEAVERCREEK 636 WINONA DR DURBIN MYAH G 1834 BELLVIEW $14.90 45432 $247.32 $37.90 BOWERSVILLE Amount $76.30 45385 FAIRBORN BAKER MCCLANAHAN LORI LYNN 45431 45385 $180.06 FAIRBORN 45385 FAIRBORN $94.24 UNKNOWN 45324 3752A MALIBU CT $38.70 45314-9586 45314 1611 ARMSTRONG RD COLBERT HARRY J WILBERFORCE 45431 $0.19 $99.09 $284.40 45385 $14.00 45324 960 GROVEHILL DR $309.66 1485 IRONWOOD DR FAIRBORN 45324-5518 XENIA BROWN ELMER $210.00 1693 WINCHESTER RD A military surplus green canvas ammo bag is perfect for transporting spikes in the woods. BRANNOCK LEANNE BLAKE JUDY 45324-4036 $0.60 XENIA XENIA AYALA JOSE 45324 DAYTON FAIRBORN ZIP 45385 DAYTON 531 WYOMING DRIVE 1888 RICH CT BOBBITT MARIE B FAIRBORN Yankee Manufacturing Co., 59 Chase St., Beverly, MA 01915 XENIA COMBS KELLY 45431 1188 PEEBLES DR 45324 3337 FAIR OAKS DR BUSCH JOHN DEAM SHERRY $95.03 $3.67 $2.80 503 XENIA AVE APT 1 Michael came to Hollywood via the University of Miami, Florida and professional baseball. He signed a bonus contract with the Braves out of high school and later went to the big leagues with the Washington Senators before an arm injury ended his career. $1.00 130 ROGERS ST APT 6 H & S $55.00 CORKILL DOROTHY L BALLINGER ALBERT L 45431-0000 45324 XENIA ASIKELE EDWARD E BEAVERCREEK BRODESS CHRISTOPHER R XENIA XENIA JAMESTOWN FAIRBORN BYUS CHRISTOPHER R XENIA 2680 SOLITAIRE LN UNIT 5 The active ingredient of “HTH dry chlorinator” is calcium hypochlorite. Other brands containing this ingredient may work; test them first. 812 VAN EATON RD $172.37 AVERY ADOLPMUS JR. 45385 BLACK LOIS A 3041 AXE DR 45385 Subject: Mothers and daughters Fiction. JAMESTOWN $12.62 233 E DAYTON YELLOW SPGS RD 45385 45335 BEAVERCREEK DYSON MICHAEL CLARK SOFTWARE ENGINEERING LT 400 E DYTN YELLOW SPGS DUNBAR JUDITH ANN DAYTON $3.63 1344 HORIZON DR 45385 YELLOW SPRINGS 4326 COMANCHE TRL WRIGHT PATTERSON AFB YELLOW SPRINGS It may be preferable to rig up an auxiliary battery for your radio system. The auxiliary battery should be wired in such a way that it never draws on your vehicle’s main battery. An RV and trailer supply house can provide you with all the information and equipment, and even installation if desired (though for security reasons you should do your own installation). The auxiliary battery must be mounted in a ventilated area. Use a deep cycle storage battery rather than the usual car battery. Sears makes an excellent RV/marine battery. XENIA 45387-1909 $17.30 $30.00 PO BOX 336 45324 Subject: Feminism--United States. 45385 Subject: Illustrated children's books--United States. 45387 Subject: Young adult literature, American Bibliography. 2430 DAY XENIA RD STE F JAMESTOWN FAIRBORN 1230 BEECH XENIA 45370-9730 XENIA Radio specialty shops are often the most expensive source of these radios. Look for them at department stores or the catalog showroom type of store (like Best or La Belle’s). Also, the ads in specialty magazines like Amateur Radio and Popular Communications can lead you to mail-order suppliers. Good units can now be bought for under $150. One low-cost supplier is Scanner World USA (10 New Scotland Avenue, Albany, NY 12208), with an extensive catalog of scanners, CBs, and frequency directories. $2.86 333 STAFFORD 45305 5941 HENDON Personal author: Hart, Gary, 1936- DIXON CAREY 45324 45432-1223 $3.50 PO BOX 684 BEAVERCREEK Self Defense DANESHBOD BAHAREH 1490 N FAIRFIELD RD 45431 45431 45324 45324 Selective monkeywrenching against the worst ranchers will not only help eliminate the negative impacts of grazing from sensitive areas but will encourage all ranchers to do a better job. BEAVERCREEK FAIRBORN CASDORPH WILLIAM H JR FAIRBORN 45431 1843 ROXBURY DR 935 N ENON RD $0.38 CHANEY E. $252.95 COX VIRGINIA $15.31 2364 BIGSURCIRCLE RD COOK JIMMIE D Subject: Oceanography. DAYTON DOUGHERTY COLLEEN XENIA 45324-7395 $4.00 45324 45305-9795 $50.00 45385-4951 45432 Gelscape costs about $108 for 15 pounds. One ounce will make a cup of water chewable. Calculate how much you need to do the job. Figure about one pound per gallon of water for a rubbery consistency. Experiment. You can also flush your time capsules down toilets, sinks, in sump pumps and wells. Troublesome and non-toxic. $4.00 CAMPBELL HOSMER 1725 W SLATTER COURT 1658 OTOOLE DR CARTER DARREL 1075 DARLINGTON DR $10.00 3718 SHAWNEE TRL 45324 DIENER TODD E 2122 WINCHESTER RD 45305 45324 P.O. BOX 111 45324 JAMESTOWN DAYTON 45384-0005 DAYTON 45324 ore costly types are thin blades for fine cutting with a minimum of material loss (important only for work with precious and semi-precious stones), so the lower priced general-purpose blades are what you want. Dulled or damaged blades can be repaired and re-surfaced by manufacturers, but don’t leave a name and address for investigators to trace to you. FAIRBORN 1297 PAINTERSVILLE NEW JASP RD SPRING VALLEY XENIA 453 FAIRFIELD PIKE WILBERFORCE FAIRBORN $50.00 DAYTON CAFARO ROSALYN A $198.10 CLAY JAMES CALTON NATHANIEL Travel at a steady pace and avoid running in the dark. Lifting knees higher than normal when walking will reduce the chance of stumbling over rocks, roots, and low branches. To avoid being hit in the eyes by low branches, extend one arm in front of your face and well ahead. This is a safe way of “feeling” your way in the dark. If you must run, focus your attention on the ground just two to three steps in front of you and run at a slight crouch. The crouching position keeps you from taking long strides, which is dangerously uncontrollable at night. Concentrating just a short distance ahead alerts you to the smallest hazards, which are usually the ones that will trip you. Again, keep one arm extended to protect your face. Practice moving at night without a flashlight before you find this necessary on an action. 1332 ORCHARD VIEW CT DAIRY MART Subject: Saint Helena Island (S.C.) Fiction. DAYTON BELANGER MARK A $0.25 811 E MARKET ST $6.55 Owner Name ARY STEVEN H $0.13 $13.49 CHILDS SCOTT Subject: Embroidery, Hmong--Themes, motives Juvenile literature. 285 WALNUT ST XENIA XENIA 45385 XENIA BELLBROOK ADKINS PAMELA K DAYTON AKERMAN AIMEE MICHELE 45324 Corporate subject: Huntington Botanical Gardens Pictorial works. $263.60 Planning JAMESTOWN 45385 45385 XENIA Subject: Married women Fiction. 2008 STONEYBROOK TR 45387 PS3568 .O855 A6 2006 Other languages $3.01 AMBURN ZELL A 110 SPINNING RD 2333 DUNCAN DR #9 SPRING VALLEY ALLEN RICHARD 871 BELFAST DR EDWARDS ANNA DAYTON D769.8.A6 O67 2006 CARRIAGE BY THE LAKE CE FAIRBORN 45385-9634 341 STELTON RD APT 908 45387-1930 3635 OLD DAYTON YELLOW SPR 45384 $54.35 DESCH JOSEPH E 45385 BURNETT DANNY A $133.30 Most veteran tree spikers agree that tree spiking should never be done alone. In addition to the person or persons who are doing the actual spiking, at least one person should have the sole duty of acting as lookout. Some experienced tree spikers recommend three lookouts for both spiking and silent pinning. At the first sign of any other people in the vicinity, spiking should cease and the team should quietly withdraw. The team should use the drop-off and pick-up method of access, and should follow all recommended precautions as to clothing, footwear, and tools (see the Security chapter). 45432-1315 BEAVERCREEK Random search — This involves flying low-level grid type patterns or scouting wide open expanses like frozen lakes. If you live in such an area, a decoy made to look like a target animal might lure in gunners for identification. 3736 FINCASTLE DR Subject: Fishes Juvenile fiction. 45385-3428 45335 $57.32 COMMUNITY NETWORK THE XENIA Apply hair spray liberally. $494.57 FAIRBORN $337.00 2350 LOWER BELLBROOK RD 45305-1121 Effective sign-cutting requires a three-member team: a driver and two cutters. With four, your cutting team can have a lookout who can alternate with the cutters in shifts. A five-member team is the largest size for safe operations and permits two teams of cutters and consequently faster work at the target site. $58.38 395 N 3RD ST 45370-7768 Subject: Rwanda--Ethnic relations--History--20th century. 4901 BAYSIDE DR FAIRBORN DERM ALG SPEC OF OHIO INC $58.75 2620 COL GLENN HIGHWAY 45385 DAYTON XENIA Mouth — wear a bandanna over your mouth to prevent liquid droplets from splashing into your mouth, especially when working around sewage. CAMPBELL DEBORAH L $0.69 45324- ABUSHAALA TINA 1728 ALLISON AVE FAIRBORN 45324 $52.14 $42.00 FAIRBORN 143 WASHINGTON UNKNOWN $0.10 DAY KENNETH J PO BOX 373 XENIA $24.53 Personal author: Roth, Philip. 351 S MONROE 1175 ORTEGO DR $36.63 BAKER DARRYL S ADAMS LAURA S BORCHERS WILLIAM F 45385-0000 4316 CORTSVILLE RD DAYTON 118 NIMITZ DR 45305-9741 BARRY RICHARD 45440 BLAINE RUSSELL J Various exotic methods have been suggested for putting spikes into trees, ranging from crossbows to muzzle-loaders to shotguns to spear guns. None of these seem to be worth the trouble, according to serious tree spikers who have tried them. Stick to the basics. Similarly, suggestions have been made that shooting bullets into trees would have the same effect as spiking. We discourage this for several reasons: the hydrostatic shock to the surrounding tissue in the tree from a bullet; the possibility of poisoning the tree if copper-jacketed ammo is used; the unlikelihood of bullets in trees being effective saw-dulling agents; the increased legal risk that comes from using firearms; and the security problem of noise from firearms. Previous suggestions for using nail guns (“power-actuated fastening systems”) are also now rejected due to noise, ineffectiveness, and greater complexity. D) Snare set on a log crossing a stream. 45431-1729 Most powerline towers are attached to a concrete base(s) by large bolts and nuts (with or without the addition of guy wires). (See illustration.) Check the size of the nuts, get a socket set for that size nut, a cheater pipe for better torque, and remove the nuts. You may also want to tap out the bolts with a hammer. Wind will do the rest after you are safely away from the area. CHABANNES RENE N 45324-9770 $1.00 BEAVERCREEK BROWN ERNEST L 1308 SANFORD DR CEDAR ST 11 BROOKSIDE ST CLARK EDITH $15.00 COATES JILL C $12.71 XENIA $81.50 $0.40 BRANDT TIM Production scheduling is so critical to financial planning that most businesses have various contingencies to minimize the impact of mechanical failure, inclement weather, and other factors. They may anticipate losing an average of two weeks to weather when logging in a certain season. Or they may have plans to rent extra equipment in the event of serious breakdowns. Repeated hits by ecoteurs exhaust the contingencies and cut into the eventual profit. $82.14 131 W ROUTZONG DR DAYTON Subject: Southern States--Civilization--1775-1865. $236.10 FAIRBORN 45324- 45385 45387-1910 45324 EICHELMAN SARAH L 1722 TREBEIN RD BARR DENISE L DITOMMASO TAMMIE L $15.88 $2,675.72 YELLOW SPRINGS $79.39 45430 249 W DAYTON YELLOW SPRG RD CRIDLEBAUGH WENDY Personal subject: Thesiger, Wilfred, 1910- --Travel--Arabian Peninsula. $0.24 DODD ANGELA M DAYTON 134 WEST WHITEMAN ST ALFORD SHIRLEY F $50.00 XENIA 2119 S HELENWOOD DR 1180 OVERLOOK DR BROWN WINFRED C 45324 BEAVERCREEK $25.00 DIXON MAGGIE BEAVERCREEK $120.75 CARSON CHARLES T 45305 $975.36 45385-3040 BOYD MORGAN N BELLBROOK ZIP 45385-8927 629 TALOWOOD DR EDWARD D JONES & CO CUST 618 JEFFERSON ST XENIA 45324-2213 $21.57 45434-0556 123 W WHITMAN ST DEHAVEN JOY City YELLOW SPRINGS FAIRBORN 235 E. SECOND STREET 3148 MILL POND DR 1294 RAYBELL DR 1249 CEDARCLIFF DR $69.41 3519 GETTYSBURG PITSBURG RD $45.74 BLACK WAYNES S 1293 GULTICE RD DAVIS WILLIAM W 1923 ZIMMERMAN 66 S GALLOWAY CONOVER DONALD W 60 E XENIA STREET BELLBROOK 3350 MAPLEWOOD DR 331 FACULTY DR Experienced trappers favor trap sets near natural animal pathways like deer trails, cow paths, streambeds, fence lines, and high observation points. In desert washes they favor piles of drifted brush and small brushy islands. Where other wildlife or livestock use the paths, the trap will be set off to the side to prevent deer and cattle from ruining the set. Small clearings, holes, and bare patches of dirt on snow-covered ground are ideal for traps. Subject: Diseases--Alternative treatment. Private operatives may use their real identities or fabricated ones. They routinely provide written reports to their employers to justify their job. Because they are not law enforcement officers, they are more likely to instigate or provoke others to commit illegal acts (such as the recent case involving animal rights activists alluded to above), conduct illegal searches and surveillance, and generally engage in the kinds of actions whose evidence would not be admissible in court. Private operatives also typically lack the costly support systems of police undercover agents, and can be more readily exposed. JAMESTOWN edited by Gerben Hellinga, Bert van Luyn, Henk-Jan Dalewijk. 45324-1803 CANTRELL JOHN W ALLEN HEATHER M DILGER ROBERT G 1223 STEINBECK WA DAYTON 3827 DAYTON XENIA RD FAIRBORN 4315 SHAWNEE TRL 2387 MARCIA DR 415 BELLBROOK AVE 45385 Remember the following tips: 45335 CURFMAN STEVEN C DAYTON 534 NEWPORT RD #8 Q175.35 .S55 2006 EDWARDS BUD 45314 BUTGEREIT DAVID $42.34 1732 OTTAWA DR ALLISON SHANYN Subject: Advertising--Psychological aspects. 1700 W PARK SQ $41.59 WILBERFORCE At the time of the Lewis and Clark Expedition, an estimated 100,000 Grizzlies roamed the western half of what is now the United States. The howl of the wolf was ubiquitous. The California Condor sailed the sky from the Pacific Coast to the Great Plains. Salmon and sturgeon populated the rivers. Ocelots, Jaguars, and Jaguarundis prowled the Texas brush and Southwestern mountains and mesas. Bighorn Sheep ranged the mountains of the Rockies, the Great Basin, the Southwest, and the Pacific Coast. Ivory-billed Woodpeckers and Carolina Parakeets filled the steamy forests of the Deep South. The land was alive. BASHAW STEPHEN W 3202 MEADOWLARK PLACE FAIRBORN FAIRBORN DAYTON BLOOM DENVER & TERRY 45385-1460 BROWN TAMMY S 45431- COXC ALICE N Propane is cheaper and easier to handle, can be obtained almost anywhere, and can be used in camp stoves. But it cannot be used for welding. The cutting torch attachment, handle, hoses, oxygen bottle, and oxygen regulator are the same regardless of fuel. Only the cutting tips, fuel bottle, and regulator are different with different fuels (although an acetylene regulator is fine for propane, a propane-only regulator is cheaper). CRUZ NICOLAS A COATES DOTTIE DEWINE MIKE 3600 SHAWNEE TR BEAVERCREEK BEAVERCREEK BEAVERCREEK BRITT ROCKIM L 4380 BAYBERRY COVE 2108 BANDIT TRAIL 45324 XENIA 45385 $304.00 2397 BLUEWING DR $53.05 1045 LUDLOW RD 2018 KATHY DR BLACK LOIS A $0.45 $128.60 5706 PENWICK CT COPE MOLLY XENIA 45314 Owner Name FAIRBORN $3.64 DAYTON BUNTYN MARY A 528 W MAIN ST Personal author: Thomazeau, Fran*cois. DUBOIS RYAN 1500 FALKE DR 4718 WOLFORD RD COLLAO DAWN 410 WINDING TRL BIRCH MELISSA $5.00 literature for young readers / Sherry York. BEAVERCREEK 45324 45387 $29.57 XENIA 145853 CIRCLE #203 668 OMAR CIR CEDARVILLE 2809 TREYBURN LN Approaching A Forest Site 45431-1169 BLANTON TAMMY L 1751 HILDRETH DR $151.38 1277 PONDEROSA CT Subject: English language--United States--Usage Dictionaries. XENIA 3654 KNOLLWOOD ADAMS TODD E 614-A GROTON CT illustrated by Chris Soentpiet. CAIN RUSSELL FAIRBORN BANKEY JAMES STEPHEN BUNDY MATT R XENIA $111.89 45385- high art, and popular taste / Joni L. Kinsey. $7.45 RTE 1 BOX 103 HOLTZ RD 45385-0000 DICKSON MARJORY S. FAIRBORN 84 NIMITZ DR $10.00 45385 2365 FERRY RD 45432-3340 $10.46 BRYANT BOBBIE $365.00 $25.00 DILLON DEBORAH 668 OMAR CIR LENSCRAFTERS #631 FAIRBORN ADCOCK NEIL $19,319.84 767 S DETROIT ST $40.00 HD6060.5.U5 M87 2005 45324 BURTON TRACY $11.36 45314-0000 XENIA 45305 537 WAYNE DR 1842 WHITT ST BRETELSON KASEY 45431 PR6045 .O72 M7 2005 BEAVERCREEK $50.00 105 MEYER AVE $360.00 4470 BAYBERRY COVE 45370 Glass etching cream is a wonderful tool for monkeywrenchers. My favorite thing to do with it is to paint slogans and messages on windows and windshields. Unlike paint, etching stays until the glass is replaced. Sometimes, though, an etching cream bomb is better. XENIA DAYTON FAIRBORN 45314 602 GROTON CT #B 45431-3909 FAIRBORN 1757 ARLIN DAVIS ROGER 45324 COMBS NATHANIEL A DRESCHER PHILIP L BARR JAN 622 OMAR CIR BARTLETT PAMELA 45434-5701 3130 HUSSEY RD Chapter 1: Strategic Monkeywrenching Subject: War on Terrorism, 2001- BUCKNER JAMES Address BREWER PERNIE R $28.99 Subject: Fishes Juvenile fiction. WRIGHT PATTERSON AFB 54 NIMITZ DR CASTLE DARRELL A DAVE DENNIS VOLKSWAGEN $8.00 45434 795 LIVERMORE STREET $12.40 XENIA City 45324 45385 BEARD RODNEY LEE ATLEY CHRIS 45324-2729 Address BATCHELOR JASMINE JAMESTOWN $10.00 $0.01 319 W DAYTON YELLOW SPRING RD 45305-1704 $3.60 $50.88 45324 ZIP 2934 STAUFFER DR CONNER CONNER $341.28 YELLOW SPRINGS BESOM ROBERT D 45431-2210 105 ROGERS ST $90.00 The best way to damage magnetic tape is to cut into the side of the tightly wound spool with a small sharp knife. You don’t have to cut all the way through. Even a shallow cut through many windings of the tape will prevent it from feeding into the computer. 45431-1413 ROUTE 1 ASIKELE EDWARD E BELLBROOK BEASON BETTY L $100.00 48534 45431 45324 45385 DAYTON ALEXANDER SHERRI $20.13 DUNLAP EDITH $10.00 $187.83 DAYTON 2420 WINCHESTER RD. CEDARVILLE DAY JOSHUA CARTER MAURICE H $1,487.78 $15.48 45385- 1578 BROMLEY DR APT F 45324 CAMERON SHAWN 45384-0000 BURNS TIM 45305-2121 45324 BEAVERCREEK $70.00 585 S MONROE ST 5215 THURLOW ST YELLOW SPRINGS ACKERMAN LINDSAY 215 BELLAIRE DR Find a Book 45387 FAIRBORN 75 LORETTA AVE #O FAIRBORN BEAVERCREEK v-a-jpeg-71.jpg Owner Name 45370-9648 4809 HASSAN CIRCLE 2324 PORTAGE PATH $2.00 5219 SAUM DR BUNDY ROBERT BELLBROOK $38.25 BROCKMAN DANIEL GEORGE BRECKENRIDGE ENRA BRADBURY ROGER A XENIA XENIA BAUMAN RYAN W COMBS BARBARA L 1213 CINCINNATI AVE 45324-2790 257 ASHLEY CT 45324 CMR COX 10303 $61.15 AIRTOUCH CELL DAYTON 4312 BAYBERRY CV 4514 AIRWAY RD $3.56 Use top-quality tools. Tools that break cause injury and leave evidence. Use common US brands such as Proto, Thorsen, Challenger, Utica, Bonney, Wright, Snap-On, New Britain, SK, Diamond, Ridgid, H.K. Porter, Channellock, Craftsman, etc. Avoid tools made in Taiwan or Hong Kong. 45324 45324 $13.42 COOK RICK L 1272 CROSBY CIR 45385-9340 XENIA 2727 FAIRFIELD COMMONS MALL 2445 EDGEWATER DR 45385 45385 $20.74 $26.01 4925 EFFINGHAM PL CRAWFORD JULIA A 45432-3237 DAYTON 255 W FREDERICK ALLEN IDA L 3684 HARRY TRUMAN DR XENIA TR642 .E5 2006 v. 1 - 3 45385 $500.00 $7.60 45324 $564.78 3550 EMERALDCUT DR APT 5 45432 PO BOX C 45324 FAIRBORN XENIA $9.76 Subject: English language--Usage Dictionaries. 2479 INDIAN WELLS TRL 341 WENDELL LN $50.00 $72.00 1829 GAYHART DR BELLBROOK XENIA XENIA DENT MARVIN C. $44.10 FAIRBORN CHARTERS LEONA R $50.00 477 W KREPPS RD 1814 WOODVINE 15 OLD YELLOW SPRING $4.80 5355 DUQUESNE AVE 45385-2146 45324-0680 XENIA Address $53.89 SPRING VALLEY $961.01 $15.62 US Air Force Bombing Range — Live Ammo — Keep Out — Violators Subject to Arrest 45370 45305 Subject: Beaches--California, Northern Guidebooks. 1730 ARLIN PL APT C COREY RYAN Catalogs 45434 CHAPMAN DEANNA New York Times bestselling author David R. George III's contributions to the world of Star Trek include the Voyager episode, "Prime Factors," and three novels, The 34th Rule, Twilight, and the Lost Era title Serpents Among the Ruins. He is currently working on another "DS9" installment (the Dominion entry in the Worlds of Deep Space Nine series), and will soon begin penning an original series trilogy to coincide with the fortieth anniversary of Kirk and company's television debut in 1966. $97.28 $21.17 $80.00 $0.01 $2.00 $12.44 45431 1311 KEVIN DR 2204 BEAVER-VALLEY RD $100.04 CORDELL NORMAN R. 450 PLEASANT ST PO BOX 763 45370 FAIRBORN 45431 BOSELA JAMES $1,102.43 CAIN DONALD E Field Notes 45385-2618 FAIRBORN 45434-6526 $145.00 $151.04 ANDZIK RUDOLPH J WRIGHT PATTERSON AFB 45324-7523 5927 SHARP RD 45324 45324 BENNETT THERESA A 34 REDBANK DRIVE Snowmobiles are also vulnerable to the methods discussed in the Vehicles and Heavy Equipment chapter. names and license plate numbers. 45385 167 FRANKLIN CIR 45385 COBLINTZ DAVID M. 45324-8710 CRANOS DAVID P $10.05 Power boats, jet skis, and other motorized watercraft are permitted in many National Wildlife Refuges and other sensitive wildlife habitats. Their operation is no less disturbing to wildlife than are snowmobiles and dirt bikes in other areas. The wake from jet skis and motor boats causes shoreline erosion and damages bird nests. Their exhaust, fuel, oil, and other fluids pollute water and air. 45387-1694 45431- BARFOOT ELEANOR W $0.67 1566 BEAVERBROOK DR FAIRBORN XENIA $10.00 2 E WASHINGTON ST 45385-9628 45432 $5.55 Depending on the range and the particular device, it is often hard to make out the details (e.g., is that a cop over there or a deer?). 45385 1479 HOLLYBUSH DR #C 389 SHEELIN RD Advanced Aircraft Ecotage 608 S MAPLE ST 4135 NEDRA DR 45385 120 DAYTON ST 45305 Field Note PZ7.S2744 Gr 1993 2472 HEATHER GLEN CT APT 1 DAYTON $77.97 YELLOW SPRINGS BEAVERCREEK AZELTINE CHAD GLOW TRAIL BROWNLEE SUZIE WILBERFORCE $8.00 45431 BROWNE ANDREW MARTIN Communication between team members is best done with hand signals. Tap someone on the shoulder and point to possible danger sources. If you must talk, cup your hands over your friend’s ear and whisper. Night bird sounds, like owl hoots, should be used as danger signals only, to avoid excessive use. In addition, whistles worn on a cord around the neck can provide emergency signaling when the team is spread out over a large area. All team members should be assigned numbers or fake names for emergency shouting at night. 45384 45432 $10.64 DAYTON CULTICE FLORENCE 306 HAYDEN AVE $60.00 FAIRBORN 2315 IVY CREST DR 3353 CEDARWOOD DR 485 COLONIAL DRIVE BELLOWS ZOE A 5651 WATERLILY DR DAVIS CHARLES J BEAVERCREEK $30.00 45432- 45430 45431 45387 BEAVERCREEK CANTERBURY JOYCE A DAYTON The borer and file, unlike a hammer and spikes, would be expected in the forest or on a timber sale area, especially if you are wearing an old Filson cruiser’s jacket and carrying a cruiser’s ax. $2.46 45324 928 GREENWAY DR $1.63 ECKMAN JOSEPH R 10 HALESEY DR CLINE KIMBERLY $17.85 $347.00 SPRING VALLEY 2900 PRESIDENTIAL DR RM 340 45387 XENIA 45324 45335-9746 3565 CHARLENE DR BROWN MATTIE $49.87 3579 TIMBROOK CT BUSH VILDER W DAYTON PO BOX 282 888 DAYTON ST COLBERT KIM C FAIRBORN 4367 NEWBERRY CT $97.26 $0.12 FAIRBORN BEAVERCREEK BROOKS GERALD W FAIRBORN $96.00 DECKER SHANNON K BEAVERCREEK CEDARVILLE 45431 45431 1803 NUGGET CT 1449 SALEM AVE CARLTON WHITNEY N SPRING VALLEY BATES ELNORA BAKER DELBERT E. 2794 KEMP RD $20.74 $183.11 $173.18 $19.55 Bolt cutters — Besides destroying the hydraulic system, a good pair of bolt cutters (at least 24” long) can be used to: $247.32 WILBERFORCE $1.36 BUCKEYE COUNTRYMARK INC XENIA 45431-2345 5005 CATTAIL CT BOWERS HELEN F HN90 .V64 W89 1995 SPRING VALLEY 45324-3835 62 W WASHINGTON ST 1259 CHISOLM TRL $5.48 $45.19 45324-5462 BOIVIN DUWAIN E 243 WHITEHALL DR 45431-1620 It has been reported that the Forest Service experimented with these tracing materials on trees marked for a controversial logging cut. The tree spiker can avoid problems by scrupulously avoiding direct contact with the bark of any tree. To set a spike, only a cheap throwaway cloth glove need come in actual physical contact with a tree. Avoid brushing a shirt or jacket sleeve on the bark. When the job is finished, isolate the gloves in a small bag. If they come into contact with your clothing, such as the inside of your pockets, they will spread the material. Dispose of the gloves correctly by burying them in a hole a great distance from the target (ideally on the drive out — stop briefly, step outside to a concealed place, and quickly bury — this will prevent their discovery by a tracking dog), or dropping them in a dumpster or other suitable spot (don’t leave them in a bag that might bear your fingerprints). 45385- 45431-3013 FAIRBORN $6.42 2134 FIREBIRD DR 45385 CARDULLA GARY E CARROLL J L 2428 RONA VILLAGE BLVD $7.35 Owner Name $38.40 Operations by monkeywrenchers against overgrazing include the following: CHEUVRONT JUSTIN City As a general rule, avoid the exotic and unusual. One should not stand out. Dress like the locals, be they construction workers, loggers, or corporate executives. It may be necessary to blend in with the local scene to escape from the target area. Dress and cut your hair like the locals. Women should avoid halter tops, short shorts, or other outfits that make them noticeable. 2402 PATRICK BLVD $12.50 $13.60 1360 CORRY ST 45385 $461.97 JAMESTOWN 78 BRENT DR 45305-1724 45324 $53.00 Secondary Sabotage Techniques 1842 WHITT ST XENIA DAYTON 234 FRANKLIN CT #B 45385-314 CAMPO ANGELA M COMER JUANITA XENIA City 1541 REID AVE BUNTYN MARY A CARROLL J. 4609 AIRWAY RD 139 E THIRD ST 45324 $517.61 $50.00 45432-3408 Billboards should be chopped up after felling. Otherwise, they are just put back up. The best method is for one person to split it down the middle with an ax. Others should stand far away. It is too dangerous to have a couple of people wielding axes close together in the dark. ADKINS JOHN T FAIRBORN 3741 ST. ANDREWS DR CHAPPLE CHRIS FAIRBORN DERAMUS DAVID 45305 XENIA COLUMBUS PIKE 1710 RICHLAND RD 210 FAIRFIELD PK COLLINS KAY A XENIA ADAMSON KAREN L $12.00 4330 E BRIGGS RD 4520 GLEN MARTIN DR 45324 FAIRBORN $164.00 Owner Name Of course if your hit is to be quick, like breaking windows to toss in paint bags, an alarm will not deter you since you’ll be long gone before someone arrives. CAGLE SHARON K FAIRBORN 2363 BLUEWING DR Robert has appeared in over 100 films, made-for-TV movies, and television episodes. His most recent projects include the soon-to-be released films "Moonbase," in which he stars as the evil convict Stark, and "Good Luck," starring Gregory Hines. He has also appeared in the "The Mask" starring Jim Carrey, as well as ten other feature films. Mini-series and movie-of-the-week appearances include "Desperado: Badlands Justice," "World War III," "From Here To Eternity" and "By The Dawn's Early Light." Television series include NYPD Blue and two seasons on In the Heat of the Night and Dark Justice. Other episodic television credits include such series as Murder, She Wrote (2 appearances), Dallas (2 appearances), Hunter, Falcon Crest, The Flash, Hill Street Blues, Max Headroom, The Equalizer, Sledgehammer, Paradise, Jake and the Fatman, MacGyver, and many more. Robert generally portrays villains or antagonists and is particularly expert in the use of a variety of dialects and accents. DAVID A & 2310 DUNCAN DR APT 10 JAMESTOWN XENIA Address 45324-0000 COLEMAN RUBY $153.16 SPRING VALLEY BROOKS SHARON K 45431-2849 DAYTON $0.32 $0.42 F1209 .B35 2007 COAN JOHN P $14.03 519 FLINTRIDGE DR 218 NORTHWOOD DR XENIA 45433- DYE FORREST N $51.32 $10.00 BASH NATHAN 45385 FAIRBORN 45434 $597.24 BARTLETT ROBERT $41.37 XENIA XENIA 382 WINDING TRAIL CLARKE ADELE JAMESTOWN YELLOW SPRINGS 4355 MERRYDALE AVE DAYTON DAYTON 45385 ACKLIN LEEANN $299.81 When a team is working in an area currently being logged, it is necessary to take security precautions that might not be necessary when working in a remote roadless area. Night work may be essential, and this creates additional problems. Absolutely critical is the ability to conceal all signs of your work. To gain this ability, you must practice during daylight hours in a safe and secluded location. Only by polishing your technique beforehand can you be sure you will leave no evidence at the scene. When chips of bark are glued back into place, there must be no telltale seams, cracks, or excess glue. All wood shavings must be carefully swept onto a towel and carried away a short distance for shallow burial. A dark terry cloth towel is recommended since the shavings will stick well to the rough surface. 45431-1265 XENIA BURTON DENVER P $43.51 $0.07 BENTLEY NELL F ALEXANDER PATRICIA L 5456 DAVIS RD $29.95 $85.86 45433 4305 BAYBERRY COVE 5016 COBB DR APT B COUCH LLOYD 1138 MINT SPRINGS DR DAYTON Mountain bikes, or just an old clunker from the Goodwill store, provide a silent way of prowling roads while keeping an ear cocked for the sound of an approaching engine. To avoid leaving telltale tracks, ride only in the other tire tracks so that the next passing vehicle will erase signs of your passing. If you wish to stop and check an area more closely, do not ride off the road. Stop in the track, pick up your bike and carry it into the brush, stepping carefully on rocks, twigs, and clumps of grass to avoid leaving obvious footprints. Soft soled moccasins leave a minimum of footprint, and you can quickly change into boots when you’ve found an area likely to contain traps. $1,525.96 BENTLEY JOHN BAKER CLARENCE 45324 45431- $29.95 Owner Name $55.27 EASTHAM RYAN G $19.47 PO BOX 684 147 W FUNDERBURG RD 1437 WOODMAN DR BRADAM VIRGIE 45385-1750 BEEM GREGORY S DENNY ROGER ALAN 1646 GREENE LAKE DR 1201 MOUND AVE B 3063 ARMEN AVE $10.00 XENIA DEATON WALTER E COPLEY DANA $96.00 DARNER TERRY E ARMENT J F $51.05 BRANHAM LINDA S C/O ANDREA PROENZA $75.76 45370 $11.16 $68.49 BRANSCOME PATRICIA DAYTON DASILVA CHRISTINA FAIRBORN XENIA 45370 45385 BROWN GAMAL D v-a-jpeg-69.jpg 2288 JACAVANDA DR CLARKE JEROME FAIRBORN Title: Divine wind : the history and science of hurricanes / Kerry Emanuel. $112.04 $10.00 45324 219 N HIGH CHILDRE SUSAN XENIA 45314-0000 45324-8753 16 E LINDBERG DR $18.75 1 Channel 5 Channel COLLINSWORTH JAMES T 3901 CHALET CIR S $20.26 Subject: Middle-aged women--Attitudes. DELPH RUTH 45335 365 SOUTH FAIRFIELD RD YELLOW SPRINGS 45324-4205 45385-5540 BEAVERCREEK Amount 45305-8733 2119 S HELENWOOD DR 45324 DAYTON $20.80 DUKE EDWARD JR YELLOW SPRINGS 45432 FAIRBORN 45387 COVERT ELIZABETH M You now have a good 8 to 15 minutes to vacate the area, the exact time depending on the kind and length of cigarette, wind, and humidity. This technique is much simpler than it sounds, and with a little practice works almost every time. 45432 422 E CHURCH $192.38 2421 W JACKSON RD ANERSON WENDY 1697 FAUST RD 45385 $85.43 Recent arrests have included the seizure by police of large amounts of material as “evidence” from suspected eco-raiders’ homes. Carefully observe all security precautions for disposing of evidence. After any job in which you may have left tool marks from pry bars, screwdrivers, wire cutters, and the like, immediately use files and emery cloth to alter the tools’ prying/cutting edges to prevent a positive “match” between your tools and evidence left at the scene. This must be done before the tools are stashed away. If you’ve used something like spray paint or glue during a “job,” get rid of any remaining and replace it with a different brand for the next action. 15 SUMMIT LN 45432 $63.19 DEETS SARAH E Address 4967 WOODMAN PARK DR 11 ZIP $19.41 $4.00 1400 BRUSHROW RD CURNS DANNY DAYTON $56.05 1037 LEXINGTON AVE COOPER CIARA M XENIA BEVAN BARBARA XENIA $309.76 Subject: School improvement programs--United States Case studies. 45324 45324 $67.35 XENIA $6.59 XENIA $44.88 305 DAWNVIEW AVE 45385 45431-1938 Ultraviolet Tracing $31.87 DONGQING ZHOU CEDARVILLE $15.17 XENIA COWEN MICHAEL CARROLL GERALD After a biking trip across Europe, George returned to California and began guest starring on series such as Perry Mason, Mr. Novak, Hawaiian Eye, I, Spy, It Takes a Thief and My Three Sons. $114.00 FAIRBORN BRANNOCK LEANNE ALLEN ULYSSES S FAIRBORN Subject: Educational leadership--United States Case studies. BEY VOLIA CHIDURALA MADHU M 45432-3120 BRYANT RON 45370 45431 45305-2013 HV6432.7 .B425 2006 BOWMAN DAVID CHIN DENIECE E $64.80 $38.30 117 W S COLLEGE ST $3.00 $55.88 45385 When Mary Linda was bitten by the acting bug her family was quite supportive. Through prep school she won trophies for Drama, was in the glee club, and was elected president of the theatrical society. After getting a BA in theatre arts at the University of Kansas she moved on to do a theatrical tour all through Europe. She came back, and her picture was in a local talent agency's book in Kansas City her home town... Which was also where In Cold Blood (1967) was being shot. Richard Brooks saw her picture and said that this is the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. She was cast as the role of Susan Kidwell. Richard Brooks, the director for this movie, did 40 takes for each scene he did, so originally Mary Linda was in more scenes than you can count. After this she was on a roll. She was a series regular in the ER of its day, "Medical Center", played Gregory Peck's daughter, in the Sci Fi film, Marooned (1969), had a guest-starring role on "Ironside", and played the Infamous role of Irina, Pavel Chekhov’s be CRAIG TOBY W DOWNING DANA L Title: San Francisco. 45387 BOX 42 $134.41 FAIRBORN 946 STOVER DR 45432-1817 FAIRBORN CULLEN SHANE 45324 4915 WOODMAN PARK DR APT 11 If you do pour water into the computer while it is on, or if you smash one with a hammer or an ax, make sure you are not touching anything in contact with the computer or you run the risk of getting shocked. Avoid touching anything that is grounded. If you are leaning against a metal table, your rubber soles won’t do any good. $113.46 $18.40 DAYTON 103 WASHINGTON ST BURR MARY 45385 $32.89 ADAMS JASON BARBOSA JOSEPH 3353 CEDARWOOD DR $13.10 $15.95 $100.00 BYRD MICHAEL DAYTON CASTONGUAY JON XENIA PSC 111482 City Subject: Cities and towns in literature. 1121 XENIA AVE CORDIAL WILLIAM R ANTEZANA R BARRY GREGORY P JR Paint pellets (used in C02 air splat guns for war games) can be fired from slingshots. They are water-based paint in gelatin. This means they are politically-correct-biodegradable, but the paint splat does not last long on your target. Unfortunately, some break with the initial pull of the slingshot. $6.30 45431-2576 45305 ROUTE 1 BEAVERCREEK $1.00 45324 $20.11 COHEN TERESA $0.16 $9.09 $22.02 194 PINEGROVE DR FAIRBORN BECK GROUP MGMT CORP RCV 847 S DETROIT ST 93 HILLCREST AVE We have received comments from knowledgeable individuals that the “Mining” section in the second edition of Ecodefense contained inaccurate information. In addition to decrying the misleading information about mining claims and staking, critics argued that destroying mine claim posts accomplished very little at considerable risk. As one experienced monkeywrencher wrote, “If you remove the posts at an early stage, all you will do is warn the claim holder of potential future problems. I personally believe that the vast majority of mining claims aren’t worth the trouble.” We agree, and have deleted the article on mining claims from this third edition. Instead of wasting your time trashing mining claims, there are far more effective ways to hamper the destructiveness of both small and corporate miners. Suggestions are offered in the following Field Notes. 45432 45433-1122 2174 OXMOOR DR ANDERSON AAISHA R 117 W SOUTH COLLEGE ST $0.64 855 BOYLAN DR XENIA FAIRBORN $504.42 Railroad Spike/Tie Plate Trap $0.09 $115.61 $0.21 UNKNOWN $8.64 CAMPBELL MICHAEL 2205 ENTRADA DR $0.10 2923 WHISPERING PINES 600 RUSTIC TRL BEAVERCREEK $10.00 XENIA $1,995.00 YELLOW SPRINGS DAYTON CHILDERS MARK A CAMERON JOHN J $15.60 201 E EMERSON AVE APT B Doris Kearns Goodwin. 45434-6939 215 W CENTER COLLEGE ST DENNIS VIRGIE $17.62 Three pairs of welding goggles FAIRBORN BEAVERCREEK $1.40 $26.60 45335 45324 $205.18 45384-0426 Field Note 1323 OAKHILL AVE Subject: United States--Social conditions--1980- Amount The procedure will not work if water is flowing, because the foam is washed away before it sets. If you drill into such a pipe, don’t just walk away. That little fountain coming from a drilled hole may give unnecessary clues to the rancher. Make your work look like an accident or simple vandalism by smashing that section of the pipe with rock or hammer. CLAY IONA Field Notes $0.19 BELLBROOK YELLOW SPRINGS BONE WILLIAM R 45432-1906 CHRISTINA ENT $98.33 $200.00 FAIRBORN 45305 Field Notes BARR DAVID P O BOX 336 45384 BOZADA CHRISTOPHER DAYTON $0.89 DAYTON 2935 DAYTON XENIA RD APPIS MICHELLE J BEAL LESLIE C $29.14 $21.55 1028 HARVARD AVE 45432 Cutting 233 BRANCH ST COHEN DOROTHY 370 W MARKET ST FAIRBORN $71.66 XENIA $753.12 FAIRBORN $614.23 XENIA $16.06 45431-1603 45324-4347 $269.74 4676 FEDERAL ROAD Various types of oil filler caps found on wheel hubs can be seen in (C) through (F). In (G) is a plug in a differential through which lubricating oil (and abrasives) is introduced. A neat job will ensure that even if the operator checks, abrasives will not be immediately apparent. CLARK JOHN & KIM $98.33 Title: Modern American realism : the Sara Roby Foundation COX GEORGE E 45434 XENIA 332 E WHITTIER AVENUE BEAVERCREEK FAM COOPER LISA ANN $34.00 DAVENPORT A A COLLETT FRED M DUNLAP LONNIE D XENIA 1230 WHITETAIL DR 18 UNION ST. $88.00 But then, about halfway through the book, comes the scene that changes everything. Miss Myst, chased by gangsters, decides to call on a friend for help, a mysterious ex-mobster who apparently owes her a lifetime of favors. Although I’ve never seen another Miss Myst novel, I got the idea that this was a recurring character, a large, ugly brute of surprising intelligence and compassion, at least where “Suzy” is concerned. His name? Mister Grimm. 416 BELLBROOK AVE 45324 2209 ROSEANNE CT $112.20 4295 NAVAJO TRL 545 N GALLOWAY ST $1.34 FAIRBORN 45335 3229 SPILLWAY CT BEAVERCREEK XENIA HC102.5.A2 F46 2005 $4.92 CAREY GLENDA D $0.24 FAIRBORN 45387 2762 UPPER BELLBROOK RD XENIA ASHWORTH ROB JR AHMAD AMATUL N $64.00 45324 45305-1800 45385 Health Book Collective ; with a preface by Vivian Pinn. 45385-1453 Subject: Irish--United States Biography. 1864 4TH ST YELLOW SPRINGS $67.09 FAIRBORN 45385 The transmitters are generally unguarded and amount to nothing much more than a large billboard (the type Doc Sarvis was well acquainted with). DAYTON 888 N BIKET WRIGHT PATTERSON AFB Field Note $12.98 DAYTON $45.79 FAIRBORN CAPERTON BERLIN 45440 S COLLEGE ST $106.83 DAYTON PO BOX 193 45324-2337 FAIRBORN $10.00 ARNOLD ROBERT S & MARY LOU CONNOR DRENA M $2.80 105 E MARKET 45433 HV6710 .P68 2005 DEARNALEY CAROLYN HAGUE 45324 furniture and interiors / Thea Marx. $1.29 4405 BURKHARDT AVE APT C2 Hard Rock vs. Heavy Metal: Quartz Tree Pins $27.00 $10.00 Subject: Fermat's last theorem. $8.00 $270.96 BAOUNI JALIL BEAVERCREEK 45316 $1.00 FAIRBORN PO BOX 945 BUNTYN MARY A BURNETT CLEADY M 45385-5028 13 DIANA LN E 45387 XENIA 45385-3913 DAYTON BUNN LINDA ADAMS JOSEPH R the invention of the weather forecast / John and Mary Gribbin. 45324 BARKER MARY R XENIA FAIRBORN CARROLL JAMES W 45335 BELLBROOK Subject: Florence (Italy) Pictorial works. 1729 WILENE DR CZERNIAK JENNIFER 45324 COBB MARY A BERARD DEBORAH 8432 DAYTON RD JAMESTOWN Address Subject: France Guidebooks. 917 MARTIN ST R697 .P45 S227 2002 ADAMES HECTOR 5580 BURKHARDT RD APT 307 $59.71 R 1 $29.31 SPRING VALLEY BUTTS RUTH R 2295 GREENE WAY BLVD $30.00 133 HOLMES DR BLAYLOCK SCOTT $19.11 FAIRBORN 45431 DAYTON 45324 45387 355 W NORTH COLLEGE ST $25.66 64 OLD YELLOW SPRING RD Tool List 331 FACULTY DR 461 RENOIR PL 45305-0000 $408.57 ATKINSON GERALD FAIRBORN Subject: Rock musicians--England Biography. collage artist, John Morse ; fine art & Seismographic Lines 45433-0000 Subject: Father and child Juvenile fiction. 45324 FAIRBORN Title: Contemporary western design : high-style 45324-2086 $0.76 FAIRBORN BURGAN KEITH E CORNEY VIRGINIA $4.50 $92.71 XENIA DOWNES NINAM. BURRELL WILLIAM $1.16 BUNTON GARY L. YELLOW SPRINGS COLEMAN THOMAS When private investigative agencies infiltrate a radical group, they usually assign operatives with little training, sent out on a “fishing expedition” to pass along any and all information on the activities of the target group. More experienced operatives may have a background in employee investigations and are generally “hired” by an established business to pose as an average employee while actually seeking information about theft, drug use, union activity, or anything else of interest to management. BUTTS CHARLES I SR 45387 PS3619 .E26 L68 2004 CRUM GERALD R $89.08 City BAKER MATTHEW 1075 DARLINGTON DR BLACK JOYCE F 45370-9612 BEAVERCREEK $18.20 FAIRBORN DULIN DAVID L 926 LANTERN GLOW TRL YELLOW SPRINGS modern American place / Phoebe S. Kropp. FAIRBORN 45434-6275 $76.33 45387 FAIRBORN 45385 $87.84 45324 215 DAYTON XENIA 45385 DAYTON $195.56 JAMESTOWN Address $20.90 BROWN MADONNA M BELLBROOK BOOHER SUZANNE $80.00 45305 45385-8927 4339 WOLFORD RD XENIA $1.89 $87.76 DAYTON FAIRBORN 4346 SPRINGFIELD ST 4704 RT 42E 45324-0000 CLYDE RD BELLBROOK APPLEGATE CHRISTOPHER 741 STONEYBROOK TRL FAIRBORN XENIA 159 W FUNDERBURG RD APT C4 45432 BLAKE JERRY 4524 US ROUTE 35 E YELLOW SPRINGS FAIRBORN YELLOW SPRINGS XENIA 45431-1410 Subject: Cooks--France Biography. DAYTON BEAVERCREEK ACKLIN LEEANN A simpler way to use water is to fill the air intake with it. Once water sucks into the cylinders (water can’t be compressed), it will jam the pistons and the engine can’t turn over-time for repairs (downtime for repairs, that is!). If the engine is running when the water is introduced to the cylinders, it will jam the pistons and bend the connecting rods — a lot of work for the poor bastard who has to fix it. 45385 FAIRBORN 45432- $36.83 $160.00 XENIA 126 LOWER HILLSIDE DR CARR ANTHONY JOSEPH XENIA DIBENEDETTO S MARC DDS 45335 2387 MARCIA DR 45324 DORSEY CLARK $20.00 PO BOX 384 $0.58 $50.09 $0.04 FAIRBORN BRODERICK RAYMOND P 414 MARSHALL DR 45370 45335 1050 FREDERICK DR 1813 BORDEAUX DR Amount $299.62 DAYTON DANNENFELSER CAMILA L Subject: Segregation in transportation--Alabama--Montgomery-- WRIGHT PATTERSON AFB $0.47 1340 MAPLEGROVE DR $20.67 XENIA BEAVERCREEK 45335 ALFORD J M $3.61 FAIRBORN BAUER CLARE S & JOHN F 45432-0000 45385 Authors BEAVERCREEK CARPENTER MINDY L 45324 BELLBROOK $1.02 RIVERSIDE XENIA BROWNING SCOTT A 851 BIRCH RD 5965 HICKMAN DR FAIRBORN FAIRBORN $5.50 RR 5 Personal author: Coyle, Daniel. FAIRBORN DAVIS JAMES M 45324-3504 3111 CLAYDOR DR marine environment / Richard A. Davis, Jr. 45335-1311 XENIA 2560 RYAN CT BARLETT ALICE L DAYTON BOOHER MARILYN SUE YELLOW SPRINGS C/O KEITH DOSTER ARGENT JAMES 45324 CEDARVILLE SPRING VALLEY ABIDING CHRIST LUTHERAN C3H26U ER CDHAYTON YELLOW SPRINFGASIR RBDORN 45324 $100.62 45385-9369 $280.46 45431 ALLISON MICHAEL A 415 E 3RD ST FAIRBORN 45387 45431 $156.04 FAIRBORN 74TH MEDICAL GROUP SGSRTA Address BUTTREY JACK M DAYTON $60.00 $59.64 4915 WOODMAN PARK DAYTON DAYTON BERRY EMILY M 45431 Following is a brief summary of tracking methods as taught by the US Border Patrol and used in their pursuit of illegal border crossers. For detailed descriptions see Tracking: A Blueprint for Learning How by Jack Kearney (Pathways Press 1978) or Mantracking by Roland Robbins (Search & Rescue Magazine, 1977). BARKER D YELLOW SPRINGS $500.00 PR9499.3.C4665 E54 2006 SPRING VALLEY Practice and experimentation are essential with this technique. In some tests, the “starter” ignited not much over 30 seconds after mixing. Even such a short time might give someone a chance to get far enough away from the target to avoid being seen, however. ZIP France Nuyen 45335-1531 BOYD ANGI 712 S MAPLE AVE NK2439.M65 W56 2005 BORA GEORGE 45432-2520 XENIA ANDERSON MARY E. FAIRBORN BEAVERCREEK 3790 KNOLLWOOD DR $36.37 870 CRESTMONT DR XENIA Also, if you are carrying a portable CB for communication with lookouts or your driver, switch it on before breaking into the machine. An intermittent tone lasting 5 to 10 seconds can indicate an alarm transmitter trying to signal a pager in the possession of a guard. Michael David Ward is an internationally acclaimed science fiction artist who's originals and limited edition prints are in the private collections of the Roddenberrys, George Lucas, Leonard Nimoy and Nichelle Nichols. CLAY VIRGIL D $16.56 $0.10 30 OLD YELLOW SPRGS RD #3 4155 FOWLER DR DAYTON COLLINS CIRCLE WESTERN SHOP 45385-0000 45431 DEBO DUANE E 780 WILKERSON RD 2662 UPPER BELLBROOK RD DAYTON HEATH USERS GROUP AUFRANCE CARLA J JAMESTOWN 3353 CEDARWOOD DR $22.27 DAVIDSON RONALD W 3524 CEDAR WOOD LN FAIRBORN 45314 Field Note BEAVERCREEK $46.08 Federal agencies will release their mailing lists under the Freedom of Information Act. This means that corporate gumshoes or “Wise Use” thugs can get addresses of conservationists who ask to be on Forest Service, BLM, and other agencies’ mailing lists. Of course, law enforcement agencies have access to such mailing lists. CHRISTIAN MARSHA FAIRBORN 45432 $69.26 FAIRBORN XENIA FAIRBORN Starting with his training in London, England, Sean Kenney's acting abilities began in his early twenties. Feeling the need to expand his horizons after returning to his native Boston from Europe, Sean decided to consider an acting career in Hollywood. AMBROSE CHERIE BEAVERCREEK 45387-9700 BINGHAM BARBARA J 1244 WILEY ST 45324 45385 ANTIOCH UNIVERSITY DAYTON 45324 BROWN CHARLES E. 45385 4051 BEECHWOOD DR 1690 BLEDSOE DR XENIA 1269 SPRINGWOOD LN CARROLL BEATRICE A OS 8 S HOME STATE OF 101 E DAYTON YELLOW SPRGS RD 322 ORINOCO ST 45385 Coyote Getter ALLEN HAROLD L 45385 3253 WINDMILL DR Tree Spiking WILBERFORCE $0.53 WILBERFORCE FAIRBORN 45324 BEAVERCREEK 45385 FAIRBORN 45431 45434 45434 $24.95 $18.77 FAIRBORN $561.72 $17.64 110 S GALLOWAY FAIRBORN BRACKETT MATTHEW 1218 HERR RD Be sensitive to your surroundings without being paranoid. Title: The Botanical Gardens at the Huntington / Huntington ACORD ANGELA S $16.00 FAIRBORN DEFAZIO MARK S XENIA 45324 45385-9771 Owner Name BAHNS MARGIE 132 OFFICE PK 1646 W. 2ND ST. XENIA Title: Space race : the epic battle between America and the Soviet Union for dominion of space / Deborah Cadbury. 404 ARCHER DR 45324 YELLOW SPRINGS DAVIS REBECCA A $27.50 $12.90 $13.00 $10.84 BONNER RICHARD BROOKS JOHN 2947 PERSIMMON XENIA BEAVERCREEK BOSMA KIM B $1.50 614 SHARON DR Sometimes for major construction projects survey crews establish permanent bench marks at the construction site. These usually consist of small copper caps or larger (4”-5” diameter) aluminum ones set in concrete. The cap is attached to a metal rod (sometimes up to 2’ long) which is driven to within a few inches of the ground surface, after which a few inches of concrete are poured around the metal cap. These are called “monuments.” Removing one would probably require a shovel and/or pry bar. Needless to say, removal of a monument is illegal; in fact, it usually says so right on the metal cap. BARNO DAVID D BRIGHT MEGAN A — Alex Bell $50.00 45431 45431 COWAN JOLENE LEWIS BUSSINGER ROBERT E 45324 45432 $19.67 $0.02 UNKNOWN Subject: Internet marketing. CHATTERTON BRIAN L 4980 WOODMAN PARK $150.00 45385 BERG NANCY V XENIA $50.88 295 LEDBETTER RD DICKERSON MICHAEL C $296.00 For your own security when using the telephone, only use pay phones, and even then make your call as brief as possible. For added security, call the reporter/newscaster and instruct her to go to a specified pay phone, where you will call her within a specified time. Then call her from yet another pay phone. Get to the point right away and get off the phone. BAKER BAXTER SHANNA R 45385- Scratch or slash the film. 45324 45316 Survey Stakes American incarceration during World War II and the 45385 CONOVER DONALD W BACK KEVIN E DEWINE ANNA P The oceans of the world are a frontier beyond the reach of the laws of most nation states. Within the realm of this non-territorial zone there is no legal jurisdiction other than a confusing and conflicting quagmire of international treaties and regulations. Into this lawless territory it is possible for the intrepid defender of marine ecosystems to move and operate in a guarded but overt manner. However, it must be remembered that although the laws over this Neptunian realm are vague, one law still reigns supreme, it is the law of force, where might makes right. COOPER EVA M 45431 DARROW WILLIAM H BAIR KEVIN $3.45 $2.32 BEAVERCREEK BURNETT GRACIE M FAIRBORN $150.00 BENNIT RICHARD DEGENHART THOMAS J Personal author: Rosen, Nir, 1977- DIETZ DONNA SPRING VALLEY AVILEZ EDUARDO $4.89 $20.77 1987 IOWA DR $131.95 45324 AIKINS RICHARD A 45385-0000 BELLBROOK Title: Defining the world : the extraordinary story of $78.63 $5.00 $2.30 9596 BRIDLEWOOD TRL 3290 SUBURBAN DR BAXLEY ANDREA $133.83 45305-1724 45324 $5.00 467 W. KREPPS ROAD 3300 KEMP RD 201 FRYER CT FAIRBORN Because you are operating on unfamiliar terrain, be especially cautious. If you sense trouble, leave immediately. Subject: Safe sex in AIDS prevention--United States. 1045 LUDLOW RD David R. George III BRAET R L BELLBROOK RR 3 BOCHWALDER DAWN City 45431-3033 CASTERLINE MIKE 45431 45431- 45324 $1.00 45305 DAYTON XENIA $36.00 45370- 45431 45385 652 TOWNCREST DR FAIRBORN $40.35 4485 CABEZA CT 45432-1161 CITY FEDERAL SAVINGS BANK 4195 FOX FERN CT FAIRBORN BEAVERCREEK CHIROPRACTIC 213 1257 SPR WOOD L #A YELLOW SPRINGS CRAWFORD RICHARD JAMESTOWN ANDERSON GLORIA 303 E 3RD ST BELLBROOK Subject: Middle-aged women--Health and hygiene. 45432 156 OLD YELLOW SPRING 45324 190 WILSON DR 45305 Amount Title: The Oxford companion to the photograph / edited by Robin Lenman. EDWARDS DONALD R CAPLINGER JOSEPH A DEBAY LAWRENCE J 45432 $171.92 FAIRBORN BURNS DIANE R DAYTON 45432 BAKER PRISCILLA BENEDICT ROBERT $157.26 2871 LA CRESTA DR ALLEN LYNN L $71.73 45324 XENIA DREGALLA HEATHER C USPO BOX 33256 BARNETTE DAVID ARLEDGE ROBERT $6.90 CEDARVILLE 45385-3428 Corporate subject: United States. Voting Rights Act of 1965. ADAMS JUDY $418.08 COSBY C. DARK STAR BOOKS & COMICS CLARDY JOSEPH W 45324 BEAVERCREEK 45432 $17.74 1532 UNION RD 45324 1353 SENTRY LANE DAYTON 4396 BAYBERRY COVE BROWN RICHARD L $18.00 45385-3522 Radio communications are valuable to coordinate the pick-up, or to advise the driver to use the alternate pick-up location due to unforeseen troubles. (See the section on Radios later in this chapter for appropriate equipment.) Again, the alternate pick-up can be anywhere from a few hundred yards to a couple of miles from the primary pick-up point; but it must be out of sight of the primary pick-up point, out of sight of the target, and preferably, on an entirely different road. 45432-3025 $299.60 Title: Windows XP home edition : the missing manual / David Pogue. BRANNON CHRISTOPHER M 7500 DAYTON XENIA RD $479.19 BUYUKACAR VOLKAN BEAVERCREEK PRESIDENTS ST 45433-1122 2792 RHETT DR XENIA $7.14 BEAVERCREEK 45407-1326 ALLEN JACQULYN R JAMESTOWN B -- PHILOSOPHY. PSYCHOLOGY. RELIGION. 45385 $1.23 RM236 .R495 2005 45385 RIVERSIDE $55.00 EDWARDS SCOTT A AME CAMPS MINISTRY ALPHA 45324 XENIA PO BOX 72 BROOKS NED M Personal author: Pease, Allan. Slash tire sidewalls. Sidewall stabs cannot be effectively patched, whereas tread stabs can be. On some tires, cutting the valve stems is an easy way to flatten them. Be careful: tires on some heavy equipment are filled with water under very high pressure and it can be dangerous to slash or cut these. Bullets ricochet off them, too! DIXON LORETTE $2.35 789 E MARKET ST $13.35 CROWLEY MEGAN $10.50 DAYTON 1654 FORESTDALE AVE he subtropical Eden of Florida has been transmogrified into hotels and citrus orchards. Domestic cattle have grazed bare and radically altered the composition of the grassland communities of the West, displacing Elk, Moose, Bighorn Sheep, and Pronghorn and leading to the virtual extermination of Grizzly Bear, Gray Wolf, Cougar, and other “varmints.” Dams choke most of the continent’s rivers and streams. 45324-2479 BONASSO TERESA C $599.24 45324 2833 RAMBLING WOOD LN $109.39 BEAVERCREEK A direct meeting with reporters is one of the most dangerous contacts a monkeywrencher can make. However, such an interview can help get your message across. The notorious ecoteur “The Fox” was once interviewed by Chicago’s popular columnist Mike Royko with considerable advantageous publicity resulting. BRENNER RICHARD $1.50 45434-6564 Because of the noise from the use of shotguns, extreme security mea-sures are necessary and several escape routes should be planned. Furthermore, the use of firearms makes this a potentially dangerous activity. Do not leave any empty shotgun shells at the scene, since they can be positively traced to the gun that fired them. $110.75 COOPER BENJAMIN $3.60 4279 BELLEMEAD DR 1435 MEADOW LN 45314-9747 YELLOW SPRINGS 3300 KEMP RD ACKLIN LEEANN BIRD DERWIN 2109 WELLINGTON CT ZIP PO BOX 383 $12.72 Address 875 E HYDE RD 146 VANDERGRIFT DR 45324 Personal author: Roth, Philip. FAIRBORN CARNICOM MATTHEW J $11.90 $64.03 $54.42 BROWNING BEATRICE As soon as it’s safe, get everybody back up in the cab and wash that filthy old mud off your license plate, for chrissakes! EAPEN KALATHIL C Saving Grace: Season 1 On a self-destructive path, police Detective Grace Hanadarko (Holly Hunter) hits bottom after a drunken driving accident, jolting her into asking for guidance. Her plea is answered by quirky angel Earl (Leon Rippy), who offers to help steer her back onto a healthy course. No easy task, considering Grace's life has become a complete shambles. Kenneth Johnson and Laura San Giacomo co-star in this provocative TNT drama. 45335 Hard Rock vs. Heavy Metal: Quartz Tree Pins COLDWELL SHAWN $110.45 $24.95 BERKSHIRE AMBER 4046 KEMP RD 45324-1125 45301 45433-7947 BINIAK VERN S 45324 FAIRBORN $103.25 XENIA $293.36 $6.00 45324-5327 $9.15 1451 BRADFUTE RD Cautionary Notes About Monkeywrenching Grazing In 1830, John James Audubon sat on the banks of the Ohio River for three days as a single flock of Passenger Pigeons darkened the sky from horizon to horizon. He estimated that there were several billion birds in that flock. It has been said that a squirrel could travel from the Atlantic seaboard to the Mississippi River without touching the ground so dense was the deciduous forest of the East. DAYTON 2445 BLUEWING DR Ways to sabotage a light plane range from the silent and sneaky to the loud and severely damaging. Save the louder methods for when you can immediately flee after 60 to 90 seconds of raising hell. $275.00 ALLEN NATHAN HD9565 .O55 2006 FAIRBORN BELLBROOK 45324-4020 $71.43 BARCUS DAVID Another filter type is the screw-on variety. These are gradually replacing the filter elements just illustrated. This type is removed with a good quality oil filter wrench found at any auto parts store. It’s as easy as changing the oil in your car. If you don’t know how to change the oil in your car, have a friend show you how. Once you learn this, you can adapt it to your heavy equipment night work. CONKLIN MARSHA R SPRING VALLEY 45431 EDINGTON B D 45385 CEDAR ST 3145 CLUBHOUSE DR $18.54 JAMESTOWN 396 SPERLING LN In selecting people for an operation, keep the number involved at the minimum necessary to get the job done. Although some activities are fine for a lone monkeywrencher, the small group of two to five members is most effective. (Some very experienced and effective monkeywrenchers, however, argue for doing everything alone.) The group provides mobility through a driver, security through a lookout, and the sympathy of a friendly ear to relieve the inevitable tension of the underground. Usually it is just too dangerous for an individual to engage in sabotage and look over her shoulder at the same time. So begin your organized monkeywrenching with a close friend who shares your values. Start small, with the simplest plans and easiest targets, until you learn to function as a team. (If you do not have an entirely trustworthy partner, it is better to operate alone.) BENSON EMMA E FAIRBORN 633 ROBINWOOD RD 45385 ALFORD SHIRLEY F $32.48 $10.00 $225.41 FAIRBORN BELLBROOK 45305 E185.61 .L517 2006 Organizations like Greenpeace (202-462-1177) and Citizens Clearinghouse for Hazardous Waste (703-276-7070) have published excellent reports documenting the crimes of the waste hauling giants. WMI has been fined more money for environmental violations than any other company. $38.53 XENIA ARNOLD SHELLY 45335 Before you go into the woods at night, check your running shoes, clothing, pack, and other equipment for reflective patches and remove them. For example, many running shoes today have reflector stripes on them to make runners along roads at night visible to cars. To check, dress exactly as you would for nightwork, stand to the side of a road, and have a trusted friend drive down it with the headlights on as you turn around — if anything you are wearing reflects light, she should notice it. 252 FRANKLIN CT 248 WHITEHALL DR DAVEY MICHAEL B $2.80 1960 GRANGE HALL RD BROUGHMAN DONITA L 775 SPRING GARDEN PL XENIA COLEMAN KATHLEEN A 45324-9801 FAIRBORN $3.00 $225.66 45324 45385-1510 45385 DELIA PAM XENIA 119 W 2ND 45335 Field Notes Personal author: Goodwin, Doris Kearns. 210 FAIRFIELD PIKE DAYTON 45324-0000 BELLBROOK XENIA DAVIS KIMBERLY J Bank records may be scrutinized for signs of travel or incriminating purchases. These records sometimes may be secured unofficially, through the “good-old-boy” network, since many former law enforcement personnel end up in bank security posts. FAIRBORN $16.09 $13.97 COLLINS ADAM C 45432-2224 QH541.5.S3 M55 2004 Somewhat cruder caltrops can be made with inexpensive arc-welding units as small as 70 amps. Sears has a 20–70 variable amp unit that can be obtained as cheaply as $59. Higher-amperage units are more expensive but will produce faster and more substantial welds. It is important to read the operating instructions carefully before arc-welding and to always use hand and eye protective gear (intense light can burn the retina). CEDARVILLE BENNING TRACY A 2295 GREENE WAY BLVD 45385-1438 45335 YELLOW SPRINGS Subject: South Carolina Fiction. 45385-4932 45387- Security CUNSLER J 45431 CODDINGTON JERE v-a-jpeg-1.jpg XENIA 45420 BEAVERCREEK 1819 EDITH MARIE DR XENIA 3865 JODI DRIVE AULT WM & GERALDINE 45431 45385 XENIA BEDINGHAUS AMANDA BELLBROOK BAWIDAMANN FRANCES M $39.00 DELANEY GREG K $0.30 45432 FAIRBORN ADAMS WESLEY D JR $0.44 481 FRANKLIN AVE DAYTON 475 GROVE ST DIMSMORE ROBERT $0.73 ALLEN ROSANNE The most important tools for this work are the “breaker bar” and sockets seen in 5.1 OA. The long handle provides the leverage needed to unscrew the caps. A short length of common pipe, called a “cheater” (B) can be slipped over the breaker bar handle to provide the leverage of an even longer handle. XENIA 45385 966 E MARKET ST XENIA 45387 FAIRBORN FAIRBORN 4220 COLONEL GLENN HIGHWAY ADRIAN MELANIE L $17.62 447 DANFORTH PL BROGDON MANDY 17 JAMES DR 584 KYLE LN 2725 VICKIE DR XENIA 45305 FAIRBORN $762.66 $38.70 DAYTON YELLOW SPRINGS $20.65 HD9696.8.U64 G663 2006 184 HILL ST Urban hits are far more effective if accompanied by a press communiqué. Such a communiqué must be delivered only after the successful operation. See the section on Media Relations in the Security chapter for further information about secure press contacts. 1018 VICTORIA AVE BAINE GAIL D XENIA 45432 FAIRBORN Personal author: Sarna, Jonathan D. 1167 HIGHVIEW DR ANDERSON SABRINA N 45305 45431 DAVIS H BROWN CHARLES & RAYANN 2644 RIVER BLUFF DR 1956 N FAIRFIELD RD #217 Pepper Sprays — These are far more effective on dogs than tear gas (which is illegal in most states, anyway). The type the postal service uses is available through W.S. Darley & Co., 2000 Anson Drive, Melrose Park, IL 60160. Another brand is available through Bushwhacker Backpack and Supply Co., PO Box 4721, Missoula, MT 59806. These sprays contain the active ingredient of red pepper, and are the subject of research for “bear repellents.” To be effective on a dog, the spray must be directed at the eyes. It does no permanent damage. $2.53 BEAVERCREEK CLARKE ADELE 1960 GRANGE HALL RD 45370 DOWNING DANA L Mark J. Ablowitz, Athanassios S. Fokas. v-a-jpeg-56.jpg BETSEY THERON XENIA $94.57 45305-9707 1363 MEADOW BRIDGE DR JAMESTOWN $419.40 45305 45324 45385-4107 The Increment Borer $13.38 The large majority of rock types are not suitable for modification into “pins” simply because they are not hard enough to damage a sawmill blade. Quartz and related minerals are perhaps best. On the Mohs’ hardness scale (from one to ten), quartz rates a seven, making it harder than steel which ranks from 5.5 to 6.5 Furthermore, virtually anyone with outdoor experience will recognize quartz in the field. Quartz is found throughout most of the US. CARTER LORRIE C $63.52 FAIRBORN BREWER STEPHANIE 3880 SOUTHVIEW STREET DAYTON XENIA Subject: Chromolithography--Yellowstone National Park. 21 VANDERBILT DR AP D XENIA FAIRBORN $17.39 DAYTON $8.54 45385-8419 XENIA $3.60 DONLEY CHARLES E 2740 CRONE ROAD 45324 $50.00 CAUDILL JOSHUA F CARAWAY M. J. COOPER WILLIAM ECKLEY CHRISTINE M $1.00 XENIA FAIRBORN After studying Drama at the University of Miami, Mrs. Roddenberry went on to perform in a number of regional theatre productions including "All For Mary" at the Pasadena Playhouse and "The Skin of Our Teeth" and "Idiots Delight" at the Santa Monica Playhouse. In addition, she also starred in the Broadway production of "Solid Gold Cadillac." Miss Barrett began to earn roles in numerous national television commercials, which naturally led to being cast in many television programs and feature films. Sinking Whaling Ship 1645 OTOOLE DR 845 N BROAD ST A lightweight bag keeps your tools together (C) so that you don’t inadvertently leave them as evidence at the scene. Nylon can be noisy, so canvas (like cheap army surplus) is usually best. CURTIS CAROL L CLARK WILBUR E. Finally, take a little comfort in knowing that successfully surviving one stressful situation will tend to make the next one a little easier to cope with. Stress reduction can give you the winning edge before, during, and after a dangerous mission. And don’t stop just because the job is over. What if you’re pulled over by a cop while driving home? DOTY J ADKINS CARRIE A 45324-1908 45385-2435 BEGLEY GLENN $76.58 4379 E MOHAVE DR Personal author: McCutcheon, Randall, 1949- 467 W. KREPPS ROAD 45433 History--20th century. $284.40 45432 $27.89 155 HOLMES DR $1.00 CLINE MICHAEL XENIA BUI THAN 45324 $20.00 FAIRBORN $53.00 45431 COOPER DORIS A An indication that lumber barons are taking non-metallic spikes seriously comes from the Missoula Technology and Development Center News in June, 1990. It reported that a fluoroscope had been tested on logs for detecting ceramics and rocks embedded in them. 45431 $246.00 RIVERSIDE 45324 $70.19 32 W ELM ST $48.68 ANDRIJISZYN TANYA M $88.11 1176 DATE ST DECURTIS NORMA $50.00 XENIA 45324 ALLEN MONICA L ALTUNAIJI HASSAN U EAVERS ERIN $38.50 BARTLETT WILLIAM If you haven’t the means to make caltrops as described above, you can buy caltrops on the surplus market from some advertisers in Shotgun News, These caltrops are military surplus from some war and aren’t always advertised, so keep looking. The advertisers who run full page ads with surplus items are the ones to watch. See an issue at your local gun store. CONOVER DONALD W Lighting 2413 RED APPLE DR FAIRBORN $25.64 $116.48 122 ST RT 444 7070 PLYMOUTH RD 1359 EILEEN DR SPRING VALLEY $3.53 Lenny the Wonder Dog On his way home from school, seventh-grader Zach Dylan (Sammy Kahn) meets a stray dog and decides to take him in, only to learn that the cute canine has a very special gift. Thanks to a special microchip implant, the dog can talk! Together, Zach, the dog (voiced by Andy Richter), Zach's crush, Becky (Stephanie Sherrin), and a local police officer (Michael Winslow) must save the world from an evil scientist determined to turn all kids into robots. 3873 US RTE 68 N $40.89 $18.48 1227 HEMLOCK DR ZIP Still another low cost pin involves using large quartz gravel or cobbles in a matrix of a good quality resin epoxy available at hardware stores and lumber yards. Form it into pins in the same way you would with the concrete method. This can allow you to use larger quartz rock fragments with a better chance of impacting a blade. The paper can be soaked in water and gently scrubbed off once the epoxy has set-up properly. BEAVERCREEK HF1416 .U85 2005 UNKNOWN 45324 $25.44 Although road spikes are difficult to see from a vehicle (particularly a charging muscle wagon), picking a spot where they will be extra difficult to see will increase their effectiveness. Choose a spot where vegetation to the side, shadows, a dip in the route, a curve, or other natural camouflaging will obscure the three inches of dark rod protruding from the ground. Also, pick a site where there is an excellent chance of the road spike making contact with a tire. At some points along a vehicle route, there may be several feet of variance for the tires. Several road spikes may be needed across the route there to flatten a tire. Instead, select a spot where ruts or natural constrictions keep the tire tread confined and where one spike is sure to make contact with knobby rubber. Crossings of streams and dry washes are also choice locations. Look at the terrain and previous vehicle tracks to determine where each of your spikes will wreak maximum (but not dangerous) havoc on vehicle tires that should not be ther BELL DEMETRIUS $27.83 FAIRBORN 31 E WASHINGTON BEAVERCREEK XENIA BRANN QUINCY BEATTY MICHAEL D Spare clothes, money, ID, shoes, in waterproof bag It has been suggested that sandblasting aggregates have definite potential for monkeywrenchers. One possibility is a product named “Black Beauty,” which sells for about $6 for a 100-lb. bag at industrial supply outlets. While not as hard as quartz, it should still wear metal quickly. It also flows easily, and may camouflage better in dirty oil because of its dark color. XENIA XENIA 755 WOODSPRING CT $15.00 45324-4970 $150.00 45385 Owner Name 9393 PITSBURG LAURA RD $30.12 DUKES WALTER Douglas Dupler, book editor. EDENS MICHAEL C $65.94 100 RENAISSANCE WOODS CT 1652 ST RTE 49 Z675.G44 S93 2004 45387 DAYTON ARNETT ACILIA A Personal subject: Smiley, Jane--Books and reading. XENIA $89.83 BULLARD ANDREW M 10215 SIMMS STATION CARRERA STEVE 1692 OTTAWA DR 162 LOVETTA AVE CLIMER DONALD BROWN MICHELLE 34 REDBANK DR $15.91 45370 BUNDY MARILYN 45431-3033 45385-8927 YELLOW SPRINGS $54.45 CONLEY WILLARD $30.10 Accuracy with a slingshot comes only through practice. Shooting into an empty cardboard box from gradually increasing ranges is good practice. Do this in a remote area, rather than leave your backyard littered with the same type of ammunition found at the scene of the hit. SPRING VALLEY $50.00 BARTELL KAREN S BLANKENSHIP LEONARD 1833 BURROWS BLVD 45324 CONLEY LINDA S DBA SAV ON MEATS ADKINS THOMAS L $210.93 45385 1957 N LAKEMAN DR XENIA CHADWICK CHRIS $58.55 $74.00 BEAVERCREEK 45387 XENIA 45384-0000 ADAMS CYNTHIA $178.01 45324-0340 Bionic Ear ALLRED WILLIAM A BAKLE DAVID J 45324-5919 Amount CARTER MARY E $243.07 Axes might leave microscopic marks on the wood that can be matched to a specific ax in the possession of a suspect. Saw marks, on the other hand, are usually impossible to match up. Like files and grinding wheels, their surfaces are constantly changing, and so are the marks they leave. XENIA BROWN WILLIAM CUNDIFF BLANCHE E $2.00 XENIA Russian military night vision devices are now being advertised in Shotgun News at “very competitive prices.” The release of sophisticated Soviet equipment on the US surplus market could make these items much more available for use by logging companies, private security outfits, and even monkeywrenchers. SPRING VALLEY 45324-0000 According to news reports, the FBI plans to spend $82 million over the next five years to develop equipment capable of intercepting and unscrambling digital signals from over-the-phone transmission of computer data and conversations over cellular telephones. The FBI’s Surreptitious Entry Program (where agents break into someone’s home or office) is developing devices to counter electronic alarms and other security systems that warn of intruders, so they will be able to break in and install the necessary equipment to intercept transmissions from computers and cellular phones. 45385- 1180 OVERLOOK DR 2252 CHARTER-GROVE DR APT 2 Subject: Children's poetry, American Translations into Spanish. PO BOX 95 XENIA BEAVERCREEK DAYTON $356.01 45387 BLEDSOE DEUNNA V XENIA YELLOW SPRINGS David Emmett and Graeme Nice. 16 GREENEVIEW DR 3869 JODI DR. BEAVERCREEK 251 N MAIN ST 1581 CHARTER RIDG COX LYLE E COOKSEY P/% REVAK KATHRYN JANE BAXTER SHANNIA R Before driving away at night, disconnect your license plate light or smear your plate and adjacent bumper area with mud (make it look natural). This can save you a lot of grief if you pass a nosy or curious person. Stay calm, drive at a normal cautious speed, and be prepared with an explanation as to why you’re in the area, and why you’re leaving at night. 45385-1668 45431 45370-7731 DUTEIL SCOT A $13.89 CHRISTIAN JEAN $83.52 656 E MARKET ST Nail the 2 x 4s together to make a frame that fits over the uphill end of the culvert. Once you’ve fitted the frame, cut a piece of chicken wire about four feet wider and taller than the end of the culvert. Center the wire over the frame and liberally staple it in place. Then cut an equivalent piece of black plastic and staple it over the chicken wire. (You may need to use several overlapping pieces.) Place rocks, soil, and other heavy debris on the bottom, top, and side to hold the plug securely in place. (This is where the pickax is handy.) DAYTON BLACK TIMOTHY U YELLOW SPRINGS $42.26 CASEY RON XENIA 45431-3028 Here in the Northwest, security is a major concern. What I’ve found to work well is spiking in the rain. (You get soaked, but you don’t leave tracks!) Rain drastically reduces the noise produced by hammering. Rain also seems to keep the Freddies indoors. BURBA MIKE 3202 MEADOWLARK PL 45431-3416 $19.00 BERWICK ARTHUR FAIRBORN 45385-3105 $12.33 45431-1965 Nonetheless, wildness and natural diversity remain. There are a few scattered grasslands ungrazed, stretches of free-flowing river, thousand-year-old forests, Eastern woodlands growing back to forest and reclaiming past roads, Grizzlies and wolves and lions and Wolverines and Bighorn and Moose roaming the backcountry; hundreds of square miles that have never known the imprint of a tire, the bite of a drill, the rip of a ‘dozer, the cut of a saw, the smell of gasoline. 4745 COTTONVILLE RD Personal subject: Bush, George W. (George Walker), 1946- v-a-jpeg-37.jpg 30 STILLWELL DR DAYTON If you can afford starlight goggles, you may find it useful to drive without lights, using your goggles. Of course, if the goggles lose power, you may have more excitement than you can handle. Dust, fog, or heavy rain reduce the depth of field when driving — like swimming underwater with your eyes open. 45324 A&A AREA WIDE PLUMBING Included here are three short articles detailing other monkeywrenchers’ refinements on the original tree pinning technique. $30.60 $17.95 $15.57 BULLOCK ARRITA $11,698.44 45431-1243 BEAVERCREEK Be careful dealing with sewage discharges. They may contain harmful (to people) bacteria. 45431-2849 35 ROSSMORE DR 1374 NEW JASPER PAINTERSVILLE Wait for a suitably dark night, and have a trustworthy companion drive while you cut. Approach when there is no other traffic. You may have to drive by more than once to accomplish this. That is why you need landmarks and mileages from both directions. If the area has homes or ranches located next to the road, don’t drive by more than a couple of times. It’s safer to wait for another night. After all, that Coyote isn’t going anywhere. When you make the hit, try to leave the vehicle on the road, rather than leaving traceable tire tracks on the shoulder. You will, of course, be wearing dark clothing, smooth-soled shoes, and gloves. Your cutting tools will be thoroughly wiped clean of fingerprints in case you drop them or have to ditch them. Wire cutters might suffice, but a fence tool is best (see the section on Grazing in the Developments chapter). 45434-6317 People love Star Trek because it embodies an optimistic view of the future. Science Fiction movies have that rare ability of capturing our imagination and steering it in the direction of human potential. Classic movies such as Star Trek, Star Wars and the Lord of the Rings are more than just escapism. They remind us of where we come from, who we are and where we are going. A well made film is a glimpses into the undiscovered country. It is more than just a movie; let's call it cinematherapy. FAIRBORN 45431-8605 45434 45433-1140 $18.37 BURBA PHYLLIS BORTON P 422 ALISHA LN 524 OHIO WT BOGGS JUDITH ALLEN LARRY E 1371 PRESTONWOOD CT S CEDARVILLE 4443 OLD ENGLISH CIR 1819 DRAKE DR DUVALL FRANK L JR 4283 BARBER RD $131.40 $14.95 2798 EDWIN DR Personal author: Swan, James, 1941- BOEDECKER BRITTANY $4.46 CARTER TIMOTHY R 1259 CHISOLM TRL XENIA 45385-7817 XENIA BANKS JESSIE J BEGLEY JAMES A 1755 DEER CREEK DR Subject: California--History--To 1846. 45324-7158 this creates a paper trail which could be of great assistance to Officer Dogooder and his trusty bloodhounds. $100.00 WILBERFORCE 45324 BAKER ELIZABETH Owner Name SPRING VALLEY If the pipe is too big, consider homemade signs that say things like “This way to DuPont’s toxic discharge pipe.” 45385 $66.00 $117.83 $2.46 DARNER MARION A $131.56 XENIA DAVIS FRANK M & ASSOCIATES INC $110.00 $35.27 DAYTON PO BOX 946 $17.08 1132 MONROE Address 30 to 50 MHz (megahertz) — VHF Low Band $299.62 AYER SUE F. $98.16 153 OAK ST DAYTON BEAVERCREEK $219.00 1203 N FAIRFIELD 45324- JAMESTOWN $7.00 $81.37 BROWNE ANDREW MARTIN 150 E SOUTH COLLEGE ST DAYTON $23.85 45314 DAYTON $10.00 45 OLD YELLOW SPRINGS RD BUCHNER ROBERT PZ7.H432135 Dow 2005 ALLEN WILMA $2.10 DAYTON ANDREWS LAURA $53.75 3570 EMPIRE DR Variation using a short cord to make a loop guide for noose. learning / Eric Parsloe and Monika Wray. DIXON PAUL H FAIRBORN $14.93 XENIA An experienced monkeywrencher and radio user offers the following details 163 FOREST ST CRABILL MARTIN 45385 $2.23 $61.07 FAIRBORN SPRING VALLEY $16.00 $2.65 2121 PRUDENCE DR CLEVELLE KATHRYN J BETTENCOURT JESSICA $59.60 $11.28 45324 45430 Subject: Social problems--Developing countries. ANDERSON SHAWN S DRAKE MARJORIE BOWERMASTER EDITH 45431-1854 Waste pond and waste ditch overflows are easily blocked because the water pressure is working in your favor. Fill (a) sandbag(s) with mixed wet anchor cement and gravel, and stuff it in the upper end. Personal author: Helprin, Mark. 171 OLD YELLOW SPRING RD APT 339 AMSTERDAM DR DAYTON 712 W MAIN ST #B BLAIR EDWARD E DODD BRYAN DEEDRICK KATIE 2367 MISSISSIPPI DR 45385-1937 45324-9793 45370 123 N FIRST ST APT 6 WRIGHT PATTERSON AFB FAIRBORN $21.66 4379 KNOB HILL DR 45431-2619 DEEL HEATHER E $7.30 45432 DELLINGER PAUL A 3448 N. DAKAR DR. Powerlines are highly vulnerable to monkeywrenching from individuals or small groups. The best techniques are: 1) removing bolts from steel towers; 2) if tower bolts are welded to the nuts, cutting steel towers with hacksaws, torches (be careful not to breathe the vapors of galvanized metal — see the “Cutting Torch” section in the Vehicles and Heavy Equipment chapter), or cutting wheels; and 3) shooting out insulators (with a shotgun), and shooting the electrical conductor itself (a high-powered rifle is best) which frays it and reduces its ability to transmit electricity. Chain saws, or crosscut saws where noise is a problem, are appropriate for the large wooden towers. Techniques that connect the conductors directly to each other (cable lifted by balloons or shot by harpoon guns) are also effective, but more dangerous to ecoteurs. Used creatively, these techniques can completely baffle the opposition. 9140 CLYO RD 45384 FAIRBORN 45324 45431-1137 $3.00 CUSTENBORDER JEREMY D When driving in rough country or on jeep trails, try to avoid scraping bottom. If you scrape a rock, the paint chips you leave can be compared to the FBI’s National Automotive Paint File to determine the year and make of your vehicle. Also, grease smears rubbed off on the high-centers of such roads can sometimes be linked to the remaining crud on the undercarriage of your vehicle. Whenever you leave such a sign, stop to brush it away. BUTLER JENNIFER An excellent cheap material for introducing into oil systems of big yellow machines is titanium oxide, which is available in 5 pound bags at rock shops or lapidary suppliers. Purchase bags of both coarse and fine titanium oxide. Mix one pound of each with half a gallon of motor oil. Pour the mixture into the oil system of a bulldozer, earth mover, logging truck, or whatever. This will turn any piece of heavy equipment into a boat anchor. When dealing with a suspected undercover agent, be patient. Undercover operations can be very costly, and if they don’t produce results, they may be discontinued or moved elsewhere. If an undercover agent fails to elicit any useful information after a considerable time, they may move on. Incidentally, beware of the person who moves constantly from one area to another. She could be an undercover agent fishing for opportunities. 4420 HONEY LOCUST Tie second knot to long cord which then loops back through. $3.01 $279.73 BROWN CURTIS D 45324 1231 SPINNING RD 102 FAIRBORN XENIA FAIRBORN 45431-1410 Title: Eichmann and the Holocaust / Hannah Arendt. 4344 CENTERVILLE RD JAMESTOWN $14.96 $441.72 45324 CLIFTON HARRY J XENIA COLLINS LAWRENCE DAVIS WILLIAM 1833 EL CAMINO DR PO BOX 114 JAMESTOWN DIXON JARVIS 223 WINDY CT FAIRBORN $15.80 DEIDRICH PAUL B Another way RPs are sometimes done is to place a hub and tack or nail a given distance off the centerline, measure the distance, and take a compass bearing from the RP to the centerline station. This method is not as accurate as the previous method, and is not likely to be employed on sophisticated surveys. On simple surveys in wooded terrain, RPs usually consist of no more than a couple of stakes nailed to widely-separated trees away from the center-line. By simultaneously measuring known distances from those two stakes, the surveyors can relocate the original station. (No bearings are taken.) 45324 45324-4729 $26.31 45324-5274 45324 ANDERSON ROBERT L 45324 PO BOX 231 $10.01 $145.63 1634 WILBUR AVE 647 HIDDEN VALLEY CT Sabotaging Light Planes Field Note DAYTON 321 MARSHALL DR 4471 OLD ENGLISH CIR XENIA FAIRBORN $4.90 26 S SMITHVILLE RD Turkey Baster — Use a common kitchen turkey baster to suck acid out of the battery and squirt it into the fuel system. Two squirts should do. 1669 NORTH CENTRAL DR 45385 $0.73 $0.18 2077 BONNIEDALE DR 123 W DAYTON YELLOW CLIFTON DAYTON FAIRBORN 174 DAYTON YELLOW SPRING RD SPRING VALLEY BAUMAN DEBORAH C 45387-1240 XENIA Similarly, in New Mexico, small groups of raiders from Hispanic communities calling themselves “Gorras Blancas” (“whitecaps”) cut fence to resist the takeover of their communal land grants by large Anglo cattle corporations. 45385-6805 DAYTON VITREO RETINAL ASSN Don Marshall $75.14 45385 $58.00 PO BOX 67 $5.00 45385-5680 4817 HASSAN CR APT 8 $61.90 45387 45431 BOGARD MICHEAL $157.33 XENIA 3426 O'HARA DR DAYTON To avoid leaving telltale nail heads around a spiking site, glue a plastic magnet on the top jaw of your bolt cutters. This way, the heads can be collected when cutting off the heads of nails in trees. 45324 TR726.T7 A32 2004 45385 45324 Subject: Jewish families Fiction. CHARLES HAROLD J 3484 ROME BEAUTY DR $2.40 $25.00 45385-0000 45387 45324 ASCHENBRENNER ROGER J 277 LEDBETTER RD $18.84 XENIA FAIRBORN 500 N CENTRAL AVE $22.05 $657.89 $0.86 545 N GALLOWAY ST CHARLES JAKAY FAIRBORN 45385 45387-1416 1894 E SKYVIEW Title: Coaching and mentoring : practical methods to improve BORDEN ANNA MISS $3.69 3954 LINDEN AVE E DAYTON YELLOW SPRINGS 1640 COSLER CT 45385 WRIGHT PATTERSON AFB 551 BIRCH RD Address $147.26 FAIRBORN 45384 1556 JOSELIN BRETT BRYAN EDWARD 1259 CHISOLM TRL 2046 DOROTHY AVE BOCK UDO BAUM JANET M 2752 LORRIE DR 2498 #1 HEATHER GLEN CT 45324-0000 FAIRBORN $10.50 45324 146 GREENE LAKE CT CLOUD ROBERT E XENIA Use the caulk gun to squeeze clear silicon into the hole. 1111 GREENE LAKE CT CALTER ARIANA 45305-1107 6722 GRAPE GROVE RD 2131 STEWART RD $99.69 AUSTIN SHEILA $1.00 $41.83 45434-6649 $18.75 3663 CHARLENE DR ZIP 45387 FAIRBORN $135.61 SPRING VALLEY XENIA BEAVERCREEK S GALLOWAY ST 3848 PACIFIC CT APT B JAMESTOWN 2291 LITTLE MIAMI DR FAIRBORN XENIA 2863 ORIOLE DR $15.00 DAYTON BROWN G Q $35.32 FAIRBORN COOPER ANDREA 45324 1450 WEDGEWOOD DR 2462 BROWN BARK DR $0.42 45430 BELLBROOK 45431-156 BEAVERCREEK BEAVERCREEK 45385-193 The FBI will commonly use six vehicles when tailing a suspect. One vehicle will follow within sight for awhile, and then drop out as another takes over. The tailing vehicles will be in radio contact so all know where the suspect vehicle is at all times. 581 MARGARET DR DAYTON $42.60 XENIA BELLBROOK BELLBROOK 45305-2311 XENIA $106.59 FAIRBORN BLACKWELL HAROLD B J Title: How to win campaigns : 100 steps to success / Chris Rose. 45434-7138 45385-0000 These are probably too expensive and difficult to acquire for monkeywrenchers, but law enforcement operations may have them. Thermal imagers exist in hand-held and vehicle-mounted versions and are very effective. The key advantages of these passive night devices over starlights are: YELLOW SPRINGS $61.07 XENIA 45387 ASIKELE EDWARD E $13.72 CALARESE MIA S 159 W FUNDERBURGAPT D7 FAIRBORN 45324 XENIA 45335-1111 1655 US ROUTE 68 N BELLBROOK — Fearless Fosdick 45385 45433-1113 45385 XENIA ZIP $12.55 45432 2485 EDGEWATER DRIVE $289.00 XENIA 45305-2017 The top guard wire can either be cut, or covered with a scrap of old carpet and climbed over. If you chose to cut it, use good bolt cutters. The newest type of barbed tape is reinforced with a steel cable core that wire cutters cannot cut, but bolt cutters slice right through. COCHRAN TONYA $5.00 ASHWORTH KEVIN C 45324-3511 45324 45385 RR 1 BOX 11 46 W WASHINGTON 45385 $4.60 $21.40 45324 $74.54 $106.40 45385 DAYTON $203.00 $7.97 2110 ROCKDELL DR APT 2 45305 CROSS JACQUELINE L 45316 221 HEATHER LN Other precautions include: $60.00 $2.00 2970 ST RT 235 45387 3094 WAYNESVILLE RD $344.00 55 W HEBBLE AVE 203 WHITEHALL DR ACKLIN HANNAH ELAINE 45385-9589 $1.49 Address YELLOW SPRINGS XENIA 2119 S HELENWOOD DR Amount 45431- $35.30 XENIA PO BOX 31156 DAYTON 45385- 1195 JOYCE DR 2204 BEAVER VALLEY RD 32 OLD YELLOWSPRINGS RD #6 COONS WILLIAM R $11.13 45431-1446 45314- $22.50 45324 $58.49 5701 HUBERVILLE RD $9.27 ALFORD TARA $75.56 $35.00 BERINGER CARL J $165.00 45432 1363 RAWLINGS DR $1.00 — T. O. Hellenbach $1,206.95 CHRISTIAN BOBBIE III/% CENTRAL STATE 45324 45324-4487 45431 45324 DAYTON 1463 TOWN HALL RD XENIA 1577 DRAKE DR XENIA CHABANNES RENE N 221 HEATHER LN Subject: Beat generation Fiction. Subject: Japanese Americans--California--San Mateo County--History. Undercover police activity has become a standard feature of the contemporary political terrain. Disclosures in recent years indicate that environmentalist, anti-nuclear, and animal rights groups are likely to be targeted for surreptitious investigation. This can take many forms, from an inconspicuous stranger who turns up to help at a demonstration, to a trained “deep cover” operative who may spend years working inside a target organization. These operations can be launched locally by a police or sheriff’s department, or by any of a number of federal agencies, such as the Forest Service, which now has the third largest law enforcement staff in the federal government. $155.37 BEALOR VICTOR C/O CYNTHIA L NEWBERRY DUNNE KELLY A 1130 STONEBROOK CT $0.01 $92.30 FAIRBORN DELANEY GREG K CUMMINGS CARL B & KAY T 843 FACTORY RD Subject: Day Juvenile fiction. $86.42 JAMESTOWN 45324-3977 1699 JUNE DR $4.41 45385 CONOVER DONALD W BELLBROOK 45324- DAYTON BROWN MRYTLE RR 2 BICKETT RD 1330 WALNUT BEND ST The best tool for fence cutting is a “fence tool.” It looks like a weird, over-grown pair of pliers and a good pair can be purchased for about $20 at most hardware stores. It can be used for hammering, twisting wire, pulling staples, and cutting wire. Most fences are constructed of barbed wire or net wire. A fencing tool will cut either with ease. $0.01 4762 CORNERSTONE TRAIL 45305-0000 2454 HEATHER GLEN DR APT 5 Of course, observe all security precautions when ordering material — especially by mail. CARTWRIGHT VERA A Rock Types 45385 XENIA 369 CRABAPPLE LANE 45324-6788 Oxy-acetylene welding outfit BARKER ELMER C Subject: Life--Origin. $20.68 BURLESON GEORGE 322 ORINOCO ST 2911 SNIVELY RD XENIA XENIA $17.00 BOWMAN TIMOTHY A AUSTIN MICHAEL DUCKWALL ALVA L IV The second philosophy of tree spiking is to place the spikes in the trees well above the area where the fellers will operate — as many feet up the trunk as one can conveniently work. The object of the spiking in this case is to destroy the blades in the sawmill. Since in large mills the blades are either operated from a control booth some distance from the actual cutting, or are protected by a Plexiglas shield, this method is unlikely to cause anyone physical injury even should a blade shatter upon striking a spike, which is unlikely. It is true that in small, “backyard” sawmills the operator might be standing close to the blade, but we assume that anyone contemplating spiking would never consider doing it on other than large timber sales where the trees are destined for a corporate, rather than a small, family-operated mill. Locally owned and operated sawmills are seldom a major threat to wilderness. The major threats come from the big, multinational corporations whose “cut-and-run” philosophy devastates the 502 SHEPHERD RD BEATTY AMY ZIP 668 OMAR CIRCLE 45385-9628 45324 45324 600 PAXSON DR 45324-8133 Radios and Communications Equipment 546 PEACH TREE LN $57.17 CLARK JOHN & MICHAEL $9.40 $8.00 BAILEY JEREMY P $42.96 YELLOW SPRINGS $74.99 ANDERSON KEVIN L 3585 KEMP RD 2204 BEAVER-VALLEY RD Jupiter Moon: Fires of Io The students traveling and learning aboard the university space station Ilea continue to deal with the ups and downs of friendship and romance while exploring the thrills and dangers of the universe in these episodes of the sci-fi soap. Balancing schoolwork with the practical realities of life light-years away from home, the coeds cope with all the usual coming-of-age issues in a most unusual environment. 45434-6629 YELLOW SPRINGS 45431 BENTLEY SARA ANDERSON CARL ESTATE $399.99 45385 10191 MALLET DR $20.00 ADAMSON PAUL 607 XENIA AVE FAIRBORN betting system that beat the casinos and Wall Street / DEKUIPER EUGENE A 556 CHESTNUT ST CRAIG ROBERT D 4148 MAPLEVIEW DR $136.06 $3.35 Other moving parts that must be kept properly lubricated are wheel hubs and transmission differentials. While simply draining the differential lubricant could cause substantial damage, operators in areas where sabotage has occurred have been known to even check these before firing up in the morning, so it is better to introduce abrasives into the lubricant. If you can reach the machine, you can reach these points, since no one has devised a means of locking out access. 1539 ALAMEDA DR. FAIRBORN 39 REGINA DR Smaller quartz gravel can be combined with cement to make a round pin of some value. First, roll-up heavy paper and glue it into tubes one-inch in diameter or a little less. Mix three parts gravel with one part cement and one and one-half parts sand. Add water, a little at a time, until the mix is wet but still very stiff. Next, load it into the tube a little at a time and use a dowel to tamp it into place, eliminating air bubbles. Wearing plastic gloves will protect your hands from the lime in the cement. Set your pins in a cool but moist place to cure. Ideal conditions are 70 degrees Fahrenheit and 80 percent relative humidity. Allow them to cure from three to six months for maximum strength. Finally, peel off the paper tube exterior and paint the pins with a coat of exterior latex paint to protect the concrete from deterioration. Make sure the concrete is never exposed to freezing temperatures while curing. Use pieces of quartz gravel as large as is feasible. 45385 45324 FAIRBORN XENIA 4881 SUGAR MAPLE DRIVE 3611 KING EDWARD WAY $46.21 $259.00 DAVIES JACQUELINE PAULINE $2.51 BUSH ROY D DAYTON BEAVERCREEK SPRING VALLEY 45385 2042 DRUMMOND DR Subject: Southeast Asia Guidebooks. $100.00 XENIA BEAVERCREEK ADAMS ERIC v-a-jpeg-45.jpg 45305 Subject: Digital media--Social aspects--United States. BAMBERG GORDON L 45385- $18.13 $150.00 BRENNAN NICHOLE ANN $66.00 If you can only get a copier that goes 200%, quarter the picture, blow it up, then quarter each quarter again. 45324 CANTERBURY JOYCE A 45385-8505 BLEVINS BAILEY DEBORAH L 45434 $120.00 190 DELLWOOD DR 20 LEAMON ST FAIRBORN BROCKMAN ROBERT A 45324 SPRING VALLEY Address $10.69 $112.00 XENIA 45335-9797 Another major source of inside information for investigators is the “CI” or “confidential informant.” These informers can be private citizens recruited to infiltrate a group, or fearful members who turn on their friends (usually to save themselves). Without the existence of the CI, or “snitch,” there would in fact be very few arrests made for major crimes. However, CIs do have major shortcomings from a police perspective, including their general unreliability, questionable status as testifying witnesses, and frequent refusal to testify in open court. Therefore, the information garnered from a CI must be backed up by the testimony of undercover police officers or supplemented by an intensive police investigation (which may involve surveillance and the use of search warrants) to build a case without putting the informer on the witness stand. In fact, the use of a CI in an arrest is usually not revealed, so the investigation may appear to be nothing more than competent police work. CUSHING MICHAEL J 45314-9747 233 NORTHWEST ST ARNOLD ROBERT S. BRUNOTTE DAVID SR 311 GROVWE ST 45324 45324 1978 HIGHLANDER DR $403.50 XENIA $19.00 BAISDEN MARY A Amount COURTRIGHT S J CORRIGAN TERENCE M FAIRBORN 45387 $14.39 45385-9578 XENIA 45301 45370 $136.20 SPRING VALLEY 231 WEST 2ND ST. 3071 W. ENON RD. FAIRBORN DONLEY JAMES W JR 4620 OZARK AVE 45431-3359 SPRING VALLEY 4 The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown (Doubleday: $24.95) A 3 112 Louvre curator's killing leads to clues hidden in Leonardo's paintings and a secret society with something to hide. $133.74 BROWN WINN C DREXELS DEN BOYLES DAVID S JR 45305-184 BARGER BRIAN D 45385-9344 $199.41 Title: An American lens : scenes from Alfred Stieglitz's New York Secession / Jay Bochner. FAIRBORN 1303 GULTICE RD $11.90 “Traditional” spiking, as described above, is relatively simple and quite effective. However, the serious eco-raider might do well to consider some of the alternative methods described by T. O. Hellenbach later in this chapter. These methods require more specialized equipment, and are therefore more costly to the spiker, but they offer distinct advantages, both in security and effectiveness. $20.00 1010 VICTORIA AVE CANTRILL DEBRA K For best results with silicone carbide (rock polishing grit), mix together different coarsenesses of the grit — from fine powder to fine sand in size. Mix 1 part grit to 4 parts motor oil in screw-on, plastic quart oil bottles or pocket sized, plastic squirt bottles of various kinds. Pour the mixture in the oil filler, transmission filler, hydraulic reservoir, fuel, or squirt it down the dipstick hole. A mere half pint of the mixture is enough to destroy a large engine in a few hours. 45385 MALL AT FAIRFIELD COMMONS $213.10 Field Notes COMBS JOSHUA A 755 WOODSPRING CT $6.10 CITIMORTGAGE INC 45385-9578 Recently the Eugene and Medford Districts have received letters from Ecotage groups claiming that timber sales have been spiked. Letters are of a threatening nature and generally outline the unsigned writers [sic] beliefs that timber is being managed improperly. At least one timber area in the Medford district has, in fact, been spiked. The letters which the district offices receive are, in fact, evidence which can help us find and prosecute those responsible for damaging Public Timber. We request that the mail service unit on each district or the first reader or receiver of threatening document [sic] do the following immediately on receipt of document or letter. XENIA 45431 45385 DAYTON BEAVERCREEK DEWINE ANNA 45305 The idea is to plug the culvert inside the inlet opening so the plugging is not visible to road maintenance crews peering down from the road while leaning on their shovels or by Freddies driving by in their pickups. Although it is serious and potentially dangerous, monkeywrenching is also fun. There is a rush of excitement, a sense of accomplishment, and unparalleled camaraderie from creeping about in the night resisting those “alien forces from Houston, Tokyo, Washington, DC, and the Pentagon.” As Ed Abbey said, “Enjoy, shipmates, enjoy.” 45305 ALLREAD TIFFANY L FAIRBORN SPRING VALLEY Discharge pipes are so common and lowly they are ignored by most security personnel. Unless guards are tipped off beforehand, pipes are often sitting ducks for the ecodefender. Rather than destroying a trap by loud hammering or pounding, quietly disposing of it is safer. Traps can be gathered and buried in well-hidden locations. After removing the trap from its set, restore the area to its exact appearance before your arrival. Remember that experienced trappers can follow your tracks and recognize disturbed ground. Carefully brush out your footprints at a trap set. Practice walking without leaving obvious traces. Study your own and other people’s tracks to learn what types of surfaces show sign clearly, and learn to use rocks, logs, pine needles, clumps of grass, etc., to avoid leaving tracks. Wear soft soled moccasins for the approach. Learn to walk slowly and carefully, applying your weight evenly to the whole sole to avoid leaving deep toe or heel impressions. Tracking pursuers can be thrown off by frequent and irregular changes of direction. When you first start back to home or to safety, walk in an entirely different direction and gradually zigzag back. Small deviations to one $289.00 BROWN JOSEPH 45434-1063 XENIA $80.40 $1.68 WRIGHT PATTERSON AFB FAIRBORN The following method has been suggested for use against environmentally objectionable construction projects such as condominiums and shopping centers. It involves action to “impair” the electrical wiring system and the plumbing during the construction phase. $0.13 FAIRBORN 45432-2905 1153 W 2ND ST DAYTON 45324-9052 CAUDILL BONNIE PS3611 .I44 M47 2006 QA76.76.E95 S4436 2006 45385 Subject: West (U.S.) Pictorial works. APPLE VALLEY ANIMAL HOSP 45324 45385 722 N GALLOWAY ST FAIRBORN The law goes on to specify that if anyone is convicted under this subsection a second time, the minimum penalty shall be imprisonment for up to ten years, regardless of the magnitude of the offense. The law also spells out the difference between “serious bodily injury” and “bodily injury”; the latter can be as simple as “a cut, abrasion, bruise. ..” There are detailed descriptions of what constitutes a “hazardous or injurious” device. After describing the usual “guns attached to trip wires” and “explosive devices” that we’ve all read about in Reader’s Digest “drug menace” articles, the law gets into some specifics obviously aimed at monkeywrenchers rather than pot growers: singled out are “sharpened stakes,” “nails placed so that the sharpened ends are positioned in an upright manner,” and “tree spiking devices including spikes, nails, or other objects hammered, driven, fastened, or otherwise placed into or on any timber, whether or not severed from the stump. FAIRBORN $11.60 ADAMS RUSSELL S & MARILYN S $103.50 4821 MEREDITH RD BESCOE ROBERT Information Sources: CLARK LILLIE Before making your stencil, visualize what you want to say (or the logo you want to use), where you want to paint your message, how large it should be, etc. Linoleum is probably the best material from which to make a stencil. You can buy linoleum in various thicknesses, lengths, and widths at building supply, hardware, or floor covering stores. Allow several inches of border around the cut-out message or logo on your piece of linoleum for sturdiness and to provide room to hold it so you won’t spray paint your hands (or your partner’s hands) while holding the stencil up to your target. (If you’re using red paint, you can literally get caught red-handed this way!). FAIRBORN 45433 ASIKELE EDWARD FAIRBORN BEAVERCREEK YELLOW SPRINGS 45385 Any Earth defender contemplating burning instead of other methods of decommissioning bulldozers and other heavy equipment should carefully consider these negative aspects of burning machinery. 45324 Personal author: Satter, David, 1947- CLARK CHARLES S. 4306 DELHI DR $1.89 263 CHESTERFIELD CIR 45385-5730 $10.75 CANTRELL JENNIFER BROWN ADAM R 2187 MINNESOTA DR FAIRBORN $44.10 45385-3639 BEAVERCREEK 1035 WHITETAIL DR $30.00 ALLISON RACE A 45432 SPRING VALLEY 2441 GRANGE HALL RD 1016 N DETROIT ST 45324 2176 MISSISSIPPI DR 45432-1853 DENT WIZARD 374 CRABAPPLE DR PN1995 .B617 2004 45433 $190.98 YELLOW SPRINGS 4324 EASTMAN XENIA Variation of # 1 using only one eye-bolt. In place of second eye-bolt guide, wrap rope loosely around shaft. Knots on cord allow for sure grip. 45370 1350 REDBUD DR $6.71 45324-2350 FAIRBORN BEAVERCREEK $26.00 $10.00 $7.78 FAIRBORN 45385 COWDEN DANIEL B UTMA OH Personal author: Damp, Dennis V. BATEMAN MISTY 45387 $1.97 Subject: Behavior Juvenile fiction. Address $49.61 ALI MOHAMED B BEAVERCREEK 20 E XENIA DR 80 SOUTH ST Large bolt cutters can be used to slice open a padlock. XENIA 2249 CREEKVIEW PL 45385 PO BOX 132 The Bank Job Based on a true 1971 event, this thriller tells the story of Terry (Jason Statham), a car dealer who becomes involved in a London bank heist only to find that the contents of the bank vault will draw him deeply and irrevocably into the city's criminal underbelly. Murder and scandal abound in this tale of corruption populated with a surprising mix of offenders, from low-level thugs to government officials and all the way up to the royal family. $92.13 FAIRBORN FAIRBORN ADAMS BENJAMIN T ZIP $8.00 XENIA 1416 FOREST LANE 45385 45385 Subject: El Camino Real (Calif.) 45434-6558 792 SPACE DR 45324 $8.73 $3.15 BEANBLOSSOM CATHAR $28.86 $95.81 DAY MORGAN 1363 EASTVIEW DR XENIA 45305-0000 $11.80 45324- FAIRBORN $4.00 $16.01 BERRY JOHN F Amount $2.17 510 S MAIN ST 1229 S MAPLE AVE 45324 sparked the reproductive revolution / Robin Marantz Henig. DAYTON $1.36 SPRING VALLEY $15.62 45431- DAHL LARK 45324 BUDD NICHOLAS A 47385 Abrasives 4833 CONWAY RD BELLBROOK The most valuable information an undercover agent can obtain includes admissions of guilt and plans for future raids. The agent will often seek to record this information for later presentation in court. The basic way to do this is to “wear a wire,” either a small transmitter or a recording device concealed on her person. If this is deemed too risky, the agent may try to arrange an incriminating conversation in a car or room that has been bugged in advance. Any such recording is completely legal, requiring no warrant, as long as one party present (the undercover cop) consents to allow the recording. When preselected locations are used to stage an incriminating session, hidden video cameras using tiny “pinhole” lenses which are nearly impossible to spot may be used to make a record of non-verbal, but possibly incriminating evidence, such as the nod of a head, or the passing of a written communication. $50.00 $35.90 CRABTREE DOLORES A ALKAHTANI SAUD Corporate subject: Cloisters (Museum) Guidebooks. Title: Voyage of the turtle : in pursuit of the Earth's last dinosaur / Carl Safina. BEAVERCREEK 332 W GARLAND AVE SPT 3F 45385-9990 $3.98 BEAVERCREEK $20.00 FAIRBORN $125.65 COFFIELD JOHN 1373 S. MAPLE AVE. 45431 The use of ultraviolet tracing against monkeywrenching is limited by several factors. Weather can wash the tracing compounds off the treated area or object. In addition, it is necessary to have a suspect in order to check the person and her clothing for the presence of the fluorescent material. Finally, it is time consuming and costly to treat a large area. 45431 BEAVERCREEK $15.40 $875.00 45385 BRUGGEMAN CHARLES JOSEPH BLASCH ERIK Be wary of “lost souls,” mentally-disturbed individuals (sometimes it takes a while to realize that someone doesn’t have all her oars in the water), or other people you feel sorry for and might therefore try to be friends with. The CIs in the Arizona Five case were all people whom folks in Arizona Earth First! pitied. 220 N WEST ST Kavita Shishir Shah, editor]. Monkeywrenching can seriously retard major construction projects. XENIA 1477 BOTTO AVE Do not wear anything on your feet to disguise your tracks that may seriously impede your speed of movement or maneuverability. Strapping boards to one’s feet (“Air Bakers”) has been proven to make a monkeywrencher helpless. 2817 RHETT DR 45434 $85.00 $875.97 45433 2000 MILL RUN LANE FAIRBORN FAIRBORN 1627 SELKIRK RD $408.18 45335 DAYTON 460 PANDORA DR 45324 DAYTON CRESS MORRIS E XENIA BARBER CALVIN K $238.46 $200.40 1570 REEFE DR APT 4 DUNN RONALD DAYTON 1692 OTTAWA DR Monkeywrenchers are rarely called upon to enforce the law, but with the lack of proper enforcement of environmental legislation, vigilante action is increasingly easy to justify. A clear-cut case is the subversion of the 1965 Highway Beautification Act by the outdoor advertising industry. This law, intended to eliminate the roadside clutter of billboards, has been systematically gutted by an industry that flouts environmental and highway safety concerns. Although American taxpayers have spent millions to pay for the removal of these eye-sores, the sign companies have gone so far as to use the tax dollars paid them to remove signs to erect new signs. Billboard industry lobbyists in Washington have insured that appropriations for sign removal are pared down to the level where new sign construction outstrips removal by a factor of three to one. ANDERSON DEAN W edited by Markus Jochum and Raghu Murtugudde. 45324 45324-3157 DAYTON BROWN MARY A $284.40 COMPTON DEBORAH J BUTTS M A $9.84 45387 BEAVERCREEK 308 LOVINGTON DR YELLOW SPRINGS DEMORET ALSACE B/% GUY W DEMORET II 45434-5626 XENIA 45384 FAIRBORN 45431-1220 2934 STAUFFER DR 45385-2332 $309.93 641 BEAVER VLY 45385-0065 TK5105.887 .C65 2006 45305 BYRD FRED $58.30 45432-3240 COOFSEY DAWN $50.00 DURNBAUGH HELEN M $32.15 $85.84 2140 ROCKDALE DR 45335 DUNCAN NICHOLAS A 103 WASHINGTON ST BRAUN D G # 2862 1034 BROWN ST 45324 45433 XENIA $15.00 CHMIEL JOHN C $1.08 45431 45385 $70.28 2717 DIAMOND CUT DR CURTIS RUTH M $181.76 DEAL JOHN R 2727 FAIRFIELD COMMONS XENIA 45324-2302 $16.47 45324-7612 $70.03 $40.47 1032 MAIN $79.50 $81.67 4220 WAGNER RD 620 DODGE CT FAIRBORN 45431 DAYTON Only 150 years ago, the Great Plains were a vast, waving sea of grass stretching from the Chihuahuan Desert of Mexico to the boreal forest of Canada, from the oak-hickory forests of the Ozarks to the Rocky Mountains. Bison blanketed the plains — it has been estimated that 60 million of the huge, shaggy beasts moved across the grassy ocean in seasonal migrations. Throngs of Pronghorn and Elk also filled this Pleistocene landscape. Packs of Gray Wolves and numerous Grizzly Bears followed the tremendous herds. $26.28 2180 NATIONAL RD FAIRBORN 1375 BAREBACK TRL XENIA BROWN AARON 45324-5210 YELLOW SPRINGS 369 CHAUCER 45385 In places where spiking is rampant, the authorities may go so far as to “dust” trees with dyes in powder form. These powders are almost invisible to the naked eye, but will show up under an ultraviolet or “black” light. To avoid exposing oneself in such a situation, minimize contact with the tree (you need not hug it!), put your gloves in a plastic bag when you are done (if you’re not disposing of them immediately), and launder your clothes after you get home. You might also purchase an ultraviolet light (available from scientific supply houses, novelty and “head” shops). In this age of budgetary restraints, however, the Freddies are not likely to go to this extreme except in special cases. 1850 CAMPUS DR ALLEN LAURA $0.40 1061 VICTORIA AVE DAYTON JAMESTOWN 1041 WENRICK EAVEYS BULLOCK ULIS — T. O. Hellenbach $231.89 2727 CROME RD DAYTON City 45385 $0.20 1045 B VICTORIA AVE BELLBROOK Photocopy the original communiqué and deliver only the copies. Use only a photocopy machine whose location or amount of use makes it unlikely that someone will accidentally observe what you’re doing. If you are copying something incriminating and someone walks up before you are through, calmly stand so as to block their view, or else gather up your materials and leave. You can always come back later. Copying machines are common, and are now found in libraries, post offices, and supermarkets, so finding a suitable one should be no problem. $10.62 v-a-jpeg-57.jpg BEAVERCREEK $17.18 I Volleyballs (@ 8”), soccer balls (@ 9”), and basketballs (@ 9”+) can be used to plug 8 to 12 inch diameter culverts. Partially deflate the ball, shove it into the culvert inlet a short distance, then over-inflate it in place with a small, portable, foot-operated tire pump (available at Sears with pressure gauge, 100 psi maximum, for under $10). FAIRBORN 45431-2619 CAMPHOUSE ROBBIE Silent Communication 45324-0000 $102.36 SPRING VALLEY 5215 THURLOW ST $354.73 2817 RHETT DR DAYTON BROWN NICK Be especially cautious when dealing with people who volunteer inside information from their position in the offending company, agency, or the like. Such people may be sincerely on your side, and if so, their information can be extremely valuable. But it is also possible that such people, particularly if they approach you first, are “double agents.” A double agent will, under the pretext of helping your group, actually give you misleading information that can be harmful. Such a person may even try to set the group up for an arrest. 45324 Subject: United States--Politics and government--1861-1865. 3954 LINDEN AVE 45434-5826 RR 1 502 MIDDLE 45385 $0.04 $0.29 4 And One More Thing Before You Go ... by Maria Shriver 4 5 (Free Press: $13.95) Ten rules for teenagers and adults alike on how to find abundance and love by knowing what is important in life. 45432-2909 $2.30 CANADA VICKIE DAYTON SPRING VALLEY This versatile tool, available at large discount houses for a few dollars, can be used to knock out office windows from the relative safety of a passing car. In the illustration you will see the conventional type (a) and the more compact and easily concealed folding variety (b). Missiles must be small, dense and relatively round (c). Avoid irregularly shaped objects (d), as they don’t fly true. Small rocks, steel bearings, and large nuts (e) are good. In illustration (f) you can see how one or two slingshotters can hit a target from a passing car. The hand holding the slingshot must not extend outside the vehicle (f). The driver must signal when it is safe, ensuring that the hit cannot be observed by nearby drivers. Avoid using your brake lights or deliberately slowing down and then making a fast getaway. Try a couple of practice sessions on a remote country road first. To a passerby, the hit must be indistinguishable from the actions and movements of a typical passing car. $56.90 45324 45324-7131 CLIFTON DAYTON COATES LAWRENCE 382 WINDING TRAIL 45431 45385-2010 FAIRBORN 45385 DAYTON BOOS HEATHER N 2861 SHORT 45385-0243 $96.00 93 HILLCREST AVE 520 SOUTH ST 18 DUPONT WAY $0.41 $0.74 FAIRBORN The clandestine battle against this roadside blight began in 1958 as the billboard lobby successfully defeated an early attempt to regulate signs. In June of that year, unidentified billboarders, enjoying popular support, cut down seven signs outside of Santa Fe, New Mexico. A dozen years later, a group called the Billboard Bandits systematically sawed down close to two hundred signs in Michigan. These six high school students, one a senior class president, were arrested in mid-1971 for destroying numerous billboards. They were stopped on the main street of a small town where police found a saw and an ax in the trunk of their car. After a failed attempt to prove the signs (not the sign cutting) illegal, the youths pled no contest to one count of malicious destruction of property and each was given a suspended jail sentence, three-and-a-half months probation, and a $150 fine. BELLBROOK 45385 2324 CENTERVILLE RD. 548 SOUTH ST $20.80 $123.40 BEAVERCREEK $14.59 40 W 3RD ST BROWN BEN Personal author: DeSpain, Pleasant. 45430 $21.43 45324-4036 $32.93 XENIA BABIARZ DEE D BAYMAN ASHLEY N Subject: Motion pictures for children Catalogs. CSC GIS OSG CALTON RAY FAIRBORN Feet — wear rubber boots. 117 W S COLLEGE ST 45385-4121 $4.20 $21.60 DUCKWALL ALVA L IV BENTLEY RUTH 45324 SPRING VALLEY XENIA $0.74 CARPER KENNETH S DAYTON 45434-6298 $3.00 $312.84 $50.00 COMBS JUDITH K $12.25 3119 WINDMILL DR DILLON DEBIE 234 FLORENCE AVE FAIRBORN CHAMBERLAIN DEBORAH L 45432 $19.13 $8.28 DAYTON 3956 CAMBERLEE WAY D -- HISTORY (GENERAL) AND HISTORY OF EUROPE E -- HISTORY: AMERICA -- General, United States. F-- HISTORY: AMERICA -- Local, Americas other than United States 45324 $5.40 FAIRBORN $49.80 45324-2302 DEURING LEONARD 45431 $2.00 ALLEN ELMER/% SCITIES KAY BLANKS LAQUANDA D 8 FITCHLAND DR FAIRBORN BEAVERCREEK C/O LYNN DAUGHERTY 45431-2105 XENIA 1121 XENIA AVE $51.22 FAIRBORN 45385 45385- $1.88 BEAVERCREEK PO BOX 3400395 45385 45432-3950 BELLBROOK 1867 IRONWOOD DR 45385 BELLBROOK BROWN LAUREEN MSGT D XENIA CARTER ROGER E JAMESTOWN 45385-7317 BARBER JOHN K 1830 SR 725 45384 DILLAPLAIN JOHN T $0.37 435 CHANDLER DR WRIGHT PATERSO XENIA BASSMAN MARY $68.09 DEARMOND JOHN W. Imagine the chilling effect on destructive business activities if the owners and managers knew they might be held personally accountable. To spread the chill, publicity should accompany such hits. Efforts must be made to garner public attention through the press. Failing this, brief cautionary phone calls (Editor’s note: security!) can warn key individuals that their office or home might be next. Raids on personal residences should be planned and executed carefully, so as to avoid any chance of injury to individuals such as might result from a face-to-face confrontation. For this reason, these raids should probably be limited to spray-painted slogans on walls and autos, and the like. If you can afford the risk of exposure, moving 100 or 200 yards along a paved road will often throw off a human tracker. This is especially true if your first steps back off the pavement are in a place where you can avoid leaving tracks. 45324 $0.23 1655 VALTA RD 45385 $199.41 Subject: Gambling--History. FAIRBORN 45385-9559 BISHOP KIMBERLY XENIA FAIRBORN $59.60 45385 $2.19 FAIRBORN 325 W CENTER COLLEGE ST $2.70 BROWN ALICIA BIBBS ANGIE R 5325 FAIRFIELD DR $0.30 City $10.08 45432-2747 $16.28 4960 W MORLAND APT C 45432-2506 $5.27 $0.33 AUSTIN FAIRBORN 45324 $10.80 BELLBROOK 2374 MARCIA DR DWYER CHRISTIE L $59.99 $247.96 $14.00 Personal subject: Adams, Ansel, 1902-1984. BEAVERCREEK I do some monkeywrenching from the back of my horse. I carry a few items of clothing (wrapped in plastic) under the saddle for a quick change, a light “tool kit” under the fenders (rustlers’ traditional hiding spot for running irons), and some water soluble white paint for camouflage — my horse has been an Appaloosa, a paint, and had one to four white stockings. XENIA 2428 RONA VILLAGE BLVD 1810 RICE BLVD DAYTON DAYTON 364 N BROAD ST 5 CRUZ EDWARD BEAVERCREEK MARATHON 1130 E 3RD ST 45324 The Ecodefense Deluxe Noose Pole 45387-1754 FAIRBORN $22.26 10 N. COLUMBUS ST. XENIA FAIRBORN Even the peaceful Hopi were not spared the meddling of industrial society. In 1891 came a plan to move them out of their clustered mesa-top villages and onto single-family plots of private land. After survey markers were destroyed, government troops were dispatched to arrest the leaders responsible. Faced with a roadblock of warriors armed with bows and arrows, the cavalry officer in charge lured out a Hopi delegation to talk terms. The Indians were seized and marched forward as a human shield. Soldiers occupied the village, and native religious leaders made the first of many trips into imprisonment. XENIA DUNSON DAVID A 45385 DAYTON $127.81 45324 45432 $100.00 45432 $2.48 162 LORETTA AVE BEAVERCREEK 554 HARRIET STREET 45385 WRIGHT PATTERSON AFB 45431-2849 45385 ARMANNI ANDREA CORIELL WILLIAM BELLBROOK $47.94 1447 SANZON DR XENIA 1451 BRADFUTE 45335-1331 BRITTINGHAM JANICE F France Nuyen Begin by using casual conversation to elicit details about the past of the potential recruit or suspected undercover infiltrator. Be wary of anyone who seems reluctant to discuss her past, her family, or her job history. Most undercover operatives will not want to reveal their real families to persons suspected of criminal activity (for good reason!). The key period in an agent’s personal history may be the most recent years, which might be the years in which she has worked for the police department, Forest Service, Pinkerton Agency, etc. But even the earlier years in her life may provide leads to friends and relatives who know about her true current employment. The “investigator” needs to be subtle in talking with such people (casual conversation), patient (gather a lot of information over time), and thorough (your freedom may be on the line). 1239 SPRINGWOOD LN BRITTON STEVEN M $111.02 CURTIS CHAD $2.00 DISCHER RON $11.42 45324 $80.00 45434-6007 ASC ENMS DEB TOLLETT 870 WATKINS GLEN DR 8 Down Came the Rain by Brooke Shields (Hyperion: $23.95) -- 1 The actress describes her journey through a severe bout of postpartum depression after the birth of her daughter. BLANKENSHIP RANDEL L 45370 BRATTON MARY D 45324 XENIA PO BOX 704 BROWN BRANDON $50.58 10028 SETTLEMENT HSE RD ALLREAD TIFFANY L Subject: Soviet Union--History. 45431-1950 COFFEY BETSI FAIRBORN Subject: Indians of North America--Wars--West (U.S.) 45305 45335 45431-1352 CHARLTON JOSEPH P BEAVERCREEK JAMESTOWN $232.25 BOGGS ROY L FAIRBORN 45305-0000 $1,192.50 $688.60 1472 CLEAR BRK DR $2.80 2408 SPAHR RD XENIA 4444 E ENON RD 2089 BEAVER VALLEY RD DARRINGER BERTHA ALLEY MELISSA L E902 .F74 2003 [translated from the French by Jennifer Kaku]. $22.27 1293 GULTICE RD COX TERESA E DARBIER SUZANNE L BEAVERCREEK BRADY RYAN D XENIA $35.30 DAYTON BEAM RONALD E FAIRBORN Title: Housekeeping / Marilynne Robinson. 45431-2900 If attacked by a guard dog, observe the following procedures: Do not run unless you have a short way to go to safety and a good head start. Dogs can run very fast. XENIA DAYTON $67.09 45305 Have a cover story. You could say you are doing genealogical research, or that you are working for a Realtor (out-of-town Realtor, of course). Or you might pose as a writer or researcher. BLACK DELORES J 45385-3908 C/O SUZETTE CASTONGUAY BLACKMON TINA 45431-1248 $38.98 CROWE DON 45385-0000 $0.81 45384 Tie one knot leaving several inches free on end. AUCKERMAN BRIAN XENIA $4.51 $23.00 262 CAMBRIDGE DR BLAIR JESSE L JR $17.00 45385-5406 $33.40 introduction by Alice Gray. DOWTY ROBERT Consider only acetylene or propane for fuel. Each has advantages and disadvantages. Both are equally effective for cutting. Acetylene looks less suspicious in the field because it can also be used for welding, but it’s more expensive (unless you rent the bottle). It is also much bulkier to transport, a little trickier to handle, and can be obtained only at welding supply shops. 45324-2440 1534 UNION RD $12.00 CALLOWAY LOUISE E Subject: Cooks--United States Biography. $128.49 $4.58 45324 Subject: Women domestics. $29.99 45370 DUNBAR ANNETTE AIKINS HAROLD H DODD CJ $19.11 45324 CORREA PAUL BUSHMAN STACEY K Field Notes 2320 MALLARD LN #4 $38.00 BALMER DENISE K 302 ZIMMER DRIVE DIPALI DIPALI 1300 N BROAD ST $8.81 Subject: Young women Fiction. CHESSER CHARLES DEAN J. H. 1253 GRISHAM LN APT A 45314 $51.21 $15.28 CARMEAN DALE 45324 $460.71 597 IDAHO DR DAHL BARBRA BARTY JOE 2441 ROSEANNE CT 249 MORAN ST DUFFRIN DONALD R CHO & CHO ENTERPRISES INC Just as spiking is named for the spike-like quality of the fifty and sixty-penny nails used, so “pinning” is named for a lowly steel pin which, buried in the tissue of a living tree, is designed to wreak havoc with the butchering blade of the sawmill. As levels of protective security increase to stem the swelling tide of tree spiking, silent new methods will become necessary for those courageous enough to infiltrate the guarded stands of condemned trees. The loud ring of hammer on spike is replaced by the gentle hum of the cordless electric drill as it creates a small cavity for the insertion of a steel pin. ADELPHSON EDWARD D. 45431-2453 3353 CEDARWOOD DR BELLBROOK 1887 KRISCHEL DR XENIA 39 NORTH WRIGHT AVE ACKLIN LEEANN COPELAND ROOFING $5.52 45324 45434-6384 BAILEY MICHAEL E Loss of fine motor skills. Stress automatically prepares your body for large brute responses like running or fighting. Fine coordination suffers as a result. Example: Convinced you’ve been spotted, you hurry back to your parked car where you fumble with your keys and drop them in the darkness. 1583 RED OAK RD $34.88 45385-9384 BRIGGS CHARLES C BARNES JOSEPH E 3364 US ROUTE 42 E 671 WILSON DR 1052 MOHICAN TRAIL 45385 photography by Mark Darley. XENIA 45435 Subject: Intellectual property--Social aspects--United States. XENIA $14.00 BELLBROOK $0.24 BHARWANI JAI 45324 BRANAM MITCHELL L $72.26 45431 $1,080.72 Remember that guards often hang around garages and maintenance yards. XENIA BEAVERCREEK COATES LARRY D $51.67 FAIRBORN Subject: Astronautics--United States--History. 1344 BINGHAM DR BURNS JEANINNE 9292 S ST CLAIR RD $2.41 45324 Title: Secrets of podcasting : audio blogging for the masses / Bart G. Farkas. DIXON ALLAM 2011 WENTWORTH VILLAGE DR 45431-242 XENIA Be careful to avoid too much oil spillage when removing the screw-type filter. Carry it well away from the machine before scratching out a shallow hole to receive the quart or more of oil inside the filter. Pour out the oil slowly and cover the hole to leave no trace. Fill the inside of the filter about 3/4 full of abrasive and screw it back on to the engine. BRITTON DONOVAN L 45431-2619 BLM Procedure for Ecotage Letters XENIA 368 FOREST ST 45370-9718 $14.00 $42.78 232 MAIN BEAVERCREEK FAIRBORN BIRKBECK DONALD $33.38 2407 BANYON DR $35.24 45305-2738 45324 211A 1257 SPRINGWOOD LN 2629 N EMERALD DR $0.49 246 N HIGH ST Paul Carr If you buy the longer rod and cut it, keep in mind that rebar is usually bought by contractors in quantity and delivered to a construction site. So, do not call attention to yourself by repeatedly buying small quantities of rebar and hack-saw blades in the same building supply store in an area where “road spiking” is taking the profits out of some local rip-off. Rebar is common, ordinary stuff, though, and nobody will take any interest in why you want it so long as you don’t need a salesperson’s help in figuring out what (and how much) to order. Order a length that you can easily transport. Buy the best hacksaw blades, since cheap ones break easily and will only make a few cuts before dulling. Buy the longest blades you can find in order to get a decent stroke (most hacksaws accept blades of various lengths). This will make cutting much easier. 45324- $19.87 45324 45385-4729 5782 ACCESS RD COOK DEBBIE Field Note FAIRBORN FAIRBORN Keep in mind that by making spikes sharper, and by using spike- and nailboards, we may increase the risk of injury — and that is not our purpose. Thus, use these emplacements only where there is little chance of injury to the general public. 2262 MALLARD LN 45431-3425 $5.08 FAIRBORN 45324-3504 FAIRBORN 4406 HILLCREST DR DEKLEINE FELICIA R QB982 .G74 2005 BYRD MONICA BRUNSCH MAXIMILIAN Tapered hardwood shims can also be jammed into the keyway and broken off. A small screwdriver can be used to force the wood farther into the lock. Properly executed this can accomplish the same basic mission as the adhesive/glue technique — necessitating the summoning of a locksmith to gain access. It does not cause permanent damage to the lock mechanism, however, as does the glue. DAYTON HF5813 .U6 K48 1981 45305-1845 45305 BEAVERCREEK $27.20 BROOKINS MARY E $40.00 $38.99 $150.00 Amount $80.18 4444 E ENON RD 45370 $0.52 HF5389 .M67 2006 45433 $10.65 FAIRBORN CARLISLE STEVEN S $4.00 $4.38 45314-9545 Most trapped animals fight the trap to some extent. “Wring-off” is a trappers’ term used to describe the animals whose twisting, biting, tugging, rolling, and chewing causes them to sever or amputate the toes, foot, or leg held in the trap. Although some animals crippled by their escape live to hobble around for many years, most die of infection or from starvation due to impaired hunting ability. Amount all fitness levels / Molly Weeks. An experienced barbed wire fence repair person suggests that to do the most expensive damage to a fence, one should cut out one-foot sections between posts. Throw the cut section away from the fence where it can’t be easily found. To repair this kind of cutting requires three people and many pieces of wire. If enough one-foot sections are taken out, it will require the complete restringing of the fence. 45432-4028 $9.49 712 WINSTON DR 1730 JUNE DR BARRI AYMEN CAUDILL DANIEL 45324-5128 Subject: Tutsi (African people)--Crimes against--Rwanda--History--20th century. YELLOW SPRINGS 45314-8505 BURTCHELL AMY 45433 Before you get back to your parked car, stop again in an area where you won’t leave tracks. Switch back to your regular shoes or boots and bury your gloves and monkey business shoes in separate holes. Conceal sign of your digging (a quick way to do this at night is to place some branches over the disturbed soil). Approach your car normally. If someone is there waiting, tell them where you were (you may have dozed off after dinner and just awoken under a nearby tree). Ask what all the commotion is about. Be curious, or helpful. This can disguise the fear you feel. If all is quiet at your car, set up camp normally and go to sleep if you can. If you attempt to drive out when the enemy is alerted, they can easily stop you (unless there’s a fair amount of traffic on the road). Weather out any possible storm as an innocent camper. They’ll ask questions, and look around your campsite for footprints like the ones found at the target site. Knowing you’re totally clean will make it easier to play the role of innocent. COTTINGHAM JASON $0.29 $33.31 45324 $36.50 5948 HICKAM DR 45431 $34.49 DORRIS R B JR AYERS ROBERT DAWSON THOMAS S $51.42 45324-6420 3337 FAIR OAKS DR 9460 NAVAJO TRAIL $100.00 1165 ORTEGO $16.18 $53.07 1180 OVERLOOK DR $14.30 45324 814 S HIGH ST DAVIS CHERYL S Both small helicopters and light planes are used for this type of slaughter. Planes are usually of the “wing-over” type, with the wing on top to prevent it from blocking the view of the spotter and shooter. In addition to the pilot, one or two shooters are aboard, usually armed with shotguns (which requires them to get within 40 yards of the target). XENIA 45324-5534 Recruits. Known members of a target group may be targeted for recruitment by the police. The effort usually begins with a background check for signs of vulnerability. An individual who appears “weak” might simply be interviewed repeatedly by a persuasive officer until she agrees to cooperate. A conservative employer, perhaps one with a law enforcement or military background, might be enlisted to help in pressuring the prospective recruit. In the past, for instance, the FBI has used interviews with employers to intimidate members of political groups. Photographs 4 MERRILL RD 4195 FOX FERN CT XENIA FAIRBORN $114.30 C/O RAYMOND E CUSICK Title: The gecko's foot : bio-inspiration : engineering new Personal subject: Johnson, Samuel, 1709-1784. BEAVERCREEK HF5822 .C76 2000 $50.00 45305-1903 45324 $8.00 $20.00 BROWN BEVERLY G materials from nature / Peter Forbes. 45385-0000 $10.23 $16.49 Subject: Young women--England Fiction. BRADBERRY RICKY D You can also saw through bridge timbers from the underside with a chain, bow, or crosscut saw. It is hard to avoid hitting nails — this conceivably could be dangerous with a chain saw (see the Tree Spiking section in the Developments chapter). If noise is a problem, a bow saw blade cuts easily when sharp and can be quickly replaced when dulled. A few drops of kerosene will make it cut smoothly in resinous or creosote-treated wood. 87 S PROGRESS DR RT 5 BOX 1 DOHERTY PAUL DECKER DONNA M 45431 49 SOUTH QUENTON A XENIA Sturdy workbench and two vises $59.35 2272 N TULANE DR CANDLER DIANA SUE 45324 BELLBROOK 45305-8775 ASHLEY HARRY $22.93 45431 DAYTON ARRASMITH TRICIA FAIRBORN JAMESTOWN $1.18 45434-5860 BRINDISI ANTHONY 258 N DETROIT For effectiveness and safety, give thought to where you place road spikes. Avoid areas where a blow-out or flat from the stake might put the driver of the vehicle in danger. Roads or “jeep trails” with a sheer, long drop-off on one side are obvious danger zones. Choose, instead, a flat area or low point in the vehicle path. Determine whether you should spike a long vehicle route at the beginning or in a remote location in the middle. Will a flat miles from nowhere endanger a typically overweight, soft ORVer? SPRING VALLEY YELLOW SPRINGS FAIRBORN The limitation of spray paint is that you must reduce complex ideas to a few simple words: a slogan. In your slogan, express a complete idea in two to four words. Make your best slogan your hallmark and use it often. CEDARVILLE F869.S33 S22 2005 BEAVERCREEK $210.96 BENNETT DENNIS W 45385-0000 $20.30 EAGLE MELISSA L XENIA 45431-0000 325 CHERRYWOOD DR DAMUTH MARK CHRISTMAN ANNA C 45387 1842 WHITT ST $18.01 45387-1631 902 YELLOWSTONE RD BLIEM THERESIA ANENE NKECHI A 45324 XENIA $151.04 DAYTON 45434-7083 45324 CARR MELVIN 134 WEST WHITEMAN ST 725 E MAIN ST Remember that many dirt bike and ATV riders are children and mentally-handicapped individuals. Be careful. Many dirt bikes travel at high rates of speed. Place tire puncturing devices with the safety of the rider in mind. 990 OAKDALE DR $17.22 $50.00 XENIA ADKINS ROGER & $0.91 FAIRBORN Personal author: Gardner, Gary T., 1958- 45431 BROWN WILLIAM 45385 BELLBROOK $10.00 45324 45385-2735 $75.60 BATCHELDER ADAM FAIRBORN BELLBROOK 1209 TIMBERHAWK TR 45305-1882 45324-6503 $18.10 ANDERSON CATHERINE DS318.82 .O85 2003 Personal author: O'Shea, Maria. Title: Culture shock! : Iran : [a guide to customs and etiquette] / Maria O'Shea. Subject: Etiquette--Iran Handbooks, manuals, etc. Subject: Iran--Social life and customs Handbooks, manuals, etc. Address 45387 $10.00 $25.67 ADKINS JOHN & COZ 1643 MAUMEE DR FAIRBORN 45324-1818 Most importantly, changes designed to throw off investigators must be thorough. Change everything on a specific date and be careful not to lapse back into old methods or materials. Pay attention to detail, as you can be sure investigators will. If you change everything but your shoes, leaving the same old footprints, all your efforts will be wasted. The illusion of more than one group working in an area will dilute the effectiveness of the law enforcement response. BLACK ALTON D FAIRBORN BREGWAY CORPORATION $76.00 BELLBROOK Destroying ranching equipment and machinery. 45434 45305-1713 DAVIS MICHAEL CARMAN MICHAEL J 1937 FORESTDALE DR $1,241.00 3878 FERRY RD A skunk’s spray not only sticks to your clothing, but also penetrates your clothes and sticks to your skin. Therefore, a non-permeable garment is needed. You are probably not one to ruin a good rain suit on every trapped skunk you come across. Also, wearing nylon on the job is a no-no. There is an alternative: military chemical warfare gear. It is not terribly expensive ($15 or less) for a matching set of coat and trousers. They are said to be impenetrable to nerve gas, chlorine gas, and mustard gas — and they work well with skunk spray, too. Old worn sets, though, are worthless! Buy only those sealed in their original package. Never launder this stuff either, or you’ll take out the protective chemical. It is also wise to get a good gas mask. Surplus Israeli Civil Defense masks are now available from many sources (mine cost $7). So: buy local, pay cash, and remember the words Paper trail. Good luck and happy trails. QB36.H75 M58 2005 45324 2231 SIMISON RD DAYTON 123 W DAYTON YELLOW BUCHETT REBECCA A PO BOX 457 FAIRBORN 1422 MAPLERIDGE DR SPRING VALLEY 2445 DEWPOINT CIR 910 SEMMES PL It is time for women and men, individually and in small groups, to act heroically in defense of the wild, to put a monkeywrench into the gears of the machine that is destroying natural diversity. Though illegal, this strategic monkeywrenching can be safe, easy, fun, and — most important — effective in stopping timber cutting, road building, overgrazing, oil and gas exploration, mining, dam building, powerline construction, off-road-vehicle use, trapping, ski area development, and other forms of destruction of the wilderness, as well as cancerous suburban sprawl. 45431 AUSTIN XENIA $47.25 The oceans of the world are in desperate times, but hope can be found in those who can, and dare, to act. YELLOW SPRINGS $18.92 QA331.7 .A25 1997 DULKER NEAL W FAIRBORN $78.74 ALMAZAN CARLO B BEAVERCREEK 45324 DAYS CARETA R FAIRBORN BURNS EDWARD W 45385 BURNS ROBERT B BELLBROOK ALLEN ARTHUR JR 45324-5212 FAIRBORN PO BOX 411 45314-9541 Subject: Ex-convicts Fiction. 1032 FREDERICK DR. 45324 3121 SPRINGHILL RD 45385 45431-1220 $69.02 $14.40 CAMPBELL CHARLES 45305-9707 210 FAIRFIELD PIKE DLJSC DAMEWOOD DALE E BURREY WILLIAM In more densely-populated areas, like the Eastern states, a trapper is more likely to park his vehicle and make a walking circuit to check his traps. Some also use horses, dirt bikes, and the three and four-wheeled all-terrain vehicles. Look for signs of a large pack or trap basket used to carry equipment and hides. DEAN WILLIAM C BETTS JOHN J. XENIA 45434 COLLINS KATHLEEN 45431 576 S COLUMBUS ST XENIA PT2621 .A26 A257 2003 FAIRBORN 1635 YACTA DR BOTHWELL SETH E 436 DAWNVIEW AVE 45324- 146 W DAYTON YELLOW SPRINGS RD 5455 MITCHELL DR 45305-1510 $55.00 $37.45 Because surveillance is likely to be employed against any suspected monkeywrencher, make the counter-surveillance security check a part of your daily routine. Think of it as simply paying attention to detail. It enhances your appreciation of life and events around you. $7.60 CLARK RALPH B 3 N CHURCH ST DAYTON CHMIEL DAWN A $108.56 439 MARCHMONT 4 MANN AVE 45385-4836 UNKNOWN YELLOW SPRINGS 1115 HOOK RD DYE ALFRED W 45314 210 W WHITEMAN ST CLINE JERRY E. 1453 RMB US RTE 42E BYRD LAURA $12.59 45385-9434 BELLBROOK BELLBROOK 45370 4944 WOODMAN PARK DR APT #15 COX MATTHEW Field Notes 551 BIRCH RD 134 HEBBLE 45385 45431-2453 CAMPBELL TIFFANY N $52.48 1437 VANDERLYN CT Amount YELLOW SPRINGS $77.43 BAKER JERRY A JR COX WILLIAM L FAIRBORN $400.00 An easy way to drive nails through a nailboard is to place the board on sand or soft dirt and drive in the nails through the board into the dirt. Turn it over and you have your nailboard. JAMESTOWN $12.50 45387 BLEVINS FRED 45431-0000 1165 WILBERFORCE CLFT 5328 WESTMORELAND AVENUE ASC/HP BLDG 676 RM 120 GENERAL DELIVERY 1242 CORRY ST $97.00 $13.79 45385 1808 SOUTHLAWN DR $70.27 SPRING VALLEY BF1566 .S225 2006 Rental typewriters are available in a number of places. Libraries may be the best place, as you may be able to work in a carrel which provides a bit of privacy. Some of the more sophisticated printing/photocopying establishments may also have rental typewriters. If you have to type in a public place, be sure to “bury” your message inside an innocent-looking text, in case someone looks over your shoulder. You can later cut out the text, paste it together, and photocopy it under more secure conditions. CHAPMAN MAUDE S YELLOW SPRINGS FAIRBORN JAMESTOWN 45335 ALFORD JOHN M BEAVERCREEK $24.68 CORKILL DOROTHY L 45431 $25.00 JAMESTOWN Personal author: Fleischman, Sid, 1920- WRIGHT PATTERSON AFB 566 S ALPHA BELLBROOK R BUCCALO GRANT DAVID BOLDMAN EARL 4821 MEREDITH RD 45324 45431-0000 $12.33 1353 FELDMAN DR Hardware Sabotage BARNETTE DAVID XENIA 45432-4122 BRUCE NITRA ANTHONY CRYSTAL M 83 COLLEGE STREET DIPASQUALE NINA C 3353 CEDARWOOD DR JAMESTOWN 3734 MASON RD DERELI SADI OSMAN 45434 COUCH SARAH E Title: Physicians' desk reference for nonprescription drugs. FAIRBORN DOUGLAS CARL F 58 W WHITTIER AVE APT 1 $15.00 ALLEN HAROLD L $1.50 DAYTON CRUZ JESUS SAL 45385 $0.67 45431 45324 $78.00 $3.00 2444 PORTAGE PATH 45432 FAIRBORN $34.60 45387-1826 45385-9566 C/O SUZETTE CASTONGUAY DUNLAP LONNIE D 1508 BELL PEPPER CT 204 45431 $30.00 1050 WOODMAN DR PO BOX 106 YELLOW SPRINGS DAYTON 432 VINE ST. BEAVERCREEK Personal author: Moore, Andrew, 1957- 1731 UTAH CT DILL EMERSON 45324-8707 CHANDRA AMRIT Optional Equipment BRITTINGHAM SANDRA L COE TAMERA L 243 ORVILLE ST #21 EDMONDS JANE A 45305 DAYTON 45431-2125 $1,474.58 XENIA 2567 VALDINA DR 1121 XENIA AVE $47.25 DONNELLY CHRISTINE S 928 GREENWAY DR 2446 HEATHER GLEN CT 1 45385-0000 ABNER TIMOTHY B 24 NORTH MAPLE AVE FAIRBORN 45324 $28.48 FAIRBORN 45433 COLLINS BEULAH E372 .H37 2005 $67.98 If you notice more (or less) law enforcement activity in an area, postpone your job. Do not blunder into a search and rescue operation, or a police, military, or national guard operation or training exercise. DAYTON $98.02 $49.49 RIVERSIDE 310 MIDDLE ST 624 E. CHURCH STREET FAIRBORN 45385 DIAMOND SAMUEL JR XENIA BREEDING IRENE H $22.10 BROADSTOCK TOM $221.04 $0.63 DAYTON 45385-0000 285 STRATFORD LN DAYTON 1420 SOUTH RIVER ROAD $0.99 9596 QUAILWOOD TR ANDERSON JANET Surveillance may only be active when you are, like after dark, or when an informer reports you’re going camping. Heighten your awareness at these times, even if you’re not up to anything. BERRYHILL WILBUR 45324-4738 4414 EASTMAN AVE 460 SCHLATTER DR $0.25 4173 TAREYTON DR BASH ANDREW 1291 HORIZON DR PZ GR114|b.D47 1999 CHILDERS ROBERT L 45324 CONLEY J S DAYTON F334.M79 N476 2006 45324-9413 $9.00 CONLEY DOUGLAS L XENIA 1623 FORESTDALE AVE BRINKMAN DAWN AYALA JOSE ALEXANDER MOTEL Knife Survival: Jim Wagner's Reality-Based Personal Protection With this step-by-step defense course from martial arts expert Jim Wagner, you'll learn how to fend off a knife attack. Lessons cover the 12 possible attack angles, primary blocks, the correct grip and Wagner's knife-disarm principle. The class also includes three conflict maneuvers that will help improve your reaction time and swiftness in repelling a knife assault: the freestyle drill, the feeding drill and the one-for-one drill. $0.24 XENIA literature reviewer, Hilary Thayer Hamann. 779 SAXONY DRIVE 45324-0000 WRIGHT PATTERSON AFB UNKNOWN $0.24 XENIA PO BOX 340183 97 SPRING ST $40.55 LB3060.33.C34 S58 2002 YELLOW SPRINGS Subject: Fathers and sons Fiction. Another widely used undercover role is that of a utility worker or phone company repair person. This approach is valuable for obtaining access to a suspect’s living quarters or workplace. While inside, the officer can plant listening devices, size up the security measures for a later “break-in,” or look for evidence of illegality that can be used to obtain a search warrant. If the suspect is a renter, the landlord’s cooperation may be sought to obtain legal access without a warrant, to provide nearby facilities for surveillance, or to provide cover for an undercover officer who may act as a handyman or building superintendent. If you rent, you should go out of your way to remain on good terms with your landlord. Even if your landlord doesn’t tip you off to police inquiries, a sudden change in her behavior around you could alert you that something has happened to change her opinion of you, and that “something” just might be sudden police interest in you. The same rule applies to neighbors, employers, and co-wo $2.08 COPELAND ROBERT 305 1/2 2 W COLLEGE 1613 ALAMEDA DR 2208 CINNABAR PL $50.68 4384 BELLEMEADE DR 45434 BEAVERCREEK $0.29 45324 45335-1031 $154.37 $19.40 BAKER ERIC S. BEAVERCREEK 45325 5619 CANDLELIGHT LN SPRING VALLEY $17.39 45432-3822 $10.00 ALEXANDER MONA M BEAUPRE JOSEPH E XENIA $37.31 45387 FAIRBORN YELLOW SPRINGS 2265 NEBRASKA AVE $129.89 45370 1749 ARLIN PL APT C 2487 W BEAL RD BEAVERCREEK 1255 DATE ST 45434 45324-2403 FAIRBORN CROSS CLARENCE 45324 Do not urinate near where you are monkeywrenching. It is possible that if urine-soaked dirt was discovered near a ecotage site, DNA analysis of it could incriminate you. Pee far away from any site of your nightwork. FBI agents boast, “If you even sneeze in a car that you’ve stolen, we can get a DNA trace from it.” The FBI, of course, is notorious for exaggerating its abilities and competence, but such braggadocio may be true under certain circumstances. The state of California is already building a DNA database like the FBI’s national database of fingerprints. Researchers report that when five DNA loci were used, there were no matches in the entire 7.6 million FBI samples. This indicates that DNA analysis is as effective as fingerprints in identifying someone. DAYTON 1812 ANDREA CIR ZIP 45385-9384 FAIRBORN EATON VERA L $10.00 BREWER DONALD E DAYTON $90.52 467 W. KREPPS ROAD COLEMAN MARTHA L 45434-5832 45434-6245 BRAMSWAY GLADYS M $157.56 $2.80 2435 5TH ST BLDG 676 BENNETT CAROL FAIRBORN 45434-6384 FAIRBORN 920 N DETROIT ST APT #5 The presence of security lighting often reveals the location of a sensitive target. The effectiveness of security lighting in bad weather is minimal. Time your hit accordingly. AUTRY CAROL LB2353.48 M37 2006 1259 CHISOLM TRL CALLAWAY FRANCES F CREMEENS DANIELLE & FAIRBORN DUERSON ROBERT W CARLSON RYAN D BERRY CAROLINE A $0.54 93 HILLCREST AVE CHRISTOPHER CHARLES T XENIA $65.00 366 GEORGIA DR YELLOW SPRINGS FAIRBORN 45324 CRAWFORD THOMAS XENIA YELLOW SPRINGS FAIRBORN JAMESTOWN $17.14 BEAM KEVIN 253 HOME AVE 45430 45324-1465 Subject: San Francisco (Calif.)--History--20th century. CROWDER EDWARD L JR 2125 BEAVER VALLEY RD #1 45385 231 SPEERGRASS DR 45385 101 S COLUMBUS AVE 2440 QUAIL RUN RD Address 45432-4131 Subject: Energy consumption. DAYTON Felling is accomplished by pushing on the outermost poles, aided sometimes with ropes. See the illustrations. Use the rope(s) only for monkeywrenching since you may have to abandon it if your work is disrupted — you don’t want it accumulating fibers, dirt, and oil stains that can link it with your home or work-place. Store it in a plastic trash bag between jobs. $0.12 45305-1738 Carefully insert the paint bag into one of the segments of the divider. The cardboard divider keeps the bags from sloshing around and makes them easy to retrieve when the time comes. 45387 BEAVERCREEK 45385-4719 BEAVERCREEK $171.22 BUCK CLARICE R CARR ALISHA COUGYENOUR RUTH Well — here I am again — telling all you environmental blowflies how to hurt good yellow machinery. The problem is every time one of the tricks I know is printed, it warns all the pro-development people about what to look for. 2991 SNIVELY RD City 45385 1738 WOODLAND DR $21.31 XENIA BINGAMON SANDRA K XENIA 45324- 4195 FOX FERN CT e. FAIRBORN 45385 DAYTON $7.63 45370 1998 GAYHART DR 384 MARGARET DR ABNEY PHYLLIS D 2612 PATRICK HENRY DR BEAVERCREEK 45434 $518.60 BERRY E 45385 2295 GREENE WAY BLVD $6.44 DO TRAIN 45324 242 FRANKLIN AVE SPRING VALLEY Eagle Shooting Heroes Renowned filmmaker Kar Wai Wong produces this slapstick parody inspired by Louis Cha's popular novel, which tells the tale of two royal family members who are determined to claim the throne as their own. The film promises endless high jinks in the form of fight scene parodies, musical numbers and cross-dressing, while reprising the cast from Wong's concurrently shot film, Ashes of Time, including Brigitte Lin, Maggie Cheung and Tony Leung Ka Fai. Always have a good cover story for being in the area. Rehearse. Firewood cutting, and hunting (with rifle, license, and knowledge of what’s in season) are good covers, but don’t pretend to be another trapper. Trappers are the biggest “trap thieves” and are always suspect. 2181 BASSETT CT ABEL JOSEPH D $8.00 $60.76 Address $115.20 Owner Name Personal author: York, Sherry, 1947- ECHO FARMS BRADSHAW JASON 2691 CROSS COUNTRY DR COPPOCK DONALD 2393 LAKEVIEW DR $50.89 To trash 3 1/2” microdisks (much tougher than their larger ancestors): 1 SPRING LN BELL MARLA XENIA 45324 FAIRBORN ADDIS SHARON K spirituality at the new frontiers of life / Lee M. Silver. WRIGHT PATTERSON AFB $229.00 BUSH VILDER W 1484 HOLLY BUSH DRIVE RIVERSIDE 345 E ENON RD 672 OMDR CIR BOX 472 $10.45 78F W WASHFINTON 45431-1971 BEAVER ERIC R $28.09 1710 WILBUR AVE $52.00 BEARD EDWIN B $10.00 DAYTON $184.99 45432 45335-1111 9 DIANA LN W 2808 WOODSVIEW DR APT 11 CEDARVILLE FAIRBORN $25.69 1987 NEBRASKA DR YELLOW SPRINGS BELLBROOK 45387 FAIRBORN 45431-3104 DAYTON 45431-3312 FAIRBORN 3260 CREEKBLUFF CT FAIRBORN $52.25 45324-2567 Silent Communication $15.69 $13.00 CHARTERS LEONA R 2362 DUNCAN DR #4 1896 COL GLENN HWY 45431-2897 45324 45431-3416 PO BOX 823 Owner Name ALFORD SHIRLEY F XENIA DILLAPLAIN JOHN THOMAS SR 45324 45385 Subject: Young women Fiction. FAIRBORN BIEKMAN ROBERT 45305-1724 The wind speed indicators are vulnerable. They are located under the wings and look like small metal tubes bent forward so that the hole in the end faces into the wind. These are on any pilot’s pre-flight checklist, so the plane won’t even get off the ground if they are damaged. All you need to do is bend them. DAYTON ST 163 LOWER HILLSIDE DR $0.17 1181 FUDGE DR XENIA CHEN PHILLIP W G ALFORD DARYL W 45385-4779 1649 N LONGVIEW ST 45324 45385 $55.68 The well-known methods of cutting a tree across or rolling a boulder onto a road are of limited value (but they are of value if enough people do them frequently). The intruder can cut trees out of the way and suffers little loss. Trees can be of greater use on footpaths where dirt bikes are a problem. Hikers simply step over, while the bike has to be dragged over the log(s). Of course the logs have to be placed in spots where dirt bikes can’t ride around the ends and this must be done in many places to present a real deterrent. A tree across the road might be effective in conjunction with another operation to delay motorized pursuit. BROOKS MICHAEL DEBARTOLO CURTIS $89.00 105 N MAPLE AVE #B $57.33 45324 45324 45314 1196 PIEDMONT DR XENIA 45432 CAMPBELL BRIAN M FAIRBORN XENIA EDWARDS IDA 1545 KINGSWAY DR 45385 45305-1724 The cutting takes some concentration and time. With a good utility knife, carefully cut at a 90 degree angle along your lines firmly and gently. Start slowly. As you gain practice, the cutting will go much quicker and easier. A metal straight edge is useful for straight lines. Miscuts can be glued. With use, numerous layers of paint will help hold it all together, too. 45387- COURTNEY YVONNE D DEMMER KRISTI E 1814 WOODVN AV APT 16 XENIA $2.30 8) To jam a culvert: 45432-0000 45335-1410 FAIRBORN $100.00 $73.66 Owner Name $599.24 $51.76 COCHRAN THOMAS E BEAVERCREEK XENIA 398 CHESTNUT ST XENIA $224.43 45431 BARNES LOUISE Y A cheap, light-duty cutting torch designed for artists and hobbyists is a suitable tool for cutting rebar for use as road spikes. However, a medium or heavy-duty torch (costing about $60 to $100 more) should be used for structures or heavy equipment. This set-up can handle larger volumes of gases and therefore can cut larger pieces of steel faster (like bulldozer blade arms and railroad rails in less than a minute each). Since the use of a torch for monkey-wrenching is a team operation anyway (an oxy-fuel flame is very bright — if you use it alone, you’re asking to get caught), the additional cost for equipment may not be so burdensome. FAIRBORN CARTER ANTHONY Modern technology generally renders the need for humans at the plants obsolete. Consequently if one of the transmitters were destroyed it seems logical to assume that a considerable amount of impounded water would be liberated before remedial action could be taken. $49.62 2774 STAUFFER RD XENIA Personal author: Bordwell, David. 151 E WALNUT ST — Floyd Flood http://library.cuesta.edu/ • Last updated: 7/11/2013 • Cuesta Library Home CAULFIELD DORIS M 45434-5802 XENIA $49.58 $61.52 $0.20 45431- 1521 SAINT LUKES DR 3590 WAYNESVILLE JAMESTOWN RD $24.20 Do not conduct planning, practice, or training sessions where you could be noticed or observed. BRYANT SCOTT FAIRBORN $3.79 45335 45324 ABNEY TYLER R 1543 ROCKWELL DR XENIA 45385-3840 $23.06 45370 Consider the direction most vehicles will be traveling and incline the road spikes accordingly. It may be necessary on some routes to direct your spikes in both directions. DENAULT RAYMOND $3.00 If you are caught at a burial site, claim that you were just walking by and saw something sticking out of the ground. If you took proper precautions when you buried your tools, there will be no fingerprints on the tools or bags. Of course, if you are carrying a shovel, you might have some explaining to do. 42 LINDWAY DR 2137 HUNTERS BLUFF CT 45324 CASTLE ERIC BEAVERCREEK $138.00 45305-1492 Subject: Homesickness--Juvenile fiction. 45385 Don’t leave an unfinished communiqué in your typewriter when you go out to do the job! Amazingly, one of the “Arizona Five” did just that. He is serving several years in a federal prison. The prosecution gleefully waved the unfinished communiqué before the jury during the trial. BRINDISI THERESA M $46.45 ARTIS EDITH E. $592.42 1696 ARAPAHO DR EDWARDS RICHARD E BRANDON RONALD FAIRBORN 142 1/2 DAYTON ST 45385- 45434 726 XEXIA AVE DUKES WALTER Subject: Prisoners of war--Legal status, laws, etc.--United States. BEAVERCREEK Owner Name 45324- If only trappers use a certain road, consider accidentally dropping nails for their tires (or other tire-flattening methods discussed elsewhere). Do so near a recognizable landmark so you can remove the nails after trapping season. $0.38 $12.82 BASKIN WILLIAM III BYRD JAMES BEERS NANCY L BERGER MICHAEL P $12.47 DUNCAN MARK 45384 XENIA 3536 RESTWAY COURT 36 DELLWOOD DR $147.39 YELLOW SPRINGS APPLEGATE PAUL $4.68 DAYTON BELLBROOK CARLTON CHRISTOPHER BREWSTER $98.00 1. 3M Corporation manufactures a water-based, non-caustic paint remover called “Safest Stripper.” This marvelous product does not burn your skin or dissolve plastic (conventional petroleum-based paint removers do), yet is powerful enough to destroy the finish on a car. $25.20 2798 EDWIN DR CRAIG ADAM 3587 ADAMS RD AFRL SNJ Subject: Photography, Artistic. $3.00 428 THOMPSON DR 2609 SAPPHIRE PT APT 6 FAIRBORN BROWN JOE C XENIA DENNIS ELLA FAYE BEAVERCREEK 1164 MINT SPRINGS DR — Citizen Kane Once you get your scanner, listen to it at home. Locate the important frequencies in your target area. In addition to local law enforcement agencies, you can seek appropriate federal agencies (Forest Service, Park Service, BLM, etc.) and the frequencies assigned to the forest products industry (in Oregon and Washington, for example, these can be found at: 158.145, 158.160, 158.175, 158.205, 158.220, 158.235, 158.265, 173.250, 173.300, and 173.350). The federal law enforcement agencies (like the FBI, DEA, and BATF) are extremely difficult to monitor. Even if you find their frequencies, they often use sophisticated scramblers, making the messages unintelligible. A source for the frequencies used by federal agencies is The “Top Secret” Registry of U.S. Government Radio Frequencies, by Tom Kneitel, available from Loompanics Unlimited, PO Box 1197, Port Townsend, WA 98368. The list goes on and on. BELLBROOK $97.00 3 1350 DEAGLEWAY DR 45305-1510 45385-2312 HF5415.127 .A54 2006 45434-6384 2566 LANTZ RD 45434 $44.78 4944B WESTMORELAND CT CREGGE PATRICIA CAIN CHRISTOPHER ANDERSON JOHN S Suppose your neighborhood is infested with off-road vehicle scum, or you chance upon an unattended muscle wagon where it shouldn’t be. A quick slash job is in order. Drivers find it particularly annoying if all four tires are destroyed. Slashes in the tire sidewall will often be non-reparable, whereas punctures of the tread can usually be patched. The choice is yours. 45385 Other Sabotage Methods I anticipate an objection at this point. “Wait a minute,” someone says, “if the purpose of spiking trees is to save them from being cut, then what good does it do if the tree wrecks a blade in the mill? It’s too late to save the tree, isn’t it?” The answer is that the value of spiking is as a long-term deterrent. If enough trees in roadless areas are spiked, eventually the corporate thugs in the timber company boardrooms, along with their corrupt lackeys who wear the uniform of the Forest Service, will realize that timber sales in our few remaining wild areas will be prohibitively expensive. And since profits are the goal, they will begin to think twice before violating the wilderness. XENIA XENIA 45385 $15.99 45385 $10.00 45385-9384 129 TRANQUIL DR BOLTZ HARRY L $10.00 COHEN ELLIOT CEA 93 HILLCREST AVE 98 W HARBINE 543 SMITH DR BALDWIN HOWARD FAIRBORN COLLINS HUGH 3321 LEAWOOD DR ALPHA DTD 1 9 93 FAIRBORN You can prepare roads and foot trails on a scouting run to warn you of movement later. Gently brush a small area clear of tracks, leaving it looking normal. When you come back later on a mission, check these clean spots for signs of recent activity. A two to three foot stretch on a footpath will be sufficient, while a mere six to twelve inches in the soft dirt of a road will reveal new tire tracks. Locate these clear spots near landmarks that will enable you to find them readily. In the dark, a small flashlight held close to the ground and shined across the dirt will produce shadows in new tracks. ALEXANDER ANDREW L ZIP 4219 RUSHTON DR. $1.49 45385 KF320.L4 S73 2003 $25.20 4420 POWDER HORN DR $15.00 470 IVANHOE DR RG135 .H46 2006 467 W KREPPS RD Subject: Divorced parents--Attitudes. BELLBROOK PO BOX 28 1858 ROBINHOOD DRIVE Subject: Teenage girls Fiction. 385 E MARKET ST 421 MARGARET DR 1848 US 35 E $8.74 4950 ARCADIA BLVD $110.84 FAIRBORN Owner Name DICKISON PATRICIA A $20.06 CIRCOSTA TY N In the space of a few generations we have laid waste to paradise. The Tall-grass Prairie has been transformed into a corn factory where wildlife means the exotic pheasant. The Shortgrass Prairie is a grid of carefully fenced cow pastures and wheatfields. The Passenger Pigeon is no more; the last one died in the Cincinnati Zoo in 1914. The endless forests of the East are tame woodlots. With few exceptions, the only virgin deciduous forest there is in tiny museum pieces of hundreds of acres. Fewer than one thousand Grizzlies remain. The last three condors left in the wild were captured and imprisoned in the Los Angeles Zoo. (An expensive reintroduction effort has since been started.) Except in northern Minnesota and northwestern Montana, wolves are known as scattered individuals drifting across the Canadian and Mexican borders. Four percent of the peerless Redwood Forest remains and the ancient forests of Oregon are all but gone. The tropical cats have been shot and poisoned from our Southwestern borderlands. T Every team member should carry at least two quarters (in separate pockets to prevent noise) for emergency phone calls. If you become separated from your team or miss a pick-up, you may need to walk to a pay phone and call for an emergency pick-up. (Set up such an emergency phone number with someone on duty at it as part of your planning.) $48.00 3842 FERRY RD 514 HILLRIDGE DR BEAVERCREEK BLANKENSHIP LEONARD 45370 BITTNER LEVI BOUCHER VIRGINIA E. BEAVERCREEK $1.55 BOX 466 Ongoing research has produced several non-metallic spikes, or pins, that promise to defeat the metal detector and wreak havoc inside the sawmill. The first of these is a high-fired ceramic pin made of the same type of stoneware used by potters who hand-throw (on a potter’s wheel) cups, bowls, plates, etc. The primary ingredient is stoneware clay, produced in a wide range of formulations by clay companies and ceramic supply outfits. Most such manufacturers and suppliers are located in large metropolitan areas where monkeywrenchers can purchase their clay over the counter for cash — leaving no paper trail, like name and address, for the police investigator. The clay usually comes in twenty-five pound bags, two such bags making up a fifty-pound box. Be sure that the clay type (known as the “clay body”) that you purchase contains no iron oxide, an ingredient commonly added to stoneware clays. If sufficiently concentrated, this iron oxide may be picked up by metal detectors. To find a suitable clay, make your firs 45324 $23.81 45301 FAIRBORN $223.74 $23.30 Snares BULL EDWIN C BELLBROOK 45431-2900 $81.31 BEAVERCREEK 3929 GARDENVIEW DR 3245 CLAYDOR DR 45432-2242 DICKE AMY M DAYTON 45431-5659 45370 45324 $26.43 $55.34 $20.44 BARBER HARRY 549 LEWIS DR 1893 WHITT ST $1.52 45385-5156 DIEHL JACK M BROOKE CASEY O ADKINS WOODROW 45385 $10.62 45432 $0.71 Equipment BENNETT ELEONOR As for other types of activism, picketing and sit-ins quickly lose their news-worthiness. Boycotts can’t touch primary industries because these resource extraction industries do not sell directly in a consumer market. Even letter-writing campaigns and lobbyists are losing ground as the high cost of television advertising places election financing in the hands of well-heeled industrial and labor union PACs (Political Action Committees set up to undermine campaign “reform” laws). 45370 1849 KYLEMORE 45324- DAY J. 611 S HIGH ST $16.00 Keep in mind that scattering organic debris like plant trimmings in a natural area could lead to the sprouting of exotic plants. Avoid this! $0.55 45335 $36.03 45385 FAIRBORN 45324 Subject: Tales--Latin America. JAMESTOWN $10.28 1635 OTTAWA $13.44 HQ1075.5.U6 D68 2005 Full Protection Suits — Used to train guard and police dogs, these padded suits cover the body from neck to ankle. They can be purchased for several hundred dollars from veterinary and dog training supply houses (like Animal City, PO Box 1076, La Mesa, CA 92041). These are best worn with heavy boots, and a few trainers recommend a motorcycle helmet. They do provide excellent protection from attacking dogs, especially when combined with a protection sleeve that the dog can pull off. 45324 1256 TIMBERHAWK TRAIL Just walk up to a parked crotch rocket with some wire cutters, press the throttle on the right handle bar to the handle and clip the exposed cable. Sprays to prevent car fan belts from slipping or some other abrasive sprayed between the track and the wheels might cause the whole thing to heat up and melt to itself. Snowmobilers are always concerned about their track melting to the rubber runners when they are traveling at high speeds in dry snow. This might work best with rental units — most operators of which are inexperienced. Snowmobile rental outfits have a hard time getting insurance anyway and with a little wrenching, these toys could become too expensive to play with. $134.00 YELLOW SPRINGS 93 HILLCREST AVE The following is not just empty theory. This writer has had extensive field experience and has felt or witnessed everything described below. DEREADT DONALD L 45324- 5664 MAYVILLE DR FAIRBORN FAIRBORN 45431-1447 1491 S CENTRAL DR 305 W SOUTH COLLEGE ST APT 2 $12.23 $0.32 BELLBROOK BUCNIS REBEKAH $9.89 Large-Diameter Bits. Since 1” and 2” diameter holes required for some non-metallic tree “spikes” are generally out of the range possible with cordless electric drills, an old-fashioned hand brace is required. Several types of large-diameter bits are available. Long (12” and upwards) ship auger bits are good, though difficult to locate and quite expensive. Extra-wide auger bits are available at some well-stocked hardware stores and can be used with an extender for deep holes. Unfortunately, these extenders are hard to find for standard tapered-shank bits. Several models of “micro-dial” bits are available for holes up to 3” wide. These cost around $15 and allow the hole width to be adjusted to match the diameters of the pins used. If you can find a tapered-shank bit extender, use it with the standard-length (about 8”) auger bits. If you can’t find a tapered-shank auger bit, find a micro-dial bit with a square shank for a power drill. This may have to be special ordered; Irwin Tool Co. does make them. With t BOYD STEPHEN E AYRES SAMANTHA J CLEMENTZ TIMOTHY C $15.00 1757 ARLIN PL #C BURTON MARY D $53.24 DANWIN JAY PURDY $1.00 BEAVERCREEK 241 STATE ST 45385 $27.44 45430 Written Records 45432 600 CHESTNUT ST Subject: Reggae music--History and criticism. 223 UNION ST DUNNE EDWARD J 45324-4621 467 W. KREPPS ROAD DEAN ROBERT JR COLUMBUS PIKE 4982 WORCHESTER DR $0.98 $347.56 3255 MAPLEWOOD DR CREATIVE LEARNING CONSULTANTS 5810 KEVIN DR DAYTON Marc’s association with many Trek actors and behind the scenes artist has kept his wit and knowledge on edge and he takes his responsibilities as a party-rouser and pitch man very seriously, realizing how much the average con-goer pays to be entertained. ADAMS REVELLA K XENIA 45385-4638 $2.58 $480.79 2663 BIG WOODS TR XENIA CEDARVILLE FAIRBORN $114.69 $0.45 XENIA $166.00 1871 WILBUR AVENUE The only external evidence of the damage is the 1/8” hole plugged with the foam. Even if the rancher knew what to look for, finding this would require an inch-by-inch inspection of the pipe. To be safe, drill the hole in an inconspicuous location such as where the pipe is buried. . CRANDALL JOEL L $88.56 1257 SPRINGWOOD LN CEDARVILLE As a last resort, remember that a car or truck can be driven through a chain-link fence or gate to rescue someone attacked by a dog. 45431 $15.48 1186 GLOVER DR 2370 CLUBSIDE DR $30.00 DAVIS ROBERT W. 45324 $60.00 BREWER JOSH R 45385 BELLBROOK $0.35 JAMESTOWN DAYTON $100.00 BEAVERCREEK 45370 YELLOW SPRINGS 2295 GREENE WAY BLVD BYERS RICHARD ANDRESS EDWARD $2.81 45431 5693 N JEFFERSONVILLE RD $50.00 XENIA Personal author: Bland, Michael. 4316 CORSTVILLE ROAD 1231 RAVELLE CT BEAVERCREEK 45385-3142 COUREY RONALD G 2002 CONNECTICUT DR DUKES WALTER/% SCHUMACHEN FAIRBORN 49 LAWNDALE AVE $142.00 45305 If the target is in unfamiliar terrain, or you expect to be in dim light and dense vegetation, bring a compass. Backpacking and other outdoor stores sell a wide variety of compasses, and instruction books on how to use them and topographic maps. DAYTON In order to avoid leaving tire tracks as evidence, the pick-up vehicle should not leave the paved surface of the road. Of course, this may not be possible in rural areas or on forest roads. If you are parking the vehicle, it may be possible to sweep away tracks (both human and vehicular) with a broom or branches. FAIRBORN BELLBROOK ZIP 234 YORKSHIRE LN DEPT OF DEFENSE DAYTON R R #1 $2.92 45385 $18.58 ANTIOCH COLLEGE BEAVERCREEK YELLOW SPRINGS 2673 BIG WOODS TRL 2004 ST RT 380 BEAVERCREEK $12.58 G -- GEOGRAPHY. ANTHROPOLOGY. RECREATION. LC5800 .T43 2006 4444 E ENON RD DENISTON KIMBERLY CHANDRAN THIRUMAL P BYRD FRED Subject: Rock paintings--Southwest, New Juvenile literature. COBURN SALYERS NYRA S 1592 WOODMAN DR APT 12 45432-4131 1259 CHISOLM TRL BELLBROOK $229.08 ZA4080 .W47 2006 $16.24 153 EBONY LN PO BOX 5 ARRINGTON VERNON FAIRBORN 45324 DEER LADONNA 2225 BANDIT TRAIL 45324 FAIRBORN $270.96 FAIRBORN 5031 WORCHESTER DR $31.30 Personal author: Cha, Dia, 1962- Amount BRYANT SARAH SPRING VALLEY 115 MADISON AVE 3043 COLONEL GLENN HWY 45324-0000 DAYTON Eyes of Night ALFORD JOHN M & SHIRLEY F BARLOW DAVID E 45324-5755 45433000 5569 BAYSIDE DR 836 SAVIN HILL XENIA 295 HAMPTON PL XENIA 1570 WOODMAN DR #107 45385 1973 PUELO DR Subject: Investments, Foreign--Mexico. Title: So what can I eat?! : how to make sense of the new $92.00 Mr. Goodwrench COOLEY NICOLE DOUGLASS DANIEL 45385 BR535 .S63 1997 CARF ANTHONY J $150.00 45434 45432 45431 422 MIDDLE ST 2380 DUNCAN DR #12 $90.99 45385 BARTY JOE Grace has appeared in three true classics - The Outer Limits' "Controlled Experiment" with Barry Morse and Carroll O'Connor; Some Like It Hot with Marilyn Monroe, Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis; and the role for which she is best known: Janice Rand in the Star Trek universe. She was selected by Gene Roddenberry to create the role of the infamously basket-weaved Yeoman Janice Rand in the classic 1960s television series, and she returned as Chief, then Lt. Commander Rand in four of the first seven Star Trek movies. Grace's most recent return to the Star Trek universe was in 1996, as Communications Officer Commander Rand, with George Takei as the USS Excelsior's Captain Sulu, in the Star Trek: Voyager episode "Flashback," written especially to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the original series. She also participated in Paramount Pictures' 30th Anniversary Star Trek celebration in Huntsville, Alabama and the subsequent live television special broadcast from Paramount Pictures Studios in Hollywood, which aired on BROWN CONTANCE A 45387 2169 NORTHERN DR CORBEIL SCOTT A SR Military Surplus Radios DUNCAN BON & JOHN CR $3.00 CHRIST ANNALYSE J $10.00 ZIP Title: The long tail : why the future of business is BELLBROOK BARNES HAZEL S BELLBROOK C/O BLACKLIGHT VOLLEYBALL SPRING VALLEY CHADBOURNE KAREN J CLARDY DAWN M 1415 SENECA DR 5 W XENIA DR CHMIEL RYAN H BELLBROOK 1670 DEERCREEK DR 740 WRIGHT ST FAIRBORN BROCKMAN JOHN H 45384 DAYTON BEAVERCREEK $23.75 XENIA $4.00 $100.00 45324 Lastly, a cheap plastic funnel, available at most grocery stores (or variety, hardware, and auto parts stores) as seen in illustration (c) will allow you better access to the essential motor parts, some of which are not easily reached otherwise. COPELAND KRIS FAIRBORN $57.36 $174.93 $0.02 2153 CLARK-RUN RD FAIRBORN $34.20 $28.00 CRAIG ORA LEE XENIA BAKER SAMANTHA M 45431-3325 4394 CHELSEA DR BRADEN MARY V 436 SCHLATTER DR $12.95 $50.38 UNKNOWN 1715 DEER-CREEK DR STE 3 % GEN DEL PSC BRODNICK TJ 1406 HILLTOP RD $50.00 2120 ZINK RD CENTER DAVID W 337 COUNTRY CLUB DR 45387 — the Head of Joaquin 45385 115 NIMITZ DR $7.74 116 WEAVER ST $135.21 $131.37 276 ASHLEY CT BARR MARY ANN 45324 BAILEY EVAN T $6.90 424 SPINNING RD $15.00 FAIRBORN In green timber, white glue may not dry sufficiently quickly. In that case, try epoxy for plugging holes after inserting pins. $35.09 $21.60 45324 45384-3002 CLARK JESSE $129.36 ALLEY JEANNETTE CORLEY FLORA E 373 WASHINGTON RD WILBERFORCE BREEN GEORGE 45385-2929 $55.30 34 LINDWAY DR FAIRBORN COBB ROBERT H $16.39 9 DIANA LN W 542 N GALLOWAY ST 2875 PRESIDENTIAL DR #100 COMBS APRIL 45324 1570 WOODMAN DR ADOFF VIRGINIA E 45324-0000 2184 ZINK RD APT 1 D 45385-9628 BEAVERCREEK 45370 Address 45433 364 CRAB APPLE DR $10.00 $369.72 COOK TIFFANY $24.00 DILLON DEBIE CORN DELBERT 45324 45385-2801 DAVIS RAELENA 3200 SHAKERTOWN RD Subject: Psychosexual disorders--Diagnosis. 2567 VALDINA DR $32.93 720 N MAPLE AVE 45434-6760 BELLBROOK City 45430 BLACK BOOK EDWARDS LINDA 1293 GULTICE RD Personal subject: Eichmann, Adolf, 1906-1962. 45335-1535 $14.16 BRETT JOHN CLAYTON 2403 TRAYLING DR 513 CLOVER ST If you suspect a guard is present, you might want to force him to reveal his presence by using the decoying methods described elsewhere. 5 MARIE RD 3615 KIM EDWARD WAY ANDREWS KATHY A BELLBROOK 2814 STAUFFER DR No guns, limpet mines, or explosives. Using explosives could only risk life and would definitely be very counterproductive with the media. If you get caught with explosives you can expect to do long time. Any eco-warrior of passion and courage can kill whaling ships, driftnetters, and toxic dumping ships with a few easily acquired tools. Before undertaking monkeywrenching of this magnitude, study all of the techniques in Ecodefense. 45431- ZIP CEDARVILLE $13.85 $244.37 CHOATE HALEY N $0.02 $133.00 BEAVERCREEK v-a-jpeg-25.jpg 45324-2302 1783 BLEDSOE DR 9 DIANA LN W CHRISTEN INS BROOKERAGE/% CHRISTEN WILL 45385-000 $17.70 $11.92 City BEEKMAN KRISTINE T $1.90 684 OMAR CIRCLE 45385 $106.00 45387 45385 $20.00 SPRING VALLEY Address Tires, windshield, blinkers, and brake lights should be in good condition, to avoid giving the authorities probable cause for stopping you. supervising editor, Peggy Park Bernal. 45385 $15.37 45387 $1.90 629 WYCKSHIRE C BAKER KERRY S 419 BIG STONE RD 3387 SUBURBAN DR 45305 1771 ARLIN PL APT C Personal author: Coffin, William Sloane. 2855 BAHNS DR ASHBURN HERBERT C. 45385 ALLEN RICHARD $14.00 If you slash a tire make sure you really slash it so that it flattens. If you merely slice through part of the tire sidewall, not deep enough to flatten it, and give up, the tire may blow out while the vehicle is being driven. If this occurs at a high speed or on a curve, it could be very dangerous for the driver and passengers. Flatten tires; do not put people in danger. 45385-6606 1431 FOREST LN COLLINS KRISTOPHER R BLACK MALVIN & ELLA $8.91 65 WOODMANDR 45324 45324 49 RAMONA DR It takes a brave monkeywrencher to work a logging site in the night, but remember that you have the choice of time and place. This advantage, when coupled with basic security precautions, will guarantee your success. BERGMAN OSCAR C Donnie Williams with Wayne Greenhaw. YELLOW SPRINGS DAYTON FAIRBORN DAYTON $44.69 BERNARD JESSICA $121.00 FAIRBORN 45324-3035 CONTRERAS JERILYNN J Personal author: Martinson, Deborah, 1946- XENIA YELLOW SPRINGS SHORTER ST BX 185 234 ORCHARD ST DAYTON BUCK RICHARD H Surveillance of personal computer emissions, if not already taking place, will arise soon. All PCs (and, of course, larger computers) give off high frequency emissions which are easily intercepted and made readable. There are no laws prohibiting private or government entities from doing this. Even inexpensive equipment can pick up such emissions at a few hundred feet (the apartment or house next door, the van parked down the street). Greater distances require more costly equipment like pre-amplifiers, but are easily within federal budgets. G-men used to do break-ins to get membership lists, now they can get it all legally when a computer prints out address labels! Unfortunately, the shielding necessary for secure PC use is costly (it doubles the cost of the computer). Precautions include moving PCs to interior rooms and being aware of strange vehicles parked in the neighborhood. Apartments and business offices cannot be secure without costly shielding. Sensitive material should be kept off the PC. Look upstream for valves, gates, weirs, and intakes which may be easier to plug or gum up. 45433-5529 $44.61 FAIRBORN 497 JUNKIN RD 221 ARCHER DR $25.52 CARY B GARDNER MD INC FAIRBORN $2.65 8 UPPER HILLSIDE KF8745 .O25 A35 2003 CLARK CALVIN $0.13 $92.00 Subject: Web search engines. BOWERMASTER JOSEPH A 45324-0000 45385 45324-9733 45385-3517 FAIRBORN 45434 BAKER P/% PERKINS BUICK 2905 FOREST LAWN DR APT 10 XENIA $13.20 WILBERFORCE 45385 $24.37 5835 FOULOIS DR FAIRBORN FAIRBORN 2875 CRONE RD BARNETT JEFFREY A 45335 45385 1186 ORTEGO DR DAUGHERTY TERESA 3600 SHAWNEE TRAIL BARRINGER GAYLE The winter trap line environment often presents a special danger in the form of snow. It is difficult to conceal your tracks in snow and hide the evidence of your work. Trappers are often sensitive to tracks because they use them as a guide to animal travel and trap set locations. A number of tactics can minimize this liability and even turn it to your advantage. (Many of these points apply in other seasons, too.) YELLOW SPRINGS 45385-8954 COOK PAIGE V CARTER DINA M $2.47 1710 IRELAND RD ALL GERON LINDA ANN 27 E EMERSON $6.71 $0.36 $40.38 CURD STEPHEN BEAVERCREEK $31.32 45324 FAIRBORN 3999 BEECHWOOD DR 1542 KENSINGTON DR 45433-7030 SPRING VALLEY XENIA WILBERFORCE BEAVERCREEK 1440 IRONWOOD DR 45234 Owner Name 135 E GOODMAN DR 45385 $7.91 Conduct the usual scouting of the target, establish a plan and prepare all your equipment in the standard manner to assure that no fingerprints, fibers, or other evidence are inadvertently left at the scene. The drop and pickup method of delivery is usually the safest. (See the chapter on Security.) DAYTON 4020 GARDENVIEW DR $79.00 BOTTLE MARY COX KRISTA DAYTON $55.36 45324 45432 DOUNKERS DELIGHT $55.88 45324 SPRING VALLEY 50 LINDWAY DR FAIRBORN $76.95 $223.00 $56.57 FAIRBORN $259.00 The hydraulic jack is useful for raising something enough to get a bar or roller under, and it can be used for “pushing” as described below. The rock chisels can be used to start blocks of fractured rock, as can the thicker splitting wedges. $56.70 105 N MAPLE AVE APT E FAIRBORN CANTERBURY PATRICIA A 257 FACULTY DR DAVIS MARSHA D 45324-5573 45387 Silent Agitators $25.50 DENZEL MICHAEL FAIRBORN DAYTON XENIA 203 N WALNUT ST 45432-3306 Yellow Fuel DAYTON 45431 $2.00 RIVERSIDE CRUM KENNETH S V -- NAVAL SCIENCE: No New Items on This Subject XENIA BROWN KARLA ZIP 45387 2522 N CREEK CI $1.86 1419 MAPLERIDGE DR $200.00 BEAVERCREEK The smoke bombs with fuses can be used as in the first example but the fuse needs to be taped to a part of the machine which gets hot enough to ignite the fuse (exhaust pipe or manifold). 32 OLD YELLOW SPNGS R 45385 $141.25 BULL JACK R JAMESTOWN TL152.C525 1963 CUNNINGHAM MEGAN M $343.30 $204.00 FAIRBORN 2074 ROSECREST DR 1410 STONE RD $5.00 $3.00 $0.23 45324-3631 $1.27 $91.12 45431 BRIGHT JAN 45432-0000 45324-6327 Fences Be wary of someone who suddenly drops out after introducing a new member. The new member may be an undercover cop. 10055 MALLETT DR 3781 CATALINA DR #A $10.20 ANTRIM WARREN 45324 45301-5301 ADVANCED THERAPEUTIC SERVICES INC 45324 CONNER LAWRENCE Snowmobiles $0.62 913 STEWART $383.18 45324 CORDIAL KEITH E 5027 CATTAIL CT $29.73 1025 HURON TRL CALDERON MICHAEL BELLBROOK $30.00 Subject: Navajo Indians Juvenile fiction. FAIRBORN Title: Inspiring progress : religions' contributions to $89.00 5981 HICKAM DR FAIRBORN $63.14 Free rebar can oftentimes be had by scouting around old construction sites where short pieces have been discarded. 4403 ST RT 725 #C SPRING VALLEY 2270 ROSEANNE CT 130 ROGERS ST 45385 8275 NEW CARLISLE RD 799 SPACE DR DUNN KELLY J 76 RYDER CT #2 ABBOTT BRIAN KEITH FAIRBORN DAYTON CEMENTERY ST 45324 $23.70 $12.91 EDWARDS MARY A DAUM BERNARD COOMER PAUL BACHES CARL $59.40 BISHOP BRAD A YELLOW SPRINGS FAIRBORN 45324 BROWN SUSAN L BOX 21 RODEO PRODUCTIONS 1473 HOLLYBUSH DR $2.52 Subject: United States--Politics and government--1963-1969. YELLOW SPRINGS CREECH CHRISSIE L 45432-0000 45385 CASTLE DARRELL A 156 OLD YELLOW SPRINGS RD FAIRBORN 618 GLADY AVE BAISE TRAVIS $199.40 FAIRBORN $325.00 Owner Name $0.66 DAYTON CEDARVILLE 1259 CHISOLM TRL 45431 45305 $10.00 2000 MILL RUN LANE 45435-0001 45305- BEAVERCREEK YELLOW SPRINGS $17.77 45324 $14.07 BERNHARD AMBER L 1436 GLENVIEW DR DAYTON Try 5 KHz above or below one of the designated CB channels. Say, 27.120 MHz (which would be 5 KHz above Channel 13–27.115 and 5 KHz below Channel 14–27.125). This small separation of 5 KHz, though, leaves the possibility of interference from nearby channels, and due to the lack of selectivity of many of the cheaper CBs, you might still be overheard, albeit probably not clearly. Anyway, it would be better to pick a frequency between the channels with 20 KHz separation. These frequencies would be 26.995 MHz (between channels 3–26.985 MHz-and 4–27.005 MHz), 27.045 MHz (between channels 7 and 8), 27.095 MHz (between channels 11 & 12), 27.145 MHz (between channels 15 & 16), and 27.195 MHz (between channels 19 & 20). These frequencies would give 10 KHz separation which should protect against interference from adjacent channels unless they are located very close by. $15.00 Trap Lines BAGDONAS ERIC J COLLETT WANDA F DURISHETI MANOJKUMAR 45431- Subject: Painting, American--History. $3.67 884 E 3RD ST DRAKE BEN E. 45433 BELLBROOK $67.00 2863 ORIOLE DR 45324 $9.87 BRUCE DOLLIE $6.00 BLACK JOYCE F $59.52 ATKINSON TRICIA 45385 ARNOLD ROBIN R 5709 HUBERVILLE AVE 45431 1623 FORRESTDALE DAYTON CAMPBELL MICHAEL D 7034 HANLEY RD Address The direction and distance to a particular terrain feature or human artifact (e.g., road junction, hilltop) can be easily determined from a topographic map during planning, using the scale and a protractor. Note that conversion of the map angle to a magnetic (compass) angle is important. This conversion is typically shown at the bottom of topographic maps. $10.65 DG734.2 .F88 1977 Wiretaps on digital transmissions need to be placed near the cellular phone or computer being used instead of at a telephone switching center, which is adequate for intercepting normal calls. This makes it more difficult to hide such wiretapping. $85.91 $1.65 BRUNNEY JEREMIAH L 68 SOUTH MAIN ST 233 E DAYTON DR XENIA BRUCE PHYLLIS A BOYD CHELSIE R 45385 $25.02 BOSL BOB 5753 HICKAM DR — Bob Wire Amount 4629 AIRWAY ROAD $14.78 v-a-jpeg-66.jpg FAIRBORN $8,225.78 3202 KINGFISHER PL BROWN GILBERT L 219 W XENIA DR 45324 105 PIN HALL 45316 ARNOLD ROSALIE G 5172 COBB DR 45335 CORDIAL ASHLEY K Subject: Physical fitness. XENIA $21.95 BELLBROOK BUMGARDNER MARK JAMESTOWN $1.50 JAMESTOWN BRANHAM HENRY XENIA Subject: Astronautics--Soviet Union--History. YELLOW SPRINGS 45314-8501 BEAM MELISSA The danger posed by CIs can be lessened by observing the following rules: BEWLEY SHAWN L BERGER SUE A Because of the danger of high-speed auto chases to yourself and others, the unlikelihood that an amateur can outrun or evade the police, and the additional criminal charges for running, we discourage trying to escape from police in your vehicle. However, if this is something you want to be able to do, shell out the money and go to one of the professional driver schools that teach chauffeurs for executives how to evade kidnappers. See their ads in the backs of magazines like Police Gazette. Most important for vehicular escape is to know the escape routes beforehand. You should know the area and its roads better than your potential pursuer. 2891 FENCE STONE CT 45434 5831 GROSS DR Camouflage may be of many types. For a wilderness operation (tree or road spiking, for example), consider traditional, military-type camouflage clothing, which ranges from expensive, tailored gear available from fancy sporting goods firms to used, genuine military uniforms sold by “war surplus” stores. Military camouflage comes in many patterns designed for different geographical regions, such as woodland pattern or desert pattern. Consult the specialized literature, such as military training manuals on camouflage or how-to books for bow hunters (which also give instructions for using camo face paint). $166.56 45385 45376 Title: The rose window : splendour and symbol / Painton Cowen. BRAUN HEATHER M The section on Burning Machinery in previous editions of Ecodefense had some errors. For that reason it has been replaced with the following simple guidelines and cautions. Subject: Aging parents--Care. $250.00 BAURLE LEONARD $23.00 DUKE KEVAN W 16 S BROAD ST 45385 41 N HAVEN DR $300.30 DELRE WENDY H $9.95 ARMITAGE CONNIE legal, and psychological perspectives / editor, Jon R. Conte. FAIRBORN FAIRBORN ROUTE 2 When actually jamming the lock, stand close enough to avoid ready observation by passersby. Force as much glue into the lock through the keyhole as you can, but don’t smear it on the padlock or door knob. Carry a paper towel to clean up any excess so there is no evidence to alert a passing security guard or policeman before the glue has set. (Of course, remove the used paper towel from the scene and dispose of it safely.) COUREY RONALD G FAIRBORN $65.80 2633 GREENSIDE 2409 S OLD OAKS DR # 5 45324-2997 4715 BARNHART AVE $416.96 45385 1236 BROOKSIDE DR BARTLETT WILLIAM H CAPT 45431 DAYTON FAIRBORN DAYTON 45370 $0.18 2000 SUMAC CT 45431-1729 XENIA 651 WOODHILL DR BAKER OSCAR D 2029 ROCKDELL DRIVE XENIA 45434-6306 $24.45 BLEDSOE JACK H & ELAINE J 5041 WORCHESTER DR $19.26 Posted on April 1, 2014 by Tony Frazier $23.03 117 W S COLLEGE ST XENIA BEAVERCREEK Title: Ansel Adams : the National Park Service photographs / 45324-8757 PO BOX 311 45431 XENIA 542 N GALLOWAY ST 80 LOWELL RD DESALLE JOHN 27 W XENIA ST YELLOW SPRINGS RD CLINE MELISSA M BARTLETT WILLIAM H 45305 BEAVERCREEK $0.39 FAIRBORN FAIRBORN 45324 BROOKS JULIE $0.18 45324-5805 231 GARFIELD AVE $134.05 $225.00 9458 ASH HOLLOW LANE XENIA EDWARDS RICHARD DAVIS CECIL CLARK DORIS & BARBAR $2.19 Back to Top $15.50 EASTERLING JAMES CARTER BRANDI R EAPEN SUSAN 2445 DEWPOINT CIR Personal subject: Moran, Thomas, 1837-1926. $0.01 CARR BERTHA A DUDLEY ROGER A $0.20 BELLBROOK 45316 4892 RAINIER DR 45385-4804 1115 OAKHILL AVE 117 W SOUTH COLLEGE ST Personal author: Cowen, Painton. 4995 WOODMAN PARK DR 45385 45324 45387-9713 Subject: Business etiquette--Mexico. BURKE RONALD FAIRBORN Back to Top FAIRBORN DAYTON 2383 DUNCAN DR APT 9 Personal author: Goldman, Vivien. 45385 1480 EDENWOOD DR Normal drill bits are too short for old-growth trees. Use long ones. 2002 STONEYBROOK TRAIL 45385 45385 45431 FAIRBORN XENIA $258.00 BAISE TRAVIS 45324 45370 If you aren’t pressed for time, you can open the case to the computer and remove one resistor or another small element. It won’t be obvious what is wrong, only that something is wrong. It is likely that a repairperson will spend a lot of time trying to find the problem before they can fix it, at about $100 an hour. DC16 .F65 2007 FAIRBORN $39.80 $51.85 272 TRAVIS DR DAYTON 45431-1329 45324-9063 $408.57 CASTLE MARILYN $80.00 BOWEN JIM 1525 PRESIDENT ST $22.02 45387 YELLOW SPRINGS 1601 SYCAMORE AVE 32-2724 2831 SOUTHFIELD DR 644 MURRAY HILL DRIVE 45385-2212 DAYTON 45385 559 SUTTON DR 474 ACKERMAN PL BECHTOL CAROLYN E While browsing, surreptitiously “decorate” the coats where they won’t be immediately noticed from the aisle, and leave. COCHRUN ALAN R ANDERSON STEVEN CALL DOUGLAS DAYTON DAVIS MARY XENIA JAMESTOWN COOK TAMMYSUE CREED HOWARD 45305 $42.94 $8.26 BUTCHKO K. 45385- 2358 RT 68S AUTOMATIC APPL CO DEAN CAREY A 119 N BROAD ST DIAMOND DAVID H 45324-6013 45431 BEEGLE SCOTT A $46.87 2912 MCKAY ROAD $29.30 DOZIER WILLIAM A Subject: Drug control--Colombia. $8.00 45385-3502 COLLINS LAWRENCE E A stencil can be very useful to the monkeywrencher for spray painting small slogans or logos in certain places — for example, an anti-cow message on the ubiquitous “open range” or “cattle guard” highway signs. Several groups made stencils that spelled “Watt” during his tenure as Secretary of the Interior and sprayed stop signs with them. “MX” stencils were also used in the Great Basin during the period that the racetrack deployment mode for ICBMs was being promoted there. In some Great Basin towns, every stop sign said “Stop MX.” CINCINNATI PIKE Practice and Use Subject: Motion pictures--Aesthetics. DAYTON BUGG BRADLEY $6.95 45431 Address When using cement, mix it with lots of gravel and stones. They provide cheap bulk and make the plug much tougher. If you want to ruin a company’s day for sure, add some rebar and chicken wire to your cement plugs. BOURNE VIRGINIA L $2.00 45385 DTD 1 9 93 45324 360 VINE ST 45385-1901 $0.03 XENIA JAMESTOWN 45385-1668 2013 CENTRALIA BURNETT RUTH HELEN H $60.42 BEAVERCREEK 2981 RT 72 N Subject: Chronic fatigue syndrome--Patients--California--Biography. 45314 $59.98 $77.52 $47.14 49 LAKESHORE DR BANDLAMUDI CHAITANYA CHOATE BRAD Subject: Sisters Juvenile fiction. DAYTON DAYTON Knowledge Domain: Jim Wagner's Reality-Based Personal Protection From expert martial artist Jim Wagner comes this innovative video that shows martial arts instructors how to turn their classes into reality-based training by adding proven counterterrorism, military, police, security and bodyguard techniques. Wagner's program includes lessons on preconflict, conflict and postconflict situations; training-environment control; conflict run throughs; and the Use-of-Force Ladder concept. $136.85 $88.05 45385 $17.41 45324 45387-1232 BALENT MARIANNE K CARLE CATHERINE XENIA BOBBITT HOWARD E $1.40 COOK TERRENCE J had removed all the spikes, the sale was quietly scuttled. ADAMS GERALDINE M 2040 VILLAGE DR Subject: Authors, Russian--19th century Biography. FAIRBORN $3,352.71 RIVERSIDE 2228CHAPEL DR # C $15.03 — J. Edgar Redress 45385-5013 34 S WRIGHT AVE XENIA 45385 FAIRBORN $53.72 Pros And Cons Of Burning BLACK THOMAS 45324 DEKUIPER EUGENE A 45324-2802 $11.86 551 BIRCH RD CRAFT JENNIFER K 45385 FAIRBORN 67 SPINNING RD $3.85 UNKNOWN UNKNOWN CORRADO PETER V 45305--18 45305 CURRY HANNA M BRYANT ROGER T. 9 DIANA LANE WEST 2194 PAINTER PL Owner Name 45370-0000 362 ZIMMER DR It is quite possible that you will chance upon others committing illegal acts, environmentally harmful acts, that is. You should do everything you can (without jeopardizing your own security) to see that these offenders are brought to justice. Subject: Manzanar War Relocation Center Juvenile fiction. does not pierce the inside of the packet, or the towel will dry out). After an operation these can be used for quick cleanup. Camo face paint is easy to remove if you put a thin layer of baby oil on the areas to be camouflaged before applying the face paint. This is at least true for the military stuff and possibly for bow hunter face paint. It may be possible to monkeywrench a trapper’s vehicle while he is away setting his traps. Since most trappers are too lazy to go far from their wheels, such opportunities are rare and risky. FAIRBORN 45385 FAIRBORN BROOKE LEE $90.35 45324 CHAMBLISS MARY PO BX 588 542 N GALLOWAY ST 1508 BELL PEPPER CT XENIA 45324-9469 CHRISTOPHER RUSS B 45335-0000 1979 SOUTHLAWN DR. $76.69 BRERETON POLINA These 8 1/2” by 11” posters (see illustration) were stapled or tacked to the bulletin boards in Forest Service campgrounds, picnic areas, trailheads, Ranger stations, etc. Some particularly nasty wilderness fanatics kept a box of “Smokeys” and a staple gun in their vehicle at all times and struck at every Freddie bulletin board they saw. 45432 45324 BRATTON MABEL $4.40 DAYTON 45335 45385-0000 Subject: Reincarnation Fiction. FAIRBORN $132.00 1140 HARVARD AVE $0.58 BELLBROOK BEAVERCREEK DOMIGAN WILMA L $4.39 5985 HANDLEY RD 45385 $130.00 1913 WHITT ST XENIA $1,166.46 $369.72 DAVIS CAROLYN A BARBOUR DERRICK A BEAVERCREEK APOSTELOS PAUL 45324 BEAVERCREEK 45324 45305 BELLBROOK $36.98 $29.92 City Chapter 4: Roads and Tire DAYTON 45324-2403 1124 MEADOW DR EASTGATE FORD DAYTON 2813 ALPHA BELLBROOK RD Big pipes 5 feet and bigger in diameter. These pipes can be bricked and dammed if they are occasionally dry. There may be no or low flow times of day or year. Nail guns (watch out for firearms laws) may be used to attach strips of sheet metal onto bulkheads even if there is some flow. Or you can hammer in regular nails or special nails designed for concrete. BOYD WILLIAM P BALLARD LORI A 304 E DAYTON DR ACOMB LUELLA Personal subject: Leonardo, da Vinci, 1452-1519. $1.00 Field Notes 45324 FAIRBORN $6.39 45324 3465 PEBBLE CREEK DR $11.20 60 PACELINE CIR 45324- $1.36 $0.13 816 PEARSON RD XENIA v-a-jpeg-62.jpg HV5292 .K53 2006 $1.00 BELLBROOK 3954 LINDEN AVE BRYANT ADAM T BODAPATLA RADHIKA $41.54 XENIA $0.33 3183 IBIS PLACE ZIP Personal author: Jessup, Helen Ibbitson. 89 JOYCE DRIVE FAIRBORN Field Note UNKNOWN games, and pantomime rhymes / edited by Jane Yolen ; Jack Donner $67.35 1623 WILBERFRC SWTCH RD $88.06 171 OLD YELLOW SPRINGS RD DEARDORFVELTEN CATHERINE E Often these machines are brought together at night where they can be more effectively guarded. They might be parked alongside a busy road so that passing traffic alone will discourage monkeywrenching. Or they might be parked in a special compound, with the protection of a fence, lights, and possibly even a guard dog. Remember that every security measure adds to the costs of raping the planet. Even driving the machines to and fro every morning and night adds to lost work time. COON HARLEY 4524 US ROUTE 35 E BARKER HERCHEL 45432-2368 BEGLEY GLENN 45434-5614 BEAVERCREEK 4082 CAUDELL DR Skunks — Only the bravest and kindliest souls release skunks. Our experience with live-trapping skunks to remove them from civilized areas has shown that their temperaments vary. Some are calm as house cats, while others show total panic. It is possible to lure the skunk into several spraying attempts to “empty” it out (several times). Be prepared to move fast and remember that skunks can spray as far as 12 feet. $0.70 DAYTON $100.40 CHANEY MICHAEL R $218.59 BRADLEY AARON E 45431 238 SPINNINGT RD 211 HALL ST DOLEN RANDY S CREDITT PAMELA 45385 45385 344 APRICOT LN CLARKE JEROME $14.00 $8.18 $57.98 42 E GOODMAN DR CONOVER DONALD W 253 HOME AVE 45324-5407 $11.00 2278 PINE KNOTT DR XENIA Simple Noose Sticks 45431-1623 45314 BEER BARN FAIRBORN 45434-6736 Most of what you’ll need should already be with you — primarily sturdy and unobtrusive clothing. Special gear includes cheap canvas shoes and cotton gloves. Both are carried only for monkey business and should not be worn otherwise. Keep them separate from your other clothing. Both items can be purchased for not more than $10–12 at a large discount store. If you have a partner to assist as lookout, binoculars and headset-type walkie-talkies are valuable. A pair of these walkie-talkies (with a headset for hands-free use) can be purchased from Radio Shack for $50–90, depending on the model. Always pay cash and be prepared to give the nosy clerk a phony name and address (they ask for that to put you on their mailing list). Address 25 BROOKWOOD DR COLLINS DAVID CORNICK LESLIE F JR Drive small rocks into the crevices of the bark. Tree-cutters hate hitting rocks imbedded in trees even more than nails, as rocks do more damage to saws; and rocks cannot be detected by metal detectors. WILBERFORCE 14 FITCHLAND Personal author: Cartagena, Chiqui. Whistle (dog and regular) 45325 2135 MOHAVE DR FAIRBORN $107.00 1187 CYMAR DR E $4.78 $0.90 CYPHERS NORMAN J 1735 HEATHERWOOD TRAIL DAYTON 34 GREENE 502 COY DR $18.75 FAIRBORN COOPER LENORA A 2374 SHERWOOD CT BEAMAN GENEVIEVE H FAIRBORN $25.50 45385- ADAMS JUDY A $61.16 45434 XENIA $105.54 BRANDT TIM Amount BARAN ALI $54.68 $33.00 BROWN M B FAIRBORN $59.57 $26.16 45387 XENIA 473 MAPLE SPRINGS DR XENIA $43.30 45324-2666 152 LOWER HILLSIDE DR DICHITO JAMES A $52.10 45432-2031 Majel Barrett Roddenberry: 334 PATTERSON COY JAMES F 430 FAIRFIELD PK $50.00 $22.49 45387 $190.00 3 WATER ST 2440 WILDWOOD LN 1628 RT 68 45433 $10.62 45324 $220.00 PO BOX 123 45387 2764 SHAKERTOWN RD FAIRBORN 10178 PARKEDGE DR BEAVERCREEK 45431 45305 2482 COUNTRYSIDE DR ACKLIN LEEANN BREESE RICHARD H FAIRBORN $22.20 XENIA There are three basic types of computer sabotage: BARKER JAMES 221 N CENTRAL AVE105 BRUGGEMAN JEFFREY R 45434-0000 ACE SPECIALTY AUTO 734 BLAIR DR FAIRBORN 45324 $46.50 3487 KEMP RD Subject: Regret Fiction. 45324 $100.00 COPPOCK GARY R BUCKLES AVE $101.51 RIVERSIDE 45385 — Henry Ford CEDARVILLE FAIRBORN 22 SOUTH ST EASTERLING JAMES 5699 SHARP RD 45385 BELLBROOK 45432 $22.80 45324 XENIA PO BOX 573 FRIENDS CARE CTR ROOM 210 45431 $0.23 $22.55 4461 STONE RD 7800 DAYTON SPRINGFIELD RD B- XENIA ABLING THERESA J 26 E WASHINGTON ST JAMESTOWN 45335-1651 $1.60 Subject: Architecture, Spanish colonial--California, Southern. 45385 $85.59 $101.83 45385 DONALDSON MARY ATLEY CHRIS L 45431-1517 Screw-lid small bottles (like those for Mickey’s Malt Liquor) can also be used for paint “bombs.” Keep in mind that greater force is needed to break these than paint bags. Don’t forget about possible fingerprints on the bottle and the lid. Title: The tipping point : how little things can make a big 45432 $158.38 2196 ZINK RD A cutting torch can also be used for cutting through tower supports (see “Cutting Torch” section in the Vehicles and Heavy Equipment chapter). Keep in mind that use of a cutting torch may result in additional arson charges. This happened in the Arizona case. 1259 CHISOLM TRL $88.64 $30.00 Approach the animal slowly with your noose pole extended to the front. If the animal is agitated, softly talking to it or quietly humming can have a calming effect. Some animals will sit still, paralyzed with fear, while others will struggle and try to pull away. RIVERSIDE illustrated by Tatjana Mai-Wyss. Subject: United States--Military policy Juvenile literature. 3536 RESTWAY COURT Security — Removing survey stakes may seem like a relatively innocuous occupation, but the authorities and the corporate minions do not consider it trivial. Always use a lookout. If you see anyone else in the vicinity, stop, get rid of anything incriminating, and get out of the area. Always have an escape route planned. Treat this activity as seriously as you would any other form of monkeywrenching. ADAMS JOHN 45385 $0.41 5936 HELENWOOD DR $0.21 Advanced Billboarding $6.00 Pursuit and Evasion 45324-8714 BLAZO RICHARD D 45431 4326 COMANCHEE TRL 2814 STAUFFER DR CONOVER ALBERT $72.15 YELLOW SPRINGS 45385 45385-4932 The precursor of the CIA, the OSS, during World War II created a clever device to destroy engines. It was called a “Caccolube,” and consisted of a condom filled with abrasive powders and crushed walnuts. It was dropped into an engine crankcase. The OSS manual reported that the condom would deteriorate after the engine was started and after 30 or 50 miles the engine would be damaged beyond repair. City BELL URIAH B 45385-0000 75 N. WRIGHT AVE. BELLBROOK 3575 QUEEN VICTORIA CT 45370 532 HAWKINS RD ARNETT PAM C XENIA $30.24 45324 6873 3RD ST XENIA P O BOX 1525 45324 45387 DAVIS FREDA M 45434 45431-2453 2019 UPPER BELLBROOK RD 45335-1028 COLE DOROTHY G BOGGS TY 2755 SELMA JAMESTOWN RD BOND STACY $15.00 BARNETT JEFFREY A If you do not have your own secure darkroom facilities for processing and printing, use Polaroid-type film only. Never entrust film from illegal actions to commercial labs. Many people have been busted for offenses after being turned in by a photo lab’s quality control inspector or some “friendly” drugstore clerk. Destroy extra photos and negatives, and resist the temptation to start a scrapbook. Photos constitute highly incriminating evidence. In England, saboteurs who attacked the grave/shrine of fox hunter John Peel were undone by a random license plate check which led to a search warrant which turned up a mere one-half of a negative that the photographer was unable to destroy in time. This scrap of evidence led to further investigation which ultimately put the saboteurs in prison. 45431-2648 XENIA BACHER DAVID A 1623 FORESTDALE AVE Expedient Method of Cutting Stakes WRIGHT PATTERSON AFB CLARK STEPHEN $35.00 AUSTIN MARY 170 HIGH ST $203.89 1813 HANES RD EDWARDS NICHOLAS 1685 WINDMILL CT CLAY BRUCE A XENIA 52447 HUMMINGBIRD CT 45324 Now mark the center of each headless nail with a felt tip pen. The best way to do this is by marking two parallel lines on the workbench one-half nail length apart, and laying the nails over these lines to mark them. Once all the nails have been cut and marked, you’re ready to make a prototype caltrop. 45324-3341 XENIA BROWN LAURA J 45385-0000 DILLAPLAIN JOHN CHU CHIALING $13.07 $62.75 In early summer of 1977, the United States Forest Service began an 18 month-long inventory and evaluation of the remaining roadless and undeveloped areas on the National Forests and Grasslands of the United States. During this second Roadless Area Review and Evaluation (RARE II), the Forest Service identified 2,686 roadless areas of 5,000 acres or more totaling 66 million acres out of the 187 million acres of National Forest lands. Approximately 15 million acres of roadless areas were not included in RARE II because of sloppy inventory procedures or because they had already gone through land use planning after the first RARE program in the early ’70s. All in all, there were some 80 million acres on the National Forests in 1977 retaining a significant degree of natural diversity and wildness (a total area equivalent in size to the state of New Mexico or a square 350 x 350 miles). $15.00 Subject: Colonial administrators--New York (State) Biography. $88.43 FAIRBORN 3827 N LAKESHORE DRIVE $1.00 45431-1218 45324 BEAVERCREEK BEAVER RHONDA FAIRBORN JAMESTOWN YELLOW SPRINGS 45387-0000 BELLBROOK $28.08 $4.00 $13.42 ATKINSON JENNIFER L XENIA 5286 COBB DR 45324-4407 DAYTON $3.00 45305-0000 YELLOW SPRINGS 819 RED MAPLE DRIVE 6873 3RD ST DAVIS BRICE L 2820 SELMA JAMESTOWN RD RIVERSIDE 45335 45324-3504 3321 LEAWOOD DR 838 W EIGHTH 45431 FAIRBORN DRYWALL ADAMS CRAWFORD DEANA M $28.20 ALBRO TIMOTHY D 1045 LUDLOW RD $62.10 238 HONEY JANE DR FAIRBORN 45432 $12.17 $34.60 $62.60 PO BOX 31037 FAIRBORN $65.00 Some experienced tree spikers suggest that notification of spiking is best done by issuing a blanket warning after marking a few trees for demonstration purposes (with a spray painted white “S”), and spiking every tree in the poten-tial logging area. 45324 BOLLEN PLUMBING CO. CONNER KATHLEEN A 45385 45324 921 CATHERINE ST 45431-3030 ABBAS RICHAT R ANDES JAMES R 45434-7088 BOWDEN LINDSEY 45324 3837 SABLE RIDGE DR XENIA 45385-1503 $2.12 210 W 2ND DITTO MICHELLE $63.66 45385-9431 XENIA FAIRBORN DAYTON BENNINGTON MARILYN R $58.88 $0.26 CONKLIN RUTH/% HOSPITALITY HOME W DEHART KAREN 45385 YELLOW SPRINGS XENIA $17.28 45434 2065 DARRELL DR $6.99 837 S CENTRAL AVE BARNETT JEFFREY A 1337 KAPOK $10.00 BASH JERRY 1436 GLEN VIEW RD PO BOX 231 45384 232 HILL ST 126 WILSON DR 45431 2607 SR 68 SOUTH XENIA BROWN BEVERLY G 45430 After an operation, debrief and evaluate. Discuss what worked well, what needs improvement and how this improvement should be initiated, group and individual errors and corrections, how to improve the planning for the next job. This meeting should be private and secure but should not draw the suspicion of neighbors, casual observers, or even family. CEDARVILLE FAIRBORN 45370 $8.28 CURTIS CHARLOTTE City CUSTIS A. B. PSC BOX 11377 924 BLACKFOOT TR 1272 WILLOWRIDGE DR 1473 HOLLY BUSH DR #C 45324 BEAVERCREEK 232 LANDMARK VILLAGE $17.07 $15.70 $77.02 Personal author: Percy, Walker, 1916- CROFTON KATHRYN J 45324-3506 45324 CROSS CLIFFORD L 1109 STONE RD EDALA NARASIMHA R $12.50 CARR SUE S FAIRBORN 4855 SWANSON RD Amount BROWN LAURA J 274 ZIMMER DR DO VIEN Our most effective emplacement tool is a block of 1 1/2” plywood or three 1/2” plywood strips nailed together. The block should be 3 to 4 inches wide (enough to grip well) and 8 to 10 inches long. Align your spike tip and place the block over the tip and drive with your single-jack hammer. Plywood drives the spikes without dulling the tips and will not split apart. The plywood block is easily removed from the spike and will last a long time. It produces far less noise than metal emplacement tools, and is simple to replace. Plywood would also be easier to explain should one be questioned, or to toss if someone approaches. $0.76 BALL JOANN 91 W WASHINGTON ST SPRING VALLEY Personal author: De Duve, Christian. BAISE JOHN W COLLINS LAWRENCE E 45324-0000 FAIRBORN BEAVERCREEK XENIA 45370 COLLINS J R $0.04 DENNY D CHARLENE AYALA JOSE FAIRBORN ZIP BULLOCK DEBBI A DAYTON 210 FAIRFIELD PK BROMLEY DR 45431 $13.00 Ecodefenders pick their targets. Mindless, erratic vandalism is counterproductive as well as unethical. Monkeywrenchers know that they do not stop a specific logging sale by destroying any piece of logging equipment, they come across. They make sure it belongs to the real culprit. They ask themselves what is the most vulnerable point of a wilderness-destroying project, and strike there. Senseless vandalism leads to loss of popular sympathy. $0.45 2314 DUNCAN #6 $9.15 ALBERT KATHRINE “Once a pair of these ten-dollar shoes have left their prints at a hit, I never carry them again in daytime when escape is difficult. They are then reserved only for nighttime escapades, and not even worn around the house (I don’t want to leave nasty old footprints in the flower bed by mistake). XENIA 74 E FRANKLIN ST 1706 EDITH MARIE DR 1263 SPRINGWOOD LN #402A 45385 $0.68 321 VINE DAYTON DOUGLAS STEVEN C BANFORD DONALD J JR $45.08 Title: Endangered species. COULTER WILLIAM M XENIA 2306 DUNCAN DRIVE # 2 $13.42 FAIRBORN Amount CONLEY JAMES B. 45324 45387-9703 3353 CEDARWOOD DR BEAVERCREEK $22.70 465 CINCINNATI AVE $35.37 246 S COLLIER ST BUTLER BERTHA Stencils COLLIER SUZANNE $148.00 $126.87 592 S DETROIT ST Owner Name ANDREW TOM 1040 COLUMBIA AVE XENIA Predator calling — A ground crew in a jeep or pickup stops on a back road and turns on a siren. After a moment or two they shut off the siren and listen for the answering howls of a Coyote. When they hear it, they estimate the direction and distance. This information is radioed to the aircraft which closes in for the kill. 45314 45385-8927 BECKMAN KENNETH N 4070 BEACH TR FAIRBORN $17.84 502 SHEPHERD RD 45384 2286 EL CID DR $182.31 PO BOX 1242 45385 45432 $1,738.72 XENIA $36.87 Title: Age of delirium : the decline and fall of the Soviet Union / David Satter. 45385 FAIRBORN 45431-0000 FAIRBORN Subject: France Fiction. $231.39 BELLBROOK DUKES HAROLD G 45324 4915 WOODMAN PARK 45324 2116 VIRGINIA DR FAIRBORN $47.00 $84.95 $11.04 45324-3974 DIASPRO JUNE J BEAVERCREEK 1707 TOWNSLEY RD ZIP $1.75 $25.00 After the concrete slab foundation is poured, the connections for the plumbing (especially sewer) are exposed. Usually these connections are covered by duct tape to prevent foreign objects from being accidentally dropped down the pipes. Should someone remove the duct tape and deliberately put foreign material into the pipes, and then carefully replace the duct tape, the results are interesting. The material put in the pipes should be designed to cause a permanent stoppage (e.g., concrete or epoxy). (Check the section on Plugging Pipes in the Developments chapter for methods of plugging pipes.) Imagine the consternation if the blockage is not discovered until the project opens for business, and sewage begins flowing out of toilets onto the occupants’ rugs, etc. $208.76 1318 HANES RD Rope with small grapple — silence with electrical tape 49 BRUSH ROW ROAD tell in English and Spanish = La lagartíja esmeralda : $0.04 DAYTON $0.40 XENIA 117 W S COLLEGE ST $0.38 EDALA NARASIMHA R BARNETT PATRICIA V 1865 4TH ST BARNETT JEFFREY A XENIA 45431 $0.01 $26.59 BELLAR REGINA DAYTON $0.02 1728 MAUMEE DR $90.95 $78.00 10178 PARKEDGE DR DAYTON $46.48 $51.88 45385-5107 45324- 45324-3618 BOWSER CHARLES 2591 WOOD BLUFF LN 45324-5010 DAYTON 45432-1892 XENIA CEDARVILLE Address $166.25 BEAVERCREEK $0.80 BEDWELL $0.50 $0.22 BELL CHARLES A. 249 KINSEY APT 7C JAMESTOWN 5046 BROUGHTON PL XENIA 45434-6760 RR 1 FAIRBORN 919 SHADY LN DUCESKA JOSEPH 650 OMAR CIR $0.56 329 N. CALLOWAY CYPHER KYLE J DUNCAN MARY E $32.66 PS3515.E343 Z773 2005 BEAVERCREEK 45314 JAMESTOWN 1221 STEINBECK WAY AP $15.00 BUSHMAN HOLLY A CAREY ROBERT W $63.63 45385-1530 $50.00 $1.60 Personal author: Cavalli-Sforza, L. L. (Luigi Luca), 1922- $52.39 BRUCE JOHN FAIRBORN FAIRBORN 45305-2703 BOGGS NICOLE CINCINNATI INSURANCE COMPANY $310.00 45324 $3.19 BOYLES JONATHAN 3191 SR 235 FAIRBORN If you must discuss a job in your house or apartment, turn on a radio or TV or both and sit close together so you can keep your voice low and still be understood. D1051 .J84 2005 Amount CARLSON PATRICE E 45432 $13.40 $66.50 XENIA 1829 GAYHART ST $55.00 5312 COBB DR 45301-0000 Subject: Jazz--History and criticism. Title: Magnum Ireland / edited by Brigitte Lardinois 1920 WILBERFORCE CLIFTON R 2742 LANTZ RD 45324 Throughout most of the land, the Gray Wolf has vanished, barbed wire rules, the natives have lost their sacred soil, and we are largely slaves to the industrial culture born in the coal-fired furnaces of Europe. Resistance, both lawful and lawless, has come and gone, won and lost, and remains more “American” than apple pie. And somewhere, beyond the edge of the ever-spreading pavement, are tales of solitary wolves and Grizzlies, “traditionals” who shun the missionaries, wildlands that know only freedom, and small bands of monkeywrenchers, wild-eyed and unbending. Is there a future for any of them? Or more to the point, can acts of sabotage really influence events? History has proven that resistance can be effective, so let’s briefly examine how this is possible. 45324 45324 BOHN CARYL 2695 DIAMOND CUT DR CLIMIE DENISE L $106.70 $12.81 PO BX 943 BERRYHILL KIMBERLY N 638 IDAHO DR 45431 CHANDRRA SURESH RR 3 FAIRBORN FAIRBORN $100.00 FAIRBORN 45324 $75.00 $1,156.00 DJIRAIBE DELPHINE $81.58 $18.00 Subject: Migrant labor Fiction. COSBY FLORENCE W B & J ASSOCIATES FAIRBORN FAIRBORN 45431 45431 $489.22 2935 ROYAL TROONWAY APT J ARNDTSON AMANDA L 301 HESS CT 45385 FAIRBORN 45324-4216 APPLEWHITE JACK 1) To take out roads without heavy equipment or back-breaking labor, get some 2 x 4s, chicken wire, black plastic, nails, and staple gun. With such goods, a friend and I plugged six key culverts on one of the most notorious roads ever pushed into a wilderness — all in one night. FAIRBORN $5.57 $17.81 1799 WOODS DR $46.11 45385- 45324 Smash apart feed and water troughs and salt block holders. AKERS CHRIS $3.00 C O EQUIPMENT CO $41.66 28 E WASHINGTON ST CHARLES BENJAMIN M FAIRBORN FAIRBORN BRAET R L ZIP 607 LUCAS DR 45433- 45385-9384 480 CLEARY DR 45385-1506 45324 45324 400 W XENIA DR #E $16.06 COY RUTH Subject: Pioneers--United States Biography. Personal author: Evans, Susan Toby, 1945- 45385 $183.14 45385 COSTELLO RICHARD M 2542 STEWART ROAD FAIRBORN BEAVERCREEK 3011 US ROUTE 68 S 45387 1860 STONEWOOD DR COLLINS LAWRENCE E FAIRBORN $0.46 $65.59 $100.80 Owner Name 45314 $0.42 WILBERFORCE 1415 REID AVE BROWN JEFFREY S BEAVERCREEK 1239 SPRINGWOOD LN #3098 ADAMS DUANE L CLARK JAMES W JR COOK NANCY XENIA BESCO ALLEN A ALLEN ULYSSES 4602 PENN AVE #302 45305-1969 24 E. LINDBERG DRIVE COLLETT CONNIE J BARNHART JASON $42.28 BROWN NICKY L BEAVERCREEK BUCKNER JAMES $3.50 $6.71 BOWEN ERICA 45385 Subject: Ethics. Subject: California--Discovery and exploration--Spanish. Shout “No!!” as loudly as you can as the dog approaches — he may automatically respond to this command by hesitating or stopping. If he stops, command him to “Sit!” $597.24 45431 ADAMS CYNTHIA A Subject: Arabian Peninsula--Description and travel. 45431-2625 $30.60 Notice that there is a convenient place for two tack welds where the nails cross, and two more places on the underside. Strike the torch and do a tack weld. Before the weld cools, tweak the caltrop with pliers so that it is symmetrical. Do the other tack weld. Turn off the torch so that you will have two free hands to loosen the vise slightly. Grab the caltrop with pliers, take it out of the vise, and reposition it upside down to expose the two remaining tack weld areas. Strike the torch again and do those two welds. 45385 4492 BAYBERRY COVE BELLBROOK $14.76 228 BIG ROCK RD 1317 BINGHAM DR COLLINS JASON Police Undercover Operations BELLBROOK AAA TRAVEL AGENCY $29.50 100 W ELM ST YELLOW SPRINGS CLANTON R. J. XENIA FAIRBORN Field Notes For many operations military-type camouflage is not only unnecessary, but might actually make the monkeywrencher stand out as suspicious. In operations around construction sites or machinery, coveralls and a hard hat might be best. A monkeywrencher so attired might pass for a worker if seen. Used coveralls can be purchased for a reasonable price at many linen supply companies. The serious monkeywrencher might purchase several pairs, in different colors. DAVIS JOHN Short on caltrops? Put a caltrop or other sharp object inside a target. Many off-roaders love to drive over the random beer can or paper cup in the road, so put a surprise in one. Those Styrofoam clam-shell containers from fast food places even have a use. One will hold the business end of a broken bottle with its points up. These targets make cleanup afterwards easier and minimize possible injury to animals, hikers, ORVers, and yourself. $265.52 PO BOX 363 $767.88 YELLOW SPRINGS 2150 ZINC RD Standard Optics 128 CREAMER DR 45385 45432-1938 45324 DENZEL MICHAEL DUCKWALL PHYLIS G YELLOW SPRINGS 45324 XENIA Title: California vieja : culture and memory in a XENIA $27.07 Bird watching is a good cover and a good way to check around an area. Carry a bird book and binoculars. Be able to identify a few birds. 3275 PENEWIT RD COOK JONATHON R 45432-2113 ALTMAN BRYAN NEIL XENIA 45387 BISHOP HAROLD L 45305-8775 915 E MARKET ST ALLEN MARJORIE E BUNN WENDY S FAIRBORN 45431-2228 $4.20 Subject: United States--Foreign relations Juvenile literature. 120 W NORTH COLLEGE ST $161.18 BOEDECKER JORDAN BONE FERN DAYTON DAVIS MARVIN J 45324 $444.33 COOPER BEN 2913 CHALMAR DR Field Note $13.00 9616 GARRINGER ED CORNETT NANCY DORAN THOMAS J JR $17.80 CRAWFORD JERRELL 45432-0000 45385 CHAINBLISS MAE RIVERSIDE 1047 OMARD DR $1,498.09 Vehicle Modifications for the Serious Monkeywrencher 45387 Address $8.10 $25.23 45370-9564 $146.61 45384 BEAVERCREEK 389 W 2ND BROOKS ANTWANITA I 1435 FOREST LN CALDWELL BETTY M 1866 SOUTHLAWN DR Address 45432 WILBERFORCE 2960 SOURTHFIELD DR 950 WHITESTONE RD $1.79 FAIRBORN 4118 TAREYTON DR $19.00 Verify the accuracy of the address through at least two sources. The phone book and city directory may help, though these may not be up-to-date and many prominent people will not be listed in phone directories. Books like Who’s Who and its various regional editions have biographies of many corporate types, and while they do not give street addresses, they at least pinpoint the community in which they reside, so that a little additional detective work may turn up the actual address. When you have a likely phone number, you can verify it by calling under some innocent-sounding pretext. Matching license plate numbers at the corporate parking lot and at home is a good way of being sure that your target actually resides at a given address. Another way would be to pose as a prospective property buyer and inquire at the county courthouse about who owns a particular residence. This information is a matter of public record. 45324 CRAWFORD JOHN E. JR. 2452 N. KNOLL DR CONNORS ROBERT L Your plug may be stronger than some older concrete pipes. Plugging may cause bulkheads to collapse. Don’t stick around. Address XENIA $55.52 1361A BEAVER VALLEY RD 45335 BOIVIN VERONICA F FAIRBORN City FAIRBORN $67.00 Subject: Information superhighway Fiction. BECKER J $20.00 BEAVERCREEK BUCCALO GRANT DAVID E160 .A298 1995 BLACKMAN SUSAN J 1425 XENIA AVE 45431 45433 $483.48 $120.50 3187 E BEAL RD RT 2 CVITKOVICH MATTHEW J 1423 WILEY AVE 1813 N BELLEVIEW DRIV $99.93 PO BOX 601 8 UPPER HILLSIDE DR 5513 GROSS DR 2157 BEAVER VALLEY RD ARCHER CHELSEA E BASS JODY D 1871 WILBUR AVENUE Subject: Health. DRURY KEITH XENIA $0.14 BUNNELL BILLY 530 MCINTIRE DR FAIRBORN $0.02 45385- XENIA 2700 CEDARBROOK WAY 45431-1540 45324-2539 3844 DAYTON XENIA RD $72.46 $350.00 CORNETT NANCY 811 HUNTERS RIDGE DR BOWSHIER AMANDA Doohan was born on March 3, 1920, in Vancouver, British Columbia. He left home at age 19 to join the Canadian Forces, fighting with the Allies in World War II. After outscoring his fellow soldiers on an officer's exam, he became Captain in the Royal Canadian Artillery. While leading his men into battle on D-Day, Doohan was wounded in the leg and hand, and eventually lost a finger. For the remainder of the war, he became a pilot observer, and received the dubious distinction of being called the "craziest pilot in the Canadian Air Forces." 114 SOUTH ST CAUPP ERNA M 714 N WEST ST 29 RACE CT DIGNAN EDWARD JR. DEADY LAVONNE E ANDERSON ALGER V $1.45 1917 GAYHART DR DOWNEY ROGER BELLBROOK DAVIS GLEN $735.43 $53.39 FAIRBORN BARDNELL DOUGLAS A FAIRBORN DESILVA SHERI 154 STRINTON AVE FAIRBORN $20.68 CHANDLER DONALD L Amount $0.84 3202 MEADOWLARK PL 2488 NORTH KNOLL DRIVE To trash 5 1/4” floppies: 45385-9596 45385-2301 $30.00 3360 AVONLEY CT 63 S WRIGHT AVE Field Note 1324 OMARD DR Address He published ‘Star Trek Memories' in 1993, and has written a series of science fiction novels called ‘Tekwar', which were adapted for TV in 1994. He costarred in the seventh Star Trek movie. 45432 $60.00 $26.49 45385 $24.06 828 SAVIN HILL CT 45385 XENIA 920 N DETROIT ST #24 45385 Any combination of error and bad luck may find you being pursued by police, security guards, or a suspicious citizen. Even if the pursuers are trappers, dirt bikers, loggers, surveyors, bulldozer jockeys, prospectors, or ranchers, avoid panic. While planning, you should have considered the possibility of pursuit, so you should know a good way to escape. If you must run at night, keep your head down and your arms extended ahead of you to block tree branches and to break a fall. Lift your knees high to step over small obstacles that might otherwise trip you. Stop running as soon as possible and listen for the sounds of pursuit. At night you can sometimes hide and allow pursuers to run past you. (Do not attempt this ploy if your pursuers are using dogs. For this eventuality, see the section on Tracking Dogs.) Do not lead your pursuers directly to where your driver is supposed to pick you up. 205 E MARKET ST $1.40 45324 $1.03 $8.49 DAYTON 336 MEYER AVE 45385-9742 DUNN DEBORAH DELORIES Subject: General educational development tests Study guides. 45434-0000 Subject: AIDS (Disease)--United States--Prevention. CHABANNES RENE N 625 SHARON DR DAYTON $39.00 FAIRBORN 45385-8592 $13.12 45431-1116 $0.30 2159 ALABAMA DR 833 XENIA AVE Police Band Radios 45385 45324-0000 FAIRBORN COLLINS PHILOMENA M 45434 $18.00 FAIRBORN 150 LORETTA AVE #21 45385 BEAVERCREEK DESIMIO JAMES M FAIRBORN 45431-1842 $10.90 JAMESTOWN BELLBROOK DSCC AAFES BASE EXCH 694 OMAR CIR 45314 2371 N KNOLL DR CORZETTO ALBERT T EAVERS MARTHA 2113 PUEBLO DR BEAVERCREEK 45324 CLIFFORD MERLE FAIRBORN BRYANT VERNON J FAIRBORN BRIDGES WILLIAM A BANKE ANNE E 165 W FUNDERBURG RD 5 DAYTON $739.44 $1.10 45385 45324-000 BRUCE JEFFREY By 1990, Congress had passed legislation designating minimal National Forest Wilderness acreages for most states (generally only slightly larger than the pitiful RARE II recommendations and concentrating on “rocks and ice” instead of crucial forested lands). In the next few years, similar picayune legislation for National Forest Wilderness in the remaining states (Montana and Idaho) and for BLM Wilderness will probably be enacted. The other roadless areas will be eliminated from consideration. National Forest Management Plans emphasizing industrial logging, grazing, mineral and energy development, road building, and motorized recreation will be implemented. Conventional means of protecting these millions of acres of wild country will largely dissipate. Judicial and administrative appeals for their protection will be closed off. Congress will turn a deaf ear to requests for additional Wildernesses so soon after disposing of the thorny issue. Political lobbying by conservation groups to protect endangered wildl BURRIS BRENT A BOWMAN E BEAVERCREEK Every radio is unique; in fact, the term “radio fingerprint” is sometimes used, referring to minute variations in the transmission (frequency variations?) detectable each time the same radio is used. Sophisticated techniques are certainly necessary to identify a certain radio, and one’s radio traffic would have to be recorded and analyzed. Nonetheless, that this is possible makes radio security all the more important. BEAVERCREEK $2.81 BEAVERCREEK 45335 2278 PINE KNOTT DR CANNON FRANK H BEAL JEAN M F1209 .L4 2006 DAILEY JEAN E YELLOW SPRINGS FAIRBORN ACCUNTIUS TERESA A 3887 POLO TRACE COURT BELLBROOK 45305 $76.80 FAIRBORN 2090 MARYLAND DR $51.60 45385-0282 45431-2248 $23.60 1029 Personal author: Dowd, Maureen. DAYTON $10.00 428 HILLRIDGE DR $79.46 Elsewhere in the West, the introduction of barbed wire in the 1880s saw cat-tlemen attempt to dominate the formerly public grasslands. Fence cutting wars resulted, with small ranchers and farmers forming secret societies with names like the “Owls,” the “Javelinas,” and the “Blue Devils.” Their spies passed information about new fencing at nighttime meetings protected by the use of secret passwords. Sometimes a damaged fence was posted with signs warning against rebuilding. Estimates of fence cutting damage in Texas alone ranged from 20 to 30 million dollars. Typical of government response, it became a more serious crime to cut an illegal fence than to build one. 45305 45385 DANIEL MICHAEL 45385 45385 BELLBROOK DAVIS ABDUL A 45324 E -- HISTORY: AMERICA -- General, United States. 2390 LAKEVIEW DR 45324 CORBEAN JOYCE E XENIA $150.00 ECKMAN JOSEPH R $243.90 BARGA MICHAEL H CHANEY CHARLIE BERWANGER JOANN M Ferric chloride and some other etching compounds used in electronics have the interesting characteristic of eating away copper. If added to the water in a radiator, the radiator will fall to bits in a couple of days. XENIA COWAN JOLENE 45324 COFFMAN JOHN C 502 LIVERMORE $14.40 Owner Name BOX 466 45431 346 HILL ST XENIA CAI WEI Step Seven: Remove the retaining nut on the valve wheel. You still need to reopen the valve but you need to remove the valve wheel quickly once you do so. You can remove it completely using your wrench, but the wheel is more efficient so leave it on for now. Check and make sure that it can be easily removed. 45385 $346.43 45370-9631 CARTER BRIAN K 1329 OAKHILL AVE. 1200 US RTE 44 $2.00 2150 S HELENWOOD DR FAIRBORN 1503 EAGLE-HIGHLAND DR $11.88 $1,000.00 3626 CEYLON CIR YELLOW SPRINGS 45324-2539 DOUGLAS STEPHEN A $26.00 45335 45434-6245 DAYTON DAYTON STEAKS FAIRBORN $102.65 $46.40 ECKE DENNIS BEAVERCREEK $16.18 45385 Owner Name BARKER DIANA L 45314-8501 310 N WINTER ST APT B 205 BELLECREST CT EDWARD D JONES & CO CUST $3.80 CLINE WILMA Martin L. Kutscher ; with contributions by Tony Attwood and Robert R. Wolff. CRAMER BRANDON J XENIA DAYTON FAIRBORN 45324-3620 $13.26 BEAM BRIAN ALMONEY JEFFREY 45324 $622.41 530 FAIRGROUDS ROAD BONN BERNARD J 45385 $242.42 557 MONTANA DR DAYTON $55.00 860 W HYDE RD $9.92 ATLEY CARL 45431-2037 YELLOW SPRINGS AUSMUS J 1105 HURON TRL 45432-3542 45431 CORNEY LARIA W $4.16 1805 ANDREA CIR 45385- 16 S BROAD ST 45431 45324-0000 DRAYOVITCH DAVID M $23.10 645TH MEDICAL GROUP 2057 NORTHERN DR 45305 RIVERSIDE 678 SULLIVAN CT $2,032.74 45324 If You Are Arrested SPRING VALLEY DAYTON XENIA CARLSON WENDY L 45385 $2.40 BAUM JANET M 45387 2575 HITE RD FAIRBORN XENIA City 124 DAYTON ST Subject: Montgomery (Ala.)--Race relations. 45431 45324-3919 45324-2502 114 SCHNEIDER DR $65.01 XENIA DAYTON DAHLHAUSER PAMELA BOWDEN $1.00 ZIP 1164 DATE ST FAIRBORN 1907 HICKORY RIDGE DR FAIRBORN $69.77 BROWNE ROBERT PAUL 271 FAIRGROUND RD 45385 45432-3534 YELLOW SPRINGS Title: Encyclopedia of twentieth-century photography / Lynne Warren, editor. 45385 XENIA Introduction to the Third Edition 365 SOUTH FAIRFIELD RD DAYTON 45385-0000 XENIA $72.23 ANDERSON EVELYN EST/% KEN SHEETS BARNES KATHY 1929 DRAKE DR $68.32 CLARK RICHARD $62.62 45324 $0.19 652 NEVADA DRIVE $183.60 YELLOW SPRINGS $85.39 $103.87 $3.36 XENIA City 45324 $49.72 45335 DAVIS HAZEL FAIRBORN 4420 HONEY LOCUST LN 45432 $73.56 FAIRBORN $1.80 DEARTH RONALD E BOWLIN STEVE R DODDS EDWARD 45335-9800 45305 $4.70 $2.75 45324 45305 1350 SENECA DR 45385 YELLOW SPRINGS UNKNOWN 5354 COBB DR 1167 WALLABY DR $52.23 45433 PO BOX 426 45385-9384 2334 DUNCAN DR #5 1362 WALNUT BEND CT CAUDILL VIRGINIA CAMPBELL SONDRA MOORE 45385 1066 PINE MEADOW TER BLAISDELL LINDSAY 1239 CEDARCLIFF DR 3931 PLAINVIEW DRIVE BARTON MARGARET J $10.00 Subject: Genealogy. $2.91 $368.54 FAIRBORN PSC 11335 $34.60 BELLBROOK 3085 CUMBERLAND LANE #206 BEERY EARL 45324 45314 4379 E MOHAVE DR ZIP $0.05 2815 STAUFFER DR FAIRBORN Subject: Drug abuse--Treatment--Great Britain. $84.00 $150.58 BEAVERCREEK In one northern Minnesota county recently, eco-raiders removed over $2,000 worth of signs out of a possible $5,000 worth. WRIGHT PATTERSON AFB 10 SPINNING RD Subject: Microcomputers--Equipment and supplies. Foiling the Detectors: Non-Metallic Tree Spikes 1960 GRANGE HALL RD 45370 Personal subject: Cohan, Tony--Travel--Mexico. Back to Top Subject: Child sexual abuse--Prevention. $68.27 $117.60 $28.50 City $2.60 2588 LANTZ RD Thermal Imager DRAKE JOY Federal Anti-Spiking Legislation Subject: Abortion--United States. Personal author: Phillips, Ellen. Ellen Phillips and C. Colston Burrell. EARLEY CAROL J XENIA FAIRBORN $69.99 $112.10 $2.68 FAIRBORN FAIRBORN XENIA $50.00 Routine checks for surveillance will enhance your powers of observation and greatly improve your monkeywrenching work. Be observant. Pay attention to detail. 45324 45385 XENIA FAIRBORN $79.15 Address YELLOW SPRINGS FAIRBORN DAYTON 45433-5427 P.O. BOX 88 45324-0000 BEAVERCREEK BIACH BRIAN 1372 FAIRGROUND RD AYRES KELLY J 45324-5704 20 SOUTHEAST ST BERTLER RACHAEL J 1965 KATHY ST 1261 DAYTON YELLOW SPRING 4820 BARNHART AVE $3.60 332 WEST GARLAND AVE 1025 VICTORIA AV #2 XENIA FAIRBORN FAIRBORN 45324 BELLBROOK $12.11 1280 EAGLES WAY CACCAMO MICHAEL 45385-9628 FAIRBORN SPRING VALLEY $30.40 $50.76 45324 $18.75 $40.00 45387-0000 336 MEYER AVE $18.00 BALL VAN B. $10.00 FAIRBORN 2420 WINCHESTER RD your own / Elisa Zied, with Ruth Winter. 2376 S OLD OAKS DR BROWN EMMANUEL 45324 FAIRBORN 45385-0000 $81.78 BEAVERCREEK $98.59 2431 BONNIEVIEW DR 25 GLADY AVE $14.96 $50.91 $6.00 1801 FORESTDALE AVE $1.00 Personal author: Fenn, Donna. 3044 OLD YELLOW SPRIN XENIA Subject: HIV infections--United States--Prevention. Metal Posts $0.03 $0.62 JAMESTOWN $53.86 AD SERV TEAM INC $12.99 CHISHOLM TIFFANY K BRYANT ANITA 2727 FAIRFIELD COMMONS 2682 WYOMING DR 407 DUPONT WAY Subject: Spanish language materials Juvenile fiction. P.O. BOX 696 $271.67 Closed to Vehicles — Violators Subject to Arrest 45385 Subject: Amnesia Fiction. $57.10 45432 1303 REID AVE BALLAGH ROBERT M. 2848 HOMEWAY DR 45370 FAIRBORN BOYLE JOSHUA D 1519 ROXBURY DR BUTTS KEITH DOFF KEITH FAIRBORN DAYTON 45431-1913 XENIA 9178 CLYD RD DAYTON City DAYTON Owner Name 45385 $13.60 45385 HTH swimming pool cleaner will spontaneously combust with regular everyday oil. Try putting it into the oil fill cap of an engine sometime. At the very least, the oxidation will destroy the lubrication integrity of the oil. HTH pool chlorine is very nasty stuff and can cause severe chlorine burns in the lungs if inhaled. Working with it at night or under stressful conditions could be disastrous. Therefore, the editors do not recommend any of the suggested techniques using it. — Safety First 45324 XENIA BELL DAN Tommy Dorsey, the bandleader, arranged a screen test at MGM Studios after he left the Senators. They signed him to a contract and the rest is history. 203 WATKINS RD 45324 RT 1 45385 XENIA $1,080.94 FAIRBORN 391 WEST SECOND STREET Francis S. Collins. DEVALL RACHEL R 45370 1211 CHAUCER WAY APT L $0.90 Address Owner Name 45385 CHASE JAY CORDELL CARY A BEAVERCREEK 45431 XENIA 45324 BLANKENSHIP LEONARD ARCHAMBEAU JEAN DAYTON 45324 $20.00 45385-1102 $14.95 45305 45370-9769 1435 FOREST LANE AVEY PATRICIA M 45385 — Happy Hunting, $5.68 BF697 .H46 1997 45324 BRYANT BRUCE H $150.00 SPRING VALLEY 45431-3722 DOOLEY MICHAEL 45431-1759 XENIA 45324-6426 To avoid this type of search, leave the target area immediately after the mission. At the time of the pick-up or shortly thereafter, store all tools and incriminating items in the trunk, camper shell, or similar location where they cannot be readily discovered by an unscrupulous officer inventing “probable cause” to search your vehicle. As always, have a good story for being in the area (even if it’s something simple like “just out partying”). The story must be short and simple. All members of the team must know it. Even on a roadside stop, officers sometimes split up the suspects and question them separately to look for differences in their stories. Be brief and you won’t slip up. If pressed, repeat the same answers. $96.33 DAYTON 1133 KATIE CIRCLE BULLOCH WILLIAM C BRANNUM EMMA J DOZEMAN THOMAS B JT TEN 45432-1824 1503 E LYNN DR 168 WASHINGTON ST $68.11 $95.81 DAYTON 45324 45314-0144 FAIRBORN 3030 ELEAZER RD 45434 XENIA FAIRBORN CRAWFORD ANN E 873 CATHERINE ST. $455.04 FAIRBORN Brake fluid will remove the paint on cars and trucks. It comes in handy squeeze bottles. 45324 FAIRBORN $3.24 $10.00 FAIRBORN 528 CARTHAGE DR DAYTON CONOVER DONALD W $265.00 BLEDSOE JOE W 45385 $21.00 45305 $272.38 XENIA Yet stake-pulling, well-planned and systematically done, can be one of the most effective means of monkeywrenching. It requires no esoteric technical know-how and no specialized tools. It can be done with one monkeywrencher and one alert lookout. Moreover, the stake puller need not carry the onus that the tree and road spiker or bulldozer burner carries. And stake-pulling can be effective — very effective. While it is certainly possible to trash the wilderness without the benefit of scientific surveying — the crude roads bulldozed by half-assed small-time miners are the classic example — accurate surveying is essential for even the most mildly sophisticated construction projects. Logging haul roads, for instance, require precise gradients and curves — the faster the trucks can get the logs out, the greater the profit margin for the operators. Even more precise surveying is needed for the construction of buildings (corner locations and elevations are critical), the layout of water and sewer lines, and the like 1601 CHARTERWOOD CIRCLE 45432 2362 DUNCAN DR. Private Undercover Operations XENIA 1753 BLEDSOE DR 528 DAYTON ST $195.29 CONROY DOLORES A Roofing Nails BRUSH DAVID E Destruction of Drift Nets DAYTON CORRON MICHELLE L $73.00 $64.80 BURTON JENNIFER L DOTTER JASON D A little goes a long way. With just a quart canteen full of grit on your belt, you can decommission a whole fleet of Earth wreckers, while appearing to be nothing more than an innocent hiker. $183.73 $9.95 Telephone Contacts $22.34 CARROLL CORA E Most cautious people only check for surveillance shortly after leaving home, work, or school. Most professional surveillance picks up after this to avoid being “made.” Make your checks random. 45324 8327 PHILADELPHIA DR $11.62 FAIRBORN XENIA 45324-3506 ALLAMON MARJORIE Advanced Billboarding FAIRBORN 45385-9640 BEAVERCREEK $41.59 $10.00 YELLOW SPRINGS CEDARVILLE Amount $29.19 8957 HADDIX RD DYSON AUNDREA F FAIRBORN You’ve no doubt seen ads for a toy called a water balloon launcher. It’s a giant slingshot designed to be operated by three people and can hurl a liquid-filled balloon up to 120 yards. With practice, these things are even reasonably accurate. It’s available from Winger Sports, 1306 W County Road, Suite 110, Arden Hills, MN. DAYTON KETTERING 45431-1603 352 N ELM ST City DAVIS LONNIE J 45431-1414 310 LAKE ST CURTIS SIMON CLOUD TERESA 4539 GLENN MARTIN DRIVE 242 CENTER ST Every moving joint must have some type of lubrication to prevent overheating and premature wear out. At any auto parts store you can find a grease gun (see illustration 5.8A), and with it you can introduce abrasives to these moving parts. First, remove about half of the grease from a standard grease tube. Replace this grease with sand or another abrasive and stir it to a smooth blend with a metal rod or dowel. You are now ready to “unlubricate” a machine at a dozen or more points. Look for the “zerk” fittings at every pivot point. Illustration 5.9 gives a close-up view of these grease fittings and shows a variety of locations where they can be found on typical machines. 45434-6236 Ethyl amine (fishy smell) FAIRBORN $0.01 945 OAKLAND DR $646.00 45324 45385 1211 SPINNING RD #301 Make these mental drills a routine part of your monkeywrenching, adapting them to every changing circumstance. If trouble suddenly appears, you will have already taken the first step in proper decision making, thereby eliminating those first few precious seconds of indecision. 45305-1820 214 S KING ST CLOTFELTER DOROTHY A $60.52 $630.00 $418.08 816 HUNTERS RIDGE DR $477.03 BELLBROOK $11.17 2600 PARAMOUNT PL BAYLESS DENNIS 75 LORETTA AVE #O ZIP ZIP 2156 HIDDEN WOODS BLVD BEAVERCREEK 45370-0000 BRATTON MARY D ABLES JIMMY 2355 LOWER BELLBROOK SPRING VALLEY 45370-0000 $2.00 XENIA 45324-0000 210 N 3RD ST JAMESTOWN 3337 FAIR OAKS DR BUTCHER BETTY L DAYTON COLLINS KAY A BLIZZARD TAMMY L CRADDALL VAUGHAN The baiting method can be used with more than one person at a time by providing each one with slightly different information (different locations, times, etc.) The response will indicate which person is passing information. Keep it simple! Owner Name Remember that neither a monkeywrencher nor a cop can be everywhere or see everywhere. Night devices can be a great help, but they can also create a false sense of security if relied upon too heavily. 45434-5811 45335 2814 STAUFFER DR CRAWFORD MELVIN BARKER CHARLES N. CROFTON MARGARET AUSTRIA CLEMENT G BELLBROOK MEDICAL CTR Tourette's, bipolar, and more! : the one stop guide 2206 ROSEANNE CT CHRISTIAN GUY T EDMENSON MINNIE 3353 US ROUTE 68 S $21.70 45387 $111.56 RT 1 ALTENBURGES DOUG CHRISTESON MARIA 2092 ERICHMAN LN CLIFTON COTHERMAN ELAINE P 45432-3510 BRADBERRY LYDIA H 632 N DETROIT ST CONNALLY RONALD E ANN STIDHAM M FAIRBORN FAIRBORN PO BOX 238 621 KOOGLER ST APT12 723 SHEPHARD RD ZIP CHRISTENSEN AMELIA F YELLOW SPRINGS 45370-0000 $1,738.72 YELLOW SPRINGS $134.35 DRAKE AUDRA J BESECKER ERIN 45385 ALTHAUS CONNIE 135 MIAMI DR $86.40 $12.29 45434 YELLOW SPRINGS 45385-3346 45324 City BELLBROOK 45324 $18.21 Beware of the carelessness that comes with success. Don’t get lax. Law enforcement people may bide their time and wait for you to make a careless slip. Be unpredictable. After hitting a particular target for a while, drop it and move to something else. Engage in counter-surveiIlance. 45387 150 LORRETA AVE #21 ALBARBARWI NASRINE $89.00 CHAPMAN DEANNA 1781 MCCLELLAN RD AVERITT ESTHER L $0.03 YELLOW SPRINGS An effective way to render a windmill inoperative is as follows: 45385 Title: Chain of command : the road from 9/11 to Abu Ghraib / Seymour M. Hersh. According to the Director's Edition DVD of Star Trek the Motion Picture, the Klingon language first introduced in that movie and later featured in many later Trek movies and TV episodes, was initially devised by Doohan. His original sounds were later expanded upon and refined by others, ultimately resulting in Shakespeare plays and The Bible being translated into Klingon years later. In the years since the final episode of Star Trek, Doohan pursued a speaking career, which took him to more than 250 colleges throughout the U.S. and Canada. In addition, he made appearances at numerous Star Trek conventions. He has also written books (along with S.M. Stirling) by the titles of ‘The Rising' and ‘The Privateer'. 45385 BURCHFIELD ANITA S $25.24 DABNEY PEGGYLEE YELLOW SPRINGS 45324- FAIRBORN DAYTON COMBS DUSTIN ARRINGTON VERNON 45335-1111 BEAVERCREEK $20.00 3083 VILLAGE CT 2205 ENTRADA DRIVE COOK GLORIA DAYTON 3200 BERNICE DR 45385 BAKER DAVID BOB TATONE FORD XENIA ALLEN BESSE If all appears quiet, you’re ready to do a “walk-by” to either spot a watchman or trip an ambush. We usually put on our new monkey shoes at this point, but carry nothing incriminating. The idea is to be clean if you’re stopped. Quietly, but out loud, practice the casual and friendly answer you’ll give when confronted. (Practicing your comments silently in your mind is not nearly as effective as practicing them out loud. All good public speakers, singers, and other performers know this.) Scout as hikers, bird-watchers, young lovers, or the like. 45434-6762 BLESSING MARK A JAMESTOWN CODDINGTON JERE 45385 $13.50 Epilogue: Marine Monkeywrenching FAIRBORN 45431-1112 DAYTON AFMC LSO LOLF BEAVERCREEK $16.59 $228.46 452 W MARKET ST Mary R. Habeck. 4134 W ENON ROAD 55 HOME AVE FAIRBORN 14 The Five People You Meet in Heaven by Mitch Albom 13 82 (Hyperion: $19.95) An amusement-park maintenance man faces his life, death and afterlife in this three-part parable. 1259 CHISOLM TRL $6.60 Sabotaging Light Planes BELLBROOK CONKEL PAUL 2743 CRONE RD $174.64 1314 SHAWNEE DR 45431 ANDERSON COREY J BEGLEY KASH DLYNICHA CYNTHIA COX KARILYN D 385 E 3RD ST CHOKSY ACHINT V BEAVERCREEK $5.09 $7.70 45305-2121 BURT MARY E BRAZIER PERCY 854 ROUTZONG RD DITMER STEVE XENIA 45324 $50.00 657 HOME AVE $3.98 5438 MITCHELL DR 45324 XENIA Note 1: The upper compartment should be used for gloves and kerchiefs. $53.79 $50.00 CHASSE PAUL A FAIRBORN DAYTON YELLOW SPRINGS $80.61 YELLOW SPRINGS CONKLIN ELLEN G ABAGAILSS INC Personal author: Johnson, Lisa, 1967- 45324 JAMESTOWN 45324 45324-3535 WRIGHT PATTERSON AFB 45324 45432-0000 BROWN CAROLYN A XENIA $2.55 XENIA ALLEN LYNN L 5698 HICKAM DR Approaching A Forest Site 45387 s, used by archery hunters, are easily carried, quiet, and allow you to climb a tree fairly quickly. The good ones will not harm the tree or leave marks. (Practice first! Inexperienced users have been injured when their tree stands collapsed under them.) In regions that get considerable snowfall, a good solution would be to spike in the winter, using skis or snowshoes when several feet of snow cover the ground. 23 POWELL AVE $1.00 $322.58 DONOVAN HELEN V $19.41 45335 45324 $17.87 $61.96 3335 FAIRWOOD DR $27.54 1412 BELLBROOK AVE RIVERSIDE $0.80 SPRING VALLEY Of course, in case questioned, it pays to bone up on some forestry terms: mean annual increment, rings per inch, low site, high site, standard deviation, etc. 45385-0000 BURTON ROGER DALE DAYTON 1490 N FAIRFIELD RD Owner Name FAIRBORN AHMED MUSHTAG A video surveillance vehicle is carefully chosen to blend in with the neighborhood. An officer or agent will park the car in a predetermined spot, lock it, and leave it sitting empty. The driver may do this at night to avoid observation, or may feign engine trouble, look under the hood, and finally walk away as if to get help. 517 GREENE TREE PLACE 45385-0000 45324 BALTZER ROBERT L CEDARVILLE 45385 1544 MIAMI AVE $142.68 $97.20 Construction Sites AUFOX WILLIAM E MD 4000 LYNDELL DR 45432 45431-1210 Subject: Vegetarianism. CHAPMAN JR LB1032 .P334 2005 45433- XENIA 45314-0457 XENIA 8 UPPER HILLSIDE DR FAIRBORN XENIA 45335 530 MCINTIRE DR BLACK WAYNES S $7.78 BLOK TV: Season 1 Nicknamed "the urban 'Entertainment Tonight,'" BlokTV is a fresh take on the celebrity newsmagazine, bringing a hip and sexy flavor to industry events, including parties, awards shows and red-carpet appearances. Follow the cameras as they hit up Diddy's party in Miami's South Beach, parties for Maxim and Essence magazines, the Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival, Macy Gray's album release party, Toccara Jones's birthday bash and many more. XENIA BAUER RICHARD S 45324- 10169 PARK EDGE DR $0.24 $71.88 DAY WADIE L BRUNDEGE VICKIE 45431 45385 $24.64 $128.58 ANTHONY PAULINE $0.01 CLOUTE H 45324 $50.61 FAIRBORN FAIRBORN $5.89 $26.00 1170 LAMOUR LN H 45335-8734 DAYTON 3481 DAYTON-XENIA RD Corporate subject: National Museum of American Art (U.S.) Exhibitions. $137.79 $15.90 XENIA $62.63 FAIRBORN ANGEL PEST CONTROL Subject: American literature. 482 1/2 N DETROIT ST 2509 WEST JACKSON RD 137 N DETROIT ST 422 W FUNDERBURG RD #G 45324-1750 $25.00 Amount 5430 PLAINFIELD RD SPRING VALLEY $0.32 $50.00 XENIA SPRING VALLEY DAVIS EDWARD BRIDGHAN CHRISTOPH J $17.62 2403 PINE KNOTT DR BERGH DORIS H Subject: Academic achievement--United States. 45385 FAIRBORN Field Notes $15.00 20 GALEWOOD DR Your first billboard raid should be an easy target in a remote location, far from any houses, but with good access. Limit yourself to one sign the first few times out. Group morale is built upon success, so insure that the first few jobs come off without a hitch. Only after learning efficient teamwork should you consider more complex targets like billboard clusters, lighted signs, or sign company headquarters in urban areas. WRIGHT PATTERSON AFB Competent private instructors, although not as widely available, can be a good source of schooling and kiln access. 227 MANN AVE Field Notes 2911 SNIVELY RD DAUGHTRY GREGORY D 45324-3990 $21.60 520 SOUTH ST $80.00 $74.51 BEAVERCREEK CARUSA PIA XENIA DANIELS JENNIFER Of course, the serious monkeywrencher may not want to be on such a mailing list due to security considerations. If possible, have a trusted friend, who does not plan to engage in monkeywrenching, get on the mailing list and then give the documents to you. Perhaps you have a trusted contact in an environmental group who gets such documents and who can pass them on to you. Maybe you even have a trustworthy contact within one of the offending government agencies — if so, for added security and her own safety and integrity, never, never let her know what you plan to do with the information. If you do not wish to involve friends or acquaintances, however indirectly, you might receive the information from the agency under an assumed name at a post office box or addressed to your alias in care of one of the private mailing services, found in big cities, which provide confidential forwarding of mail. Or you might even go to government offices in person, well in advance of intended “hits.” If asked to fill out a reque 45432 45324 1263 HANES RD $12.94 ALICEA $10.74 BICKETT JOHN $350.00 45385 In choosing alternate assembly areas, consider availability of concealment along the routes thereto, and distance; remember: the team will be carrying equipment, and visibility may be low. Consider the feasibility of destruction or concealment of incriminating evidence at the reassembly area. Select an alternate route to safety, too. $149.86 FAIRBORN FAIRBORN $70.00 BROWNING CLIFF FAIRBORN PO BOX 457 5552 GROSS DR BEAVERCREEK JAMESTOWN DAYTON 1730 NORTH BLVD 45434-5811 Wigs and fake mustaches can be bought cheaply at second-hand stores (like Goodwill) and at novelty shops. Use special wig cleaner (available at wig shops) to clean any second-hand wig. Wigs commonly cost five dollars or less. CONOVER DONALD W 2101 CHAPEL DR BURTON MARY D 45385 XENIA YELLOW SPRINGS XENIA 3136 VILLAGE GRN DR CUSTER GABE 159 E FRANKLIN ST CHASE ERIC 45431 1266 CEDARCLIFF DR BEAVERCREEK FAIRBORN 102 MARK LN CLIFTON PO BOX 340982 BARNETT ROBERT L CRAWFORD JULIA A FAIRBORN 45385 Whoever — (1) with the intent to violate the Controlled Substances Act, (2) with the intent to obstruct or harass the harvesting of timber, or (3) with reckless disregard to the risk that another person will be placed in danger of death or bodily injury ... uses a hazardous or injurious device on Federal land, or on an Indian Reservation ... shall be punished under subsection (b). 2903 ARMEN AV 456 IVANHOE DR 511 GREENE ST 2401 ENON RD 3388 SUBURBAN DR BEAVERCREEK $110.40 UNKNOWN 860 W HYDE RD $29.00 $138.98 $112.33 45305 BELLBROOK 45324-5419 Camera BERGER GARY C CHACHULA MARY C 45305-0000 789 ORMSBY DR 45385-8943 45324 XENIA DAVIS STEVE 45324 XENIA 1249 RONA PARKWAY DR BROCK AUDREY J 45385 45434-6245 BONDURANT TERESA M How To Use Them DAVENPORT ROSBY III 45385-9460 $5.68 BALINT BRENDA $1,000.00 387 MT VERNON DR 45432-3425 XENIA 43587 45432-2363 FAIRBORN Loggers in northwest Montana have started a forest watch program to look out for monkeywrenchers. They may be using fire lookout towers to monitor timber sales. There has been talk of levying $1 for every thousand board feet of timber cut on the Kootenai National Forest to hire private security guards. Loggers claim they could raise $190,000 a year by that method. FAIRBORN 45324 DAYTON 1108 US ROUTE 35E EDWARDS KIMBERLY $39.95 152 BILLWOOD RD 5932 HENDON AVE 45434-6448 20 NORTH HAVEN DRIVE DILLEHAY SAMUEL D 337 APRICOT LN BURNS SCOTT DAYTON $14.57 45370 2929 FOREST LAWN DR APT Protection From Night Vision Surveillance Ocean front sewer pipes often have metal “tide gate” flaps to prevent sea-water from flooding the pipe during high tide. Lock it shut. Some tide gates already have wing nut locking mechanisms. Use them. 45385 XENIA DAYTON BEAVERCREEK 45434-6298 45385 45324 XENIA CLEMENT COLETTE M 45432-2123 1437 WOODMAN DR Abrasive put into the fuel is good because it is pumped into the top of the engine and enters the cylinder compartment. Abrasive in the oil may or may not get picked up by the oil pump. If the engine is not moved around much (for example, on a large crane), the grit may stay in the bottom of the oil pan. This is why it is good to use very fine grit that will stay in suspension. The oil pump has a screen that excludes only large particles. Its intake generally floats on top of the oil. Address One of the cleverest monkeywrenching escapades involved a controversial landing strip in the middle of the Selway-Bitterroot Wilderness Area in Idaho. In 1986, an unknown person dug 21 holes with a posthole digger in rows three-abreast along the strip. Salt was put into each. Elk and deer pawed up the holes to get the salt and made the dirt strip unusable for aircraft landing. UNKNOWN FAIRBORN 4330 CITY VIEW TER APT B $17.30 5977 W BONZAI CT RFD #3 $16.55 $21.00 Subject: Drug traffic--Government policy--United States. 45324 34 MANN AVE 45370 45324 XENIA Title: A crack in the edge of the world : America and the great California earthquake of 1906 / Simon Winchester. DONALDSON W S CHUBNER JAMES K YELLOW SPRINGS Title: Southeast Asia on a shoestring / China Williams ... [et al.] $455.04 45324 $10.35 BELLBROOK 45385-9535 SPRING VALLEY 30 HUNTERS POINTE DR ALPHONSO SMITH CRISP DAVID M $7.25 FAIRBORN with additonal illustrations by Yeorgos Lamathakis. $22.00 BAUDENDISTEL CRAIG 1580 HILLSIDE DR 1001 NORTH BROAD ST $0.23 45324 Subject: Individuality. 45385 172 LORETTA AVE #21 45385 Owner Name 1753 BLEDSOE DR 5082 COBB DR 90 CATO DR BROOKS ANNA M CARLE JACK E 45305-1351 45324 Subject: Hens Juvenile fiction. BUSE JOHN 45387 XENIA 45432 575 SPORT ST ALPHA 4954 A WEST MORELAND $113.76 XENIA $20.00 45324 $59.84 580 NEWPORT RD #B5 45385 DUNAWAY CHRISTINE 45387-1518 $2.24 When moving as a group, have one or more persons out front On Point as far forward as you can see. A point with a VOX radio may be the ideal entry and exit formation. CANTER GERTRUDE BEAVERCREEK $104.44 3579 TIMBROOK CT $3.90 FAIRWOOD VILLAGE 3363 ROCK DR XENIA 168 LORETTA AVE COOPER MILDRED DAVIS JASON 473 N KING ST Background Check on Suspected Infiltrators 5571 HEMLOCK STREET APT CORCORAN PAGIE P 45305-0000 XENIA XENIA $76.00 $102.20 ECKERT DAVID F CORDELL CAMERON ANDREW 1440 IRONWOOD DR FAIRBORN XENIA BROWN $10.00 $838.04 Purchase your can(s) of spray paint as discussed in the section on spray painting. For billboards, black and chrome are the most versatile colors, but red, blue, purple, and white are also good for some billboards. BEAVERCREEK BEAVERCREEK 45440-4439 ALDER JOHN J 45335-9749 45324 WILBERFORCE CIRCLE ALLENE J Security 4211 WOODACRE DR CARPENTER PATRICIA C 25 N WRIGHT FAIRBORN 45324-8759 Sometimes it is possible to arrange a spur of the moment interview at night. Do this only in familiar terrain so that if something goes wrong you can escape into the darkness. If TV lights or camera flash are to be used, save them until the end of the interview as they will likely draw unwanted attention. BAUGH MARGARET W $45.48 420 BELLBROOK AVE APT L Click for Library HomeNew Materials List $7.32 CRITTEN R T YELLOW SPRINGS Title: My life in France / Julia Child with Alex Prud'homme. $122.84 YELLOW SPRINGS $119.33 156 OLD YELLOW SPRINGS RD 45385-3121 45324 Never underestimate the importance of proper clothing. What is good for one type of operation might not be for another. Urban or rural, day or night, season of the year — all of these factors affect what type of clothing is best. 45432-1832 45385 8 E MCLAUGHLIN AVE 45324-0764 4534 FAIRPARK AVE DAYTON 45431-1517 JAMESTOWN FAIRBORN 45385 45430 FAIRBORN BAKER CARL 45385 45385 45324 $271.52 45385 BEARD CIERAKA BENSON GROVER W 2742 LANTZ RD 65 W WASHINGTON ST $12.00 580 NEWPORT RD #C22 $81.60 Walkman-type — Yet another kind of radio equipment that is becoming increasingly popular is a short-range unit, the size of a cigarette pack (designed to be carried on the belt), equipped with lightweight headset and microphone. Look for a unit that allows you to choose between a “push-to-talk” switch and a “VOX” switch (this activates the microphone automatically at the sound of your voice). These units are available from Radio Shack as well as survival supply houses. CAMPBELL ROSA 2976 OLD YELLOW SPRINGS RD YELLOW SPRINGS $60.34 COATES JILL C 2372 MAPLE DR BEAVERCREEK BRADLEY CRAIG 246 HOLMES DR 1757 YALTA DR BULLEN KEITH W $11.50 2159 ALABAMA DR 45385 DODDIE DONTE BEAVERCREEK 45385 45370 $20.00 JAMESTOWN 45385-4815 CEDARVILLE 302 ZIMMER DR ALMAZAN ARMANDO 714 N WEST ST $19.57 DAYTON DEAN LOUISE W BOTHWELL SETH 467 W. KREPPS ROAD CHAMBERS COREY 45305 Trucks $1,260.00 577 CARTHAGE DR 1707 TOWNSLEY RD Corporate subject: Huntington Botanical Gardens. DONKERBROEK PETER $58.00 ADDIS JAMIE L 45324 45432 $735.43 BORDEU RAYMOND 45432-1720 $5.72 Subject: Pueblo Indians--Social life and customs Juvenile literature. CASSIS CHRISTOPHER J EASTPOINT COMMUNICATIONS 4479 BASCULE DR #607 45431-1411 FAIRBORN 45324 — Michelangelo 45324 th. XENIA 45324-2434 HQ1073.5 .U6 P76 2006 2537 INDIAN WELLS DAIGLE KELLYE B 2387 MARCIA DR $33.00 45335 YELLOW SPRINGS $0.41 FAIRBORN BOVA JEROME R Subject: Environmental degradation. ARNOLD RUDOLPH P ALDERSON THELMA 44 VANDERGRIFT DR CLODFELTER THOMAS FAIRBORN BETTINESCHI LORI BEATTY BETH SPRING VALLEY At your local hardware store buy a large common household funnel and two (2) feet of clear plastic tubing which will fit snugly over the end of the funnel. Bring this contraption on site with you and stick the open end of the tube deep down inside the oil intake of the machine to be serviced. Hold the funnel high and outside the engine compartment; pour fine, dry sand or other grit into the funnel, down the hose, and deep into the oil. Clean the oil off the tubing with a rag, stuff it all into a plastic bag, and put that into a day pack when you are finished and ready to leave. BLACK ALBERT BROWNE JAMES P 45434-5830 45432 BOISITS CHRISTIANN 1725 W SLATTER COURT $0.17 XENIA CUPPS CYNDAL 45432 CRAWFORD JERRELL 2451 PERIWINKLE DR Subject: Earthquakes--California--San Francisco--History--20th century. $0.65 309 COLORADO DR DRAKE JANICE S. $14.30 PO BOX 31553 45431 466 KIRKWOOD DR ABRANTES SHARON L 1295 SETTLERS BAY CT BELLBROOK 45305- $148.41 YELLOW SPRINGS $102.83 45431 $15.00 XENIA FAIRBORN statement by the photographer / Ansel Adams ; and an 1956 WINTERGLEN CT BASHORE ROBERT L BEASLEY GARY BEAVERCREEK 45385-5750 45387 $0.66 2663 BIG WOOD TRL 1131 ORTEGO DR 213 E CHURCH ST XENIA 2767 SHELBURNE LN 45387 BRADFORD AND WENDY 45324 2421 MALLARD LANE APT 6 1682 MCCLELLAN DR $28.29 45431 DRAKE STEVEN F $14.00 ZIP XENIA Most vehicles have only one mechanical fuel pump and one small and usually inaccessible fuel filter. By adding an electric fuel pump and an in-line filter for each tank, you can prevent trouble (i.e., plugged filter or bad mechanical pump) when you can’t afford it (when you have to leave quick or “just can’t stop now”). See illustration. YELLOW SPRINGS XENIA 1520 WAKE AVENUE 45431-2000 CONTI ARDIS XENIA 1782 STATEHOUSE CT $48.69 COOKSEY P/% REVAL KATHRYN JANE 45324 45305 291 FRANKLYN AVE AYALA DIANA A DONALD E SORTMAN INC $57.57 CANFIELD CATHERINE 8721 HADDIX RD 45387 $9.19 PO BOX 81 45385 45385-0000 BRANNEN TOM DAYTON BLAIR JACK C COLLINS ELLEN L $483.48 and E.B. White ; illustrated by Maira Kalman. 45324 $74.73 Title: Pandora's baby : how the first test tube babies Trap attached to log partially submerged in stream or pond. Bait set using small animal or piece of meat suspended from tree limb. 45431 JAMESTOWN ANTIOCH UNIVERSITY Address $142.68 45431-8605 $15.60 1059 SALEM LN DAVIS JAMES 190 MIAMI DR XENIA BAXTER MARK A $10.00 $48.08 $11.00 DAYTON 10 RAMONA DR DITTO MICHELLE Bury them deeply. 45316 143 OAK ST CASSIS CHRISTOPHER J 24 DAMON COURT RIVERSIDE $14.46 $20.0 DAYTON FAIRBORN 1339 FALKE DR Field Note Inserting Ceramic Tree Spikes 1735 BOWMAN DR 45385 45324 Clothing Photographs BEAR BEAR PLBG 1236 SOUTH DETROIT ST 1978 HIGHLANDER DR YELLOW SPRINGS 1257 SPRINGWOOD LN DAYTON $39.58 FAIRBORN $388.00 BOBBITT MARIE $51.89 XENIA $68.85 BELCHER KRISTAH K 45385-7603 America's Test Kitchen: Season 8 Learn the basics of great home cooking with host Christopher Kimball and the cast of public television's most popular cooking series. This 26-episode Season 8 collection features helpful tips, equipment reviews and recipes for delicious meals. You'll learn to master the slow cooker; grill fish, pork chops and Cornish hens; cook Italian-American and Asian cuisine classics; bake treats such as lemon layer cake; and more. 45324 Owner Name 45432 YELLOW SPRINGS DELMAN MELISSA DAHM KURT $35.27 BEAVERCREEK DAVIS NELLIE $218.54 $10.00 DONALDSON SANDRA 1251 SPRINGWOOD LN 45431 XENIA CALLAWAY ALETHA F 45385 5630 MARBLEHEAD DR $27.05 ABLING THERESA J 26 E WASHINGTON ST JAMESTOWN 45335-1651 $2.00 $0.90 CROWDER RUTH K 45431 BROWN HAROLD 45434-3300 FAIRBORN DAVIS SHAWNA D $58.21 Title: Primer of psychotherapy : a developmental perspective / Gertrude Blanck. FAIRBORN FAIRBORN XENIA $4.28 28 HALSEY DR 460 E DAY YEL SPGS 1099 BOSTON CT 45385 45385 FAIRBORN XENIA 45305-1428 1181 ORTEGO DR 45305 BOEHRINGER GWYN $20.00 45432-3950 $57.41 45324-0000 Owner Name XENIA COWEN GREEN H CUMMINS M S BOSSCHER BRIAN 547 SPINNING RD $28.69 45316 45305-1858 XENIA COOKSEY MICHAEL L & GWEN Subject: Rwanda--Politics and government. UNKNOWN $155.00 1415 S MAPLE AVE 45324 CONLEY ASHLEY 36 S MAIN ST XENIA BARNETT JEFFREY A $20.00 $2.10 CLARDY JOE W JR 45335-1311 45314 45432 201 E EMERSON ST Sean Kenney 45324 $24.63 1259 CHISOLM TRL Locks BUCHANAN BRIAN D $11.20 448 CLEARY PO BOX 733 #115 TAWAWA APTS $40.23 PO BOX 2115 ATKINS RON XENIA 2217 ALABAMA DR FAIRBORN 45431-2420 CHEN CAI J 1120 US RT 68 S 45385-1526 1324 AMES AVENUE CROWLEY JACQUELINE 45385-1130 Drill a hole at a slight downward angle in the tree. Your drill bit should be slightly larger in diameter than your steel pins. CHAMBERLAIN BOBBY R 2273 JPRSESJPE CT $5.00 $100.00 BOLES GEORGE JR 22 HOISEY 45324-2824 2771 EDWIN DR 45324-6308 $10.00 45385-9384 DAYTON 45433 CIANO GUS 45432 P.O. BOX 588 $5.60 XENIA $24.48 45433-1142 602 KEYSTONE CT 2246 GARRISON PL ALCOM DEWAYNE 45385-1817 1440 IRONWOOD DR 1865 ST RT 745 1841 STONEWOOD DR XENIA P O BOX 588 COX MATTHEW $287.66 $82.43 385 N MONROE DR XENIA $1.14 Subject: Bluebonnets (Lupines)--Texas Folklore. BRANDON RONALD CALVERT DANIEL C $6.99 C H BODY SHOP 2441 GRANGE HALL RD Guards BELLBROOK 41 S AMIN ST FLR 1 DZWONKOSKI JULIA 45324 1380 BERKSHIRE DR Typical Trap Sets 2160 ZINK RD APT 3E 109 BUCKEYE CIR BALLARD THOMAS $1.32 147 W FUNDERBURG RD $50.20 45431 FAIRBORN 45434 BRIONES JOSHUA $1.74 RT 1 45370-0000 45324-2718 Get a job on a fishing vessel, whaler, sealer, oil tanker, etc. (Don’t use your real name and address. Revenge is a bitch.) As a crew member, you will have plenty of opportunities to practice subtle sabotage. Subtle sabotage includes cutting electrical wires, pouring destructive chemicals or materials into engines, pumping sea water into fuel or lube oil pipes, cutting lube oil systems, directing salt-water into fresh water cooling systems... the possibilities are endless. Or perhaps you might want to simply bring on board a small concealable video or still camera to collect documentation on illegal and unethical activity by your employers. $11.20 FAIRBORN $8.98 1027 HARSHMAN RD 1494 HOWELL RD 45305-1724 $151.00 Amount ACOMB LAWRENCE XENIA 6722 GRAPE GROVE RD 45324-397 45385 401 COLORADO DRIVE 1819 EDITH MARIE DR BAKER MIKAL 705 E 3RD ST $10.90 JAMESTOWN FAIRBORN $14.21 COMPTON DEBBIE information is explaining everything in the cosmos, 4596 COMANCHE TRL BELLBROOK $2.00 $5.90 XENIA $15.00 AMES JEFFREY L 45324 2833 RAMBLING WOOD LN $53.72 4731 BYESVILLE BLVD $21.21 DALE DELORES A 45432-0000 Don’t keep a diary or other written records of illegal activities. Don’t get drunk and shoot off your mouth down at the corner bar. Bragging has put more people in jail than any other factor. Don’t discuss your illegal activities on the telephone. Not even on pay phones! 3588 WILMINGTON DAYTON RD $10.66 45324 2204 ENTRADA DR 45385 CALLENDER CATHERINE M 45385-3127 4927 WOODMAN PARK DR A 45431-2625 FAIRBORN Subject: San Francisco (Calif.) Guidebooks. 2871 COLLEGE HL CT Botanical staff ; principal photographer, Don Normark ; DIETZ TRACI J Placing a rag over the head of the spike driver when hammering in stakes may help to deaden the noise of hammering. BARKER RHONDA 45385 YELLOW SPRINGS DUNWIDDIE 2537 BROWN BARK DR 1259 CHISOLM TRL 45385 640 WRIGHT ST E902 .F84 2004 DIXON DAVID DAYTON XENIA 45385-0000 45431 $15.50 $50.00 XENIA Subject: Suicide. Owner Name $95.00 FAIRBORN 2387 MARCIA DR $11.27 $5.00 45431 45385 $14.96 1471 SPRINGVALLY PNTSVLE RD FAIRBORN $5.82 COPE CARLA FAIRBORN 45432-1853 863 E THIRD ST 45432-2829 Tree Spiking 45324 $278.91 45324-3929 45324 45385- 368 CHAUCER RD $33.54 XENIA XENIA PO BOX 114 FAIRBORN DAYTON 2150 ROCKDELL DR APT12 $1.84 35 MAVERICK DR 45324 CEDARVILLE $3.00 4411 SWEETGUM PL DORSTEN CLYDE K FAIRBORN $5.94 45370-9524 FAIRBORN COATES PHILIP E BRAMMER EMMA C BOGGS MICHAEL PO BOX 422 45433 BURNETT RHONDA SUE $22.51 2131 VIRGINIA DR CEDARVILLE ASIKELE EDWARD $56.13 2552 GRANGE HALL RD HV6545 .J65 2005 YELLOW SPRINGS DOWNEY EDITH F 3653 NAVARA DR 605 GROTON CT 45324 45324-4652 45387 45305 City 203 WATKINS RD AVERY JOSEPH $61.15 Title: Don't think pink : what really makes women buy--and how to increase your share of this crucial market / Lisa Johnson, Andrea Learned. Address BEAVERCREEK $8.03 Subject: Nature--Religious aspects. FAIRBORN YELLOW SPRINGS $3.60 BROWN ZACHARY N 45431 BENEDICT CLAUDE $275.02 FAIRBORN $0.01 $56.36 CHMIEL CAROL L 616 RISING HLS BLASS PETER ZIP Subject: Motion picture locations--California--San Francisco Bay Area Guidebooks. $2.00 $11.50 Guards Because of the large number of equipment manufacturers and the various models produced, it would be all but impossible to illustrate all of the oil-access points. The remaining illustrations provide a cross-section that will enable you to quickly learn what to look for. By all means, study whenever possible. When you walk by a piece of equipment, stop for a moment and practice spotting the oil filter cap. Keep your distance, though, so no one will suspect you of tampering. Once you have correctly identified a dozen or so filler caps, the rest come easily. See the illustration for two other ways to make caltrops. FAIRBORN 45324-6749 $1,400.00 740 KINSEY RD 5032 BROUGHTON PL 45324 FAIRBORN JAMESTOWN XENIA 45434 2153 BEAVER VALLEY RD # 7 FAIRBORN ALPHA $277.87 1105 HURON TRL ZIP 45385 BUSH VILDER W FAIRBORN BUDDELMEYER CLETUS L COLDWELL KARY $1,173.00 1105 HURON TRL made from 1928 to 1968 in Arizona, California, $2.00 3609 RIDGEWAY RD Subject: Cosmology. XENIA 45431-2824 45370 YELLOW SPRINGS $120.24 $20.00 BYRD JEFF Brake Light Lock-out $23.40 CHALAMALASETTI PRAVEEN 1944 STATE ROUTE 725 $199.41 COLLINS ADAM C $1.00 1854 STATEHOUSE CT XENIA — Frank Duryea SPRING VALLEY 45385 1113 GROVE HILL DR JAMESTOWN FAIRBORN $10.00 COOK ROBERT E Often neglected by monkeywrenchers are the fleets of haul trucks used in earth moving and logging operations. Frequently these trucks are parked in a more secure area than the other heavy equipment, due to the ease of moving them around. Illustration 5.11 shows a typical hood lock and a couple of hood configurations. Many truck hoods are made of lightweight plastic or fiberglass and are easily opened. As illustrated, handles, and even hood ornaments, are used to open hoods for access to the engine. Look closely at some trucks, as if out of curiosity, before attempting clandestine access. FAIRBORN 45335 BELLBROOK DAVIS MICHAEL $10.00 $80.00 45324 CHERPESKI CYNTHIA M City 171 OLD YELLOW SPRING RD APT 45385-5507 2470 BANYON DR $3.30 XENIA COMBS CHRISTY 1814 WOODVINE ST 230 BROAD STREET BECK BARBARA A CLARKE ADELE XENIA 232 HILL ST GREENE COALT SHERRY E Make sure the surface of the rock you are cutting is at right angles to the blade. Cutting into an angled surface can create side pressures that bring about a wobble and rapidly wear out the blade. YELLOW SPRINGS $103.75 ADAMS ELEANOR 2032 HOACOCH CT PO BOX 132 FAIRBORN XENIA JAMESTOWN v-a-jpeg-32.jpg $476.92 561 TORLAGE DR $17.36 $3.42 FAIRBORN 45324 1131 JEANETTE DR 32 UMSTEAD STREET DENNIS BENNIE E 265 S ALPHA BELLBROOK RD $98.33 Finally, insert a narrow-bladed screwdriver (F) into the keyway and turn it to open the lock. Before using this method in the field, buy a cheap padlock or two and practice at home. 45324 BELLBROOK XENIA 4 CLEMENS AVE # H 45385-4926 Subject: Operating systems (Computers) 2333 DUNCAN DR #3 FAIRBORN FAIRBORN FAIRBORN 48 TURNBULL RD 45432 DAYTON XENIA FAIRBORN $13.00 DEBORD JERRY W 337 COUNTRY CLUB DR 45385-5353 XENIA FAIRBORN BROOKS CHRISTOPHER Some potential acids to use: XENIA — Old Three Toes Subject: Singing games. CHRISTIAN ANSON 2625 SR 72 S YELLOW SPRINGS BULLEN MARJEAN FAIRBORN WRIGHT PATTERSON AFB 2050 1ST NATL PLAZA $2.64 45385 45324 45432-2639 A few thoughts on public lands grazing strategy: Every BLM grazing district has several large ranches on the edge of bankruptcy, despite recent high beef prices. These ranches can be determined by speaking discretely with the BLM, real estate agencies, or by examining county tax delinquency records. These ranches almost certainly are destroying riparian areas, wildlife winter range, and/or recreational resources. The public should be made aware of the destruction and the ranch should be mentioned by name and linked with the deteriorated condition. Try letters to the editor, TV reports, or tours for newspaper reporters. BELLBROOK ADAMS CHARLES O $4.00 2041 PUEBLO ST $100.00 XENIA ADAMS SARAH A BROWN TODD A BEAVERCREEK 45324 321A FOUNDATION HALL 1 FAIRBORN 2160 ZINK RD CONNORS SHON WRIGHT PATTERSON AFB BEAVERCREEK FAIRBORN CLARK SHAWN D DAYTON Address CURBARN JAMES CLIFTON 45432 Amount 2595 CELIA DR $30.00 Title: Condom sense : a guide to sexual survival in the new millennium / BROWN ALLEN $0.16 $370.53 45433 CONOVER DONALD W BLAIR JESSE L JR CONLEY JOHN M NK5308 .C645 2005 COEN ALLAN 2479 INDIAN WELLS TRL 45385 124 E. LINDBERG 45431 $0.23 $60.73 FAIRBORN XENIA 45370 FAIRBORN 1018 E 2ND ST BEAVERCREEK 45431-0000 BLAIR BRITTANY $21.77 BEAVERCREEK ABSALON CANDIS 1340 HEMMINGWAY DR G FAIRBORN 45324 $0.31 JAMESTOWN FAIRBORN 4075 ECKWORTH DR BEAVERCREEK 45387 DEETS MILTON L Throughout history, secret societies have reinforced group cohesion with an oath for secrecy and loyalty. The oath of secrecy was so successful during the Luddite uprisings in early 19th-century England that oath-swearing was made a capital offense! Although it is not necessary to have a formal initiation with a swearing-in ceremony, it is important that group members openly and directly declare their willingness to protect one another. Psychologically, the act of swearing loyalty is of far greater value than the mere assumption of the same. The memory of such a moment can provide an added ounce of strength under police interrogation (when most groups come unraveled). 4123 BEACH TRL 45324 Personal author: Goldberg, Myla. Cut through or damage bolts, gauges, clamps, rods, linkages, pipes, hoses, hose fittings, grease fittings, wires, and anything else that can be fit between a bolt cutter’s jaws. (Think of the machinery as food for hungry bolt cutters.) It is amazing how much can be cut on most machines. CHITKARA ROMESH C 2196 ZINK RD #3B 45385 364 LOCUST ST COLLINS LAWRENCE E FAIRBORN BOOKER CLARA M. MISS COURSEY LAWRENCE $47.50 45324-2213 610 E MAIN ST 52 E WASHINGTON BEAVERCREEK 212 N CENTRAL AVE 2213 CHARTER GROVE DR 138 FIG ST 45434 45385 COOPER TOM P $28.80 45434 1400 BRUSH ROW RD Besides using it for cutting, you can use your torch to melt bearings, destroy hydraulic pistons, fuse joints, wreck gear teeth, etc. (watch out for grease and oil). In short, a torch may be the optimum tool for converting an expensive machine into a pile of scrap safely, quickly, and quietly. Any metal that readily oxidizes can be cut with an oxygen torch. Aluminum burns very fast; copper burns slowly; stainless can’t be burned at all. Since you need to practice anyway, experiment at home with scraps of the same material you’ll be up against in the field. Beware of volatile metals like zinc and cadmium (common plating materials) because they can produce dangerous fumes (cadmium is as toxic as mercury and is retained by the body longer.) 45431-2818 5215 THURLOW ST Subject: Internet--Social aspects--United States. 45370 1298 ENOCHS DR WILBERFORCE 45385-2725 Do not lubricate spikes for easy driving. Most lubricants are petroleum derivatives, all of which are poisonous to trees. Vegetable oils are nearly as toxic. They have the added disadvantage of attracting decomposers (bugs and fungi) as they go rancid. The bottom line is that nothing belongs in a tree except wood. 2525 KEWANNA LN #B 45305 $75.00 BAYLESS ROBERT F 45316 DAYTON BURNS THOMAS 45387-0000 DAYTON 45387-0000 DAYTON ZIP WRIGHT PATTERSON AFB BIRD MAY V XENIA 45385-1163 $10.37 45385-630 45431 Michael has appeared in approximately 30 motion pictures and 150 television shows. During that time he spent 7 years under contract to three major studios: MGM, Warner Bros., and 20th Century Fox. 2746 COLDSPRINGS DR SPRING VALLEY ZIP BEAVERCREEK CAMPBELL ROBERT E XENIA 5171 COBB DR CURRY SHERMAN CAMCO ANTIOCH COLLEGE BONE S. F. $111.00 FAIRBORN Wholesale tool companies (check the Yellow Pages for a major city) sell cordless electric drills’ with removable nicad battery pacs. These are the heavy industrial models made by Mankita and the like, not the cheap little things sold in Wal-Mart. Replacement battery pacs and chargers are available, and this is important. Tool companies also sell “aircraft extension bits,” which are very long drill bits, in lengths up to 18 inches. More recent developments allow the video signal to be transmitted via radio waves to a surveillance post. This surveillance post may be in a nearby government office, the residence of a policeman or other government employee, or in a camper or motor home parked in the neighborhood. This allows the video surveillance vehicle to remain stationary for long periods of time, an especially useful feature when strangers coming and going might arouse suspicions, or where suitable parking spaces are hard to come by. $2.99 45387 1830 HUSSEY RD 1048 US 42 S $41.94 XENIA $10.00 45324 $18.00 CRAIN SHERMAN W 45431-6406 134 LAWNDALE AVE CALHOUN LESLIE G $52.60 BRIGHTMON CALVESTOR ROUTE 1 CLARK LESLIE D FAIRBORN 45324-5456 1776 ARLIN PL APT B 270 MOUNT VERNON DR APT 128 467 W. KREPPS ROAD 45305 $0.97 revolution--young women today / edited by Cynthia B. CAVANAUGH RUTHEARL YELLOW SPRINGS $516.56 3754 CROSSWOOD DR $44.95 CENTURY DIST CO $1.30 CLEVINGER JOYCE $22.54 CEDARVILLE DAYTON 45387 Amount $103.86 45324 CONTINENTAL CABLEVIS $18.80 William Shatner CAMPBELL ANDREW LARKEN — Natty Bumpo 45431-1417 BELLBROOK ADAMS CYNTHIA DYAMOND MELINDA 63 NW ST BELLBROOK 320 N WINTER PO BOX 24 45431-2619 CLEAVES VIRGIL $1,432.60 JAMESTOWN BRICKLEY ELIZABETH I 45385 45387 CARLTON WILLIAM G BELLBROOK $15.00 45324-4036 154 WASHINGTON MILL RD 45431-5689 FAIRBORN BS475.2 .C43 2000 ACKLIN LEEANN BOBBITT WENDELL 45385-0385 45335 45324 AMBURN ZELL A 2630 BAHNS DR CIARAVOLO PAUL M 45431-3793 FAIRBORN ADKINS CLARA E BUCHNER ROBERT XENIA 17007 NORMAN ROAD BOLDEN JUSTIN Selection of Abrasives BRIGHAM KENDRA 4134 WEST ENON RD 905 GLENDEAN AVE $0.39 BAKALI IDDI $48.66 XENIA BEAVERCREEK BLACK RANDALL STEPH 1519 ROXBURY DR DAYTON AGERTER MATTHEW R $5.50 45385 FAIRBORN 45324 Attack on an Urban Residence 45385- 109 RANCH ST $375.00 $1,305.00 523 GREEN TREE PLACE BARRY GLADYCE M 45324-7873 XENIA $37.91 BEAVERCREEK CHIROPRACTIC & INJURY TREATM BRANAM MITCHELL L CRONER MICHAEL JEROME CREEKMUR JENNIFER S 720 N MAPLE COLLINS SHERRY F $130.28 45385 Subject: Montgomery (Ala.) Biography. $0.99 45324 $5.00 FAIRBORN 1868 FORESTDALE AVE 19 LONGSTREET LN $299.62 CRISP DAVID M CHAPMAN PAUL F $1.07 1332 ORCHARD VIEW CT Select tools adequate to gain access to the (usually) locked facility. Always carry pry bars and heavy screwdrivers in case you encounter unexpected locks that must be forced. Wear clothing normal for the setting, and soft and comfortable shoes with thick rubber soles that do not squeak on tile floors. Because some computer centers are equipped with closed-circuit television (often to monitor the employees), don a hat to conceal your hair, and a bandanna or ski mask to conceal your face. And, of course, wear gloves. BEAVERCREEK FAIRBORN 45387 BYRD EASTER 45385 Personal subject: Liman, Ellen--Art collections. ARC INC XENIA 45432 DAYTON $22.50 Subject: Apologetics. ZIP 45431-1355 $40.00 3030 AXE DR 45324 3447 KEMP RD BELLBROOK 45301-0052 1569 CALDER COURT Personal subject: Molesworth, Thomas, 1890-1977--Criticism and interpretation. 45385 BELLBROOK XENIA 36 N BROAD ST $12.58 $48.43 BLACK WAHNETA 36 S MAIN ST $4.00 45324 WILBERFORCE $113.00 1700 E US 42 DAVIS BETTY L BEAVERCREEK DININO DEBORAH A 2666 EDWIN DR YELLOW SPRINGS YELLOW SPRINGS $141.92 3100 PRESIDENTAL DR 1146 COTTAGE COURT DR BEAVERCREEK FAIRBORN 755 HARSHMAN RD 1145 GREEN TIMBER TR 410 S HIGH ST #1 $1.36 119 W 2ND ST APT 408 $5.00 45385-1156 45324 45324-2230 DAYTON 45387 45305-2112 Try communicating with a code of clicks on the mikes instead of a possibly identifiable voice. XENIA 924 ORVILLE WAY Subject: ACT Assessment Study guides. CASTONGUAY JON P 45434 $6.20 COOPER DAVID XENIA $88.65 FAIRBORN SPRING VALLEY 1833 WOODVINE ST 10 JAMESTOWN 467 W. KREPPS ROAD BUSAM THOMAS C 2770 CHATHAM CT A Ground Survival: Jim Wagner's Reality-Based Personal Protection Jim Wagner, one of the world's top police and military defensive -tactics instructor, delivers a step-by-step program that shows you how to defend yourself should you end up on the ground. He covers tackle defense, opponent takedowns and powerful arm strikes, and his Ground Survival course also shows you how to use your environment to your benefit, how to get back up on your feet, plus expert methods for evasion and escape. COUTURE JOEL A PO BOX 340616 BLAIR EDWARD $0.04 502 COY DR DAYTON $25.00 Amount BEAVERCREEK COLTON COURTNEY EAST SIDE SERVICE CLUB 45385-3564 XENIA 45324-3652 COLLINS CANDACE 45387 $30.00 45385-4407 25 EISENHOWER DR Locks 45324-3711 $5.08 45324 XENIA $16.20 FAIRBORN XENIA Starlight Scope $218.55 Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, and Utah, with a 45432-1505 45385 4125 BEECHWOOD DR 45324 $14.75 45385-3120 SPRING VALLEY $40.05 DAYTON 45335-8715 EDWARDS DONALD R 105 ROGERS ST DS520.9 .S68 2006 BEAVERCREEK 151 OLD YELLOW SPRINGS DR 45431 $23.78 1384 N MONROE DR 45335 FAIRBORN XENIA CEDARVILLE PO BOX 140 256 RIDGEBURY DR FAIRBORN BELLBROOK Personal subject: Michelangelo Buonarroti, 1475-1564. BOYNTON GRETCHEN XENIA BEAVERCREEK FAIRBORN BROWN DEE D $4.32 DICKSON MICHAEL 725 MAIN ST JAMESTOWN FAIRBORN $453.20 45305-2200 795 LIVERMORE ST 45431 XENIA DAHMER WILBUR R 45324 FAIRBORN 45385 DEAL TAMERA J BELLBROOK FAIRBORN FAIRBORN CARLIN RAYMOND BROOKS REBECCA D 45324 45385 1620 MONTGOMERY COOK ANNA 3863 JODI DR 45431-3346 BELLBROOK Purchase an ultraviolet light to check your gloves and other clothing for the presence of tracer chemicals. Most of these materials respond to long wave ultraviolet light, though a shortwave light can enhance your certainty. Check the big city yellow pages for a “Lapidary equipment and supplies” listing. XENIA 1230 WILBRFRC-CLFTN $29.95 FAIRBORN $665.17 45385-4779 BISHOP NICOLE D 45324 Invisible dyes are really nothing new in law enforcement, and have long been used to mark money. If you suspect that the authorities might be using this technique in your area, take a few simple precautions: Wear cheap cotton gloves while monkeywrenching. Place the stakes, as they are removed, in a plastic trash bag. Avoid touching clothing with either gloves or stakes. Before leaving the area, dispose of gloves, stakes, and trash bag(s), preferably where they will never be found. Be sure that you have left no fingerprints on anything — be especially careful with the trash bags. At the earliest opportunity, wash the clothes you were wearing on your mission. XENIA BEAVERCREEK $0.23 CHAMBERLAIN REBECCA 45385 45385 $13.25 $60.00 2755 PROSPECT DR CLAIBORNE EKEMLYNNAI A monkeywrencher removing stakes and flagging from a road project will quickly accumulate more stakes and flagging than can be conveniently carried. A good idea is to carry a pack in which to place stakes and flagging. Periodically, the monkeywrencher should detour some distance away from the route of the road, and dispose of this material in such a way that it is not likely to be easily seen. Burning has been suggested, but this is time-consuming and might jeopardize security, and in any event is not recommended for flagging, which is plastic. A better method is to bury the material. At the very least, stakes should be broken and all stakes and flagging hidden under logs or rocks. Resist the temptation to carry any of the material out with you once you’ve finished monkeywrenching a project. Stakes and flagging would constitute incriminating evidence should you be stopped and searched. (See Field Notes for additional and important security considerations.) 337 COUNTRY CLUB DR Title: Why people die by suicide / Thomas Joiner. 3970 LAUREL ST APT 11 45324-2940 COUSINS ROBERT R. $22.00 1332 ORCHARD VIEW CT DENZEL MICHAEL $50.00 $71.78 Personal narratives, Belarusian. CHAVEZ AMY BURGE KELLY A City $65.70 45385-5680 DAYTON ASHBECK DANIEL BELLBROOK 4250 N LINDA DR DAYTON CLORCIARI MARYANN DEWINE THOMAS D BIERMAN DAVID C CEDARVILLE XENIA Address FAIRBORN 45324 FAIRBORN 1224 BEECH ST Subject: Geology--Sierra Nevada (Calif. and Nevada) $272.38 DAYTON $98.33 $12.78 COMPTON CARROLL D COPPER WENDI $12.23 JAMESTOWN 1020 WENRICH DR. 4137 BEECHWOOD Subject: American fiction--20th century--History and criticism. $5.74 45387 FAIRBORN FAIRBORN XENIA FAIRBORN $15.00 DAYTON $490.28 45324-0000 45431-1742 BEAVERCREEK DEWINE JEFF 45324 45324 YELLOW SPRINGS $0.46 89 1/2 EAST CH APT 2 3572 EASTMOOR DR 508 N WEST ST XENIA 45324 CONVERY SEAN R $0.12 Ultraviolet tracing materials are used to identify individuals who have come into contact with restricted objects or areas. They consist of powders or pastes, which are applied to an object or surface, that will be picked up on the hands or clothing of anyone coming into contact with them. These powders (usually used indoors) and pastes (oil-based for outdoors use) come in a variety of colors to blend with background (the object they are being applied to). Under normal light they are all but invisible or appear to be ordinary dirt or grease. Under ultraviolet light these compounds effloresce, or glow. Thus, a check of the hands or clothing of a suspect will clearly indicate whether they have come into contact with the treated material. 3187 CENTERVILLE RD $0.02 $7.13 XENIA 45387 BARRY JAMES R XENIA Title: Geology of the Sierra Nevada / Mary R. Hill. 45324 568 DAKOTA DR DAYTON Warning: these balloons, as well as other plastic items, have been implicated in the deaths of marine animals, such as turtles and whales, who mistakenly ingest them. For that reason, their use in monkeywrenching is strongly discouraged. Even though they are effective weapons against powerlines, their danger to biodiversity is even greater. Do not use them, especially not near the ocean. 45324 147 MADISON AVE 2060 UNIVERSITY PK ZINK RD #3C $62.40 45387 1 LAWSON PL-APT 1 FAIRBORN $133.00 $5.99 ALLEN MARY J 889 CHESTNUT CIRCLE 45385 45387 45385-9326 821 LUDLOW RD Field Notes DAYTON 313 CANOVA 45324 1490 LUDLOW KD 1018 VICTORIA AVE 45385 v-a-jpeg-12.jpg CLAY HELENA G 45387 SHORTER ST BX 185 45324-0000 117 W S COLLEGE ST $10.10 TG15 .B68 2005 $10.68 $59.21 119 W 2ND ST Sappho Marchal ; translated by Merrily P. Hansen. $18.75 BEAVERCREEK Pour water and/or dirt into the air intake (usually the big hole right under the air cleaner). The more, the better. 45314 Tye Bourdony 21 HUSTON DR 4324 EASTMAN PZ7.B73594 Nur 2005b BEAVERCREEK 2794 KEMP RD BALLES JEROME 249 W DAYTON BLANKENSHIP LEONARD BROOKS RICHARD C $0.64 XENIA CANLI HALAN DAYTON 45335-1311 BRANNOCK LEANNE 3797 ELEAZER RD $14.00 367 WAYNE DR BLEICHER RAY $50.63 YELLOW SPRINGS ADAMS JOSH 45431 3837 CHEYENNE TRL FAIRBORN 467 W. KREPPS ROAD 5027 CATTAIL CT $312.37 45324-3340 COX ADAM DAVID BEAVERCREEK SAND & GRAVEL INC XENIA 2209 CHAPEL DR APT D $44.49 CARTER RACHEL WRIGHT PATTERSON AFB 2089 BEAVER VALLEY RD 120 W MCLAUGHLIN ST FAIRBORN BOLDEN MALVINA $75.36 XENIA ALEXANDER DENNIS K BEAVERCREEK $84.62 City $28.51 45434 45370 $82.80 $25.11 FAIRBORN $382.32 45385-0000 FAIRBORN 994 LEXINGTON AVE 1759 ARLIN PL #G Subject: Hypothesis Dictionaries. FAIRBORN 45385 45387 BRATTON MARY D BAILEY ROGER W $35.20 $11.35 4051 BEECHWOOD DR 45324 BAKER THOMAS M 45431 Pour sand in the crankcase — Sugar and syrup are ineffective in gasoline or diesel fuel tanks and oil reservoirs. At best, they will merely clog the filter. A handful or more of sand in the fuel tank or oil is much more effective and much easier. Also, with sand you need not carry incriminating items like sugar or a bottle of Karo syrup. SPRING VALLEY DYE TODD 950 STATE ROUTE 380 45324 1033 GLEN KEGLEY DR 45324 52 BELLBROOK PLZ $5.00 134 W WHITEMAN ST Sugar — Sugar or Karo syrup in the fuel does little more than clog the filters and is a relatively worthless method of sabotage. 45314 4801 HASSAN CIRCLE APT 11 4 MANN AVENUE Subject: Charities--Maryland--Baltimore--Fiction. $15.25 $0.91 4044 SUMMERFIELD DR $67.64 460 PANDORA DR COOK JASON T 1534 UNION RD 45305 4030 ST RT 235 Stress is always present. Even the most mundane tasks are stressful for the monkeywrencher. Though you may not be conscious of a minor level of stress, it is still there and still a danger. Example: You enter a furrier’s shop on a scouting mission. Though you’ve done nothing illegal and you’re not carrying anything incriminating, your eyes wander about nervously, you startle when a salesperson comes up behind you unexpectedly, or you simply do not behave like an interested shopper. Because your behavior is a little unusual, the sales clerks remember you and describe you to police a couple of weeks later when the store is splashed in red paint. Flagging — Survey crews leave lots of bright-colored flagging to mark their path. While this flagging may be offensive to the aesthetic sense, it certainly makes it easier for a monkeywrencher to locate all the stakes, hubs, and nails. Usually flagging is placed on the stakes themselves (although there is a trend to use pre-painted stakes instead — red or orange are the most common colors). Hubs are not flagged, since they are generally pounded flush into the ground, but nails have a strip of flagging tied around the head before they are driven into the ground. In addition, flagging is usually hung on a branch above the stake (in wooded country). Thus the centerline of the road is usually well-marked with flagging. When slope-staking is done, two additional lines of flagging (one above and one below the centerline) are usually placed. This flagging delineates the zone that will be cleared of trees ahead of the bulldozers. In addition to pulling out all stakes, nails, and hubs, the thorough monkey-wrencher sho DECKER MERLE A The Case of the Naughty Nightingale, by Irv Killeen, is a pretty pedestrian mystery about a nightclub singer who gets caught up with gangsters. She’s on the run, accused of stealing a ledger which can provide evidence to put a mob boss in jail, and turns to Miss Myst for help. 45324 983 US ROUTE 68 S FAIRBORN FAIRBORN BROWN PAUL CONNOR STEPHEN E 45324 $4.92 45324 There is a chance that a burning piece of equipment could cause a forest fire. $3.00 2437 EDGEWATER DR A “pen register” may be installed on the suspect’s phone line. This device makes a record of all phone numbers dialed but does not record conversa-tions. Such a record may be useful in establishing a pattern of calling associated with illegal actions, and in establishing a suspect’s associates. Undercover agents, wanting to frame a leader with whom they have limited contact, will encourage an individual against whom they have incriminating recordings to phone the leader merely to establish evidence of contact in an effort to support conspiracy charges against the leader. $374.76 991 N MONROE DR 45305 BEVERAGE PIT STOP $0.02 BROWN LARRY 45385-9207 YELLOW SPRINGS BEAVERCREEK $25.00 XENIA BAUM ELISE K FAIRBORN $321.00 ASKREN JACK BUSH DIANA J 45324 45385-9326 FAIRBORN COSBY STEPHEN L 45431 $0.60 1851 GRAND PORTAGE TRL FAIRBORN 45433-131 437 DAWNVIEW AVE $180.25 ALBERT WYMS KRISTINA Selection of Abrasives Owner Name 490 WOODMAN DRIVE $1.95 45385 45324 CHRISMEN STEHPANIE $0.78 COON NINA 8 UPPER HILLSIDE DR 107 W CHURCH ST DAYTON Mr. Koenig recreated the character of the Russian navigator for the first seven Star Trek films and 1988 took the leading role in the video feature, Moontrap. In an interactive state-of-the-art video game from Digital Pictures called Maximum Surge, Walter Koenig stars as Drexel, another bad guy. He has star billing as a German psychologist in the martial arts picture, Fist of Justice. A one character piece that Mr. Koenig wrote and performed entitled You're Never Alone when You're a Schizophrenic was a finalist in the 1996 New York Film Festival awards. Walter Koenig's autobiography, Warped Factors - A Neurotic's Guide to the Universe was released through Taylor Publishing on April 1, 1998. The audiotape reading of the book by the author was released through Dove Video in January 1999. CRAIG OSTA 45433 $14.95 EARWOOD HOLLEY S $13.14 $45.56 BLACKWELL TEIAKISHA 602 PHILLIPS ST Spiking is much easier done in daylight than in the dark. A team can work much faster in full light, and in darkness it is all too easy to be sloppy and fail to cover up the signs of your activities. If a team is spiking in a remote roadless area and takes full security precautions, they can operate securely in daytime. In daylight one is more likely to encounter other humans in the woods, but almost any activity in the woods at night, if detected, will be deemed suspicious and investigated. CAPPS RUSS BARNES COREY $1.00 45324 45431-1572 BRENNAN NICHOLE ANN ANDRES ROBERT BEAVERCREEK 2328 SPYGLASS CT As long as we’re on the subject of diesel equipment, remember that if the gear lube is drained from a transmission or differential, the engine noise will drown out the gear noise. By the time the operator thinks something is wrong — it’s too late. Subject: War on Terrorism, 2001- CHILDERS LOIS CALHOUN TAMMY DAYTON This can all be done without leaving fingerprints by wearing thin cotton jewelers gloves — available cheap by the dozen from jewelry supply companies like Rio Grande (1-800-545-6566). 150 FAYETTE ST 45385 $4.10 XENIA BESCO ALLEN A FAIRBORN 45305-0000 AYER MARY E EARLY PATRICIA $73.95 $10.98 45385 Handling Trapped Animals 4881 SUGAR MAPLE DR XENIA 45324 45324 CLIFTON 45431-1331 CRAVENS PATRICIA J 22 W GOODMAN DR APT 1 XENIA 45385 BELLBROOK $15.98 45431 45385 CEDARVILLE 45385-2801 FAIRBORN 619 OSBORN AVE 656 BURNTWOOD DR 45385 3588 WILMINGTON DAYTON RD DAYTON 1806 WOODVINE DAVIS BETH 45434 XENIA BELLBROOK Subject: Japanese Americans--Evacuation and relocation, 1942-1945. 1379 NEW HAVEN CT CORBEAN JAMES L SR 5016 COBB DR APT B 461 RENOIR PL XENIA Even individuals should not feel completely exempt from true justice. The corporate structure routinely shields decision-makers from the consequences of their greedy acts. Corporate presidents, board members, and managers are rarely held accountable under the law, the usual punishment for crimes being a token fine paid by the corporation. Then it’s back to business as usual, with violations of health, safety, and environmental laws simply better concealed than before. 45324-6309 FAIRBORN 2824 LEGEND FALLS CT Subject: United States--Politics and government--1969-1974. 644 FAIRBORN $880.08 Burning Billboards $18.00 Subject: Young men Fiction. YELLOW SPRINGS Owner Name 45432 DAYTON BACK JOYCE DAYTON CONOVER DONALD W $20.48 DAVIS FREDA M RJ506 .A58 F63 2006 2176 BEAVER VALLEY RD 1675 KINGSWAY DR DAYTON $56.21 XENIA FAIRBORN CAMPBELL RITA A XENIA Owner Name FAIRBORN CHESTERMAN SHANNON E 1632 WOODSIDE WAY 45324 DYE GLORIA H 3770 LOFTY OAKS DR $18.60 ABLING MARTIN 47 ROCKLAND DR FAIRBORN 45324-4329 $528.78 $10.00 XENIA Limit talking when on an operation. Practice a few simple hand signals in advance, at least if there will be enough light to see them during the operation. CRONE JACK 45431- BELLBROOK DEAL CAROLYN F. AJAYI MAJEBI ABAYOMI 45385 DUNBAR WILLIAM $4.55 Subject: Genealogy--Library resources Handbooks, manuals, etc. DAYTON 5172 COBB DR Title: American speeches. 45324 DAYTON $15.00 CHRISTENSEN AMELIA F COOPER BRANDY R 45324 $660.53 JAMESTOWN DANIELS JOHNNIE J $0.01 $50.80 Water: Monkeywrenching can be hot, dry work. Keep a water jug in your vehicle. If you carry a canteen on your person, remember that a partially full canteen can make a loud sloshing noise. If silence is needed, drink all of the water in your canteen or pour out the remainder when you first drink in order to keep it from sloshing and revealing your position. The most popular method of killing involves beating the Coyote in the head with a long stick or club. Although some trappers beat the animal to death in this manner, the professional strives to merely stun the animal or knock it unconscious. He will then stomp on the rib cage or kneel on it in order to crush the chest cavity and cause death by internal bleeding (the blood often fills the lungs and causes death by suffocation). ALVICH THOMAS $57.68 $10.81 $301.80 $3.00 XENIA DAYTON XENIA $287.66 BELLBROOK TAVERN INC 45324-2911 45324-0000 $12.25 XENIA 45324-4720 Title: Davis's NCLEX-RN success / edited by Sally Lambert BAYALA RICHA 45370-8769 CARTER PATTI Cutting Fence Because of the high cost of heavy equipment and its extreme vulnerability to sabotage, security efforts are often concentrated on its protection. Always be alert for guards around machinery. A security guard might park his pickup truck amongst the equipment. BELLBROOK WILBERFORCE City BELLBROOK 305 1/2 HOME AVE 45324-3130 BREITENBECHER DAVID 45324 $0.03 $67.35 BAKER SACHA $20.00 1277 TEXAS CT City BETTIS BETTY 45385 Title: Physical oceanography : developments since 1950 / FAIRBORN BENNINGTON GENEVA R BROOKOVER R. P. UNKNOWN XENIA 45385-2231 4435 KNOB HILL DR 2841 RAMBLING WOODS LN 45431 BLANKENSHIP DIANNA L 45305-1724 Subject: United States--Politics and government--1977-1981. 141 DAYTON RD DELOTELLE CONNIE G FAIRBORN AUSTIN THOMAS B. CHANNELL CARROL S FAIRBORN 45324 $43.33 BEAVERCREEK ARMSTRONG JOSEPH T FAIRBORN WAGNER FRD AND NDMR BEAVERCREEK 2916 MAGINN DR BEAVERCREEK EDWARDS MARK M BEIRING ANDREA J 45301 45324 $14.36 $2.00 FAIRBORN 45324 $0.45 BREWER DONALD DEAN LOUISE W DAYTON 928 GREEN WAY DR 2240 HAZELTON AVE 45433-0000 PO BOX 363 3097 MILL POND FAIRBORN 45305 1611 HILLTOP RD WILBERFORCE 281 SCARLETT DR AMOS KYONG H XENIA DARNER TERRY E CHICK GREGORY R 45385-4933 173 OLD YELLOW SPRINGS RD $54.67 45431 1714 N LONGVIEW ST WRIGHT PATTERSON AFB FAIRBORN $8.74 108 W 2ND ST 1209 E DAYTON YELLOW SPRINGS R EICHOLTZ ROBERT $10.00 $681.29 1111 MASSACHUSETTS DR Painting 3243 CLEAR SPRINGS RD BOYD JOHN WESLEY BOGREES VIRGINIA H 45385 45324 2288 MALLARD LN #3 DUNN MAVIS C DOVE CHARLES A CHANNELS CLYDE $654.12 FAIRBORN $0.98 $72.14 45385 3045 WESTMINSTER DR XENIA EARLY THELMA L 45324 BOUDE MICHELE BAEZ SERRANO JUAN 45434-7031 BROWN AMBER 45431 FAIRBORN $15.99 $23.62 $50.00 FAIRBORN CEDARVILLE BAKER JANIE 45324-2261 45324-3612 $120.46 $408.57 $97.32 587 E XINIA DR When you cut the wire to the dome light, you can add a switch instead of taping the ends. That way you can still have light when you want it. CAUDILL JEFFERY A 45432 BEAVERCREEK ASHBROO ANTHONY FAIRBORN 2214 GRIERSON PL Subject: Athletes, Black. CORBETT CORY A SPRING VALLEY 45385-0000 2278 GRAYLING DR 45324 $26.18 $20.00 BROWN JEFFREY F 1715 DEER CREEK DR STE 3 45431 916 TWIN OAKS DR CROY DANIEL G Walk a straight line of tracks for thirty to fifty feet and circle back to your starting point. Now take your stick and lay it beside the first tracks as shown in Figure T-1. Place the tip of the stick at the heel of one track and position the rubber bands to mark the heel and toe of the previous track. This gives you the length of the track and length of the stride. DAYTON BONN ERIC CLARDY DAWN M DECKER KIM $41.29 AARI THARUN XENIA DORALASKEY PRATHIM $13.01 $38.05 4251 NAVAJO TRL PO BOX 67 45324-5634 $23.00 YELLOW SPRINGS DAYTON XENIA 45370-9102 45314 BURDO RITA FAIRBORN CARBOLINE CORP 45385-3121 2048 AVON ROAD FAIRBORN 2380 DUNCAN DR #7 1033 MORNINGSIDE DR 45387-0000 WILBERFORCE 4923 WOODMAN PARK DR 45432-2534 1614 S CHARLESTON RD 1259 CHISOLM TRL 1121 XENIA AVE 45305 45314 45324-3506 45370 BIGUS MILDRED R 108 DAYTON ST 45305 45434 YELLOW SPRINGS 9597 ATCHISON RD DAYTON 1450 HOWELL RD BISHOP NICOLE D 222 HOLMES DR $120.50 590 W HYDE RD DAYTON 821 BIRCH RD Camouflage XENIA BENTLEY KATHERINE CRON MARTHA J 2241 KEMP RD 2156 HIDDEN WOODS BLVD 330 N GALLOWAY ST XENIA FAIRBORN XENIA $216.80 BYERS DEBORAH L XENIA FAIRBORN BACHMAN GREG YELLOW SPRINGS 2048 WIMBLETON ST 45433-1140 When the caltrop cools, give it a test by placing it on the ground. No matter how it falls, one point should be vertical. It not, then either the bend in the nails is not the proper angle or you welded it crooked. When you’ve got a decent prototype, set it aside. $3.15 45434-0496 5713 PENN AVE $182.01 4491 COMMANCHE TR PO BOX 442 $2.60 567 KYLE LN CEDARVILLE FAIRBORN DRAKE FRANK XENIA $85.50 DAYTON ST $100.36 BEAVERCREEK 2250 WAYNESVILLE RD Subject: International business enterprises. 117 W S COLLEGE ST 464 MILL STONE DR Title: Contra Bush / Carlos Fuentes. FAIRBORN 45324 1591 RED FOX DR $50.00 172 E HERMAN ST $11.00 45335-0000 2544 CARPENTER RD $96.00 45370-9102 BOWERMASTER FRANK SPRING VALLEY 45434 45335-4533 45385-0000 45387 45316 45314 45387-1933 460 E DAY YEL SPGS Personal author: Coughlan, Robert, 1914- DAYTON XENIA $33.00 45324 $2.07 45385-5373 45385 COLCHIN CAROL BAKER CADE K CHRISTOPHER CHARLES T BOSWORTH BRIAN P BEASON DANITA L 93 HILLCREST ST 2049 TRIUMPH DR FAIRBORN 27 W MARKET ST 2977 COLONEL GLENN HWY Title: Global woman : nannies, maids, and sex workers in the 45385-1545 ADAMS TROY M 45431 445 RIDGEWOOD DR $118.18 45387-1541 $45.00 C O LEE EARNHART 413 OXFORD DR BOECK MARY A 45324-3200 BEAVERCREEK Microscopic marks left by tools can sometimes be used to link a specific tool to the scene of a “crime.” Also, paint flakes or other material from a “crime scene” may be found on a tool and used as evidence to link that tool to a specific site. Because of this, too, it is prudent to dispose of tools regularly and to replace them with tools of a different brand, size, or type. 45387 5612 WATERLILY DR 1293 GULTICE RD $76.52 DAYTON XENIA 45370 FAIRBORN XENIA CONLEY LINDA S $29.60 45434- $60.54 PO BOX 442 C/O MARY NORRIS YELLOW SPRINGS YELLOW SPRINGS DAYTON BEAVERCREEK $2.46 BEAVERCREEK Owner Name 43 THORNTON DR $154.00 32 OLD YELLOW SPRINGS #6 $19.33 $47.69 208 MADISON AVE $854.77 1597 SUDBURY LANE D 584 COLORADO DR Z1003.2 .C67 2005 Personal author: Korey, John L. BOX 13871 CMR 4701 FOX RUN 45314 45324 DORN LILA J 45324 FAIRBORN 231 E XENIA DR APT A $36.40 238 DELWOOD DR 1468 DEERLAND ST Address 602 PHILLIPS ST 1359 HEMLOCK DRIVE BELLBROOK XENIA 45387 $10.00 XENIA 45387-1427 ARMSTRONG STACY L Records Sabotage FAIRBORN DURRUM IMOGENE M 1749 ARLIN PL APT C $169.21 YELLOW SPRINGS COOPER JEREMY D 2963 MCKAY RD Amount $29.94 45387 On a construction site, the stakes will often carry a description of what they represent, as “water line,” “corner of building,” “edge of sidewalk,” and such. Frequently, longer-than-usual stakes are employed. These are called “laths,” and may be 2’ or 3’ long. Laths are also frequently used in the slope-staking of roads. CLEM NATHAN D XENIA BYERS EUGENE E. JR. 45385 XENIA COOPER DOUGLAS P DURRUM IMOGENE M EGGERT CAROL H Stink Grenade 45385 13 WEST 15TH ANDATE ENTERPRISES INC CHOW TSENG KAN FAIRBORN 45385 CONNER WILLIAM $32.00 BROWN CONTANCE A $793.00 166 DELLWOOD DR Tracking dogs — Tracking dogs are probably more likely to be used in an intensive search than are human trackers. While a well-trained tracking dog can be a difficult adversary, they too have limits. As with human trackers, the best principle with dogs is to move fast and outdistance the pursuit. Tracking dogs can follow scent on the ground, both fresh human scent (in the first few hours, usually) and the scent of crushed vegetation and disturbed soil (which lingers much longer). They can follow scent trails in the air. Airborne scent lingers on calm days, and settles in low spots like ditches. They can distinguish the scent left by different individuals. For example, a tool dropped at the scene can be matched to a specific individual in a line-up. For this reason (and others) never leave tools at the scene. 45432-2648 45324 45324 $1.95 They are considerably better at seeing through fog, snow, rain, dust, or light vegetation, and can also be used during the day in such conditions. 45305 FAIRBORN $239.07 CLIFTON HAROLD A 1683 ARAPAHO DR BENNINGTON VALERIE $0.46 Title: Breast cancer basics and beyond : treatments, 1753 ARLIN PLACE There are many places where mountain bikes (and especially some of the dildoheads who ride them) do not belong, but mountain bikes can be useful to those who use extralegal means of defending our Homeland from the Mad Machine. The bikes are light, quiet, portable, and will go almost anywhere. They do of course entail costs and hard physical labor. The following is a guide to help you use the mountain bike effectively in your ecodefense operations. XENIA BROWN ROBERT FAIRBORN Ax — use onboard ship’s ax Consider other avenues to conceal your comings and goings. Many residential houses can be approached from the street or alley side, making effective video surveillance more costly and difficult. 45385-5622 $18.42 45324 45314-9593 BULLARD RICHARD 45324- BARIDO GEORGE L 132 GILBERT AVE FAIRBORN 3517 CEDARWOOD LN 45324-6784 2127 BEAVER VALLEY 114 LORETTA AVE #3 FAIRBORN 45370 $154.54 45314 4083 DARBY RD 45385 FAIRBORN $0.71 $90.85 $0.42 1226 AMBERWOOD CT 1267 CHANNINGWAY DR APT D $36.18 45324-0000 45431 FAIRBORN CLIFTON 45324 BOOKER LATOYA $15.40 When using high strength pins instead of rebar or spikes, it’s the cross-sectional area that matters, not the diameter. Pins 3/16 inch in diameter are sufficient. 45305-8791 251 W DAYTON YELLO 45324 BEAVERCREEK 703 SILVERS DR $63.30 BENNETT JAMES K 45385 FAIRBORN BEAVERCREEK 3402 OLD STAGE RD $0.20 XENIA Title: Oil : opposing viewpoints / Andrea C. Nakaya, book editor. 45431-1162 N -- FINE ARTS -- For Photography, see Technology CONLEY KEITH A 45324-3714 Increases in security costs include pay for guards, guard dog services, security fencing and lighting, and mundane security measures, like driving all heavy equipment to a single secure location (resulting in higher operating costs and lost work time). Heavy equipment is especially vulnerable to sabotage, with downtime often costing more than $50 an hour. Security expenditures can be increased by including urban targets like warehouses, mills, and offices for ecotage. DAYTON 61 W XENIA AVE XENIA 1055 SPG VLY ALPHA APPLEGATE MARY FAIRBORN $36.89 304 LIVE OAK TER 210 KINSEY RD 45385-0000 45431 XENIA Celeste Yarnall CAYWOOD BASKUM M 45335 ACOMB LAWRENCE T $3.28 DAYTON $206.25 JAMESTOWN 45324 The majority of the American people have demonstrated on every possible occasion that they support the ideal of wilderness preservation; even our politicians are forced by popular opinion to pretend to support the idea; as they have learned, a vote against wilderness is a vote against their own re-election. We are justified in defending our homes — our private home and public home — not only by common law and common morality but also by common belief. We are the majority; they — the greedy and powerful — are the minority. FAIRBORN DAYTON 1081 N DETROI $31.93 BEGLEY MARTIN XENIA $10.68 CHANDRAN THIRUMAL P 45324 Field Notes CLIFTON JAMESTOWN 2993 PASCAL DR FAIRBORN 45385-0000 FAIRBORN CEDARVILLE Title: The lemon sisters / Andrea Cheng ; $12.33 5109 WORCHESTER DR 45431-2930 74TH MEDICAL GROUP/ GSRTA 45385 $239.84 BEAVERCREEK 45387-1901 CHRIST DIANA L 134 WEST WHITEMAN ST If you want to fit something over an irregular sized picture, measure the original and work backwards. A 50% reduction is the reverse of a 200% enlargement. Draw up a scale of what you want to revise and see how to fit sheets of paper into it. Stare at it long enough and it becomes apparent. XENIA FAIRBORN 345 THELMA AVE FAIRBORN 45324 45324 ACKLIN LEEANN DAYTON $130.00 5414 DAVIS RD DENZEL MICHAEL CACCAMO MICHAEL CRANE MARCELLA CRAIG ADAM $144.36 ALLEN FRANCIETTA CHANDLER TERESA BRYANT WILLIAM In 1966, Majel was cast as second in command of the "Starship Enterprise" in the pilot for the series "Star Trek". Her status as "Number One" was short-lived as the Executives at NBC were not yet prepared to have a woman "in power." During the next three years, Majel was the voice of the Enterprise computer as well as the pretty blue eyed, blonde, "Nurse Chapel". Seek sign of recent activity in the area. Study footprints and tireprints closely. Claim markers may be years old, or may have been put in last week. JAMESTOWN YELLOW SPRINGS DYE GLORIA H 45434 Is your act a strategic one, or is it merely an inarticulate yell, conveying only rage, alienation, and despair? Monkeywrenchers must constantly ask themselves: CLICK DAVID B CLARK MORRIS BELLBROOK $0.78 BEASON BETTY L $5.00 $21.44 701 W XENIA DR 2701 PENEWIT RD #A 2380 DUNCAN DR #7 BELLBROOK FAIRBORN ALPHA 4771 KIMBALL CT YELLOW SPRINGS XENIA BAYAN TERRI L 45305-1906 FAIRBORN 1414 RAYBELLE DR 45384 $18.18 Subject: Archaeology--Central America. Be suspicious of any small markers like strips of cloth, plastic flagging, or wire twist-ties that you find attached to barbed-wire fences or tree limbs alongside roads. These markers are used to sight along by trappers whose sets are back away from the road. 45432-3407 $2.00 709 SUNNYMEAD DR BOES JOHN $270.19 45324 45324 $130.98 $60.91 45431 BEAVERCREEK 746 HUNTERS RIDGE DR $12.15 CLARK MOLLY JO CLINE CHARLES O COLE JOHN M 302 ZIMMER DR A number of monkeywrenchers and other activists believe that while it was necessary to inform the media about ecotage in the past, it is no longer necessary or wise to do so. Early publicity about monkeywrenching helped to raise the urgency of the debate about conservation issues like ancient forests, and to underscore the adamant opposition of many people to the destruction of wild places. That has been accomplished. In most cases, publicity about monkeywrenching in the 1990s is counterproductive and no effort should be made to contact the media. For tree spiking, it is still absolutely necessary to inform land managers using the above safe techniques; otherwise it is probably best not to publicize your work. There are, of course, exceptions. Use your best strategic judgment. BRIGHT MARINA A 45385-1213 Robert O'Reilly's appearances on the last season of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine marked a decade of work on Star Trek. O'Reilly's introduction to Star Trek: The Next Generation was in the episode entitled "Manhunt" in which he portrayed the gangster "Scarface." He then successfully auditioned for the part of the Machiavellian Klingon leader, Gowron, for the episode, "Reunion." Besides the many appearances on Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine as Gowron, Robert has participated in many Star Trek related extra-curricular activities including a Decipher VCR Interactive Board game, lithographs sold nationwide on QVC, a sci-fi Fantasy model, three action figures, life-sized, stand-up Gowron poster, and most recently, starring in the CD-ROM "Star Trek: Klingon" for which Robert won the Sci-Fi Universe Reader's Choice Universe Award for Best Achievement in Genre Multi-Media. In this game not only will Robert teach you how to be a Klingon, he also will teach you how to speak like one. $206.60 45370 $46.37 859 CATHRINE ST 45385 45430 BELLBROOK 45385 45434-6250 $134.84 Personal author: Poundstone, William. BURTON RYAN 45325 CRAIG TIMOTHY Personal author: Hillman, James. 851 ONEIDA TR 2128 WEIMER RD XENIA $5.82 281 FITCHLAND DR BEAVERCREEK 45324-5646 $0.56 45387 JC596.2 .U5 P75 2006 FAIRBORN XENIA C/O MRS ALICE G WOODY $312.84 XENIA PO BOX 1094 DAYTON balanced look at the Right / Al Franken. BOYER CYNTHIA $2.50 $682.56 $117.31 45387 45385 4900 WOODMAN PARK DR APT 7 FAIRBORN 45335 CAUDILL SARAH $167.28 DAVIS SHARON C FAIRBORN Address 45431-8484 XENIA 45324-5016 PS3557 .R3784 O35 1989 45385-3933 $100.00 $15.21 BANFORD DONALD J JR BEAVERCREEK 123 W DAYTON YELLOW SPRGS RD FAIRBORN $100.00 $0.20 45385-2238 ARTUSO GEORGE $1.08 COOPER MARY $67.41 CREEKMORE GREG DAYTON DAYTON DAYTON $71.65 45385-9600 BELLBROOK 5044 BROUGHTON PL 1460 MILLRACE DR ACKLIN LEEANN 1123 ORTEGA DR 45324 1362 FELDMAN AVE BURMAWALA SAMEER 45324 Subject: War--Religious aspects--Islam. 1783 ARLIN PL BISSINGER JACQUELINE KAY $19.54 Subject: Education, Higher--Aims and objectives--United States. 8 CREEKSIDE ST Furthermore, any type of trap line interference is illegal, so you might as well do a thorough job and totally dispose of any traps you find, as this is no more illegal than simply tripping them and leaving them intact. Although no tools are necessary, a pair of “linesman’s” pliers, with their dual plier/wire cutter head, is handy for cutting traps off chains or pulling out trap stakes. Do not carry them in plain view, of course. $56.00 ALEXANDER BRANDI BRANTLEY SILVERIANA $5.80 $98.76 45324- $65.44 45385-3715 $31.28 5264 KETURAH DR $12.79 45434 1071 HARVARD AVE BRINEGAR CORNELIUS 45314 ANGELL RUSSELL 3041 RISING SPRINGS CT $34.00 15 N GALLOWAY ST $1.00 BISHOP JAMES H. JR. DICENZO MARILYN 3111 CLAYDOR DR $500.00 $594.09 DAYTON BLACKMORE WALTER 956 SPINNING ROAD FAIRBORN $102.85 BLACK MALVIN & ELLA $2.12 FAIRBORN 45301 45432-2411 DAVIS EVELYN COX ALLISON C ALFORD JOHN M Subject: California Basic Educational Skills Test Study guides. DAYTON YELLOW SPRINGS CLIFTON 1404 KEVIN DR 1970 DARRELL DR 45385 CONTINENTAL CABLEVIS $54.90 115 PARKWOOD DR EBRITE ANGELA G 3128 WAYNESVILLE RD R 1 CLYDE RD DAYTON ASSN IN RADIOLOGY INC $1.00 940 E MAIN ST $10.94 $35.75 COATES STEPHEN FAIRBORN Title: Our bodies, ourselves : menopause / The Boston Women's 45324-0000 45316 3563 SHADE TREE DR FAIRBORN 45370- 45431 BENTLEY RUTH MISS PO BOX 31477 45305-1537 $50.00 BATALARIS GEORGE T 45387-9603 COLLINS FRANKLIN Also known as Scotty, Chief engineer aboard the original Starship Enterprise under the command of Captain James Kirk. Scott's Starfleet serial number was SE 19754.T. Scott's engineering career began in 2242, and he served on a total of eleven ships, including a stint as an engineering advisor on the asteroid freight run from planet Deneva, making the cargo run a couple of times. The original U.S.S. Enterprise was the first starship on which Scott served as chief engineer, and he distinguished himself many times in that position by improvising engineering miracles that more than once saved the ship and its crew. While serving aboard the original Enterprise, Scott once suffered from a near-fatal accelerated aging disease. He was actually killed in 2267 by space probe Nomad, although the errant probe later returned Scott to life. Scotty was scheduled to retire some three months after the Khitomer peace conference incident in 2293, and had bought a boat in anticipation of having more free time. Later that year, S XENIA $34.32 XENIA 45314-9702 BELLBROOK 45324-4424 10267 CHERRY TREE TER ROUTE 2 JAMESTOWN 45335 ALEXANDER KEVIN M BUTKEWICZ MICHAEL C 28 HALSEY DR APPLESTONE VIRGINIA 45431 Rock Spikes 45385-2435 Insertion 45324 FAIRBORN 2206 HAZELTON AVE 45433 45324 $166.80 45324-3411 3858 CHALET CIR EDGESON ARTHUR L 45431 2115 CRYSTAL MARIE DR COMMAND MOTEL BONNER ERMA J $30.24 $26.08 Simple, safe, and inexpensive methods such as these, done in your spare time, multiplied by dozens of similar actions by other ecodefenders in their particular neck of the woods, can effectively stop the destruction of many of our remaining wild areas by vehicle-borne logging, mining, poaching, and by mindless ORVing. 1848 SURREY TRAIL APT 4 $153.89 New Adventures of the Lone Ranger and Zorro: Vol. 2 Two of pop culture's greatest heroes return in these episodes of their thrilling animated series from famed Filmation Studios. The Lone Ranger (voiced by William Conrad), aided by sidekick Tonto and his faithful steed, Silver, fights for justice in the Old West in 11 adventures. Sword-wielding Zorro (voiced by Henry Darrow, the first Hispanic actor to portray the hero), swings into action and leaves his trademark "Z" in seven episodes. 1352 IRONWOOD DR $90.00 3150 ASHTON BROOKE DR 45432 BETHEL MARK 45432 XENIA ALLEN MICHAEL E 45431-1815 BROKESHOULDER MARJORIE 45387 XENIA DAYTON CHAMBERS WILLIAM JR $20.00 $2.00 45433 $11.07 2708 ATER DR 209 FOREST ST. $89.87 45324 BARNES WARREN S Personal subject: Johnson, Lyndon B. (Lyndon Baines), 1908-1973-- 564 CENTER ST At many dumps and industrial sites you will find monitoring well caps. They are used to detect pollution underground. Do not touch them or you may endanger a site cleanup. 45385 The use of chain saws for billboarding is usually too dangerous due to the incredible racket they make. Nonetheless, extremely remote signs (miles from the nearest dwelling) and masking weather conditions (wind blowing strongly or heavy rainfall) have brought out sign-cutters armed with these labor-saving devices. One must be particularly alert for passing cars when using a chain saw. BEAVERCREEK 4300 ST RT 70 45433 Subject: Space race--Soviet Union--History. BEAVERCREEK $168.53 450 PLEASANT ST RIVERSIDE It’s a good idea to have a member of your team take a course in pottery to become familiar with the materials, techniques, and terminology. This can help in manufacturing a convincing cover story for the firing of your peculiar pins. 45384-0456 BARK LILLIAN BEHREND HELMUTH W. YELLOW SPRINGS $94.00 PO BOX 306 45384- ZIP FAIRBORN 45435 Subject: Psychology, Pathological. 45370 XENIA Mark Goulston and Philip Goldberg. BROWN HEATHER DINICK MITCHELL BATES DOROTHY P $1.10 $9.00 1438 CROWN POINT CT $53.19 45432-1201 FAIRBORN Personal author: Rice, Pamela, 1955- XENIA DAYTON 45324-5560 $7.00 BUFFENBARGER MARK S 123 W DAYTON YELLOW XENIA $5.31 45431-1500 $1.00 BLANKENSHIP FRANK XENIA DAVIS THELMA 845 NORTH BROAD ST 45433-0000 $24.50 FAIRBORN XENIA 341 STELTON RD $2,686.00 BAKER HEIDI J JAMESTOWN FAIRBORN 3616 OLD STAGE RD XENIA $10.00 $0.96 Nichelle Nichols' role as Uhura on Star Trek was the first time that an African American actress was portrayed in a non-stereotypical role. Previously, African American female actresses were depicted as maids or housekeepers, and Nichols' role broke the stereotype barrier among African American actresses. Nichols was one of the first actresses that portrayed a character on a TV show and science fiction series that was treated fairly like other races, and to all of Star Trek fans, the TV series and films that followed set the standard for multiculturalism (where people of different races, ethnicities, and gender are integrated and a sense of equality coexist). 45324 45324-8417 Unlike spike and hammer, the increment borer is quiet, and bores a 1/4” to 5/16” hole which will take 6” of 1/4” round file. A round, or rat-tail file, makes an excellent pin — one far more resistant to a saw than a spike. Part of the core can be returned to cover the hole. The hole seals itself with pitch in a short time. 10 S DETROIT ST 45385- 464 CARTER SHIRLEY $251.00 1718 ARLIN PL APT D 45385 DEBENASUTTI LOUIS YELLOW SPRINGS XENIA CORNELIUS CHRIS 1129 CHRISTI CIRCLE 2734 BIG WOODS TRL 45385 45324 In 1998, Celeste earned a Ph.D in nutrition from Pacific Western University where she serves as an adjunct professor of nutrition. Celeste had her own radio show entitled "Celestial Pets" for Renaissance Radio KFNX Phoenix and was recently featured on an episode of Animal Planet's "That's My Baby." Celeste frequently lectures and has written articles for several pet and health publications such as Natural Pet and Body, Mind & Spirit magazines. She is the author of Natural Cat Care and Natural Dog Care. Both books are complete guides to holistic health care. She bases her practice in Southern California but consults with clients all over the world on pet nutrition and alternative healing therapies cats and dogs. 45385 45324 $244.73 45431-0000 1232 HIGHVIEW DR DAVIS OLGA BROWN LAWRENCE W B CARLE CATHERINE 45431 DAYTON 45324-9623 AYERS DOUGLAS E COYNE ARTHUR XENIA 45324 45387 BELLBROOK $66.90 209 SOUTH ST 78 W WASHINGTON ST CEDARVILLE 1944 US RT 68 N 45305 BRUMFIELD GARY W COOK TRACY BYRD MCKENZIE ALKUWARI RASHID A Owner Name $32.96 45434-5600 $15.73 $10.00 FAIRBORN XENIA FAIRBORN $38.64 ANGEL GENE $1.87 BELLBROOK BASTIN LOWELL $16.32 FAIRBORN 45314- $50.00 Address Repeat the above procedures until you have as many paint bags as you need, with a couple to spare. 45305 CONN R BENJAMIN BEAVERCREEK BEAVERCREEK $2.52 DAYTON $0.86 45431- DENGER MELANIE $24.94 XENIA $98.00 $2.12 Subject: Public relations Fiction. ECKMAN JOSEPH R XENIA BELLBROOK $21.59 425 CHAUCER RD 45433 BELLBROOK BELLBROOK $21.89 ARMOLD SHERRY 17 VANDERBILT DR #6 $30.00 XENIA 45432-2142 $646.39 PZ PS3563.O73 D47 1994 — T. Hearne 45385-9340 BARTHELEMY ROBERT R 45431 Because computers store information magnetically, passing a powerful magnet over either hard or floppy disks can erase or scramble stored data. One could break in as described above and use a magnet to destroy records and then leave without any evidence of your activity until such material is used later by the operator. It may also be possible to hide a powerful magnet on your person and gain access as a visitor to a company’s or agency’s computer room during normal business hours. By merely walking close to hard or floppy disks with a magnet, you may inflict serious damage on records. This method may not be realistic, however. Any magnet strong enough to wipe out data at more than an inch would attract small metal objects (paper clips) at a considerable range. Magnetic fields follow an inverse square law. That means the magnetic field is reduced by a factor of four for each doubling of the distance between the magnet and the data tapes. A magnetic field at a data tape four inches away from the magnet is BERGER MICHAEL P PO BOX 494 XENIA XENIA Amount FAIRBORN ADAMSON ANN BAHNS RYAN M BROWN ERIC L WILBERFORCE 45324 515 W MARKET ST 128 HOAK DR ZIP 45324 $42.20 308 N DETROIT 111 E GARLAND AVE DEININGER AARON D BEAVERCREEK Regardless of whether they are charged on a standard home battery charger, on a vehicular battery charger, or in a solar recharger, nicad batteries should be fully discharged before recharging each time. If they are only partly discharged before recharging, they tend to develop a “memory” at that point and may not provide service beyond that point in the future. BEAVERCREEK FAIRBORN $7.00 45324 $12.30 1911 WASHINGTON MILL ROAD $72.40 BARK LILLIAN 45324 CHUNN KIM DORSEY THERESA S $10.00 CALLAHAN PAUL W 78 E XENIA ST Owner Name $118.31 $13.81 Some experienced and effective monkeywrenchers have done all of their work alone. 4251 NAVAJO TRL XENIA 45433- CARD AMY 4953 C WESTMORELAND CT 45324 BORECKY IRENE C $31.08 812 VAN EATON RD 2991 SNIVELY RD FAIRBORN 45432-3306 General Security Field Notes 45431 PSC BOX 10955 WPAFB 5342 COBB ST 45324 BEAVERCREEK 45387-1939 $72.98 45335 Obviously, these tactics can be applied to a wide variety of buildings. Remember, though, to chose your targets well. Make sure that the “victims” of such monkeywrenching well deserve to be singled out as egregious environmental rapists. There is no place for aimless vandalism in the monkeywrenching campaign. $25.40 Title: Angkor and the Khmer civilization / Michael D. Coe. CHILDERS ALICE M 120 WM COLLEGE ST $47.42 $0.92 45434-5835 $20.57 ANDERSON PAUL J 45385 CLIFTON 617 GROTON CT APT B 45385 45324 5213 WOODBINE AVE BRANNAN KIMBERLY $17.41 YELLOW SPRINGS CARPENTER FRANK CEDARVILLE CHEEK LAURA Locating a trap with your boot or a stick will trip it and thus render it ineffective until the trapper comes around next. This method is not effective for long, and if repeated regularly, may cause the trapper or state game agents to put the trap line under surveillance. 45385 XENIA 442 WALLACE DR 45324-4313 45385 DOTTER JENNIFER 45370 UNKNOWN BEAVERCREEK $11.55 $16.00 45324 Amount YELLOW SPRINGS 1215 SANFORD DR $63.89 Subject: Photography, Artistic Exhibitions. 3531 ELEAZER RD BRANNOCK LEANNE CONKLIN ROBERT E BEAVERCREEK st form, use a fictitious name and address (don’t forget the name you give them!). Before going into an office to request information, leave your wallet with your IDs in your car, so that you can honestly say, if asked, that you left it in your car. If they persist in asking for ID, you can tell them you’ll go and get it, leave the building, and never go back. Note: avoid going in person to request information that later might prove incriminating if you are likely to be recognized by anyone in the office. CAMP EDGAR $42.96 45324 BEAVERCREEK SPRING VALLEY $107.14 $225.00 $26.45 $11.76 45433-1122 45431 DAVID SCOTT 148 CREAMER DRIVE 2129 SHEFFIELD PL $15.00 XENIA DAVIS FLORA A When we began work on the Third Edition we asked Dave Foreman for any thoughts he might offer to today’s reader of Ecodefense. He responded: BEAVERCREEK 45301- DISAM DAV FAIRBORN DAYTON $18.75 BRUNO BETTY RAE $25.02 506 LOHNES DR 1865 MONTGOMERY AVE $675.17 $199.41 3684 MCELRATH PIKE Superior Signal Co., Inc., PO Box 96, Spotswood, NJ 08884 EAVEYS DISCOUNT FOOD BEAVERCREEK $2.76 $25.77 2068 NORTHERN DR 1623 ALSMEDA ST BUCKEYE WAREHOUSE 1111 GULPICE 45324-3121 $42.40 45335-9717 45335 110 E HEBBLE AVE 2871 LA CRESTA DR Telephone Monitoring $30.00 28158 WOODVIEW DR Check for frequency directories at radio shops or with the mail-order suppliers that advertise in the amateur radio magazines available at good news-stands. 45305-1729 45385 2314 DUNKIN DR #10 314 ESPRING VALLEY RD 1398 COWMAN CT 45387-1806 ACOSTA MARIO 45432 DUFFY KATHLEEN S $147.26 35 OLD YELLOW SPGS RD $11.49 117 W S COLLEGE ST ARTHUR DUSTIN J $8.00 $7.22 $90.72 209 WALNUT ST BEAVERCREEK ASHBA LESTER E ALEXANDER RICHARD E ALPHA $29.90 CHICK JODY L CYPHERS BETTY S $44.00 5665 HICKAM DR XENIA $62.35 45324 45305 FAIRBORN FAIRBORN 45324-3017 438 MARGARET DR $4.92 Subject: Nervous system--Wounds and injuries Fiction. DAYTON 45324 $7.00 45387 FAIRBORN Dealing with bureaucratic records clerks can be frustrating, but be patient and friendly. Don’t volunteer information. Some clerks will demand to know why you want the information. Tell such people that the records are public (if you know they are) and tell them you would prefer to work with their supervisor. This usually changes their attitude. If such clerks insist that the information you want is not public record, verify this by talking to someone else in the office, or call a similar office (county clerk, say) in another county. DAUGHERTY RUSSELL Along with the National Parks and Monuments, National Wildlife Refuges, existing Wilderness Areas, and some state lands, these Forest Service and BLM roadless areas represent the remaining natural wealth of the United States (though much of the roadless acreage inventoried in the 1970s has been butchered). They are the remnant of natural diversity after the industrial conquest of the most beautiful, diverse, and productive of all the continents of the Earth: North America. Turtle Island. BANKEN STEPHEN $15.34 QD4 .V36 2005 $483.48 1412 BELLBROOK AVE WEST ST EAVERS MICHAEL $23.00 FAIRBORN 45305 CHANHPHENGRATSM SOMLITH 45305 DAYTON CRAFT NICHOLE COX RALPH E Telephone Monitoring DAVIS REBECCA M CAPELL SHANA L COLE MICHAEL RT 1 DELAO CHRISTINA DAYTON Sea Shepherd’s Captain Watson relates that when he served as a seaman with the Norwegian and Swedish merchant marine in the late sixties and early seventies, he was responsible for informing the U.S. Coast Guard about the dumping of trash and oil in U.S. waters. This led to significant fines against his unsuspecting employers. $52.79 601 DAYTON ST 671 BELLBROOK BEAVERCREEK 1440 SPILLAN RD 621 KOOGLER #9 CARROLL JACKIE E 2944 LOWER BELLBROOK RD 45432-2766 1901 BILLBROOK AVE CREER CLARENCE L 45314 $118.51 ADKINS ROBERT D 44 WILSON AVE XENIA BARBER DENNIS D $30.00 45324-7114 DAYTON 45385 DAMRONGCHAI WANNAWUTH 45324 FAIRBORN 2194 HILLRISE CIR 45324-4314 $10.00 P O BOX 1288 10–20 ft. light, strong rope ANDERSON L F 595 AUTUMN CREEK DR Noose pole — The noose poles described in the Trapping section of the Animal Defense chapter can be used to snare an unwary guard dog. Since many of these dogs are trained by “agitation,” frequently by waving a rag or burlap sack in their face, you should try to provoke them into grabbing a burlap sack offered on the end of a pole (illustration 9.5a). Once you have begun a tug-of-war with the dog, slip the noose over his neck and tighten (9.5b). Finally, pull the dog up to the fence, and secure him there with a sturdy piece of wire, a carabiner, or a heavy-duty leash clip (9.5c). 45385-0000 DAVE DENNIS CHRYSLER 60 OLD YELLOW SPRINGS ADAMS MICKI K 45387 164 OFFICE PARK DRIVDRE BOWERSVILLE The first task of an undercover infiltrator is to gain unquestioning acceptance within the group. Often she will play it cool, do volunteer work, and bide her time, awaiting opportunity. Personal subject: Lee, Harper. $3.00 $1.94 Address By T.O. Hellenbach 1028 WASHINGTON ST $59.29 45370 FAIRBORN FAIRBORN DESSECKLER LAWRENCE 1160 HYANNIS DR DAYTON The relatively light weight of an ATV, coupled with the pliable, low air pressure tires, makes it possible for the tire to bounce over a standard 1/2” rebar spike cut at a 45-degree angle and sticking up 3” from ground level. To increase effectiveness we use 3/8” rebar with tips cut at an angle of 60 degrees or greater. For standard emplacements we use 14” long spikes, enabling us to have 4–5” above ground. As a general rule, for maximum stability, the length of the spike underground should be at least twice the length of the part above ground. DAYTON 2046 JASPER RD to Red Rock Canyon / Mike White. DOYLE JIM XENIA $52.00 Personal subject: Petty, Tom Interviews. FAIRBORN 45370 $10.00 Flow-borne debris will form a solid plug inside the culvert up against the chicken wire and will block the culvert. None of the blockage should be visible from the road. Cutting the chicken wire after debris piles up against it should not be enough to flush out the culvert. On smaller culverts, simply wad chicken wire a leg’s length up the lower end. YELLOW SPRINGS 1301 BOYD RD $14.51 $18.00 Subject: Presidents--United States Biography. BEAVERCREEK Personal author: Lemay, J. A. Leo (Joseph A. Leo), 1935- 45431-1937 FAIRBORN 45324-4001 45316 45385-4601 Back to Top In certain National Forest areas, illegal timber poaching and commercial fire-wood cutting are major problems. Use similar tactics as with cactus poachers. Gather evidence surreptitiously, disable vehicles if you can do it safely, and make an anonymous tip to the authorities. YELLOW SPRINGS Plan visual signals that convey messages to separated members without being conspicuous. The typical military movement commands may have value due to the simplicity of the hand and arm movements. Some large bookstores have titles dealing with military leadership development. 3838 PACIFIC CT APT A $82.38 YELLOW SPRINGS FAIRBORN 5325 FAIRFIELD DR $16.03 $37.70 600 PAXSON DR $3.78 BELL PATRICK $0.07 DAVIS ALLIN J $3.96 FAIRBORN 45385-9326 1872 GLEN MEADOW WAY Always have a story prepared to tell the police if you’re stopped in the target area. Keep it short and simple and avoid unnecessary details. DAYTON FAIRBORN 21760 DAYTON XENIA RD ZIP 45432 BETTA GEORGE DALLA 1485 PAVEY PL BANG FUNGWANG 1298 ENOCHS DR 45434 $18.36 CROCKER CHRISTINE I 45387 45385 $660.53 2462 BROWN BARK DR 45324-3218 COLLINS ANGELA $1.95 DAYTON 2033 MILL RUN LN XENIA SPRING VALLEY $441.72 45324 FAIRBORN 1649 N LONGVIEW ST $200.83 Subject: Sherman's March through the Carolinas Fiction. ALPHA 406 RED BUG LN Water craft 45387 45324 3000 PRESIDENTIAL DR STE 100 City BERRY APRIL A $174.92 FAIRBORN Address $12.53 45431-5610 45324 BALLI GEO F $16.33 Amount 63 WELLS AVE XENIA $19.00 DAYTON Radio communications via portable and mobile CB units can greatly aid in coordinating sloganeering efforts. $102.88 $3.46 45385-4502 2794 KEMP RD Personal author: Adams, Jonathan S. FAIRBORN CRAMER CORLINA XENIA XENIA $50.00 45387-9708 45431-3515 YELLOW SPRINGS CLAY BRUCE A CALDWELL ALAN W $0.41 FAIRBORN ADAMS ROGER 141 W BROAD ST DAYTON DAWSON ANTHONY LEE Field Note SPRING VALLEY 707 BUCKSKIN TRL 28 W WASHINGTON ST DUNCAN LINDSEY Recent reports that the Forest Service has diverted substantial numbers of its narco cops to investigations of monkeywrenching calls for renewed security procedures. These officers have backwoods experience prowling around for marijuana patches and setting up surveillance to apprehend the cultivators. They are often dressed to look like people you might normally encounter in the woods. Be suspicious of everyone you observe in the area in which you operate. Many of these “F-Men” are women, so don’t relax your security when you encounter a female hiker while you are on a mission. Most such efforts, however, are conducted by pairs or small groups of men. Their vehicles look like private cars and trucks. $10.00 YELLOW SPRINGS 1479 MAPLEGROVE DR XENIA 1 The Mermaid Chair by Sue Monk Kidd (Viking: $24.95) A 1 6 woman called home to cope with her troubled mother finds herself drawn to a Benedictine monk on an island off South Carolina. GV706.32 .E57 2000 George Takei, best known for his portrayal of Hikaru Walter Sulu, the helm officer aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise in the acclaimed television and film series Star Trek, has more than thirty feature films and hundreds of television guest-starring roles to his credit. Recognized worldwide as a member of the original Star Trek cast, George received a star on Hollywood Boulevard's Walk of Fame in 1986 and he placed his signature and handprint in the forecourt of the landmark Grauman's Chinese Theater in Hollywood in 1991. FAIRBORN DAYTON 45324 $0.68 3655 CROSSWOOD DR 1357 MEADOWLANDS DR 24 RAMONA DR 2680 SOLITAIRE LN Target Selection FAIRBORN 1459 SIOUX DR Notify State Law Enforcement Office, Agent Kevin Freeman. XENIA 45431 Title: Plants of San Luis Obispo : their lives and stories / BELLBROOK FAIRBORN 1735 HEATHERWOOD TRAIL professional advice, and curiosa about libraries and $15.30 1211 GEORGETOWN CT FAIRBORN Subject: Supernatural Fiction. 45324 XENIA DOWNS THOMAS Here are some ideas to increase the effectiveness of rebar road spikes. First of all, we found that the easiest way to procure raw materials is to visit the local landfill. Many landfills have unattended scrap metal recycling piles which contain scrap pieces of rebar. The sizes that work best are #3 (3/8”) and #4 (1/2”). Many pieces will be bent, but these are useful for creative placements. $18.00 Using staples or tacks to attach your posters to bulletin boards allows easy removal by zealous Freddies. Instead, coat the back of the paper using a can of permanent spray mount (available from art supply houses). Or use paste made from white flour and water. This, too, makes it difficult to remove the poster. 45335-9560 45324 DANNENFELSER CAMILA Subject: Depressed persons Anecdotes. BEAVERCREEK 312 HOLMES DRIVE 3100 PRESIDENTAL DR 1900 N BELLEVIEW DR $6.00 DEVERS KENNETH ALLEN ANGELA L DAYTON $25.50 ARNETTE CHRISTINE L FAIRBORN DENNING SARAH H/% DENNING WILLIAM B 3460 FERRY RD JAMESTOWN 45324 DOBSON MARY ANN EST DASARO REBBECA L ZIP UPN. 1851 GRAND PORTAGE TRL BUNCH BERTHA 45434 $0.42 45385 $13.80 45324 $1.92 Personal subject: Church, Benjamin, 1639-1718. 2211 ZINK ROAD #2 CORDOVA DIANNA 1909 SURREY TR JAMESTOWN BROWNLEE SHAWN 45370 $11.06 BEAVERCREEK 253 210 W DAYTON YELLOW SPGS RD YELLOW SPRINGS $419.76 542 QUINSTON CT ARNDT WILLIAM F Subject: Fishery management--Citizen participation. $270.68 XENIA $100.00 DAYTON 45434-7035 XENIA 45305 $6.34 1519 S CENTRAL DR CRUZ ALFONSO Personal author: Odean, Kathleen. 45431 $0.01 To grab paper without leaving fingerprints when wearing gloves would appear suspicious (such as making photocopies of a communiqué about monkeywrenching at a self-service copy shop), simply grasp the paper with a binder clip. 1519 ROXBURY DR $251.57 BEAVERCREEK 45432-2031 $14.00 45432-2366 DAYTON 45387-1806 45387-1414 CAMPBELL JANELL 1261 S CENTRAL BALMER DENISE K 2245 US ROUTE 42E Title: Experience the California coast : a guide to beaches CARMAN LOUIS A 503 SUGAR MAPLE DR BEAVERCREEK 2195 ROCKDELL DR #6 45387 45385 Beware of leaving footprints in mud which is common around pipes. 45385 BEAVERCREEK 45305 FAIRBORN SPRING VALLEY XENIA 2196 ZINK RD APT 1 DEMPSEY SUSAN E FAIRBORN BENNETT NORMA J XENIA 257 FACULTY DR FAIRBORN JAMESTOWN v-a-jpeg-53.jpg BEAVERCREEK 4405 BURKHARDT AVE #C 2 45432-2620 DNA “Fingerprinting” $50.00 45324 FAIRBORN 45305-1107 BALL BETSY XENIA BEAVERCREEK DEVITT S M $136.85 $57.39 45385- Amount Note 3: A rock climber’s chalk bag is convenient for carrying items used more frequently. The bag closes with a draw string. Uses include storage of: CRANDALL VAUGHN J CLARK MARCELLA M 1088 YUMA TRAIL FAIRBORN Walk on the upwind side of cactus and rough ground that can injure the dog’s feet and slow it down. In summer, walk through fields of seed-bearing grass (like foxtail) that will cling to your clothing. They will work into a dog’s paws and possibly force the handler to abandon the trail. 45324-0000 45434 Field Note $14.56 PO BOX 1757 $17.86 $0.23 45324 $0.20 $82.27 DAYTON AERIES CONSTRUCTION C 45324-5274 45431 Some type of disguise is usually a good idea. The basic type is an eye-catching garment that tends to distract eyewitnesses. A brightly-colored ski mask, scarf, shirt, or the like tends to dominate in the descriptions later given to police. 1553 ARROWHEAD TR $275.00 $176.00 1213 CINCINNATI AVE BAILEY JAMES F $682.66 1401 GOLF ST Back to Top Subject: Paris (France) Pictorial works. $1.00 N6525 .D87 2005 BROOKS CLARA 45432 PZ7.B91527 Slh 1998 8 MANN AVE 11 EAST DORIS DR $13.01 45432-0000 BRILEY MATT J 460 E DAYTON YELLOW SPGS RD DELAURO BRIAN 45324-9029 5310 OTTAWA DR CARR BERTHA A 45385 XENIA FAIRBORN XENIA XENIA $0.39 $58.52 BOX 1 BOTTORFF SHEILA 1026 WENRICK DR 1218 APPLE ST 37 W MAIN 45385-1668 45431 ALPHA $66.40 Leonard Simon Nimoy DLJSC 45324 “I was forced to embarrass the Canadian Navy” Watson recalls, “by responding that since World War II, my organization had sunk more ships, boarded more ships, and rammed more ships than the Canadian Navy, and that I didn’t think the Canadian Navy had the expertise or the experience to presume to pass judgment on our abilities.” At the work site, place one end of the rag through the larger notch and into the gunpowder at that end of the box. Then lay the rag out over to the object to be burned. In the smaller notch at the other end of the box, place a burning, long, unfiltered cigarette so that the non-burning end just barely pokes through the notch into the gunpowder. $10.00 4723 HARLOU DR 333 DAYTON ST HAMILTON HALL W 209A 3933 BEECHWOOD DR XENIA Activists in British Columbia are also using Styrofoam cups, foam ear plugs, and similar materials to “soft spike” trees slated for pulping. An advantage in this kind of “spiking,” is that no one will whine about the danger presented to millworkers of flying shrapnel from Styrofoam cups or bits of rope. 45324-2500 $54.63 BRADLEY CRAIG 45305-2114 CARROLL GEORGIA D 45434-6760 45385 PQ4865.C6 M5713 2006 561 TORLAGE DR Margaret Wander Bonanno is the author of eighteen novels across genres, and ghostwriter/coauthor of several more. Among her science fiction novels are two trilogies, The Others, and Preternatural; she also worked with Nichelle Nichols on Saturn's Child. Her Star Trek novels include Dwellers in the Crucible, Strangers from the Sky, and the critically acclaimed Lost Era title Catalyst of Sorrows. Margaret is currently hard at work on a novel about Captain Christopher Pike. YELLOW SPRINGS XENIA 1755 ROCKWELL DR ZIP YELLOW SPRINGS FAIRBORN WRIGHT PATTERSON AFB SPRING VALLEY BROOKS ANDY R $0.65 CUPP DAVID 544 LUCAS DR 45305-2308 COMBS LORETTA FAIRBORN AKERS W R 45432 45324 DAYTON 176 WASHINGTON MILL FAIRBORN $20.00 YELLOW SPRINGS Address BUSH HAZEL Subject: Europe Aerial photographs. Do not slash tires under high pressure. This can be dangerous. $50.00 CARDINE JOANN 1970 TAHOE DR 233 E DAYTON YELLOW SPGS RD ALSPAUGH DOUGLAS 45431 DRIESSNACK RICH Billboarding is dirty work. Evidence that may remain with you may include bits of brush on clothing, and dirt and sawdust on boots. If you wear dark coveralls, remove them before the pickup and wrap your tools in them. Deposit this bundle in a locked trunk or camper shell in case you are stopped by a curious policeman. After a night’s work, clean off your boots and launder your clothes. Vacuum your car trunk, seats, and floor carpets. Drop the vacuum cleaner bag in a dumpster or public trash can, never in your home trash. $34.28 SPRING VALLEY 45324 $135.11 ANDREWS CECILA MRS. 137 GLEN ST 6 BEAVERCREEK 1055 N BICKETT RD XENIA 1971 CONNECTICUT DR $1.80 591 CHESTNUT ST 20 PHANTOM DR BARTELL KAREN CHAPPELL CAROLE A ADAMS JEFFREY L DAVIS JUDY 1013 VICTORIA By Gray Wolf & Hummingbird ADAMS DEANNA 3202 BERNICE DR (Examples are Dow, Midland, Michigan, 1986; Ciba Geigy, Toms River, New Jersey, 1986; Monsanto, Boston, Massachusetts, 1985.) Once you’re back at your car, it is usually best to drive away. Your escape route must not take you past your target. Position your vehicle accordingly. 45385 BOX 83 604 E MAIN ST Personal author: San Souci, Robert D. FAIRBORN YELLOW SPRINGS 1354 SUPERIOR AVE $16.64 WILBERFORCE CAIN TERESA 45324 $62.00 $24.84 BRACCI KATIE ANTORIETTO JOE 1210 NASH RD DESROCHES RUSSELL E BAILEY R 2388 KEWANNA LN $8.54 BEAVERCREEK 45385 $0.49 535 W 7TH ST 45324 45387 Address BARTA MARYANN B $211.50 FAIRBORN 45385-8927 BELLBROOK DAYTON XENIA 2175 ROCKDELL DR $3.92 45433 45314-0000 DAYTON ADKINS EMMA $57.03 XENIA Two-way radios — preferably with headset, ear piece, signal/transmission light $0.24 $242.34 $15.86 45385-1684 DAURORA TIMOTHY 45324-6565 1 HERALD SQUARE 45324-9498 DAYTON 45431-1420 229 MASSIE DR 155 LORETTA DR. $0.02 45385-0000 DAYTON CEDARVILLE 729 WAGON WHEEL DR ALLREAD NEAL $18.57 ARTHUR RICHARD DAYTON CLARKE ADELE BRASSFIELD PATRICIA 1413 ARROWHEAD TRL BUSTER KAREN $418.13 5432 WOODBINE AVE 11261 $124.40 Address XENIA XENIA 45324 2160 ZINK RD APT 1E C/O MELISSA KIRK 825 XENIA AVE #5 DAYTON 2387 MARCIA DR Where you find one trap, you will usually find more. Traps are commonly set by twos and threes within a small area. As many as ten can sometimes be found within a 100-yard radius. BUTLER LEONARD C BARKER ROBERT W & MARY E 2099 FIREBIRD DR $15.00 DICKENSON VICTOR PO BOX 101 FAIRBORN 45324-5418 APOSTELOS 45431 HG5162 .G72 2002 45385 Cutting Torch 45324 DAYTON XENIA $55.41 45385-4822 45431-2235 45324-4206 DUTEIL SCOT A If you have reason to suspect that your informant is a double agent planning a set-up, arrange to secretly tape-record meetings between your contact and the informer, in which the informant can be caught making provocative statements designed to incite illegal action. Such a recording could be quite valuable in the defense of anyone charged with a monkeywrenching offense. However, any such tapes (or other evidence) should never be kept at home where police could use a warrant to seize and destroy them. Remote rural burial is perhaps the most secure option, so long as you encase the tapes in several layers of water-tight plastic bags. BEAVERCREEK 74TH MEDICAL GROUP BLACK DONALD R ANDERSON PAUL BEAVERCREEK DUFFEY TOMAS T FAIRBORN 45324-7352 Subject: Women--United States. $68.00 DICKERSON PATRICIA A $16.62 45370 $53.02 DOSTER DORIS 45434 BORGER MARGIE 3839 CASSIDY DR $476.92 2905 HOMEWAY DR Guard Dogs $0.53 1037 HIGHVIEW DRIVE 2405 TENNESSEE DR $2.20 ANDERSON JAMES G 225 ORVILLE ST #17 5380 ROBINWOOD AVE ALLEN ULYSSES 45433-1140 PO BOX 282 1050 CHARLWOOD AVE 45385-9326 BROWN LOUIS C BITTNER RICKY L $20.00 45385 1070 JEANETTE DR Subject: Coasts--Great Britain Guidebooks. WILBERFORCE BIGGS JENNIFER J His additional contributions to Star Trek include story-writing credits on Star Trek IV and Star Trek VI, and involvement as executive producer for Star Trek VI. His Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home, which focused on the rescue of the humpback whales, is the most successful of the Star Trek films to date. Gene Roddenberry, Star Trek's creator, once called Nimoy "the conscience of Star Trek. In 1991, he reprised his role as Spock in Star Trek: The Next Generation's episodes - Unification: Parts I & II. These two episodes tied in to the release of Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country. Often a trustworthy partner is useful for security. While one person drives the spikes in the road, the other can watch or listen for vehicles or hikers. Prudently used, radios can add to security. See the section on Tools in the Security chapter for a discussion on radios. RIVERSIDE JAMESTOWN And 1 Mixtape: Vol. 10 Street-basketball phenoms And 1 take to the courts for all-out hoops battles against teams from Washington, D.C., Indiana, Los Angeles and Houston in this collection of games from their "United Streets of America" tour, filmed over a 10-year period. Highlights include Hot Sauce doing "the boomerang" and the Professor's Madison Square Garden victory, all set to a soundtrack from the likes of Lil Scrappy and Pete Rock. 1325 RHETT LN $22.48 FAIRBORN DUKES WALTER/% SCHUMACHEN ARTHUR SHANNON S YELLOW SPRINGS $76.11 $95.22 45385 XENIA The suggestion in previous editions of Ecodefense for mailing business reply mail taped to a brick back to the company will not work. The Post Office does not even send it. We have completely dropped that section. 93 OUTERVIEW DR 45431 CW PUBLICATIONS FAIRBORN FAIRBORN 1440 IRONWOOD DR 3892 N LAKESHORE DR $126.00 $36.04 $17.25 45431 Subject: Drug traffic--Government policy--Colombia. EDWARDS MILDRED BEAVERCREEK 3365 DAYTON XENIA RD 1351 ROSE LAKE DR On a low-grade logging road such as the one to the Last Stand Grove, stations may be placed at pre-set intervals of 50 feet or so. Stations are also placed wherever there is a “break” in the terrain. A “break” is a significant change in the terrain — it might be a slight hollow or a major rock outcrop. In complex terrain, stations are more closely spaced. Where the route crosses a stream, for instance, stations might be placed at the top of the banks, at the actual edge of the stream, and in the center of the stream. Stations are also placed at any point where the centerline of the road changes direction. $22.66 JAMESTOWN 45324-3926 BROOKS ANTWANITA I BELLBROOK $49.83 45385-9431 DAYTON 55 CHURCH STREET ANITA HERRERA Subject: Evolution (Biology) ADAMS NORA $5.00 CARLTON WHITNEY NA737.S316 A4 2005 Slogans and programs can be presented through flyers and small signs, but this requires secure access to printing or photocopying equipment, and will reach only a small audience. Bumper stickers are difficult to apply without leaving fingerprints (you must wear gloves every time you handle them) and are not easily manufactured. BELLBROOK EDWARDS LEFON FAIRBORN XENIA BOWDEN TERRELL E 4821 HASSAN CIR 2119 S HELENWOOD DR CEDARVILLE 45324 2764 SHAKERTOWN RD $2,185.71 45324- $10.00 FAIRBORN 45431 ROUTE 2 1539 ALAMEDA DR $0.46 CAIN RUSSELL $50.00 FAIRBORN DENNY LISA RICHARDS FAIRBORN $21.57 XENIA BROUSSARD ALBERT M COMPTON DORA FAIRBORN BOX 466 WILBERFORCE BORGERT SHELLY A $0.10 Address XENIA CLARK ARVILLE C 4669 BYRON DR 45384-0740 45305-1722 $38.70 45431-2143 DAVIS GRACIE M $112.31 Owner Name 45370 CHESSMAN MARK BEAVERCREEK MARATHON 45431 $44.05 $150.00 $60.17 $1.92 2660 DAYTON XENIA RD $39.31 2686 LOWER BOLLBROOK RD 1440 IRONWOOD DR BARTON LISA O 5875 ENRIGHT AVE BELLBROOK Owner Name XENIA 192 E 3RD ST 45324 45385-1438 45387 45432 FAIRBORN Personal author: Matthews, Martin S. 45431-0000 $10.09 4 JACOBS CT 45370-9102 FAIRBORN $2.10 ATKINSON TRICIA ACKLIN LEEANN 45324-5137 WILBERFORCE When using bolt cutters to de-head spikes, always wear goggles or other eye protection. The heads of the nails can really fly. 230 S MAIN ST BONVENTRE CHRISTOPHER M $133.00 45324-0000 $20.00 45324-1288 SPRING VALLEY ALEXANDER CHRISTOPHER J 45384-0042 DAYTON 2746 GREYSTOKE DR ROUTE 5 966 E MARKET ST 45385 3770 FROSTWOOD DR CARLTON FURMAN XENIA BLUNT SARAH E 45431 AYERS GREGG BRYANT WILLA DEAN 1373 COWMAN CT 295 GRAND VISTA DR DAYTON DUNCAN MARY ELLEN Claire Cameron, Peter Moss, and Charlie Owen. BEAVERCREEK DAVILA JENNIFER EDWARDS KRISTIN 45324 45324-4530 FAIRBORN 467 W. KREPPS ROAD 1900 SPANGLER RD BELLBROOK $54.00 A basic radiocom set-up can be purchased for about $100. This includes a mobile CB for vehicle mounting (as low as $40 new through Scanner World) and a hand-held transceiver with choice of three crystal-controlled channels (as low as $60). Even without shopping around for the best price, you can get good quality equipment for a total cost of under $200. As always, think of this cost in comparison to $50–100 an hour in attorney’s fees. 45431-2648 45385 DAYTON 2405 E SPRNGVLY-PANTSVL RD BEAVERCREEK BULLOCK DWIGHT Address BROWN GRACE 1069 PAXON DR ALEX INDUSTRIES 45385-2435 YELLOW SPRINGS BURNETT DANNY A BEAVERCREEK 45314-8508 45335-9717 45324 4078 MAXWELL DR FAIRBORN $2.32 45324 45431-2619 Mountain bikes can make ecodefense easier, quicker, and safer, but they won’t work in all situations and a good mountain bike is expensive, from $300 to $1,200 for the 15-speed low-geared light bikes. Not all of us are renegade yuppies with that kind of money. Some bikes in the $250 to $450 range, which aren’t as chic, work adequately on the trail. Also check for used bikes. 45431 CORAL CEIR 2315 DUNCAN RD #3 $22.00 45431 $12.96 3901 SOUTHVIEW ST Subject: Short stories, Mexican Translations into English. Monsieur Vincent Tracing the story of 16th-century French priest St. Vincent de Paul (Pierre Fresnay), this compelling biography explores his remarkable mission to promote peace and faith among both peasants and nobles. He faced slavery in Algiers as a boy and the horrific Black Death in Europe as an adult but maintained his compassionate call for harmony. The internationally acclaimed film won the Best Foreign Language Film Oscar in 1948. $100.00 BEAVERCREEK DEININGER AARON B 1300 E ST VAL PAINTERSVILLE RD 45431 $58.11 Subject: Internet searching. 1494 HOWELL RD BESCOE DORIS E $2.00 45314 Always put safety first. Wear safety glasses. Be patient while learning to use the saw. BRENNAMAN RANDY BECKER MARGARET DILLON MARK CAIN MARY C 45324 $75.84 CEDARVILLE DAYTON 45385 EDMONDSON JASON $1.00 45335-1407 DEWINE JOHN K JAMESTOWN Infrared Spotting Scope 200 BROWN AVE DUNN JOSH Harold J. Rosen, John R. Regener, Jr. ; M.D. Morris, advisory editor. $50.00 XENIA WRIGHT PATTERSON AFB XENIA 2004 STONEYBROOK TR 1224 OVERLOOK DR The basic trick is to plug wastewater discharge pipes from various industries. Chemical, metal-working, electrical generating, mining, sewerage, and oil refining and drilling plants all discharge large amounts of wastewater. Wastewater flow rates can exceed several million gallons per day from a single source. $0.38 Title: Novels, 1956-1964 / Saul Bellow. 45305 2244 TARBOX CEMETERY RD $68.75 COFFEY JIMMIE A/% SUPER VALUE STORE $96.57 Address DAYTON 2519 KEWANNA LN 45431-1806 Footwear $10.00 5136 COBB DR $1,211.99 $51.61 COLE ANGELO D 1293 GULTICE RD 3426 O'HARA DR $70.00 2383 DUNCAN DR #11 Much better than blocking the road is to remove part of the roadbed. This is especially effective on a steep hillside where more fill is hard to get and stabilize in place. One simple, small-scale way to do this is to ditch the natural water flow downward across the road. The best place to do so is where a gully or watercourse crosses the road on a slope. Such a spot may have a culvert or waterbreak to keep the run-off from washing out the road. You can dig out a waterbreak and create a ditch across the road. Running water will deepen it and eventually make the road impassable to vehicles. (If it is too wide, it can be forded, however, and if it is too narrow and shallow, it can be filled with logs or rocks by a driver.) A pick, pry bar, and long-handled, pointed shovel are about the only tools you need for this kind of job. $176.37 $50.00 2762 KEARNEY LN 244 WILSON DR Step Six: Close the sea water intake valve. If the intake valve is open and you are in a real hurry, strike the green cooling pipes with an ax to flood the engine room. This creates a lot of noise and is less efficient but, in a pinch, will get the job done. Saltwater pipes tend to be more brittle than fresh water pipes. If you can breach the pipe and the sea valve is open, you will bring in the briny sea. 2965 REBERT PIKE 45370-9792 130 ROGERS ST 45431 45387 206 CODDINGTON DAYTON FAIRBORN BLOSE SHANNON RR 2 1314 BURNETT DR 45431 $98.33 $63.78 BERRY RAYMOND DR. Caltrops Begin your search with a trip to the local office of your state game department to obtain a free copy of the trapping regulations. This will give you an idea of where traps are set (for example: not within 25 yards of a public road or highway), when to find most of them (trapping season dates), and guidelines on the frequency with which the trapper must check his traps. If your state, for example, requires trap checks once every 48 hours, this may indicate the frequency with which the typical trapper takes to the field (an important security consideration). 4953 C WESTMORELAND CT $36.98 DAYTON FAIRBORN 45433 Title: The Dharma bums / Jack Kerouac ; introduction by Ann Douglas. PS3555.R42 P35 2005 FAIRBORN DAYTON BRUSCA PATRICK A 3158 CLAYDOR DR 2012 MILL RUN LN BAILEY RUTH A. $14.95 YELLOW SPRINGS 1136 N DETROIT BX 4 504 CINCINNATI AVE ESTATE OF WILLIAM BRYANT DUERSON STEVEN C. $12.93 45385-8524 Choose tools of common manufacture and buy them with cash at large retail outlets or discount houses where the cashier is not likely to remember you. If asked for name and address, even for a warranty, give false information or none at all. CLARK CHERISH C Subject: Mothers and daughters. Advanced Road Spiking CURTIS ANTHONY R FAIRBORN XENIA $81.90 2213 CHARTER GROVE DR CLARK APRIL $67.00 BOND KAY F 45324 $175.31 To undertake these activities, you must first have a working knowledge of computer operation and programming basics. The necessary training is best obtained through community colleges or other state-sponsored schools where the cost is reasonable. If you spend enough time around school computers, you will usually encounter “hackers,” those fabled individuals with an all-consuming passion for computers. They can provide you with an education in the fine art of obtaining access (often illegal) to various computer systems. Pretend to be interested only in computers. Never tell them your real intentions. Many of these people have a love of the machine that would define heavy-duty sabotage as a capital offense. Learn from them, but never trust them. XENIA XENIA 45432-2352 1028 ADAMS ST $16.73 4881 SUGAR MAPLE DR 50 ADAMS ST BEAVERCREEK FAIRBORN Use extreme security measures in purchasing cutting torch equipment. In the Arizona Five case, records of cutting torch purchase were used against one of the defendants, who was also identified by the salesperson. Grace Lee Whitney JAMESTOWN 45385 WRIGHT PATTERSON AFB $38.08 XENIA 681 N KING ST $2.00 BROWNING BEATRICE FAIRBORN BROWN STEFAN 5234 OTTOWA DR $11.91 BEAVERCREEK $15.55 $19.15 DEAL LORI E 107 TOWER CT. Arson elicits a more negative reaction among the public than other methods of damaging heavy equipment. Subject: Female friendship Fiction. CONNOR CHRISTINE DAFFLIN DALE COOPER BERYL 45385 $564.00 XENIA XENIA UNKNOWN CASTRO AMANDA H $36.09 3646 SEQUOIA DR. DIEKELMAN HEATHER 1545 GUNTHER DR. 2651 ROYAL GATEWAY COATNEY DOROTHY M $15.19 $1.30 ANDERSON COLLEN L $65.43 3646 MEADOWCOURT DR CHAFFIN CARL FAIRBORN CHALFONT NORA S DAYTON CAMPBELL ANDREW L Building a Jig 45433 Title: The next attack : the failure of the war on terror and FAIRBORN 5196 SUGAR MAPLE DR $48.27 BURNETT RICK ALLEN $20.00 CHAMP LYNETTE 45431-8727 CLIFTON 2385 BEAVER VALLEY RD 2286 EL CID DR XENIA 45305 45431 A very important consideration is not implicating yourself or your bike in any “wrongdoing.” Paint everything on your bike flat black or camouflage. Wrap brake handles and other non-paintable areas in cloth or duct tape. Shiny paint and chrome can reflect headlights and sunlight. Remove all reflectors (replace them for legitimate night riding). 4221 DELHL DR ACKLIN LEEANN $59.00 CAUDILL CURTIS V. JAMESTOWN $322.40 45387 XENIA $5.00 1542 KENSINGTON DR BELLBROOK $9.71 BEAVERCREEK $2,145.93 45432 45385-1476 DAYTON CLEMENS ANTON DOTS SUPERMARKET DILGER ROBERT G 2466 ROSEANNE CT 1141 N MONROE DR XENIA 1460 US 35 E 1973 CRASE DR 45385 $17.69 FAIRBORN XENIA 355 UNION ST DAYTON $272.38 XENIA DENSLOW CHARLES A BESOM FLORENCE E 45324-1810 45307 BEAVERCREEK XENIA 45324-3652 FAIRBORN Carry camping gear in your vehicle. If forced to hide out on a remote back-road, you can set up camp and pretend to be camping should any police inquire. If you are forced to take this approach, pay attention to details of your alibi. For example, don’t say that you’ve been camping for a week if you have only one fire’s worth of ashes in your fire pit. Larry Nemecek FAIRBORN SPRING VALLEY BRANDT R L JR FAIRBORN BARNETT PATRICIA V CARPENTER ANTHONY S YELLOW SPRINGS 125 N STRINGTOWN RD 4974 BAYSIDE DR 45385-5610 DEREK & DANYELLE AMEND KATIE S BLAIR LAURIE A BLOWERS VIOLET M Remember that scene from the film The Graduate, in which the corporate executive tells Dustin Hoffman where the future lies? “I have just one word for you. Plastics.” Well, that may also be the word for those seeking new ways to deter the timber industry and their lackeys in the Forest Service. YELLOW SPRINGS DUVERNAY GREGORY STEVEN 2) A very effective way of plugging a culvert is as follows: Personal author: Nasr, Seyyed Hossein. $40.73 Field Notes Subject: Great Britain Guidebooks. CHAMBERLAIN BOBBY R 1357 MEADOWLANDS DR BHARWANI ASHA H 2333 CLARK RUN RD 1106 LIVERMORE ST Helicopters are generally made of light materials which are easily damaged by a sturdy instrument wielded by strong arms. Their rotor systems are extremely delicate. The slightest nick or dent on either a tail or main rotor will definitely mean mandatory replacement of the rotor. I once observed a helicopter main rotor latch onto a candy wrapper, and it sounded like a giant pterodactyl receiving a barbed wire enema. That chopper had to be shut down for a 12 hour inspection. BAYARD W. P. If you have been active in one area for any length of time, the police will consider baiting a trap to catch you. In setting a trap, the authorities will look for any patterns you may have inadvertently set. Perhaps you only work on certain nights. Perhaps you hit certain targets more than others. Perhaps your routes of approach and withdrawal to your targets are known. Monkeywrenchers have narrowly escaped from police traps on some occasions simply because they were silent and alert, while the opposition was bored with weeks of fruitless waiting. The best way to avoid traps is to hit your target one time only, but with maximum effectiveness. 235 WHITEHALL DR FAIRBORN $127.95 45385 45385 BELLBROOK DAVIS ENOCK 3405 STUTSMAN City $216.75 2295 GREENE WAY BLVD $10.81 BALDETTI P J LT $27.47 CHANNEL FERN L ANDERSON BROS PLUMBING INC 45385-5429 If you don’t consent to a search, a drug-sniffing dog may be called in to provide “probable cause.” The dog will sniff around the door seals and trunk seeking a whiff of drugs. If the dog signals its handler that the smell of drugs is present, a lawful search ensues. In the absence of “probable cause” to believe a crime has been committed, the fruits of a search will typically be thrown out of court. Know your rights. Read If an Agent Knocks (available free from the Center for Constitutional Rights, 666 Broadway, NY, NY 10012, 212-614-6464). BURTON JOHN TRAVIS $13.13 BROWN BEVERLY G 45434-0247 CARTWRIGHT NAOMI BRADLEY FRANCES M. BJ21 .E84 2006 45314 FAIRBORN $1.60 2237 CREEKVIEW PL 45385 v-a-jpeg-31.jpg 45324 Subject: Parent and child Fiction. ADAMS GLENN G 45324 FAIRBORN CLAUSSEN KATHRYN BEAVERCREEK $17.99 CONRAD ALEC R XENIA YELLOW SPRINGS BEAVERCREEK 1570 BURNS CT 45385-5734 $408.57 FAIRBORN $88.20 DEPOSITORY GUARANTY MORTGAGE CO 45431 JAMESTOWN $22.67 If you chose to strike shortly after the end of the work day (often before a security guard arrives), watch for the maintenance crew. These fellows usually drive a truck loaded with fuel and lubricants. It is their job to top off the diesel fuel tanks to prevent water condensation overnight. Often they check and adjust the levels of lubricating oil. Because of this, they may work a couple of hours to service a large number of machines. BELLBROOK W WASHINGTON ST $2.40 PO BOX 340625 ALLISTON KRISTIN E FAIRBORN 45324 1864 MONTGOMERY AVE $62.81 BUTLER GORDON E. DAVIS BEN H Subject: Drug control--United States. $1.29 45432-2052 2030 VILLAGE DR A $145.15 45335-1633 CRAFT RYAN L Subject: Suicide victims--Family relationships. BUTCHER JOSH L BISHOP DEBORAH BRUCKNER DONALD G BOEDECKER KIMBERLY W BEAVERCREEK ANCANS SANDRIS XENIA $22.00 1161 CIRCLE DR DAYTON $127.28 EDWARDS DAVID L $23.00 $70.36 Subject: Information technology. 68 SOUTH MAIN ST 45324 v-a-jpeg-5.jpg $7.05 Dictionary of the English language. 3892 N LAKESHORE DR $20.00 BATRES MANUEL OR 45324 $100.00 464 S MONROE ST 45384 BIANCO LOUIS Owner Name $2.50 DAMON CREDIT UNION 45324-3227 $2.61 BEIN SEAN M/% BEIN PETER 45305-1724 1003 FACTORY RD 45433-5361 N -- FINE ARTS -- For Photography, see Technology P -- LANGUAGE AND LITERATURE Q -- SCIENCE -- Math, Computers SPRING VALLEY 45324 Some billboard bandits have made their own chain saw mufflers. These have been four times as large as the stock muffler, but absorb almost the entire engine sound — 90 percent quieter. If you’re mechanically inclined, you might try making your own heavy duty muffler. 45324-2039 1245 E MAIN ST The market is flooded with books, tapes, and seminars teaching stress reduction. But closing your eyes or systematically relaxing muscle by muscle is impractical when the law is breathing down your neck and you must be totally alert to your surroundings. For this reason, a simple stress reducing breathing exercise may be most suitable for all stressful situations. In addition, it’s something you can do in public without drawing undue attention. CULBERTSON JAY A 221 ARCHER DR $27.42 $13.62 45305 $55.00 45324 45431 $1.57 The “bionic ear” is little more than an amplified microphone that plays back through a set of headphones, but it could be useful to the lookout listening for the footfall of a night watchman. A small parabolic dish that attaches to the mike for higher gain is usually available as an option for a small added cost. These devices are widely advertised in hunting magazines. Total cost is about $110 to $130. Owner Name 45305 1360 N FAIRFIELD #B1 EDWARDS JONA L 456 IVANHOE DR CARPENTER RANDOLPH 839 FLINTRIDGE DR 4040 SNYPP RD 3595 ROSEHILL DR 218 NORTHWOOD DR The so-called “Anti-Drug Abuse Act of 1988” (Public Law 100–690, 100th Congress) became law in November 1988, amid great media hoopla. This document is well worth perusing despite its 350 pages. In addition to containing a number of provisions which seem to sacrifice some of the most basic civil liberties for the “war on drugs,” PL 100–690 also contains clauses, added as “riders” to the original legislation, that haven’t the remotest connection with fighting drugs. $78.00 3103 SEARS RD 657 S MONROE ST $173.40 45370-0000 45324 $762.98 — Igor Sikorsky CATANZARO EMILY A COINER MARJORIE W BEAVERCREEK DUDASH WHITE BEATRICE DAYTON 2295 KEMP RD 119 SUGARBERRY DR $50.00 EASON SHAWN PN4738 .T56 2006 $23.41 BURGESS THERESA 45324 $10.00 282 XENIA TOWN CEDARVILLE Personal author: Safina, Carl, 1955- FAIRBORN 3761 WAYNESVILLE JAMESTOWN RD $68.52 FAIRBORN 274 BELLAIRE DR CONNOLLY JOSEPH W JR $17.65 581 MARGARET DR Smoke Bombs $26.00 BLACKWELL TEIAKISHA $90.00 DARIIMAA BATNASAN 868 S MAPLE AVE 2404 S LINDA DR 873 HOOK RD $16.71 AIRWAY CONSTRUCTION/% BEAVERCREEK GLASS CHRISTOFF CHRIS $735.43 184 PAT LN $24.71 Besides butyric acid, caproic, capryllic, and caproanic acid all smell like goat. One standout in the field is n-butyraldehyde, a sublime melange of vomit, goat, sweat socks, babyshit, and bilge water. As long as we’re ruining backhoes and earth movers, why not try n-butyraldehyde there? In the engine block of a Caterpillar (or an executive limo or Lear jet) it does not go away. A drop or two of this stuff will last for six months or more. Almost no one would be willing to drive a machine which smelled like n-b, and the resale value is naught. Isovaleric acid is even more revolting than n-b. $10.00 YELLOW SPRINGS $75.60 45431 BAIR JAMES EDWIN FAIRBORN 1 DOLLAR CENTER BEAVERCREEK 664 SMITH AVE LOWER $210.00 XENIA BEAVERCREEK $15.50 $30.00 1913 SURREY TRL 3123 BONNIEVILLA Watch out for video cameras. Parallel chainlink fences spaced five feet or less apart may indicate that motion detectors are in use. Small microwave antennas may be motion detectors. 22 DUPONT WAY DIX KRISTIN A 815 E MAIN ST BEAVERCREEK 45324 45324872 45305 BRESNAHAN KEVIN B $116.49 ECKERT AMY C 2370 FIELDSTONE CIR 222 GARDENDALE DR YELLOW SPRINGS YELLOW SPRINGS 658 HILLCREST DR $7.00 XENIA 45431-2619 103 DORIS DR 502 W S COLLEGE ST DAUNTON JAMES A battery-powered shock rod or cattle prod could keep you from being attacked by a dog. $127.70 45432 XENIA $14.42 $17.21 HV4915 .A635 2007 $6.10 $16.51 CAUDLE MARK D 45387-1420 45387 FAIRBORN 5017 CHESWICK CT APT C BELLBROOK YELLOW SPRINGS 45324 45433 $55.00 BRADFUTE BARBARA FAIRBORN $164.16 PO BOX 1112 Address Subject: Middle-aged women Fiction. $30.00 DAYTON 45335 BOOHER DEE A WILBERFORCE 4500 BURKHARDT AVE. $64.51 BLOOMFIELD MITCHELL $20.00 BEAVERCREEK $3.60 45324-0000 FAIRBORN 45387-1518 $36.18 CROUSE DANIEL R 45431-2488 $150.97 CICCJETTI RICHARD BELLBROOK BLACK MARGARET L $105.57 45324 2662 JENNY MARIE DR 10889 HADDIX 45433 45324-2790 267 W FUNDERBURG RD APT 1 45305 BROOKS A 45432-3721 2077 NORTHERN DR 2310 DUNCAN DR #7 FAIRBORN $97.55 FAIRBORN DAYTON 45324 BROWN THOMAS M 5688 HICKAM DR XENIA 321 SOUTH HIGH ST BRIGGS ISRAEL XENIA $14.56 CLAPSADDLE GARY E 2938 ROYAL-TROON WAY APT DIXON CHERIE Maintenance Facilities — If you can gain access to garages, fuel trucks, or maintenance yards, contaminate any fuel and oil you find. Add water to diesel and dirt and sand to oil. Also, put diesel into any lubricating oils you find. APPLEGATE KIMBERLY A EDWARDS STEPHEN R & CONSTANCE 2154 PINE KNOTT DR Last, and perhaps most important, studies in Minnesota and New York have proven that sign-free highways are safer. The incidence of highway accidents was found to be related to the number of billboards and the distractions they provide to drivers. In short, roadside advertising is a threat to public safety. 4473 MOSS OAK TRL YELLOW SPRINGS 45385-5223 $6.16 $1.00 109 BUCKEYE CIR 251 JACOBY ROAD XENIA 2110 ROCKDELL DR APT 2 Events in the years since the above was originally written (1985) and revised (1990) have underscored its message: ABAGAILS INC $0.92 BREWER MARY L 45324-0000 45385 PCF BOX 10774 1025 S MAPLE AVE 45324-4884 WRIGHT PATTERSON AFB DIXON TONYA R 45431 45385-0000 FAIRBORN $15.20 RPs may be placed several ways. Perhaps the simplest and most common is to set a hub and tack a given distance from the station (remember, it will probably be a “PC,” “POC,” or “PI” station). The hub and tack will be placed to the side of the roadway. In extremely hard ground a nail will probably be used instead of a hub and tack. The distance will vary, but it might be as far as 50’ away, although the distance has a lot to do with visibility. Then a second hub and tack (or nail) will be placed a number of feet beyond the first one, on a tangent (straight line) leading to the station that is being RP’d. Thus, if the original station is obliterated, by lining up the two RPs and measuring the distance it is possible to re-set the station. It is important for the prospective monkey-wrencher to check carefully for RPs when removing survey stakes. If you don’t find any on your first couple of “PC” or “PI” stations, it is probably safe to assume that there aren’t any, but if they are present a thorough job of monke 4435 KNOB HILL DR I am happy to endorse the publication of Ecodefense. Never was such a book so needed, by so many, for such good reason, as here and now. Tomorrow might well be too late. This is a book that will fit handily in any saddlebag, in any creel, in any backpack, in any river runner’s ammo can — and in any picnicker’s picnic basket. No good American should ever go into the woods again without this book and, for example, a hammer and a few pounds of 60-penny nails. Spike a few trees now and then whenever you enter an area condemned to chainsaw massacre by Louisiana Pacific and its affiliated subsidiary the U.S. Forest Service. You won’t hurt the trees; they’ll be grateful for the protection; and you may save the forest. My Aunt Emma back in West Virginia has been enjoying this pleasant exercise for years. She swears by it. It’s good for the trees, it’s good for the woods, it’s good for the earth, and it’s good for the human soul. Spread the word-and carry on! 45324 $40.96 $484.43 670 N KING ST 45431 $2.00 45305 Amount BEAVERCREEK Owner Name XENIA 4125 BEECHWOOD DR 45324 45432-3035 FAIRBORN FAIRBORN $3.88 117 W SOUTH COLLEGE ST BELLBROOK 45314 45324-5646 FAIRBORN 2750 ABW PSC BX 10742 45370 $10.04 JAMESTOWN DAYTON $5.23 DADRAS PARVIS ANDERSON LISA 45324 JAMESTOWN $16.49 909 WINESAP DR SPRING VALLEY 541 LEDBETTER RD FAIRBORN 45324 Title: The definitive book of body language / Allan & Barbara Pease. CANTERBURY TISHA 1460 EDENWOOD DR 45431 4407 BURKHARDT AVE #C2 45431 5563 GROSS DR 1651 ASHMONT CT Eugene Roddenberry Jr. XENIA ilustrado por David Diaz ; traducido al español por CLARK SELINA 45370-7049 XENIA $77.00 XENIA 45431 45324 45431-1036 CALLAHAN SHARON 45385 BARLOW CHARLES E FAIRBORN 644 WISCONSIN DR 1006 VICTORIA XENIA City BEAVERCREEK FAIRBORN $50.00 45431 BEAVERCREEK $51.40 BORDERS HAGER 45431 CARROLL GERALD W Subject: Soldiers--United States Biography. FAIRBORN 45431-0000 BOX 588 CONLEY C. 45324-6578 XENIA $18.75 DEVALL DAVID A XENIA DAYTON XENIA 45385 Other Tire Flattening Methods DUBBERT CAROLYN Z 45387-1327 DAYTON CRYDER LISA Many of the more portable types must be cooled using special gas cylinders. As the gases run out (usually a matter of hours), the sensitivity of the device drops, reducing its effectiveness and forcing the user to recharge it. When you’re out of cylinders, you’re out of night vision. DAVIS VICTORIA Title: Kate Greenaway's Mother Goose / introduction by James Thorpe. BELLBROOK BELLE KAREN M EASLEY CAROL Y Amount EHRHART JAMIE 245 ORVILLE STREET $53.94 BOWRON CATHERINE C Personal author: Cohan, Tony. BELLBROOK Penelope Penelope Wilhern (Christina Ricci) is cursed, and the only way out of it is to fall in love with someone of suitable stock. But how can she possibly find her soul mate when she's sequestered inside her family's sprawling estate with only her parents (Catherine O'Hara and Richard E. Grant) to keep her company? Oscar winner Reese Witherspoon co-produced this unconventional fairy tale about a girl who bucks convention to make her own happy ending. BROWN VIOLA Light reflections off the face are rarely a problem in night-work. Still, if for certain jobs you feel reflections could be a problem, tone down bright spots by rubbing a little burnt cork across the forehead, on the cheekbones, on the top of the nose and on the point of the chin. Never spread the blacking all over the face — hitting the aforementioned high spots lightly is sufficient. This form of night camouflage is rarely used, mainly because it makes the user stand out, and anyone observing an individual so made up would almost certainly conclude that they were engaged in some illegal activity. In certain wilderness operations, however, it may even be beneficial to use camouflage face paint (available at sporting goods and bow hunter supply stores). How-to books for bow hunters may be your best guide. Anyone using either of these techniques is advised to carry a couple of packets of moist towelettes (like “Wash ‘N Dry”). These should be carried carefully safety-pinned into a pocket (make sure that the pin 45440 45305-2030 $0.41 $15.00 If you are interested in more detailed information, such as the names of individuals owning a business or a particular piece of property, a little bit of investigative work in the library or at the county courthouse can usually produce results. City directories or business directories (such as Cole’s or Polk’s) may tell you who lives at a specific address or who owns a business. In most states, the office of Secretary of State usually maintains records of corporations incorporated in that state. You may be able to obtain copies of these records for a nominal fee. Finally, your city or county recorder has public records on deeds which show who owns what land or buildings. The tax assessor has public records of property taxes which also indicate ownership of all properties. Also, the “Grantor” and “Grantee” books record all real property transactions alphabetically by names. Anyone can ask to see this material. $16.28 XENIA $1,581.00 CARTER WILLIAM L Use any available pretext to examine the building layout. Dress like a typical businessperson and stroll about purposefully. Stop in as a pedestrian to ask for directions to a nearby building. Conservative-looking team members can inquire about renting office or convention space, and perhaps get a tour of the facility from the building supervisor. Always have a prepared story in case you are questioned. For detailed information, one of your team could try to get a janitorial job in the building (quit well before the hit, needless to say). 45385 BAYS I M $2.59 45324 CHARLES THURMAN 2086 CLEARVIEW DR XENIA Oil-Access Points 1386 COMMONWEALTH XENIA $20.00 164 GILBERT AVE CHESSMAN AMY E FAIRBORN Subject: Borderline personality disorder--Treatment. 2170 ZINK RD ZIP $0.23 5653 BURKHARDT RD. $2,037.20 XENIA 45305- AUSTRIN EILEEN Field Note BREWER PERNIE R FAIRBORN CARPENTER AARON D Drivers must not give police any probable cause to stop them. In some cases, however, just being in an area may constitute enough probable cause. $0.09 YELLOW SPRINGS FAIRBORN 36 ROWLAND 45324 45324 To keep the diesel fuel from running off the bulldozer or other object to be burned, soak rags (cotton are better than synthetics) in diesel fuel. Other absorbent materials — like sawdust or straw — can also be used. Stuff the soaked rags in the engine if it is accessible, under exposed wiring, hoses, and gauges, in treads or around tires, and in the cab under the dash. As little as two gallons of diesel may be enough if used in this way. Place the rag soaked in solvent alcohol on the diesel-soaked rags and light it. 758 DOWELL AVE BEEGLE SEAN 2046 JASPER RD $16.00 $6.44 In rural areas, forest and range roads may offer avenues of escape. If you have thrown your pursuer off the track, this may be a good time to rid yourself of any incriminating evidence. But don’t just drive to the end of the road and then walk off into the forest or desert to bury the goods. An experienced tracker can detect what you’ve done after a brief examination. Instead, stop at some random point along the road, preferably at a spot where rocks, hard ground, or a thick bed of pine needles allow you to walk without leaving footprints. Make sure that nothing you dispose of could carry your fingerprints. Burn all papers, maps, etc. (Obviously, if you think a pursuer is still somewhere in the vicinity, don’t start a fire.) After disposing of the incriminating material, leave the area and play dumb if questioned. 2978 IDAHO FALLS DR XENIA FAIRBORN SPRING VALLEY DAN LIN $0.20 $12.71 45370 CROSS SUSAN CRIPPEN MICHELLE M KETTERING YELLOW SPRINGS 45387-1725 *** AIRTOUCH ESPP ACCOUNT **** ADAMS JEFFREY L 2940 DAYTON XANIC RD BOSWORTH RITA BELLBROOK DOHSE ERMA G 45324 Amount CUMMINGS EDITH 45432 The secretive and little-known National Security Agency (NSA) has the capability to monitor by computer all telephone calls in the United States. NSA shares its information with the CIA, FBI, and other agencies. Assume all pay phone to pay phone calls are monitored and can be traced if the people give out incriminating information. The NSA’s monitoring computers are programmed for certain words, phrases, or telephone numbers. For details, see the article on the NSA in the Summer 1989 issue (Number 32) of Covert Action. There is only one way to be absolutely certain that phone calls concerning monkeywrenching are not being recorded or monitored by the NSA — do not use the telephone to discuss any illegal activities. BOIVIN DUWAIN E BELLBROOK 45324 DAYTON HEART CENTER ACORD DAVID E 1735 HEATHERWOOD TRAIL Owner Name 267 W FUNDERBURG RD APT Address 45324 1390 RAYBELL DR 1877 SUPERIOR AVE #A CHALAMALASETTY RAJANI $60.89 $28.79 $495.00 218 W DAYTON DR 343 LAWVER LN $18.73 SPRING VALLEY 5095 WYNSVLLE JMSTWN Forward! BEAVERCREEK Subject: Drugs, Nonprescription--Periodicals. BLANKEN CHRISTOPHER $17.12 280 SPINNING RD $23.95 860 W HYDE RD 3627 SHAWNEE TR $0.24 45385-9620 4943 DENNY LN $32.19 45385- 45431-0000 ALLEN ULYSSES 45433 CYPHERS MICHAEL 5097 W ENON RD $33.48 Explicitly stating incriminating things in response to vague comments from you or others. FAIRBORN BEAM ROBERT D SR 2336 WELLER LN 45431-2937 XENIA 3421 FAIRWOOD DR 1042 PARNELL DR 889 OAKDALE DR 313 DAYTON AVE $54.43 $20.52 BEAVERCREEK 4944 WOODMAN PK DR #9 BEAVERCREEK Subject: Illustration of books--United States--19th century. 959 S BELLBROOK RD FAIRBORN success in every student / Randall McCutcheon and Tommie Lindsey. FAIRBORN Address FAIRBORN 4590 US ROUTE 68 N 349 N BROAD ST JAMESTOWN Subject: United States--Politics and government--2001- Humor. DAYTON 45324-2302 Title: China's new dawn : an architectural transformation / Layla Dawson. 1740 MONTGOMERY AVE. With your stencil completed, there’s nothing left to do but use your imagination. Go out and leave your message wherever appropriate. $5,687.04 $54.68 45385-6601 452 COLONIAL DR BAYAN GHAWAMEDIN 45324-3936 By listening at home, you will learn to understand much of the jargon you hear and to decipher the radio codes in use. Most common is the “10-code” that assigns meanings to numbers from “ten-one” to “ten-ninety-nine.” Study the ten-codes in directories and pay attention to what you are hearing. Often an explanation of the call will be broadcast in plain English and in the 10-code. In the Forest Service, because of confusion over the 10-code among users, there is now a trend toward communications in plain English. The Park Service, on the other hand, continues to use a 10-code, perhaps because of its greater emphasis on law enforcement in day-to-day operations. $50.00 $10.00 DAZIENS PATRICIA Hydrochloric — available at chemical suppliers. Don’t breathe the fumes. XENIA DIXON MATT $0.82 YELLOW SPRINGS 45324 CLARKSTON KIMBERLY S 957 WILLOW CT $13.86 N CHURCH ST BARLOW LAURA FAIRBORN You can also remove the culverts, using the come-along or a vehicle to drag them out. First dig all the road fill off the top of the culvert and free an end enough to get a choker on it. Using pole A-frames and fairleads as necessary, pull upward on the end of the culvert, lifting it out of the road. Use the come-along or a vehicle to pull on the cable, through tackle as necessary, and then bend the culvert when one end is free, leaving it half buried in the road. FAIRBORN Title: Life evolving : molecules, mind, and meaning / Christian de Duve. 4195 FOX FERN CT $23.45 $17.00 CONNOR EDWARD A DAYTON BEAVERCREEK $104.31 BEAVERCREEK $50.00 $0.08 DAVIS KEITH FAIRBORN 413 CHERRYWOOD DR Most big ranches are heavily mechanized, with a variety of vehicles and equipment used in their daily operations. These include bulldozers, backhoes, tractors, heavy trucks (both for hauling equipment and cattle), and horse trailers. These vehicles are often parked around the ranch house, but when they are being used for particular projects (building a stock tank, say) they are apt to be left out in the boonies for a few days and nights. The usual techniques for disabling vehicles and heavy equipment can be applied to ranch equipment. FAIRBORN AUGENSTEIN SHEILA K $18.29 $27.30 CHAP PARENTS ASSISTANCE GROUP G AFT RMP 45385 To get some idea of the destruction and suffering wrought by trappers, examine these “body counts” for a typical Western state (Colorado) for the 1982–1983 season (a one year span): DAYTON $98.33 $3.00 45324- 4134 W ENON ROAD $19.99 BEAVERCREEK 1852 NORTH LAKEMAN AVE YELLOW SPRINGS 45324 8 UPPER HILLSIDE DR $50.00 DAY KENNETH W $15.00 ADAMS LORI 45324- DAYTON Attacks on Corporate Offices 45314 94 LORETTA AVE # M $16.09 BASKIN JONAH T 45431-3393 XENIA $42.00 CYPHERS NORMA J CAMPBELL ANDREW LARKEN XENIA 2622 HILLSDALE DR BEAVERCREEK $11.00 45432- 45324-5420 BUDDELMEYER CLETUS L COBB NICHOLAS 2818 TORREY PINES WILBERFORCE BLAZER ALICE M BEAVERCREEK OHIO COUGYENOUR RUTH Subject: Technological innovations. FAIRBORN 45324 1541 STORMY CT COX JAMES W FAIRBORN 45305-2015 blank spacer line SPRING VALLEY FAIRBORN $32.99 2266 LOWER BELLBROOOK RD 5219 SAUM ST 112 LAWNDALE AVE 234 YORKSHIRE LN XENIA $11.75 $2.76 $10.00 XENIA 45385-2913 $94.33 DUNN DEBORAH DELOR 45385-2000 672 OMAR CIRLCLE BOX 472 XENIA 45387 $12.00 FAIRBORN 45431 $8.40 City CARPENTER ANTHONY S XENIA $17.94 45305 45324-2269 XENIA foreword by Boris Fishman. DUNLANEY ALFRED R BARNETT PATRICIA V 671 WILSON DR $500.00 45385-0065 HN90.I56 L37 2005 1830 SR 725 5834 WILLASTON DR BARTLEY KENNETH L FAIRBORN 45385 Subject: Consumer satisfaction--United States. ADKINS JOHN W YELLOW SPRINGS CONNER SUSAN $25.00 45305 500 N CENTRAL AVE $53.40 Pinning 1008 STONEYBROOK TRAIL 45431 $87.99 JAMESTOWN $13.00 DEMPSEY ANDREA L 45431-1346 RIVERSIDE DAYTON BURKHART STEPHANIE It is best to have a member of the team on shore in a position to observe the ship. Equipped with a radio, this person would be able to notify the eco-mechanic of any approach by unwelcome people. CONDEMI TINA L 45324-2056 45385-3745 45370 FAIRBORN 2844 JOY DR Address 45324 Subject: Outer space--Exploration--United States--History. Thompson’s Water Seal spread over your spray-painted slogan may render it more resistant to industrial strength paint removers. Using it, of course, complicates and lengthens the job, thereby making it more dangerous. 174 DIANA LN N $35.00 31212 HEMLOCK 45431-0000 Headgear 2314 DUNCAN DR #6 45324 BATTI HARI C 364 LOCUST ST Title: One with Nineveh : politics, consumption, and the human future / Paul R. Ehrlich and Anne H. Ehrlich. XENIA XENIA Obtain a broom handle or another solid, strong but lightweight wooden pole (see illustration, #1). At one end, cut out a wedge, half the width of the pole. Fit a flat metal bar to the remaining wood (#2). About one foot from this bar (or the height of your spray can), attach a support clamp on which the can will rest (#3). Fit an angle bracket on each side of the pole, about 8 inches from the end (#4). The spray can should fit between these brackets. Tie a length of plastic coated wire to the flat metal bar (#2) and feed it through a hole in the support clamp (#3) and screw eyes attached the length of the pole (#5). This wire, when pulled, will press down the nozzle of the spray can and paint will spray out. An optional extra is the roll-top of a deodorant bottle, fitted to the support clamp (#6). This will help maintain an even distance between the spray can and billboard. You may have to experiment a bit to get the right measurements to fit a can of spray paint. DAYTON 3036 LEWISTON DR DAVIS ALLIN J $35.76 BELLBROOK 1460 MARTIN WAY BLVD $11.84 606 ABILENE CT C $62.00 $108.00 FAIRBORN XENIA 45385-9340 $0.05 DEGILLIS LAURA 27 CACTUS CT CEDARVILLE 1272 BELLBROOK AVE DAYTON $133.00 $14.56 4813 HASSAN CIR APT 4 45335 BELLBROOK $1.23 DC 16 .L487 2007 DAYTON 2466 PERIWINKLE BAJAJ TARUN $17.97 Flashlights may be essential for night operations. See the section Eyes of Night later in this chapter. Watches are needed to coordinate the timing of actions, drops, pick-ups, etc. Any reliable watch with a lighted or luminous face will do. Particularly useful are waterproof digital watches that feature an alarm, a stop watch with an alarm, and a timer with an alarm. Get one with a button to light the face. Black, of course. A flexible terry cloth wrist sweat-band in a dark color, available at sporting goods stores, will cover up the tell-tale light and protect the watch from abuse. $53.44 2979 COURT FRANCES DAYTON $95.00 $50.00 3107 CLEAR SPRINGS ROAD $1.95 45385-1140 $109.24 $289.42 $2.00 45305- $0.20 1267 CHANNINGWAY DR APT E 45335 45387-0000 $100.80 45324-6100 BROOKS CLIFFORD A BADENHOP MARY CHAPMAN KELLY S 45385-2332 119 BROWN AVE 126 N WALNUT 420 VINE ST 4097 BEECHWOOD DR 45314 FAIRBORN BROWN LORENZO $16.06 45324 45432 45385-9100 ABUGUYAN IBRAHIM 2103 CRAB TREE DR BEAVERCREEK 45431- $82.33 1168 BEECH ST 45385 Subject: Fiction--Authorship. 45324 BENJAMIN PHILLIP M $105.05 332 W GARLAND AVE Subject: Export marketing--Social aspects. 333 HILLSIDE RD 45434 XENIA XENIA ZIP 45305 While clay slopes can be dug off, too, there is an easier method in some places. With practice you can spot a slope that is trying to slide off. The shoulders of the road will be cracked and slipped in a series of step-downs. If there is water on the uphill (inside) side of the road, stop up the drainage so that the ground becomes soggy. Dig holes to help the water penetrate the subsoil, and once the clay becomes saturated, it will slide. 45385 $11.62 XENIA $0.21 UNKNOWN ALFORD JOHN M & SHIRLEY F DAYTON 45324 574 SMITH AVE 45431 $0.02 5168 COBB DR DAYTON 45385-2311 $84.31 $62.13 45432-3237 The Forest Service earmarks specific timber sales five years in advance. Moreover, in their 50-year Forest Plans, the Freddies conveniently identify all of the concentrations of “commercial” timber in each National Forest — and all too often, they openly acknowledge that they intend to cut almost all of it, sooner or later. (See “Target Selection” in the Basic Security section in the Security chapter for secure means of keeping posted on what an agency is up to.) Study the data and identify areas of critical interest to you that appear to be threatened. With plenty of advance warning, you can act deliberately and precisely. Title: Kiss, bow, or shake hands : the bestselling guide to doing business in more than 60 countries / Terri Morrison and Wayne A. Conaway. Cut, smash, and pull apart corrals. Corrals are expensive to repair or replace, and are necessary for ranching operations. Do the same to pens, chutes, loading ramps, stock scales, and other structures. They can also be burned. (Keep in mind that such use of fire constitutes arson and carries additional penalties.) 9140 CLYO RD $170.85 CEDARVILLE 2195 ROCKDELL DR #6 CARLIN RAYMOND 45385 BELLBROOK 876 E CHURCH ST CONRAD BRANDI XENIA $248.56 Then: 2100 ZINK RD According to an AP wire story in February 1992, the FBI is spending $82 million on a research effort to improve their capability to bug digital phone systems (such as cellular telephones). The Pentagon is spending even more money on similar research. Evidently the FBI was caught with its pants down when drug dealers, Mafioso, and white-collar criminals began using cellular phones and over-the-phone transmission of computer data. Having fallen behind the times, the FBI has found it difficult to locate and unscramble such digital transmissions when they are part of a steady stream of thousands of simultaneous transmissions over the wires. Subject: Digital libraries--Collection development--Statistical methods. 2109 BONNIEDALE DR CHARLES VERNON DARRYL Personal author: Cohen, Morris L., 1927- $3.00 2150 ROCKWELL DR 82 CHAMPION RD $1.00 BRANN CHRISTINE $0.15 45385 (c) Implement the applicable legal provisions for the conservation of nature and the protection of the environment; 45432 DODGE CARL $34.46 BRIGGS CHARLES C BRATTON MARY D $13.41 $6.10 Headgear is important in some situations for warmth and disguise. Knitted wool watch caps are both commonplace and comfortable. Wide brimmed hats hang up on brush and tree limbs and should be avoided. Ski masks and bandannas can be used for disguise, but their use may constitute an additional violation of the law. Do not lose your headgear at the scene of an action. It will contain samples of your hair. EDWARDSON 45324-3010 $33.58 $105.29 Services $17.43 JAMESTOWN CYPHER GENEVIEVE 57 E DAY YEL SPGS 45324-3267 $1.66 32 FORESTDALE AVE Field Notes $57.62 45385 45385 A simple way to test ceramic pins for metallic content is to run a magnet over them. If you detect any significant magnetic attraction, the pins probably contain ferrous metals, and maybe susceptible to metal detectors. 45434-0000 31 W XENIA DR Each person who receives or touches the original letter should write a statement outlining how they handled letter and whom they passed the original letter onto before it was placed in zip lock bag. Each person who touches the original letter may have to be fingerprinted in order to eliminate their prints from suspects for identification purposes. The fewer the persons who handle the letter, the more valuable the letter will be as evidence. $22.68 BELLBROOK 1471 SENECA DRIVE DAYTON $1.00 1589 MAUNEE 45385 $70.00 45314 FAIRBORN 45432 Subject: Sex discrimination against women--United States. 5580 BURKHARDT RD Field Notes Lookouts equipped with radios can improve your security greatly! BRESLEY VIOLA $22.98 45385 YELLOW SPRINGS FAIRBORN YELLOW SPRINGS $1.88 606 RICHARD DR 2034 MISSISSIPPI COLORCRAFT FAMILY PORTRAITS The air speed indicator is a little five inch projectile that sticks out of the “nose” of the helicopter. Whack it good. They’re easy to ruin and expensive to replace. Damage also the cargo hook, which is on the belly of the machine. Remember, the more diverse the damage you inflict, the longer the machine will be shut down. 45324 CULTICE DAVID L BERTSOS DANIEL J DAYTON 1803 NUGGET CT 345 MADISON FAIRBORN ADAMS JEFFREY L FAIRBORN 45335-1331 FAIRBORN DAYTON Tracking Address XENIA $12.61 BELLBROOK CORNETT NANCY $572.62 45324-3725 $1,355.66 ALAM CHRISTINE M 45324 San Francisco nearly destroyed itself / Philip L. Fradkin. 677 MARSHALL DR $4.68 45324-0000 DAYTON XENIA COLLINS RICHARD W BORONDY JON COOK GLORIA 3935 SUMMIT RDG $0.74 CALLISON DARLENE 412 DAYTON ST. PS3568.O855 A77 1997 $1.84 $14.70 BARCUS D M 5607 GREENCREST DR FAIRBORN $2.13 FAIRBORN CRAWFORD DAVID J BURR RAYMOND C When insulators are shot out, the line quits carrying power and has to be shut down until the point of disruption is found and repaired. A helicopter may have to fly several hundred miles of powerline to find where it has been monkeywrenched. Monkeywrenching at a number of locations on the same night compounds the utility company’s problems. FAIRBORN 3820 UPPER BELLBROOK Title: World poverty. COX MATTHEW DONOHUE MICHAEL 45314 BAUM DAVID C Owner Name $1,096.96 $50.27 45335 45324 16 S DETROIT ST BROOKS GERALD W 3115 BEECH HILL DR $57.56 45335-9717 DAYTON 45432-1601 2363 DUNCAN DR #19 625 NEVADA DR FAIRBORN $167.22 $2.46 $483.48 FAIRBORN $184.72 BRANDEL RODNEY BARNETT JEFFREY A XENIA Collection / Virginia M. Mecklenburg ; with an essay by William Kloss. BRABSTON MARY O Headgear 45433 45370-9584 CEDARVILLE ZIP CARLIN RAYMOND G When a stake is offset, the distance of the offset is written at the top of the stake, enclosed in a circle or oval. The writing on the stake faces the direction of the station. If you find such a stake, you can usually find the actual station by roughly measuring the distance written on the stake and searching for a nail. Sometimes a stake may be offset several feet from a hub, particularly in hard ground. A hub can sometimes be successfully driven into ground hard enough to shatter the thinner identifying stakes. DEWINE ENTERPRISES 45387 45432 $100.00 The Forest Service has also begun special anti-monkeywrenching training for their law enforcement specialists. Park Service and Forest Service cops have been identified at Earth First! and other conservation group meetings. They are taking monkeywrenching very seriously. But they can’t touch you if you rigorously practice the security precautions in this chapter. Carelessness will put you in jail. CAIN WENDI L $18.31 BEAVERCREEK P. O. BOX 6628 STATE ROUTE 734 $39.43 BEAVERCREEK BELLBROOK DAVIS DYER GIOVANNA C $0.57 407 JUTEWOOD CT 45324 The basic principles of surveying are the same as for roads, and you will find a profusion of hubs and tacks, nails and stakes around any major construction site. The main thing to keep in mind around a construction site is that reference points, or RPs, are almost certainly used for all major points of significance. This is because as soon as actual construction starts, all of the hubs, nails, and the like marking important locations get ripped out during excavation for the buildings, even though it is absolutely necessary to relocate all of these points. Therefore, well away from the building site you will find numerous RPs. A proper job of monkeywrenching will require removal of all of these, in addition to the hubs, stakes, and such on the actual building site. 45385-3913 CLIFTON the in-culture approach / M. Isabel Valdés. 143 WASHINGTON ST #3 The most damaging form of software sabotage is the virus or “logic bomb.” Hidden instructions are inserted into the operating program to initiate erasures at a given signal. Further damage can be inflicted by hiding other “logic bombs” in the electronic data files. The storage capacity of computers, coupled with their high speed of operation, can make the detection and neutralization of logic bombs very time-consuming and costly. $2,626.84 YELLOW SPRINGS 45385 SPRING VALLEY 1293 GULTICE RD DAYTON $11.52 FAIRBORN Check a dead-end jeep trail before you spike it. It is best to flatten some-one’s tires when they are goingin, not coming out. XENIA 45324 $4.03 45385 C/O TANYA ELLIFRITT 45385 4357 ALLEGHANY TRL 45324 ABIODUN MOHAMMED 2133 CAROLINA DR XENIA 45385 $55.12 45324 45431-3124 Before heading into the dark, allow your eyes to adjust to the dark. Five minutes in the dark without looking at bright lights is the minimum necessary, and it’s best to wait half an hour before entering a dangerous area. Any bright light can temporarily ruin one’s night vision. If it becomes necessary to look into a lighted area or to use a flashlight, cover one eye so as to retain some night vision in the other. Using a flashlight with a red lens filter will not damage your night vision, but beware that even a red light will be visible from some distance away. When looking at something at night, do not stare directly at it. Everyone has a blind spot in the center of their field of vision. It is easier to see an object at night by keeping the eyes constantly moving than by looking directly at it. Practice by taking walks at night. And eat your carrots! $149.28 FAIRBORN FAIRBORN 45324 BECK PAUL H 2818 TORREY PNES 3060 BEECHHILL DR 1404 KEVIN DR 1037 E. SECOND STREET $432.73 3257 STREAMVIEW CT. $1.52 XENIA ent installation is that the tire will pick up the nail and carry it away for a while. This ensures that the biker won’t be able to pinpoint the exact spot where the nails are deposited. A disadvantage is that these nails will probably go through a tennis shoe sole, so you don’t want to set them where runners will go. A single person can scatter hundreds of these nails in a short time. They can also be scattered caltrop fashion in order to evade pursuers, although many of the nails will not fall point up. EATON JARRY J $237.93 45385-2913 CLARKE JUDITH FAIRBORN DUTEILD WILLIAM R FAIRBORN EDWARDS C B 45385 $80.00 BARTLETT WILLIAM H 287 FIELD ST BAUGH ETHEL P $10.00 HQ115 .P76 2006 XENIA 45431 $150.00 45324 Personal author: Dewey, Jennifer. 2940 DAYTON XANIC RD 45324-5769 $70.75 2493 COLDSPRINGS DR 1848 SURREY TRL #10 BEAVERCREEK $3.98 Subject: Pacific Coast (Calif.) Guidebooks. 45431-1517 XENIA 1809 ROBIN HOOD DRIVE 45432-4002 DILLON CATHERINE E CARMAN NOVA J $11.98 UNKNOWN 45324 123 E ST PO BOX 136 The absolute best approach is to run like hell. Know your neighbors. If they like you they may tip you off to suspicious men asking questions or parked in the neighborhood. This also helps you spot strangers in your area. 126 E LIMESTONE ST 915 CASCADE DR $23.41 2642 LANTZ RD $95.00 4172 WHITEGATE DR 93 OUTERVIEW DR 45434 AGEE MARK 119 BROWN AVE XENIA FAIRBORN 585 SO MONROE 45431-2256 Subject: Modernism (Art) $2.40 FAIRBORN FAIRBORN DAYTON DRUHE KATHY M 5200 SPRINGFIELD PIKE AMU EZIM I Overgraziers who operate in particularly sensitive areas (Wilderness Areas, National Parks and Monuments, National Wildlife Refuges, etc.). $6.00 1435 SOUTHGATE AVE $21.95 117 W SOUTH COLLEGE ST 467 W. KREPPS ROAD Address 2540 STEWART RD 45324 Field Notes 45385 2120 S HELENWOOD DR 2798 EDWIN DR $714.43 UNKNOWN SPRING VALLEY 611 N GALLOWAY ST 45434 $4.03 45431 BISHOP MARY A FAIRBORN $6.20 2946 KINGS GATE BLVD 1465 GREENE LAKE DR Subject: Burma Fiction. A devoted oboe educator, she presents clinics to band and orchestra directors on How To Play and Teach The Oboe. Brenda teaches privately and is a freelance orchestral and chamber musician and studio-recording artist in the San Francisco Bay Area. $21.00 $3.30 1259 CHISOLM TRL $37.69 ATTN: HALLIE Q BROWN MEMORIAL 2162 HELLER RD $42.17 XENIA XENIA 45431- $220.88 1971 CONNECTICUT DR 2144 NATIONAL RD 45305 COLLINS BERNICE M 1834 MAPLE AVE 59 DIANA LN W 45432 45432-3213 City $3.63 BRADLEY CYNTHIA M Drug Searches 45434-6760 BAUER GEORGE M 45431-1316 98 W 3RD ST DAYTON CULHAM JAMIE A 45324 45335 $0.21 23 CHERRY ST 3353 CEDARWOOD DR 2725 VICKIE DR BRADLEY AARON E Field Notes 45431 45324 City $8.00 45324 Rock Types 45324-4334 $0.14 45431-2477 FAIRBORN 45370 2479 INDIAN WELLS TRL BASINGER HEIDI 4430 STRATFORD DR BUELL MARY EDWARDS BILLY P $2.00 CASTRUCCI AUTO MALL FAIRBORN $10.40 FAIRBORN $116.24 $21.95 Monkeywrenchers are very conscious of the gravity of what they do. They are deliberate about taking such a serious step. They are thoughtful, not cavalier. Monkeywrenchers — although nonviolent — are warriors. They are exposing themselves to possible arrest or injury. It is not a casual or flippant affair. They keep a pure heart and mind about it. They remember that they are engaged in the most moral of all actions: protecting life, defending Earth. BEAVERCREEK 45385-8514 45434-6629 FAIRBORN $0.24 — Leonardo ABLING THERESA J 26 E WASHINGTON ST JAMESTOWN 45335-1651 $1.00 XENIA 45431 BAKARI IDDI A BISHOP HAROLD L FAIRBORN WRIGHT PATTERSON AFB CARTER ROGER E 45370-0000 PS1732 .G37 2005 If you are in jail, the prisoner sharing your cell may be an undercover operative, usually a “jail-house snitch” who routinely seeks information for the authorities from talkative prisoners. Finally, the prosecution may attempt to place an informant in your legal defense committee. 45432 DAYTON $33.60 As the incidence and effectiveness of monkeywrenching increases, targets will be “hardened” with the addition of various security measures. A basic knowledge of how to defeat these security additions is therefore important to a successful campaign of ecotage. FAIRBORN 45385-4921 2326 GUERNSEYDELL 1850 STONE RD BRADLEY GARY D 5517 ILA COURT 45432 1590 N FAIRFIELD 45370-9102 BURKHARD JERRY L SR $50.24 1353 JOYCE DR 600 CHESTNUT ST BLANK JENNIE L 3482 WILMINGTON DAYTON RD 122-2 WEST DAYTON-YELLOW BLOMMEL RICHARD A ASIKELE EDWARD 45431-1077 DONOVAN MARJORIE ANN $195.00 239 GLENMARY AVE. 45324-3760 YELLOW SPRINGS EAKINS TARYN D 45440 2075 BEAVER VALLEY RD 1639 WOODMAN DR DAYTON 45385 $16.95 640 EAST 3RD ST 1623 FORESTDALE AVE $7.60 Field Note CAROL MILLER E WHITE HALL DAILEY MICHAEL J 3030 ELEAZER RD $75.28 CLAIBORNE EKEMLYNNAI RFD 1 45431-1920 899 ANKNEY RD FAIRBORN 4215 WELLER DR DAYTON 45431 45385-1515 45324 JAMESTOWN DOWNING DANA L AVERETT KENT FAIRBORN 568 DAKOTA DR 7898 COURT RIDGE LAN $10.68 45385 Drop a teaspoon of iron filings into any opening of a computer. This will send it careening off course. Fine sand or clay will serve in a pinch especially if washed down with Coke or Pepsi. Drano or nail polish remover also work well. JAMESTOWN YELLOW SPRINGS F592.4 2006 45324-0000 5375 MIDDLEBURY RD BRINGMAN KRISTINA M DAVISON KENNETH W EST $953.33 $8.00 117 W SOUTH COLLEGE ST Finally, we discourage the importation of diseases or disease-bearing parasites into the Western open range. A recent newspaper article reported on the 60 cowboys employed by the Department of Agriculture to patrol the Rio Grande from its mouth to Amistad Dam to keep out Mexican cattle. The Mexican cows are infested with ticks that carry a disease organism causing so-called Texas fever or cattle fever. The article reported that if the cattle fever tick became established in the United States, it could cause $5 billion worth of damage a year to the cattle industry. Besides the possible biological dangers, trying to smuggle these ticks across the border to the public lands grazing states would be personally dangerous and would be counterproductive. 45305 $57.30 XENIA WILBERFORCE BIXBY WILLIAM 819 MCDOWELL PL 304 ARCHER DR DAYTON BEAVERCREEK DAYTON BEAVERCREEK $9.47 XENIA $5.28 XENIA FAIRBORN Monkeywrenching is individual XENIA 45431-1834 DELANEY GREG K BEAVERCREEK 45324 FAIRBORN DAYTON CUTLIP BOBBY 3878 FERRY RD 45387 45430-1826 $4.53 DAYTON 4365 ARDONNA LN $32.00 2843 GRAMERCY PL COCHRAN JAMIE XENIA Field Note Subject: Hanukkah Juvenile literature. 1465 HOWELL RD 1249 CEDARCLIFF DR 45431-1180 1735 HEATHERWOOD CLOUD VERONICA P O BOX 135 BELLBROOK BEAVERCREEK BELLBROOK v-a-jpeg-43.jpg YELLOW SPRINGS XENIA DAYTON BOEDECKER BRITTANY 5252 KETURAH DR BROWNING VERONICA D XENIA DYAMOND MINDY L $95.00 XENIA $0.86 ANDREWS WALTER PO BOX 402 $121.92 1619 MARDON DR 1525 XENIA AVE ACKLIN LEEANN The primary way to investigate computer hacking is tracing phone calls. You can minimize risk in several ways: WRIGHT PATTERSON AFB Council of National Library and Information Associations. CLUTTER LINDA A ARMSTRONG ROBERT E 2324 IVY CREST DR BEAVERCREEK XENIA BAIN BRIAN L 4340 BLUE ROCK RD XENIA 2333 DUNCAN DR APT1 Subject: Pilates method. 4850 CELTIC DR XENIA DAYTON 5215 THURLOW ST COX GEORGE $2.07 45305 $14.08 BEAVERCREEK DAVIS CASSANDRA DAYTON $11.02 COOK WANDA K 261 FAIRVIEW CR $2.88 920 N DETROIT BAKER CRAIG E $110.00 45316 $1.00 45431 BARRETT SHARON L $1.87 ALEXANDER JOSEPH W & P 45432 Protection Sleeve — Homemade protection sleeves are made of a thick inside layer of soft cloth and a durable exterior of heavy canvas or old car tire (see illustration 9.8). The sleeve is held out to the attacking dog, who will grab it and then become more vulnerable to blows or the effects of specialized weapons. XENIA BAHER BARRY 45385 $1.00 500 LOHNES DR PO BOX 51 $94.99 CALLADAN PETER J CEKIC ORHAN CONOVER DONALD W 45335-0000 Amount 45431 BELLBROOK 1032 MAIN $50.00 $85.69 BROWN VELLA M ALPHA $2,121.77 103 MEEHAN DR COOK ROBERT E 45324 45385 $381.33 CARON DANIEL S Be sure to avoid leaving fingerprints anywhere on your spike- and nailboards, and on your tools. $10.86 45434 CONVERY CARA MARIE $29.99 $15.39 45432-1760 BRUCKART RACHEL T $0.93 2936 FOREST LAWN DR $7.44 45324-4869 DONNALLY MICHAEL W BONNIE RICHARD J $79.72 45324 Address v-a-jpeg-41.jpg PO BOX 608 45385 DAYTON A radio transmitter. The following vehicle with F-men stays out of sight. Transmissions indicate general location and movement of the suspicious vehicle. BEAVERCREEK XENIA 45385-0000 45305 CHO JON H $99.86 Subject: Feminism. $50.00 $0.28 CUMMINS M S 45432 $160.22 By using the following, field-tested techniques, you can make trapping difficult — if not impossible — for even the most experienced and dedicated trapper. Remember the wolf. FAIRBORN CASEY JOHN P 690 HOME AVE DAYTON 1255 DATE ST 1132 HURRON TRL BELLBROOK CEDARVILLE 1555 KENSINGTON DR 45385-0000 FAIRBORN 45432 45324 45324 BARK LILLIAN BOBBIT JESSE W AKERS JAMES G. FAIRBORN 3943 MIDDLE RUN RD 2030 VILLAGE DR A BEAVERCREEK $0.22 CARVER TIMOTHY A An undercover cop working under “light” cover may also have a false ID, but will most likely go home to his family and “real” life (usually in another city). Sometimes narcotics officers and other specially trained agents will be called on for these assignments. 45324 FAIRBORN ADEWUSI BENEDICT FAIRBORN $36.17 $101.61 45385 CONNOLLYSMITH JOAN Any good geologist can fairly accurately pinpoint where rocks of particular types come from, so it might be a good idea not to collect rocks from your property or even nearby. FAIRBORN BREWINGTON ELIZABETH K FAIRBORN 9) Do your culvert plugging before the rainy season or snowmelt in your area. That way your plug need not remain undiscovered for a long time. Otherwise, small backups of water might be visible from vehicles on the road and Forest Service or other road crews would be able to unplug the culvert before a major runoff seriously damaged the roadbed. Watch weather reports and try to plug culverts shortly before major storms are forecast to hit the area. 45431-0000 Used clothing stores such as those operated by Goodwill or the Salvation Army can be sources for cheap, throw-away clothing (don’t set a pattern of frequently buying such items at one store and becoming known by the clerks). Again, coveralls (dark) may be best, although “work” shirts and pants are probably adequate. 1624 PENCE PL JK8716 .K67 2006 $18.12 CUMMINS VIRGINIA A good cover for owning such a light and for carrying it in the field is that of the prospector or rock hound. A rock hammer, sample bags or bottles, and a copy of any of the good rock and mineral field guides completes the look, though you should read your field guide or any of a number of books specializing in fluorescent minerals (check libraries or lapidary stores) to be at least slightly conversant on the subject. 117 OLD YELLOW SPGS ANDERSON KATHLEEN A Disadvantages of Mountain Bikes CLIFTON DRAKE KIM 1929 DRAKE DR 45324 BLACK WAYNES S XENIA FAIRBORN BEAVERCREEK $103.75 1 1/2 S CENTRAL ROGER STREET 45305 BALL MARIETTA FAIRBORN DAYTON $66.22 Personal author: Cadbury, Deborah. BYRD CURTIS H $1.00 1594 US RT 68 S $14.59 2011 STATE ROUTE 72 N 481 ACKERMAN PL COULTER SANDRA DEANE REED 1971 GRANGE VIEW DR FAIRBORN ALOHA TRAVEL AGENCY HF5415.1265 .S774 2006 $6.72 78 BRENT DR 117 W SOUTH COLLEGE ST 45387 FAIRBORN 45385-5415 ALLARD WALTER 3091 MILL POND DR BELLBROOK 1874 SURREY TRL 45385-4355 BEAVERCREEK YELLOW SPRINGS BAMBACH CAROL J XENIA 45335-1531 CLEMENS RITA P CLASSIFIED COLOUR ANDERSON MARILYN J 164 S ORANGE ST BEAVERCREEK 3460 HOGEYE RD FAIRBORN CIMINO TERRY 3076 WOLFE DR Note: Don’t use a copying machine where you are known, or near your residence or place of employment. Don’t repeatedly use the same copying machine. Investigators may be able to trace a copy to the exact machine that produced it, due to irregularities in the glass, etc. We have heard that copy machines may leave some other kind of identifying characteristic on photocopies which can be traced to the specific machine. 1326 SPILLAN RD 877 E THIRD ST. 2465 CYPRESS POINT RD UNKNOWN FAIRBORN 45385-4638 Disadvantages of Mountain Bikes 2421 W JACKSON RD Subject: Public health. $51.20 1432 WILEY ST C/O JENNIFER J BIGGS SAWYER FAIRBORN $578.99 45385 You can determine trap locations by careful surveillance of suspected trappers. Observe from a safe distance to see where the driver slows, stops, or uses a spotlight to observe trap locations. If the trapper checks his traps every morning, or on weekends, find an observation post on high ground and use binoculars and a note pad to chart his movements. 502 YOUNG DR ALKAREH CHADY Title: That's what leprechauns do / by Eve Bunting ; $15.98 XENIA 1472 DAYTON XENIA RD 6157 US 35 E 45324-4540 1410 TOWN HALL RD BROWN NICOLE A 2260 WEDGEWOOD DR $450.00 BEAVERCREEK BELLBROOK BERG EUGENE L Back to Top XENIA BROOKS MARSHAL BROWN PITTS RITA L BENNETT JUSTIN L 2145 N FAIRFIELD RD E BEAVERCREEK JAMESTOWN Read the directions on the aerosol can. The can must be inverted to work — if it isn’t, you’ll just inject gas. Keep foam off clothing, skin, tools, etc. It’s very sticky and will not dissolve in common solvents. 45324-4927 $0.15 BEAVERCREEK YELLOW SPRINGS $395.00 45385 COALT SHERRY E $95.31 BROWN MARK W 647 HIDDEN VALLEY CT $28.65 DOMIOONE HARRY $175.03 DAYTON DAYTON $115.28 45431 BURDEN RAY D $62.28 ZIP FAIRBORN $149.00 City 63 WELLS AVE Subject: Yellowstone National Park Pictorial works. CLARK SARAH XENIA Subject: Disaster relief--Louisiana--New Orleans. 678 SULLIVAN CT 45324 45385 $50.00 85 OLD DAYTON YELLOW SPGS Subject: Globalization--Social aspects. 385 E MARKET ST 45385-9384 3933 BEECHWOOD DR 45385-4621 4501 AIRWAY RD $494.14 BAUMER RUTH E ESTATE 218 NORTHWOOD DR 45385 COTTON VERNELL City $11.10 JAMESTOWN 45431-1409 These private undercover operatives have been repeatedly used against the environmental, anti-nuclear, and animal rights movements. $83.29 10038 HADDIX RD DAYTON ALLEN ULYSSES BONE DEBBIE $109.39 ANDERSON JAMES GREGORY $0.16 BARNHEISER GREGORY $55.72 45324 An attempt to intimidate you into allowing a search may begin with a simple question like “Do you have any firearms or drugs in your vehicle?” Avoid looking startled and always answer “no.” Even if you’re simply carrying an unloaded firearm in the back, if you don’t answer “no” you may find yourself running afoul of a state law or local regulation you didn’t know existed (and sure to ruin your vacation). Never consent to a search, even if you’re completely “clean.” The first hand experience of witnessing a frustrated cop go through the motions to intimidate you is valuable for the monkeywrencher who may risk later encounters with law enforcement. $0.47 BAUMAN HANNAH E 45324- 45432 KF4748 .W53 2004 BEAVERCREEK BRINSON WILLIE CHRIST DIANA L RHETT DR BALDWIN SHARON 119 W 2ND ST APT 408 605B W PINE 45385 BONN BERNARD J JR Subject: Youth--Drug use--Prevention. 1705 WILBUR 45324-2212 BLACK KELLYNE 45385-1815 45385-9334 45385-0000 $9.99 ACORD DAVID E 45324 ALDINEH MAHMOUD Field expedient noose stick. Be sure to select a strong and relatively straight stick or branch. 45385-4024 3041 AXE DR 854 TOMAHAWK TR DAYTON 1332 ORCHARD VIEW CT ECKMAN JOSEPH R 45324-6338 BREWER ASHLEY J ASHURST DENNIS J 45434 ECTOR BERNITA E BURR FREDERICK CULUMNS HOWARD $11.00 Software sabotage calls for locating the remote terminal access for the system (if it has one). Hackers obtain their information from the thousands of “bulletin boards” operated by individuals and computer clubs, from the professional “data retrieval services” set up to provide businesses with reports on competitors (allowing hackers to pinpoint their various operations and narrowing the search for the computer facility), and sometimes by automatically dialing the phone numbers around the known company phone number until a computer answers. $0.66 BROWN FREDERICK $106.54 BEAVERCREEK 45335 $2.01 CARRERO MARJORIE TIRINNA $2.92 DAYTON BRUNDIGE JOSEPH SPRING VALLEY 181 WYNSTONE CT UNKNOWN $1.00 303 E CHURCH ST BARAWI JIHAD A BRIM WAYNARD G 45385-9351 Subject: Internet. $19.01 XENIA YELLOW SPRINGS BREEDLOVE CAITLIN E $312.84 $5,100.00 DAVISON KENNETH W ESTATE OF $36.93 2980 STATE ROUTE 380 BELLBROOK 45385-3232 DAYTON BUSCH CHARLES JR $80.00 2405 GRAYLING DR APT B EASTERLING EARNEST PO BOX 1053 45305 45431-0000 $63.40 XENIA 514 ANTRIM DR 45335 RIVERSIDE 3869 JODI DR. $15.20 CALVARY FELLOWSHIP YELLOW SPRINGS BLANKENSHIP ROBERT B II $5.99 AD SERVE TERM CRAIGHEAD ROBERT L JR 45387 BUTTERWORTH HARRISON 317 DAWNVIEW AVE XENIA Amount 2462 BROWN BARK DR v-a-jpeg-47.jpg 337 N BRD STT 1846 NEEDMORE RD DS208 .T48 1991 $2.85 Personal Interviews 45431-0000 FAIRBORN BYREDDY CHAKRADHAR 93 HILLCREST ST CREAMEN LAURENCE W 3061 CLEAR SPRINGS RD $20.00 AVERY JACK L 1179 REID AVE ALLEN LARRY $32.06 $29.52 $46.00 45432 FAIRBORN 9140 CLYO RD FAIRBORN $43.00 FAIRBORN $142.19 $133.07 45324 4881 SUGAR MAPLE DR Step Twelve: Retreat. Take your time. Don’t rush and risk falling and hurting yourself. Leave your tools behind. If possible, padlock the engine room door shut after you leave. This will buy the sea more time to sink the ship if the sabotage is discovered right away. To save the ship, high-volume pumps must be deployed into the engine room before it sinks. Every minute of delay is crucial to prevent the saving of the ship. For good measure, to deter any ship savers who might show up, you can empty a tear gas or CS/pepper spray canister into the engine room as you exit. (Save a last blast to coat the door knob.) It is a serious crime to take tear gas on a commercial airplane. Don’t do it. [Editors’ Note: See the objections to the use of tear gas elsewhere in Ecodefense (pages 314 and 322, for example). Many ecodefenders believe that pepper sprays are just as effective and much safer (see page 318).] FAIRBORN 4194 WINTER FOREST CIRCLE XENIA City 45431 BOEHRINGER GWYN E ASHBRANER MARGARET A 45387 YELLOW SPRINGS These devices aren’t cheap but when used well they’re worth a lot. Besides after you’ve gotten R.J. and his buddies paranoid, think what a beer can painted the color of your smoke bombs (and hooked-up to make them think it’s real) will do. By the time they get the bomb squad out there to collect the evidence, they’ll have wasted an hour or more. Then when they start up something else; poof! goes the real one. Be creative. Rig the porta-john door. Use them for early warning devices on protests to slow the bad guys down and to let the protesters know where they are. BALDWIN MARY FAIRBORN $295.56 FAIRBORN 45431 PS3573 .O558 Z477 1990 $1.50 FAIRBORN 155 HOLMES DR BLAIR EDWARD E DRAPPO LOU 45387 45324 CLAYBURN HEATHER CHATTING WALLY M DAYTON 2190 ROCKDELL DR #2 The simplest, and often most effective, way to inhibit vehicle travel is with “road spikes” (previously discussed). But for a variety of reasons, you may want to employ additional methods of stopping traffic. You might want to make the damage look like an act of nature (or at most, of vandalism). You may wish to prevent quick repair of the road. As each “road spike” is found, it can be removed, whereas some of these techniques will necessitate major repairs. On occasion, the money, equipment, and initiative to make the repairs will not come together, and they will be postponed. Numerous instances of damage to roads will multiply the effects and eventually large parts of the transportation infrastructure on public lands will be abandoned. In this era of high federal deficits, construction and repair of controversial roads that are continually being sabotaged will be recognized as pouring money down a rat hole. 45335 $65.38 BEAVERCREEK 2635 JADE RUN NUMBER 5 BEAVERCREEK 2479 INDIAN WELLS TRL FAIRBORN ACKLIN LEEANN YELLOW SPRINGS BADGER KATRINA A & M AGRI SVC RT 1 45324 BECKER MARGARET 45385-4887 70 CLINTON ST $14.00 1115 FREDERICK DR COATS LINDA 1760 CLIFTON RD $50.40 COLE ANGELO D CHARLESTON CHARLES Such disguises are most effective if they can be quickly removed before one escapes the area or enters the getaway vehicle. The simplest method is to discard a garment while exiting the area. For example, a light jacket or second shirt worn on top of the first shirt (both bought at Goodwill) can be discarded in the trash, an unlocked closet, elevator, rest room, etc. Never discard a wig in this manner as it will invariably contain some of your hairs. Another disposal/quick-change method involves passing the items to a confederate totally different from you in appearance (for example, passing a brightly-colored shirt and wig from a man to a woman), with the receiver smuggling the items out in a large purse, shopping bag, or briefcase. This same person can also smuggle the disguise items into the target area for donning just prior to the hit. 45385 45324-7164 BALOGH ANDY $65.02 $39.00 BARONDES CHARLES 45385 $200.00 BEALE KIM Subject: Cold War Fiction. $20.00 COLLIER JANE $12.60 XENIA 45433-7114 $63.32 WRIGHT PATTERSON AFB 240 ARDMORE DR 2986 WAYNESVILLE JAMESTOWN 45324 $21.00 $50.00 CULBERTSON BARBARA 735 DAYTON ST. 45385-3342 CHENEY STEPHEN 428 OAK LAWN DR 45385 FAIRBORN $10.29 XENIA 45335 Address FAIRBORN 45431-1352 $63.96 131 LYNNHAVEN DR FAIRBORN XENIA DAYTON YELLOW SPRINGS 227 W LARWIN AVE $860.25 CEDARVILLE 2306 DUNCAN DR APT 11 45431-2160 ABLING DAVID 1429 RT 42 S XENIA 45385 $25.00 COATES JILL C DECKER BRIAN D Even if you only paint one billboard a week, you’ll cost the corporations between $500 and $5,000 per year, depending on your thoroughness; and, of course, money is the only language billboard advertising companies understand. Nothing will get those ads down faster than if their profits are reduced by escalating maintenance costs. Still more important than this financial factor is the effect that the revised ad will have on those who read it. XENIA BROKESHOULDER SOLOMON 45324-1828 DAYTON FAIRBORN FAIRBORN $14.01 Propiopromazine HCL (Tranvet) BAXTER REGINALD $71.00 45324-3221 BELLBROOK GRAVEL INC/% WEATHERFORD BILL BELLBROOK MEDICAL CENTER INC $71.07 BEAVERCREEK 30 WOODCROFT 45434-5827 BREIDENBACH JOYCE E 45370 $225.00 2120 FERRY RD A single pipe can turn a vital river into a festering toxic sewer. Imagine the reaction at the plant when the foul stuff oozes back into the executive parking lot instead of into an unsuspecting river. 323 S COLLIER BERGERON PAUL XENIA 45431-0000 $6.64 DAYTON XENIA 3933 BEECHWOOD DR Minimize footprints and disturbed ground by walking the same path in and out. This is especially important in snow. $5.75 45324 COLLINS RAYMOND $66.25 XENIA 45385-0000 $36.52 45385 45324-442 6521 APPLE GROVE DR 45385 DAYTON 45387-1511 CHAMBLISS MARY FAIRBORN Delivery of butyric acid can be made from remote-controlled small model airplanes by the intrepid eco-defender who wishes to command an eco-defense aircraft carrier. Model airplanes are also very useful for crashing into ship’s radar and radio equipment. $2.00 2180 VEMCO DR $875.61 3845 BUTTERFIELD DR FAIRBORN 45324 45432-1877 $61.38 EACHUS D CHINAS BEST 45370 FAIRBORN $84.00 ECKMAN JOSEPH R $14.00 $130.00 3364 US RT 42 E ALTMAN HEATHER $2.96 $187.51 117 S SMITHVILLE RD 45385-4641 45324 XENIA DEAMICIS LIBERD T Michael Fain, the FBI undercover agent, and several confidential informants in the infamous Arizona Five set-up, are classic examples of the above types of infiltrators. $109.50 Subject: Adult child sexual abuse victims--Counseling of. 45385-9431 SPRING VALLEY YELLOW SPRINGS $0.57 FAIRBORN 2020 N DETROIT STREET $13.01 $30.00 1360 SENTRY LN FAIRBORN 2103 EL CAMINO DR DAYTON 629 WYCKSHIRE C 1311 KEVIN DR C/O MARK BRUNN 114 DICKEY AVE. 45370 45385 $65.00 DAYTON BOYER DENNIS 45385-1928 $15.75 $146.50 SPRING VALLEY XENIA BERRY JOHN F JAMESTOWN Subject: Southeast Asia Guidebooks. $36.64 F869.S3975 Y36 2003 45385 $963.76 1113 HARSHMAN RD ANDERSON HEATHER L YELLOW SPRINGS BELLBROOK CAMPBELL MARY Subject: Belgium Guidebooks. 45432 45384-0306 And because I wasn’t a dedicated collector, but a kid who didn’t really know what I liked yet, I would often come home with a weird assortment of fanzines I’d never heard of or what cheap “collector’s items” I could discover in the dealers’ bins, like an animation cel of Captain America from the Marvel Super Heroes TV series, or the one and only issue of Simon and Kirby’s Captain 3-D, which plummeted in value when someone discovered a crate of mint condition issues in a warehouse in the late 70's. 117 W SOUTH COLLEGE ST 1047 GLEN KEGLEY DR 45335 4953 WESTMORELAND CT APT D EDWARD JONES C/O PATRICIA COLLINS FAIRBORN PO BOX 146 356 TRITT LN CORBAN WILLIAM T. BUSH LINDA G $60.80 4439 HILLCREST DR $17.69 XENIA COOK LOUIS $12.33 YELLOW SPRINGS $186.80 CEDARVILLE Some monkeywrenchers have tried saving trees from being cut by marking them with paint as “leave trees.” This is accomplished by marking a tree with Forest Service orange at four and a half feet and at ground level on two sides. There are now traceable isotopes added to FS leave tree paint, so look-alike orange paint may not be as effective as it once was. If you find a friendly in the FS willing to part with some FS orange, remember that in applying it you will probably get some of it (and the tracer) in your hair, clothes, etc. and this could be evidence against you. AFIT ACADEMIC LIBRARY BEAM BRIAN ATKINSON TRACY L. 45385- 6103 ROGERS RD 2490 FERRY RD 712 MOUNT VERNON DR BELLBROOK FAIRBORN DAYTON Monkeywrenchers need to acquire new skills to keep up with the spreading computerization of industry. Virtually all commercial operations plundering the planet depend to some degree on computers. A two or three week shutdown of computers can cost a large company millions of dollars, and even small companies and contractors are becoming addicted to high-tech services for planning, payroll, inventory, and countless other essential functions. HQ1426 .H675 2000 $0.42 BEAVERCREEK BOLE REBEKAH 438 MARGARET DR 1179 LAMOUR LN APT E HN980 .T452 2006 $175.00 $284.40 45370 $14.52 45431 1790 STATEHOUSE CT 45324 415 BELLBROOK AVE PO BOX 131 CORWIN JULIE 251 N MAIN ST #2499 45305 $6.00 $111.90 CHANNEL GEORGE E & FERN L MRS 45431-1462 714 N WEST ST #2 2104 PT WILLIAM LUMBERTON RD Address $82.00 XENIA 500 LOHNES DR 2577 VALDINA DR $11.80 2333 MISSISSIPPI DR 45434 2030 SPRING CREEK CIR 121 WELCOME WAY FAIRBORN DAVIS TERRY $14.00 207 CATO DR BARNETT JEFFREY A 45384 XENIA BURNETT LINDA R COUCH CHARLES 45324 366 VINE ST 45335-0067 BENJAMIN AMY XENIA DAYTON BRASHEAR DANIEL FAIRBORN XENIA 274 ZIMMER DR 45431 FAIRBORN 45324-4036 4132 GARDENVIEW DR $0.42 XENIA 1412 BELLBROOK AVE 990 FRED JOHNSTON DR DONG GUOZHU FAIRBORN $0.52 4330 BAYBERRY COVE XENIA land and leaves the local economy in shambles when all the big trees are cut and the main office decides to pull out and move to greener pastures. DUFF MINERVA 45324 BLAIR PATRICIA JAMESTOWN UNKNOWN ASSOCIATED LAND DEVELOPME ASSOCIATED Helicopters Slashing Tires XENIA CEDARVILLE WRIGHT-PATT CREDIT UNION DEMAREE ROBERTA L $12.20 1957 N LAKEMAN DR 45324-2430 Personal author: Gladwell, Malcolm, 1963- 45432 XENIA 45370 BO BINZHE POB 106 Where to Place Road Spikes DS554.42 .C625 2004 BLUE MONIQUE R BEAVERCREEK BARLEY E. N. $55.19 45324-2737 BELLBROOK DEYO JARROD K YELLOW SPRINGS 45432-3631 FAIRBORN Remember that a cutting torch is very bright and makes you visible at a considerable distance. It will of course be more visible at night. If possible, use a screen. Have lookouts who can warn of approach a considerable distance away. 45335-1470 JAMESTOWN Title: Introduction to paralegalism : perspectives, problems, and skills / William P. Statsky. 45324 UNKNOWN EDWARDS MARJORIE S 45324-0000 45385 2540 STEWART RD Title: Stanley Saitowitz/Natoma Architects, Inc. : buildings and projects / 45431-2101 45431- 45431- XENIA 45335-9506 XENIA 1905 W 2ND ST CLINE EDITH CORSON BARRY L BUSHDEATON MARJORIE J $104.80 XENIA 45385 DAYTON $100.00 BOVA J E BULL ERICA M COFFEY SHANNON M $46.45 Dropping a billboard face-up will allow you to inflict additional damage by spray-painting across the front of the advertisement. Basic Tool Kit CROWE DONALD 45305-2119 $2.00 45324-8736 $0.94 BRINDISI THERESA DOSTER ALISON 45305 CEDARVILLE $1.10 $203.47 45324 City 21 PARKWOOD $29.95 BRADY RACHAEL A BARNETT JEFFREY A $1.98 3774 FERRY RD 3877 LAKESHORE 423 N ALPHA BELLBROOK RD BROUGHTON BRUCE E 45324-3326 FAIRBORN Don’t use long extension cords to power the saw as this will cause a loss of power through voltage drop. BarBara Luna BITTNER RICHARD L JAMESTOWN KF8745.O25 B57 2005 CHRISTOPHER RANDY YELLOW SPRINGS $11.39 Since the publication of the first edition of Ecodefense, several prominent monkeywrenchers have been arrested and jailed. One, Howie Wolke, received six months in a tiny cell for pulling up survey stakes. He has publicly stated that he was caught because he was careless and let his security down. Don’t follow his example to the slammer. DEMOCKO MARY K 2089 CLEARVIEW DR RC537 .K3665 2006 FAIRBORN FAIRBORN BREWER RAY $81.38 45301 3578 OLD OAKS DR 69 DICKMAN DR $565.43 45434-6245 AYERS RICHARD 2135 MOHAVE DR 45387 Chapter 8: Propaganda CEDARVILLE 1018 E RICHARD DR FAIRBORN 1831 HILDRETH DR $98.85 45385 City Rebreather or scuba tanks $66.46 Two Champions of Shaolin Shaolin warrior Tung Chien-chen (Meng Lo) is injured in battle against the hated Wu Tang clan, and nursed back to health by a knife-throwing master. As he recovers, Tung learns this deadly art, and also falls in love with his teacher's daughter. But when a Wu Tang attack disrupts the young lovers' wedding, Tung must put his new skill to use as he seeks revenge, in this martial arts classic from director Cheh Chang. JAMESTOWN $100.00 Jack's character as Romulan Sub Commander Tal, from "The Enterprise Incident" is well known to ST fans. He counts his more current work in "Stigmata," "Retro Puppet Master," "Scare Tactics," "Buffy," a Revlon short film opposite Julianne Moore, among others, as some of his favorite roles. He's been cast to reprise the Bela Lagosi role of "Legendre" in a remake of "White Zombie," to shoot some time in Rome later in the year. BELLBROOK BEAVERCREEK XENIA After extensive film acting classes with Charles Conrad, Sean read for Paul Leavitt at the Gallery Theater in Hollywood. Starting with a small role as an Italian soldier, he eventually scored the lead role as the heroic figure of Father Fontina, who gave his life in place of a Jewish inmate at Auschwitz in Ralph Hocuth's disturbing dramatic play "The Deputy". Title: Motherless mothers : how mother loss shapes 1643 GREENLAKE DR FAIRBORN 419 N STAFFORD ST 45433 45385 $17.17 CLIFTON BRINSON ARTHUR CANTRELL RICHARD J JR Amount BENSON WENDY K 45324 The only tools you will need are a straight walking stick, three to four feet long, and two rubber bands. Go to an area of loose, dry soil that has a minimum of rocks, grass, and brush. Tracks are easy to see under these conditions, and you should start easy to acquire the basic principles. The best time of day to practice is early or late, with strong direct sun at an angle (this makes the shadows in the tracks more visible). DAYTON FAIRBORN 45385-2801 45385 $64.03 ARMAL TATAINA 2402 MALLARD LN #3 1543 SMITH RD BISTRUM KELLIE DAYTON 45314 45324 JAMESTOWN $0.82 Title: The authentic bistros of Paris / by François Thomazeau ; $14.96 ACKLIN LEEANN BIER RALPH XENIA BARR CLARK O 45324 DOKES CAROL L Personal author: Halweil, Brian. XENIA $96.90 $292.37 FAIRBORN CARRIER DARREN 45431 45305-2030 BELLBROOK 45385 BRYANT ANGEL 45387 4614 PENN Wild areas commonly have rugged terrain, else they would have been explored and drilled years ago. The advent of “portable” crews has overcome terrain problems for oil companies, however, and created problems for wilderness defenders instead. Portable crews arrive by helicopter and use lightweight cable and geophones, and a portable seismograph or “recorder” unit which puts the data on magnetic tape. To create echoes for the geophones to pick up, dynamite charges are set off in drilled holes or on the surface. These explosive charges do little damage to the landscape, but they play hob with any wild animals that may live in the area. In some areas repeatedly explored (oil companies don’t share information with one another, so redundant work is commissioned) Bighorn Sheep and other animals have moved away. 902 YELLOWSTONE RD $0.42 $12.00 Title: Alpha dogs : how your small business can DAVIS SEAN M 45431 DABE LEWIS W 45324 BELLBROOK Title: The contract with God trilogy : life on Dropsie Avenue / Will Eisner. XENIA 45335-1569 After considering all the possibilities, make a simple plan of action. Use your plan at the earliest opportunity. If you must remain in the area for a few hours .or more before your hit, keep yourself and your vehicle well hidden, but behave as though you are simply camping in the area. If someone stops to talk to you, or even regards you suspiciously, cancel your mission and enjoy your stay. There will always be other opportunities. 45433-5433 Beginning with 1979's Star Trek-The Motion Picture Shatner returned to the role he made famous on TV, and has appeared in the big budget sequels (even directing 1989's Star Trek V: The Final Frontier). He's shown an ability to spoof himself in Airplane II: The Sequel (1982) and National Lampoon's Loaded Weapon I (1993), but he's played it straight in his post-‘Trek' TV series, ‘Barbary Coast' (1975-76), ‘T.J. Hooker' (1982-87), and ‘Rescue 911' (1989). 809 S DETROIT 45324 BELLBROOK 45305-1151 2322 DUNCAN DR APT 4 DAYTON BAKER CHERYL DETWILER CHRIS $511.92 CROCKETT HAROLD J 467 W. KREPPS ROAD ANTIOCH STUDENT MAIL $2.27 2390 MURPHY DR 45431-0000 $18.35 In spiking a large timber sale, concentrate on the part of the sale closest to the main road as this will tend to dissuade the contractor from cutting the rest of the sale. (The Forest Service has allowed some logging firms to cancel the timber sale contract after encountering spiked trees.) 45370-0000 BELLBROOK ALEXANDER PATRICIA L COUCH SHARON XENIA $62.62 45385-2509 BAUSMAN TIM MRS 678 BUCKSKIN TRL FAIRBORN 45432 Personal author: Robinson, Marilynne. $19.96 DAYTON $3.38 DANG TRUONG 625 KOOGLER ST ATTN: HALLIE Q BROWN MEMORIAL 2641 CENTER CREEK CIRCLE DUMINSKE JASON T 45385 CAMPBELL JEFFREY N BELLBROOK Personal author: Barry, John M., 1947- 45385 $131.69 $260.33 We have directed much energy toward stopping 3-wheeled ATCs, dirt bikes, and the 4-wheeled (“Quad Runner”) ATVs. These abominations present problems different from those presented by 4 x 4 trucks and jeeps. For them, ecoteurs must be more exacting in their methods of manufacture and placement. FAIRBORN BLACK ERIN 45385 45324 1218 HERR RD FAIRBORN 45324 1259 CHISOLM TRL $2.48 EBCIN SEDAT DAYTON YELLOW SPRINGS DAYTON CLARK ARTHUR E DANNENFELSER RANDAL A 2275 D ST STE 10 POST F6 DAYTON 467 W. KREPPS ROAD 45324 45324 274 CARPENTER UNKNOWN 45370 FAIRBORN FAIRBORN BOX 439 159 W FUNDERBURG #D7 $91.80 45305-1214 DRAKE KIMBERLY DEJENE MELANIE BUTLER PATRICIA K SPRING VALLEY CEDARVILLE $0.55 2836 LANTZ RD DOLNEY BRIAN A DAYTON When you install (or change) the crystals in your walkie-talkie, retain one or two crystals for the official CB channels. Then you can communicate with someone using one of the newer CB sets which use a frequency synthesizer instead of crystals. These non-crystal sets can operate only on official channels. Until about 15 years ago, all CB sets were crystal-controlled. It still may be possible to find one of these old sets cheap at a flea market or CB repair shop. If you do, install it in your vehicle and put in crystals matching the ones you have put in your walkie-talkies. BELLBROOK 45305-1734 C/O JAMES L MILLS 45387- 163 City YELLOW SPRINGS PO BOX 33463 Step Ten: Open the valve. Stand behind the intake opening and open the valve. Immediately water will begin spraying into the engine room under great pressure. You will get wet. Open the valve wide. After the valve is fully open, remove the wheel and toss it as far away as possible. The water will now be roaring into the engine room. The noise will last until the area is submerged, which should take from five to ten minutes. $60.00 CLINARD MIRIAM R BARNHILL JEFF $51.94 BEAVERCREEK 4881 SUGAR MAPLE DR $50.00 1730 ARLIN PL C FAIRBORN 45324-2367 FAIRBORN $20.00 $13.00 45324 Security must be highly stressed for any anti-grazing activity. Although the actual number of welfare ranchers in the West is small, they generally control the politics of rural areas, most counties, and many states. Legal penalties are severe and date from the old days of the cattle/sheep wars and widespread rustling. A monkeywrencher caught in the act by stockmen may well wish he or she had never been born. Be careful. Damn careful! $56.61 BURK KEVIN Amount COLLINS JOHN M. YELLOW SPRINGS 843 JUNE DR 93 HILLCREST AVE 45385 FAIRBORN DANG DAO T $8.94 3401 PLANTATION PL 3442 KEMP RD $6.21 45431 BELLBROOK BABICKI JAREK KRZYSZTOF 45431 ZIP 45385 230 HAYDEN AVE 45210 45431 45324 BAUGHN J BRYAN DIANN FAIRBORN 45324 DRAKE PAUL E DAYE BELINDA $21.75 45305-9741 Subject: Central America--Antiquities. 45324 DAYTON 45431-1287 615 FLINTRIDGE DR CAMPBELL RITA A Owner Name 45314-8501 45324 $122.40 4052 GARDENVIEW DR 45370-9706 $164.48 If you detect fluorescent material with your UV light, remember to check anything else the material came into contact with, such as hiking/camping gear, car seat and floor, etc. Clean these surfaces and check again. Select a billboard that 1) advertises a product from a notorious eco-raper (ORVs, for example), or 2) lends itself well to being transformed into an environmental message. 45385-2255 BRUMBAUGH CHRIS XENIA $385.75 ABLING THERESA J 26 E WASHINGTON ST JAMESTOWN 45335-1651 $107.16 45385 $172.00 XENIA 45335 45324 $227.00 243 SHEELIN RD XENIA BREWINGTON JR $32.94 45324-9063 DEEL EVA R 2908 WYLIE DR 45387 BUCKMINNS HARLEY DAVIDSON COLEMAN MARY M 45432-1601 Learn how to age tracks by studying a line of tracks over a period of time (ideally checking them every day). Notice how wind carries small debris into the track, how the edge crumbles with time, how heavy dew or light rain alters the appearance. Lay down tracks in damp and wet soil and come back after they’re dried to learn from them. Sometimes just touching a track will reveal that they were laid down when the ground was wet (then think back to when the last rainfall was). With enough practice, the next time you’re prowling around a bulldozer in the woods, you’ll know when the last tracks were laid down, whether tracks walking past or around the machine indicate a security patrol, and whether tracks on nearby trails indicate possible surveillance teams lurking in the brush. $53.32 DAYTON 47 CHURCH $284.40 3157 CLAYDOR DR BRENNAN GEORGE M 580 32ND SP #24 4337 BAYBERRY CV 45385 DECARLO LAWRENCE F AUSTIN KENNETH $70.00 ywrenching requires their removal. Fortunately, RPs are also usually marked by stakes and flagging, so that the surveyors can find them again. 2543 BALTUSROL LN $10.00 $5.00 $0.41 $25.00 XENIA FAIRBORN $18.00 1436 GLEN VIEW RD 842 N GALLOWAY ST FAIRBORN 45387 $13.67 45385 YELLOW SPRINGS $93.02 FAIRBORN 45385-3341 5260 MELVINA ST $33.68 “Spud bars” are just long, heavy-duty pry bars. You can make a nice one cheaply by using a piece of heavy-wall steel box tube. Cut a slot in the end of the box tube, slip a piece of leaf spring in the slot, and have a welding shop run a bead everywhere the leaf spring touches the tube. Use the come-along to pull on the end of a log as a giant lever if even a spud bar won’t do the job. 45324 Title: This boy's life : a memoir / Tobias Wolff. 45370 XENIA XENIA CLARK JENNIFER $0.15 $3.00 158 E 3RD ST 2572 WILLIAMSBURG CT 45324-3211 XENIA FAIRBORN 45335-0000 Subject: Women. $32.00 BUSCHUR MICHAEL BOWMAN RICHARD $1.52 45324 PZ7.P1755 Te 2005 CEDARVILLE PO BOX 51 $483.71 $88.31 45324 $50.11 Keep in mind that every time a law enforcement officer stops to check any suspicious person or thing, a record is made of the event. Even if you are just briefly stopped and then released, that record may later be used to place you near the scene of an illegal activity. If stopped by a cop before you hit a target, cancel the mission. If stopped after you have already carried out an operation, go to special pains to destroy all evidence as soon as you arrive at a safe location. $79.00 ALPHA Subject: Economic assistance--Developing countries. 1928 GAYHART ST $43.90 1449 NEWGATECOURT C 131 MARSHALL ST 5090 COBB DR APT B 74TH MEDICAL GROUP SGSRTT 45324 246 N HIGH ST Starlights do not slowly go dim when the batteries run down. Once the batteries fall below an operating power threshold, the device goes off instantly, without warning. Again, the two-person rule helps immensely because, if you lose power with no partner, you may find yourself without your starlight and night blind to boot. 1212 PAINTERSVILLE NEW JASPER $2.62 45324-4901 246 HOLMES DR $341.28 4303 BREWSTERS RUN 377 N KING STREET 45324-9093 BROWN MARY 45385 45335 45431 $0.90 BOHANNON AUBREY W 150 FAYETTE ST $10.00 $12.15 45324- 1181 STEINBECKWAY 2374 MARCIA DR $1.00 BAIR KEVIN L FAIRBORN 93 HILLCREST ST XENIA BAKER ROBIN $530.16 1753 ARLIN PL APT E 45431-1410 Amount 228 PLEASANT ST N739.5 .K48 2005 4164 FOWLER DR 45324 45324 Subject: Frontier and pioneer life--West (U.S.)--Historiography. $25.39 FAIRBORN $14.03 5239 COBB DR 45387-1316 Subject: Nineteen seventies. 45385 3353 CEDARWOOD DR BEAVERCREEK Nailboards, made from strips of 1” or 1 1/2”-thick plywood with numerous nails driven through at an angle, are ideal for dirt bikes, whose narrow tires may miss rebar spikes. We recommend nails of at least 20d size, since smaller ones might be bent by the tires. This delayed-action fire starter can be used for burning things other than billboards, too. Check the section on burning heavy machinery in the Vehicles and Heavy Equipment chapter. BELLBROOK CHRIST DIANA BANKS ABEL 45431 45324- Subject: Ethnic groups in literature Bibliography. All fur shops are equipped with smoke detectors and sprinkler systems. A smoke bomb set off in a fur shop will set off the sprinklers and cause expensive damage. BAINES DESIRAYE L $3.08 BELLBROOK Few things can do more damage to a computer keyboard or any of a computer’s internal circuitry than the old classic Coca-Cola. America’s favorite soft drink is very acidic, chock full of electrolytes (conducts electricity), and will make keys stick forever. You don’t need to turn the computer on (and expose yourself to the risk of getting shocked, or setting off an alarm tied into the electrical system); Coke will do the work for you. Unless it is cleaned up immediately (which it won’t be if the job is done at night), the victimized mass of transistors will be a loss. BOATMAN ROBERT R 1170 COLORADO DRIVE Trap set at fence corner Subject: Developmental psychology. 3972 SOUTHVIEW AVE FAIRBORN $3.80 45385 ZIP Once you are ready to begin your sign-cutting campaign in earnest, commence information gathering. Map your potential targets in enough detail that you need only a quick drive-by to confirm the current accuracy of your data and to note any changes. This limits your exposure to possibly suspicious people while scouting for new targets. Land owners who rent space to sign companies, as do many farmers and ranchers, will be on the alert once the signs begin dropping. Get information as far in advance as possible. — Banana Slug 45385 CURTIS CINDY $0.15 $24.87 $0.43 CLEMENTS G M XENIA $526.70 FAIRBORN DAYTON $3.01 CEDARVILLE COCHRAN RENEE 45432 Subject: Loss (Psychology) $263.42 ALBERT KATHRINE R DAYTON 17007 NORMAN ROAD 3332 FAIR OAKS DR YELLOW SPRINGS 4365 ARDONNA LN BENNINGTON RUTH 165 W FUNDERBURG #P6 $13.00 FAIRBORN BUTTS RUTH R BEATTY CHRISTOPHER 3788 E ENON RD FAIRBORN $5.08 1843 ROXBURY DR XENIA BELLBROOK BELLBROOK FAIRBORN Master of Ceremonies FAIRBORN 45387 45385 45305 $15.89 $76.94 $14.59 BELLBROOK DOOLIN ANGELA BADIA $470.02 $15.86 45335 45335 QC858.F5 G75 2004 $10.00 Software sabotage: This includes “borrowing” embarrassing information from corporate files, diverting company operations away from critical areas, and planting so-called “logic bombs” or “viruses” that use predesignated cues to trigger massive erasures of records and operating programs. 45432-2121 45385 2462 BROWN BARK DR 134 ELLINGTON RD Gary Lockwood THIRD AVE #A 3858 CHALET CIRCLE SOUTH BUCK MARY H 45385-0000 PO BOX 81 FAIRBORN BROWNING DARRELL LEE CARTER MARVIN L. DOERING TERRY MATHEW — Rafael CLARK SARAH $23.08 DAVIS SHERRY COSGROVE SHAWNA 2265 PEMBURY DR 45433 45385-3905 $6,937.06 564 ADRIAN CT $38.70 DAY WADIE L Subject: Women poets Fiction. DUDGEON NICHOLE 45385 $0.09 BAKER BRIAN D 2180 VEMCO DR FAIRBORN 45385 702 ADAMS ST APT 3 $1.98 $57.07 COALT SHERRY E 738 SILVERLEAF DR $50.00 P O BOX 189 Subject: Seafood industry--Marketing--Environmental aspects. DELONG MARY A Wooden bridges are vulnerable and require a major effort and expense to replace. They can be burned but it takes more than a can of kerosene and a match. A huge pile of dry firewood must be heaped up under the load carrying timbers of the bridge to sustain a fire of sufficient heat and duration to burn a soggy old bridge. Fill the available dry area under the bridge, or crib up a log platform covered with dirt, sand, or rock on which to lay the fire. Several arm-loads of small stuff, topped with progressively larger limbs and finally logs should be crammed right up to the underside of the timbers. After the small stuff burns a little and the fire collapses, you should stoke it with big limbs and logs and stuff the openings with branches. Then you can walk away confident of the results. (Do not try to burn bridges in drought conditions or fire season. You don’t want to be responsible for a forest fire!) XENIA $5.00 45431 Title: Three Junes / Julia Glass. BEYKE STEPHANIE 115 WILSON AVE 45385 BOCCARA ELLEEN O BEAVERCREEK $0.02 45324 Eggs are also very effective paint bombs. Insert a needle in the top of a large raw egg, gently breaking away a small amount of shell, and then stir up the yolk and white. Poke another hole in the same end of the egg, about an inch from the first hole. Blow through the second hole so that the yolk and white come out the first hole. Have an omelet! Pour your paint/thinner mixture into a thin-nozzled, screw-top bottle (such as catsup comes in at restaurants). Seal the second hole in the egg with a pasty mixture of flour and water, or candle wax. Pour in the paint through the first hole and seal it. You now have a perfect-sized, semi-biodegradable missile. 45432-3822 45385 BEAVERCREEK CLOUD ESTIL $112.93 45385 45385-0000 AYERS PORTIA 45433 ALLEN RICHARD W $84.17 DATES ADRIENNE D $7.00 45324 $1.46 CLARK ADRIENNE FAIRBORN BONDURANT LEROY T 4406 HILLCREST DR 45385-8917 Subject: Indians of Central America--Antiquities. BEAVERCREEK Subject: Medicine, Preventive--United States--Statistics. FAIRBORN $50.00 134 LAWNDALE AVE $2.95 $10.09 $79.18 BEAVERCREEK FAIRBORN Personal author: Esquivel, Laura, 1950- ALPHA The road survey crew performs a two-fold function. The survey crew precisely marks the location of the road on the ground, a route that will later be followed by the construction workers when the road is actually built. At the same time, the crew gathers and records data which will later be used in the actual design of the road. This data will enable the designers to estimate such things as the needed amounts of cut and fill, blasting, culverts or bridges, and the like. This information will be used to estimate construction costs. Nowadays, actual road design is generally done by computer, after all the pertinent data has been collected and processed. $13.00 45432 45385-3908 $1.48 COUCH ROBERT 45387-0000 45324 BROWN NEWTON FAIRBORN BICKNELL JESSICA L 45305-0000 10010 ATCHISON RD XENIA City 45324 5318 ACCESS RD FAIRBORN BOWERMASTER EDITH R $110.75 XENIA BROWN CHRISTY A DAYTON 314 BROADUS HALL $0.86 JAMESTOWN FAIRBORN COOK MARGARET A Subject: Evolution (Biology) 45324 $164.72 — Laura Bullion 45385-0000 3353 CEDARWOOD DR ALLEN NORMA J ANDERSON MARK Here’s an improved, field-tested method for dealing with such water lines. This method can only be used when the pipe is not carrying water, such as when the cattle have been moved to another range. That’s the safest time, anyway. 227 ORVILLE ST Because stress is always present and dangerous, you must be willing to deal with it at all times instead of waiting until you’re in a bind before trying to reduce your stress level. 4134 W ENON ROAD 45431 ROUTE 2 DAYTON COX RYAN 45387 CEDARVILLE BRANE MARY ANN FAIRBORN 1390 PARKMAN PL JAMESTOWN 45385-2621 SPRING VALLEY XENIA BEAVERCREEK DONNINI RICHARD DR $12.53 BLANDINO MICHAEL R 5334 DUQUESNE AVE Police Band Radios FAIRBORN Most trappers who work along roads observe their trap sites from their vehicle, sometimes with the aid of binoculars. Therefore be alert for any sight or sound of approaching cars and trucks. FAIRBORN PO BOX 403 45433- $61.77 $3.54 XENIA FAIRBORN CALLISON DARLENE BACON PAUL E DBA 45385-3227 $32.76 $16.00 $80.64 45385 45324-2430 45385-4657 Subject: Renewable energy sources Juvenile literature. DAYTON 1581 W PAINTERSVILLE RD Although the secrecy so essential to monkeywrenching generally dictates against contacting outsiders about clandestine activities, it may on occasion be necessary to communicate with governmental bodies, target industries, or the media. Keep in mind that all of these contacts will be reported to the police, who will run down every lead in their efforts to identify and arrest you. At any face-to-face meeting with media representatives, there may be plainclothes police officers masquerading as reporters. Any written messages, even the envelopes they come in, will be chemically treated in the crime lab to reveal fingerprints. Any handwriting samples will be carefully filed and compared with samples of every suspect’s handwriting. (In the Arizona Five case over a dozen individuals were served with subpoenas requiring them to not only provide fingerprints to the FBI but detailed handwriting samples. A trained agent sat in a room with the person giving the handwriting sample and dictated many things to write, then BEAVERCREEK BP182 .G4 2005 2096 CHAPEL DR CUMMINS CAMILLE 1665 CEDAR CT Field Note 4455 W ENON RD BELLBROOK 2190 ROCKDELL DR #2 DAYTON Because of the relative silence of this technique, it can be used in sections of timber slated for immediate felling. You should not limit yourself to standing trees, however. Effective monkeywrenching involves examining every step in the processing of old-growth timber, from mountainside to mill door. Since metal detectors are often used to locate nails, old fence wire, and other scrap metal in logs before milling, observe this process from a safe distance to see if you can infiltrate the work area at night and insert your pins after the metal detection phase. If even greater silence is necessary, switch to a brace and bit (a crank-like hand drill available at all hardware stores). This entails more manual labor, but you don’t need to pin fifty logs. Six to a dozen will do quite well. Make sure you remove any telltale shavings or sawdust that can reveal your activities. 1320 DAVIS DR FAIRBORN 45432-3314 5105 COBB DR DAYTON 2944 LOWER BELLBROOK 4941 BAYSIDE DR Cross-Country Evasion $14.03 BRECKENRIDGE JAMES PAUL 2295 GREENE WAY BLVD Subject: Mind and body. ADAMS DOUGLAS R $73.62 $215.89 FAIRBORN $5.41 Amount XENIA ANTIOCH STUDENT MAIL 2333 MISSISSIPPI DR 45385 $7.93 DAY SHARIN L 300 MAPLEWOOD AVE #325 1190 GREEN TIMBER TRL 2180 ROCKDELL #2 45324-5250 FAIRBORN YELLOW SPRINGS $26.10 14 S. SYCAMORE STREET $75.00 UNKNOWN ADAMS CHARLES D ABAGAILS INC XENIA BOOTH BOB 1200 TURNER PL 4482 POWDER HORN DR Personal author: Orozco, Gabriel, 1962- 2196 MICHIGAN DR 45385 2358 LAKEVIEW DR STE A DILSAVOR RONALD L BELLBROOK CRUDGE ALISDAIR DRAPPO WALTER 45433-7765 CAIN JOHN M 45324 45431 COX MARTHA FAIRBORN DAVIDSON RAYMOND C JR 45324-2855 CONKLIN TIMOTHY K BEAVERCREEK 2387 BRANFORD WAY $121.56 BARNETT PATRICIA V SPRING VALLEY $21.00 45385 337 COUNTRY CLUB DR 2955 WYLIE DR APT A $73.16 $39.30 $84.95 45385 $100.86 XENIA BONADIES LEWIS 45432-3105 BABCOCK STEVEN 45305 WILBERFORCE DEAN LOUISE W. 45370 290 PRESIDENTIAL DR $300.00 $4.74 WILBERFORCE $65.15 $64.27 9539 STILMEADOW LN 45324-2707 45431--193 Subject: Social ethics. DEMPSEY THOMAS J CHAMBERS WILLIAM 45324 $3.00 2104 PT WILLIAM LUMBERTON RD 45305-1845 45387 $2.57 1276 W 2ND ST 3626 CEYLON CIR 2199 STEWART ROAD BLANKEN TERESA L Subject: Computer network resources--Evaluation. 2821 UPPER BELLBROOK RD YELLOW SPRINGS DEWITTE DIXIE DANKERT ANDREA 656 E MARKET ST 45434 BOYD ROGER G 2315 DUNCAN DR #5 $444.96 YELLOW SPRINGS 45324 CRONKHITE RIKKI R BLANCO CERDA JOSEPHINE Subject: Automobiles--United States. 45314 74TH MEDICAL GROUP SGSRTA DEFENSE AUTOMATED PRINTING 45385 Drive tools may be necessary for difficult nuts and bolts. Very large bolts may demand 3/4” or even 1” square drive tools. These are heavy. When removing bolts, block the head or nut with a crescent or pipe wrench or another socket. Use a breaker bar (cheater) to loosen the bolt. When the bolt is moving, put a Ratcheting Adapter (Snap-On #S67) between the socket and the breaker bar and finish pulling the bolt or nut. Two short lengths of pipe joined with a coupling will make your cheater easier to carry and conceal. If you anticipate using heavy force on nuts, select thick-walled, heat-treated Impact socket wrenches. Heavy duty Slugging wrenches are also good. A hammer-operated Impact tool can be used to loosen stubborn screws and bolts, though this is noisy. 45431-7372 $4.00 urate, and topography and/or land ownership status is shown on the different editions. A national index is available from the U.S. Geological Survey, Box 25286, Federal Center, Bldg. 41, Denver, CO 80225. 7) Since round corrugated metal culvert pipe comes in 2” increments from 6” on up, it makes sense to use round stuff to plug ‘em: Most experienced tree spikers argue for keeping tree spiking simple: good old-fashioned plain steel 6 inch spiral spikes driven in with a regular hammer and countersunk one inch below the bark with an industrial punch. More elabo-rate techniques involve heavier equipment, greater expense, more time. Simple spiking is easier and faster. v-a-jpeg-67.jpg $50.90 $9.99 $32.00 45385 FAIRBORN 1579 CHARTER WOODS CIRCLE APT C/O PHYLLIS WISECUP $22.00 ALLEN GREGORY 1 canister “HTH dry chlorinator” (accept no substitutes). $263.97 $10.00 $1.15 XENIA by Robert Wallace and the editors of Time-Life Books. BAILEY RAYMOND B 45431-3028 $14.95 $2.10 CATON FREDRICK B YELLOW SPRINGS $100.20 45385-9384 This device dates back to World War II. It consists of a battery-powered spotlight that emits infrared light (invisible to the unaided eye), and, mounted directly below, an image converter tube that allows the user to clearly see what the spotlight is illuminating. BELLBROOK FAIRBORN 45335 1738 MONTGOMERY AVE 45324 45434 XENIA 45316 $5.63 928 GREENWAY DR 45385-4641 DAYTON DITZLER ERIKA F Personal author: Albrecht, Donald. $12.10 $202.65 DALE ROGER L FAIRBORN 2326 SPYGLASS CT 45385 $18.00 FAIRBORN 11 F ST 45385 Title: Close to the shore : poems / by Jacqueline Marcus. DAVIDSON TAMMY $0.51 FAIRBORN 5516 AIRWAY RD 45324-8743 DITTO VICTORIA LYNN FAIRBORN Never Forever This heartbreaking drama, a 2006 Sundance Film Festival entry, stars Vera Farmiga as Sophie, a woman utterly devoted to her husband. But when she's unable to get pregnant, she makes an odd but decisive choice to bring a third person, a Korean immigrant (Jung-woo Ha), into their marriage. It's a fateful decision that soon threatens to tear the couple apart and drive Sophie to the brink of total despair. Trappers’ home addresses can be determined in many ways. Some states require the trapper to put his name and address on a plate on every trap. An inflammatory anti-trapping letter in the local newspaper may draw trappers out of the woodwork with their defensive responses. Telephone inquiries can reveal who is buying furs in your area. Sometimes these brokers will visit an area for a few days and purchase furs at a prescribed meeting point. These fur sales, and meetings of trapper clubs are good places to obtain license plate numbers for use as described in the Intelligence section of the Security chapter. 45370 45432 BELLBROOK $3.85 CLARK GAS AND CONVENIENCE Subject: Indian pottery--Southwest, New. $0.98 6722 GRAPE GROVE RD 7 True Believer by Nicholas Sparks (Warner: $24.95) A 8 4 science writer who exposes fraud is called to a North Carolina town to investigate mysterious lights in a local cemetery. 121 N COLUMUBS $365.36 45305 607 LUCAS DR YELLOW SPRINGS BEAVERCREEK ALFORD SHIRLEY F BELLBROOK BERRY PATCH THE FAIRBORN FAIRBORN $0.63 45385-4743 Subject: Architecture, Domestic--California, Southern. 1259 CHISOLM TRL DAVIES BERMAN JENNIFER FAIRBORN $11.00 DAYTON BRILL ROBERT Representative democracy in the United States has broken down. Our legislators do not represent those who elected them but rather the minority who finance their political campaigns and who control the organs of communication — the Tee Vee, the newspapers, the billboards, the radio — that have made politics a game for the rich only. Representative government in the USA represents money not people and therefore has forfeited our allegiance and moral support. We owe it nothing but the taxation it extorts from us under threats of seizure of property, or prison, or in some cases already, when resisted, a sudden and violent death by gunfire. BERNT KALEIGH 419 E DAYTON YELLOW SPRINGS RD 45431 223 APT 23 WEST FUNDERBURG RD $312.84 BRESSON EMILY K $4.00 45335 XENIA $14.19 45431-1140 45387 3842 CHEYENNE TRL DAYTON 45324-3213 CLAWSON KIMBERLY R BELLBROOK $1,375.96 CLEMENS WILLIAM C 45385 $11.02 CLARK RONALD EUGENE XENIA $40.69 $18.99 DAYTON DUKES EVA 4130 CREST DR DAYTON CALLAHAN C BITEMAN M A 9 E MAPLE ST DAYTON $949.49 FAIRBORN EAVEY COMPANY BTMR LIMITED PARTNERSHIP $16.00 Since the Freddies will read about this, add a final step of leaving the immediate vicinity and hiding nearby to see if anyone emerges to check whether you’ve actually done any damage. Or have a hidden lookout watch. DAYTON $68.00 DANKS JAMES T 120H DAYTON ST FAIRBORN 45324-3316 XENIA 45431 $8.00 52 HALSEY DR $167.00 45305-1845 COLEMAN JOAN E COLLINS CANDACE R $66.67 $20.42 $3.38 Between 1973 and 1993, Celeste segued into the commercial real estate business and specialized in assisting mainly entertainment companies either lease or purchase their office headquarters. She became enormously successful eventually owning and operating her own firm, Celeste Yarnall & Associates. She continued to do some commercials, television ("Melrose Place", "Civil War", Knots Landing", "Sisters"), and film roles such as "Driving Me Crazy, "Midnight Kiss" the remake of "Born Yesterday" with Melanie Griffith, "Fatal Beauty" with Whoopie Goldberg, and "Funny About Love" directed by Leonard Nimoy. 45431- Title: Challenging nature : the clash of science and $109.66 BENEDICT MARK CHUWONGANART CHAIRAT Assuming that spikers are working in a remote roadless area, and are not working during the hunting season (a dangerous time to be out in the woods, since on much of the public lands the highest period of use occurs at this time), the greatest danger will be from casual encounters with Forest Service field personnel — timber markers, survey crews, and the like — who might be working in or near your area. Try to know where these crews are working at all times. If you have a source within the agency, fine, but you can more safely get this information from continued observation and from knowing your area well. Crews tend to work in the same area for weeks at a time, and often live in temporary field quarters (trailers or even tents) rather than commute every day from the District Ranger Station or Supervisor’s Office. Another type of people you might encounter in the woods, especially if you are working in the area of a timber sale which has already been announced for public bidding, are representatives of loggi 1956 WINTERGLEN CT ANASTASIO ALISON W FAIRBORN DAVIS JAMES M 45384-0740 DANIS JOSHUA M Title: A patchwork planet / Anne Tyler. Pour gasoline or other fuel into the oil reservoir. It will break down the oil and the oil filter will not remove it. 45324-3840 45385 CAHOON SHIRLEY K & NEIL T $28.70 — Tra v CORNN JENNIFER L 45385 JAMESTOWN XENIA 45432-1892 489 CENTER ST XENIA FAIRBORN 2900 SHINICOCKS LANE 415 BELLBROOK AVE WILBERFORCE 45324 ALLRAD WALTER EDWARDS JOANN D 45385 $20.00 WRIGHT PATTERSON AFB BERNING JOHN 761 N GALLOWAY ST YELLOW SPRINGS $70.26 1895 LANGVIEW 45385-1963 578 TRAVIS DR Private undercover operatives may use their real history, in which case you will need to ask around to find out about their current employment. If all else fails, you can ask something like, “Did she ever get that government job she wanted?” 45370 8419 PHILADELPHIA DR ECKERY CONSTANCE S 45324-5919 $55.36 XENIA 3321 CEDARWOOD DR 3220 BROOKMOOR DR Personal author: Heo, Yumi. 45324 45385-4641 $50.00 XENIA 45431 45307 $439.78 1225 GEORGETOWN CT BAKER ELIZABETH FAIRBORN $4.66 45431-1500 $41.70 BERKOW MARK B BELLBROOK COUGH REBECCA D XENIA 1408 COWMAN CT 8176 DAYTON SPRINGFIELD RD 166 TRUNK DR DAYTON $1.39 66 S WRIGHT AVE 45431 2233 DRUMMOND DR JAMESTOWN A trade journal called World Geophysical News gives the approximate locations of working crews. Unfortunately, this will set you back $200 a year, and many contemporary surveys are so short they will be finished by the time you read about them. If you arrived on the grid of a freshly completed survey, about all you could do is rip out permanent markers, or swap the numbers of them. Or perhaps you could look for evidence of any damage that breaches the environmental regulations the crew was supposed to observe. $4.42 218 NORTHWOOD DR 45314 45324-2302 FAIRBORN 45434-5891 PO BOX 52 45324 XENIA 1032 MAIN ZIP 45305 2740 SR 72 S $87.69 Rock and concrete pins require the drilling of large-diameter holes in trees which are best done with a brace-and-bit. Use the techniques described earlier for drilling and disguising the presence of the pins. As with ceramic pins, setting rock and concrete pins is time consuming and you should not expect to set a great many in one working session. However, properly placed and disguised, such non-detectable pins should be a highly effective deterrent. Note: As always, avoid placing the pins in the lower three feet of the tree, where they can cause chain saw kickback, with the possibility of injury to the feller. After all, we’re in it to save trees, not hurt people. BEAVERCREEK DAYTON COX TERESA E $74.00 339 MANN AVE $16.80 45385 $46.25 4444 E ENON RD CLARKE ROBERT COX MATTHEW FAIRBORN Software Sabotage 45385-9729 $0.83 SPRING VALLEY $50.84 45432-4002 DONKERBROEK PETER Personal author: McCarthy, Cormac, 1933- PSC BOX 10978 2320 MALLARD LANE # 7 45385 DEHAVEN BRYSON $175.00 45335 Personal author: Casey, Aggie. SPRING VALLEY YELLOW SPRINGS 1519 NAVAJO TRL FAIRBORN 45431-2270 45324-3960 1580 LOWER BELLBROOK RD CROME MINNIE BURR MATTHEW K $55.00 302 ZIMMER DRIVE TK7887 M84 2006 $12.24 $11.20 Skin — wear gloves and maybe a rain jacket 4534 FAIR PARK AVE Subject: Conspiracies Fiction. Vocal opponents of Wilderness designation and other environmental protection measures; 2621 VALDINA DR YELLOW SPRINGS BOETTCHER JENNIFER L $0.01 $3.09 XENIA DUNKLE SHARON 45385 245 NORTHWOOD DR 2705 BARNHILL CT 52 XENIA TOWNE SQ STE 2 BEAVERCREEK FAIRBORN BEAL CAMSIE E 4067 GLENBERRY CIR EDDY MUTA MRS FAIRBORN 45432 DAYTON YELLOW SPRINGS $10.78 BRANNAN AMANDA M 75 LORETTA AVE APT O $0.14 341 WILLIAMS ST ALLEN BILLY D 45431-4112 686 N WEST ST 45431 DARNER RICHARD E City 45434 FAIRBORN BELLBROOK CORRY RONALD E 501 EAVEY ST 58 WRIGHT AVE S XENIA 45324 Billboard Trashing SPRING VALLEY ARTZ FRANCIS J 45385 $2.71 CORNEY LARIA W 58 E XENIA ST 2708 ATER DR 45324 DAYTON 2484 DUTCH MILL DR 45433-1105 DAYTON $66.00 45385 Locations of possible witnesses. 45385 $10.77 Field Note 45324 ACKLIN LEEANN COMPTON DOROTHY F $132.78 $36.79 $189.95 MAJ USAF Since then, there have been dozens of variations on this theme. Use your own creativity and artistic ability. After a trap is buried, the surface will be restored to its normal appearance, making it difficult to spot. Use your foot inside heavy boots (not running shoes!) to probe suspicious areas like slight depressions, small clear spots surrounded by twigs and rocks (designed to make the animal step on the attractive clear ground), or around holes (any hole — animal or man-made). Many traps are set beside a “backing” like a rock, bush, clump of grass, or embankment to insure that the animal approaches the bait or scent lure from one side only. 1534 UNION RD Personal subject: Orozco, Gabriel, 1962- Exhibitions. $10.00 FAIRBORN 1236 KEVIN DR 45370-0000 FAIRBORN ZIP Coyote Getter 45434 XENIA 45434-6760 Address CRIDER BENJAMIN A FAIRBORN $6.16 AUSTIN BRODERICK E YELLOW SPRINGS 37 SOUTH ST $0.23 45431-1584 XENIA 1638 DRAKE DR 941 HELEN SPRING VALLEY COLOR VUE PHOTOGRAPHIC CARMEN TONYA EDELMANN THOMAS A WRIGHT PATTERSON AFB $79.22 $54.37 BELLBROOK BREWER BILLIE B & FAIRBORN CEDARVILLE XENIA $60.04 ANDREW ROBERT M BAUMAN WILLIAM H III $34.07 XENIA 328 CANOVA LN $68.96 Amount 45305-8942 DAYTON 1827 HILLROSE PL 45335-8721 45284 4014 NAVAJO TRAIL 120 MEADOW DR DAWSON N R DICKENS DONALD W DURHAM GERTRUDE G $14.70 Owner Name FAIRBORN 123 W DAYTON YELLOW 45324 FAIRBORN XENIA 4913 CORNERSTONE TRAIL YELLOW SPRINGS 45431- $170.00 BISHOP J DAYTON CARTWRIGHT MARK 45434-6020 45432-2318 45324 $100.00 ASHWOOD SUZANNE C BROWN JULIE L BRADDS NEIL & PAM E $22.89 YELLOW SPRINGS Owner Name 45385-9340 45314 720 LOOP ST 43 SEXTON DR 1066 PINE MEADOW TERRACE $15.80 316 SPRUCE DR FAIRBORN BRILL J. F. $214.47 $35.05 45434 Owner Name 24 LINDWAY DR DAYTON 45324-5706 BURTON ERIK V FAIRBORN $5,100.00 BREWER STEPHANIE DANIELS DANIEL M $56.82 BEAVERCREEK 45431-8859 Owner Name CONNORS KAREN L 131 W DAYTON YELLOW SPRINGS RD 45305 45440 $7.60 BROWN WENDE 45324 5005 KINGSGATE CT #A FAIRBORN 7 CLEMENS ST BOLDI ERIN M ECKENROD ROBERT L ARNOLD ANNA Amount $17.60 6 GLADY AVE 45432 $46.98 717 NORTH CENTRAL 45431-1450 45324-582 4379 KNOB HILL DR XENIA $51.87 5103 WHITEHALL DR DRAKE TIMOTHY $100.00 JAMESTOWN $13.34 XENIA 45432 45431 45324 BROOKS CATHIE L 45433 Title: California government / John L. Korey. XENIA 563 S MONROE ST COYNER MARY W BARKER MARY R BLUMENSCHEIN & MAI 3578 APPLE GRV DR SPRING VALLEY 220 PARK MEADOWS DR $963.76 BEAVERCREEK CAMPBELL LICILLE $102.08 CLARK LUANNE $18.16 BERG NANCY V DANIELS PAUL BOWDITCH BROOKE $1.76 FAIRBORN FAIRBORN 45305-1924 $8.05 COLE KENNETH L 45432 $2.59 45385-8562 XENIA 3023 MILL POND DR CANTER KENNETH B FAIRBORN 938 S COLUMBUS ST DAYTON Keep additional/extra rags in tool bag to silence any clanking along the way. DOUGLAS ELECTRIC CORP DIXON DOUGLAS A 857 EMMETT DR 970 LONG RD ABBOTT SHARON C and Douglas Abrams. DEAN JOHN M $7.17 $1.35 45434 Gaining Access 602 PHILLIPS ST BOYER ROBERT A YELLOW SPRINGS CONNOR HELEN M $218.43 $58.17 DAYTON Before buying, read. Look for books at your local library, bookstore, or radio shop. One excellent reference is The Complete Action Guide to Scanners and Monitors by Louis A. Smith II. It is published by Tab Books, a major “how-to” book publisher. Additional valuable reference data is found in the Betty Bearcat Frequency Directory, which has an eastern and western edition. These provide an extensive listing of frequencies, including many used by police agencies. Look for it at radio shops or in stores that sell scanners. Still another volume of this type is Monitor America, which contains fewer frequency listings but has a number of partial police radio codes which can help you understand police communications. An excellent source of police frequency information is the series of “call books” published annually by Hollins Radio Data. The nation is broken down into regions covered by ten separate volumes. As always, check all the radio shops in your nearest big city, where they retail for $6.95. 268 WATKINS RD FAIRBORN 1301 MONROE DR 2479 INDIAN WELLS TRL CARLSON GREGORY E 45324-5702 City 323 ORTON RD an age of indifference / Robert Wuthnow. 679 TALOWOOD DAYTON XENIA DAYTON $110.42 45385-0065 If the offending billboard proves too high to reach, either get a ladder or build a spray can extension rod: BEAVERCREEK CRABTREE V C CHIN WALTER 45430 410 WINDING TRL 45434-6298 COLONIAL MOTOR LODGE FAIRBORN 45431-1840 45335 UNKNOWN BERGER SAM $62.63 FAIRBORN BELLBROOK BISHOP HAROLD L RT 2 FAIRBORN 5535 HEMLOCK ST Subject: Popular culture--United States. APPLESTONE VIRGINIA $13.25 45387 $79.48 YELLOW SPRINGS 45324 DAYTON $33.00 45384 1500 PARKMAN PLACE 1629 IRONWOOD DR 45385-3323 $13.90 $3,138.91 DAVIS MARTHA 644 SOUTHERN BELLE BLVD XENIA CEDARVILLE $60.00 45324-5527 45431 2169 NORTHERN DR $28.08 $326.86 FAIRBORN COX RONALD MD BEAVERCREEK Subject: Tourists Fiction. 45432 214 ANN DR 5296 MYSTIC DRIVE $102.60 5 RICHWOOD CT $16.46 45324 DORTCH DAVID XENIA PO BOX 256 I ran across it again a few months ago when I got some boxes of stuff out of Dad’s vault (long-time readers will remember that the Out of the Vault feature on both this site and the Frazier’s Brain blog referred to an actual vault where my dad stored my comics for several years while I was away in the Army). And having a renewed interest in pulps, I decided to give it another go. In most cases, you will want to leave the area by the same route you took in. You know this road is open and passable and you are less likely to get stuck or lost — considerations especially important at night. On the map it may look like a short hop to a nearby paved highway, but if you haven’t driven the road you may find yourself stopped by a washout or other obstacle. Play it safe and backtrack. BELLBROOK XENIA 45324 If you get diesel fuel on you, you will smell like diesel for a long time. This could be incriminating. Wear an old pair of coveralls (from Goodwill) which you can safely dispose of after the action. Don’t use rags from your home because they might be traceable. Goodwill is a good source. Be very careful not to pollute a nearby stream or area of vegetation with run-off diesel fuel. Make sure the machine(s) to be burned will not catch the forest on fire — burn only in the open. Punishment for arson is severe; practice all standard security measures rigorously. Leave no evidence! FAIRBORN 45324 Jill Sherwin 1489 COBBLESTONE FAIRBORN 45370 405 MORRIS DR BROWN MARILYN $354.09 $333.72 $0.30 $79.78 $7.29 CRONK PETER $32.97 CHAIN JOHN C BARLETT ALICE L $63.75 XENIA $6.21 YELLOW SPRINGS 45385 45385 1862 DEERBROOK TRL Title: Swift as desire : a novel / Laura Esquivel ; $75.00 45305-0230 625 KOOGLER ST #C $1.41 STONE RD RT 2 YELLOW SPRINGS Subject: Art--West (U.S.)--20th century. YELLOW SPRINGS 205 FRYER CT XENIA ALESHIRE LAWRENCE F II 45385 1401 WOOD RIVER BLVD $0.04 $10.00 FAIRBORN $7.54 3364 US ROUTE 42 E $10.56 45385 1770A ARLINGTON VILLAGE 504 S DETROIT ST $12.00 FAIRBORN DAMRON REBECCA A DIAZ MARIA C BELLBROOK 230 S MAIN ST XENIA CHEKAN ROBERT 45432 $20.28 CALHOUN DAVID CARSON CHRISTOPHER D $151.82 DAYTON $23.55 DAYTON 45385 FAIRBORN YELLOW SPRINGS 5020 COBB DR RR 1 BOND CLARENCE R. 3076 WOLFE DR $62.56 FAIRBORN CARTER BRET $10.80 DILLON REBECCA ANN 45431-1333 45335-9506 $324.02 Address BEAVERCREEK BELLBROOK RT 6 CRABTREE ROSETTA J 3036 LEWISTON DR 1361 COMMONWEALTH Poor land managers and egregious overgraziers; 342 ALLEN ST 45314 BAFNA ABHISHEK 45335 BURTON GLENN XENIA 9178 CLYD RD FAIRBORN BELCHER KRISTAH K 2335 7TH ST XENIA JAMESTOWN BAUMAN HANNAH E FAIRBORN XENIA BONHATAL LAURENCE J & NORMA G 45431 45433-1139 BEANS MICHAEL S 5090 COBB DR APT B 3331 HOMEACRES AVE DEARBAUGH ROBERT L $18.51 $10,000.00 ZIP $3.70 FAIRBORN 562 HAMILTON DR 45324 ALLRED DARLENE D DAVIS KELLI 45430 $2.02 FAIRBORN $0.30 45335 BRADBURY ROGER A DUCK ROCHEL BEGLEY KASH $25.00 45385 July 1984 $0.25 $79.99 DUIBLEY ELIZABETH Subject: United States--Ethnic relations. 507 E MAIN ST 678 SULLIVAN CT 45324- BRIGGS WILLARD 4535 OPPERMAN AVE FAIRBORN 45385 $0.60 BENNER NORA E Search the Internet 45385- BELLBROOK 45431-1840 3353 CEDARWOOD DR 24 OLD YELLOW SPRINGS RD 45324-8802 XENIA Field Notes $100.00 BLACKABY VIRGIL L FAIRBORN 64 OLD YELLOW SPRINGS RD APT 9 XENIA 45385 C/O SUZETTE CASTONGUAY 45385 45385-0000 45305 PZ73.B91527 Noc 1999 XENIA BELLBROOK SPRING VALLEY $10.20 Field Notes BRADEN MARY V $44.94 FAIRBORN 830 MCDOWELL ST 983 US 68 S 45324 45385 413 N STAFFORD BELLBROOK 45305 $152.00 DODSON TONYA M CLOUD RONALD 2184 ZINK RD #2C RIVERSIDE FAIRBORN JAMESTOWN DEHART ERIC T ACREE RANDAL J $2.60 DAYTON 1800 IRONWOOD DR #24 FAIRBORN 45385 $112.03 $50.00 $0.90 $24.70 $14.85 DAYTON Thermals are line-of-sight and they can’t see through dirt, rocks, or thick trees. If your target isn’t sitting on a field of flat grass, you should be able to plan an approach that negates the thermal’s advantages. $326.86 CLEM NATHAN D 370 N ALPHA BELLBROOK RD DAVIS BENJAMIN H 45324 327 WAYNE DR 3588 KING EDWARD WAY FAIRBORN $5.34 EICKELBERG FRED 1185 LOMEDA LANE 1150 CLIFTON RD $93.68 $27.80 45431-2100 45324 116 WEST MCLAUGHLIN AVE $381.63 2270 PARK HILLS DR #212 DAYTON DORTON BRUCE E DAYTON DAPORE DANIEL GILLESPIE DAVIS PEGGY A 7 S MAPLE ST APT A 2295 GREENE WAY BLVD BIXLER SHEILAH DE LUCA ROBERT ARNOLD DAVID E. 45321 XENIA Do not neglect other tactics discussed in this book (road spiking, sand in the oil, etc.) to harass surveyors. SPRING VALLEY XENIA 204 E WHITEMAN ST $0.65 $1.88 Mental Conditioning $59.08 $10.37 CARLIN VALERIE 45324 308 APT D WALKEE DR 1455 ALAMEDA DR DAYTON CAMPBELL RACHEL N $39.82 The type of tree may dictate the size of your spikes and whether or not you de-head them before driving. Pines and cedars are relatively soft, allowing even de-headed 60d nails to be driven in without bending (a de-headed 60d nail would likely bend in harder wood). Douglas-fir is a bit harder; spikes smaller than 5/16-inch diameter should not be de-headed prior to driving. Old-growth hemlock is extremely hard. Experiment with the various tree species in your area. UNKNOWN $21.00 SPRING VALLEY Blocking out sounds. Similar to tunnel vision, here you are concentrating your attention on anticipated sounds while ignoring others. Example: Convinced you heard the sound of footsteps, you fail to notice the sound of distant highway traffic getting louder as a patrol car rolls up to your hiding spot. BERRY JON $10.49 450 S FAIRFIELD RD 601 DAYTON ST COKER CARRIE L CLARK ARVILLE C 100 W MAIN ST DAYTON XENIA 55 COLIN KELLY DR SPRING VALLEY FAIRBORN $525.00 ADAMS WESLEY D JR DAVIS SARAH $58.00 $11.79 $250.00 45431- $45.00 45335 CRAIG TIMOTHY W 45432 Remember to pause frequently to look and listen, on your approach, during the action, and while withdrawing. Your nervousness may make you want to make a beeline back to your car after your work is finished. Fight this urge. Be absolutely sure you’re not being followed. $124.27 Carbon disulfide R -- MEDICINE XENIA 45431-0000 $276.00 Never carry the trap away with you. Toss it as far as you can into trees or dense brush, down hillsides, into water, or the like. $2.30 45305-1573 45432 $9.12 $75.00 1799 WOODS DR CALL EDWARD MD CURRY CRAIG $57.33 JAMESTOWN 1406 QUAIL LANE BASIL SCOTT These are the places that hold North America together, that contain the genetic information of life, that represent sanity in a whirlwind of madness. 45385 45324-0000 45324 BRUTTON BRANDON R $9.80 $56.13 DUNN DEBORAH D $81.64 Some experienced billboard trashers prefer balloons over paint bags. Buy good quality, medium-sized, round balloons. Mix paint 50/50 with thinner. Attach the balloon to one end of a 5 or 6 foot section of old 1/2 inch hose or tubing, and put a small funnel in the other end (or use something with a spout to pour). With the balloon end down, pour thinned paint into the funnel. Cradle the balloon gently in your hands. The weight of the paint in the 5 or 6 feet of hose will cause the balloon to expand and fill with paint. Fill to desired throwing size. Quickly pull off, pinch closed, and tie off tightly. Wipe your fingerprints off softly with a cloth or, better yet, wear gloves while filling. Store the balloons together in a cardboard box lined with plastic. Paint balloons are fairly sturdy, last for weeks, can be carried upside down and in many different containers (even gently in a large pocket), and really work! XENIA BLACKABY ROOFING INC $0.26 BENEDICT LOLA 45387-2026 45324 739 TRUMBULL ST 242 ORVILLE ST APT 16 XENIA XENIA DOCKERY JANE 45385-3911 $30.64 CARVER ALLISON G FAIRBORN 45314 BAKLE DAVID J YELLOW SPRINGS BELLBROOK If you are arrested, do not talk to police until you have talked with your lawyer. You will be read your “Miranda” rights only if police officers wish’ to question you. Do not be lulled into casual conversation; this is a standard method for lowering a suspect’s defenses and causing a slip of the tongue. Your only safe answer to questioning is to politely tell the police that you have nothing to say until you have talked to a lawyer. Then say nothing, not even small talk. This measure alone may spare you from later conviction. $72.00 FAIRBORN 45324 45430 312 VINE ST $31.90 5714 ACCESS RD $9.16 We will assume that you have studied the other operational methods described in this book, and are now standing beside a large mass of slumbering steel. At this point, you can vent your frustrations and attack it in every conceivable way, cutting hydraulic hoses, pulling out electrical wires, hammering at delicate parts, slashing the operator’s seat.... At no small risk to yourself, you will probably cripple the beast for only a few days, and the repairs will go rather quickly once the parts arrive. $18.11 Title: Health and wellness: illness among Americans. $1.92 XENIA BEAVERCREEK BEAVERCREEK 45431 PO BOX 1704 Snares In the previous edition of Ecodefense, we reported that another military surplus radio, the PRC-77, had crypto-capability which would allow the user to encrypt their transmissions so no one could figure out what was being said if they overheard your transmissions. This is not true, we have learned. A separate piece of equipment is required to encrypt, and that item will never be available legally. Nonetheless, the PRC-77 is one of the best and sturdiest radios. It costs about $800. 176 W FUNDERBURG RD Posters 45385 $12.24 CHANDLER TERESA F DUNN JOHN A. P. DRAKE SCOTT 1777 ARLIN PK #G AULTMAN DAN M. 45387 $2.34 ZIP Michael David Ward 2180 STONE RD 45431-3615 2411 LANTZ RD BLACK DAVID A 4697 BYRON RD RT55 .D386 2006 45370-0000 $50.00 45434-0000 FAIRBORN 928 E RICHARD DR XENIA $10.00 CREEKMUR DAVID L Setting-up a phony “hit” to enhance their credibility. They may arrange to attack heavy equipment, surveyor stakes, or other targets while witnessed by people they wish to entrap or whose confidence they want. $98.33 ALBERS MARTHA $20.42 PO BOX 1612 45433 UNKNOWN 45387 $14.97 The use of smoke bombs and grenades is a very easy and effective method of ecotage that poses little risk of injury to either man or machine. Other than causing panic and high blood pressure, the smoke does not hurt people. Care should be taken with these devices, though. There is no point in saving a forest from the bulldozer by accidentally burning it down. A number of available military handbooks detail the uses of these devices. Check your local military surplus shop or a paramilitary mail order store for copies. $18.33 $20.00 CLIFTON DAYTON BRADY STEPHANIE L 2393 LAKEVIEW DR $51.63 Owner Name BEAVERCREEK 1601 SYCAMORE AVE 32-2724 FAIRBORN $3.08 45324-1867 104 UPPER HILLSIDE DR $10.60 BEAVERCREEK Disabling Motor Vehicles of All Kinds FAIRBORN BOX 395 YELLOW SPRINGS 5348 DRYDEN ST BLANTON JAMES E 104 UPPER HILLSIDE DR CEDARVILLE XENIA 134 W WHITMAN ST Tracing materials are especially well suited to a set-up. Here a piece of heavy equipment or similar target can be treated and left in an open area as bait, especially if it is known that the suspect will visit or routinely pass by and be tempted. Be wary of anything that looks too easy or is located too close to where you live or travel. Be very suspicious of equipment that stays parked and is not regularly in use. Remember, though, this approach is only effective if you are already a suspect and are being baited. Do not fear it is widely employed. 1212 PNTRSVILLE NEW JSPR RD 45385 $11.00 DEARTH DARLENE A 4406 HILLCREST DR $10.00 DENNIS ELLA FAYE 1253 CHANNON LN YELLOW SPRINGS $0.02 CLARK CHARLES R Subject: Tide pool plants--Pacific Coast (U.S.) Identification. FAIRBORN $49.91 SPRING VALLEY $564.30 BLAZER JANET L 45432 BAUER JAMES E BUBLICK KURT $10.00 DEBORD JACK R $3.84 Subject: Moral conditions. BEAVERCREEK FAIRBORN $0.24 $20.30 After any act of ecotage, it is essential that there be no evidence — in your possession or at the site of the action — that could link you to the “crime.” The basic principles for eliminating all potentially incriminating evidence are: $294.76 DAYTON $78.60 45335 CLENNY BRIAN N 1614 S CHARLESTON RD DAVIS E M 45314 $687.45 $54.50 CEDARVILLE 2908 OLD DAYTON YELLOW SPRINGS 212 E EMERSON AVE DAYTON Many times the object of an act of ecotage is to disrupt or delay an activity. A very useful tool in the monkeywrencher’s bag of tricks is the smoke bomb or smoke grenade. A wide variety of these are available to the public with no legal restrictions on their purchase. These devices are safe to use and offer the imaginative monkeywrencher many options for upsetting the activities of the greedheads who damage Earth for fun and profit. DAVIS HEIDI DAVIS MITZI DUGAN PAUL E XENIA DILLHOFF LISA M $86.97 $158.00 45431-1511 Address $28.54 $58.36 Subject: Advertising--Social aspects--United States. 45432 45305 SPRING VALLEY 2178 PLANTATION TR $10.22 45324 XENIA $131.51 $52.42 285 ORVILLE 45385 SUNDAY ONLY JAMESTOWN COLLINS & RANDOLPH CO WILBERFORCE XENIA BROWN KEVIN L CAPT USAF 45385 $58.23 $169.92 $10.57 $0.25 45432 45434-6114 CONGLETON CHRIS $7.00 FAIRBORN 272 TRAVIS DR XENIA 2795 NANTUCKET RD BOYER DARLENE $41.28 $256.50 1735 BOWMAN DR 45324 15 UNION ST. BARNETTE MELINDA D CEDARVILLE YELLOW SPRINGS DAYTON XENIA 3788 E ENON RD 3197 WILMINGTON PIKE SPRING VALLEY BELLBROOK $34.45 BELLBROOK $1.00 FAIRBORN SPRING VALLEY 916 ADAMS 45305 DOERR VERA M $32.90 $1.72 45387-1316 45432-2132 Personal author: Crane, Hart, 1899-1932. 229 ORVILLE ST APT 17 $39.00 DAYTON CAMPAINE JOHN COOPER PAMELA Some other provisions of this law are also of interest to monkeywrenchers. Both the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and National Park Service (NPS) are getting funds to beef up their law enforcement presence (to combat drugs, of course) and the Forest Service is to double the number of their new drug cops, from 500 to 1000! These drug cops have already been employed to counter protesting conservationists in the woods (including those practicing non-violent civil disobedience), and they can be expected to continue doing this. Anyone contemplating any variety of monkeywrenching should be aware of this increased law enforcement presence on the public lands. The “Anti-Drug Act” also gives Forest Service law enforcement officers authority to conduct investigations on non-government lands, assuming that those investigations are of crimes that took place on Federal lands. This opens the door to the possibility that Freddie cops might conduct surveillance or investigate suspected monkeywrenchers in or around the acti illustrations by Richard Egielski. ARVAI KATHERINE M 45324 DAYTON FAIRBORN 465 CINCINNATI AVE v-a-jpeg-26.jpg Consider a dry run to test your plan. Timing is important. 45432- 45324 BELLBROOK 45385 Jean Kinney ; illustrations by Stuart A. Copans. $13.29 CEDARVILLE BARKER SANDI 45431-2332 $966.96 45431 WRIGHT PATTERSON AFB $5.20 DAYTON STEAKS PO BOX 853 45387 45385 $301.05 1489 STRETCH DR 353 FAIRWAY DR You don’t want to drive past the scene of an animal release/sabotage on your way out. Have your vehicle pointed to exit, not enter, the area. $31.46 Sewer pipes are distinguished by gray-colored water discharges, algae growing in the pipe, rancid smells, and black ooze in sediment near the pipe. These pipes range in size from 12 to 96 inches. COLSTON JAMES L 45305-1931 BISSETT DANIEL P ACTON WILLIAM H SPRING VALLEY FAIRBORN plain PDF A4 imposed PDF Letter imposed PDF EPUB (for mobile devices) Standalone HTML (printer-friendly) XeLaTeX source plain text source Source files with attachments View history XENIA $75.00 COSENZA JUSTIN Subject: Terrorism Juvenile literature. 45385 $98.33 XENIA NEW JASPER RD PAINTSV $19.33 BEAVERCREEK 3200 BERNICE DR CAUDILL JEFFERY A DAYTON 45431-0000 ARTZ TINA $36.23 $186.43 DUNFEE LUCY Transport $6.00 DOBBS A W DENZEL MICHAEL *--* EASTERLING DEBBIE DAYTON DAYTON XENIA FAIRBORN 45385-9202 45434-6803 BROOKS KENNETH L CLARK NIKKI L ALBERT ROBERT L XENIA $463.05 WILBERFORCE $63.61 741 BLACKFOOT TRL $0.42 45384 BONECUTTER LUCY C CEDARVILLE XENIA DEWINE JOHN K $104.76 $60.88 CULHAM MATTHEW 424 SPINNING RD BRUCE KRISTI L XENIA $0.24 Prosecutors consider use of a cutting torch for ecotage to be arson: Penalties may be higher if you are caught and convicted for property destruction with a cutting torch than with grinding compound or bolt cutters. 45385 45335 $7.75 45432-2257 FAIRBORN $1.06 4203 BERYL DR BANKS ABEL D ANFANG MICHAEL FAIRBORN $95.00 $48.07 45431 45435 EBLIN KEN 218 HEATHER LN Title: The emotional survival guide for caregivers : looking $20.00 $1.36 BEAVERCREEK AMES JOHN $46.57 45434 1791 WILENE DR DFAS/CO BERRY AMY J $66.68 $9.92 BAYMAN KANISHA D BEST VERNON FAIRBORN Valium BRESHER PAM 112 E FAIRFIELD PK FAIRBORN IRA 1758 WILSHIRE DRIVE XENIA BURNETT NINA M Title: Biological oceanography / Charles B. Miller. 45431-169 $0.21 45431 COOPER CHIRSTOPHER DODGE DEANNA $53.05 45431-1310 DAVIS ROBERT Personal author: Seife, Charles. $99.51 460 E DAYTON YEL SPR RD #51 $120.00 $12.25 929 E MAIN ST BURNS SCOTT I FAIRBORN $105.80 25 N BICKETT RD Plugging A Pipe 3151 WESTVIEW DR 220 NORTH WEST DICKS GLASS MIR INC $39.00 448 FITZPATRICK ROAD FAIRBORN 2250 WAYNESVILLE RD 45324-8723 45324 $0.20 Recruiting new team members begins with evaluating your close friends as prospects. Bear in mind, however, that not everyone is suited for this sort of activity. A monkeywrencher should be able to function well under stress, but no test has yet been devised to determine who is likely to crack under stress and who is not. The persons doing the selecting simply have to use their best judgment. Avoid the faint-of-heart, the excessively paranoid, and the not- quite-thoroughly committed. Avoid the casual acquaintance you only see at a protest rally, especially the ones who “talk tough.” Such people may well be police spies or agent provocateurs. Government use of such infiltrators is widespread, both here and abroad. In Britain the authorities have attempted to infiltrate anti-hunting groups, and have even set up sham groups of their own to stage violent acts to discredit their opponents. In the US, cases in which the FBI or other police agents have infiltrated radical groups and even encouraged or participated in XENIA CARLSON RYAN BRITT EMILY L 237 VINE ST Subject: Art, Medieval Guidebooks. 45431 $24.10 Guard Dogs $5.00 BELLBROOK DIGNAN DOROTHY A $190.64 This switch is also handy when you’re going to leave the vehicle — for hiking, camping, or “whatever.” If the unit is to be left for a long period of time, it’s wise to disconnect the battery and to somehow lock the hood (be creative). The illustration should be self-explanatory. XENIA BUSH MONNIE L $23.57 ABLES JACK 1843 PAINTERSVILLE NEW JASJPAEMRESTOWN 45335-0000 $3.00 45335 45385-2913 1187 CYMAR DR E $13.95 $24.73 45324- $0.06 $315.14 45385-9382 XENIA DOBRY ROBERT $30.00 RC200.25 .S48 2006 YELLOW SPRINGS DERRICK JOETTE * * * COWIE WILLIAM D 29 E HEBBLE AVE $54.73 5241 LOGAN AVE CEDARVILLE XENIA 4134 W ENON ROAD 838 TWIN OAKS DR 2159 ALABAMA DR XENIA $181.67 FAIRBORN 45324-0000 BREWER VICKIE CONSULTANTS INC COSLER E. 45431-3104 SPRING VALLEY 119 W MAIN ST FAIRBORN 1615 KYLEMORE DR JAMESTOWN RD. DRAKE LAWRENCE E Subject: Christian art and symbolism. 9 DIANA LN W XENIA Multiple sets used around dead animal (horse, cow, deer, etc.). Scent or lure also sprayed on nearby scent posts. 45324 With the new generation of typewriters, it is now safe to use your own typewriter for communiqués, and you may even send the original safely (use only common stock paper). Modern typewriters no longer use keys, and it was these keys that made letters typed on “old-fashioned” typewriters traceable. Modern typewriters use either typing elements (e.g., the “ball”) or cartridge printwheels. The former sell for about $13 and the latter for about $25 apiece. (A brand new typewriter now costs under $300, and there is an abundant supply of used ones.) $77.43 ZIP AYRES SETH 45431 CORPORATION KROGE 45305 302 ALLEN ST ANDERSON CHRISTOPHER A 517 LINCOLN DR 1343 GARRINGER RD $12.05 $14.00 BOB TATONE FORD FAIRBORN $159.98 1195 JOYCE DRIVE CRAWFORD DOROTHY XENIA 45324 2176 MISSISSIPPI DR Title: Conflict in the cosmos : Fred Hoyle's life in science / Simon Mitton. BARRETT DONNA J If feasible, determine typical conditions ahead of the action by scouting the target both one week and one day prior to the hit (at the same time of day). This will reveal patterns of activity to expect at the time of your hit. AFMC LSO LOLF BEAVERCREEK COTTLE JAMES C When using radios for key parts of an operation, such as calling the pickup vehicle after a mission is completed, always have a backup plan in the event of radio failure. (Your driver might swing by the pre-arranged pickup point at certain times, or automatically fall back to an alternate site.) Pre-arranged times for radio checks (example: every half hour at ten minutes and forty minutes after the hour) will help to insure proper radio links and build confidence. Corporate subject: United States. Supreme Court. DAVIS KENDA D XENIA 45385 BELLBROOK CROSBY MARION L 45324 WRIGHT PATTERSON AFB About the same time as the Forest Service began RARE II, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) initiated a wilderness inventory as required by the Federal Land Planning and Management Act of 1976 (FLPMA) on the 189 million acres of federal land that they manage in the lower 48 states. In their initial Inventory, BLM identified 60 million acres of roadless areas of 5,000 acres or more (a total area approximately the size of Oregon or a square 300 x 300 miles). ANASTASIO CARMINE J $14.08 44 NELSON STE 142 W KREPPS RD FAIRBORN $803.14 Subject: United States--Politics and government--1974-1977. $4.32 45385 Personal subject: Wolff, Tobias, 1945- --Childhood and youth. BELLBROOK 2746 BAHNS DR BEAVERCREEK FAIRBORN 1581 STEWART BLVD XENIA 45387-1123 CHARLES EST YELLOW SPRINGS 3470 PEBBLE CREEK 45434-7326 WILBERFORCE 45387 BELLMAN NATHAN $67.00 4182 WHITE OAK DR $16.54 BAILEY MARK E BELLAMY SONYA A FAIRBORN ADKINS WOODROW $15.00 45324 45324-4314 BEAVERCREEK Address Title: Thirteen ways of looking at the novel / Jane Smiley. CLINARD WAYNE $998.14 152 LOWER HILLSIDE DR $20.00 CALCUTTA JUDITH A DAYTON 9140 CLYO RD 45431 45385 15 GREENE STREET 45433-5066 ACCUNTIUS TERRY 3369 PAVILLION LANE BELLBROOK 45305 $180.00 Personal author: Jacobs, Barry J. ANASIS SANDRA S 45431-8605 $31.11 1546 MONTGOMERY AVE 2091 MISSISSIPPI DR 45305-0000 45385-1526 45324 CAR WASH HEADQUARTER $97.00 ALEXANDER DAVID A XENIA XENIA $297.60 FAIRBORN 4221 W FRANKLIN ST $1.00 45431 $10.00 45431 521 KETCHAM BYRD WENDY R XENIA 45431 $0.70 CARAKER JUDD Special Ladder — Illustration 9.7 shows a specially built ladder with widely spaced rungs that a dog cannot climb. This is an aid to escape, should that become necessary. $11.00 $4.00 $37.14 2833 RAMBLING WOOD LN FAIRBORN Title: Pearl's eight days of Chanukah / story and pictures by Jane Breskin Zalben. very dark, almost blackish, the work is poorly fired (over-vitrification) and is too brittle. Do not let such a potter do your firing. Make sure you check the broken edge, as an external examination will not reveal this type of sloppy firing. Of course, make sure their goods are stoneware fired to a cone 10. 45324 An empty home, apartment, or business can be a good place to hook up. Don’t worry about the owners being billed for long-distance calls — they’ll contest the billing when it arrives and the phone company will consider it an error. Don’t draw undue attention when you run your backstrap wire. If you run it to a laptop computer in a car or van, use a long wire, park out of the direct line of sight, and be prepared to drop the wire and drive away casually. Carry a large magnet to quickly erase any computer disk on the chance you are stopped and your equipment seized. 2000 MILL RUN LANE $61.06 45432 BASSETT BETTY 1259 CHISOLM TRL 530 LAYNE DR BL240.3 .T48 2005 467 W KREPPS RD XENIA 45385 Corporate subject: Google (Firm) Subject: Spanish language materials Juvenile fiction. DAYTON XENIA 45431 $14.99 Supporting Cast $1.58 45433 255 PURCELL DR ZIP $3.85 Records Sabotage CORDELL VICTOR D BRUNSMAN REBECCA FAIRBORN COOKSON DAVID 45305 YELLOW SPRINGS $101.75 45324 45324 DLJSC 45432-2038 78 N HAVEN DR CHEATMAN DONALD R XENIA 45387 $53.81 FAIRBORN HQ1161 .C65 2002 In 1965 the film industry in Los Angeles was a wonderful mix of trend setting television series, imaginative theatre, excellent drama coaches and experimental independent films. The climate and opportunities were perfect for Sean to display his acting abilities. $91.04 2015 PA DR Subject: Literary landmarks--California. 45385-5308 BERG EUGENE L XENIA 143 E MARKET ST 519 FLINTRIDGE DR 4966 SPRINGFIELD PIKE Discovered by Duke Ellington in her mid-teens, she toured with both Ellington and Lionel Hampton as a lead singer and dancer. Decades later in 1992, she made use of her voice again starring in a dramatic one-woman musical show ‘Reflections' in which she became 12 separate song legends. 1669 NORTH CENTRAL DR 45385 BARNETT CHARLES LEE BRADBURY AMY M YELLOW SPRINGS DAYTON 45432-0000 FAIRBORN BEAVERCREEK 45387-2039 EDENS MICHAEL C 2145 HILLTOP RD BEAVERCREEK BOARD OF EDUCATION $19.67 45385- 1701 IRONWOOD #22 $107.80 DUE LYNN D DAYTON 45324 DAYTON Subject: Business intelligence Fiction. 45324 32 E EMERSON AVE $17.07 $7.92 SPRING VALLEY 1314 BURNETT DR YELLOW SPRINGS Owner Name 5016 U S RTE 35 E 45305-1551 XENIA 45431- $1,844.00 SPRING VALLEY Subject: Suicide victims--Psychology. $5.06 2905 HOMEWAY DR. parent's guide / Margaret C. Fisher, editor in chief. XENIA $51.60 45385-4789 v-a-jpeg-64.jpg 452 N KING ST 45335-9522 $139.06 BEAVERCREEK 813 GLENEAGLE DR $7.00 3353 CEDARWOOD DR 45385 $0.58 Subject: Child rearing. 1259 CHISOLM TRL Tools 45324-3504 230 N. BROAD ST APT B 710 S. DETROIT STREET 45434 $115.00 XENIA BONSAI INS AGCY Our hypothetical road will be built into the “Last Stand Grove” on the Timber Sale National Forest. In the beginning, timber cruisers indicated the presence of “commercial” timber in the Last Stand Grove area. This may have originally happened many years ago, when even the Freddies didn’t think that the trees in Last Stand Grove were economically feasible to cut. But the bureaucracy has a long memory, and finally the day arrives when only remote and marginal stands of trees remain uncut. So the “timber beasts” schedule a sale in Last Stand Grove — no matter that only five million board feet of timber will be sold in return for the construction of ten or twelve miles of new road — since their job is to meet the Forest’s annual projected “cut,” they don’t worry about economics. BLACK PAMELA A DONOHUE JAMES P FAIRBORN $102.60 BEHR LISA M $31.41 BEAVERCREEK 45324-5704 JAMESTOWN RIVERSIDE PO BOX 172 BYRON CHURCH 12 S CHURCH STREET Amount BELLBROOK 45385-9384 COLLINS LAWRENCE E XENIA 2462 BROWN BARK DR $24.47 45432 45385 Over 70 percent of the surface of this planet is covered by oceans. Some biologists estimate that 90 percent of Earth’s living biomass is in the oceans, and that 90 percent of photosynthesis occurs in the oceans. The tropical forests may be the reservoirs of land-based biodiversity, but the oceans are the lungs, or air filters, of this planet. $35.00 DAVIS KRISTEN 45324-4010 BERNEY LOUIS H $34.20 P O BOX 302 4777 SHIDER ROAD Culverts FAIRBORN FAIRBORN 3803 SHAWNEE TRL JAMESTOWN $64.50 $0.31 CAVENDER SHAWN $2.23 600A BUENO CT 1126 LIVERMORE ST 2030 VILLAGE DR XENIA BAILEY MICHAEL E 45434 45370 502 YOUNG DR 618 JEFFERSON ST 53 ORCHARD ST UNKNOWN $217.54 1337 KAPOK $12.92 BALAN NISHANT BROOKS CARRY A $718.50 117 W S COLLEGE ST 45335 ADKINS WILMA J CHURCH ST 45431-2007 45431-0000 XENIA CORZETTO ALBERT T Born on a ranch in North Hollywood, California, Spice rode her horse to kindergarten, grew up playing in her father's medical offices, eventually hitting the road as a musician, singer, and dancer under contract to 20th Century-Fox Records. FAIRBORN 4331 RIDGEPATH DR DALLAS JOHN I 45324 45335-1111 $10.00 $50.00 $14.40 The team will most likely be carried to the vicinity of the target in a motor vehicle (see also the section on Mountain Bicycles in the Miscellaneous Deviltry chapter). Whether it be a motorcycle, car, or truck, it should look ordinary, and lack anything that might be conspicuous — such as a special paint job, provocative bumper stickers, or personalized license plates. DIAMOND WALLACE M. BASSETT MARK W BELLBROOK 215 GARDENDALE DR BELLBROOK COLTER PRENTICE L BELLBROOK JAMESTOWN 999 WAYNESVILLE JAMESTOWN $133.62 45324 DAYTON $0.19 XENIA $289.00 $12.50 BANE SARA $1.92 $587.79 1450 SPICETREE CIR 45387 DAYTON 718 N MONROE DR 45385-9629 $25.10 4488 STONECASTLE DR 45431 45431 728 E MARKET ST Starlight Scope A modern version of the Vietnamese “punji stake” offers a simple means of closing an unsurfaced road. An angle-cut metal rod driven into the road’s wheel rut will puncture tires while not harming people. The 1/2 inch diameter rod, protruding only about three inches, is too blunt to penetrate a shoe sole under a person’s weight, but sharp enough to puncture the tire of a heavy vehicle. With this technique you can cure an ORV problem or make a logging or mining operation unprofitable. By harassing a survey or exploration crew with these you might persuade a corporation not to proceed with a mining or drilling operation. The possible applications are extensive since almost any exploitive enterprise requires roads. Subject: National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses Study guides. BARK LILLIAN $0.34 $32.66 2590 HARBISON RD. $14.30 Step Thirteen: Leave the Country: It will take hours to determine if sabotage was responsible and further hours to organize a search for a suspect. Do not speed away. Travel at normal speeds. Do not attract attention to yourself. Put on clean clothes. Dress like a tourist or a businessman. It is helpful if you know train, bus, or airplane schedules in advance of your retreat. You should take ground transportation which leaves no trail, away from the area, out of the country and far away. If you simply grab the first plane out, your name can be easily pulled up later from passenger lists. Consider a short (three to four day) well-deserved vacation before flying back or using other traceable transport. 45305-1584 BABCOCK GORDON W 45431 $0.94 $1,166.46 RIVERSIDE 1478 KENSINGTON DR 45387-1806 XENIA BENNETT WILLIAM 45335 45305-1625 $926.09 XENIA 45385 UNKNOWN 4360 ALLEGHANY TRL FAIRBORN $62.06 $0.01 DAVIS LADY BUHRMAN KATHRYN 1043 VICTORIA AVE BEAVERCREEK 45431 119 BROWN AVE DEZARN ROBERT N $139.06 JAMESTOWN Field Notes DAYTON FAIRBORN XENIA Because of their low cost, various types of padlocks are used to secure gates, equipment sheds, and heavy equipment. Much earth moving equipment is designed to allow the owner to put padlocks on all the standard access points like fuel tank and radiator caps, oil dipstick, and transmission and oil pan filler tubes. In addition, many machines have metal doors that can be locked to block access to the cab or engine compartment. There are two methods for defeating locks. jamming or forcing. 45305 BACK DARRELL 45324 45335 DAYTON 4127 ROSEHILL DR $0.10 $0.21 Stephanie Glakas-Tenet ; illustrations by Gavin Glakas BF175.45 .B57 2000 XENIA 45387 45385-3564 $10.00 BUTTERWORTH HARRISON FAIRBORN XENIA DUKES BRUCE FAIRBORN 1280 EAGLES WAY CURTIS KAREN FAIRBORN 45324 45385 45324 BEAVERCREEK BAKER ANNETTE XENIA YELLOW SPRINGS 324 ARMS DR APT C CASTLE LOGAN C $476.92 600 RUSTIC TRL XENIA DOHERTY ANDREW FAIRBORN $20.00 $15.15 45385-4337 DAYTON $6.10 FAIRBORN Owner Name 45324 2256 CLIFTON RD 45385 45432-1708 45385 $34.00 $40.00 CEDARVILLE 2333 MISSISSIPPI DR Subject: Human evolution--Religious aspects--Christianity. CEDARVILLE $1.00 COLLINS JEFFREY C $106.49 BEAVERCREEK FAIRBORN 45305-2116 CAMPBELL SUE 45324 XENIA $77.97 FAIRBORN DOVE TIMOTHY B Introduction to the Third Edition CHEADLE TIFFANY 45324 Even when the pump is off, water will remain in the low-lying portions of the pipe. It may be best to go uphill and plug a dry section, but the procedure will work in water-filled pipes. (At least it works in a water-filled pipe up to 1.5” in diameter, the largest so far tried.) 10 DUPONT WAY DAYTON 45434 When moving by day, use roads or hard-packed trails when out of sight of pursuers. Otherwise, step on rocks or clumps of grass to minimize tracks. Walking on the outside edge of your foot will also diminish tracks. Learning to follow tracks yourself will be the best way to learn how to avoid leaving any. (See the earlier section on Tracking). 292 SIGNATURE DR S 113 SPINNING RD DREWRY CHARLES M FAIRBORN 45387 $151.76 ALLENGIBBS PAULA ONE HERALD SQUARE $57.42 BIXLER SEAN S 45433-1100 DAYTON ANTKOVIAK JASON L FAIRBORN 2159 ALABAMA DR $35.71 $10.00 45385-5261 CONNELLY JOHN DORSTEN TAMMY J 1669 NORTH CENTRAL DR BEGLEY JESSE 45431 CLIFTON 4225 LOGISTICS AVE 2046 DOROTHY AVE 45385 JAMESTOWN BAYARD ALAN 2421 CLUBSIDE DR 9140 CLYO RD $0.22 YELLOW SPRINGS $14.95 $6.82 Insertion 15 BROCKWAY CT 2219 CAPESTRANO DR 1353 FELDMAN DR 500 LOHNES DR FAIRBORN $312.84 BEAVERCREEK 45431-2110 Subject: Bridges--Pictorial works. FAIRBORN FAIRBORN DAYTON DONGES WILLIAM C WRIGHT PATTERSON AFB A sturdier, heavier, and only slightly more costly version of this noose pole can be made by substituting galvanized pipe for the PVC. Look for the less-conspicuous black-finish galvanized pipe. Have it cut and threaded at the store where you buy it. 45385 $8.05 BARR KENNETH J 415 RUSTIC CT BEAVERCREEK DALTON MARGARET P FAIRBORN XENIA CARLISLE JOHN R AGNOR TAMMIE L Reno 911: Season 5 Nevada's answer to the Keystone Cops returns for another season of this improvisational-style hit from Comedy Central, continuing to bumble their way through crime-fighting misadventures and inner-department shenanigans. Joining series regulars Thomas Lennon, Cedric Yarbrough, Kerri Kenney, Robert Ben Garant and the rest of the dim-witted squad in Season 5 are guest stars Christina Applegate, Seth Green, Lisa Lampanelli and George Lopez. 1440 IRONWOOD DR 3115 RANCHFIELD DR DUNCAN JANICE CARPER KENNETH S DAVIS ROBERT $6.18 45324-5623 25 S ALLISON AVE FAIRBORN 2010 STEWART RD $0.60 45385 CASTLE MARILYN 45387 1309 SUGARHILL LANE $17.94 DRAKE ANGELA These pins have been heat treated so that their interiors are very hard and their outer surfaces are super hard. For a given diameter, the shear strength of dowel pins is over three times that of rebar or welding rod. $568.80 Personal author: Anderson, Chris, 1961- ABERNATHY KENNETH G RR 4 BX 108 XENIA $10.34 FAIRBORN 45385 $100.39 1251 SPRINGWOOD #203B 1327 MAYAPPLE AVE $67.71 FAIRBORN $35.61 45324 734 BLAIR DR 1715 KINGSWAY DR 2356 MINNESOTA DR 45387-1730 2175 ROCKDELL DR. 45305 CAPPS MATTHEW Owner Name $19.20 ANDERSON CHAD BEAVERCREEK BOARD OF EDUCATION DAYTON FLEXIBLE PRODS Subject: Islamic fundamentalism. DRESCHER PHILIP L 45385- BARNHART GEOBEL FAIRBORN DAYTON 45385 Title: Neuromancer / William Gibson. FAIRBORN COX MAUREEN BEYER STEVE L FAIRBORN 45385-1540 Title: The life of Benjamin Franklin / J.A. Leo Lemay. 45431 XENIA COUCH TROY D RR 2 3842 FERRY RD 1227 CHAUCER WAY #D XENIA Subject: Human geography. FAIRBORN $66.56 BYCZKOWSKA JANINA K BEAVERCREEK DAYTON 45324 FAIRBORN CLARDY DAWN M $316.78 Corporate offices may range from small “store-front” operations (such as a fly-by-night real estate developer might use) to the massive glass and steel office complexes favored by the big multinational corporations. Corporate offices are vulnerable to a wide variety of monkeywrenching techniques, including some tactics that would not be appropriate for a private residence. For instance, a quick night raid involving breaking windows (through which paint or stink bombs might be tossed for good measure) might be clearly justifiable for the offices of a corporate criminal, while a similar action at a private residence might be interpreted as life-threatening vandalism. Other appropriate tactics for corporate offices include lock jamming, spray painting slogans, dumping noxious effluent, and the like. These techniques will be covered later in this section. There are two types of radios for monitoring police calls. The older type is crystal-controlled, and requires buying a separate crystal for every frequency you wish to monitor. Because of the security problems associated with purchasing these crystals, this type of unit is not recommended. DIKSHIT OM 45335 ARRAS WILLARD B 45305 XENIA $65.85 FAIRBORN BROWN ANDOLYN V FAIRBORN 45432 FAIRBORN 641 BEAVER VLY 1440 IRONWOOD DR $1.07 CAMPBELL PAMELA L 45385 SPRING VALLEY C) Snare set on trail. Tilted branch keeps larger animals like deer and livestock away from snare. This trick also used with leghold traps. $199.41 45324 $0.50 45385-9431 CRANDALL JOEL L $0.86 45431-1407 45431-2110 FAIRBORN $5.10 45385 COX SAMUEL E DEVREDDY SATYAPPRASAD XENIA 45324-2956 2131 STEWART RD 45324-5739 29 SPINNING RD Heavy Equipment $102.60 52 HALSEY DR $23.64 BAIR KEVIN 379 BIG STONE RD 124 N 1ST ST XENIA FAIRBORN BUCK DARRA 26 S COLUMBUS ST 2336 WELLER LN 117 W SOUTH COL ST Automobile Trailing 45324-2502 FAIRBORN 2432 HARMONY DR Smaller powerlines are vulnerable to having their insulators shot out by a .22 rifle from a car driving along backroads or a hiker. (“Powerline? What powerline? I’m just hunting rabbits.”) This is an effective way to discourage power companies from spraying rights-of-way with toxic herbicides if you let the power company know that the damage is being done because of herbicide spraying (techniques for safe communication of this sort are in the Security chapter) and that it will stop when they stop poisoning the area. $169.63 BESS ROBERT CAIN SEAN A BOWEN ERICA DAYTON CIANO AGOSTINE DOOLIN GIRTY 45324-0422 DESHPANDE AMIT Miscellaneous $0.58 BEAVERCREEK $22.00 XENIA Water Developments BOOKER DEBRA A FAIRBORN 45432-4021 BROWN WILLIAM E UNKNOWN 45431 $2.50 FAIRBORN 45433 $50.00 1450 WEDGEWOOD DR DUKES EVA $12.05 BROWN RICHARDMARTHA 2159 ALABAMA DR 3125 OLD YELLOW SPRINGS Subject: Note-taking Handbooks, manuals, etc. $92.02 1705 WILBUR AVE DAYTON You can use a fanny pack to carry your spikes. The weight is easier to carry on the hips than on the back. During the actual spiking, put the fanny pack in front to use like a carpenter’s apron. DAVIS DALE BAKER LAURA BHATTACHARYA RABI S $1,844.03 Using an Acetylene Torch $24.45 45385 The illustration shows the vulnerable points on a typical light plane. Almost all significant repair on an aircraft is expensive because most of it, by law, must be done by certified specialists called A & Ps (for airframe and power plant). 453 FAIRFIELD PIKE FAIRBORN 45385- Subject: Condom use--United States. $4.00 BENNING ADRIAN FAIRBORN APT A 45335 COTTRELL BECKY M Subject: Legal assistants--Vocational guidance--United States. BENNETT SCOTT F $10,849.20 EDMISTON STEPHEN $3.00 45324 45385 ARLIEN LOUISE M $12.49 COUNTRYMAN HEATHER FAIRBORN 45431-2277 BELLBROOK XENIA AVE. BEAVERCREEK $300.00 $10.00 246 HOLMES DR DAILEY AMANDA E 45387 322 3RD $50.00 45385 XENIA 45324 $0.16 $22.75 BEER JOHN L CAMPBELL ANDREW LARKEN BARTLETT WILLIAM H $6.86 RIVERSIDE $0.45 49 N 1ST ST Beware of ultraviolet brighteners in your clothing. These chemicals, which are now in all laundry detergents, make you glow in the dark to an officer quipped with night vision equipment. This problem is so serious that the US military specifies that no brighteners be used in, the manufacturing or cleaning of combat fatigues. 45314 COLLINI NICHOLE E Further Comments On Radios CONOVER DONALD W $35.16 DUVALL JAMES C ANDERSON BETHANY J BLANKENSHIP LAURETTA WRIGHT PATTERSON AFB 1683 FALKE DR $79.43 XENIA 3000 SHAKERTOWN RD $3.52 BROWNIE TROOP 1543 FAIRBORN 7898 COURT RIDGE LN XENIA 45431-1401 Subject: Spiritual life Fiction. A typical crew has about three or four miles of cable and geophones on the ground at any one time. During the work day, the recorder truck is plugged into the cable, “reading” off about two miles of line as the vibes shake at intervals along it. The “jug crew” is picking up the geophones and cables behind the vibes and laying it all out again ahead. At night, the vehicles are usually parked in town but the cable is left in place on the line. Often the cable heads are disconnected at intervals or where the line crosses a road, since people have been known to use a pickup truck or whatever to drag cables away. Cable and geophones are very expensive and hard to replace if lost or damaged. Despite the general focus of this book on wilderness defense and the general public perception that monkeywrenching is restricted to wild lands in the West, ecotage has a long and honorable tradition fighting polluting industries as well. One of the most evolved forms of monkeywrenching is plugging polluters’ discharge pipes. The following is from an expert in such matters. Title: Knowing the enemy : jihadist ideology and the War on Terror / 93 HILLCREST AVE 1266 APPLE ST 1580 HILLSIDE DR 45305 — Deejay 723 SHEPHARD RD 2333 DUNCAN RD APT 3 $0.01 XENIA BOYCE DOROTHY P 138 TRAVIS DR 45385 DAYTON COFFMAN AMY 45335 DRAYER LYNNE I Subject: Art museum architecture--California--San Francisco. CEDARVILLE $302.77 4676 FEDERAL RD. BERTKE BRENDA YELLOW SPRINGS 45431 BELLBROOK BROWN STEPHEN F Subject: Man-woman relationships--United States. BROWNING KAREN A deep cover infiltrator “lives” the role. It may be someone with extensive experience in undercover work, or a young person selected from an academy training class. Novices are actually preferred sometimes because they have not acquired the typical authoritarian habits that might give them away as cops, and also because they are less likely to be recognized by regular cops in the field who might unknowingly reveal their identity in a chance encounter. 45335- 2190 ROCKDELL 12 S WEST ST CHEEVER STEPHANIE 117 W S COLLEGE ST FAIRBORN $24.70 CRENSHAW WALTER $50.00 $4.50 XENIA 45335-8721 421 WHITE ASH CT $26.43 45324 CLIFTON 45431 BUSCH SHARON L 3448 N. DAKAR DR. SPRING VALLEY 3079 MILL POND DR 3990 US-RT-42-E $97.00 45434-6562 45305- $3.00 $10.00 486 FLORENCE AVE 45434 1137 HYANNIS DR 45385 $185.65 — Shade Tree Mechanic Owner Name 45385-9629 45385 BULLEN HELEN J 45385-9793 45324-0000 45385 XENIA 4051 CLARKSTON DRIVE 2666 COLD SPG Light Reflections XENIA PO BOX 601 DAYTON CUNNINGHAM BETTY CEDARVILLE 45431 45335 ASMAN GREG 867 CHESTNUT CIR 45305-1520 FAIRBORN CONOVER DONALD W XENIA The rubber band does not provide enough pressure (usually) to push the spray head down. Its purpose is to hold the spray head down after you push on the end of the dowel. This allows you to drop the “grenade” and leave, knowing the entire can will discharge. Test the mechanism out-of-doors for a second or two to insure its proper functioning before cementing the cap to the can. While assembling, never allow the spray nozzle to point directly at you or your clothing. Condo Trashing FAIRBORN BOGAN ELIZABETH A BATES DOROTHY P $5.00 BOLLINGER STEVEN W $321.43 45430 BRATTON HARRY Step One: Recon. You must know your target. Where does it moor? Who owns the ship? How far is the nearest occupied structure? Is there a premise alarm? Many questions can be answered by referring to international shipping registers. A recon team of local or native speaking individuals is best, however. This team should make subtle inquiries and observations from a week to a month before the ship is boarded. The recon team should not include the eco-mechanic unless the operation involves a solitary operator. Observation should determine if the ship is manned or unmanned, is being watched by security, or has a surveillance or alarm system installed. $48.17 PO BOX 176 XENIA PZ73 .B68455 2002 BEAVERCREEK $278.63 CLEMENS PAUL BARRY SHERYL L DOBBS JENNIFER K dated by a widely publicized tree spiking. 521 LINCOLN CT DORMAN JAMES BUSH MONNIE L 1652 COUNTRYSIDE DR 45387-1536 $22.41 ZIP 45431 $6.28 $5.72 $10.00 CEDARVILLE XENIA 45305-8753 An easy method of keeping track of pace count is to mount small flexible plastic discs on a small section of cord. The discs should be mounted so that no free movement can occur on the cord. During the movement, one disc is moved from top to bottom at each pace count of 100. This simple device is commercially available and cheap at places where military supplies are sold. This device allows you to concentrate on other aspects of movement. CONNOR STEPHEN E Subject: San Francisco (Calif.)--History. BEAVERCREEK 45305-184 Gus Gordon, Thurmon Williams. BEAVERCREEK DEAN WILLIAM R DAVIS ROBERT 45324 1229 ROCKWELL DR 45385 Address 45385 3615 KING EDWARD WAY $5.70 45305 45387 XENIA CHABANNES RICHARD M A wide variety of devices for detecting room bugs, telephone taps, tape recorders or transmitters on people, and the like are commercially available. Because these instruments are sold largely for corporate security they are very expensive and likely beyond the reach of monkeywrenchers. The best way to guard against electronic surveillance or bugs is two-fold: 1) Do not draw suspicion to yourself; and 2) never discuss illegal activities over the telephone, in your home or office, or with anyone you do not completely trust. CANADA RICKIE If a suspect makes an incriminating statement in the presence of an agent when not under electronic surveillance, the undercover agent may then try to arrange a second incriminating conversation at a time and place when it can be recorded. Note: Contrary to popular myth, an undercover cop does not have to admit being a cop if confronted with the accusation. DAYTON 720 N MAPLE Subject: Indians of Mexico--Antiquities. 3600 SHAWNEE TRAIL $105.00 COOPER JOHN $102.18 ALLEN BILLY Miscellaneous 45335 $100.00 XENIA 45433 Owner Name FAIRBORN $2.00 BEBO DANIEL $0.20 45385 $18.65 $77.59 739 BLACKFOOT TRAIL 1100 RICHLAND RD $4.80 45385-3913 45385 $9.40 SPRING VALLEY DALKOWSKI CONRAD S FAIRBORN $6.00 PZ8.3 .M85 2006 BEAVERCREEK FAMILY CARE ASOC L WRIGHT PATTERSON AFB XENIA CLEVELLE LENNIE C FAIRBORN 45385-4779 VINE ST APT 2 $18.00 321 W DAYTON YELLOW SPRINGS RD 45384- Many commercial laundry detergents contain chemical “brighteners” that increase the reflectivity of clothing (ever notice your sleeves glowing under a “black light”?). Avoid these when washing clothes to be used in secretive activities. Only actual laundry soap, like Ivory, will leave you with the wonderfully dull and dingy look while still getting out those telltale body odors. All detergents will increase the reflectivity of your clothing, and will make you more visible to night vision devices. (See the section on Eyes of Night.) 122 W DAYTON YELLOW SPGS RD #23 45324 3508 SNIVELY RD BRENNEMAN RYAN 1653 STEWART BLVD 682 TOWNCREST DR BAUER MARTHA C Subject: Poverty--Statistics. BAYLES TERESA A DAYTON In case you have to abandon your equipment to escape, be sure there are no fingerprints or other marks on it that could link it to you. DUFFRIN LORNA 45314 BOWERS DEROTHA 93 HILLCREST AVE 45385 411 N. GALLOWAY ST. CEDARVILLE $0.25 BEST GRETCHEN S DAYTON BELLBROOK FAIRBORN 1922 RICH RD 253 W DAYTON YELLOW SPGS R $0.60 759 E CHURCH ST 45385 45434-6972 The “Daring Daylight Raid” $18.90 306 D WILLIAM ST Subject: United States--History--1945- $54.31 Personal subject: Hoyle, Fred, Sir. 45385-2510 $52.62 ASHWORTH BRIGID M 355 W N COLLEGE ST 45385 Personal author: Benjamin, Daniel, 1961- DRAPPO WALTER E CORDELL NORMAN R. $12.34 45305 You can also hire a private investigator to run a background records check, while you pose as a prospective yet suspicious business partner, would-be spouse, or the like. Get a cost for a basic records check first and make it clear to the investigator that you don’t want word of it getting back to the target. Keep in the back of your mind, however, that if law enforcement becomes aware of the PI’s inquiry, they may compel her to join their scheme. This is most likely to occur when a records background check delves into government maintained files like auto registrations and driver’s licenses. XENIA DAYTON 45431 BLOOM WILLIAM J. FAIRBORN $50.00 $21.74 DAYTON $408.45 45324 Ecodefense is a historical artifact. It be argued that it is the most controversial environmental book ever published; more importantly, though, it is a key exhibit in the legal history of freedom of the press in the United States. The First Amendment to the United States Constitution was ratified in 1791. It reads in part, “Congress shall make no law ... abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press.” That enshrined freedom of the press and speech sets the United States of America apart from all other nations. No other country so jealously defends the right of its citizens to speak and publish controversial ideas. ZIP 4420 E MOHAVE DR $290.00 BRANAM MITCHELL L BABB CLARK WILLIAM XENIA 45324 45431-0000 COLLINS & AIKMAN GRP DEBENTURE 2346 MURPHY DR City BEAVERCREEK AVALOSKALL ALMA CORDELL DENISE A $2,348.49 FAIRBORN CARD AMY 2387 MARCIA DR PO BOX 305 BOND KAY F 2747 WILBERFORCE CLIF Mitchell Schwarzer and Aaron Betsky ; principal DAYTON $22.57 $108.08 45385-9384 45305 $18.75 BEAVERCREEK 45324 $8.23 Title: Self-made man : one woman's journey into If you need a backpack for an extended monkeywrenching mission, use a frame pack with the sides of the frame extending vertically above the top of the pack. Camouflage the frame with camo bow tape (sold in bow hunting stores) or paint. Use camo straps if possible. Jansport also makes a good belly band in an inconspicuous tan. The pack itself should be camo. (Some experienced monkeywrenchers argue that dull green or brown are better than camo for packs, straps, and frame.) Use it to carry anything incriminating. Next, get a camouflage day pack. Mount it over the frame pack with the day pack straps looped over the vertical uprights on the frame. This day pack is used for emergency gear in case you get into a bad situation. If that happens, dump the backpack into a bush or over a cliff. Take the day pack and take off. Try to retrieve your backpack later. UNKNOWN BEAVERCREEK FAIRBORN 2075 TRIUMPH DR $6.12 $8.40 $3.48 BULEN GERALDINE $0.05 Because drill rod and dowels are much stronger than other steel pins, they are effective tree spikes in smaller diameters. Therefore drilling holes for them requires less effort. Hand drilling holes for these pins can be done with an old-fashioned bit and brace. Twelve and eighteen inch long drill bits are available and “lean-against” braces make drilling easier. And drilling by hand is silent! 1876 CEDARVILLAGE CT 45324 $36.79 YELLOW SPRINGS Subject: City planning--Environmental aspects. BELLBROOK SPRING VALLEY YELLOW SPRINGS 306 MAGNOLIA LN $4.00 102 W LINDBERG DR 88 N LIMESTONE ST 625 SHARON DR BELLBROOK $75.27 $93.18 45385-9583 $3.54 614-A GROTON CT ASHBROOK NICHOLAS XENIA In January of 1979, the Forest Service announced the results of RARE II: Of 80 million acres of undeveloped lands on the National Forests, only 15 million acres were recommended for protection against logging, road building, and other developments. In the big-tree state of Oregon, for example, only 370,000 acres were proposed for Wilderness protection out of 4.5 million acres of roadless, uncut forest lands. Of the areas nationally slated for protection, most were too high, too dry, too cold, too steep to offer much in the way of “resources” to the loggers, miners, and graziers. Most roadless old-growth forest was allocated to the sawmill. Important Grizzly habitat in the Northern Rockies was tossed to the oil industry and the loggers. Off-road-vehicle dervishes and the landed gentry of the livestock industry won out in the Southwest and Great Basin. 775 SPRING GARDEN PL NC975 .W45 2005 945 RIVERVIEW CT $137.56 45385 $50.00 439 RIDGE LINE CT 45324 BELLBROOK $55.47 $5.00 CAMPBELL JAMES E 876 E CHURCH F1219 .E93 2004 $866.81 45305 Remove dirt, grease, oil, paint, etc. from tools and clothes as soon as possible. Use an ultraviolet light to check for special marker dyes. If you suspect a special marker dye, dispose of the article. Clean tools of plating chips or paint chips before and after the action. (Remember that if you worked on your green car yesterday with the same wrench, and you leave green paint on the bulldozer, it may be incriminating. Likewise, if you have yellow bulldozer paint on your wrench.) $24.00 $30.85 45387 BAKER S T 45385 FAIRBORN $63.54 1440 MEADOW LN DAYTON $370.00 45431 45431 $51.52 45431-1348 46 REGINA DR 1100 KAUFFMAN AVE 45324-4621 45434 45432 XENIA $61.39 $483.48 XENIA XENIA 2146 RED ROCK DR FAIRBORN Title: Night of stone : death and memory in twentieth CEDARVILLE DRISCOLL E. L. & M. XENIA $69.02 ANDERSON JAMES G CHAMBERS BARBARA A $19.12 $172.57 $21.45 5704 HICKAM DR COATES JILL Hydro Plant Flood Gates CLARK GENEVA DAYTON FAIRBORN FAIRBORN 45433 Subject: Scientists--United States Biography. BURTON ERIK $1.99 45305 45431 1267 CHANNINGWAY DR APT E $20.00 FAIRBORN Sea Shepherd takes the position that sinking a whaler is a surefire way of stopping whaling. Even if the ship is refloated, the immersion in salt water will have destroyed most electrical and mechanical systems. Of the seven ships Sea Shepherd has sunk worldwide, only two have been refloated and returned to sea at great expense. In some cases, insurance may cover the whaler’s cost, but only if they have paid war insurance premiums. Since the scuttling at dock of the two Norwegian whalers in 1992 and 1994, the entire Norwegian fleet of 48 whaling vessels must now pay exorbitant premiums and some even post twenty-four hour security guards. Whaling has become a very expensive enterprise. Scuttling ships is not a college prank. It can be deadly serious. Stink Bombs $212.00 4676 FEDERAL RD 1566 REID AVE 45431 BLACK ROZLYNNE C. CARTER PENNY $13.00 345 THELMA AVE We look forward to having Marc as our host for this once in a lifetime event. AMES MARIE ELIZABETH YELLOW SPRINGS $11.45 $0.42 45431-1551 FAIRBORN Roads range from paved, high-speed highways which may involve measurements down to the hundredths of a foot, through unpaved but still relatively sophisticated “all-weather” roads (the major trunk roads on the National Forests are of this variety) down to fairly crude logging “feeder” roads, which are measured, during the surveying phase, merely to the nearest foot. What all these roads have in common is that they require surveying. Subject: Islam--Essence, genius, nature. 147 FUNDERBURG RD B14 45385-8927 Subject: Alternative medicine--United States. FAIRBORN BEAVERCREEK 3640 FERRY ROAD 45431 JAMESTOWN ZIP 203 N WINTER ST 45387 $22.34 $174.86 JAMESTOWN $46.96 RR 5 BLEVINS ROGER & JOYCE A 45431-2270 The road network on public lands, however, cannot be effectively guarded against a serious campaign to close it. The money is not available to both build and constantly repair roads in rough, remote country. And vehicles — whether on the roads or off — are highly vulnerable to having their tires flattened if they enter areas where they don’t belong. 723 SHEPHARD RD BELLBROOK BRENNAN RONALD 45431-1420 $260.31 ADAMS DAVID $60.13 $312.00 $50.00 DAWSON HELEN P IRREVOCABLE TRUST DUFFY CHRISTINA M $5.40 XENIA 451 N GALLOWAY ST 1055 S DETROIT ST BRANDENBURG SARAH $59.67 XENIA 2818 TORREY PNES AUKERMAN JAMES $78.50 45431- BarBara Luna $201.49 BELLBROOK 45385 215 ORCHARD ST FAIRBORN $354.09 DAVIS TIMOTHY W 45432 4947 WOODBINE AVENUE 45385-2452 1267 CHANNING WAY DR #G $48.50 DAYTON $242.56 BOX 1581 Cellular telephones are already replacing radios in localities where there is good coverage from base stations (there is complete coverage, for example, in almost all metropolitan areas). Cellular phones have certain advantages over radios, among them simplicity of use. 407 W FOREST ST FAIRBORN PMB 309 2156 HIDDEN WOODS BLVD 3045 SOUTHFIELD DRIVE $0.80 XENIA Amount $0.48 DEAR JENNIFER L $164.51 $50.51 BF692.2 .L45 2005 549 LOHNES DR BEAVERCREEK XENIA 3 Blink by Malcolm Gladwell (Little, Brown: $25.95) 3 17 Gladwell explores why decisions are so often made in an instant and whether we can really trust those first instincts. 45324 45387-9703 DUELL JAMES DAVIS REBECCA Subject: Human population genetics--Research. CLIFTON Amount BEAVERCREEK 45335 ARITONOVICH NICHOLAS 45335 Subject: Book industries and trade--Periodicals. FAIRBORN East of the Mississippi, giant Tulip Poplars, American Chestnuts, oaks, hickories, and other trees formed the most diverse temperate deciduous forest in the world. In New England, White Pines grew to heights rivaling the Brobdingnagian conifers of the far West. On the Pacific Coast, redwood, hemlock, Douglas-fir, spruce, cedar, fir, and pine formed the grandest forest on Earth. BELLBROOK $4.62 73 WESTPORT DR 2804 W ENON RD B) If the sucker is between, say, six inches in diameter and two feet, you could use plastic two-part expanding wall insulating foam mixed in appropriate amounts in a trash bag which you quickly jam in the culvert as the stuff expands. The trash bag (small for small pipes, large for large ones) will force the foam to inflate across the pipe diameter rather than along its length — thereby plugging it instead of just laying along its bottom. CHMIEL JENNIFER E Security DUNNE JAMES E 36 LEAMAN $10.80 45324 Subject: Political culture--United States--History--20th century. DAYTON FAIRBORN 45324 45385 Step Five: Locate the intake valve. You should be able to trace the green pipes to the salt water intake valve. A few ships, especially in very cold northern waters, will have keel cooling systems. They still must have access to salt water for the fire system. In this case, trace the red pipes to the intake valve. 45324-9727 1576 DRAKE DR 960 GROVEHILL DR 45385 1400 BRUSH ROW RD BEAVERCREEK $18.55 $139.00 45385-1948 DAVIS ASTRID A 321 W DAYTON YELLOW SPRINGS RD 167 WEST GOODMAN DR $133.27 CONLEY CLARK RONALD E Owner Name XENIA DAYTON XENIA YELLOW SPRINGS CLIFTON 45434 45324 DANER CAROLYN Personal author: Shields, Scott A. CREMEENS THOMAS M. $141.80 $10.00 45324 $7.00 45385-0000 93 HILLCREST AVE FAIRBORN $165.00 BRUCE GAIL F $30.00 1460 BELL PEPPER CT 45385-1506 209 N 2ND ST 45324-3546 $7.20 DAYTON 5818 XENIA ST $17.60 45431 XENIA 244 WILSON 45385-9801 348 WAYNE DR TR659 .A48 2005 45335 45433 $1.24 JAMESTOWN 45431 $10.74 Field Note Subject: Race relations Fiction. 45324 FAIRBORN 1224 BEECH 45431 FAIRBORN Subject: Married people Fiction. $78.76 CARTER ALICE S $275.00 XENIA 45385-1539 45431-3416 XENIA DAVIS NICKOLAS S DAVIS JULIA K 7558 1/2 DAYTON RD 45305 45440 $63.00 2815 STAUFFER DR COX TERESA E DAY CARLOS BEAVERCREEK Subject: Plants--California--San Luis Obispo County. 45385-9430 BUCCALO GRANT DAVID 1131 JEANETTE DR XENIA $21.00 15 PERRIN CT 45430 XENIA 45324-3647 FAIRBORN 45314-9583 DAY SPRINGS HEALTHCARE XENIA $295.00 YELLOW SPRINGS CEDARVILLE 2131 TREBEIN RD BARE MARLEEN L ASD FMFCS FAIRBORN Personal author: Miller, Charles B., 1940- 45370-8774 XENIA FAIRBORN 45431 XENIA $138.54 215 N WALNUT ADKINS PAUL M 4944B WESTMORELAND CT DAYTON 16 N HAVEN DR JAMESTOWN 45324-3200 45324-0000 FAIRBORN 45324 237 VINE ST 45324-4970 3995 GRAHAM DR BYRD MATT 1309 MASON DR XENIA ALLEN KENNETH O SPRING VALLEY $3.00 ASIKELE EDWARD E 45433-1122 CORBETT A. 45385-9510 BLANKENSHIP LEONARD COMPTON RYAN $160.35 45324 45385 $15.00 $50.11 45431 $85.43 $1.67 2120 S HELENWOOD DR 2295 GREENE WAY BLVD 45324-2815 FAIRBORN Be aware that monkeywrenchers may run afoul of the law in a completely unexpected manner. Don’t break speed limits when going to and from an operation — you could fall victim to a speed trap or police radar. A simple rule to follow to prevent most routine traffic violations is to have the front seat passenger (i.e., the person in the “shotgun” seat) watch for road hazards, and caution the driver if the car exceeds the speed limit. If the driver is over-sensitive about this, she shouldn’t be driving. Title: Bee season : a novel / Myla Goldberg. FAIRBORN BEERY MARIAN C DASARI SAIKRISHNA V FAIRBORN XENIA XENIA $1.77 DIEBOLD THOMAS J ANIMAL CRACKERS 45324 $8.00 $1.00 68 RYDER CT 2380 DUNCAN DR XENIA Get the largest oxygen bottle you can reasonably transport. The whole principle of flame cutting is to burn the metal in a stream of oxygen — the fuel is needed only to preheat the metal. Thus the amount of metal you can cut is directly related to the amount of oxygen you can dispense. Charts provided with the equipment give you the data you need on gas requirements. $85.13 Burning Billboards $29.00 45385-2642 George Takei ALLEN BRANDY DRS POWELL AND JAMBOR ASO 45324- Telephone contacts must be kept to a minimum, whether with press or others. Phone calls may be tape-recorded (even though you may request press not to do so, you can never be sure that they will honor your request). Phone calls can also be traced, should the authorities be listening. In the past, calls had to be at least several minutes long to be traced, but the technology for this is improving. Some big-city police departments are installing computerized systems which have the potential to trace calls almost instantaneously (911 systems, for example). In some big cities, phone companies provide customers with instantaneous tracing of “harassing” or obscene phone calls. Also, a “Caller ID” service is now available in some locations. With this service the number of all incoming calls is displayed on a special monitor attached to one’s phone. Many reporters have this feature on their phones. $2.84 45431 XENIA The trick of this and other types of evasion is getting out of sight of your pursuer. This can be accomplished by turning in and out of side streets and alleys. We have used this type of evasive maneuvering more than once to evade police cruisers in downtown business areas. FAIRBORN 8600 DAYTON RD 2619 WENDOVER DR 45324-5919 BELCHER BRITTNI A 897 EAST THIRD STREET 2834 RIVER EDGE CIR CARTER MARY E 45432 PO BOX 5 8176 DAYTON SPRINGFIELD RD $1,602.54 DAYTON 4286 FOWLER DR BINIAK VERN S Subject: Beaches--California--Pacific Coast Guidebooks. FAIRBORN 475 E MARKET ST APT 2 $408.57 1865 ST RT 745 $50.00 Remember that a typical way for a professional undercover agent to initially contact a suspect (group or individual) is to be introduced by a non-professional informer already known but not suspected by the suspect(s). FAIRBORN SPRING VALLEY $833.00 DAYTON CONRAD TRUMAN M 45434 SPRING VALLEY $52.00 45335 ALLEN VERA 45324-000 CHARLES MATTHEW BEAVERCREEK Advanced Tree Spiking Techniques 45324 BALDWIN ROSE 45385-7618 174 FAYETTE ST DILLON RONALD City DAYTON 45433-0000 The most you should ever concede under questioning is that you “might have made an error.” About 85 percent of computer data loss is caused by operator error. Ideally, you’ll do your snooping or tampering in a way that can’t be traced back to you. 116 MARSHALL ST COMBS ERNIE YELLOW SPRINGS 45387 Personal subject: Shannon, Claude Elwood, 1916- COLLINS ELLEN L $9.15 376 WAHBY CT 109 RANCH ST BROWN RICHARD D. 45324 BARTLETT DWIGHT W 45432-3942 $0.44 $11.45 DAYTON BROCK VINCENT 124 BANDERGRIFT Remember that snowmobiles are often driven by overweight, poorly-prepared bubbas, who may be put into a life-threatening situation if their snowmobile is disabled miles from civilization. Be very conscious of the situation you may be creating and be concerned for the safety of the snowmobiler. City CEYLAR TERRY BACK CHRISTIAN DOWNS SAMUEL C 45324 BEAVERCREEK 1233 FALKE DR $0.26 3128 WAYNESVILLE RD $84.00 $0.18 $0.78 DALE STEVE D 1370-D HEMMINGWAY DR C/O TAMMIE GRIEVE 45324-4545 CARLIN MARTHA H CLEMENS MARTINA K $100.00 BEAVERCREEK Amount SPRING VALLEY 45324 One kind of mining claim marker that should be destroyed is that made of PVC pipe. Many miners are now using four-inch diameter PVC pipe in lengths of about 4 feet as claim markers. They double as death traps. In one case, BLM rangers examined 730 of these posts and found 168 dead birds and lizards. Flycatchers and wrens are particularly vulnerable. Birds enter them for possible nesting sites and can’t get out. Bees and other insects die in them as well. Until uncapped pipes are banned as claim markers, they can be tipped over or smashed. DIXON SHAROME $38.68 ALPHA ALLREAD NEAL Since the more trees spiked, the greater the deterrent factor, one nail per tree ought to suffice. To deter a major timber sale, the spiking of several hundred trees might be a worthy goal, but even a few dozen spiked trees will be of some deterrent value. It might be noted that on Meares Island in British Columbia, opponents of logging, working systematically and in teams, have spiked literally thousands of trees to great effect. But spiking does not have to be on this scale to be effective. $412.43 $0.50 On most operations, one should not stop directly in front of, park near, or repeatedly cruise past the target. 141 N BROAD ST CANFIELD LEROY G ANDERSON DIANE 45324-1937 BLAIR JEROME JUDSON $125.26 $41.97 XENIA $62.79 BROWN SHERRELL H 45324-2440 JAMESTOWN DAYTON ANDES DRIVE THRU FAIRBORN 2559 BLUE ROCK DR 2299 HAZELTON AVE BONDURANT TERESA M 2072 PACER TRL FAIRBORN 45385 $18.38 HC110.C6 C365 2005 XENIA 2311 GRANGE HALL RD DEVOE DAVID L BELLBROOK $85.12 BUSH VILDER F Personal author: Frumkin, Howard. 1484 FAIRGROUND RD 45324-9032 802 SR 380 BYRD LEROY ANDERSON DONALD J $0.01 $185.63 513 WINCHESTER ST $57.23 DOUCETTE DAVID $0.51 Miscellaneous $1.84 C/O CAROL AMON Two pairs of pliers 4135 NEDRA DR 45385 45431 $14.75 3797 ELEAZER RD FAIRBORN $0.92 $426.60 CHRISTINA ENT 2049 ROXBURY DR $42.64 108 E FUNDERBURG RD JAMESTOWN 647 E SECOND ST 45305-8782 literature / science writer & editor, Emiliano Sefusatti ; 2394 PATRICK BLVD YELLOW SPRINGS $37.42 BELL ELLA XENIA 2292 IVYCREST DRIVE Alarms YELLOW SPRINGS PO BOX 340695 BARNETT MARY E XENIA If a guard is sitting too close to your target, you may want to consider using lights and noise to decoy him away — especially if your hit is to be a smash-and-run type. Remember to close your eyes in those brief moments when using a flashlight as a decoy or bait, to prevent loss of night vision. 45387 DORWORTH KANOKO AIR LINE PILOTS ASSOC JET STREAM BELLBROOK DEAN MARY L 1806 WOODVINE ST 45385 FAIRBORN FAIRBORN BENEZRA DENISE JAMESTOWN 45434-0000 $418.22 COOK ANN E Personal author: Pryce, Will. 1441 BIRCH BARK CT 45335-1311 PO BOX H COOPER ERIN L ZIP 723 SHEPHARD RD Burning a large metallic object requires dousing it with a flammable fluid. Gasoline is highly explosive and very dangerous to work with. Anyone who uses gasoline to start a fire is risking self-immolation. Also, gasoline drips off surfaces and won’t stay where it is poured. Mixed with soap flakes (use Ivory Snow, not a detergent) gasoline turns into jellied gasoline or napalm. In this condition, it is still very volatile but is more stationary. The classic method of using jellied gasoline is in a “Molotov cocktail,” a glass bottle of gasoline and soap flakes with a denatured alcohol-soaked rag stuffed in the mouth of the bottle. The end of the rag outside of the bottle is lit and the Molotov cocktail is immediately thrown against the target from as far away as possible. The bottle shatters upon impact and the gasoline ignites. If this is all that is done to a large machine, the gasoline in the bottle may be all that burns and relatively little damage may be done. If the targeted machine is previously soaked 8719 HADDIX RD BEAVERCREEK ALTMAN CHARLES A BLAZER AGNES B CHERYL MILLER FAIRBORN $299.00 45370- 45324- FAIRBORN DAYTON $12.00 $225.45 BROOKS FREDERICK BROWN DAVID $74.24 COATES BARBARA L 45385 XENIA $17.92 DUNCAN ROBERT L BEAVERCREEK 45387 130 S MAIN ST BOX 111 BAKER PAM G 454326 45385 CASEY JOHN P $56.00 BENT PATRICIA Because of its power, delivery can be a bit of a problem. A medicine dropper can be used, but I use a hypodermic needle and syringe. This allows small amounts to be delivered into areas difficult to enter (through the rubber seal around a truck window, under an office door, etc.). This also keeps the liquid off your hands — important, not only because it is incriminating but because it will dramatically hurt your social life. The best solution for spills on clothes is disposal. DAYTON $18.58 FAIRBORN FAIRBORN 45431 $44.22 $23.46 CAMP THAD E XENIA 924 ORVILLE WAY Sometimes, especially in areas with heavy cattle grazing, small colored flags attached to long wires are fastened to the point of a stake or hub before it is driven into the ground. These flags make the stakes easier to locate, but their real purpose is to make the survey animal-proof. Survey stakes are frequently pulled out of the ground or broken off due to the activities of cows or other large herbivores (cows as monkeywrenchers?). Often the stake is totally absent but the flag remains. Monkeywrenchers should be sure to pull up such flags, and look for a hub — it may be covered with a layer of dirt, pine needles, or the like. 45385 45434-5890 45324 PS3613 .A736 C57 2002 4400 SPRINGFIELD ST $41.78 FAIRBORN ANDERSON KIRK S CAMPBELL ANDREW LARKEN BEAVERCREEK Subject: American fiction--California--Los Angeles--History and criticism. COPPESS MARY BEAVERCREEK 68 E MAPLE ST FAIRBORN XENIA $21.00 45324 Personal author: Love, Susan M. The Mylar balloons have a 1000th-of-an-inch coating of aluminum, which is an excellent conductor of electricity. When a stray balloon gets caught between two powerlines, it can cause electricity to arc between the lines, melting the lines and sometimes blowing up transformers and causing live wires to fall to the ground. $2,764.28 NBA Champions 2007 - 2008 Go courtside as the favored Boston Celtics take on the scrappy Los Angeles Lakers for the 2008 National Basketball Association championship in this special souvenir video. Features include coverage of the winner's season, the playoffs and the final series -- including the Celtics overcoming a 24-point game four deficit -- plus a highlights reel, exclusive interviews with the players and coaches, and behind-the-scenes footage. XENIA $10.84 Confidential Informants 45316 45385 DOWNING BOBBIE BEAVERCREEK FAIRBORN CAMPBELL KATHLEEN D DHINGRA SUNIL R 2318 TREBEIN RD 45431-1618 EAVEY 45433-1330 FAIRBORN ANDREW ROBERT M $18.30 45431-1543 45431-1366 Subject: Fathers and sons Fiction. FAIRBORN Special tools for wrecking computer hardware might include the following: $39.95 BURKE SCOTT R DAYTON $11.88 45324 $130.00 $48.66 45387-1806 $15.22 CARTER CALVIN BORKENHAGEN RAYMOND J 45305-1120 XENIA BEHNKEN LARRY W 45387 FAIRBORN 858 LOUISE DR 1860 FOWAL DR C/O GENOVA DIASPRO 45324 BEGLEY JACOB D 45324 CLARK MELISSA 45432-3313 Undercover Tactics $4.13 XENIA HC59 .S734 2007 Subject: Influenza Epidemic, 1918-1919. 45385- XENIA DAYTON BALL D. H. JR. OR A. $3.00 Personal author: Emanuel, Kerry A., 1955- 1334 AMES AVE BEAVERCREEK Chapter 3: Developments 45385 312 CHADWICK PL In the last several years, many ecodefenders have begun to experiment with culvert plugging. The following are some of the methods developed. See also the section on Plugging Pipes in the Developments chapter for additional ideas. Use your imagination! Culverts are perhaps the most vulnerable part of the wilderness-destroying infrastructure. $1.76 $9.40 $43.00 $1.36 45385 BAHL EDWARD BEREDA CHRIS 45314 3516 EASTMOORE DR 45324--177 $261.33 1033 GLEN KEGLEY DR $89.73 $18.75 271 MOHAWK ST XENIA $18.31 $8.00 1311 KEVIN DR $70.06 $0.02 $16.64 45431-3722 45335-9728 $50.00 45335-9528 CLIMIE WILLIAM R $47.45 45324-3130 Personal subject: Ueno, Harry Y. (Harry Yoshio), 1907- 2309 S LAKEMAN DR FAIRBORN 45305-1810 $15.00 FAIRBORN $65.80 City DESAI FAMILY TRUST 45324-5408 BEAVERCREEK 45385-2117 DAUM BERNARD P $82.00 45387-1815 45385 $15.00 45431 BOTTOROFF G DOUGLAS BALL HAZEL DAYTON BATES JOE $27.47 45387-1102 Field Notes WRIGHT PATTERSON AFB $50.00 609 A GROTON CT 3030 ELEAZER RD CEDARVILLE $2.45 45370 987 US ROUTE 35 E #B 5223 HAHN AVE BEAVERCREEK 45385 45324-2463 CLIFTON ADAMS JEFFREY L FAIRBORN 2680 SOLITAIRE LN ARMENTROUT J. C. XENIA BLETZINGER CHRISTINE M Title: The great earthquake and firestorms of 1906 : how 45370 ATTN: ROBERT PUTNAM 3299 45432-2755 $51.90 45431-2659 45324 AVEY DAVID E $0.42 163 TRUNK DR FAIRBORN 946 STOVER RD 45385 $3.49 45385-9326 $8.82 45385 $53.62 $50.00 ANDES J CONOVER DONALD W $284.00 CARTWRIGHT VERA A 45432-3121 How best defend our wilderness home? Well, that is a matter of strategy, tactics and technique, which is what this little book is about. Dave Foreman explains the principles of ecological defense in the complete, compact and conclusive pages of his short introduction. I can think of nothing I could add nor of anything I would subtract; he says exactly what needs to be said, no more and no less. 206 PALMER DR Subject: Terrorism--Religious aspects--Islam. FAIRBORN DAYTON 45385 $6.38 BROWNE ROBERT PAUL 45431- ALEXANDER KARI 45385-5719 DEWITT TIMOTHY J DAYTON DAVIS PATRICIA 117 W SOUTH COLLEGE ST 100 COLORADO DR JAMESTOWN BEAVERCREEK BROOKEY CHRISTINA 108 BELAIR CIR CRIDLIN SARAH J $1.00 Title: Mass affluence : seven new rules of marketing to 45324-2406 $24.97 BEAVERCREEK $73.90 45335 408 W MAIN ST HYDE RD RR 1 BX 276 XENIA $102.15 45431 Trap Line Sabotage 45335 CEDARVILLE $13.00 2249 WAYNESVILLE RD DEBARDELEDEN LAURA $3.05 FAIRBORN 45385-9611 DEHAVEN ELWOOD CARPENTER DONITA M $0.84 DAVIS JEFFREY D DAYTON WILBERFORCE $96.90 AYALA JOSE A CHRISTENSEN DELMA E BROWN EMERALD 3011US RTE 68 S City $15.82 $8,710.89 $0.89 BEAVERCREEK BAKALUS ELSIE 104 UPPER HILLSIDE DR 45324 DAYTON AMERICAN THERMAL INSTRUMENTS INC 401 PSP AYRES SETH E $12.37 DALTON JOHN BAILEY BRIAN 201 LEDBETTER RD XENIA CAMPBELL ROBERT 45431 FAIRBORN DAYTON $18.75 DIXON GERALDINE G BEAVERCREEK 45385 XENIA 45324-4317 $58.90 $22.00 CARTER DONNA L $24.90 25 BROOKWOOD DR $5.92 $2.69 YELLOW SPRINGS 45314 XENIA 45335 $50.00 45431 2820-2 WOODSVIEW DR BONASSO ROBERT A Charles Dickens' London: Part 1: Life Charles Dickens's books were famously inspired by his life in London. This illuminating documentary traces his artistic path, including visits to the debtor's prison where his father was held and the factory where he worked alongside the city's poor. Other highlights include tours of the Houses of Parliament, Dickens's home near King's Cross Station and his burial place, Westminster Abbey. 45324 45370 $461.27 EDGE AMANDA L YELLOW SPRINGS 293 ORVILLE ST $30.00 45385 45370 $158.90 2441 PORTAGE PATH 45324 45370 Subject: Conservation of natural resources. BELLBROOK ALLEN ANTONEB JR YELLOW SPRINGS 10 W LINDBERG DR 45370 $48.45 $632.88 45324-8801 BUNKLEY MARIA $0.60 215 E HERMAN ST $4.87 BUCHANAN REGINALD 45324-3711 45324 XENIA 4232 COLONEL GLENN HIGHWAY BURKE RICHARD CUNNINGHAM JIMMY C JR 8 DIANA LN W 113.5 3RD ST FAIRBORN BENNETT CARIN L BLAIN LENA J XENIA BAMMEL JOSHUA 45431-1560 $55.58 DAVIS E M 720 RICHLAND RD DEMAREE DARIUS S Subject: Anxiety in children--Treatment. Disposing of Evidence FAIRBORN COLLINS KRISTOPHER R 2594 SAPPHIRE #15 DOWNEY CORDIE $12.34 45387 453 FAIRFIELD PIKE $38.98 DILLON RACHEL XENIA 357 N BROAD ST DOSSETT EULA $3,528.85 APOSTELOS PAUL J DOLLIVER CHARLES T JR BANKS CARLEDA 45324-5112 Steel Trap At a New Year's bash in a deserted high-rise, five minor celebrities receive text messages inviting them to a VIP celebration on the 27th floor. When they arrive, they find that their host is a psychopath who's arranged a deadly party game for them. DAY WADIE L $103.89 BARNETT ORBIN 2009 MILE RUN LN 45324-2302 $133.33 CLEVELLE RACHELLE L $14.95 4051 BEECHWOOD DR 45324 BONIN MATTHEW DEHART STEVEN 36 MILLER STREET FAIRBORN 379 LAKE ST JAMESTOWN XENIA 45324-6038 DAYTON Fixed-Wing Aircraft BANKS AMBER XENIA $1.35 Another tool should probably be added to the basic spiking kit: a small pair of bolt cutters, powerful enough to cut the heads off the nails. The reason to add this tool is that in several cases, the Freddies have sent crews into the woods to locate (with metal detectors) and remove (with crowbars) as many spikes as possible. Cutting the heads off the nails (after driving them nearly all the way into the tree) should make the Freddies’ task all the more fun. Drive the nail almost all the way into the tree. Cut the head off with the bolt cutters. Then, drive the now headless nail the remainder of the way into the tree. Remember, the more time and money the Freddies expend removing spikes, the fewer trees will be cut and the more wilderness saved. We cannot overestimate the value of removing the heads from the nails. We have heard of at least one case in which the Forest Service has located trees with spikes so treated — and has been unable to remove the nails. Although the Freddies publicly announced that they DAYTON 44 XENIA TOWNE SQUARE 45324 COMBS LARRY $15.75 AARI THARUN $15.00 ZIP HC110.C6 V348 2000 v. 2 $12.67 229 S DETROIT ST ADVANCED INFORMATION ENGINEERING SVCS DELPIN ERNEST JAMESTOWN SPRING VALLEY $277.00 2024 DRAKE DR 829 S DETROIT ST 2881 PARAKEET DR Personal subject: O'Connor, Sandra Day, 1930- 5006 COBB DR FAIRBORN 45324-3302 $187.83 XENIA ALCORN EMMA L $21.95 BROWN CHARITTER 2127 REITZ ST Finally, mining claims on the public lands are a matter of public record. They are usually filed at the county courthouse. These records are also kept at the state level by the BLM. FAIRBORN FAIRBORN 45370-9524 Subject: Russia (Federation)--Religious life and customs--History--20th century. FAIRBORN 45385-2618 Railroad spikeboards are ideal for soft sand; the plate can be buried with only part of the length of the spikes protruding above the surface. If the spikes are spray-painted with a color matching the sand, and/or camouflaged with vegetation, they probably won’t be noticed by the driver of a speeding vehicle, particularly during a race. Multiple emplacements of these devices can create a formidable barrier. PO BOX 39 240 W DAY-Y-S RD APT D 2205 ENTRADA DRIVE 2011 FLORIDA DR $50.00 YELLOW SPRINGS Subject: African Americans--Legal status, laws, etc. XENIA BAIR OVA A $21.06 45305 $31.95 $15.00 10876 HADDIX RD 45324-4031 45431-2227 BEAVERCREEK BATEMAN RUTH I 2479 INDIAN WELLS TRL RR 1 $55.79 45324 3915 GERMANY LN 45387 CARROLL STEPHANIE CAMPBELL ROBERT XENIA $2.10 FAIRBORN BOX 282 $31.30 Retreat to safety when possible. Do so at a half-turn so you can keep the protective sleeve between you and the dog. 45324 Personal author: Garland, Hamlin, 1860-1940. 2050 GAYHART ST 45324- $16.00 DAYTON 45385-9384 $15.00 DAYTON COX MIS V 45431-1128 45324 215 DAYTON ST APT 6 45432 In 1952, his first lead film role came in Kid Monk Baroni. After a two-year stint in the army, Nimoy went back to work in feature films, television, and theater. During the late '50s and early '60s, Nimoy appeared in many of the well-known TV series of the period including Wagon Train, Man from U.N.C.L.E., Rawhide, Perry Mason, and Combat. He also appeared in several feature films, including Deathwatch, and The Balcony. However, it was Nimoy's enormous success in the science fiction television series, Star Trek, which gained him worldwide recognition. First airing in 1966, Nimoy's character, Mr. Spock, would become an icon over the years as the popular television show branched off into syndication and later onto the big screen as a series of six feature films. Nimoy's portrayal of the Vulcan, Spock, earned him three Emmy nominations. Nimoy also became a successful movie director, responsible for Star Trek III: The Search for Spock and Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home. BELLBROOK BLACKETT YVONNE L. COX PHILIP 45387 DOLAN LAURIE CALLOWAY KEN 7791 PETERS PARK 45431-1420 DO VANNA DAYTON 45335 $25.00 XENIA DAYTON BLAZO ERICA A $118.92 45324-2073 45324 45431-1410 ANDERSEN DENNIS K FAIRBORN PO BX 105 $4.09 $82.00 45385 45324-6133 $200.00 CORBEAN JAMES L SR 45324 DAYTON ANTHONY CAROL L BEATTY JOSEPH $2.96 $98.33 BELLBROOK FAIRBORN XENIA $13.42 $680.95 $80.30 45434-6008 1842 HARRIS LN DODDS ED FAIRBORN 1726 ALRIN PL 827 N GALLAWAY ST 45370 11 WATER ST $0.59 45324- FAIRBORN COFFMAN JOHN C BELLBROOK 45324-4539 45385 DUNLAVY RICHARD XENIA DAYTON BEARBOWER HOPE 3353 CEDARWOOD DR 45387 FAIRBORN BELLBROOK EASTMAN JOHN A DAYTON 241 MADISON ST BAHNS RYAN M 45324 CROCKETT MARK FAIRBORN $51.50 BERRY SHARON DAY GERALD N BUCK CHRIS R. $0.15 45324 by Vinson Brown and Ane Rovetta. $45.60 $13.44 $48.46 3821 COLONEL GLENN HIGHWAY $0.47 We’ve found that the soft, somewhat pliable 1/16 inch thick counter top material with an unbroken surface works the best. It’s comparatively easy to cut, but substantial enough to lay flat against your target — which is important if you wish to leave a well-defined spray paint image. You want a vinyl or linoleum material that you can cut holes into with a utility knife and then hold up vertically against something without it dropping. FAIRBORN $157.50 $100.00 1259 CHISOLM TRL FAIRBORN 1986--Social aspects--Belarus. $113.87 45385-4763 $2.90 BIROS JOSHUA DAVID 45324-4216 1889 PENNSYLVANIA DR ATTN SUZETTE CASTONGUAY BRADFUTE J. E. DENZEL MICHAEL 2443 OAKBROOK BLVD 45385 $511.92 4420 HONEY LOCUST 45431-1834 FAIRBORN Owner Name COX ALBERT T $20.77 45324 RIVERSIDE SPRING VALLEY and parks in Northern California : counties included, 45385-0495 COONS WILLIAM R $5.57 $1.00 WILBERFORCE BRADLEY MARJORIE FAIRBORN 45324 City DAYTON DOERNER SHANNON ALLEN MARIE 3718 SHAWNEE TR BEAVERCREEK CEDARVILLE $0.31 45324 $20.00 22 OLD DAYTON YELLOW $286.00 ZIP XENIA 117 DICKMAN DR XENIA 45324 $0.39 45335 45434 45431 Field Notes 45432 FAIRBORN XENIA Many ecodefenders claim it is safer to monkeywrench out of state than in one’s own. This is not true for activists with California license plates — they are considered fair game by most non-California badge wearers who get their jollies by hassling residents of the tarnished golden state. In California, however, out-of-staters are rarely bugged just because of their origin except for those with Mexican license plates. DAYTON FAIRBORN BELL ROCKY Title: Chekhov : scenes from a life / Rosamund Bartlett. $0.71 FAIRBORN CRABTREE V C 4809 HASSAN CIRCLE APT 14 1212 PAINTERSVILLE NEW JASPER FAIRBORN $54.60 448 IVANHOE DR PO BOX 42 45314 45385-4850 CRIGHTON PAUL 1999 JACKSON ROAD Subject: Boycotts--Alabama--Montgomery--History--20th century. $230.00 45387 WILBERFORCE 424 WEITZER WAY FAIRBORN Amount 1209 F DICKENS DRIVE Title: Teen drug abuse : opposing viewpoints / Pamela Willwerth Aue, book editor $17.07 ZIP 723 SHEPHARD RD $74.00 5325 FAIRFIELD DR XENIA 103 DORIS DR BEAVERCREEK 7 WAINWRIGHT DR 45431-2619 JAMESTOWN Subject: Prostitution. COLLINS MICHAEL 125 EAST ST 127 DICKEY AVE DAYTON $138.00 45385-9421 $1.67 2300 S LINDA DR $72.44 $13.25 DAYTON $2.59 $9.03 10161 APPLE SPGS DR 251 POE LANE CLIFTON 216 KANSAS DR $0.39 93 HILLCREST AVE 45432 DONALD E SORTMAN CO INC 45434 1131 JEANETTE DR BALZER WILLIAM BOWMAN JONATHAN BEAVERCREEK 45433 45385-9340 45385 CAMPBELL MICHAEL BELLA ASHLEY Title: The book of U.S. government jobs : where they are, 45431 FAIRBORN $11.00 CHAPMAN ELIZABETH D $42.00 10658 HADDIX RD ANTIOCH UNIVERSITY BANKE ANNE E DAYTON Subject: Reggae musicians--United States Biography. DEYOUNG MARY L Peter Barnet and Nancy Wu. FAIRBORN CV WALKER RT 3 PURCELL AVE PO BOX 1361 BELLBROOK YELLOW SPRINGS 1957 N LAKEMAN DR 305 FLORENCE AVE $343.44 $22.98 $354.09 XENIA 574 SMITH DR APT 1A CORN AOYA 45433-1310 3788 E ENON RD 45324-2169 BOGGS BRET A DAYTON Avoid storing potentially incriminating tools, clothing, shoes, paint, and documents in your house or apartment. (This includes maps of the project in question.) If possible, hide them in the woods or in a rented storage locker (rent one under an assumed name). If you must keep anything potentially incriminating at home, hide it well. Keep in mind that a remote corner of your property away from your house can be legally searched without a search warrant. $13.97 Several factors underscore the civic-minded nature of billboard-cutting. BEAVERCREEK 1432 WILEY ST $31.95 $9.95 $14.00 Personal author: Strunk, William, 1869-1946. BELDEN AGENCIES 1641 WOODS DR BAKANAUSKAS MAXINE 45324 Gary Lockwood (born John Gary Yurosek) was the astronaut who didn't make it to Jupiter in "2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)". A former stunt performer, Lockwood's first film work was as stand-in for Anthony Perkins, with whom he appeared on camera in "Tall Story (1960)". Before his unfortunate space ride in 2001, Lockwood starred on the network TV series "Follow the Sun (1961)" and "The Lieutenant (1963)"; afterward, he was seen in such theatrical films as "R.P.M. (1970)" and "Project: Kill (1977)". Gary Lockwood was for several years married to actress Stefanie Powers with whom he co-starred in a memorable episode of TV's "Love, American Style (1969)", wherein Lockwood got his mouth stuck on a doorknob! BYRD JEFF BOHANNON AUBREY W — Victorio XENIA 45324 BEAVERCREEK 2047 TREBEIN RD 45434 ABER KENNETH B 4078 ECKWORTH DRIVE BELLBROOK 45305 $20.00 3135 WOOSTER DR BEAVERCREEK EBREW TZYULER G KYN COCHRUN ALAN R $2.00 45431- $53.02 FAIRBORN BEAVERCREEK $20.11 Note: The discarded spikes found along RR tracks are usually rusty and dull. If so, sharpen the points before emplacement. $3.05 45324 147 WASHINGTON ST 3200 BERNICE DR ROUTE 1 ALL GERON LINDA ANN $227.15 $2.30 3331 HOMEACRES AVE BEAVERCREEK CURD JULIE A FAIRBORN $0.63 $13.00 45301 ACKLIN HANNAH E FAIRBORN $3.33 45370-972 45387-9630 $13.64 XENIA $224.57 CASE HENRY Owner Name 942 OAKDALE DR CW PUBLICATIONS 420 ALISHA LN $0.55 $53.67 3920 LEAR ST 45324 $1,166.04 DORSEY MICHAEL L $77.02 FAIRBORN 625 XENIA AVE 45305 1447 SANZON DR Overgrazing. There is plenty of worthwhile overgrazed land around, so limit your hits to these most abused areas. Educate yourself in the rudiments of range management so you can learn to recognize the symptoms. Know about the succession from grass to brush to trees. Learn to recognize snake-weed, greasewood, and other plants that are indicators of overgrazing. Train yourself to recognize the early signs of soil erosion as well as the more severe arroyo-cutting. Also, know which grasses and shrubs the livestock consume so you can tell at a glance if they’re gnawing them down to nothing. BAIRD LINDA S BLOSE SHANON CHRISTOS COUNSELING $50.28 CODDINGTON JERE $150.00 $363.50 120 W XENIA DR 348 HILLSIDE ST Getting Started $17.40 FAIRBORN 200 LANE DR RM 102 2898 TORREY PNES 584 TOWNCREST DR $18.75 SPRING VALLEY SPRING VALLEY Power tools, chain saws, and oxy-acetylene or propane torches all bear serial numbers (sometimes not readily apparent). A tool such as these dropped at the scene of a hit can be traced from the manufacturer to the retailer who sold it. Leave no paper trail linking you to the tool purchase. 45335-9749 $0.30 BAKER HARVEY 7 LOCKWOOD CT $2.73 45434 JAMESTOWN 1292 KYLEMORE DR FAIRBORN XENIA 418C OHIO ST 45385 $10.00 $16.50 AVERA EARL W $78.75 45305 45387 $10.00 $147.08 45431-2210 BURKETT BRIAN L $3.15 $90.00 Michael Forest $17.40 YELLOW SPRINGS 45324 DAYTON 45314 3800 GREENMEADOW RANCH CT 727 CLIFTON RD #3 $2.00 BRYANT E E MD 45324 BORTON REGINALD F $0.07 45431-0000 COLLINS CHAD $0.66 45324-0000 An untested delayed-ignition method is to use a “gag” candle for birthday cakes — one that can’t be blown out once it is lit. Make a hole in a ping-pong ball the diameter of the candle. Put the candle in the hole so that most of it is above the surface of the ping-pong ball. Place the device where ignition is wanted. Light the candle. When the candle burns down to it, the ping-pong ball, being highly flammable, is supposed to burn fiercely. DARE FRANCES G $65.00 1691 ROCKWELL DR $21.00 ANDERSON SCOTT A 45385-9384 Subject: Heart--Diseases--Prevention. 45324 XENIA CEDARVILLE 45324 45324 Personal author: Shillinglaw, Susan. DAYTON 2072 VIRGINIA D 45324 45431-8841 YELLOW SPRINGS 45385 3265 CLAYDOR DR $20.00 BOWEN RODNEY FAIRBORN BUTTREY JACK M PS3505 .R272 A6 2006 $139.06 BROOKS JAMES M DUNHAM CAROL DAVIDSON TAMMY DAYTON $7.30 FAIRBORN 230 HAYDEN AVE 185 BROAD ST 130 45305-9737 45385-4972 109 RANCH ST 45324 $60.51 2329 HARTMAN DR PO BOX 22 1334 AMES AVE BEAVERCREEK An Advanced Tree Pinning Technique $329.00 2540 ECHO VALLEY RD 45324 $19.33 $98.33 $66.08 XENIA $705.72 AUGENSTEIN SHELIA 45434 $0.10 45324 517 N CENTRAL AVE 194 PINEGROVE DR $3.22 DRAPPO WALTER E 282 HILL ST BEAVERCREEK $0.40 $3.17 Subject: Energy conservation. Owner Name DAYTON $4.20 ABRAMSON ILLANA B/% ANTIOUCNHK NSOTWUDNENT MLR YELLOW SPRINGS 45387 $35.00 2451 PERIWINKLE DR Getting Started 4444 E ENON RD FAIRBORN 45434- ANDES TINA R Subject: Poverty. $14.44 XENIA 2186 CLEARVIEW DR BIANCO ALBERT G 45324 CRIST ALETA 45434 $48.51 115 E MCLAUGHLIN 1157 MC BEE RD 3197 WIKMINGTON-DAYTON RD $38.50 1601 CHARTERWOODS #6 45432-0000 45324 2271 MISSION LN BEAVERCREEK XENIA 307 STEWART ST $5.50 Title: Carry me! / Rosemary Wells. FAIRBORN 846 STATE ROUTE 72 S 45324 45431 $176.51 45324 Police agencies may use codes based on the numbers assigned to various criminal statutes. For example, a “914” or “nine-fourteen” may refer to statute number 12–914 for, say, armed robbery. The statute books in the reference section of a public library will give you the statute numbers. Also, by listening to police radio calls and making notes, and comparing your notes to newspaper accounts of crime incidents, you can further break the codes. 264 SHADE DR $22.93 $51.30 For Larry Nemecek, theatre and journalism degrees somehow added up to a life in newspapers, two state AP newswriting awards, and, in 1992, the publication of The Star Trek: The Next Generation Companion—its second revised edition just out last year. Now, aside from working as managing editor of Communicator magazine, the glossy bi-monthly of Paramount’s official licensed Trek club, he is a columnist for the U.K.’s Star Trek Monthly magazine, occasional Trek project consultant and co-author, and was photo editor/consultant for the entire run of the overseas Star Trek Fact Files. With wife Janet,the former Voyager assistant script coordinator, he sold a story that became the episode “Prophecy.” Before moving from his native Oklahoma to the Los Angeles area he worked the SoonerCon sci-fi concom, and founded and chaired the earliest ThunderCon charity media conventions—but he has never forgotten his hero Will Rogers or those football Oklahoma Sooners. FAIRBORN DAYTON DAY ERNEST 45385 BELLBROOK 45324 Camouflage the opening with a chip of bark stuck onto the silicon. ALEXANDER MOTEL 45324 1042 VICTORIA AVENUE XENIA 4531 AIRWAY RD 5228 BAYSIDE 2995 TORREY PINES 45324 $113.38 45384-0042 DETROIT MARK EDWARD JONES 45385-2306 45324 Owner Name 6722 GRAPE GROVE RD 45305-9752 45324 A flashing light on a wave-length that can only be seen with special goggles. They are worn by F-men in a following vehicle. Amount 128 E DORIS DR Cut the PVC pipe into the lengths you require. Think about this first. If you plan to carry it inside a small pack or under a car seat, measure the space first. Then size your individual segments accordingly. If the sections are longer, you may want to go with three pieces; if shorter, try four segments. Don’t be surprised if they don’t screw together completely and some thread shows. 45305-2733 SPRING VALLEY — St. Francis 134 LAWNDALE AVE XENIA 3800 CATALINA DR APT D 16 W SECOND ST “The practice should focus on constant but light pressure on the torsion wrench, and judging the correct depth of insertion to insure that the farthest pin will be depressed. The door locks and padlocks used in my practice have usually been opened in less than a minute. Several rusty locks took considerably more time. However, the time used in attempting to pick these locks would appear to be justified before using destructive techniques. A small section of hacksaw blade used similar to a rake pick, can be used to open locks with small keyways.” BEAVERCREEK $0.22 XENIA FAIRBORN $109.50 ALMAZAN MARGARITO 2818 TORREY PNES XENIA BROWN GEORGE $0.60 1241 UNION RD 3 N CHURCH ST $213.00 460 E DAYTON YELLOWSPRINGS RD #51 4 N CHURCH ST ALPHA $15.00 45385-3338 COLVINS TISHA L Title: Dear Miss Breed : true stories of the Japanese DAYTON 215 N WALNUT ST DAVE DENNIS INC BERGMAN TINA Lock fuel tanks, battery compartments, dash & side panels, filter housings, and oil and hydraulic fluid filler caps. XENIA XENIA $196.54 Dallas: Season 9 Season 9 is hotter than Dallas during a heat wave, as divorce sends Sue Ellen into an alcoholic tailspin, J.R.'s dealings with Angelica Nero turn deadly and newly married Pam is hit with a bombshell in the season finale's shocking shower scene. Also this season, Ray and Donna find out their unborn baby has Down syndrome, J.R. tries to mend his relationship with Sue Ellen and Punk and Ellie worry about ranch hand Ben Stivers's mysterious past. $50.00 45324 BADDERS KAREN FAIRBORN $15.00 45305-1922 Back-up Lights FAIRBORN 45431-0000 BROWN RENEE $54.43 EAKLE ALAN C 45387-9738 Brown Fuel oil pipes and tanks $58.00 XENIA 45324 1843 ROXBURY DR CYPHERS NINA J 2316 LAKEVIEW DR FAIRBORN 45431-0000 45314 $0.23 45432 Title: Mind your heart : a mind/body approach to stress BOEDECKER KAMERON When a team is dropped off, it has a designated length of time to finish its work and withdraw to the pick-up point. The location selected for the pick-up usually should be different from that of the drop, in case the drop was observed. Timing is important, and the driver must not have to rush and break speed limits to arrive on schedule. If the team does not make the first pick-up run, the driver will return at pre-determined intervals of fifteen minutes, a half-hour, or whatever. 45324-4500 CROSS CLIFFORD EASTER DENISE 45434 CARLSON WENDY L $78.57 The engines in these trucks are the same or similar to the diesel power plants found in heavy equipment, so the same principles of introducing abrasives apply here. They also have large numbers of tires waiting to be flattened. FAIRBORN Subject: Mexico Guidebooks. DAYTON $393.43 $12.70 BRETT BRYAN EDWARD $24.13 XENIA 8 LYNNHAVEN DR BRYANT PHILLIP 4336 ST RT 725 231 1/2 XENIA AVE #2 BREWER MARY L CHAPMAN ADRIANNA G DAYTON 45370 FAIRBORN XENIA 1581 CHARTERIDGE DR APT 2 812 VAN EATON RD EDWARDS CANCICE A FAIRBORN CHUBNER JAMES K Park equipment 50 feet apart to prevent a fire in one from catching others. 3837 CHEYENNE TRL $21.14 CLEVELLE SHIRLEY JOANN Eyes — wear goggles Z731.A47 2006 $33.00 $2.34 $30.00 1544 JUNE DR 9537 KEMP RD 45385 PO BOX 1225 BURKS LYDIA K SPRING VALLEY BEAVERCREEK Subject: Breast--Cancer Popular works. FAIRBORN EDMONDSON WAYNE G JR BUSH ROY D $14.08 3867 DAYTON XENIA RD BAGDONAS BRIAN S 45384 BRANAM MITCHELL L 274 BELLAIRE DRIVE XENIA CAVINESS RYIAN 1558 SUDBURY LANE APT D 1105 HURON TRL BELLBROOK FAIRBORN 45431-2666 BROWN ASHLEY $111.00 EDWARDS MICHAEL DICKISON CHARLES D $10.00 XENIA 1188 PEEBLES DR 45385- 1514 EDENWOOD $10.30 BERGER CRAIG BURKE JESSE DAYTON $140.00 DAVIS ABBIE M 670 KENNEDY ST Owner Name 4318 MERRYDALE AVE 45385 $377.01 BELLBROOK BRINDLE SA L FAIRBORN 1646 GREENE LAKE DR CROFT GARY $401.57 3132 MORNINGVIEW DR DAYTON 45385-4941 45385-2336 45431 FAIRBORN 45324 Fences 45431- 45432 As a pastime, monkeywrenching is considerably more stressful than softball or good books. Stress reduction and improved work habits are routinely used to improve the performance of people in high stress jobs (such as police work). Mental conditioning can also increase your capabilities and heighten your security. XENIA DELL ARIA GREGORY 1510 GREENE LAKE DR APT 6 $255.94 CAWLEY ALLEN JAMES & KATHLEEN E 717 W XENIA DR FAIRBORN DAYTON $0.24 DYAS GWENDOLYN B DAYTON BEAVERCREEK CAMPBELL SANDRA The Ecodefense Deluxe Noose Pole SPRING VALLEY Park equipment near a rural home on weekends and pay the residents to check your equipment. Amount BROWN DONALD E $125.45 Subject: Stories in rhyme Juvenile fiction. 45335- 45324-6793 45385 BARTON JEFFREY A CRONIN ANGELA 2278 MARYLAND DR ALIBRIS $68.98 BURNETT RHONDA SUE XENIA RC150.4 .B37 2005 YELLOW SPRINGS BRUCE JANET M Subject: Friendship Juvenile fiction. XENIA BELTON DAVEGA E 45385-5032 BUCKEY TRAILS TROOP 980 45385 $1.12 Silicon carbide or “tumbler abrasive material” (available at “rock shops” which cater to hobbyists) is more effective than sand as an engine abrasive. Enough grit to destroy the largest engine can be carried in a pants pocket, and if used just right it is not as messy as sand. Very fine grit is so powdery that it feels like white flour. It will mix thoroughly with oil, so it’s easy to pour down an oil filler or dipstick hole. It also stays in suspension for a long time, so it will circulate nicely throughout the entire oil system to get into all of those little cracks. It can also be used in fuel tanks, because the tiniest particles are so small that they’ll go through filters, and in transmissions, hydraulic systems, and lubrication points. CARSON LAWRENCE O $1,995.00 CLINE JESSE L XENIA 775 N. KING STREET 817 RED MAPLE DRIVE BROWN JEFFERSON As a further means of obscuring their intended use, fire the pins in twelve inch lengths. These can later be cut-down to suitable lengths using a diamond wire hand saw available for $15 to $25 through a jeweler or lapidary supply house (found in most large cities). 45324- BEAVERCREEK 45324-1805 45385 $0.23 Southwest / Richard F. Townsend, editor ; with essays FAIRBORN $3.00 FAIRBORN 45324-2302 3621 RIDGEWAY RD 1548 SELKIRK RD Todd Bryant 45387 245 ORVILLE ST EDWARDS STEVE $88.00 45370 YELLOW SPRINGS CLARKE ADELE FAIRBORN BEHN KENNETH ALAN 2764 SHAKERTOWN RD 2974 STATE ROUTE 725 Another source for technology information is Consumertronics, 2011 Crescent Dr, PO Drawer 537, Alamogordo, NM 88310. A catalog is $2. They have information on hacking, phreaking, fireworks, ATMs, etc. FAIRBORN ALPHA AERO INC/% SULLIVAN JOHN 345 RIDGEWOOD DR BRYANT D Note: Although most parts of computer hardware carry only low voltages, always assume the greatest danger. Even a computer that is turned “off” can have substantial current stored in some components (like the cathode ray tube). Always use well-insulated tools, wear rubber-soled shoes, and avoid unnecessary contact with machine parts or other metal. 789 STONEYBROOK TRL 1405 WOODRIVER BLVD $91.44 JAMESTOWN 45431 $23.03 $23.81 When searching for police frequencies, note the frequency numbers as you pick them up. The locations you hear broadcast over the air will indicate whether you are listening to a city or county agency. When learning about the patrol frequencies, concentrate on weekend nights when police are usually busiest. DUNKLE DOUGLAS BUELL IDA F BLAIR ORVILLE K. $74.98 45387 BARR WILLIAM H 45324 $146.00 FAIRBORN $524.00 $50.64 BEAVERCREEK 45387 DAYTON 43415 3331 HOMEACRES AVE 2891 FENCE STONE CT $0.42 BLOOM WILLIAM K & NANCY 45431-2569 $104.04 CEDARVILLE 45324-4678 BIG RED VENDING 45432 BREWER PEARLIE P 45324- 45431-1414 CASEY KATHERINE M DEGLER MARGARET A CAUDILL JOSHUA F DIASPRO JUNE J $89.55 45324 $67.00 COMBS JUDITH K Personal author: Taylor, Arlene G., 1941- CONNER ZACHARY P Subject: Indians of North America--Southwest, New--Antiquities Juvenile literature. BRATTON HARRY $45.53 45324-5825 45385 COX MATTHEW CLIFTON 2021 KYLEMORE DR $1.79 7070 PLYMOUTH RD DAYTON 45324 $66.01 79 EISENHOWER DR DEGLER LISA Some billboarders favor crosscut saws, the type used by loggers of old. Others use a D-frame (bow) saw commonly found in hardware stores. If you use this type, carry one or more spare blades. An ax can be used to notch the poles on the side of the intended fall, but be careful of the noise, especially near houses. 254 PURCELL DR BADER MABEL F In areas where you cannot avoid leaving tracks, like the soft dirt in a road, erase your tracks as you go. Do not erase them with wide, sweeping actions, since this makes your trail all the more obvious. Carefully use your hand to brush out your tracks one at a time. This is practical only for very small areas where you can’t avoid leaving tracks between areas where you don’t leave tracks, such as a sandy area between slickrock. $12.00 XENIA COUNTRYMAN HEATHER ALFORD JOHN & SHIRL $99.93 Fill a second sand bag with a water-cement-gravel mixture and push it in up to the first sand bag. At this point you should have blocked flow from the pipe. Add a little cement around the bag to lock it in place. Cement in a few bigger rocks for good measure. (See Figure 2.) 45384 $181.61 CURTIS LESLIE D YELLOW SPRINGS 12 PAT LN 45385-3428 $0.03 $50.00 XENIA Personal author: Merridale, Catherine, 1959- 45385-9323 $51.00 ATLEY MICHAEL 332 GARLAND #1H DULLES COELHO ABEL 1253 GRISHAM LN APT H $80.00 45385-8088 XENIA FAIRBORN 45324-3504 $20.94 Owner Name XENIA XENIA $382.32 Mix up a batch of cement in five gallon plastic buckets. Subject: Neighborliness Juvenile fiction. 1858 SOUTHLAWN DR 1819 N BROAD ST DAUGHERITY KYLE 34 REDBANK DR Title: Thomas Moran's West : chromolithography, $2.82 45387 Stunts came into play almost 20 years ago when Spice was asked to double an actress playing a Judo instructor opposite Rock Hudson. Since then, she has doubled for the likes of Louise Fletcher, Meg Foster, Katherine Ross, Clare Carey, Deidre Hall, Cindy Pickett, Linda Kozlowski, Eileen Brennen, Becky Ann Baker, Kelly Preston, and many more. Spice also Stunt Coordinates, and you can see her latest creation in the controversial Miller Lite commercial where to two beautiful girls duke it out over the taste of beer! Although Spice has crashed cars, dove through glass windows, taken stair falls, executed 30-foot ratchets, 50-foot high falls, and hung from helicopters 300 feet above the ground, she is perhaps best known for her ability to pick a 300 pound man up over her head in a fireman's carry. $670.93 45385 45431 45324 1332 ORCHARD VIEW CT WRIGHT PATTERSON AFB BECKER FREDERICK H 45324 Subject: Islam and world politics. BRAXTON ELIZABETH MR 2366 HENVILLE RD 45324 ALMAZAN ANTHONY J 45431 $40.13 Owner Name FAIRBORN $17.03 DARNELL LARRY 45385-9583 XENIA FAIRBORN XENIA 3611 KING EDWARD WAY 624 E CHURCH ST DONOHUE JAMES P $2.00 XENIA $6.79 2479 INDIAN WELLS TRL $45.00 ABATE CHRISTOPHER M FAIRBORN 45370-8807 $196.37 Related Targets ACKLIN HANNAH E 1444 POPLAR DRIVE Entering systems from the outside, or “hacking,” is a complex and ever-changing field. For basic reference in this area, read: $12.60 SPRING VALLEY 45385 45385 $660.42 BIGGS CHRISTOPHER City $76.00 DECKER AMY J FRIENDS CARE CTR ROOM 210 BOONE RUTH A YELLOW SPRINGS BEAVERCREEK 2555 BANYON DR 45430 415 BELLBROOK AVE FAIRBORN 93 HILLCREST AVE Start small. What you learn on small pipes will help you with the big ones. FAIRBORN $4.31 PO BOX 18 BEAVERCREEK XENIA $1,938.23 218 HEATHER LN 45324 502 SHEPHERD RD XENIA $21.00 Surveillance 1431 FOREST LN AUKERMAN AMANDA ANN 45432-4131 COLLINS RICHARD 4809 HASSAN CIR 14 45335-9783 JAMESTOWN $191.71 BROPHY MARY C $58.02 BATRA SANDRA A XENIA 2382 DUNCAN DR APT 12 94 LORETTA AVE $205.38 BAIG SHAHID Title: Doing business in Mexico : a practical guide / $4.60 Take a ride — If you know what you are doing, an effective way to destroy a piece of heavy equipment is to take it for a ride. Hayduke drove a bulldozer off a cliff into “Lake” Powell, remember. In 1989, someone drove a 38,000 pound, $70,000 log loader off a steep road in the Nantahala National Forest in North Carolina. A local newspaper quoted one logger as saying, “If I’da known it’d be this much trouble trying to log, I’da sold watermelons and hot dogs instead.” Of course, be sure you can safely dismount the behemoth before it goes over. And be sure it will not cause damage to native vegetation or other natural elements. BAUMAN DEBORAH C $81.51 BADER LAURA J 45324 Title: Legal research in a nutshell / : by Morris L. Cohen, Kent C. Olson. Confidential Informants DAYTON WILBERFORCE DAY DANIEL M DEAN LARRY BEAVERCREEK 45324-3846 45324-2308 $3.17 1030 VICTORIA AVE #1 3788 E ENON RD 45385-2338 3451 SUBURBAN DR Earth First! Silent Agitators originally came in two varieties (see illustration) and proved to be very popular. The “Coors” agitators were placed in the rest rooms of bars that served Rocky Mountain Mouse Piss, and they educated other beer drinkers about the demented politics of the Coors outfit. $69.79 450 PLEASANT ST 45431 45324 DAYTON City 45385 DUKES WALTER DAYTON 1170 DAYTON XENIA RD DOWLER PAUL E $278.00 CRON MARTHA J 109 HIVELING ST 5927 HICKAM DR JAMESTOWN $72.63 45434 $0.21 BEAVERCREEK 260 SANDHILL RD ALTERNATIVE GALLERY $272.38 For the sake of variety, and to make it appear as though separate groups of monkeywrenchers are at work, you can purchase abrasive compounds from suppliers in big cities. Look for a medium-grit silicon carbide. Lapidary supply houses are a good source of top-notch abrasives which are used to polish stones in tumblers. 45324 45335-1307 XENIA 5612 WATERLILY DR $192.21 YELLOW SPRINGS 45431-3778 2633 LANTZ RD 45431-8538 DELANEY GREG K 45431-2037 45433 221 BOB ST $58.90 $0.07 XENIA 45385-1149 RT 1 BX 161 BARR DIANA L $243.52 Subject: Jews--United States--History. 3143 E SPRING VALLEY 2) A round red sticker reading “Kills Butterflies, Songbirds, Fish and their Babies” to be placed on bottles of Round-Up herbicide. ZIP 45385 DAYTON 5572 BARRETT DR Blue Fresh water pipes and pumps Don’t look around in an obvious manner. The trick is to spot the surveillance without the bad guys knowing it. If it’s obvious that you look up and down the street every time you walk out the front door, or if someone following you sees your head twitch every time you look in the rearview mirror, you’ve blown it. Be patient — be cool. $6.46 $1.47 CALDWELL SUSAN $58.82 HQ759 .E25 2006 4800 ARCADIA BLVD 467 W. KREPPS ROAD 106 LN HALL AUKERMAN CHAD 1631 SHOREHAM DR If the government does succeed in slowing down the wave of spiking (and this is dubious, given the method’s obvious effectiveness) it will succeed only because monkeywrenchers have switched to other tactics, equally damaging to the industrial state but perhaps not as widely anticipated as spiking. Right now, the Forest Service is watching especially for spikers; a major arrest would boost the morale in the corporate boardrooms of LP, MAXXAM, and their ilk. This means that spikers should be extremely vigilant, but it also might provide the opportunity for monkeywrenchers to strike other, more vulnerable targets as well. Going after logging equipment, for instance, causes more immediate financial losses to the industry than spiking. The monkeywrencher should be aware, however, that with all those extra Freddie cops in the woods, seemingly unguarded equipment just might be staked out. Still, there are loads of other possibilities and some of them do not require any incriminating specialized equipment. Systematic $25.52 Before engaging in an action, such as tree spiking, stash any incriminating items and scout the area for signs of surveillance (ranging from parked vehicles to funny looking men in camouflage). Move slowly and use your senses fully. A sound or the smell of a cigarette may tip you off before you see anything. You can either move openly, with props (like your tree identification guide book, camera, or binoculars), or secretively, staying in concealment, moving only short distances (quietly!) before stopping to listen and look. Circle your target area at least twice, once close in, and again at a distance just within earshot of where you’ll be working. Approach anything suspicious for a close look, since you’re carrying nothing incriminating. $45.17 CRAWFORD SHIRELY $151.75 45431-4200 FAIRBORN 1050 2ND STREET 45385 Going Undercover 1372 WALNUT BEND CT 18 W GARLAND AVE $58.79 FAIRBORN $95.74 45385-1931 1676 US ROUTE 68 S APPLESTONE VIRGINIA 45432-280 2131 VIRGINIA DR 45314 XENIA BELL JANICE $53.05 45324-2112 45324 8216 DAYTON RD 22 STILLWELL DR 45385 3060 COURT-VIEW DR APT 1 Subject: Motherhood. 45385-2509 ATON MARY Back to Top CEDARVILLE $9.00 45324 1154 HIGHVIEW DR 45387 XENIA $50.58 45385 45324- $20.00 $20.00 JAMESTOWN $22.46 45431--112 45324 $38.88 45385 YELLOW SPRINGS 1141 N MONROE DR $15.00 DAVIS AMANDA P O BOX 68 45387- Subject: Minority women--Social conditions. $231.89 $17.40 45324 CAUDILL VIRGINIA COATES JILL $0.67 XENIA 45385-5368 FAIRBORN Subject: Architecture--Cambodia. FAIRBORN DAYTON 45385 FAIRBORN BIXLER SEAN S You can buy the materials to close a road for pocket change, and can emplace the stakes alone in a very brief time. By not involving anyone else, you can insure that nobody can betray you. That peace of mind is sometimes worth more than the encouraging companionship. Since the stakes can be driven quickly and easily, there is little chance of being seen, let alone identified, if you exercise even minimal caution. 45324 CEDARVILLE YELLOW SPRINGS $599.24 XENIA BELLBROOK 7800 DAYTON SPRINGFIELD RD E855 .B37 2006 FAIRBORN WRIGHT PATTERSON AFB JAMESTOWN KETTERING 45385 $14.24 FAIRBORN Hit at night or during cold or damp weather, all of which will keep the neighbors indoors. But never strike in the wee hours of the morning when no one else is on the road. XENIA Just before making your run at the target, have one team member use a canteen of water and a little dirt to make mud to smear on your license plate. Daub a little on the bumper so it’s not so obvious that it “accidentally just got on my license plate, officer!” Save some water to wash it off later. If you do this a lot, you may want to periodically spray the plate with a couple of light coats of a clear spray varnish. This will protect the paint from the abrasion of the dirt and mud, which otherwise will eventually start rubbing off the paint. DANIEL WILLIAM 45387-1102 E78.W5 M35 2005 DARDING RICHARD E SPRING VALLEY BARNETT JOHN L DUTEIL HAROLD V. CUNNINGHAM TAMARA JO BELLBROOK CLARIDY MARTIN L 45370 XENIA 2205 ENTRADA DR YELLOW SPRINGS 438 GEORGE CLARK ALICE G JAMESTOWN 45385 $25.01 These particles of plastic are insidious because they do their damage after the final product — the paper — has left the mill. Plastic specks in the paper cause problems primarily because the plastic melts when heated. Plastic has clogged paper-coating machines, leaving lines on expensive, coated paper. Paper-makers have also found “windows” in paper, caused where plastic has melted and stuck to rollers during manufacturing. Plastic particles in computer paper have melted and gummed up computer equipment. The problems caused by plastic particles in paper are so serious that whole batches of paper have been rejected by the purchaser when contamination has been discovered. In some cases, paper-makers have paid for damages to purchasers of paper who did not find plastic particles until it was too late to prevent damage to products or equipment. $667.82 $1.82 45387 45324 DAS SREERUPA 2237 CREEKVIEW PL FAIRBORN NK2008 .M37 2005 APT D XENIA ZIP $89.18 JAMESTOWN COOK KEVIN C SYSTEMS INC 1397 SANZON DR BREZEA MICHAEL J COLE ASBERRY BEAVERCREEK 720 KINSEY RD COLE MICHAEL FAIRBORN XENIA $4.32 While seldom useful or safe for the solo ecoteur, a cutting torch can be a very important tool for a monkeywrench gang. It is much more hazardous than other hand tools, but, in combination with other tools, it can virtually eliminate the need for explosives. Appropriate technology and safety are always important considerations when defending the Earth. 45385 $14.95 ADAMS PEARL 45385 2504 COLDSPRINGS DR 45433-1121 45432 CHADHA SANJAY CEDARVILLE 45385 Subject: Afghanistan--Social conditions. $79.81 JAMESTOWN $37.33 $11.17 CARRERA KATIE $33.99 Personal author: Bamberg, Matthew. BEVERAGE DOCK A new fingerprinting technique, similar to a method biologists use to stain proteins, uses gold and silver attracted to latent protein in the fingerprint. Among the items from which it can recover fingerprints are wet paper, cartridges, computer disks, counterfeit money, and adhesive tape. The FBI and Secret Service are both using the new technique. A Secret Service agent said it was the only technique that works on the adhesive side of tape, and claimed it was one of the five most important improvements in fingerprinting during the hundred years that fingerprinting has been used. 45305 ALSAEDI IBRAHIM BUTTERWORTH BLAINE $0.08 Subject: Decoration and ornament, Rustic--West (U.S.) $0.68 127 DICKEY AVE 62 DAYTON AVE FAIRBORN 45431-1310 BEAVERCREEK 504 W 9TH ST $0.76 45324 740 ALPHA RD 2380 DUNCAN DRIVE #7 FAIRBORN DAYTON CEDARVILLE 639 SWAGGERT DR DODSON JOHN R Know your neighbors’ cars. This makes it harder for a surveillance vehicle to be parked in view of your home. Be suspicious of any new vehicles (especially vans and other vehicles that can conceal a surveillance person in back). Surveillance vehicles are usually rotated, different vehicles in different locations. Be alert and participate in a Neighborhood Watch program if available. See State-of-the-art Video Surveillance elsewhere in this chapter. The major drawback with CBs is their commonness. During an action in the Kalmiopsis during the Summer of 1987, CBs gave us reliable communications in difficult terrain, but jamming by loggers was annoying, and local officials listened to everything we said. Here is a way to minimize these problems. BOX 109 City 45432-1812 2934 STAUFFER DR 4953 WESTMORELAND CT APT D 18TH MAIN ST $120.00 CARTER BRENDA J FAIRBORN $272.38 COLEMAN KIM A 45431-1818 FAIRBORN $196.33 $0.15 125 FAIRGROUND RD FAIRBORN 45324 $159.60 45434-6176 3085 OLD YELLOW SPRINGS RD 45431 XENIA JAMESTOWN BELLBROOK XENIA 4820 BARNHART AVE FAIRBORN 45387 DAYTON 65 S MAIN ST “Out here in hostile territory where redneck cops can get a search warrant quicker than a turd gets flies, these shoes are either stashed in the back-woods or put in specially-built hiding places inside the homestead.” $203.00 $0.21 45431 For an etching cream bomb, try an egg. Xmas tree ornaments won’t work because the cream will etch away the ornament before you can throw it. Put a new blade in your x-acto knife. Score a circle about 1” — 1 1/2” diameter around the pointed end of the egg. After scoring deeply, make little holes around the scored circle. The end of the egg should then lift off easily. Dump out the egg (use it later) and rinse out the shell. Dry. Carefully spoon in the etching cream. Then lay a small piece of tissue paper on top. Melt some wax and paint it over the tissue and seal the edges down to the egg. Add another coat of wax after that one dries. 575 E DAYTON DR RIVERSIDE 45324 81 TOMAHAWK TRAIL 45324 $0.10 45324 1075 DARLINGTON DR BLUNT MARK $80.26 BAUMGARDNER GARY S 1742 BLEDSOE DR 45430 $39.00 $33.20 1264 OAKHILL AVE $100.00 $20.40 AUSTRIN EILEEN $0.52 $10.00 45324 2206 SHADOWOOD CIR $76.45 45384 45385 DFAS/CO BRAUN CLINTON J 121 E XENIA DR 3451 SUBURBAN DR Cellular Telephones Subject: Science--Aesthetics. CINCINNATI INSURANCE CO BEAVERCREEK $8.00 45324 149 MEYER AVE. 45324-2073 45385 $61.99 DAYTON BEAVERCREEK 1259 CHISOLM TRL $46.40 $98.33 BATHEY MARGARET A $14.19 45385 XENIA 3965 CORRY ROAD AREHART KENNETH W. Subject: Iraq--Politics and government--2003- $106.00 $0.01 45385 $1.34 Personal author: Hooks, Bell. Proper use of an increment borer takes a little practice. While it can be rotated, it must never be bent, or it will splinter. Further, it is best to remove it immediately after the core has been extracted. Otherwise, the tree seems to set up on it after a while, making extraction difficult. If, in boring a tree, you inadvertently run into rot in the butt, it may be necessary to pull back with all your weight, while rotating the instrument in order to re-engage the threads in sound wood. CARKOUGH D. M. 2817 FOREST CREEK DR #8 AC or DC power. This allows you to use the scanner both at home or in a vehicle. 45432-4131 4805 HASSAN CIR 3 45434 YELLOW SPRINGS — William Tell 45314 BEAVERCREEK Usually, you must look closely to spot snares. When you find one, cut the wire in an inconspicuous manner, perhaps close to the point where it is anchored or tied, or in a spot hidden by brush or loose dirt. This will insure that it cannot strangle any passing animal. If you take the entire snare, the trapper will simply and cheaply replace it. Make the snare look perfectly normal after disabling it, and the trapper will be none the wiser. $2.30 FAIRBORN RIVERSIDE BERGER GARY C Recent reports indicate that federal law enforcement agencies are developing methods of precisely measuring footprints for use as evidence. They want to measure not just the type of shoe you wear, or your approximate weight and height (determined by depth of impression and length of stride, respectively), but specifics of how you walk. To upset the evidence, vary your walk in and around the target (such as in loose soil around a bulldozer). Walk “pigeon-toed” (toes in slightly) or try a “duck walk” (toes pointed out), to ruin some of the evidence. A thick piece of cardboard placed inside or outside your heel will alter your footprints subtly, but significantly. Twisting your foot as you lift it will smear your footprint. By walking on tiptoes and giving a sharp twist or pivot each time you lift your foot, you can leave tracks that look like old cow prints. As always, practice in daylight where you can study the effectiveness of your methods (then erase those tracks before you leave). 1088 KAUFMAN AVENUE 45385 676 ORCHARD LN $2.17 542 QUINSTON CT CRUSET MARIA E DICHITO JENNIFER L $53.80 $10.40 P O BOX 1122 ACE SPECIALTY AUTO $56.30 CREECH MACKENZIE Subject: Married women Fiction. $50.00 EAVERS CARRIE DICE RANDY D $22.19 621 MIDDLE ST BURDEN AMANDA $55.62 Some people have proposed simply shooting cattle. This is dangerous, would likely be counterproductive, and would carry severe penalties if the shooter were caught. More important, the lead bullet will remain in the cow carcass. A critter that scavenges the meat may ingest that bullet and die of lead poisoning. California Condors have died after ingesting lead bullets in carcasses. If you must shoot, use only steel bullets. 45385-9350 $7.48 BLACKBURN JOSHUA BASHAM FRANCIS B Tip-offs. The future CI is indiscreet in talking of illegal exploits, and is overheard by someone not of the group, who in turn informs police. The police approach the future CI, and are able to persuade her to “roll over.” XENIA 45387 Herbert Jefferson, Jr. $13.28 $5.79 45385-4603 $27.43 Regularly asking about other individuals (particularly supposed leaders). 606 E. MAIN 4289 CHIPPEWA TRAIL 340 W. NORTH COLLEGE APT 110 2145 VAN OSS DR DAVIS ELAINE W CRUSER ANNE F YELLOW SPRINGS CRABTREE KATHLEEN A D840.8.M46 F64 2004 5234 OTTOWA DR BEAVERCREEK Editor’s Note 820 RICHARD DR 610 E DAYTON DR H39.I5x no. 28 2007 45324-8748 ive communities and has led to the introduction of non-native grasses palatable only to domestic livestock. Sheet and gully erosion from livestock grazing have swept away most of the topsoil in the West. In non-timbered areas, most “developments” on public lands — roads, fences, juniper chainings, windmills, pipelines, stock tanks, and the like — are for the benefit of only a few welfare ranchers. Vast areas of the Great Basin and Southwest could be designated as Wilderness were it not for the livestock industry. And throughout the West, public lands ranchers are the most vocal and militant lobby against environmental protection and Wilderness designation. 566 WAYNE DR $68.00 45324 PO BOX 457 45324 45314 BELLBROOK FAIRBORN BUDDELMEYER CLETUS L Personal subject: Johnson, Lyndon B. (Lyndon Baines), 1908-1973-- CLAIBORNE EKEMLYNNN AI $3.00 $10.44 FAIRBORN BEAVERCREEK $35.05 2498 STEWART RD 45324 45314 Cover with nail polish remover to dissolve the magnetic film. $63.00 Title: Belgium. CLEMENS LAURA 2837 US ROUTE 42 E Subject: Pueblo Indians--Antiquities Juvenile literature. 3144 WESTVIEW BURNETT ANN C Hip Hop for Kids: School House Hop Hip-hopper Roger G shows kids some of the latest moves in this fun-filled fitness program that gets the younger set up and dancing to the Chicken Noodle Soup, Walk It Out, the Snap, freestyle, spin, break and more. A young team of enthusiastic dancers -- Gaby, Ikeem, Amanda, Vikki, McKenna, G, Tyree, D and Tiff -- all get down and demonstrate the easy-to-learn, hip-hop dance steps that are healthy for the body and mind. $38.98 2940 RIVER EDGE CIR 31 E WASHINGTON DAUM KAREN J 45431 CHERRY JEFF DOBBINS ALEX A 45385 3085 CUMBERLAND LN DAYTON DUNN ELIZABETH E XENIA $14.21 FAIRBORN $85.82 $10.00 45335 BUMGARDNER MARTIN ANDREWS D $61.00 XENIA HV5840 .C7 L44 2002 2537 OBETZ DR Some powerline towers are supported by guy wires. It would be extremely dangerous to cut the guy wires. They under great tension and the resulting snap could easily kill a nearby person. Also, the tower would be quite unstable after the last guy wire is cut — there is no telling where it would fall. $61.08 XENIA XENIA $1.00 $63.00 PO BOX 31477 3353 CEDARWOOD DR PZ7.R56985 Lak 2003 Night Operations Subject: Children's poetry. 3331 HOMEACRES AVE P O BOX 59 $42.27 UNKNOWN 2436 MALLARD LN #6 $436.16 4029 KEN KLARE DR $0.37 BERGH DORIS H 1793 DRAKE DR XENIA $98.33 45305 City XENIA DEAN MARKLYN B 45324 Subject: African American women novelists Fiction. FAIRBORN $21.16 DAYTON 2342 FIELDSTONE BRADLEY ANDREW $660.53 CUNY GEORGE A III COATES JEFFREY 7558 DAYTON SPRINGFIELD RD 281 FIELDS DR City $60.00 BEAVERCREEK 45324 45431-2311 $0.06 $4.20 1400 S MAPLE AVE XENIA 45432 BRYANT SHERRON $10,000.00 COULTER SANDRA DEANE REED (1) If death of an individual results, [the person convicted] shall be fined under this title or imprisoned for any term of years or for life, or both; (2) if serious bodily injury to any individual results, be fined ... or imprisoned for not more than twenty years, or both; (3) if bodily injury to any individual results, be fined ... or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both; (4) if damage exceeding $10, 000 to the property of any individual results, be fined ... or imprisoned for not more than ten years, or both; and (5) in any other case, be fined ... or im-prisoned for not more than one year. 45432-2834 421 N HIGH ST DEGENHART THOMAS J 45324-2191 45324-4130 FAIRBORN DENNY ROGER ALAN 45387 BRUBAKER THOMAS D FAIRBORN If you are carrying only one or two tools, secure them to your wrist or belt with a short cord, to prevent loss by dropping them in the dark. Otherwise, carry tools in jacket pockets or in canvas bags slung from the shoulder or attached to the belt. If bags are used, they should be easy to open and close. Before heading out, shake the bag to insure that the tools don’t rattle or bang together. A dark towel or rag can be used to deaden any noise. A towel will also prove useful if you need to cut wire: drape a couple of layers of towel over the wire and then cut. The towel will deaden the sound of the wire separating. Be sure the ends of a taut fence wire don’t snap back and cause noise. A shallow cut followed by flexing the wire back and forth should allow the wire to separate quietly. Practice. If you decide to cut the stakes from longer rods, you can hacksaw stakes such that the ends are sharp enough. Cut the rods off at a sharp angle (at least 45 degrees) every couple of feet, then cut these pieces in half with a straight-across cut. Thus each stake is about one foot long, with one sharp end and one blunt end. Stakes longer than a foot are hard to drive deep enough in rocky ground; much shorter and they are not stable. Longer ones may be useful in very soft ground. 45324 SHORTER ST BX 185 $10.00 $63.04 $2.00 Title: Celluloid San Francisco : the film lover's guide to 1055NBICKETT ROADP O BOX WRIGHT PATTERSON AFB Plugging Waste Discharge Pipes — BUGA UP, Sydney, Australia 45385-9600 DAYTON BEAVERCREEK 2621 WASHINGTON MILL RD $1.00 45385-0282 BEAVERCREEK 5663 BURKHARDT RD BEAVERCREEK BOWSHIER AMANDA 210 FAIRFIELD PIKE JAMESTOWN 20 W WASHINGTON Microphone surveillance of automobiles is more difficult due to noise, although it is often successfully practiced. Make it tougher by turning on the radio and rolling down the window before discussing business. $2.66 773 E MAIN ST COST JOHN FAIRBORN CLARK RITA A Personal author: Judt, Tony. $114.00 BRUN STEPHEN $26.76 FAIRBORN JAMESTOWN 45324 45385 $37.02 45432 45433 $20.00 BEAVERCREEK 45324 BLAIR CAROL 45385 $50.00 BEAVERCREEK BEAVERCREEK 45431-0000 Any monkeywrencher who suspects surveillance, should examine associates, study who has access to information now believed to be in the hands of the police, notice anyone who suddenly attempts to distance themselves, and be alert to any other indication that investigators are receiving inside information. $2.88 45335 8957 HADDIX RD Personal subject: Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865. $82.00 CLELAND WILLIAM BARNES JOHNATHAN 45324 $10.45 BELLBROOK FAIRBORN FAIRBORN 45387 DAYTON 5221 COBB DR If you must leave your house to dispose of tools and other evidence, make a dry run first to check for ambush or surveillance before taking the tools out of your dwelling. Have at least two emergency plans for disposing of tools. Dumping them in water is best, but only if they cannot be seen from above. Don’t dump things in a stream in the dark only to find that in daylight the objects are easily seen! Select your dump spots ahead of time (and beware of places where the water level rises and falls). Plan both your approach and departure routes. Though it’s best to scatter the tools about in the water, do it quietly from the edge of the water. Loud splashing noises may attract the attention of an unseen passerby. ROUTE 3 $11.70 DIXON CHARLES S MD BEVIER MARY Never carry anything incriminating with you if it is not essential. After completing your mission, resist the temptation to carry out survey stakes, surveyors’ flagging, stolen or damaged pieces of equipment, and the like. If you are stopped and searched (whether by an actual law enforcement officer or by an irate miner, logger, stockman, or whatever) such items would likely be legally admissible as evidence against you. 1760 UPPER BELLBROOK BOGAN LUCAS B 3082 GLENSHAW DR $50.00 251 W MAIN ST # 2105 $40.06 DORTON THEO A XENIA RIVERSIDE Medium weight hammers XENIA $4.43 26 HAWTHORNE DR. 45324 FAIRBORN BOOKER HELENA E ANDERSON JIMMY 45385 BEAVERCREEK Subject: Depression, Mental--Chemotherapy Anecdotes. 502 SHEPHARD RD 15 MAXON ST 45434 $86.78 45314 COLEMAN ROY L 45324 310 STEWART DR ANDRESS DAVID 1279 JUNE DR $56.00 BURTON TERRY W 4195 FOX FERN CT BROWN NIKKI A 114 SKYWAY LODGE $19.45 $16.00 $4.87 Subject: San Ildefonso (N.M.)--Social life and customs Juvenile literature. $29.69 45305 45370 BLAND OKEY H FAIRBORN 2205 ENTRADA DR 510 W MAIN ST 45324-5446 XENIA 506 E MAIN ST ATKINS RICHARD J 45385-8562 XENIA 45385-0000 FAIRBORN * SPRINT ESPP ACCOUNT * PO BOX 341002 1615 KYLEMORE DR Personal author: Bunting, Eve, 1928- AZIZ NAYEEM Maintenance costs for snowmobile trails can also be increased by dragging dead trees and downed branches across trails. This is a good way to combine some low-commitment monkeywrenching with a hike in the woods. (Do not, however, push standing snags down across trails. Snags are vital for many birds and other species of wildlife.) 45385 310 SPINNING RD CALL EDWARD & LORETT BLAKESLY WALTER E 2818 TORREY PNES $5.98 BUCIO BONNIE DYE JUANITA R BEAVERCREEK novel / Umberto Eco ; translated from the Italian by Geoffrey Brock. FAIRBORN ADKINS JAMES O. YELLOW SPRINGS $17.70 841 PEARSON RD Address 2333 MISSISSIPPI DR $1.00 172 LORETTA AVE APT 21 BOTHWELL ERICA WRIGHT PATTERSON AFB $14.00 BELLBROOK BOOKER SUE B 814 S HIGH ST 1704 IRONWOOD DR 45385 COX HOLLY J 2133 WOODEDGE DR P O BOX 945 PO BOX 518 DAPORE JOSEPH 1783 ARLIN PL G 5123 WORCHESTER DR $23.06 125 FIG ST 36 N DETROIT $8.00 $69.92 FAIRBORN CRAIG JEFFREY $112.87 DODGE JOSH BEAVERCREEK 3800 GREENMEADOW RANCH CT $65.00 45430 BEAVERCREEK $0.62 There have been times when I’ve wanted to either feign mechanical failure or disable my vehicle. At such times, a coil lock-out switch comes in handy. 45316 XENIA JAMESTOWN Subject: Indians of North America--Texas Folklore. XENIA $250.65 $123.83 45432-8241 $10.00 ABNEY BILLIE RAE 905 WAGON WHEEL DR DAYTON 45431-2742 $0.20 Sign-Cutting XENIA BINGHAM & LIEHMAN $0.34 Address 45324 Switching license plates is not advised. Make sure that your front and back plates match. Incidentally, in the West, Idaho plates are the hardest for officers to read, while Utah plates are very legible. Colorado, Arizona, Nevada, and California plates all fall somewhere in between. AVALOS ALMA 2384 HITE RD COUNTRYMAN HEATHER COATES LAWREN & JAME BAILEY JEREMY BRAIN ARCHIBALD B 45385-0000 $100.00 DG804 .S64 2005 BETTIS MARY 45335-1111 1727 NORTH LONGVIEW ST ANGELL RYAN W Other BELLBROOK 1009 MIDDY DR CADWALLADER KEVIN 45431 Subject: Teenage girls--Crimes against Fiction. Personal subject: Summit, Roland. When flattening dirt bike tires to keep them from tearing up country, the monkeywrencher should be concerned about not endangering the rider. An effective, but seemingly safe, method is placing upended simplex roofing nails. These nails have large heads so they will stand on end easily, they are available at every hardware store, and they are cheap. The nails come in lengths up to 2 1/2 inches long. This is long enough for dirt bike tires (and regular auto tires), but not long enough to flatten a heavy-duty 4-wheeler tire. The safety advantage of roofing nails is that they won’t dump a bike from a blowout, but will eventually cause the tire to go flat — in a period of time from minutes to hours. The best place to set them is at the entrance to an illegal dirt bike trail. For maximum effectiveness, hand set them with the bases down and cover the bases with road dirt to camouflage them. Paint them the same color as the ground if you really want to hide them. One distinct advantage of roofing nails over a perman 45387-1511 ANDERSON WILLIAM MRS $16.80 45385 BEAVERCREEK XENIA 119 BROWN AVE $227.40 $94.45 DAVIS JULIE ANN DIRR ANTHONY R $74.68 45370- ANGELUCCI KAY E FAIRBORN 2050 DARRELL DR When you are done: Clean up all equipment. Dispose of empty containers (no fingerprints!). Camouflage your plugged pipe if possible. A pipe that’s hard to find is a pipe that’s hard to fix. Don’t return to view your handiwork. Rest assured that a well-executed pipe plug will shut down even a large operation. City-sized chemical facilities have been shut down by pipe plugs in the past. BOYER RICHARD T DEMAREE ROBERTA L 434 WALNUT STREET BEAVERCREEK $6.20 209 N WALNUT ST 45434 45385 E78.S7 C37 2005 $90.40 $6,713.72 FAIRBORN 45385 45324-9413 F1216.F58 2007 YELLOW SPRINGS $464.93 45387 3115 RANCHFIELD DR YELLOW SPRINGS 2817 RHETT DR 45440 $289.00 FAIRBORN BRITTINGHAM SANDRA L 1422 COBBLESTONE ST 2833 RAMBLING WOOD LN $1,542.85 $13.18 Subject: Nursing Examinations, questions, etc. 45370 45387 45385-0000 45385-4324 EARLY CAROLE 4017 INDIAN RIPPLE Q -- SCIENCE -- Math, Computers: No New Items on This Subject $25.00 DAYTON SPRING VALLEY 1330 EILEEN DR $40.54 BATES DENTON D $3.00 $90.31 DAYTON 2670 RIVER BEND DR COVERT GINA 101 S COLUMBUS AVE 123 W DAYTON YELLOW $40.74 DAYTON PO BOX 868 253 W DAYTON YELLOW #212 $30.00 Ingredients: 2995 TORREY PINES 45384 XENIA XENIA WILBERFORCE JAMESTOWN FAIRBORN 45324 45324-9093 $40.00 BRANDEL TORRIE N 1038 NEW MEXICO DR CROSS CLIFFORD L 1445 HOOP RD 45385 JAMESTOWN 45387 Subject: New York (State)--History--Colonial period, ca. 1600-1775. FAIRBORN ADREAN MELANIE Install a switch to lock-out the brake lights. Most brake light switches are located on or near the brake pedal. The illustration shows a typical switch and how to wire it. Remember not to leave the brake lights off if you aren’t “on the job.” It’s a sure pullover and ticket (I put a warning light on mine). Also remember that all other rear lights will still work — turn signals, emergency flashers, tail lights (see Auxiliary Headlight above), etc. If you lack money and do not have a propane bottle already, go with oxy-acetylene and rent the gas bottles. If you have propane equipment already, or no need to weld, or if weight is a major concern, go with oxy-propane and either rent the oxygen bottle or buy an aluminum oxygen bottle. Don’t buy a steel oxygen bottle — aluminum ones weigh only two-thirds as much. A supplier of medical gases would be the best place to start looking for an aluminum oxygen bottle. You don’t need to be a gorilla to backpack a heavy-duty oxy-propane set-up with an aluminum oxygen bottle of sufficient capacity to cut up a bulldozer. 45324 COOK HELEN E Amount 2069 DOROTHY AVE 1842 WOODVINE H5 Subject: Police patrol--Surveillance operations Fiction. CHURICH LYNN M BLAIR EDWARD 45431 45431 XENIA and other health related risks. Leave the target area by moving through a spot that is likely to be “contaminated” by the first people to arrive at work in the morning. When other scent trails are laid on top of yours, the dog often doesn’t know which scent trail to follow. 45385 Back to Top BEAVERCREEK $15.00 XENIA 45324-4329 DAYTON $6.00 $22.00 City Subject: Ecosystem management--Citizen participation. ARBIV DAVID/% GIL WEISS Avoiding Arrest DAYTON DURHAM BILLIE 2715 EDWIN DR BRYANT CHRISTOPHER 65 WOODMANDR BAKER GENEVA A The main problem with butyric acid is acquisition. It is used in some tanning processes, manufacture of lacquers, and organic syntheses. It can be purchased through industrial chemical suppliers or scientific supply houses. It is not a controlled substance — no police records are kept. It commonly is stocked by college chemistry stockrooms and some high school chemistry classes. Collaboration with an instructor or graduate student at your local college chemistry department might enable you to get some. You don’t need much — the stuff is so powerful that a quart is a long-lasting supply for even the most ardent enthusiast. CAVINESS RYIAN WILBERFORCE $583.20 $12.27 CEDARVILLE 45305 $57.72 $660.53 DANISHEK JOHN A JR Shot-hole operations use a truck-mounted drilling rig and leave a lot more physical evidence than a portable crew. There are restrictions on the use of this kind of equipment near human habitations, naturally, but most oil and gas exploration is on backcountry roads and trails. The major threat to wilderness here is roads. Needing a road on which to work, a seismic crew will get a bulldozer and make one. BELLBROOK Subject: California--Intellectual life--20th century. DAVENPORT JOHN JR ALBRINCK LINDA 45324 $53.50 45324 547 S MONROE ST RR 1 $546.55 45385-9384 DAVIS DUANE M ANDREWS JACK O. XENIA 202 WILBUR 388 FAIRWAY DR 3121 SPRINGHILL RD 287 OREGON DR BEICHER GLORIA DUE LYNN D 45431 XENIA 74 MEEHAN DR 1106 KATY MEADOW CT CLIFTON HAROLD A FAIRBORN DAVIS ELEANORA 10169 PARK EDGE DR BEAVERCREEK BOREN MICHAEL XENIA CHEUVRONT GOLDIE CARTER JUDITH A 45324-0000 45324 45324-3506 XENIA JAMESTOWN 50 S GRAND AVE BRUNEY RICHARD 146 GREENE LAKE CT 45370 45385-0000 BOYD BETH M 82 DICKMAN DR 45324-8512 SPRING VALLEY FAIRBORN BELLBROOK BERRY PATCH THE DAYTON $20.98 45385 The gates on these fenced compounds can usually be quickly forced open with a 6-foot pry bar. In an emergency, a car or pickup truck can easily drive through either a gate, or directly through the chain-link fabric itself, sustaining little more than a few paint scratches. $151.00 CEDARVILLE DA650 .S657 2005 XENIA $13.67 45324-3942 $371.04 Butyl mercaptan makes an effective stink bomb. This chemical is used to make natural gas odorous so that a leak can be discovered, and in higher concentrations has the odor of skunk. It comes from chemical supply houses sealed in glass. If opened, it needs to be resealed with a gas flame. A small container, broken in the ventilating system of a building, will evacuate the place. But it will not stay long, and will soon be flushed out without harming anyone. Hatpin, a self-defense catalog for women (Hatpin, PO Box 6144, Santa Fe, NM 87502) sells “Repulse,” a small glass vial of butyl mercaptan and a second vial of “neutralizer.” $0.63 Back to Top BABEL PHILIP S XENIA $0.70 45385 Lawrence Montaigne 45387-1806 533 BROAD STREET 3634 JEQUVIA DR 45431-1230 FAIRBORN SPRING VALLEY DAYTON XENIA Address BINGHAM MADALYN K 45324-1902 45324 XENIA EBERSOLE JAMES A v-a-jpeg-49.jpg $37.80 45305 ANDERSON ELIZABETH CEDARVILLE 45385--63 45305- 5055 COBB DR 45370-8769 XENIA 45385 45431-1310 1327 MAYAPPLE AVENUE — Guggy Marconi Prevent chain slapping with rubber strips designed for this purpose. Handle bar tape wrapped around the chain stays also works. 614 N GALLOWAY ST XENIA COSBY SHARON 45324-7365 YELLOW SPRINGS DAYTON $90.49 FAIRBORN 45385 Personal author: Thomas, Helen, 1920- $16.14 $170.00 Subject: Exercise. $20.75 $1,532.68 45385 DAYTON today's consumer / Paul Nunes, Brian Johnson. BEACH REHNER ERIK If you come across the “doghouse” (computer center of the crew), you probably won’t be able to get inside to do any real damage, unless you’re carrying bolt cutters or a hacksaw. These things run off generators sitting right next to them, though, and the usual monkeywrench tricks will work there. 2501 SPICER DR WILBERFORCE ANDERSON LORAINE H DAYTON XENIA BURNS HAROLD YELLOW SPRINGS BLACKBURN C J $0.33 BEAVERCREEK 45385 743 HARSHMAN RD APT 44 DAVIS ROBERT O FAIRBORN DAYTON 45324 45385 BEAVERCREEK BELLBROOK RT 1 XENIA BEACH DORTHY J $13.63 FAIRBORN $14.00 45305 $3.00 $55.00 4251 NAVAJO TR George's talents also extend to writing; he wrote a science-fiction novel, Mirror Friend, Mirror Foe. WRIGHT PATTERSON AFB BALLARD MYRTLE 45385 BUCCALO XENIA DAYTON Subject: Women alien labor. Subject: Women--Employment. $8.61 COOKS AVERI 45324 BB & G CONSTRUCTION CO INC $13.54 45431-0000 CHAVEZ GARY 709 SUNNYMEAD DR Subject: Georgia--History--Civil War, 1861-1865 Fiction. $284.40 FAIRBORN 5762 ACCESS RD Title: The search : how Google and its rivals rewrote the ACKLES DAVID A simple stencil can be made very easily, cheaply, and quickly out of thick art paper, very thin cardboard, or similar materials. 45316-009 Amount BRIGGS MERITA 45385 6823 ROSEHILL DR YELLOW SPRINGS 45431 FAIRBORN Address $12.69 Personal author: Palatini, Margie. 46 WILSON AVE 45385 45385-8593 BECK RICHARD G $43.60 Subject: Monks Fiction. Advanced Fingerprinting Techniques 45385-9383 933 MCBEE RD FAIRBORN COLEMAN DAVID L 45370 $2.00 DORSTEN ROBERT BRANSFORD CALVIN LIONEL $300.30 $17.90 XENIA $24.00 $17.03 ANDERSON 117 S SMITHVILLE RD DENSMORE MARY L CASEY GEORGE $4.20 XENIA 45434- 45335 2537 BROWN BARK DR BECKETT REBEKAH ALDRIDGE JODY J. 45385-3426 FAIRBORN $0.32 45385 39 E WASHINGTON ST $12.50 701 W XENIA DR Subject: Photograph collections--New York (State)--New York Exhibitions. BOEHME RICHARD XENIA 49 THORNTON DR BOOHER HEATHER D 3965 CORRY RD 45385 45324 45305 $33.89 ADAMS JEFFREY L DOWNING DANA L CORNETT TASHA $0.46 XENIA $417.42 BUNNELL BILLY $1,222.92 45385-9523 $138.05 310 FLORENCE AVE 400 W XENIA DR 3683 MCELRATH PIKE $5.00 BATSON AARON D 45433-0000 Hardware $425.00 $10.00 45431-6406 BULLOCK ARRITA COWAN JIMMY DALE 3458 NORTH DR Valve core extractors may be purchased cheaply at most bicycle shops (the valves on most bicycle tires are the same size as the valves on most automobile tires). 8831 HADDIX RD — Mephitas 2770 CHATHAM CT A COOPER LILLIAN A Field Notes XENIA 2345 TENNESSEE DR $114.00 Personal author: Williams, Donnie, 1953- DAYTON 45432-1942 45324 $705.45 10380 HADDIX RD Getting Diesel Fuel 112 W GOODMAN DR APT 23 FAIRBORN XENIA JAMESTOWN 45305 Field Notes DAYTON $100.00 45385 $93.72 $11.97 3428 CRABORCHARD AVE 1863 IRONWOOD DR FAIRBORN 729 N FAIRFIELD RD Amount BELLBROOK 3202 KINGFISHER PL Subject: Perennials. XENIA Road spiking and other techniques discussed elsewhere in this book have applications against overgraziers. Today’s welfare rancher is soft and prefers a pickup truck to a horse. Take away his wheels and you take away his access to the range. Be creative. Amount Tools BELLBROOK FAIRBORN FAIRBORN 45434 $82.00 2811 GRANERCY PL Subject: Child sexual abuse. 45324-8268 BEAVERCREEK FAIRBORN In 1979 Majel appeared as the lovely "Doctor Chapel" in "Star Trek: The Motion Picture" and in 1986 she was "Commander Chapel" in "Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home". She played the beautiful Betazed "Lwaxana Troi" in the 1987 Television series "Star Trek: The Next Generation". "Lwaxana" also appeared in "Star Trek Deep Space Nine". Majel also went aboard the award winning television series Babylon 5 as "Lady Morella" in the episode "Point of No Return". CUMMINS M S BEAVERCREEK ABRAMS WILLIAM P 268 DELLWOOD DR FAIRBORN 45324 $8.26 45324 333 STAFFORD 45324-3990 45385 BARNES GENE O. 1301 MONROE DR COLLINS BALIS JR 45433-1140 $18.75 $56.50 XENIA Hand setting the nails at strategic points will ensure that all the bases are down. Use a straight section of trail where the bikes aren’t breaking traction or side-slipping. This ensures that a single bike won’t ruin the entire setup by sliding through and scattering the nails off the trail. That way each bike through will leave some for the next bike, and the next .... If you want to get really elaborate, paint the bottoms of the bases black so the biker won’t immediately notice the foreign object sticking out of his tire. PS3569 .M39 Z476 2005 45431 BEAVERCREEK 1412 OLD TOWNE CT $26.68 5869 MAYVILLE DR 400 FAIRGROUNDS RD $6.71 $119.95 665 FAIRFIELD PIKE BAKERS INSTALLATION 45305-8809 Tranquilizers — Dogs that will accept meat baits can be slipped tranquilizers early in the evening, allowing you time for the drug to take effect. Adding a little garlic to a meat bait can make it even more attractive to most dogs. FAIRBORN Perhaps the most common ploy is to tell you that it will all go easier for you if you cooperate. In reality, your cooperation will only make it easier for them to convict you. Never forget that the interrogating officer is a trained professional, in his own element, and that you are out of yours. If you try to talk your way out of trouble, you will probably only make it worse. Say nothing until you’ve seen a lawyer. $537.00 45431 Title: Stories on stone : rock art, images from the ancient ones / 45324 XENIA 4597 WOODBINE AVE DUNCAN MARLA 1272 APPLE ST FAIRBORN BROWNE ROBERT PAUL $6.21 $901.93 $11.12 Round ice (the kind sold in machines) is an excellent pellet for slingshots involved in night actions. They can be shot through windows, breaking the window, but then melt, leaving no evidence. They do not break plate glass, but are fine for thin glass. 1494 SPICETREE CIR FAIRBORN 45385 “Cubby set. “ Branches leaning on tree force animal to approach bait from one direction only. Illustration shows bird wing nailed to tree as bait. 2838 STAUFFER DR 45314-0000 $35.83 45324-0000 DAYTON DAILY NEWS R. R. #2 XENIA XENIA BARTHELOW CAROL M CLEMANS GERALD XENIA ANDERSON MARK XENIA 449 KIRKWOOD DR DAYTON $84.96 Owner Name 45431-2212 1846-1890 / Larry McMurtry. ALDRIDGE AVERIL R CLARK JENN K $22.20 $746.50 RT 1 YELLOW SPRINGS FAIRBORN 32 OLD YELLOW SPRINGS RD Corporate subject: United States. Civil Rights Act of 1964. In addition, it is possible to wire heavy equipment with a “pager” type alarm system that will summon a guard by radio signal if someone tries to break into the cab. If you plan to force your way into the cab of a machine (perhaps to smash the instrument panel), check first for any antennas, and snap them off at the base when you find them. This will greatly diminish the transmitting range of the alarm system and limit its effectiveness. This type of alarm system has received some attention in logging magazines. (Potentially dangerous booby traps, such as tear gas or even firearms, have been used to protect heavy equipment in areas rife with monkeywrenching. Be careful!) XENIA 811 BLACKFOOT TRAIL 2479 INDIAN WELLS TRL FAIRBORN BARNETT PATRICIA V Jill Sherwin will take part in the triva contest and the Writers & Artists panel. She is the author of "Quotable Star Trek", "The Definitive Star Trek Trivia Book, Volume I" and "The Definitive Star Trek Trivia Book, Volume II". She also created the concept and wrote the story outline for the Lela story in the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine anthology "The Lives of Dax". She has worked as a Writers' Assistant on the television series Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda and during the development of the shows Dead Like Me and Wonderfalls. 73 JAMES RIVER RD 45324 $162.55 1216 GULTICE ROAD 45314-0654 $19.40 FAIRBORN $60.94 45431 933 SUTTON DR 45433 BEAVERCREEK $0.01 Injuries caused by carelessness, fatigue, lack of proficiency, or any other reason can endanger the whole group. If the injury is serious enough to require the care of a doctor or hospital, you might have to explain to the doctor and maybe to police. All team members must understand and agree on a course of action to be followed should an injury occur during a field operation. Preparation prevents confusion. $0.09 XENIA EDWARD JAMES BENSON GROVER W YESTERDAYS AND ALWAYS 45324 XENIA $41.61 Toward The Terra In the distant future, mankind is forced to flee Earth and live under the rule of a supreme computer. Enter 14-year-old Jomy, whose strange visions of a mysterious people called the "Mu" may herald the emergence of a new human race. Jomy soon realizes his fate may coincide with the Mu's one goal: to return to their homeland, a lost Earth colony known as Terra. The future of humanity hangs in the balance in this action-packed anime series. FAIRBORN WILBERFORCE 553 RAMBLEWOOD PL Put battery acid or some other corrosive in the radiator. $154.37 $55.00 720 N MAPLE AVE $1.88 BALLINGE DWIGHT EST OF 121 HOLMES DR $844.47 341 STATE ST DILLHOFF DOUGLAS 45324 45385 DEAN MATTHEW 34 OLD YLW SPRGS RD 2553 ETIWANDA DR XENIA 360 N BROAD ST Monkeywrenching is a widespread movement across the United States. Government agencies and wilderness despoilers from Maine to Hawaii know that their destruction of natural diversity may be resisted. Nationwide monkeywrenching will hasten overall industrial retreat from wild areas. 966 E MARKET ST 1231 GRISHAM LN APT D DEBAY MARY F ARMENTROUT DENNIS L $4.00 CROWE J L $0.20 45432 1906 HUSSY RD $7.00 Di Gi Charat Nyo: Vol. 8 Travel to Tokyo for more adorable adventures with cat-girl princesses Dejiko and Puchiko and their blob-like guardian, Gema. Superstar Akari Usada is hosting a pageant at the Lucky Cat Shopping District, and Dejiko can't wait to compete. The winner gets to appear on television, and the runner-up receives a year's supply of fermented beans. Dejiko's been working hard on her Eye Beam skills, and she can't wait to show off her awesome technique. families / Daniel J. Wallace. 45305- XENIA XENIA $1,089.52 BONTRAGER CHONG COFFMAN KAREN B 45434 $4.14 Title: The heart is a little to the left : essays on 45434 $43.69 EDWARDSON Personal author: Wallace, Daniel J. (Daniel Jeffrey), 1949- 45385 ND623.L5 W32 1966 $53.30 $19.00 45305-1724 Following are some important rules for correct operation of a trim saw: WILBERFORCE $26.64 901 CATHEERINE ST 1690 RICHLAND RD 45385 BEAVERCREEK 5136 COBB DR 45370 $833.11 45324- 3025 FOUNTAIN DRI COMBS MARTIN $57.10 45335 PO BX 589 DAYTON BEAVERCREEK C/O JENNIFER J BIGGS SAWY BELLBROOK FAIRBORN 3001 MILL POND DR 45307 Subject: Chernobyl Nuclear Accident, Chornobyl, Ukraine, 1986--Environmental aspects--Belarus. Address BACON KIMBERLY 1787 SUGAR RUN TRL CULBREATH LESLIE 45385 Topics: animal liberation, communication, deep ecology, direct action, Earth First!, ecology, environment, green, nationalism, security, surveillance, United States $14.95 EGALITE EUGENE XENIA BREWSTER DEBBIE 998 N DETROIT ST 109 RANCH ST 3597 EASTERN DR 45324-6922 $49.50 DYAMOND JESSIE M XENIA 45324 FAIRBORN Library Info. Tech. Program YELLOW SPRINGS BELLBROOK RIVERSIDE 1460 MARTIN WAY BLVD 45324 Monkeywrenchers should not smoke prior to or during work. Use of alcohol and/or illegal drugs before, during, or after work is very hazardous. Avoid contact with known drug users or dealers. Do not carry even minute traces of drugs. Current federal law is very harsh and the combination of monkey-wrenching and drug possession would send you up the river for a very long time. BURNS BRUCE & SANTIN 225 CHARLES ST XENIA DAYTON 45305 45434-0496 98 DICKMAN DR $1.26 $11.53 COOLEY ELIZABETH A 45385-4519 Walk in areas that get direct sunlight. Direct sun kills the bacteria that produce scent. Tracking dogs have been known to track people by skipping from one shady area to another, the sunlight having destroyed the scent in between. $11.67 Banner logo that reads, 'Cuesta College, Library/Learning Resource Center' CORNETT NANCY 208 S HURON CT APT E BELLBROOK HEALTHCARE 45385-9326 FAIRBORN 45431-1549 CAUDILL PATRICIA BEST AUTO SALES INC. $0.43 $127.91 $0.82 2314 DUNCAN DR ADKINS CAROLYN 88 HOME AVE v-a-jpeg-34.jpg XENIA $79.99 PQ7288 .M49 2006 DUGAN PAUL 45385 45432-1832 $3.00 806 E 3RD ST $25.00 $0.70 XENIA 45324-3925 45324-5459 45385-9628 BEAVERCREEK DEAN DEBRA M 45305 1468 BELLPEPPER CT 45305-2114 DOWNEY PENNIE LOUISE 45385 FAIRBORN FAIRBORN JAMESTOWN 9331 LEAFY HOLLOW CT 45385 CHITTY CLAUDE H. XENIA 18 S 2ND $17.84 45432 XENIA 2815 STAUFFER DR $50.00 BRANNOCK LEANNE The strobe unit can be used on daring daylight raids to distract and temporarily blind prospective witnesses, but is most effective at night. Practice with the unit before taking it on operations, lest you trip it accidentally and reveal your presence. An effective way of introducing water into the air intake when the motor is going (maximum damage) might be to put it in a balloon. 33 W EMERSON AVE 45384-0042 XENIA Subject: Spelling ability Fiction. $11.20 CHOW TSENG KAN Subject: Mexico--Antiquities. $63.19 $225.00 45385-4674 DAYTON Tools of the Trade PO BOX 2268 Subject: Southern States--Intellectual life. 1241 SAINT JOHN RD 117 W S COLLEGE ST Address Subject: Girls Fiction. CARTER AMANDA L $9.03 No Evidence $14.83 DAYTON $26.46 DAYTON BOWLING MARJORIE B $12.79 45431 FAIRBORN DAYTON XENIA $65.00 DAYTON 92 RYDER CT APT. 1 DAYTON BLAIR JOHN $0.10 $16.99 XENIA $165.10 45385 4950 WESTMORELAND DR BUTLER SHEILA LORRAINE Mentioning another person’s name when you refer obliquely to that person. (For the record, since the agent is probably recording the conservation; likewise the next two.) BEAVERCREEK ABLING KIMBERLEY A 3120 SMITH RD JAMESTOWN 45335 $436.40 XENIA ASIKELE EDWARD FAIRBORN 45384 FAIRBORN 45335-1162 When the crew “puts in” a station, they place a stake with the numerical designation of that station in the ground. On a low-grade road, the survey stake itself is the only indicator of the station. In more elaborate surveys, where precise distances are required, the station is marked by a nail or a “hub and tack.” A hub is a fat (usually 2” x 2”) stake which is pounded flush into the ground — a small tack is then placed in the top at the precise location of the station. This is of importance to the monkeywrencher, since if you want to do a thorough job of monkeywrenching a survey project, you need to remove everything — every bit you leave will make the job of re-surveying easier — yet you may not notice a hub flush with the ground and almost certainly will not notice something as small as a nail, unless you know to look for such things around survey stakes. FAIRBORN ALEXANDER IRENE $13.25 BX 58 STA A EDMISTON KATHLEEN S 225 FAIRFIELD RD J -- POLITICAL SCIENCE -- Local government, International Relations CORBEAN JAMES L MAIN ST 1412 BELLBROOK AVE $1,770.43 $40.74 $50.00 845 RICHLAND RD 406 CEDAR DR APT A Subject: African American women--Social conditions. BEAVERCREEK 45385-5604 4676 FEDERAL ROAD BALLARD LORI ANN ALPHA BELLBROOK COUSINS CURTIS 655 PAXSON DR $6.79 ALPHA 45385 BLACKFORD BOB $30.00 45324 45324 1461 POPLAR DRIVE 45385 ARTEAGA CIRILO M $284.40 $120.00 $1.74 $4.20 P O BOX 472 $169.99 Planning BAUER CHARLOTTE F $169.83 45432 Subject: Contests Juvenile fiction. 467 W. KREPPS ROAD BEAVERCREEK Subject: Widowers Fiction. DIENER TODD E CEDARVILLE 1239 CEDARCLIFF DR XENIA CONNER MABEL 45431-1326 ASSURED HOME EQUITY CORP 45370 BURTON ESTHER E 45385-3010 45324 45385 XENIA FAIRBORN 602 MT VERNON DR CUNNINGHAM CIORINA 45335-1633 $23.35 YELLOW SPRINGS $26.63 45385-0000 Drill six holes at the lower (downstream) end of the culvert while resting comfortably on your shelf. 2322 ZINK RD 45305 $55.00 220 E PARK ST 45324 Del Norte, Humboldt, Mendocino, Sonoma, Marin / 326 PHILLIPS ST DAYTON City $55.00 $1.00 45324 PO BOX 567 YELLOW SPRINGS $10.00 EDWARD D JONES & CO 24 VALLEY DR $375.00 BROOKS JAMES M BOND E L 45335-1407 45432-2327 1301 FALKE DR 3712 EASTERN DR $12.00 Remember that your abilities are acquired through experience. Re-read pertinent sections of this volume before attempting an actual operation. Start with simple tasks and easy targets, and only gradually work up to major monkeywrenching. 236 HIGH ST Subject: Birthdays Juvenile fiction. BROWN W ALLAN JAISE 45324 $8.46 249 W DAYTON YELLOW SPRINGS RD FAIRBORN CANTRELL ALICE 1011 STEWART AVE. XENIA BUTLER BERTHA 45434 BRACK WILBURN $509.70 270 W FUNDERBURG RD BEAVERCREEK 45431 45324-9063 1120 US RT 68 S $143.86 $283.14 45431-2277 $13.99 These are predetermined areas where the team can regroup when rapid escape is necessary, and separation of people is likely. These areas should be determined during planning, utilizing map and recon information, and should always be at natural or man-made terrain features easily recognizable during limited visibility conditions. BAILEY ANGELA J 1053 GREEN TIMBER 45370 45385-1476 CAPERS CRAIG L DAYTON 45305-0000 FAIRBORN JAMESTOWN Title: E-metrics for library and information professionals : APPLESTONE VIRGINIA $163.24 118 N SECOND ST 45385 DAVIS SUSAN 45385 Subject: Wages--Effect of international trade on--China--Shanghai Region. $273.30 $1.00 CHESSER CLARA J BEAVERCREEK BENWARE TRAVIS 321 ROYAL DR 2392 PELICAN RD 45432 FAIRBORN 45385-9735 $28.92 $55.60 DAYTON DORSEY PATRICK S ADAMS JOANNE S EST OF CEDARVILLE 45305-1923 45305--18 45387 Expedient Method of Cutting Stakes XENIA 45431 $32.75 45385- 3197 WILMINGTON PIKE $48.79 466 OAKLAWN DR CLARK JESSICA T $19.56 Subject: Literature and science. 1177 L'AMOUR LN APT J COFFEY B $91.65 DAVIS TIM 413 N STAFFORD CEDARVILLE $7.20 Caltrops are extremely effective for flattening tires on stink machines of the two, three, and four wheel varieties. They are sold through Soldier of Fortune style mail-order houses for about $1.75 each and possession is legal. If you are a beginning welder you can easily make your own for less than ten cents apiece. $11.96 45434 $5.00 BELLBROOK JAMESTOWN $20.02 45385-1727 XENIA 1320 MAPLE RIDGE Among the chemicals with potential for stink bombs are the following, which can be obtained from school laboratories and over-the-counter chemical supply houses: $1.34 10580 PLEASNTVW RD ZIP Background Check on Suspected Infiltrators $12.00 6 DANZIG LANE BARRY RAY W DR BENEVOLENT FUND FAIRBORN $10.50 BERRY ELFREDA B BEAVERCREEK FAIRBORN DYER LEE H 3230 TREBEIN RD $50.08 45385 $5.82 1812 HILLROSE PLACE DAUGHTRY GREGORY D 45431-4200 45431-0000 653 WAVERLY $50.00 3536 RESTWAY COURT 45431-1739 1581 CHARTERIDGE DR APT BEGLEY THOMAS E 212 EUCLID AVE FAIRBORN Personal subject: Bush, George W. (George Walker), 1946- --Ethics. COLEMAN MCGREGOR 45431 BELLBROOK DAYTON cott was an honored guest at the launch of the Starship Enterprise-B. Captain James T. Kirk was lost and believed killed on that flight. He finally did retire in 2294 at the age of 72, having served in Starfleet for 52 years. He was in the process of relocating to the retirement community at the Norpin Colony when his transport ship, the Jenolen, crashed into a Dyson Sphere. Scott, the only survivor of the crash, survived for 75 years by suspending himself inside a transporter beam. He was rescued in 2369 by an away team from the Enterprise-D. Following his rescue, Scott embarked for parts unknown aboard a shuttlecraft loaned to him by Enterprise captain Picard. Scott never married but he became romantically involved with fellow crew member Mira Romaine in 2269. That relationship ended when Romaine transferred to Memory Alpha. $75.00 EAVEYS BROWN RONALD W PO BOX 72 $12.32 Decoy pieces of scrap metal can be buried at many spots around your cache to mislead and discourage searchers using metal detectors. 45432 3611 RIDGEWAY RD 45387-1220 45434 1750 RANDALL RD CURTIS RAYMOND $100.00 DAYTON 45324- CARROLL A 45385 $39.30 FAIRBORN XENIA 45385 XENIA ALPHA $107.25 XENIA XENIA 218 W DAYTON DR Should be able to pick up the following bands: 45423 DAYTON F68 .P44 2006 45324 45305-2202 45305 45387-2010 ALLISON KEVIN DAYTON 45370 45431 $272.95 45324 1809 NORTH BLVD DOYLE DIANNA S BAUR MARK 45324-2302 CRIGHTON ROBIN 45431-1840 DAYTON $12.13 45314 BELLBROOK 225 XENIA DR XENIA 45385 XENIA Personal author: Long, Nicholas James, 1929- DAYTON DYER LEE H CONNOR MARGARET R 1857 WOODVINE ST #Q2 $20.00 All the materials can be bought at any hardware store, but to avoid suspicion, spread your business around to different stores. CURTIS SHANNON DAVIS MILDRED T BELLBROOK Several years ago when Australia banned the importation and sale of Ecodefense, it was not possible for the United States to follow suit — because of the First Amendment. Instead, the United States government spent several million dollars, employed a small army of FBI agents, and entrapped a number of citizens in 1987–89 in an effort to suppress publication and distribution of Ecodefense. That attack on free speech and the freedom of the press glares like a pustulating boil in American history just as do the Alien and Sedition Acts, the Palmer Raids, and McCarthyism. $1.42 110 E WHITEMAN ST BERRY ELFREDA B 45324 XENIA BEAVERCREEK $8.97 45385-3751 UNKNOWN DAY JOYCE F 45305-892 FAIRBORN JAMESTOWN $16.00 $209.00 P O BOX 671 CAKIRAGLU BORA CEDARVILLE DAYTON 2143 CRABTREE DRIVE 147 W FUNDERBURG RD $14.15 FAIRBORN OHIO AVE 1450 HOWELL RD $127.14 $0.80 147 FOULOIS DR BLANKENSHIP LEONARD FAIRBORN 818 E CHURCH ST $666.50 $1,000.00 116 1/2 GLEN ST Amount $48,061.86 Corporate subject: M.H. De Young Memorial Museum. $118.18 $2.00 James Montgomery Doohan SPRING VALLEY CLIFTON AXTELL MAUREEN 45385- BEAVERCREEK 45432-1312 2310 DUNCAN DR 234 FLORENCE AVE XENIA More ZIP 45324 JAMESTOWN FAIRBORN 280 WILLASTON DR BERRY ELFREDA B 45370-9000 $3.00 BEAVERCREEK BRANAM MITCHELL L $0.23 Keep the number of tools used in an operation to an absolute minimum. Useful tools may include adjustable pipe and crescent wrenches, hacksaws with spare blades, heavy duty wire cutters or bolt cutters, pliers, pry-bars, screwdrivers, and crosscut saws. Especially noisy tools should be avoided. Hammers fall into this category, although they are essential for certain types of work, such as spiking. Chain saws are usually out of the question for any clandestine type of activity. Insulated handles (tape may be used for this) minimize the sounds of tools clanking together. Subject: Employees--Training of. PO BOX 81 45385-1910 $19.25 99 N. MAIN 4108 RUSHTON DR $10.65 45324-1776 45370 BEAVERCREEK $0.29 CEDARVILLE Unless you are prepared to take on these problems, and there is no better alternative, leave powerlines alone. Powerlines having any connection to nuclear power plants have the above problems in spades. Doing anything to such a line will bring the entire weight of the Department of Justice down on your head. (The successful minor ecotage of a powerline connected to the Palo Verde Nuke Plant in Arizona in 1986 triggered the Justice Department’s infamous operation against Arizona Earth First!, even though there was no connection between the 1986 incident and Earth First!.) ALEXANDER SHEILAH BOVA ANGIE M DAVIS HOMER A DESSECKLER LAWRENCE 45324 $10.00 1236 E DAYTON YELLOWSPRINGS 45324 215 GARDENDALE DR BURROWS R $0.20 $360.00 45370-9006 BINKIS DANIEL BENNETT NORMA J FAIRBORN 45385 ALLMAN CHRISTINE Personal author: De Paola, Tomie. 45434-7094 CLARK SELINA $10.95 45431 $204.38 45305 6722 GRAPE GROVE RD $60.51 $56.75 45324 DYER DANIEL S 45385 CRAIGHEAD ROBERT L JR COMPETITION ACCESSORIES INC FAIRBORN FAIRBORN 45434 BELLBROOK $11.30 45385 45384 Title: Highwire moon : a novel / Susan Straight. BELLBROOK CASTILLO THOR $711.00 107 MANN AVE $827.12 45385 $6.90 Line the inside of the cardboard box with a plastic trash bag or two and reinsert the cardboard divider. Make sure the plastic bags have only been touched with gloved hands (the same goes for the box and divider — all of these surfaces hold fingerprints). The plastic liner will keep a leaky bag from running all over you or your car. $45.79 BOOROM NOAMI G $5.00 45434-6244 ANDERSON RICHARD FAIRBORN Subject: Japan--Juvenile fiction. SPRING VALLEY 45305-0000 COLLINS ELLEN L BP190.5 .T47 G47 2006 BACHMAN GREG 4702 ALEXIS AVE ANZUR STEPHEN D 45432-0000 $30.00 $882.00 45432-2829 45324 $51.88 45324 DUNLAP JILL 1020 B COURTNEY DR CHAMBERLAIN BOBBY R CONOVER ROBERT M CLARY BROOKLYN ALTARAS RONA E 45385-5510 45385-3330 $0.36 $77.25 RIVERSIDE DAYTON DAYTON $5.00 BRACCI PAUL Muriatic — just half-strength hydrochloric acid, used in swimming pool water and as metal etch, rust remover, etc. Look for this at hardware stores, swimming pool suppliers, auto body and repair suppliers, etc. $14.92 BELLBROOK XENIA SPRING VALLEY CAMPBELL MICHELLE 3430 FAIRWOOD DR ZIP CUKOVECKI CATHY 267 REDBANK DR DAY WADIE L 2241 KEMP RD BUCK MICHAEL W XENIA 45434 XENIA YELLOW SPRINGS WILBERFORCE CAHILL ROSA $6.30 45324 $29.92 A forty-mile-long net can be sunk completely in two miles of ocean. The reason for this is that the styrofoam floats on the nets compress at sixty fathoms, losing their buoyancy and increasing the weight of the sinking net. A physicist has determined that as the net descends into the depths, it spirals and tangles along its length. Upon reaching the bottom, the destructive web of monofilament is pulled into a tight monofilament rope. It will not biodegrade but it will be quickly buried in the muck and debris on the ocean floor. 45433 $30.60 BANKS SHAWN C $61.00 $255.94 1395 PRESTONWOOD CT S DAYTON 45434-6987 BOISSON DAVID 45431-4705 45431-2666 45385 $5.06 RDAY7 PRODIGY NET YELLOW SPRINGS 1871 CEDARVILLAGE CT $53.40 $12.72 BLACK SARAH BERRY $53.00 3206 CEMETARY RD 45335 BELLBROOK 35 N WRIGHT AVE APT D 151 OLD DAYTON YELLOW SPRING RD $0.65 FAIRBORN $4.00 45387-1827 $11.33 $81.92 DAYTON $180.00 COLEMAN HEIDI 45432-2132 With the heavy jaws of the bolt cutters, smash windows, mirrors, headlights, taillights, reflectors, display panels, gauges, the front of the radiator, etc. ASHOUR JAMAL $78.94 45387-8708 45385-2440 CAMP JOREMIE Subject: Iraq War, 2003- --Prisoners and prisons, American. If you must restrain a guard or watchman, do not use his own handcuffs. Police and security guards frequently carry hidden cuff keys. Restrain the guard with heavy duty cable ties and duct tape. Call police anonymously to free the guard as soon as you are clear of the area. Of course, if you are later arrested, you may be also charged with kidnapping or assault and battery if you physically restrain a guard. 45324 45387 CURTIS ADAM B 45324 Subject: Behavior disorders in children. BOYER WANDA S FAIRBORN 1946 TREBEIN ROAD 45431-0000 3065 MILL POND DR 1436 MCCURDY CT Subject: Detroit (Mich.) Fiction. 3279 US RT 42 E 45324-8773 1293 GULTICE RD $39.60 $154.92 1872 GLEN MEADOW WAY BELLBROOK 914 E 2ND ST 45324-2502 2891 FENCE STONE CT 603 SOUTH BICKETT ROAD $339.84 DAYTON $2,025.08 3353 CEDARWOOD DR $50.00 3845 ENGLE MILL RD RR. 6 XENIA CONOVER DONALD W 45305 1275 WILEY ST 5125 WORCHESTER DR 230 E XENIA DR DUGAN STEPHANIE B DIAK NICHOLAS A 1878 KLYEMORE DR R R 5 49 E DAYTON YELLOW SPRINGS ROA BICKING BETTY QC24 .C37 2005 $9.30 45324-3426 5366 UNDERWOOD RD 45385 542 N GALLOWAY ST Similar to the phony lawyer approach is that of the fake court official. This person may ask you for a statement or ask you to fill out a form (to be used for handwriting comparison). If someone like this approaches you, verify the person’s identity before doing anything else. $50.00 DAYTON DUTTON GREGORY R BUDDIE GRAHAM H BREWER MALISSA L $19.20 45335-9791 BEASLEY SAM DAYTON XENIA BEAM DAVID In 1987 PG & E blamed balloons for 140 power outages, while Southern California Edison reported 229 balloon-caused outages. An outage on Valentine’s Day in 1986 caused by a silvery heart balloon affected 20,000 customers. A balloon-caused outage in Antioch, California, in August 1987 affected 2750 customers and fried wires in microwaves, VCRs, and TV sets. The problem caused by holiday balloons has only been recognized recently, because the balloons usually disintegrate when they hit power lines, leaving no trace. $1.58 BELLVIEW XENIA BUSH DIANA J BLANKENSHIP LEONARD EASTHON DENISE F XENIA BEAVERCREEK 5318 ACCESS RD DAYTON When dealing with the press or other media, never assume that they are interested in impartially presenting the facts to the reading or viewing public. Some news people will gladly turn you in to the police. Others, whose code of professional conduct will not allow active cooperation with the police, will nevertheless not hesitate to fabricate lies, distort truths, and seek out anyone who will provide a derogatory quote about your actions, if that will make a more sensational story. The truly impartial reporter/newscaster is unfortunately rather rare, and must be treated with care. (Nonetheless, there certainly are friendly, supportive, and professionally ethical reporters.) Never lie to the press. Never give information to the press that might reveal your identity, numbers, or intended actions. If asked revealing questions, politely say you cannot answer that question. When in doubt, leave it out. 45324-4149 4237 WHITE OAK DR CANADA SHEILA BUSH GARY W DE RIDDER LUCIA A 2145 HILLTOP RD $592.42 COMBS LINDSEY DANIELL TYRONE Svetlana Alexievich ; translation and preface by Keith Gessen. 572 SPINNING RD COMPTON NATHANIEL D 45432 XENIA $19.56 FAIRBORN $40.00 45305-1356 $4.77 $49.09 Address 45431 CONLEY EDW & BETTY J 72 STELTON RD BEAVERCREEK FAIRBORN $60.00 $100.00 $8.78 45305 1460 MARTIN WAY BLVD DUNGEY RONALD E 366 FRANKLIN DR YELLOW SPRINGS BABICKI PAWEL STANISLW 45431- 159 W FUNDERBURG RD photographs by Sylvain Ageorges ; translated by Anna Moschovakis. $7.63 Igniting Machinery BERTKE PAM $50.69 Practice this breathing exercise at home or in your favorite place in the woods. A calm and peaceful setting will help you feel the relaxation it affords you. Once you have learned this simple exercise, pause before your next scouting mission, or after your driver has dropped you off, or before the final approach to the target, and take a few moments to reduce your stress before facing trouble. Later, if you’ve just ducked out of sight of a passing guard, do this breathing exercise while observing your surroundings closely and waiting for an “all clear.” Or, if you’ve just escaped a near capture, pause to control your breathing and consider your options carefully. BEAVERCREEK 45385 Personal author: Somerville, Christopher. 249 W DAY Y S RD APT 142 PO BOX 42 $451.67 $18.00 TL152 .S8256 2005 45385-4779 — Smokey Bear CLIFTON HAROLD A. DAYTON 1002 S CENTRAL AVE $14.01 45434-6562 DAVIES WILLIAM DR DAVID B UZZEL DDS FAIRBORN DAYTON Subject: Deserts Juvenile poetry. BUTLER BERTHA 45387 $16.00 45370-9718 v-a-jpeg-61.jpg BRASHIER LEO V. DAUMANN LAURA M $1.84 4209 BRENAN AVE 45324 45324 WILBERFORCE 3646 SEQUOIA DR. BARNETT G. M. $18.38 $364.50 BOYSEL RON QH442.2 .K637 2006 A similar delayed ignition method is to pour brake fluid over swimming pool cleaner. After several minutes (perhaps as many as 15) the mix should burst into flames. Experimentation would be necessary to determine the proper quantities of each for the optimum delay. One mix has been field tested: Put 3 tsp. of dry chlorinator in a paper cup and cover it with 2 tsp. of brake fluid. The delay time is about one and a half minutes. If you cool the brake fluid first, there will be a greater delay in ignition. Using warm brake fluid causes less delay. Brake fluid is cheaper than SCORE. $32.00 CHAMBERS ARTIE 45385 Personal author: Weinstein, Amy, 1957- $7.09 168 WASHINGTON ST FAIRBORN CONOVER DONALD W Direction and Distance CLIFTON DAYTON 4326 COMANCHE TRL $97.37 DAYTON 45378 XENIA 45324-3620 WRIGHT PATTERSON AFB 3353 CEDARWOOD DR 45434 DRAKE AUDRA J 45385 $3.60 45324 Subject: Sufism. XENIA 45431 DAVIS NATALIE J A 12-volt power requirement for the radio allows the unit to be plugged directly into a vehicle electrical system for mobile use. For portable use, the power supply is usually either eight standard AA size alkaline or ten AA nickel- cadmium batteries in series. Alkaline batteries have about twice the electrical capacity of nicads and cost about half as much, but they cannot be recharged (I’ve read that some kinds of alkaline batteries can be recharged, but I’ve never seen them). Nicads can be recharged hundreds of times, offsetting their initial cost of about three dollars apiece. JAMESTOWN Herbert Jefferson, Jr. BOEDECKER KIMBERLY W COATES RICHARD $97.08 BENNETT DOROTHY BELLBROOK If you must buy special tools, materials, books, or the like by mail, don’t leave a “paper trail” for investigators to follow. Don’t use charge cards or personal checks. Send postal or bank money orders instead, and do not fill out your name and address in the part labeled “sender.” Remember, bank accounts are accessible to the police, and provide a detailed account of purchases, travel, and even political opinion. All checks cashed, by law, must be recorded on microfilm. A basic step in police investigation is to gather complete bank records of all possible suspects and co-conspirators. Your bank does not tell you when they hand over copies of your records to a police agency. In the Arizona Five case, the FBI secretly acquired complete bank records for the accounts of Dave Foreman, Earth First! Journal, and the Earth First! Foundation, well before any arrests. DECKER R A OR J H 45433 BINGHAM WILLIAM 45385 2614 CONGRESSIONAL CIR 144 EAST STREET CROMLISH BOB $0.80 1597 CHARTERWOODS CIR FAIRBORN City BIGGS AMY J 45432 XENIA 10432 STREAM PK CT BURNS EDITH BORUNDA JESUS A JR 231 CHESTERFIELD CIR FAIRBORN 45324 API AUTOMOTIVE DAYTON 45433-1310 45324-0000 $181.71 $20.00 DIASPRO MARY L 460 E DAYTON YLW SPGS RD #104 BACK VANESSA $12.93 2 The World Is Flat by Thomas L. Friedman (Farrar, Straus 1 4 & Giroux: $27.50) How technology and the forces of globalization are connecting -- and changing -- the world. ANDERSON VITA ESTATE 4382 KEMP RD Subject: Interior decoration--Russia (Federation) 906 SEMMES PL DAYTON CRAIL ROBERT $55.80 $11.72 CAMPBELL LAWRENCE A $58.56 45385 XENIA 45433 Headset (VOX) model 49-S 49-H5 $844.10 45385-4616 45434-5434 XENIA $12.13 1920 WILBERFORCE CLIFTON R DAYTON 2136 HIDDEN WOODS BLVD. 716 SPINNING RD 2439 LANTZ RD PO BOX 132 DAYTON FAIRBORN JAMESTOWN XENIA R -- MEDICINE S -- AGRICULTURE T -- TECHNOLOGY -- Engineering, Photography, Home Economics ANDES STUARD $0.01 d be done before those trees are scheduled to be cut. 44473 Subject: Specification writing. 45324-3120 $517.27 DAYTON ALCALA 45385-5544 SPRING VALLEY 45440 FAIRBORN DAYTON City JAMESTOWN 5235 MUD RUN RD BURTON JOHN TRAVIS ANDES MARY LOU 45384 FAIRBORN BRUNSON CECIL Subject: Novelists, American--20th century Biography. 638 JUNE DR 45324 45385 Exposing Undercover Agents 1262 JUNE DR $108.56 CEDARVILLE 45324 $20.00 Editor’s Note: There remain dangers of using your own typewriter even with a removable printwheel. There will always be the temptation for the impecunious monkeywrencher to retain a ribbon for future communiqués. No matter how well you hide it, a police search may find it. But let’s suppose you promptly destroy your ribbon after each use and hide your printwheel. If it is discovered during a police search it may well be directly linked to a particular communiqué, despite whatever precautions you might take to render the printing less legible. And even if you discard a printwheel, the authorities may be able to determine from your communiqué the make of typewriter used, and if you happen to own one of those, that’s a bit of circumstantial evidence. More than one person has spent their life in the slammer on the basis of a few pieces of “circumstantial” evidence. 2429 UPPER BELLBROOK $45.00 Wear a dark-colored bike helmet or other protective headgear. Limited visibility and rough ground invites falls. Since much bicycle clothing and equipment has reflective patches to make a rider visible, check your gear and cover any reflective patches with non-reflective tape or other material. JAMESTOWN 2886 WASHINGTON MILL FAIRBORN Consider the type of terrain in your area. If roads and trails follow sandy washes, or if they are frequently covered with deep, slick clay mud, you’re better off walking or riding a horse. Loose rocks can be a lot of extra work. Personal author: Usunier, Jean-Claude. 45370-9412 45431-1412 DAYTON P O BOX 31156 $31.05 45431 XENIA CHANNELS CLYDE E BADURINA KAREN KAY It has been suggested that tubular-metal billboard posts could be rusted out with acid. Muriatic acid (an impure form of hydrochloric acid sometimes used as a swimming pool cleaner) and battery acid (sulfuric) have both been suggested. A clay dam could be constructed around the post to contain the acid, or a hole could be drilled into the post and the acid poured in. This technique has not been field tested, as far as we know. 1121 XENIA AVE $0.90 $28.75 DUGAN NANCY A 2920 RHETT DR Title: Art & architecture of Cambodia / Helen Ibbitson Jessup. 45431-1326 BELLBROOK 66 S WRIGHT AVE 147 ELLINGTON RD DUNN VERNON L Because law enforcement investigations target specific groups or individuals known to operate in certain areas, change your MO (method of operation or modus operandi) regularly. Consider the physical evidence left at a scene and generally used to determine patterns. If shoe prints are left at the scene, buy different shoes at a different discount outlet, in different sizes, and consciously lengthen or shorten your stride when leaving obvious footprints. If you use spray paint, switch brands and colors. If you spray warnings or slogans, have a different member of your group do it, switch from upper to lower case letters, use your weak hand to vary the appearance. If you identify your actions with a group name, change the name. If you send written communiqués, have a different group member write them (forensic analysts study the style of writing looking for similarities in tone, grammar, and word usage to determine if two documents might have been written by the same person). If you’ve been sabotaging heavy misuse for parents, teachers and other professionals / 45385 $357.00 $84.41 838 W EIGHTH 45324 4325 AIRWAY RD BABER JACK $1.20 45432 45335-9540 ML410.H476 C76 2005 CASTONGUAY ALAN XENIA Owner Name 38 N MAPLE AVE 2262 MALLARD LN #5 FAIRBORN $1,192.80 640 FAIFFIELD AVE ANDREWS CAROL $74.24 CROSS JENNIFER MEGAN $10.00 45324 $4.63 librarian who made a difference / by Joanne Oppenheim ; 45324 YELLOW SPRINGS XENIA Personal subject: Kline, Franz, 1910-1962--Criticism and interpretation. HF5385 .P37 2000 $55.44 XENIA $48.82 FAIRBORN 224 CINCINNATI AVE EDGER MURIEL E $77.46 117 W SOUTH COLLEGE ST 45324 45385-9624 $67.02 ALLISON STREET BUFFET $32.55 BRANDENBURG ASHLEY $74.50 Paint the wheels the same color as the vehicle, or else flat black. Avoid tires with raised white letters, and any other custom accessories. Avoid “suggestive” bumper stickers on the vehicle. An American flag decal or NRA sticker might be a good idea, if you want to fit in with the local “good ol’ boys.” (Scotch tape them to the inside of a window so you can later remove them.) ANDERSON CHARLES W 172 LORETTA AVE #21 114 LORRETTA #1 BERGIN COLETTE K BEAVERCREEK XENIA 228 PLEASANT ST 1430 ITCONDEROGA CT 45324 2078 BANDIT TRAIL $86.51 $1.80 $155.49 $9.20 FAIRBORN $20.95 ANKENEY SARAH 45431-2409 BROWN BRITTNEY $206.25 45324-3317 $120.77 YELLOW SPRINGS BALLES ROBERT XENIA EDWARDS ASHLEY L BLACKBURN THEODORE W 127 MEEHAN DR 45324 CURTIS TAMERON L 45385- $52.86 Subject: Death Juvenile fiction. 45385-4431 889 OAKDALE DR DAILY ERIC BARONE ALLISON 45305-8924 45387 DIEGEL TYSON A 45434 3710 OLD STAGE RD $18.00 FAIRBORN ABDULMAJED HASAN A BYRD SHARON Subject: Public relations. ZIP 45435 6 In the Company of Cheerful Ladies by Alexander McCall 4 3 Smith (Pantheon: $19.95) The newly married proprietor of Botswana's No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency has a new crop of colorful cases. ARNOLD BRIAN 45385 DUFFY KATHLEEN S EDWARDS DAVID DURRSTEIN CASEY BROWN KEN 3521 AMETHYST PASS #5 BETSCHER TONYA M $0.36 FAIRBORN BEST JACK C CUNNINGHAM ALBERT BUOL MICHAEL H 672 ADAMS ST APT 4 Field Notes $33.00 DAYTON 45387-1310 ARTMAN SCOTTIE 45335 45432-3942 3382 ROCK DR WILBERFORCE 45385 XENIA DAVENPORT ROBERT BROWN GARY $229.13 XENIA 45433-1101 $2,427.12 45431 45385 Subject: Statesmen--United States Biography. FAIRBORN 45314-0000 Raccoon — 4,800 DOUGLAS KIMBERLY Spray paint 45385 $414.31 45385-9703 200 E EMERSON AVE $18.37 BAKER MARK F EASTERLING JAMES R WRIGHT PATTERSON AFB BOPREY MICHAEL L JR $21.07 BEAVERCREEK 1198 WALNUT VLY 45301 Personal author: Rosen, Harold J. $50.00 45335 45435 $10.98 BELLBROOK 45385 DRAKE MARY 341 STELTON RD #603 XENIA 360 VINE ST 5051 MUD RUN RD 125 EAST MAIN ST XENIA FAIRBORN BEAVERCREEK $2.34 45324 FAIRBORN XENIA Roofing Nails $333.87 XENIA PO BOX 287 2913 CHAL MAR DR $10.21 XENIA 13 He's Just Not That Into You by Greg Behrendt and Liz 5 30 Tuccillo (Simon Spotlight Entertainment: $21.95) A no-excuses guide to help women understand guys and get on with their lives. 795 LIVERMORE ST Soft, stainless steel dowel pins are sold as well as a heat treated variety of stainless. Skip the stainless products. Insist on common alloy steel dowels. They’re the strongest and the least expensive. 76 WESTPORT DR Trap set on beaver dam. Place another dab of clear silicon at the mouth of the hole. This seals the hole against invasion by bugs or disease. $100.00 45385-3741 45385-000 JEMESTOWN PIKE 45434 DAYTON 45431-2928 144 to 174 MHz — VHF High Band — BUGA UP BEAVERCREEK 45434-0000 CLARK MASON SPRING VALLEY FAIRBORN 45324 FAIRBORN 45385 XENIA $131.18 450 BISHEA CT DAVISON KENNETH W EST 1290 PREM PL Spikeboards and Nailboards 1846 NEEDMORE RD CLINE SETH $201.25 Combination Locks BALDWIN FLORENCE I BECKER FREDERICK H XENIA $3.16 XENIA 45324-4970 $64.78 BLACK DAVID A $16.65 CUNNINGHAM JAMES 1164 PEIDMONT DR 600 CHESTNUT ST AHUJA MANEESH CLARK JOHN DECKARD JACQUELINE $0.60 If someone expresses doubt about certain actions, don’t involve her in those types of actions. If she has serious reservations, “ease” her out of the monkeywrenching group, but try to remain friends. Cutting her off completely may destroy bonds of personal loyalty and make it easier for her to inform on you. 4500 BAYBROOK COVE DR 8327 PHILADELPHIA DR 2387 N KNOLL DR ANDREW JOHN L $4.39 BEATTY WAYNE in diesel fuel or, more dangerously, jellied gasoline, complete destruction is far more likely. 45324 45324 45305 4974 TALL OAKS DR $422.29 45324-0000 $69.75 DAVENPORT A 45324 XENIA $0.66 214 N 2ND $1,807.42 DAVENPORT DANIELLE E 45314-9702 45324 However, there have been successful and justifiable ecotage actions against major powerlines. The most successful was in western Minnesota in the mid- to late-1970s, when a group of farmers, the “Bolt Weevils,” continually monkeywrenched a 500 KV powerline under construction. Although that powerline was ultimately built, a dozen other projected powerlines were never built. The following guidelines on monkeywrenching powerlines come from anonymous Bolt Weevil veterans. WRIGHT PATTERSON AFB XENIA BILBEY CHARLES A JR PO BOX 42 4173 TAREYTON DR $354.09 45324 XENIA BURNS LATOYA It is hard to overstate the value of a radio capable of picking up police calls. These units can tip you off to surveillance or warn you of a patrolman or deputy dispatched to the scene of your recent hit. YELLOW SPRINGS Subject: Interpersonal communication. ALFORD SHIRLEY F Most monkeywrenchers have focused on disabling heavy equipment, cutting down billboards, and — more recently — spiking trees. All of these are worthwhile, but road spiking and destroying roads have not received the attention due them. With the United States Forest Service continuing a gargantuan road-building program in currently roadless areas, monkeywrenchers need to make a major effort to close these roads. This chapter tells you how to do just that. An additional attraction of road spiking or road destruction is that it is much more difficult for the villains to protect hundreds of miles of road from sabotage than it is for them to guard a few pieces of heavy equipment or active logging sites. You are in much less danger of apprehension doing this kind of monkeywrenching out in the wildwood than you are crawling around equipment yards. Nonetheless, do not neglect basic security precautions. 5319 BAYSIDE DR 45385-2702 $39.34 30 HALSEY DR BEAVERCREEK 724 CASCADE DR PO BOX 2004 FAIRBORN $55.00 Title: Adoption : opposing viewpoints / Mary E. Williams, book editor. 153 HESS RD 172 LANETTA AVE3 45385 4953 C WESTMORELAND CT 45324 FAIRBORN FAIRBORN PO BOX 572 45387 ALLCOTT BRIAN G. $95.97 BRUCK WILLIAM FAIRBORN 606 HALLECK CT FAIRBORN BOWEN MICHAEL City 754 XENIA AVE BAKER ALISON L UNKNOWN Frozen ground can be a problem in winter. Bury shallow in winter. Mixing salt with the covering soil can limit freezing problems somewhat. 1611 HILLTOP RD $32.00 1793 COMMONWEALTH DR $323.00 84 RYDER CT #2 JAMESTOWN 1055 SPG VLY ALPHA RD 45335-1009 $10.00 CURRY KIMBERLY ALL ABOUT PRINTING INC FAIRBORN Traps set near where two streams or arroyos meet. $85.26 1749 SREWART BLVD $17.28 45324 179 DAYTON AVENUE Other Targets BEAVERCREEK 1) A well designed dolphin sticker for putting on dolphin-unsafe cans of tuna (this was produced by an informant for the FBI!). Personal author: Wells, Rosemary. $100.00 45385- 2919 STONEWALL DR BORST WEN DONALD E SORTMAN CO INC The Curiosity of Chance John Hughes meets John Waters in this offbeat comedy set in the 1980s. Tired of dealing with the homophobic school bully, out-of-the-closet teen Chance Marquis (Tad Hilgenbrinck) enlists two disparate friends -- a flashy drag queen and the hunky school jock -- to help him crush his tormentor. A favorite on the festival circuit, this quirky film co-stars Brett Chukerman, Aldevina Da Silva, Pieter Van Nieuwenhuyze and Chris Mulkey. DAYTON Subject: Christmas Juvenile fiction. Hardware Sabotage PO BOX 282 $10.00 XENIA BERRY CHRISTOPHER L 45433 1657 OTOOLE DR ALLEN SAMUEL J. 45431 138 BROWN AVE 45432-1732 45385-4813 BARKER MARY R 45324-6607 $55.46 Field Notes DILLMAN KATHERINE MARIE $10.91 45385 45385-1268 BACK JEFFREY Follow the same roads the trapper uses. When walking, stay in the tire tracks so passing vehicles later will wipe away your prints. If driving, use a suitable winter vehicle equipped to get you unstuck. Scout your routes ahead of time to memorize the layout and become aware of road hazards that might leave you stranded. 3116 WOLFE DR FAIRBORN 45324-5527 45434-5834 45324-4205 COLLINSWORTH MOLLY H CARPENTER BOBBY BELLBROOK $14.03 FAIRBORN BEAVERCREEK College Road Trip College-bound Rachel (Raven-Symoné) finds her tour of prospective schools taking a detour when her overprotective police chief father (Martin Lawrence) insists on coming along. The pair survives everything from a flat tire to parachuting and hitching a ride with an alarmingly cheerful man (Donny Osmond). But will they grow closer together -- or end up killing each other? Vincent Pastore and Will Sasso co-star in this uproarious Disney comedy. 4379 KNOB HILL DR In some National Forests prone to arsonists (many forest fires are deliberately set by loggers because “salvage” timber sales in burned areas have fewer restrictions than regular timber sales), surveillance cameras have been established. Monkeywrenchers should expect such surveillance in areas that have been hit hard by ecotage or where there are particularly controversial timber sales, road construction projects, and the like. 45370 CAMPBELL NICK 45385-3330 FAIRBORN $100.00 1280 SPRING VALLEY ALPHA RD XENIA $23.65 Sulfuric — used in car batteries. Buy from chemical suppliers or auto parts stores. In a pinch, one might use a machine’s own battery juice. Weighs about twice as much as water. Upon reaction with metal, the fumes are poisonous. $170.00 CLARK JUANITA W $3.22 DAYTON 5 Zorro by Isabel Allende (HarperCollins: $25.95) The back -- 1 story of how Diego de la Vega transformed himself into the dashing and legendary figure of colonial California. 45385 COX STEPHEN A 3313 DAYTON-XENIA RD $15.00 FAIRBORN XENIA XENIA 1361 WOODMAN DR 332 W GARLAND AVE APT 4K DAYTON Repeated monkeywrenching of a certain target may cause the offenders to take increasingly drastic measures to protect their investment. For example, if you monkeywrench open bulldozers by the side of the road, the engine compartments will probably be locked the next time you come by. If you cut the locks and do your work, they’ll probably put the machines behind a fence somewhere. If you cut the fence and wrench the equipment again, they’ll probably hire a guard. Now it’s getting expensive. DEDOMINIC AMANDA D 45431-2683 45335 Subject: Alcoholism--Treatment--United States Handbooks, manuals, etc. 942 OAKDALE DR. CARROLL JOSEPH 45385 BRYANT RALPH L 45324-3506 XENIA 45370 105 OHIO ST APT B 45324 1057 FREDERIC DR BEAVERCREEK 45385 CLARK FRANCIS X ADAMS ELSIE M COKER CHRISTOPHER K Yes, $100 is a lot of money for an individual to spend, but the reduction in court costs might make it worthwhile. 1340 PRESIDENT ST DAYTON Title: The road / Cormac McCarthy. Owner Name $26.02 Back to Top $9.59 $42.00 CEDARVILLE $5.58 $54.27 Buy or secure your tools in the country where your target is moored. Use cash and buy one tool at one store in one town, the next at another store in another town. If you have the time to look, some of the tools will be found on the target vessel itself. A fire ax will always be found on board any ship. 457 DAYTON AVE 45431 AIKINS RICHARD A CAPERS GREGORY BEAVERCREEK CLINE EDITH $3.89 print, and then all over again several times. The repeats were designed to ferret out any deliberate attempt to disguise an individual’s handwriting. The feds were trying to match various postcards, notes, signatures, and other writing found in their investigation.) Telephone calls may be tape-recorded, and valuable voiceprint evidence may be obtained this way. All telephone calls to police agencies are routinely tape-recorded. (All phone calls made from jail cells are monitored and many are recorded.) FAIRBORN XENIA DIAZ JORGE R BELLBROOK ROUTE 1 45324-0485 45324 $6.12 $283.56 DAVIDSON ROBERT E. ARNETT H M 45434-6900 YELLOW SPRINGS $818.79 BELLBROOK Personal author: Pogue, David, 1963- FAIRBORN 2382 DUNCAN DR APT 8 HARRIMAN BLDG #8 FAIRBORN Celeste pursued her acting career in Los Angeles in 1965 and has numerous feature films to her credit such as "Live a Little, Love a Little" opposite Elvis Presley and played the beautiful vampire, Diane, in "The Velvet Vampire" for Roger Corman. She also starred in the cult favorite "Eve" where Celeste played Christopher Lee's long lost jungle goddess granddaughter. She starred in "The Beast of Blood" opposite John Ashley and soon became recognized as a popular "Scream Queen". Amount 45305 45324 1720 N NORTH BLVD $70.00 4935 CORNERSTONE TRL 2881 PARAKEET LANE CLIFTON $358.07 45324 PO BX 37 ALFORD J M 942 OAKDALE DR Subject: Toddlers Juvenile fiction. FAIRBORN XENIA $0.24 BELLBROOK 45387 $89.72 COZART MILDRED C Title: The legend of the bluebonnet : an old tale of Texas / retold and illustrated by Tomie dePaola. $135.00 XENIA 45432-1131 45431 1542 KENSINGTON DR $28.36 $62.22 BRROKS THOMAS J 2150 ZINK RD #3C $0.54 $80.29 45324 45431-2320 XENIA BURKE PHILIP E DURGANS THOMAS L ANDERSON DENISE Personal subject: Marley, Bob--Criticism and interpretation. BOOTH JAMES E BALONIER ERIN I 45385 214 N 2ND ST $0.83 500 WAYNE DR 206 STATE ST 45324 45431- DAYTON $10.73 XENIA PO BOX H 2385 BEAVER VALLEY $23.35 BORS FRED F YELLOW SPRINGS 1885 EDITH MARIE DR $0.50 Field Notes XENIA In the ensuing eight years, Doohan shuttled between New York and Canada where he worked on 4000 radio programs, 400 live and taped variety and dramatic television shows, several films and plays. Though he became known as Canada's busiest actor, he eventually found himself following other fellow actors in the pilgrimage to Hollywood. There, his versatility and talent as a dialectician helped him earn parts in more than 100 motion pictures and television series, including The Twilight Zone, Outer Limits, Fantasy Island, "Loaded Weapon 1" and "Double Trouble." FAIRBORN 45385 $106.69 CHRISTIAN ACDMY FREEDOM COOPER CHESTER B 2230 VEMCO DR DAYTON $0.20 DRISKELL JOHN A 27 E ELM ST BEAVERCREEK ZIP Twist in heavy eye screws with a section of dowel. 248 FRANKLIN CT APT F XENIA 2485 STEWART RD DAYTON WRIGHT PATTERSON AFB 3243 CLEAR SPRINGS RD 195 S WEST ST BARNETT PATRICIA V 45387 City BAUM THOMAS C BOSWELL JAMES D 45324 ECKLEY KELI M $25.00 $20.42 CHAFIN NICOLE B 2940 DAYTON XENIA RD $14.82 DEATON VIRGINIA T CALLOWAY OSCAR $69.50 The deck of a ship can be cleared with a glass vial of butyric acid, the foulest smelling substance known with the possible exception of Pseudocorpse, which is used to train police dogs to find dead human bodies. 5620 CRANBERRY PLACE FAIRBORN XENIA 310 DORIS DR $0.80 ARNOLD REINER $60.84 DENSON ELIZABETH 45385 $138.00 C/O ANTIOCH COLLEGE DELANEY GARY Subject: African American civil rights workers--Alabama--Montgomery Biography. 2111 CRAB-TREE DR 45385 $1.89 Monkeywrenching is nonviolent resistance to the destruction of natural diversity and wilderness. It is never directed against human beings or other forms of life. It is aimed at inanimate machines and tools that are destroying life. Care is always taken to minimize any possible threat to people, including the monkeywrenchers themselves. 4863 CELTIC DR Finally, read the instructions that come with your drill and follow them to the letter. This is your best insurance against equipment failure. 45324-0000 2322 DUNCAN DR APT 4 FAIRBORN BRENNAN JENNIFER M 4405 BURKHARDT AVE APT C2 — Dick Summers Notes: A note from the web-publisher: I put this up to make ecodefence information available to more people in these times of social/ecological crisis. The book is too expensive, hard to find, and there are obvious security risks to buying it through the mail from outfits like amazon.com. I hope you will download, print-off and pass it out to people in your area. Also, I want you to reproduce this information on other websites, so that in the event that this site is closed down there are dozens of others with Ecodefense still available. Do understand that this is a hot item for the Feds and will likely be suppressed quickly. So it’s important that reproduction and distribution occur as soon as possible, please help! Reproduction involves some security risks. It has been said that Dave Foreman sued some Australian eco-anarchists when they bootlegged it, so the key here is anonymity, don’t have any contact info associated with this book, and don’t have any website this information is copied to associated with y COPELAND KRIS A 45324-8282 DENZEL MICHAEL 5614 BAYSIDE DR WILBERFORCE 1703 YELLOW ROSE CT DAYTON 45335- ADAMS HOWARD M $2.70 45335 5378 UNDERWOOD RD DURBIN JILL Large utility company cooling water outfalls may discharge 500,000,000 gallons per day, but these megaplants also have much smaller yet equally vital wastewater flows — typically 1–10 MGD flows. An ecodefender can easily stop these flows. Valves and flood gates may also be vulnerable. ATLEY MICHAEL C BEAVERCREEK 45432 FAIRBORN 45387-1810 127 MARCHMONT DR 963 MOHICAN TRAIL XENIA 1472 HILLTOP RD 123 W DAYTON YELLOW $13,516.23 127 MEEHAN DR $117.95 45324 $29.58 45434-6920 DAY KENNETH W BREWER ALEXANDER D BROWN DOROTHY F $10.00 $15.00 $31.72 45324 XENIA 2237 CREEKVIEW PL FAIRBORN $16.50 XENIA FAIRBORN DANISH CATHERINE $3.78 Title: Middlemarch / George Eliot ; introduction by A.S. Byatt ; 2543 CONWOOD DR FAIRBORN AUSTIN WILLIAM Law enforcement agencies have a cyanoacrylic vapor deposition technique that can pull fingerprints from almost anything. This includes the insides of cloth gloves and even skin surfaces. BARKER AMY CIRCLE MARKETING GROUP LLC XENIA CONNOLLYSMITH JOAN BOONE OKEY 337 COUNTRY CLUB DR 45324 $258.96 194 PINEGROVE DRIVE 239 E 3RD ST 45324 FAIRBORN DOGGETT DELORES J 45385 $74.41 $10.00 Of course you should be careful in putting such posters up, since the Forest Service would be more than happy to give someone a ticket for “defacing government property.” Also, anyone caught doing this type of low-key monkey-wrenching would automatically become a suspect for more serious ecotage incidents in the vicinity. 1027 MIDDY DR DAYTON $69.50 45434 $4.97 DORE DEVELOPMENT LTD DAVID Subject: Success in business--United States Case studies. 9 The Purpose-Driven Life by Rick Warren (Zondervan: 10 110 $19.99) How the "God-ordained" principles of worship, community, discipleship, ministry and evangelism bring fulfillment. On almost every construction job where rebar is used, many small pieces will be left over. If you walk up and ask whoever is putting in the steel if you can have the leftover rebar for a home project, they generally will be happy to give it to you. DAYTON 45324 45385 Trap set on slide used by muskrat, otter or beaver along streams. FAIRBORN COALSON RICHARD M 3355 SHAKERTOWN RD 804 CINCINNATI AVE 45324 DAYTON 45385 DEGENHART THOMAS J DEWITT MARY CHABANNES BECKY V 509 MARSHALL DR COMBS DANNY $4.55 4097 BEECHWOOD DR FAIRBORN It is easier to simply alter one word: change “Uses” to “Abuses.” 45324 FAIRBORN 45434-7028 $51.97 1865 CAMPUS DR FAIRBORN CALDWELL ROY N $149.11 BROWN THOMAS 610 TALOWOOD DR FAIRBORN 45385-4789 1801 FORESTDALE AVE $0.76 BEAVERCREEK PO BOX 741 BEAVERCREEK 45431-1020 CREECH CHRISTIAN 45324 45385 XENIA 37 S LIMESTONE ST COMBS DALE N CHURCH BEAVERCREEK $74.72 PO BOX 11063 $0.92 384 MARGARET DR 45305 2387 MARCIA DR 45432 $1,887.37 45385 Here are a few ways undercover agents may tip their hands: XENIA 2205 ENTRADA DR Abrasive works by embedding itself in the softer metal (in machinery, parts that touch must be of different metals) and cutting out bits of the harder metal, which also begin circulating and causing more havoc. So the particles need only be large enough to stick up out of the oil film, which is approximately .0000001 — .000001 inch thick. The oil filter catches particles down to about .001 — .003 inch diameter, so it is good to use grit sizes above 180 (.0034”). Size 400 has particles of .0009”, and size 600, .00033”. These may seem too fine, but they will last long and continue cutting. Sand, even quartz, isn’t much harder than steel, and so isn’t as effective. However, a lot of sand could potentially clog up the oil filter and cause the bypass valve to open up, allowing sand to get into the works. Removing the oil filter may be unwise — it may cause the oil pressure warning light to come on. FAIRBORN Fence cutting is hard on your hands: Wear gloves to protect your hands and to avoid leaving fingerprints. 1682 US 68 S $20.60 $0.03 124 BANDERGRIFT COLBERT FUNERAL HOME BECK EDWARD C SPRING VALLEY Subject: Scotland Fiction. CEDARVILLE CRESS DUSTIN $13.08 CONLEY GARY L $46.00 $17.28 $177.60 $735.43 FAIRBORN WILBERFORCE 931 JANE AVE EDWARDS DAVID L XENIA 45305 DOBBS TONI H COMBS JERRY L FAIRBORN 45387 45385 5143 BAYSIDE DR $1.07 BEAVERCREEK A partially inflated tire inner tube shoved in and pumped up to fill the void might also work. It would be more flexible for various culvert sizes, but would require more pumping. Even a large balloon, like a weather balloon, placed in the culvert and then inflated might work. XENIA ADAMS JEFFREY L DAYTON 45305-1724 45385-0000 45324 45324 45385-0000 BEAVERCREEK AKERS T V 45432 BECKER JOSEPH 45324-3933 45385 Pet and veterinary supply houses (check the yellow pages or the ads in national dog magazines) sell “animal trail scents” and “breaking scents.” These often foul-smelling liquids are used to train hunting dogs. Sporting goods stores often sell skunk sprays in small aerosol cans, used by hunters to mask their scent in the field. Title: Complex variables : introduction and applications / ANDERSON KARL E. $0.94 BEAVERCREEK 45324-9793 City 45385 FAIRBORN BODDY JEFF G 45370 45431- XENIA 20 LINDWAY DR 45324-286 YELLOW SPRINGS CONLEY MICHAEL DAYTON 2978 THEMMES CT. UNIT 9 DAYTON 45385 45431 45324 BURNS RUSSELL M 45385-0000 ZIP DUNCAN KIM XENIA $70.00 2741 VARSITY DR CROME NICK ALFORD J M 45324 45433 45433 2056 LA GRANGE RD 45324 Corporate subject: Angkor Wat (Angkor) $145.34 DAYTON CONKLIN MAYNARD 350 LOWELL RD 45387 45434-6920 BLANKENSHIP CECIL O $11.38 Amount 45324-3420 BRITTINGHAM SANDRA L YELLOW SPRINGS XENIA CLIFTON 218 SPEARGRASS DR DAYTON 45324-7129 CSC PROFESSIONAL PO BOX 684 BX 10452 $84.99 45324 45440 $8.51 $100.00 641 BEAVER VALLY $50.38 FAIRBORN APPLEGATE LORNA $120.74 $20.00 Have no contact with the so-called “criminal element.” Such circles teem with informers. A radical animal rights activist was once busted after buying explosives from a member of an “outlaw” motorcycle gang. 45432-1707 $5.64 In the sixties he became a very busy working actor, particularly on television where he appeared on such shows as Bonanza, Hazel, The Virginian, Blue Light, Daniel Boone, The F.B.I, The Gallant Men, and many others. In 1966 he was invited to join the permanent cast of Star Trek. Doohan specialized in dialects so when called in to read for the role of the Enterprise engineer, Doohan delivered lines in a variety of accents until Roddenberry decided upon the Scottish accent. When Star Trek was revived in 1974 as the animated series, Doohan provided his voice not only for Scotty, but also for several other characters. After Star Trek he secured a recurring role on Jason of Star Command while doing additional voice work on various animated series. Doohan has appeared in all of the Star Trek feature films and joined the elite group of original Trek actors who appeared on The Next Generation. During the seventies Doohan became a regular fixture at Star Trek conventions, appearing at them all over the world. In the l PO BOX 765 $1.78 45434 $2,052.78 2040 VILLAGE DR #203 DAYTON FAIRBORN 45385 254 MONTANA DRIVE DOHERTY MAGORIE XENIA DAYTON 45387 If you can get some of the new infrared chem lites, you can make dandy signaling devices, trail markers, and the like which will only be visible to those with starlights or thermals. We do not know what effect IR chem lites have through an IR scope. 45370 BEVERAGE PIT STOP 1760 BROOK LYNN DR CHANDLER JANICE 45433 Subject: Overpopulation. Get a sheet of 1/4” plywood (thicker is fine, but heavier), some oil based yellow paint, nails, and glue. You will need a router to engrave the lettering, and a saber saw to cut out the curves. FAIRBORN $325.00 45324-8812 4977 KOLMAR AVE $2.12 $50.00 BAKER IRMGARD CHO MINNA 1263 SPRINGWOOD LN FAIRBORN BELLBROOK BARTLETT VECES C DOYLE ERIN L XENIA $60.00 2559 BLUE ROCK DR $25.00 XENIA $53.67 Burning something is considered arson and may carry stiffer legal penalties than non-arson ecotage. Law enforcement agencies may make a higher priority of investigating arson than sand in the crankcase. DAVIS J FAIRBORN 45324-3523 BARBER R. J. 477 THELMA AVE $150.00 231 N FAIR ST CAMPBELL JOHN H 45435 Small set of bolt cutters PZ7 .H4117 On 1994 EASTERDAY DENISE R 1835 WILBURN AVE CATRON STEVEN J Bobby E. Clark 45305 $16.86 261 FAIRVIEW CIR 1105 NORTH CENTRAL AVE DAYTON BANKS JAMES Corporate subject: Herzog & de Meuron. 45385 4701 FOX RUN BELLBROOK 45385 45305-1480 $242.34 $17.64 FAIRBORN 113 ROSELAWN 188 EAST MAIN STREET YELLOW SPRINGS 45385 542 MARGARET DR $5.99 $109.71 45385 $562.19 253 E. MARKET ST. 4064 BUTTERWOOD CT 1 LAWSON PL $33.61 BOGNER FRED CHARLES $25.00 $14.67 $84.36 $1.50 $101.51 JAMESTOWN 253 E DAYTON YELLOW SPRINGS RD P O BOX 117 BESECKER DARRIN J CAIRNS JOHN JAMES FAIRBORN $9.86 FAIRBORN 10169 PARK EDGE DR 45432-2376 1869 RICE BLVD 45384 DMITRUK BRAD BEAVERCREEK 45324 $59.31 45324 PE1408 .S772 2005 $4.64 365 E ENON RD $10.00 4414 MOSSOAK Amount BROWN TIM M BEAVERCREEK After moving west, Arlene had an active career in television, appearing on such series as "Columbo", "I Dream of Jeannie", "Bewitched", the classic "Twilight Zone" (amongst sixty-five others and, of course, Star Trek as Spock's Vulcan wife "T'Pring" who challenges Kirk to fight to the death for her. Amount 530 NEWPORT RD #20B CONOVER ALBERT 1139 FREDERICK DR $65.62 $23.76 BERNARD DANIEL M Subject: Japanese Americans--Evacuation and relocation, 1942-1945. 45431- $3.00 45384 XENIA Spray Paint Slogans DROSDECK THOMAS W 45324 4141 COLONEL GLEN HY $76.18 45432-0000 4820 BARNHART AVE DAVIDSON JAMES 45314 $272.38 ASHLEY MARILYN A The increment borer is a tool that almost every forester carries and uses on occasion. It is used to bore into the trunk of a tree in order to extract a core. (The core can tell a forester such things as the age and health of the tree.) The tools, made from Swedish steel, are anywhere from 4” to 30” long and come in three bore sizes (4, 5, and 12 mm). The 16 inch length retails for about $100 in the Ben Meadows Catalogue. Other forestry supply outfits also sell them. (Try Forestry Suppliers, Inc., POB 8397, Jackson, MS 39204–0397.) 45431-2000 2449 BANYON DR BITTLE HELEN J DAYTON XENIA AULTMAN H. C. 45324-9212 DAYTON As you progress to more difficult tracks (perhaps set by a friend who gives you no clues as to where they ultimately lead), you will eventually lose the trail completely. To relocate, walk slowly in a circle about ten feet from the last clear track. Look closely for another sign. If necessary, move out five more feet and repeat. Work in ever larger circles until you find the tracks again. While learning, you may want to use the track diagram on a piece of paper to be sure you have the correct track. (The penciled diagram of the track showing the pattern of the imprint is used in law enforcement and search and rescue work; eco-saboteurs use it only in training, never in the field while at “work.”) 4134 W ENON ROAD BEAVERCREEK 45384 4346 BAYBERRY DR BASIT ABDUL & NAZORA ADKINS RONALD W JR FAIRBORN BURK JAMIE L 45370 DAYTON CROCKETT GAIL 2041 SR 72 S 117 OLD YELOW SPGS 21 45431 4524 US ROUTE 35 E $22.83 Pour a gallon or more of water or brine into the fuel tank. 996 N MONROE CT 45305-2119 JAMESTOWN $62.20 45335 915 CASCADE DR BACHAND LINDA L $165.89 $90.00 3651 WEST-ENON RD BROWN TYCIA NICO Using the drop and pick-up technique earlier described in Ecodefense makes even sophisticated surveillance very difficult. $122.37 CARROLL EMMA M. XENIA $455.04 45385 $19.51 DAYTON $1,621.14 1306 RONA VILLAGE BLVD $0.50 Title: Ansel Adams : trees / photographs by Ansel Adams ; CLINE WANDA $5.00 SPRING VALLEY Tranquilized dogs are best snared and then secured by means of a chain and heavy clip. Lightweight snaps and nylon webbing are not sufficient to hold a large dog. 45431 $23.52 BADDERS CAROL J 10 FIG ST 44484 Subject: Physicians' assistants--Vocational guidance. $1,208.58 FAIRBORN FAIRBORN $61.28 DEETS MILTON L 45324-1986 $69.04 5006 COBB DR $111.65 DAYTON MALL AT FAIRFIELD COMMONS 45385 $57.09 Subject: Genius Case studies. CHUBNER JAMES K BELLBROOK 45432 XENIA Owner Name $20.90 33 UPR-HILLSIDE DR BISHOP HAROLD L XENIA $190.15 950 WHITESTONE RD 9 HAMILTON DR FAIRBORN Advanced Telephone Contacts 1448 IRONWOOD DR $6.87 $18.75 FAIRBORN BRILL JOHN M 45324 $14.40 $56.44 45431-363 11 On Bull... by Harry G. Frankfurt (Princeton University 7 8 Press: $9.95) A leading philosopher takes on society's view of what sometimes seems to be the fine line between truth and lying. 541 LEDBETTER RD 5573 GROSS DR for parents, teachers, and other professionals / $10.00 45432 2970 OLD TROON DR UNKNOWN ZIP Modify a cheap pair of gloves so you can conceal the brush and tip in them. Cut a small hole in the glove just large enough to expose the spray tip. Paint the tip the same color as the glove. Use tape or rubber bands to fasten the brush to your hand and wrist (put the brush in your palm and use your thumb to press the trigger). Run the air hose up your arm and down to your coat pocket (the coat should have a hole cut in the inside of the pocket for the hose to come through). Fill the paint bottle (carried in your coat pocket) with your favorite fluorescent dye or paint, and hook up the hose to the propellant can. 45385-0000 DAYTON uld remove all flagging. The harder it is for the surveyors to relocate the route of a road, the more costly and time-consuming a re-survey will be. 1028 MONROE ST BALDRIDGE EMMA L $13.25 XENIA BEAVERCREEK FAIRBORN 795 LIVERMORE ST DARRAH LEAH 821 BIRCH RD YELLOW SPRINGS $2.89 1756 SWINDON CT XENIA Spikes and a hammer 45305-8920 4030 SHAWNEE TRAIL FAIRBORN Bobby E. Clark DAYTON UNKNOWN $1.42 117 N COLUMBUS ST 45305-1967 $18.75 45385-0000 467 W. KREPPS ROAD PO BOX 481 2399 S OLD OAKS $39.91 There is a readily available tool that can greatly deter a pursuer, should you unexpectedly encounter someone at close range, without causing permanent injury. This is a small, hand-held, battery-powered strobe light (normally used for taking flash photos). Select a unit that will flash at a very rapid rate. Buy unobtrusively through a large discount house or catalog showroom. Bury the wood portion of your nail- or spikeboard in the ground. Carry a digging tool for this. Camouflage your emplacements. Be creative. Most ATV and dirt bike yahoos won’t think anything of running over a small piece of brush, tumbleweed, or litter which conceals a spikeboard. BEAVERCREEK Personal subject: Lewis, Meriwether, 1774-1809--Relations with Indians. $17.70 41 S GRAND AVE CLARK BRANNEN 45431-1510 Subject: Nutrition. 2111 KNOLL DR Title: Chilton's auto repair manual. 1953- Sea Shepherd operates not as a protest group but as a self-appointed law enforcement organization operating in accordance with the Charter. They enforce laws in situations where traditional law enforcement refuses to operate or chooses to discriminate in the application of regulations, laws, and treaties protecting marine wildlife. Sea Shepherd has also directly attacked operations within the boundaries of nation states when the activities were in violation of international treaties. The global moratorium on commercial whaling that was passed in 1986 by the International Whaling Commission led to Sea Shepherd sinking two illegal whaling ships in Iceland in 1986 and two again, in Norway between 1992 and 1994. $53.60 $72.73 $1,602.54 $5.00 XENIA 45385-2222 Many semitrailer trucks have their oil filler hole in the grill. This is convenient for those who wish to add abrasives to the oil. PS3569.T6795 H54 2001 FAIRBORN DELP ERIC Personal author: Adams, Ansel, 1902-1984. BROWN DOUGLAS E 2662 LANTZ RD. Address 3795 E ENON RD $68.85 54 NIMITZ DR BENNING GLADYS E BRADFORD MELONY DUARTE JOSE J $12.00 XENIA Watch out for the “nice” cop who wishes you would cooperate for your own good. His partner will often come on with the “tough guy” approach to make the “nice” cop seem friendlier still. Another classic ploy is to tell you that “we know everything, anyway.” If the police really knew everything, they wouldn’t waste time asking you questions. Sometimes the police will reveal a few bits of information and tell you that they are only trying to fill in “a few minor details.” $12.01 FAIRBORN DICKMEYER DAVID D 1152 ARLINGTON DR $65.87 BELLBROOK 150 E HERMAN ST $0.31 Subject: Social justice. DUNAWAY RODNEY B CEDARVILLE 389 E CHURCH ST FAIRBORN $35.00 1420 SOUTH RIVER RD Title: The Beatles : the biography / Bob Spitz. EDWARDS SANDRA M Amount COLEMAN DONALD BROOKS WILLIAM G. FAIRBORN YELLOW SPRINGS DAYTON WILBERFORCE $51.88 45324 45305-8767 $70.06 45431 $89.83 XENIA 940 E MAIN FAIRBORN 36 OLD YELLOW SPRINGS 45385 AUSTIN MARCELLA W CLIFTON 1476 BELL PEPPER CT 9750 CLYO RD $131.01 45385-5610 445 STELTON RD ABELL CAROL A 45335-1215 $70.00 45385-5373 XENIA XENIA 45385-3639 45305 BUFORD TAMARA D $13.16 $1,852.20 $158.00 $20.52 FAIRBORN 45324-8503 $1,933.91 $422.95 Water Developments $18.75 ARRINGTON VERNON Place a few drops of Liquid Wrench or Penetrating Oil on the nuts and bolts during your recon so they can be more easily removed later, but wipe off the drips and use a product with a minimal odor so you don’t tip off workers or security guards. Be careful during recon not to be seen; later on your work night, if anything seems abnormal, figure you were seen. Cancel the job and slip away. $898.85 BOYD RICHARD $133.33 SPRING VALLEY Subject: Legal assistants--United States. blank spacer line 5367 COBB DR 45385-9607 $23.00 BONASSO ROBERT A $1,003.92 DONGES KATHARINE C CLEMENS ANTON H 45324 2953 PATSIE DR Follow the basic security precautions outlined elsewhere. Make sure your license number can’t be read. If possible, use a brief drop and pickup-style hit, but avoid stopping directly in front of the target home. Personal author: Lasica, J. D., 1955- $103.75 45431-4313 $51.76 $2.50 $12.30 45431 YELLOW SPRINGS BOWLING WAYNE 575 KENNEDY ST $3.01 DEMPSEY TERRY K HV5840 .G7 E55 2006 HQ1421 .A476 2003 Subject: Internet--Social aspects. 45324 1096 E SPRING VALLEY PAIN 3951 ALBONNE RD BYRD FRED P O BOX 31664 CLENDINEN LARY A EARLEY CHARLES SPRING VALLEY Amount 45431 C/O HOME FED BUILDING Some field reports indicate that with large spikes (60d or larger) it is possible to employ the following method: (1) Drive the spike half-way into the tree. (2) Cut off the portion of the spike protruding from the tree, using bolt cutters or a hacksaw. (3) Using the loose portion of the nail as if it were a center punch, drive the imbedded part of the nail as far into the tree as it will go. (4) Remove your “center punch,” caulk the hole, and disguise it. XENIA v-a-jpeg-4.jpg $27.71 If you do the same — constantly analyze all related events — you are practicing counterintelligence. A good book on this subject is FM 34–60 (Army field manual) and you can probably find a copy in most larger military surplus outlets. $51.77 1334 TRIUMPH DR #8 DAVIDSON RANDALL A 860 S DETROIT ST DAVIS MILDRED T BAKER MICKEY FAIRBORN FAIRBORN $9.00 24-26 S COLUMBUS ST 624 E CHURCH ST EAVERS MARTHA A $5.00 DFAS DAYTON 45324 As these spikes have sharp tips, wear gloves when handling them (you should wear gloves anyway, for security reasons, and should make sure the spikes don’t carry fingerprints). Consider making special containers for carrying your spikes — unprotected, they can puncture a backpack. We constructed spike “quivers” out of 3-inch diameter ABS plastic pipe. The 3” size holds 20 to 30 3/8” spikes. You’ll need two 3” caps; one should be cemented on, and the other attached with a small draw cord. D-rings can be mounted at each end by using large 3” hose clamps, and a nylon luggage strap can be clipped on to the D-rings to form a sling. The quivers can be carried in a day pack. When ready to emplace spikes, simply pull out a quiver, sling it over your neck and shoulder, and you have 20 spikes at your (gloved) fingertips. BARNETT ICEL $6.00 CRAFT WILIAM City CEDARVILLE $3.00 $42.85 $36.47 9617 ATCHISON RD $7.97 Gloves 1216 STEINBECK WAY APT B DAYTON Amount BOYD KELVIN 1259 CHISOLM TRL 1306 HIGHVIEW DR. FAIRBORN $80.00 DOURAS ELIZABETH A DAHLSTROM ASHLEY 45324 $35.00 Large pry bar or folding ax or shovel ALRABABAH OSAMA $7.95 45305 45385-2671 XENIA $292.95 ANDERSON RUTH G. Emplacing the Stakes CALLAHAN PODIATRY INC Address APT A 2388 EDGEWATER $12.84 45324 45431-3416 DIETRICH CLINT JAMESTOWN 980 N FAIRFIELD RD BOLES MERRILL W. FAIRBORN $217.25 BETTIS BETTY Subject: Prejudices Fiction. CURTIS BENET R FAIRBORN 45432-2262 621 KEAGLER ST APT A $11.61 YELLOW SPRINGS 45324 5027 CATTAIL CT C/O MARK BRUNN $453.43 12 S CHURCH STREET $58.05 BUTLER SHEILA LORRAINE 295 LEDBETTER RD Pinning is best accomplished by a two-person team using the following five steps: BEAVERCREEK 802 TALBOTT RD BLAKESLY MARY M $221.77 $96.67 XENIA AKEPATI SANDEE PREDDY $500.00 45324 CHANDLER AARON ARRINGTON ROY L $31.70 824 XENIA AVENUE F1216.5 .C65 2006 BLOSE SHANON J $19.83 $4.60 DAYTON DYER GAFAFABO NORM SHULTZ DAYTON If operating on foot in snow, have two or three pairs of winter boots (cheap moon boots are good), each with different soles. After working a trap line, retire the boots you were wearing for a few weeks at least. If that sole print is evident in the snow around your home, tromp around in a different pair of boots to obliterate the prints. A visiting game warden might be curious about tire tracks and footprints that may resemble those found near the scene of sabotage. DEAN MATHEW $770.62 FAIRBORN CLEMENS ANTON H BARNETT PATRICIA V 45387 45431 500 N CENTRAL AVE P O BOX 340156 Papers, maps, and documents — Burn completely and crumble the ashes. Bury or flush down the toilet the crushed ashes. $13.76 DAY CAROLYN & THEODORE $100.00 533 CINCINNATI AVE $50.00 4622 PENN AVE #302 45432-3425 EIKENBERRY LINDA K 45385-3747 2109 FIREBIRD DR FAIRBORN FAIRBORN 45385 CLIFTON 1137 HYANNIS DR 50 BROCKWAY CT $44.00 FAIRBORN $119.10 838 BLACKFOOT TRAIL XENIA 709 SUNNYMEAD DR Title: Big Sur / Jack Kerouac ; [foreword by Aram Saroyan]. Personal author: Hitchings, Henry, 1974- 45387-0000 45324-4216 DAYTON DAYTON $58.99 K -- LAW : No New Items on This Subject 525 DARNELL DR XENIA BOWERMASTER EDITH 45387 2421 W JACKSON RD ALLEN ALICE 422 MIDDLE ST 3243 CLEAR SPRINGS RD $10.38 DILLAPLAIN JOHN THOMAS AVALOS ALMA New Emissions of Light & Sound Featuring gnarly rides by surfers Taj Burrow, Hobgood brothers C.J. and Damien, Nathan Webster and Yadin Nicol plus a surreal electronica soundtrack by DJ Sasha, this mesmerizing audio-visual experience introduces a new wave in surfing films. Eye-popping cinematography and innovative camera work capture the ocean's power and beauty, along with astonishing moves by some of the world's most talented wave runners. 45314 967 OLD SPRINGFIELD PIKE FAIRBORN 45432-2720 2441 GRANGE HALL RD Subject: England Fiction. CAMPBELL ROBERTA J 45387-0000 552 ACCESS RD CHRISTNER DAVID J BISSETT DANIEL P YELLOW SPRINGS 45324 CARR MARGARET 127 DICKEY AVE CLAYPOOL ANNE $682.66 45324 BEAVERCREEK $6.90 DAVIS MICHAEL 45324 45431- COWIN BERRYMAN APRIL 5917 HICHMAN DR 45324 Amount DAVIS BETTY JEAN XENIA To change an aerosol spray can into a grenade, first remove the spray nozzle head (a) and with the aid of a C-clamp, glue it to a short (3/4 inch to 1 inch) length of 1 /2 in. diameter wooden dowel (b) and a large, wide rubber band (c). The common cyanoacrylate “super glues” are ideal. DAYTON 45324-3633 45385 DARNELL NORMAN A. 1508 GREENELAKE DR #2 XENIA BRECKENRIDGE ANIKA This is the easy part. Look in the local yellow pages for one of the facilities mentioned above. Or, walk or canoe along the local riverbank. Mark prospective targets on a map. Use a tape measure to determine the inside pipe diameter. Note the type of pipe (concrete, steel, or clay). ANTIOCH COLLEGE $312.60 Subject: Cloning--Moral and ethical aspects. EDWARDS MARY A BAKER TERESA S 1900 SPANGLER RD BOX 60 $41.00 Attacks on Corporate Offices 1477 ALAMEDA DR 45324 45324--00 DEAN L. MARK XENIA 45385-5164 Personal author: Slomp, Hans, 1945- $116.49 45324 1810 US ROUTE 68 S 1134 LEXINGTON AVE FAIRBORN 1570 REESE DR #3 COLLIER KIMBERLY J $50.00 FAIRBORN Title: The history and geography of human genes / 45324-2184 CANN ANGUS M 3418 ARLINGTON PL 45314 $87.81 XENIA 3680 STUTSMAN RD BELLBROOK 461 E CHURCH ST DEAN LOUISE W CORDELL DANA M $1,377.49 BEAVERCREEK Owner Name Go forth into the night and find a billboard that particularly deserves cremation. Liberally douse the posts with gasoline. Now, it is time for the envelope. Unfold it and let the HTH mix with the SCORE. In fact, mush it up real good with your fingers (on the outside of the envelope, you idiot). Place the package at the base of the soaked post, get in your truck, and drive away. 45431 45324-2020 DAYTON 45385 FAIRBORN Subject: Robbers and outlaws Juvenile fiction. BURKE JAMES ALPHA 45324-9622 45385 CLINE BROTHERS SPRING VALLEY 45324-2831 $2,779.65 Those who try to rely on speed alone to escape police find that they can’t outrun the radios used to alert interceptors and set up roadblocks. 45385 45385 XENIA 27 SMITHVILLE RD RR 1 45434 YELLOW SPRINGS $5.59 CUMMINS M S XENIA None of the following methods are as effective as adding abrasives to lubricating oils, but are mentioned for the monkeywrencher who wants to break up her pattern by using differing techniques, or who is stymied by locking mechanisms on lubrication fillers. These ideas come from dozens of experienced ecodefenders. FAIRBORN 899 OAKDALE DRIVE BROWN ISAAC C 5133 MARGARET DR RIVERSIDE DOHERTY KAREN A FAIRBORN $285.47 Once you have mastered the above method, lay down a zigzag line of tracks and repeat the procedure. To locate the next track, sweep the tracking stick in an arc. The next track will be found somewhere along the curved line you make with the tip of your stick (see Figure T-2). Do not skip even one track. You are learning what “sign” looks like. If a track is hard to spot, get your nose to the ground and look for indicators: rocks or pebbles pushed into the dirt, thin cracks in the soil, a small lip of dirt that throws a shadow, a broken twig or bent blade of grass. You learn by studying every track. In difficult tracking conditions, these subtle indicators may be all you have to go on! 1597 APPLEWOOD DR 45324-2957 403 GRANT ST CANOY JUDITH A FAIRBORN 21 HUSTON DR $58.00 FAIRBORN 45324-1868 BILBEY MICAELA AUSTIN DAVID BEAVERCREEK ADAMS RICHARD $0.53 BONN BERNARD J 45431 $113.39 2478 EDGEWATER DR APT 3 45387 BELLBROOK 45431 $7.06 BARBER J C 2116 VIRGINIA DR $12.54 45385-5328 XENIA $10.80 Subject: Animal experimentation--United States. BLATT JEFFREY P 2818 TORREY PNES ALPHA PHOENIX TECHNOLOGY 1156 S CENTRAL 2206 SIBBY LN. BELLBROOK BROWN DAVID L 45385-1843 BEAVERCREEK $23.98 XENIA XENIA BELLBROOK 611 XENIA AVE 45385 BELLBROOK 45431-1352 PARK BOX 300 RT SS $296.66 BAILEY WILLIAM B 1735 HEATHERWOOD TRAIL 45370-8715 ALLEN S J 1530 JUNIPER DR CEDARVILLE Subject: Globalization--Economic aspects. EDIE KEVIN J & JANE 518 MCINTIRE DR XENIA Address Seismographic Lines Walk past — but not through — the target area, glancing about casually (in daytime from behind sunglasses) for sign of trouble. If no one confronts you, sit down a short distance away and continue to look and listen. CORDELL DENISE A 45431 BETTY PARKER 45432-1225 526 MILLERSTONE DR If all this seems like too much trouble, consider this: Undercover operatives are working right now within groups you are associated with. You can’t be too careful. Of course, because of the risk inherent in such background checks, and the time and possible expense involved, it may be best to simply avoid any individual who elicits your suspicion to the extent that you feel a background check is called for. $49.75 845 NORTH BROAD ST $21.70 CLASSIFIED BEAVERCREEK SCH $145.75 45433 45324 BEAVERCREEK 28 MAPLE ST XENIA Place in 9” by 12” zip lock plastic bag. 45324 45324 45385 XENIA PO BOX 433 DAYTON 45324 2316 SPRINGMILL RD #127 4030 SR 42 JAMESTOWN 45431- DILLAPLAIN JOHN THOMAS $207.20 XENIA CHIGAWA MICHAEL BLAKE ETHEL 118 OLD YELLOW SPRINGS 10 UNKNOWN XENIA $6.32 2072 VIRGINIA D 602 PHILLIPS ST YELLOW SPRINGS XENIA $39.47 BENGSON CATHERINE 45385-1742 919 SHADY LN EDMONDSON HEATHER M 45324 123 W DAYTON YELLOW CURTIS RAYMOND Custom crystals can be obtained through several sources. Ask at your local CB repair shop, or anywhere “good buddies” congregate. You can also write to Jan Crystals, 2341 Crystal Drive, PO Box 06017, Ft. Meyers, Florida 33906–6017. Ask for their catalog and price list. $53.32 Agencies ranging from local police departments to the FBI are using this innovative approach to conduct surveillances in areas where an officer sitting in a car, or a more conventional surveillance van, would draw unwanted suspicion. A small camera lens is hidden on the vehicle so that it can be aimed at the target. This can be in a side marker or tucked inside a dashboard ornament. A bundle of fiber optics carries the image to a video camera concealed within a couple of feet of the lens (in the trunk or under a seat). Early models of this type then stored the video signal with a video cassette recorder (VCR). Even with a timed shutter recording one image every few seconds, this required routine servicing to pick up and replace the videotape. Usually an agent simply drove the surveillance car away, and it would be replaced by a different vehicle, often parked in a different spot. The vehicles would be shuttled back and forth to provide the required video coverage of the target. 332 W GARLAND AVE #2F DAYTON Title: Mexican days : journeys into the heart of Mexico / Tony Cohan. 3313 DAYTON-XENIA RD 45433-0000 $87.20 XENIA EDMONSON WAYNE 983 US 68 S $104.52 469 FLORENCE ST $55.00 1408 KINSEY RD EDWARDS BRANDON DAYTON 45324-9622 $22.80 COLLIER KIMBERLY J 45385 45385 $2.63 AYERSMAN JUSTIN 45387-1910 125 NORTH STRINGTOWN RD 45385 DELRE ROGER A 45335 ACKLIN HANNAH E DUNCAN LOUIS 45434-5713 21 HUSTON DR 45301 BARNHISER MARGARET $15.00 $1,000.00 C/O SUSAN HEPPEARD XENIA XENIA 212 N WALNUT ST BEAVERCREEK Subject: Photography, Artistic. 2361 DUNCAN DR XENIA BL25 .W67 2006 $0.40 45324- $0.39 DAYTON Suspects who are detained, either for an ID check or a vehicular search, may be placed in the back of a patrol car that contains a hidden microphone and transmitter that is monitored through an earphone worn by an officer standing some distance from the car. The idea is to eavesdrop on incriminating conversations between suspects to obtain information and probable cause for search or arrest. Such bugging may be entirely legal. Whenever you are detained by police, do not say anything incriminating to a friend that you wouldn’t want the police to hear. 45385 619 PINEWOOD PLACE BUCK MICHAEL DAYTON POWER AND LIGHT CO $58.40 $170.10 $0.11 970 LONG RD 1188 PEEBLES DR $9.76 45385-2000 BROWNE ROBERT PAUL DAYTON FAIRBORN 45385 109 E XENIA DR $66.18 5475 MITCHELL DR ZIP BENDER CHARLES 312 W CHURCH ST Address Be careful when doing this kind of “night work.” People who own expensive equipment don’t take kindly to having unauthorized maintenance done on their rigs and will encourage the police to do their best to find the culprits. $204.00 319 WIXENIA DR 45324 45370 45431-3114 XENIA DAYTON Owner Name Search EASTEND COMMUNITY ORAGNIZATION AVENT BRIDGET 1036 LEXINGTON AVE 45385 $112.20 BYRD EASTER 45324 871 BELFAST DR 633 WOODHILL DR 2047 TREBEIN RD $5.48 FAIRBORN 45324 $6.00 $7.78 $17.27 ACKLIN LEEANN $783.06 FAIRBORN RR 1 With your wrench, bash and bend the valve stem so that it will not be possible to close the valve. XENIA BEAVERCREEK Jam door and ignition locks with slivers of wood, a hard tough cement like “super glue,” or silicone rubber sealant. DAYTON $0.42 45324 FAIRBORN YELLOW SPRINGS Subject: Soils--California. 5 DANZIG LANE DURDEN THERON E 237 VINE ST YELLOW SPRINGS BONILLA ARLENE $1.17 $2,174.76 3930 BEECHWOOD DR DAVIDSON DAVID W 45324 SPRING VALLEY DENNING RICHARD YELLOW SPRINGS 467 W. KREPPS ROAD XENIA 5506 WOODBINE AVE 467 TRAVIS DR CALHOUN SUSAN 49324 $2.00 172 LORETTA AVE #24 $4.40 4243 WALBRIDGE TR $39.93 XENIA BROWN STEVEN FAIRBORN 6722 GRAPE GROVE ROAD 2214 RT 68 N 26 MANN AVE BREWER ALICE 45324 DAYTON 365 BISHEA CT Field Notes Amount 9140 CLYO RD BOSER TAMMY L FAIRBORN 1930 IOWA DR BARR DAVID ADKINS NANCY BRICKLEY WILLIAM G $18.75 XENIA XENIA FAIRBORN All in all, the best self defense is to be prepared, and to avoid sudden surprises. A carefully prepared escape plan (including alternate times and locations for meeting with other team members or drivers), and a pair of good, strong legs will do more for insuring your continued freedom than any other factor. 45431- 45385 XENIA FAIRBORN 45385 226 N GALLOWAY BEAVERCREEK XENIA FAIRBORN Databases 4047 CLARKSTON DR ADAMS REVELLA CASEY MICHAEL E $18.04 $6.76 $21.61 $5.64 45335 45324 45432 $34.16 BEGLEY GLENN XENIA 403 GRANT ST BEEMAN KATHLEEN A BOLDS CARLTON FAIRBORN BURTON DAVID W UNKNOWN 843 CRESTMONT DR 130 N BROAD ST 45324 2179 CRYSTAL MARIE 45432 BOYLAN ELLEN R 45324 SPRING VALLEY Subject: Friendship Juvenile fiction. 123 W DAYTON YELLOW As you begin the background check, you will find that laws vary from state to state with regards to what is, or is not, public record. The only uniformity in accessibility (or inaccessibility) is with federal records. 45431-1854 XENIA BEAVERCREEK 133 OMALEE DR $54.00 CAMFIELD ERIC 627 RAMBLEWOOD PL 427 MERRICK DR CHIEGLIS CATHERINE 238 RIDGEBURY Subject: Immigrants--New York (State)--New York Comic books, $329.46 389 FORESTVIEW DR YELLOW SPRINGS FAIRBORN 45324 45324-0000 130 GLENN ST BEAFORE FRANK DELANEY GREG 45387-1112 $6.12 YELLOW SPRINGS But the really fascinating thing here is that if this was the inspiration, even unconsciously, for the Fantastic Four, it was a Fantastic Four in which the woman was the lead character. How different would the comic have been if it had stuck to that? BEAVERCREEK Utility company records may be checked. These might show valuable information, such as a drop in power usage which might indicate a prolonged absence at a key time. Put Carborundum or other small abrasive particles in the gearbox. CANTERBURY JOYCE A 5235 WAKEFIELD DR DFAS/CO $10.00 BEAVERCREEK $11.36 DAY CAROL FAIRBORN BEAVERCREEK $10.00 BUTTS MICHAEL E JAMESTOWN 45324-3504 $19.91 FAIRBORN FAIRBORN Subject: Business communication. BRIGHT CHERIESE 45431-2210 193 W ROUTZONG DR $10.00 DORWORTH KANOKO $515.27 Owner Name ANDERSON JEFF BEAVERCREEK 341 STELTON RD XENIA FAIRBORN 45324 SPRING VALLEY JAMESTOWN JAMESTOWN 342 E EMERSON AVE ALLEN ULYSSES YELLOW SPRINGS 117 W S COLLEGE ANDERSON ANNA M 1450 WEDGEWOOD DR 45431 DARBYSHIRE WANDA L Personal author: Adams, Ansel, 1902-1984. 45385 WRIGHT PATTERSON AFB 45385-4887 45385 SPRING VALLEY 45432-2620 $3.52 BRADLEY ORREN BEAVERCREEK 300 W SPRING VALLEY - $22.44 BARLOW RUTH 3160 SOUTHFIELD DR 3130 PLAINFIELD RD 45335-0000 5753 HICKAM DR 45305 Like if I say that diesel engines don’t like water, then all the paranoid diesel engine guys who read this would figure out ways to protect their equipment. Well... I guess a lot of assholes wouldn’t, so.... Subject: United States--Race relations--Political aspects. $154.02 DAVIS MARGARET L XENIA 45385-2735 Subject: Education, Secondary--Aims and objectives-- XENIA 45385-9628 BOSTICK RICHARD D 45431- The “War on Drugs” makes any association between drug possession and monkeywrenching more dangerous than ever. An increasingly popular law enforcement tactic is the roadblock, which has been employed everywhere from interstate highways to small roads in rural Utah. Similar to this is the so-called “drug courier profile” which is a catch-all used to stop anyone who looks suspicious, or out-of-place, or is simply driving a vehicle with out-of-state plates. An alleged traffic violation like “following too close” or “changing lanes without a signal” is used to stop a suspect, run their driver’s license and auto registration through the NCIC computer, and request “consent” to a search. $1.00 Wilderness needs no defense, only more defenders BARKER WILLIS R $75.89 45324-4655 DAYTON FAIRBORN Subject: Minority college students--United States. BAKER LINDSAY Military studies show that blue filters are even better than red filters — they illuminate without destroying night vision and they cannot be seen from a distance as well as red light. (Blue light might be bad for people with epilepsy, though.) Moreover, a red filter can make the brown contour lines on a topographic map invisible. AMETHYST GALLERIES CEDARVILLE VILLAGE OF ZIP 45387 1704 SUPERIOR AVE 53 MAVERICK DR $3.44 12 Gilead by Marilynne Robinson (Farrar, Straus & Giroux: 7 16 $23) An aging minister facing death explains his life and religious beliefs in a letter to his young son. $265.00 PO BOX 2268 R.R. #2 $88.65 $4.58 FAIRBORN PS3570 .A48 S23 2005 400 W DAYTON DR DAYTON BELLBROOK 45431 1753 BLEDSOE DR $14.07 1612 ARROWWOOD RD ACCTS PAYABLE ADMIN BLDG P.O. BOX 97 611 MERRICK DR XENIA At least two kinds of steel pins available are two or three times more resistant to saw blades than is welding rod. They are Drill Rod and Dowel Pins. 245 ORVILLE ST Basic Security Owner Name 45434 45431 45370 4623 AIRWAY RD BEAVERCREEK ALLEN MARJORIE E $0.05 $78.75 XENIA 139 GREENE LAKE CT XENIA 45324 BURNS MARGARET R Owner Name 1998 MILL RUN LN For those with limited off-road cycling experience, I suggest reading some of the books on how to buy, equip, and ride a mountain bike. Pay special attention to the sections on carrying gear. For non-camping outings, you will still need a sturdy rear rack, tool kit, tire pump, a set of rear panniers, and either thorn-proof tubes or a tube protector like “Mr. Tuffy.” Be sure you have “full knobby” tires. Many mountain bikes have tires with a raised middle ridge. These tires roll easier on pavement, but have limited traction on dirt. Choose tires appropriate for your area. FAIRBORN XENIA $0.71 5030 BROUGHTON PL #A 1470 LARAMIE DR of the Accrediting Commission for Senior Colleges and HM1033 .G53 2002 $5.06 Subject: Suicide bombers. 4183 COUNTRY GLEN CIRCLE CLAYTON JUSTIN $24.81 BISSINGER JERRY Subject: Triangles (Interpersonal relations) Fiction. $41.89 $0.79 $52.76 BEAVERCREEK XENIA Subject: American fiction--19th century--History and criticism. 2022 US ROUTE 68 S CALLAWAY VERA S BARKER TIM CORKILL DOROTHY L 405 REDBUD LN 5580 BURKHARDT RD #420 2220 US RTE 35 ROUTE 6 45385 45431 45385 $10.74 XENIA Subject: Missing persons Fiction. FAIRBORN FAIRBORN 45370-9710 $219.00 45432 DAYTON 45324-4526 ALEK INC $4.32 XENIA WILBERFORCE 34 REDBANK DR 1008 MIDDY DR XENIA 1269 HONEYSUCKLE DR $926.09 CAMPBELL HUGH F JR 45384 BONASSO TERESA C XENIA A final rule: Don’t hurt anyone. Respect all life. $79.00 CW MARKETING INC BABICKI JULIA MARIA BOOHER DEE FAIRBORN 2165 VAN OSS DR BELLBROOK CRAWFORD GLENNA Title: Mexico / [edited by Leigh Johansen] 45305-8790 Occasionally, problems of transportation or terrain may necessitate long cross-country travel in the course of a mission. As with a short-range mission (where foot travel is limited to a mile or two), spend the minimum amount of time necessary on the ground. To speed up your travel, consider using cross-country skis in winter, and mountain bikes in other seasons. Hiking can be hastened by using back roads or foot trails. All of these methods carry an increased danger, since you may come onto searchers too suddenly to take evasive action. Because of this, it is often best to stash your tools in a spot where you can easily locate and recover them at a later date. Also, it is important to change your footwear, since searchers may have photos or diagrams of footprints to match up to the footgear of suspects. In the event you are stopped for questioning and searched, your “mission” shoes should be concealed inside a bag inside your pack. This may prevent a searching officer from being able to claim he was searchin FAIRBORN 295 AMSTERDAM DR $1,500.00 $513.23 ALLREAD NEAL 45432 45385 526 VIKING LANDING CT 45432-4131 CASSELMAN LEO Subject: Brain--Psychology. $0.42 DAYTON 45385 CARTER AMY K 45384 yoga, and ballet in an innovative exercise routine for JAMESTOWN $11.88 45385 CEDARVILLE 45324 747 HERR RD 18 S BROAD ST 45432- BROCKMAN KRISTIN MARIE 45387 45431 FAIRBORN 3132 MORNINGVIEW DR FAIRBORN 45431-2815 BROWN GAIL L If police are in the area, both the team and driver will go to an alternate pick-up point a few blocks or a few miles away, and up to several hours later if necessary. If danger from police is imminent, team members will conceal their tools for later recovery and leave the area without anything incriminating on their persons. 45432-1644 SPRING VALLEY FAIRBORN $5.96 $2,182.27 $7.26 DAYTON FAIRBORN FAIRBORN DAYTON 1559 SUDBURY LN APT B $0.04 CMR 10176 BUOL MICHAEL H XENIA Inhale deeply while counting “one-two-three-four-five.” Hold that breath while again counting one to five. Now exhale completely while again counting to five. When your lungs are completely emptied, count one through five again and begin your next five-count breath. Repeat this process over and over; inhale, hold it, exhale, pause... $1.66 45385 2805 SOUTHFIELD DR $65.46 XENIA XENIA FAIRBORN $50.00 76 RYDER CT #4 272 TRAVIS DR Subject: Contracting out. 45324 3793 E SUDBURY CT BELLBROOK 1136 DEERCREEK DR 45324- 3015 BONE RD 45385 45385 CREECH CHRISTOPHER 1583 SIOUY DR $23.83 5906 LEISING RD 45324 45384-0042 FAIRBORN $13.20 45324 One of the biggest potential threats to wilderness is energy exploration. According to the Utah Wilderness Association, for example, over 90 percent of BLM land in Utah is covered by oil and gas leases. The holder of the lease has the right to explore for energy wealth with helicopters, trucks, and sometimes earthmoving equipment; roads have been bulldozed for drilling rigs in several Wilderness Study Areas, even though this violates BLM regulations for WSAs. Exploration, drilling, and extraction of fossil fuels continue to be regarded in Washington as priority uses for public lands in the West. $30.31 People who have never been arrested, or young people heavily influenced by their families, are often more susceptible to becoming CIs than those with more experience. 45434-6114 971 N DETROIT ST $32.87 Corporate subject: United States. National Aeronautics and Space Administration. Technology Utilization Office. 45314- BUCKNER SONJA COONEY TERENCE DIESSLIN MINDY Any method of obtaining timely information on environmentally destructive projects in your area of interest is valid, so long as you do not compromise your security in the process. A great deal of useful information on potential targets for monkeywrenching can be obtained from periodicals. Publications of conservation groups, especially local and regional, are obvious sources of such information, but don’t forget trade and industry publications, either. XENIA JAMESTOWN 45335-0000 FAIRBORN 45431-3216 45385 $86.42 FAIRBORN BEAVERCREEK BELLAMY REED FAIRBORN Takei was born in the Boyle Heights district of Los Angeles. He and his family lived there until World War II when, after the attack on Pearl Harbor, they were relocated to a detention camp in Arkansas. From there, they were again moved to another camp at Tule Lake in Northern California. $75.00 BUTLER BERTHA CARSON KATHY JO CEDARVILLE $369.72 $52.00 COLLIER MICHAEL C DANIELS RONALD 45370-9584 BUCHNER ROBERT BROOKS ANDY $5.75 DAYTON $18.17 CORNETT PATRICK I 45324 45433-5651 CEDARVILLE 45385-1929 $24.74 117 W SOUTH COLLEGE ST 45384-3002 COOPER ANDREA R. & S 2407 BANYON DR ADAMS JOH DEMPSEY CYNTHIA K DAIRY MART $92.50 BESCO MELANIE CIRCLE C WESTERN SHOP FAIRBORN COOLEY DIANE L. BRAMLAGE CHRISTINE L $20.00 DEAL JOHN L. CURREY MARION E $79.55 205 BELAIR CIR 45385-5769 $5.64 XENIA $62.47 DAYTON $62.95 FAIRBORN YELLOW SPRINGS CROTEAU DOUG BEAVERCREEK $8.00 FAIRBORN Anti-Bugging Devices If it becomes necessary to use written notes and maps in preparing for an action, destroy all such paperwork before commencing work. The best way to destroy paperwork is by burning. Indoors, paper can be burned in a fireplace. Absent a fireplace, burn in a large pan or bucket (place under a kitchen stove hood exhaust or a bathroom fan). It may be preferable to burn such material outdoors in a shallow hole. Since intact ashes can be analyzed in the laboratory to reveal something of their contents, even ashes should be crushed and disposed of. Outdoors, grind up the ashes and bury them. Indoors, flush them down the toilet. 1807 WOODVINE #5 BARTA EMILY E $91.00 373 BOWMAN DR 45324-5090 BLAKE CHRIS $711.00 XENIA 1259 CHISOLM TRL $275.81 COMPTON ELIZABETH M. $1.00 Small basic First-Aid kit 894 N DETROIT ST DAYTON 249 W DAYTON YELLOW SPRINGS RD CARLTON CHRISTOPHER from our brains to black holes / Charles Seife. BEARD NINA $2.00 ALEXANDER SUSAN BAISDEN RODNEY & MARY 45385-1526 BOX 78 45431-2916 FAIRBORN 117 W SOUTH COLLEGE ST 45324-9221 $79.77 FAIRBORN 1952 ZIMMERMAN RD 45324 45431-1129 XENIA 45385 45324 45432-1853 XENIA 43 LAWNDALE AVE CAMPBELL D R CRAWFORD JAY ALLEN & CHRIS 45432 $27.55 $15.00 700 HIDDEN VALLEY CO 2133 WOODEDGE DR $14.43 321 XENIA AVE $19.44 FAIRBORN 1150 GULTICE RD 1508 BELLPEPPER CT BROWN RICCARDO Edward Abbey BEAVERCREEK $0.60 Amount 45432-3516 45305 Title: Children's movies : a critic's guide to the best films s for flattening tires in the Roads and Tires chapter.) 2334 DUNCAN DR 1892 SCOTCH PINE DR If there are two of you, the one securing the animal’s head doubles as lookout. FAIRBORN BOYD DEMETRIS $10.69 $100.00 1540 CHEYENNE DR $6.67 DAVIS PAMELA CRAYCRAFT DONALD A FAIRBORN XENIA 45434 $15.55 BADER MABEL F PO BOX 340496 Personal author: Glass, Julia, 1956- BREST DENNIS P $186.23 5543 HICKAM DR 45305 ALPHA BEAVERCREEK DAYTON 2559 GRANGE HALL BROWNE ANDREW M BECK MARY M DUGAN ROBERT Personal author: Silver, Lee M. Subject: Sex differences (Psychology) XENIA 2159 ALABAMA DR BURNETT MONIQUE N 45324-1809 UNKNOWN BOONE RHONDA $0.01 126 LOWER HILLSIDE DR FAIRBORN CONNOR NATHANIEL 44 GALEWOOD BOGGS ALLAN L $100.00 $9.00 438 MARSHALL DR $50.00 45385 $20.00 $626.47 City COYLE WALTER COPELAND CHRISTINE 2295 GREENE WAY BLVD XENIA $639.76 Title: Denial of disaster / by Gladys Hansen and Emmet Condon ; David Fowler, editor ; Richard Hansen, photo researcher. BARNETT PATRICIA V XENIA Posters and Silent Agitators 371 MERRICK 2137 BEAVER VALLEY RD #7 CUNNINGHAM KEITH COUCH CHARLES W 45385 DUNGEY CARYN L DAYTON WRIGHT PATTERSON AFB $18.70 $0.64 4106 NAVAJO TRL BEAVERCREEK COSENZA DEBBIE $9.82 $50.00 Subject: Target marketing--United States. 1361 MAPLE GROVE $9.66 ANDERSON ALAN & KATH $3.16 45385-9600 45384-0000 CRAWFORD JAMES R 1653 STEWART BLVD 45324-9310 45430 BROOKS TRACY L 45370-9763 45432 45387 Eagles, hawks, and other birds — Some scumbag trappers still use dead animal baits that lure curious birds of prey, ravens, vultures, and others into the trap jaws. (The so-called “mountain man” Claude Dallas, who murdered two game wardens in Idaho, was such a man.) To avoid their claws during release, grab the wing opposite the trapped leg and stretch the bird away from that leg before releasing the trap jaws. Eagles are very powerful and difficult to release. Cover the free leg with a coat or heavy cloth and hold it alongside the trapped leg to prevent scratching. Step back quickly when releasing an eagle. Heavy leather gloves help protect you from scratching. The best type are heavy welder’s gloves with gauntlets that protect the wrist. $35.00 FAIRBORN FAIRBORN WRIGHT PATTERSON AFB $0.76 567 SHEPHERD RD BEAVERCREEK XENIA XENIA $50.00 XENIA 45387 45387 1102 COLUMBIA DRAKE PATRICIA J 1508 BELL PEPPER CT 204 CHERUKUMUDI KARTIK $1.44 $0.42 $1,174.08 Daily Routine BOLING RUSS COBB BETTY L Subject: Sherman's March to the Sea Fiction. Corporate subject: Beatles. Set near where animal path crosses dirt road. Also used where culverts cross under roads. XENIA 45324- ALI WILFREDO Car camping while cruising the backroads is a good way to explore new country, and also affords unexpected opportunities for monkey business. A little forethought and planning makes possible all sorts of mayhem. $34.53 DAY COLTON E XENIA $57.27 CEE INVESTMENT CLUB 5 Winning by Jack Welch with Suzy Welch (HarperBusiness: 6 5 $27.95) How to succeed in business (and life) by staying optimistic, making no excuses and getting things done. FAIRBORN 45433-0626 BOYCE ROBERT 1920 WILB-CLIFTON RD ANNESS ALICE FAIRBORN Personal author: Doisneau, Robert. 45324 33 EISENHOWER DR Title: Spinoff / National Aeronautics & Space Administration, Technology Utilization Office. $106.05 $10.00 FAIRBORN Title: Saying what's real : 7 keys to authentic communication 45305-1307 45430 BARLION JOHN E CHALAMALASETTY RAJANI K $0.07 251 N MAIN ST P O BOX 2 45385-3560 CARMAN NOVA J $2.40 BEAVERCREEK BARRON JAMES W. 244 ORVILLE ST Psychological aspects--History--20th century. 772 MURRAY HILL DR BLATT JEFFREY P DEAN VICTOR XENIA 4372 TOLLGATE LN CEDARVILLE 45220 2419 W JACKSON RD CARSON MAURICE 211 HALL ST $7.23 CROSS JENNIFER MEGAN FAIRBORN 2991 SNIVELY RD 2320 S LAKEMAN DR Subject: Political satire, American. BROWNING VALERIE M Subject: Influenza Epidemic, 1918-1919--United States. 45385-7828 DAYTON ANDREWS ANGELA M Lawrence Montaigne AHLUWAHLIA ALICIA 2148 CHAPEL DR 45431-4821 CHERRY BELINDA 45432 45385 6722 GRAPE GROVE ROAD ARRATIA FELIPE Subject: Expert systems (Computer science) FAIRBORN 4539 GLENN MARTIN DRIVE Title: Ancient Mexico & Central America : archaeology and culture history / Susan Toby Evans. — Sidewinder ARNOLD S DENNIS 45385 $15.32 45431 C/O DORIS H CORNELLI 1137 HYANNIS DR Because the potential for extremely damaging sabotage is so great, computer operations are increasingly viewed as industry’s most sensitive and vulnerable activity. Computer sabotage must be well planned and thorough. The ideal hit would include combinations of the various types mentioned, so that newly repaired or replaced hardware would be immediately shut down by “logic bombs.” The reason for this is simple. Your first hit on any particular target might be your last easy opportunity. Heightened security measures of all types almost invariably follow on the heels of successful monkeywrenching. YELLOW SPRINGS 45335 45431-1410 584 KYLE LN 45431 45385-4766 DEIDRICH PAUL B 5224 KETURAH DR $15.00 45324 $1,708.05 $1.00 EDWARDS DONNA J 211 HALL STREET ADAMS MARLO JAMESTOWN 45314 If we all do our work this spring, summer, and fall, the snowmobile trails should be in ragged shape by next winter. $265.00 45434 BARTLETT WILLIAM 45314 45431-1414 Subject: First loves Fiction. CRAIG LEMUEL H/% CRAIG ROBERT B 504 S DETROIT STREET XENIA Field Notes 924 JUNE ST $205.38 2683 CENTER CREEK CR 45305 DAYTON FAIRBORN FAIRBORN DIEKELMAN HATHAWAY BRIAN YELLOW SPRINGS XENIA FAIRBORN $51.76 FAIRBORN 45385-4910 COLLINS ROBERT W FAIRBORN Many of the projects that will destroy roadless areas are economically marginal. For example, some Forest Service employees say that the construction costs for a low figure of 35,000 miles of roads in currently roadless areas will exceed $3 billion, while the timber to which they will provide access is worth less than $500 million. It is costly for the Forest Service, the BLM, timber companies, oil companies, mining companies, and others to scratch out the “resources” in these last wild areas. It is expensive to maintain the necessary infrastructure of roads for the exploitation of wildlands. The cost of repairs, the hassle, the delay, and the downtime may just be too much for the bureaucrats and exploiters to accept if a widely-dispersed, unorganized, strategic movement of resistance spreads across the land. 45305-1718 For extra effect, combine large and small nails. Use only one large spike per tree, but pound in several smaller nails as well. This is a good job for a partner who cannot drive in large spikes, and it further protects the tree. The metal detector can’t tell the difference between large and small spikes. 3445 N DAKAR DR BEAVERCREEK Mad Bad After 10 years in prison, Justin (Denton Blane Everett) is finally released, earning the chance to live life on the straight and narrow. But in order to help his sister (Landon Dunning) live out her dreams, he'll have to return to his former profession as a crackpot car thief. Things go horribly wrong when Justin snags an expensive vehicle stuffed with cocaine, ruffling the feathers of the car's owner, a notorious gangster (Vincent Riverside). $38.13 BLAZER AGNES B $2.75 $155.64 YELLOW SPRINGS 2449 PASSAGE KEY TR BILBEY MARISSA H ABLING THERESA J 26 E WASHINGTON ST JAMESTOWN 45335-1651 $2.00 Subject: New York (N.Y.) Fiction. CHANEY N. 45387 45324-5938 1305 IRONWOOD DR DEES THERESE M XENIA 143 W GOODMAN RD XENIA $1,688.76 $14.46 FAIRBORN 718 N MONROE DR BARR WILLIAM H COLEMAN MARTHA L YELLOW SPRINGS PO BOX 1873 CALL EDWARD P. & L. $0.80 ASTARITA LINDA 45385 2740 JASPER RD $47.92 FAIRBORN $28.64 CEDARVILLE 1420 NORTH BROAD ST. #18 2189 MISSISSIPPI DR City ANDERSON JOHN A 45305 45432-2829 2882 EAST CENTERVILLE RD BRANDON RONALD $201.16 45324-3525 1785 STANSBERRY DR XENIA 1004 MORNINGSIDE DR BLAIR L. M. Subject: Adult children of aging parents--Family relationships. Subject: Furniture--West (U.S.) $5.00 4444 E ENON RD $1.37 $9.16 $10.55 XENIA 45431-1938 ANDERSON JOHN 1438 EDENWOOD DR 2519 KEWANNA LN FAIRBORN FAIRBORN BELLBROOK 1977 ROXBERRY DR $294.17 XENIA BENGE BARBARA J You will find these spray paint can extension rods clumsy to use at first, but with practice they become very effective. 728 E MARKET ST 45324 2335 7TH ST DIXON JOHN THOMAS 221 STELTON RD 45324 BAYARD ALAN Avoid the appearance that your team is more than just casual friends. Avoid looking like a standing group of friends or an exclusive club. $62.63 APPLESTONE VIRGINIA 45305-0000 BOATMAN ROBERT R 45324 $11.35 665 MURRAY HILL DR UNKNOWN BLANKEN KIMBERLY 1525 S MAPLE AVE PSC BOX 10739 WRIGHT 45385 $97.00 45385-0000 402 W MAIN ST 49 LAWNDALE AVE $53.24 Subject: Caring. 293 MARCHMONT FAIRBORN FAIRBORN 45324-4408 BELL CHRISTOPHER W Title: Dying to kill : the allure of suicide terror / Mia Bloom. BEAVERCREEK BAXTER SMITH ERIN BACK LLOYD N. 45324-5907 ADAMS SAM DODSON VICKI ALLEN XENIA BEAVERCREEK XENIA ALFORD JOHN M & SHIRLEY F DAYTON 1397 MAPLERIDGE DR 1523 ROCKWELL $22.79 PO BX H 45324-5525 DAYTON 629 LOUISE DRIVE FAIRBORN 35 W HARBINE 4 45324 45324 EDALA NARASIMHA R FAIRBORN 45432 CALL ED & DOUGLAS DORSTEN RICHARD FAIRBORN $7.41 45431 23 ROSSMORE DR FAIRBORN XENIA $11.90 FAIRBORN $50.00 2133 CAROLINA DR 941 HELEN FAIRBORN DS589.B2 B354 2005 XENIA XENIA $13.50 EADY WALTER CHIANG PINHUA BROWN DAVID M CHAMBERS CHARLES I $16.37 DELL WARREN $68.00 Replacing cut fence is costly for the rancher. Two-point barbed wire costs about $80 for a quarter-mile spool. Cutting a mile of four-strand fence necessitates the replacement of $1280 of wire. Of course, the fence must be so cut up that it is not feasible to repair it by splicing cut ends back together. BELLBROOK MEDICAL CENTER 49324 Title: Florence / Rolando Fusi, Piero Fusi. CEDARVILLE BELLBROOK DEWINE AMY Out of the Inner Circle by Bill Landreth, Microsoft Press, Bellevue, WA. This book is widely available in bookstores. FAIRBORN [compiled by the] California Coastal Commission. FAIRBORN CURRAN JOSEPH 2820 SELMA JAMESTOWN RD 45432-3118 Field Note BEAVERCREEK DUNNE JAMES E $42.00 45335-9717 AVALOS ALMA 45324 $9.66 FAIRBORN 45385 $144.00 ALTHAUS JAMES 45324 In addition, if smaller supporting businesses fear the impact of monkey-wrenching against a business to which they sub-contract, they may hesitate to do business, or increase their charges to compensate themselves for also becoming targets. 1129 FOREST DR DEMPSEY JERRY $59.07 45324-5730 $186.02 BEANS GAIL L 2002 MILL RUN LN 45370- Some expensive high security combination padlocks are designed to prevent prying the dial face off, and have two locking bolts, one on each side of the shackle. These can still be jammed by drilling a hole in the back of the casing and forcing glue inside. CLIFFORD JAMES E FAIRBORN APPLE MARK A FAIRBORN $80.72 $49.37 BELLBROOK Title: Things fall apart / Chinua Achebe. Personal author: Biskupic, Joan. 58 W WHITTIER AVE APT 1 $6.00 109 N BROAD ST $97.55 $97.50 Thorough planning for every step of the operation and all feasible contingencies will keep you out of jail. Every team member must fully understand the work to be done, individual assignments, timetables, radio frequencies and codes, routes to and from the scene, etc. DAVIS RAY 45324- FAIRBORN ANDERSON TROY 3 Saturday by Ian McEwan (Nan A. Talese/Doubleday: $26) A 2 8 day in the life of a neurosurgeon brings both quotidian and earth-shattering struggles in post-Sept. 11 London. BAILEY JEANA 7558 DAYTON SPRINGFILD RD CONN ROBERT W 584 COLORADO DR Subject: California--Gold discoveries Juvenile fiction. Be wary of any group member arrested on unrelated criminal charges, such as drugs. Such persons might have incentive to make a deal for their freedom. DAVIS WM. COLES GWENDOLYN D BELLBROOK Leonard Nimoy 3450 HOME ACRES $115.67 45387 XENIA BEATTY MICHAEL D $47.88 45305 FAIRBORN $129.20 UNKNOWN DART GEOF 45432-1311 5440 ROBINWOOD AVE 45385 1470 HOWELL RD 2486 HILLSDALE DR Water — If sand is not handy, you can add water to either the oil or diesel fuel (see the section Water And Big Yellow Machines later in this chapter). One advantage of water is that it can be poured down the dipstick spout. 2387 N KNOLL DR JAMESTOWN $4.00 45431-1641 SPRING VALLEY COOPER JOHN For more information visit his site at www.johnnybagpipes.com. DARNFU M. DUGAN DEBORAH OAKLEY Be careful about leaving fingerprints on spikes. After purchasing them, carefully wipe them clean and place them in a cloth bag or wrap them up to be carried in your pack for field use. Wear gloves while spiking trees (see below) and do not touch the spikes unless your hands are gloved. 1606 WOODS DR ATER DONNA J XENIA BELLBROOK 45324 2934 PERSIMMON CT BRANDENBURG MATTHEW ROUTE 2 DAYTON 3228 LANTZ RD 1217 CHAUCER WAY APT K 422 S DETROIT ST YELLOW SPRINGS $179.47 JAMESTOWN 45385-0000 93 HILLCREST AVE Amount XENIA COLLINS MARILYN AMON ALETA A $298.00 $21.00 45432 FAIRBORN 45385 BROWN JOE W DEBRILL CARMELLA L 45385 FAIRBORN DENARO ROBERT P 45385 DAYTON Amount $20.88 $35.88 EDALA NARASIMHA R 3844 N CHALET CIR 45305-1213 45387 BEAVERCREEK 1041 BUCKSKIN TRL $0.80 JAMESTOWN 2295 GREENE WAY BLVD XENIA XENIA 45434-6535 45431 DAYTON 43305 Rags — Always have plenty of clean rags available to keep your equipment wiped free of fingerprints. FAIRBORN XENIA 3426 O HARA DR 870 MCBEE RD 58 S DETROIT ST Practice and Use SPRING VALLEY 9 The History of Love by Nicole Krauss (W. W. Norton: -- 2 $23.95) A writer escapes the Nazis but loses his life's love and will to create, and a teenager attempts to heal her widowed mother's broken heart. $78.94 CODY BELINDA K BORDEN MARK CARTER RICHARD G ANDERSON PIPPA E $0.05 DAVIS WILLIAM J JR PO BOX 1125 45385 Subject: Plants--California--San Luis Obispo County Pictorial works. BERG EUGENE L ANDERSON JENNIFER A 668 OMAR CIR 45384 $105.00 DENDELBACH RITA 2417 LONGVIEW AVE 238 N WEST STREET 1269 HONEYSUCKLE DRIV 1302 KARLES MILL DR $17.21 CORBEAN JAMES L SR Owner Name 2948 HOOP RD 5027 CATTAIL CT $82.44 $1,167.48 For cheap and easy nailboards: Stud a piece of irregularly-shaped cardboard (it looks more like trash that way) with roofing nails and spray paint the whole thing brown so the nails are not noticeable from a moving vehicle. Do the same with a piece of carpet scrap, but no paint this time. 2135 BANDIT TRAIL XENIA $75.41 BEAVERCREEK FAIRBORN $27.41 XENIA 45324 45431-0000 1185 LOMEDA LN Subject: United States--Social conditions--1960-1980. DYBYAD STEVEN A BROWN VIRGINIA 257 ARCHER DR CLEAVER OSA O. Guard dogs are often delivered to the site in the evening, and picked up in the morning. Surveillance can reveal the comings and goings of these vehicles. Also, many times a sign will be posted at a gate warning of the presence of guard dogs. In large fenced areas, guard dogs will work in pairs, the weaker dog taking his cue from the stronger. ASHWORTH BRIGID M 1027 MIDDY DR BEAVERCREEK FAIRBORN 45431-1493 One last suggestion: Since metal detectors are the rage of late, I also pound in scores of small standard-type nails. They may not stop a saw blade but they will frustrate the piss out of the guy or gal with the detector. It also helps to camouflage where I put the real spikes. 305 A BOSTON $7.07 DAYTON 45324-5005 ALLEN MARJORIE 45324-5107 $9.26 2930 ROYAL TROON WAY G $94.00 AVEY EUGENE CHIN J W FAIRBORN $44.35 Attack on an Urban Residence 339 MANN AVE CASTLE TERRY LEE $47.17 $31.80 YELLOW SPRINGS FAIRBORN 45324-5631 Subject: Boys--Books and reading. FAIRBORN 45385 $11.46 $12.12 $4.00 $41.29 $ $56.56 $32.80 744 HIDDEN VALLEY CT In this Third Edition of Ecodefense, we have dropped several items in the “harassment” line. For those interested in a wide array of clever and wicked methods to harass and torment individual evil-doers, we suggest you consult books like Get Even by G. Hayduke (not to be confused with Ed Abbey’s George Hayduke). Such books are available from mail-order houses like Loompanics (POB 1197, Pt. Townsend, WA 98368). 45324-6503 DAVE DENNIS AUTOMALL $4.62 4718 WOLFORD RD PO BOX 44 1170 BELLBROOK AVE $0.16 11 PARK CT 45324 CUMMINGS SARAH 1508 BELL PEPPER CT 204 5612 WATERLILY DR 202 E THIRD ST 45431 BEAVERCREEK 4923 WOODMAN PARK DR APT 6 JAMESTOWN 1293 GULTICE RD 1944 STATE ROUTE 725 $131.89 FAIRBORN SPRING VALLEY CONNOR DRENA M CRAWFORD BEATRICE 45385-2010 1847 ARAPAHO CT ACHOR HELEN W 114 WILSON AVE 45387 $12.00 1867 IRONWOOD DR 45385 3379 STUTSMAN RD DENNING SARAH H/% DENNING WILLIAM B $293.53 45324 1138 ROGER SCOTT DR Spiking trees is potentially dangerous. The Forest Service has increased its law-enforcement budget considerably in the last few years, and one reason has been the increased incidence of monkeywrenching. Another reason for increased law enforcement has been the stepped-up campaign by the Feds to eliminate marijuana growing from the public lands, but it should be obvious that a cop in the woods looking for dope will arrest any monkeywrenchers he or she might encounter by chance as well. DUNLAP JILL XENIA $213.88 $50.00 $2,638.03 45324-0000 ALLEN HARRY G ESTATE OF 3858 CHALET CIRCLE SOUTH 661 BROOKMEADE CT UNKNOWN FAIRBORN ARRINGTON VERNON 202 HOAK DR 3720 WILMINGTON PK DAYTON 45431 $0.47 DEMBSKY JOHN 2249 WAYNESVILLE RD Owner Name CHO DAVID 1216 GULTICE RD 45324 $738.97 BRUGGEMAN KATHY D 45324 $23.44 XENIA $17.86 5663 GROSS DRIVE 2131 TREBEIN RD Anti-Bugging Devices City CEDARVILLE 45385- BRENTFORD NICOLE 267 REDBANK DR BOYD RUBEN DILLAHUNT JAMES $12.10 $10.96 45387 BOGAN M. S. 7957 KIMMEL ST ARNOLD ROBERT DAYTON 45431-0000 1227 HIGHVIEW DR 45385 45384 Research Assistance 45431 $18.44 BEAVERCREEK 4176 SUGAR CREEK DR XENIA Vehicle Modifications for the Serious Monkeywrencher 939 GALLAWAY ST 45324-4036 2145 VAN OSS DR 45385 8 COLUMBUS ST 45305-1566 CARMICHAEL C R CAIRNS MARY JEAN $192.00 FAIRBORN Withdrawal 45385-0000 45385 $334.36 Title: Sexually transmitted diseases : opposing viewpoints / $90.57 Personal author: McMurtry, Larry. FAIRBORN XENIA 45335 $8.94 45324-0000 ANDREWS TOMMIE A. 4420 HONEY LOCUST LN Subject: Books and reading--United States. 45324 BELLBROOK 45385 4365 ARDONNA LN 75 LORETTA AVE APT O 45305-8734 $90.00 1453 NEWGATE CT APT D BRESLER BRYAN DONAVAN $68.43 BAKOS FRANK J BAILEY C & M 470 KIRKWOOD DR 45385 The American Indian: Art and Archeology This collection of documentaries explores the rich traditions and history of a variety of American Indian cultures, with an emphasis on the rituals and routines that characterize daily life for indigenous peoples. The films include "Canyon Voices," "Corn Dancers: United Pueblo Agency & Indian Irrigation," "Eskimos: Winter in Western Alaska," "Indian for a Change," "Land of the Bighorn" and "Navajo Canyon Country." 511 SOUTH ST BEAVERCREEK COONS WILLIAM R $90.00 CEDARVILLE XENIA 45324 $29.56 DAYTON FAIRBORN 45385 $363.40 $44.37 DAYTON BEAVERCREEK 1581 CHARTERIDGE DR DAYTON $1.87 BAIRD LINDA S AL AWADI AHMAD AMMAL HEDWI HADI $225.00 DAYTON Badger — 1,832 1010 WOODMAN DR STE 210 45324 $258.40 $10.68 $23.10 117 S SMITHVILLE RD XENIA $5.00 BENNETT NORMA F 45430 45324- 45324-2994 14 French Women Don't Get Fat by Mireille Guiliano (Knopf: 12 18 $22) The chief executive of the French wine conglomerate Clicquot Inc. reveals the French secret of eating for pleasure without the bulge. Subject: Creation (Literary, artistic, etc.)--Social aspects--United States. BELLBROOK 45324 $1.00 CASTLE MARK BLACKMAN JAMES F WRIGHT PATTERSON AFB $28.50 $284.40 FAIRBORN 45324 45324-0000 1583 RED OAK RD Personal author: Achebe, Chinua. 45305 $25.00 $191.57 45385-0000 BARK LILLIAN BELLBROOK 4324 EASTMAN AVE $80.89 BHAVSAR MANOJ C 1465 FOUST ROAD 126 WILSON DR 184 HILL ST 45385-4763 1649 WILBERFORCE SW $0.31 45385 45385 1047 FREDERICK DR Subject: Blacks--Race identity. FAIRBORN CHRISTEL MANOR 45305 $99.50 3989 COLONEL GLENN $50.26 1426 FOREST LN XENIA 45324 Smoke In Their Eyes! 2791 ATER DR 1276 W 2ND ST FAIRBORN $107.03 BOLDON TIFFANY 45432 $31.50 Subject: Economic policy--Periodicals. $0.24 Subject: Developing countries--Economic conditions. CARTER JOHN 45324-0000 FAIRBORN JAMESTOWN $18.30 45324 PSC BOX 11149 UNKNOWN Have a well-rehearsed drill for disposing of evidence in an emergency. If you don’t have a stove or fireplace for documents, you should have a sheet of metal or metal container in which you can burn documents without burning your house down. 1862 SURREY TRL APT 7 $7.32 $393.18 BERRY D L $37.90 CLIFTON XENIA 45387 Mary Linda Rapelye XENIA 788 EMMET DR 700 NORTH MAPLE ST YELLOW SPRINGS $7.70 438 WALLACE DR 45434 CONOVER DONALD W 45385 FAIRBORN Don’t leave tire tracks. Use a common brand, size, and style of tire. Avoid damp or muddy ground. Generally, if you stay on compacted roads that site workers use, tire tracks shouldn’t be a problem. If you must drive where tracks will be conspicuous, sweep with a branch or broom; or drag a large branch tied in such a way that it can be released quickly while driving. This last technique is often ineffective on wet ground. CYPHER KYLE ANTOINE RENEE DALTON GARY J. 3640 COLONEL GLENN HWY 582 REDBUD LN AYERS LYNN C 45335-1032 45324-5414 Personal author: Zollo, Paul, 1958- CEDARVILLE 1563 MALCOLM CT ALEXANDER MOTEL 45324-3009 Subject: Death--Social aspects--United States. 48 CHARLES ST 2444 PERIWINKLE DR 45385 45432-3102 CHANDRAN THIRUMAL P Field Notes $10.00 FAIRBORN ECKSTEIN JERRY 45385-9616 45431-2270 BELLBROOK $65.30 DAYTON 45385-4334 ALBERT J F $5.83 FAIRBORN CRAMER BRANDON J 45432 BURTON JAMES J/% NCOA SVC CTR 45324-1934 DAYTON COX DONNA FAIRBORN BERRYMAN LENNIE $574.49 45324 45431-0000 119 W 2ND ST APT 301 BERG EUGENE L FAIRBORN DAVIS LAWRENCE W 45431-3210 $0.30 BRUGGEMAN CARL Overcoming a seven-year drug and alcohol problem, at the age of 26, Spice turned to God, nutrition and exercise with the eventual promise of helping others to turn their lives around. As she got older, she changed the course of her career and began studying acting for stage and film. After hearing about roles for female warriors, wrestlers, and super-heroines, she began to kickbox and bodybuild, slowly creating a niche for herself. YELLOW SPRINGS $10.68 45432-3431 $63.26 230 MAPLE TER 1421 GATEHOUSE CT $39.00 DAYTON 45385 1534 UNION RD 45431 COPELY PATRICIA ANN 45324 45431 1200 CARPENTER RD $0.25 Written Records 45324-5821 $0.12 45335-1509 CRAIN DONALD J 1421 GATEHOUSE CT 45432 1716 ARLIN PL APT B $89.00 Photo Panels — You have probably seen these in the woods. They consist of sheets of plastic, a foot or two wide and ten or more feet long, usually arranged in a cross or “X.” The plastic is usually white, although black plastic is sometimes used on a light-colored surface. The purpose of these is to aid in mapping by aerial photography. If you look at the center of the “X,” you will find a hub, nail, or piece of rebar. This marks a point with known coordinates (i.e., it has been set after the surveyors have run a traverse out to it). Several of these panels will be laid out in advance of a photo session. This may sound innocent, but such mapping is frequently done in connection with major construction projects. Unfortunately, photo panels are frequently left to rot in the woods after the job is done; effective monkeywrenching would have to be done during the short interval between the time they are laid out and the time the photos are taken — this sometimes is a matter of days, though it may be several weeks. $2,157.29 DERRICK KEVIN BEAVERCREEK $24.00 $11.04 PO BOX 3 ZIP 44581 45385-9350 EDWARDS STEVE L $24.82 Address 2731 TOBIAS RD CONANT CHRISTINA 45385 BUCIO ALEJANDRA ZIP YELLOW SPRINGS BURT EDGAR A. 45385 580 32 RD SP 24 120 DAYTON ST $20.68 45385 BELLBROOK 23 W DORIS DR 1917 WINDING BROOK WAY DILLON BRANDON 45432-0000 $26.94 $14.36 45434 $0.49 $289.00 DIETZ DAVID L 374 CHERRYWOOD DR BRANDENBURG JOHNNY R CLAWSON WILMA J Amount Powerful members of Congress, at the encouragement of the timber industry and with the acquiescence of some conservation groups, have slipped through legislative “riders” preventing legal challenges to timber sales in roadless areas ... CEDARVILLE BRYANT MARK A FAIRBORN CARLIN VALERIE $0.31 v-a-jpeg-14.jpg 600 WILSON DR 1716 RAUSCH AVE 3563 SEQUOIA DR Manswers: The Best of Season 1 Get in touch with your masculine side with this best-of collection from the unabashedly testosterone-laden variety show that promises to answer all your burning questions, no matter how stupid. Get the lowdown on how to get drunk faster, how to defend yourself in a bar fight, how to tell a hooker from a cop and just how skimpy a bikini can get without getting its wearer arrested for indecent exposure. Now that's some useful knowledge! 136 W DIANA LN Subject: Art and photography--United States. 550 S STADIUM DR $109.51 COFFEY COFFEY E 45314 CONTROL COLOR T.V. 45324 $24.64 ZIP F-Men 2588 LANTZ RD 2190 ROCKDELL DR #4 1001 COLORADO DR COLLINS JOHN E FAIRBORN $3.39 45387 DWYER VERNON J. 2359 MALLARD LN APT $20.00 BOYKIN DREKA CHIMOTE AMEET ZIP Mary Linda Rapelye 45385 $267.32 2000 MILL RUN LN FAIRBORN $78.07 4107 CLARKSON DR. 45324 45384 CLARK JENNIFER FAIRBORN 45431 1758 WILSHIRE DRIVE BROUGHTONS TIRES $15.20 251 W DAYTON YELLOW SPGS RD DAYTON 45324 45385 $133.83 BALDWIN DOUGLAS BURKE TRACY E 4231 MORNINGSIDE BL 45430 45324 2686 LOWER BOLLBROOK RD $7.20 $11.00 BOX 1 YELLOW SPRINGS XENIA $0.19 45370 $27.10 45385 1260 CROSBY CIRCLE 45324 $767.88 BERRY PATCH THE SPRING VALLEY Personal author: Brizendine, Louann, 1952- 615 FLINTRIDGE 982 PARNELL DR 1208 LINDA LN 45385-1124 Amount 502 E 2ND ST 45324 FAIRBORN BEAVERCREEK $69.36 DAYTON XENIA CORNETT TINA L XENIA $63.76 1570 MAPLEDALE DR BX 10653 CRADDALL VAUGHAN 1574 SCOTTSGATE CT N City 45324-7113 FAIRBORN 45385 1557 WOODPINE #Q1 BELLBROOK $1.00 $3.60 45387-1910 $4,809.38 1957 N LAKEMAN DR $53.35 XENIA 45432 ABSTON JOYCE K 3459 MILL RUN DR BEAVERCREEK 45432- $68.18 45370 BILL BAR INC BELLBROOK You can find out a great deal at the public library. Become familiar with city directories (such as Cole’s). Libraries may keep files of high school and college yearbooks. The county courthouse is a veritable gold mine, and includes tax and property ownership records. State government offices keep records on businesses, auto registration, driver’s licenses, and driving records. YELLOW SPRINGS $6.96 15 MAXON ST $23.23 ANDERSON ASHLEY N DAYTON 45387 Even if you cannot afford such devices, simply studying these catalogs can give a monkeywrencher a good sense of how electronic surveillance works and how pervasive it is. Keep in mind that ordering any of these devices or merely asking for a catalog could put you on a “usual suspects” list. (It is entirely possible that one of these outfits is an FBI front designed to identify the usual suspects.) Practice standard security as outlined elsewhere in this chapter. These catalogs also help you realize that bugs are not placed just by law enforcement agencies. Much bugging and surveillance of suspected ecodefenders is probably done by industry, private security outfits, and the “wise use” thugs. 45385 FAIRBORN $58.86 $109.04 4900 WOODMAN PARK DR #4 $73.82 $216.72 BANFORD DONALD J JR CWT ALOHA TVL AGCY 45431-2453 CHURCH GUY M CRITES GERALD 504 CINTI AVE 45370 DAYTON $4.00 688 OMAR CIR FAIRBORN Sign companies are adding protective metal strips to the sides of wooden poles to prevent cutting. Carry a crowbar to remove these; or where possible, dig dirt away from around the base of each support and cut the wood below the protective metal. $22.55 45385 BOLS ROBERT DUGAN NANCY A $14.82 RT 1 XENIA 1885 FORESTDALE AVE DYE LAURA M XENIA 45431-1940 $55.00 XENIA Keep in mind that metal detectors are not very reliable. After the extensive and intensive spiking of old-growth cedar on Meares Island in British Columbia, MacMillan Bloedel timber company had poor success in locating tree spikes. DAUBENNIVE IAN Field Notes Subject: Deportation Fiction. $1.36 BOLL RANDALL S FAIRBORN DAYTON $166.66 45433-1131 CHAUDHRY NIGHAT 45385-0385 BUDDELMEYER JUNE A 2351 OBETZ DR #B FAIRBORN Title: Light on life : the yoga journey to wholeness, inner peace, $9.41 45305 BIBBS CHRIS 45385-3110 45434 DABREO MARCIA L BROWN MARY 45440 1986 ATKINSON DR 8831 HADDIX RD XENIA FAIRBORN DAYTON 45385 ADAMS JAMES E FAIRBORN SPRING VALLEY RT 5 Other contaminants — Each system of an earth mover requires different fluids to insure proper operation. The wrong viscosity of oil in the hydraulic system can cause serious damage. Diesel oil or gasoline added to lubricating oil will cause oxidation and loss of lubrication. Gasoline in excess of 90 octane will do serious engine damage if added to diesel fuel. Even simple overfilling of transmission fluid or engine oil can cause damage through lack of effective lubrication. A little anti-freeze/coolant (like you put in your car’s radiator) will destroy main bearings in short order if put in the engine oil. Learning how to spot, follow, and age human tracks will help you in the study of vehicle tracks. This may tip you off to a motorized security patrol at a construction site, or lead you to the ideal choke point to build a road or trail block against ORVs. FAIRBORN COOK RAYMOND L BENNETT TRACY N BEAVERCREEK 45432 Subject: Drug abuse--Study and teaching--Great Britain. 2479 INDIAN WELLS TRL $66.03 $13.65 $44.37 BAKER ELIZABETH XENIA BLAIR JENNIFER A $22.10 BELLBROOK $51.77 45305 45384 45314-0132 Subject: Hmong (Asian people) Juvenile literature. BROCKMAN HARRY Most exploitation of the wild requires roads, and the industrial machine could not afford to constantly repair the road network on public lands if even a few hundred people across the country were making a spare time project of trashing it. Roads are difficult and expensive to maintain, especially in the areas we want to save. Selected areas, such as de facto wildernesses or roadless areas denied protection in the RARE II rip-off, BLM Wilderness Review, and subsequent “Wilderness” legislation, can be protected by closing the unsurfaced roads that are built and used in the process of exploitation. $76.21 BARTA DAVID J BOX 276 R R 1 HYDE RD BEARDEN CHARLES $3.49 $0.42 $10.65 3789 OLD WILLOW DR. 45434-6278 XENIA 1117 E. MAIN ST. 205 STELTON RD ALBERS ALANA DESAI MAVLESH V XENIA DEXTER WILLIAM D UNKNOWN 2156 HIDDEN WOODS BLVD $348.25 BEAVERCREEK CASKEY DAVID M 2564 GREENSIDE DR 45385 FAIRBORN $12.46 638 JUNE DR 1857 WOODVINE ST #Q1 $29.00 CEDARVILLE 45335-1311 45324 BOYLAN ELLEN R XENIA CLARK ALICE G BEAMAN GENEVIEVE H $25.01 45385-0000 RIVERSIDE 5211 BARRETT DR XENIA 45385 $0.42 $99.05 4392 CASTLE GATE DR $300.00 XENIA Subject: Hispanic American consumers--United States. 45385 FAIRBORN 45431 FAIRBORN BURROWES REBECCA A. CARMAN LOUIS A $675.96 XENIA AVALOS ALMA FAIRBORN BENNER JANETTE 1878 N BLD How to Make Caltrops DAYTON 45305 Remember that a high-speed chase can endanger innocent people, not to mention yourself. This is morally indefensible. Fortunately, simply outrunning the opposition is rarely as successful as outmaneuvering and outthinking it. 45387 YELLOW SPRINGS $540.36 EDWARDS JOHN $39.33 $551.50 45305-0000 5098 CHRISTY AVE 45431 FAIRBORN PQ8098.1.L54 Z4613 2005 561 TORLAGE DR 2725 ASHTON RIDGE CT FAIRBORN 45385-1933 CHO EUN 45385-0000 $23.35 74TH MEDICAL GROUP SGSRTA XENIA 45385-4305 FAIRBORN 45314-9548 DAYTON 125 MIAMI DR $25.92 ASH DORIS M $56.00 45385-1159 $10.00 1853 SPRING RIDGE CT $539.58 Trap set on trail. Sharp rocks and sticks placed on trail force animal to step on clear spot where trap is hidden. $52.00 BAKER MYRA L $14.37 BEAVERCREEK $278.79 983 US #68 SOUTH 45385 Subject: Folklore--Latin America--Bilingual Juvenile fiction. XENIA $5.00 $0.02 $67.25 Plugging Culverts 45431-2130 Subject: Investments. 45432-3232 45324 1293 GULTICE RD $15.60 45431 $0.30 FAIRBORN 45432 45434-6452 1359 EILEEN DR CALDWELL DAVID $17.42 ALLEN CAROL ANN For more information on trapping, consult your local library. Do your reading at the library, if possible, to avoid leaving a check-out record showing an interest in the subject. At bookstores look for a trapping book with information on trapping the wildlife found in your area. The monthly magazine Fur-Fish-Game (which can be purchased anonymously at a newsstand or grocery store) regularly has trapping tips, advertisements for suppliers, and dates and locations for trappers’ conventions (use your imagination here). $13.10 $4.80 BREWER DEWEY $33.27 $82.80 $41.66 BELLBROOK 104 UPPER HILLSIDE DR JAMESTOWN $17.69 CRAWFORD JAMES S 45385-7200 FAIRBORN BELLBROOK 45431 CHURCH GARY FAIRBORN $354.60 FAIRBORN 1402 E KEARNEY LN CROLEY GARY 1929 TREBIEN RD 45431-0000 12 N FIRST ST BROWN ANDY BEAVERCREEK ALBERT ROBIN FAIRBORN BELLBROOK $18.20 BELLBROOK 3187 KEMP RD PO BOX 294 Rock Spikes BEAVERCREEK RT 1 BOX 56 45324-9489 ALBRITTON JACQUE BEAVERCREEK 580 NEWPORT #813 BOURGEOIS JAMES J $100.00 $30.40 XENIA DAYTON BOND ALEX BEAVERCREEK 45385 45385 $8.51 FAIRBORN BELLBROOK COMBS KELLY L SPRING VALLEY ASKREN JACK 45385 DAYTON BEAVERCREEK Owner Name FAIRBORN 45324 FAIRBORN CHENG GRACE W 5107 COBB DR XENIA 45431-2851 DAYTON BARK LILLIAN $53.36 Avoid leaving obvious long-distance phone records. Use gateway nodes to access a system through a local phone number. Then leapfrog through several networks and switches before actually linking with the target computer. Initial trace-backs will end at the gateway node where the call goes local. At this point, they will have to stand by and wait for your next intrusion. DAYTON CITY OF BEAVERCREEK BRANNUM DONALD W 2891 FENCE STONE CT 45432- $485.49 BELLBROOK 45324 Now 52, Spice calls herself an "action actress" and has worked in such feature motion pictures as Star Trek V, Cherokee Kid, From Dusk Till Dawn, The Guyver, A Simple Plan, and For The Love Of The Game. She has also guest-starred on numerous TV shows including, Roseanne, My Two Dads, Women In Prison, Mama's Family, The Bold And The Beautiful, Step by Step, The Smart Guy, Diagnosis Murder, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. "In fact," says Spice, "I can't remember playing a role where I wasn't asked to perform some kind of physical feat." Shortly after filming her role as an erotic dancer in the Robert Downey Jr./Mel Gibson movie, "The Singing Detective," Spice appeared in a 7-UP commercial where she picked the spokesperson up in her arms and carried him out of a department store. Spice has been stunt-doubling Deidre Hall (Marlena) on "Days of our Lives" for over 8 years now, and recently made an appearance playing the jail cell bully, Veronica, who ends up fighting Marlena. In July of 2004, Spice will begin work o 45387 $25.25 285 MARCHMONT DR $10.00 45431-2849 $51.80 $1.93 As you practice tracking, always put the track between you and the sun. The sun will throw shadows in the edge of the track making them visible to you while you stand or crouch. Try walking off to the side while looking over your shoulder (Figure T-3). Do not erase the tracks as you go. If you lose the trail, go back to the last clear footprint. While learning to track at a walking pace, use the tip of the stick to scratch a mark next to each verified track. You can then easily come back to the last clear track, get down and use your tracking stick as described above to locate the next track, and the next one, and so on. FAIRBORN 1977 ROXBERRY DR Windmills generally have a mechanism (it may look like a small crank attached to a chain or cable) to stop the vanes from turning, and thus stop the sucker rods’ up-and-down motion (this motion is what pumps the water out of the well). The sucker rods are usually made from several sections of steel pipe, or solid steel rods, threaded together. 45305-1306 1579 CHARTER WOODS CIRCLE APT 45385 BELLBROOK 45385-4105 1113 MIDDY DR Field Notes 3048 HITE RD 45385 45432 FAIRBORN Title: Team of rivals : the political genius of Abraham Lincoln / 45432 FAIRBORN 104 N COLUMBUS ST XENIA 45324 BROWN CARMEN V $27.78 $51.43 45431 45432-260 2204 BEAVER-VALLEY RD Subject: Iroquois Indians--History--18th century. — The Shadow 45335 DAYTON $0.31 $9.00 5810 KEVIN DR JAMESTOWN 45432-8241 $89.46 Each member of the team should carry two flashlights — one medium and one small. A flashlight with a plug-in headlamp attachment may be useful when you need both hands for work. With this type of headlamp, the battery case can be kept in an inside pocket, warmed by body heat, for longer battery life. This can be important for cold weather operations. XENIA BRYANT SONJA C 45324 18 GREENEVIEW DR CUMPSTON RONALD D 45432-1760 The Tories of yesteryear lacked only the word “terrorism” with which to brand the women and men who created the United States of America. One of those founding radicals, Thomas Jefferson, warned that “strict observance of the written law is doubtless one of the highest duties of a good citizen, but it is not the highest.” He further wrote, “To lose our country by a scrupulous adherence to written law would be to lose the law itself.” YELLOW SPRINGS h a hammer and large nail, although a hammer and cold chisel would probably work better. The latter may also suffice for small steel pipelines; if not, it may be necessary to disassemble the pipe with a couple of pipe wrenches. Targets $320.63 ABEL MALCOM $18.00 868 KAUFMAN 45305-1428 $100.00 BROWN BRYAN CORNETT NANCY J DETROIT SOLOMON Field Notes by Robert Coughlan and the editors of Time-Life Books. 45335 $56.61 72 COLIN KELLY BEAVERCREEK $14.97 487 GLENDEAN AVE BELLBROOK JAMESTOWN 45370 FAIRBORN CLOYD ANGELINA 45433 CARTWRIGHT CLARENCE PO BOX 1757 45324 CEDARVILLE DEVOE LLOYD 1855 DRAKE DR COX DIANA L DAYTON Owner Name 2392 PELICAN RD Sometimes a trap will be baited by deliberately leaving heavy equipment temptingly parked along rural roads. In such a situation, chase cars will be carefully hidden in the area, often on back roads and dirt lanes, sometimes one on each side of the “bait” but a good distance away, ready to intercept suspect vehicles. If you see such a tempting target, be careful! Instead of striking immediately, scout the area carefully ahead of time, carrying nothing incriminating. FAIRBORN Title: Grandfather's journey / written and illustrated by Allen Say. AKERS KIM $21.14 45324 $62.20 45324 $406.71 Clean your car — After using a vehicle on a job, vacuum the floor and wipe off the seats to get rid of incriminating soil, grease, etc. Don’t forget to clean under floor mats, cracks in seats, etc. After vacuuming, dispose of the bag, or better yet, use a vacuum at a commercial self-serve car wash. If you’ve been driving on unpaved roads, thoroughly wash the vehicle’s exterior too. Don’t neglect the underside of the vehicle, especially the wheel wells and inside of bumpers. A self-service, commercial car washing establishment is a good place to wash and vacuum your car. Incidentally, spreading a little mud on your license plate before an operation to prevent it from being read at night is a good idea, so long as you are operating in an area in which mud would not seem out of place. Use common sense, though — a muddy plate on an otherwise clean vehicle would probably attract suspicion. 2240 HAZELTON AVE BOYLE NORMA JEANNE 2612 CHILDERS DR XENIA $222.00 $24.01 CEDARVILLE BEAVERCREEK Field Notes $92.00 $60.00 $311.09 $10.55 DAYTON $55.22 45431-1713 BOGGS PATSY F DAY JENNI CLEGG BRANDI N $31.80 1309 SUGARHILL LN 45324-9622 45434-6245 An excellent instrument for the job is a thick-handled, x-acto knife with a symmetrical “stiletto-type” blade (x-acto blade style 23x). These can be obtained cheaply at hardware or art supply stores. The blade design prevents the knife from getting stuck in the tire, and the sharp point allows easy insertion into the sidewall. You can safely carry this tool in your pocket if a piece of cork covers the blade. Keep one in the glove compartment of your vehicle for use when the opportunity arises. Although probably not as damaging as cutting the sidewall, an effective method of deflating a tire is to cut off the valve stem, or to pull the valve stem out entirely with a pair of pliers. Another way to puncture is to place small pieces of wood spiked with long nails under the tires of a parked car, or do the same thing with a caltrop. However, this method is more time-consuming, less certain, and best reserved for situations where the sound of escaping air might give you away. FAIRBORN 3100 OLD HERITAGE WAY 45385-0000 BELLBROOK P O BOX 492 1134 S CENTRAL AVE XENIA BARNES JOANN XENIA $919.93 FAIRBORN $4.62 BRAMSWAY GLADYS M 45314 XENIA $13.16 1460 MARTIN WAY BLVD Walk-in. These are disgruntled or disenchanted members of a target organization who volunteer their services, for a variety of reasons. They may have joined a group with good intentions, only to become offended by what they see as overly radical tactics. Or they may be ambitious people who have been passed over for leadership roles and decide to seek revenge against those they think slighted them. Or they may be wackos who seek revenge against someone in the group for personal reasons, including romantic ones. 45370 406 STELTON DRIVE JAMESTOWN 45387 $31.73 The wire or cable snare is another trapper’s tool designed to strangle an animal to death. BENSON KRISTINA $9.11 XENIA $56.40 1419 MAPLERIDGE DRIVE BAUGHN MERYL DEGENHART THOMAS J $38.35 Subject: Irish Americans Fiction. $45.00 Jefferson has also guest starred in over 100 episodes of series TV, including ER, Airwolf, T.J. Hooker, Knight Rider, and Mission Impossible. His many feature film credits include Apollo 13, Outbreak, Detroit 9000, Black Gun, The Slams, One Dozen, and Roger Corman's Private Duty Nurses, which marked his feature film debut. Smoke Device Sources: Cutting an old, rusty, run-down fence is often not worth the effort, as the fence is probably obsolete or due to be rebuilt soon anyway. Give priority to new, expensive-looking fences. 4888 EFFINGHAM PL $0.69 $19.00 2479 INDIAN WELLS TRL DELANEY GARY L ASIKELE EDWARD $21.89 FAIRBORN 45324 XENIA $75.00 45431-3157 45324 2173 PACER TRAIL BROWN JENNIFER BELLBROOK CEDARVILLE DAYTON $4.92 $24.00 DAYTON WILBERFORCE 45324-1801 DAYTON 8 MCLAUGHLIN AVE 45431 FAIRBORN COURTYARD INVESTMENT CLUB FAIRBORN BEAVERCREEK 45432 DEBBAGHI NADA XENIA 45324 1800 SOUTHLAWN DR $1,102.43 45385-8568 1821 STONEWOOD DR $24.57 Chapter 5: Vehicles and Heavy Equipment $88.42 45387 301 RIDGEWOOD DR $1,088.70 45324-2458 DAYTON FAIRBORN $26.00 FAIRBORN 2460 HEATHERGLEN DR #2 APPLESTONE VIRGINIA 1159 FREDERICK DR 2313 PORTAGE PATH WRIGHT PATTERSON AFB BREWINGTON RICHARD BERG NANCY V YELLOW SPRINGS XENIA 45431 919 S CENTRAL AVE 1555 SUDBURY LN $26.70 45387 $110.51 BROWNE ANDREW M 5485 BAYSIDE DR $17.75 45432 45324 Good quality, US-made 20”-24” bolt cutters (cost about $80) are adequate for 60d spikes or helix spikes 8” and smaller. You can easily carry this size bolt cutters in the woods to de-head your spikes after you drive them most of the way into the tree. You can then drive them in the rest of the way without their heads. JAMESTOWN DERTHICK RICHARD & M 33 E MAIN ST BARTILONI LISA DAVIDSON SHAREN C $1.00 Find a secure location to prepare your “paint bags.” An outdoor location allows a little sloppiness in the preparation. If you are working indoors, spread a thick layer of newspaper about your work area. Dispose of the newspaper and incriminating paint spots by burning them or dropping them in a dumpster in back of a business. 45324 45387-1418 CORNETT NANCY 1857 WOODVINE ST Q8 Title: Molesworth : the pioneer of western design / Terry Winchell. $67.00 BONDURANT TERESA M $100.42 45385 Once you have elicited some background on the potential recruit, search public records for confirmation. You will have to violate the basic security axiom of “no written notes,” but be cautious in your handling and concealment of the information you gather. If your background investigation convinces you of the person’s legitimacy, destroy the accumulated notes in the proper method (burning and crumbling the ashes). $55.00 XENIA $2.59 45324 CARROLL CORA E 2394 HAZEL DR $200.00 $57.81 XENIA 45324-6026 Amount BAYLES THOMAS H 1865 4TH ST CARTWRIGHT BRENDA BREWER ROBERT R. $10.00 FAIRBORN 4282 SHAWNEE TR BODINE KOSSEY COMBS JUNE $129.94 45324 $45.00 $5.72 COSNER F. BEAVERCREEK $100.00 45314 $90.78 JAMESTOWN 2710 SPRINGFIELD DAYT XENIA XENIA FAIRBORN BOLD MATTHEW 5455 MITCHELL 45431 $42.60 If Attacked by a Guard Dog 3123 WESTVIEW DR 45324 45385-9543 45385 BLACKFORD SHERRI A 2348 MALLARD LN APT 7 711 DAYTON XENIA RD $270.00 45434 FAIRBORN 45424 FAIRBORN 45305-1614 492 DANFORTH PL $119.00 341 WENDELL LN ADKINS TAMMY $19.55 YELLOW SPRINGS COOK RUTH 370 W MARKET ST APT C2 $148.89 FAIRBORN $50.00 571 WILSON DR C/O SANDBERG XENIA BROWN CHRISTY 3568 EASTERN DR 78 BRENT DR CLARDY JOE WILLIAM JR BEAVERCREEK FAIRBORN Todd Bryant has acting and working on stunts for films and television since the 1980's ranging from "Back to School" and "Baywatch" to the more recent "The Matrix", "Hellboy", "Charmed", and "CSI: Miami" $4,856.12 Most important: remember that any paper or cardboard underneath the slip you’re writing on will carry an impression of your letters (and make dandy evidence in court). Impressions can also be left in other relatively soft materials such as a wooden table used to write on. Writing on a piece of glass or mirror is a good way to avoid such traces. $92.80 XENIA XENIA 237 FOREST STREET Read the Security chapter, especially Basic Security and Counter-Security, before undertaking an operation of this nature. 45431 ARRINGTON ROY L 45432 45384 PO BOX 601 4813 HASSAN CIR APT 8 Scanners. When working with scanners, be sure that you have the correct frequencies. The Betty Bearcat frequency directory has too many errors. Visit your local radio specialty shop and purchase a good directory. Use your scanner to hear the National Weather Service station in your area. Consult your frequency directory or try the following frequencies: 162.400; 162.420; 162.425; 162.475; 162.550. Mobile use of scanners is illegal in some areas. Federal law prohibits making use of anything you hear on a scanner for illegal purposes or to commit a crime. 45305 474 DANFORTH PL DAYTON 45305-2722 CEDARVILLE The Department of Defense is creating a registry of DNA patterns. Supposedly, they merely want to have genetic fingerprints on file of all military personnel so that body remains can be more easily identified. However, the FBI and other government agencies could gain access to such records to run computer matches of DNA fingerprints left at crime sites. The FBI already has 7.6 million DNA fingerprints on file in its computer banks. There have been proposals to secure DNA fingerprints from all children so that they can be identified more easily in abduction cases. 622 CHESTNUT ST 45L OLD YELLOW SPGS RD Personal subject: Stieglitz, Alfred, 1864-1946. $85.93 Binoculars and spotting scopes can help at night, especially for observing a well-lit area. At least a 50 mm objective lens (the lens closest to the object you are viewing) is needed for optimal light gathering qualities. Some of the better military surplus houses sell special binoculars designed for night use. On moonlit nights in open country, deserts, and in snow, binoculars are quite effective. Remember, bright moonlight can reflect off binocular lenses and compromise your position. Such reflections are very visible through “starlight” systems. YELLOW SPRINGS CHIEGLIS JOHN J BROWN RONALD BAUER DEBORAH L 1488 UPPER BELLBROOK 2222 HAZELTON AVE $203.76 $86.90 4600 AIRWAY RD BEVERAGE DOCK BAKALUS SANDY 45324 ADKINS MELIA A BURRIDGE CHAD DS79.76 .R67 2006 $17.57 C/O SUZETTE CASTONGUAY DEAN CHARLES XENIA $92.30 2572 GRANGE HALL RD Because your contact person is exposed to the threat of arrest (especially if the informant really is a double agent planning a set-up) she must be mature and emotionally stable enough to stand up under interrogation to protect the identity of the action group. COLLIER SHARON R Assuming you have not used explosives or violence against people, it will be difficult for the site country to extradite you, but they may try. Each case is different. In the past, countries have not even tried because of the potential embarrassment of a media trial. They want to keep their eco-crimes quiet. It is your personal choice whether you want to further embarrass the country where you did your scuttling by participating in such a trial. Some scuttlers have turned themselves in after the fact. Others have not. Some dream of becoming the “serial scuttler.” 5235 MUD RUN RD 537 HILLRIDGE DR $77.19 119 BROWN AVE Personal author: Greenaway, Kate, 1846-1901. PZ BM695 .H3 Z35 1998 $110.36 $0.40 DAYTON $0.24 45324-4652 YELLOW SPRINGS DAWS PEARLIE 2008 STONEYBROOK TRAIL Most stock fuel systems are inadequate for the serious eco-raider. The first problem is lack of capacity — 20 gallons doesn’t go far in a 3/4 ton truck, so extra tanks are in order. You should be able to carry 40 gallons in on-board fuel tanks. Most manufacturers have auxiliary fuel tanks as an option; or they can be purchased from after-market dealers. 306 FAIRVIEW CIR $195.71 BLAIR JESSE CANTEL GAYLE Title: Mockingbird : a portrait of Harper Lee / Charles J. Shields. BLEDSOE JOE W $10.00 XENIA XENIA $10.11 CLIFTON Reference points (or “RPs,” as they are usually termed) are not inspired by monkeywrenchers, although their use has certainly become more common in areas where the deliberate removal of survey stakes has become a popular pastime. Survey stakes, hubs, and the other markings of survey crews are often obliterated in perfectly “innocent” ways. If a road is not immediately built, for example, the ravages of nature begin to take their toll. Stakes weather fast, flagging fades and eventually disintegrates, and some forest creatures speed the process up by gnawing on the stakes. An additional reason for the use of RPs is that when the construction workers arrive on the scene, they often accidentally knock over stakes before their usefulness is finished. $25.48 $75.00 BITTNER DIETER 502 SHEPHERD RD BEAVERCREEK $3.73 ADEGUNLE LEYE XENIA $12.95 45385 $0.66 FAIRBORN BROWN KRISTOPHER R 864 PRINCETON AVE FAIRBORN $25.20 $0.10 45324 Tree Pinning: The Art of Silent Spiking 2440 BONNIEVIEW AVE 45385-9326 FAIRBORN CHATFIELD HAZEL SPRING VALLEY 45385 $5.88 FAIRBORN $0.14 ABLING THERESA J 26 E WASHINGTON ST JAMESTOWN 45335-1651 $2.00 BELLBROOK 45335-1607 $596.65 $6.71 $128.00 45324 XENIA BEAVERCREEK Z52.5.M52 M389 2005 45385 638 JUNE DR 164 E BLESNA LN FAIRBORN XENIA Title: The metamorphosis, In the penal colony, and other $30.00 45385 BURCH KATHRYN J BESS CHELSEA MJ 45305 $4.00 45431 $32.10 FAIRBORN ARRINGTON RHEA BENDER JONAS E 45324 CLEMMONS ROBERT W JR DAYTON Walter Marvin Koenig BLACKETT ALPHONSO BIENICK K. S. $36.25 2050 GAYHART ST Amount 322 E. THIRD ST. $851.99 YELLOW SPRINGS BEAVERCREEK In a 1988 decision, the Supreme Court ruled that the Bill of Rights provision against illegal search and seizure (Fourth Amendment) does not apply to garbage. Justice Whizzer White said that citizens do not have a “reasonable expectation of privacy” for their garbage, even when it is sealed in opaque bags. The upshot is that police do not need a search warrant to go through your trash. $0.49 488 CONARD ST 151 E WALNUT ST BARBER R J $272.26 Personal author: Chance, J. Bradley. 8312 PHILADELPHIA DR $0.36 $1.00 $627.34 DAYTON Title: American Judaism : a history / Jonathan D. Sarna. 45431-0000 BOJOS 29 ROANOKE BLAIR JOHN 3725 WILMINGTON DAYTON RD 661 BROOKMEADE CT DAVIS NELLIE 3795 E ENON RD $117.49 XENIA 45387-9708 45305-2114 3321 LEAWOOD DR 460 E DAY YEL SPGS 45430 260 SAND HILL RD 20 PHANTOM DR 45305-0302 CRAFT TASHA N $18.75 BEAVERCREEK 45431 1216 WENDALL BENYSH ROBERT J 45305-1638 CAMPBELL JAMES W 45431 FAIRBORN FAIRBORN Subject: United States--Race relations. 3130 HUSSEY RD 1951 COMMONWEALTH DR BEAVERCREEK $73.98 BISHOP KAILE E 1846 NEEDMORE RD $70.00 DAVID JEFFREY S FAIRBORN $11.97 45387 BROWN BENJAMIN R Subject: Landscape painting, American--20th century Exhibitions. CONNOR LAUREN MALL AT FAIRFIELD COMMONS $5.26 45385 DELISIO VICKY Subject: Technology--Periodicals. $162.40 45370-0420 3134 E WILLOW BEND $48.82 DULL CURTIS 1566 TAMARA TRL RR 5 WILBERFORCE $63.65 45385 45432-1620 $0.56 45324-2302 Subject: City and town life Fiction. 45324 FAIRBORN 45432-3638 BARRY DONALD L BUNTYN MARY A 62 OLD YELLOW SPGS RD John A. Berry and Carol Pott Berry. 601 AUTUMN CREEK DR $4.69 45385 FAIRBORN DENZEL MICHAEL BARTLETT PETER M XENIA 45385-1310 45385-4825 ALTHOUSE RUTH E 1402 E KEARNEY LN $210.00 SPRING VALLEY 45324 CRANDALL BETH 9278 HERITAGE GLN $6.00 $60.08 ATLEY MICHAEL C 45431-000 45385- 45385 $11.49 BEAVERCREEK $10.57 109 RANCH ST 45385-2148 FAIRBORN $15.00 BAKER J YELLOW SPRINGS $115.00 2117 DRAKE DR COOK RUTH 2148 PLANTATION TR 45324-4913 3187 E BEAL XENIA $37.30 117 S SMITHVILLE RD CW PUBLICATIONS Amount 3972 SOUTHVIEW AVE Close a road near the beginning. This keeps vehicles out. CALL DOUGLAS COX DEBORAH A 1640 NORTHDALE RD 45324 ARMSTRONG RAYMOND C BEGLEY JOHN 1185 LOMEDA LANE After the energy company gets its permit, it sends in the surveyors. Working with a “chain,” the line is laid out cross-country or along a road using colored flags at regular intervals of 110, 220, 440 feet, or whatever for the pattern being used. Later (sometimes not until after the line is “shot”) the surveyors sight in the whole line with a theodolite or its electronic equivalent, leaving survey stakes to mark instrument positions. Survey work is easy, although tedious, to undo. As an ecodefender, the biggest problem is finding a seismic line in the first place; unless you have talked to somebody on the crew over a beer, a glimpse of colored flags along the road or trail is the only clue. Walk along the line and pull them all up. Bring a pack because seismic lines often run thirty miles or more, and that’s a lot of flags. 45324 45432-1138 Personal author: Tyler, Anne. PZ8.S248 Li 2000 CUSHMAN MARK THOMAS 45387- 8723 HADDIX RD FAIRBORN Some of the most lucrative trapping areas are around the boundaries of National Parks and Monuments, Wildlife Refuges, Wilderness Areas, Indian reservations and military lands. Within the so-called “wildlife refuges,” trapping is often hidden from public view behind signs reading “Public Not Permitted Beyond This Point.” $61.14 Field Note $74.12 45387 BILBEY MICAELA L 534 RISING HILL DR FAIRBORN FAIRBORN 45385 991WENRICK DR DAYTON $74.27 45324 45432 $1.00 ATKINSON LAWRENCE XENIA 45385 $70.59 ACKLIN HANNAH ELAINE XENIA BECKMAN CINDY BOWERMASTER EDITH BARRY PAMELAS $148.21 If you have suggestive bumper stickers on your car, you can cover them with masking tape and duct tape while “on the job” or visiting unfriendly towns like Escalante, Utah. Cover your sticker with masking tape first, then cover the masking tape with duct tape. The masking tape will protect your bumper sticker from being peeled off or torn when the duct tape is pulled off. When your need for maintaining a low profile is over, simply peel off the duct tape and there is your bumper sticker proclaiming its message to the world. If you are serious about security, however, you will remove such bumper stickers from your vehicle while on the job. FAIRBORN XENIA 45324 BROWN WILLIAM & JUDITH 530 MCINTIRE DR 45385 10441 STREAM PARK CT CORDELL WILLIAM PO BOX 363 $31.98 3797 ELEAZER RD BEAVERCREEK 45335 PO BOX 340324 DEGENHART THOMAS J CARRADO EDDIE $10.00 $4.40 XENIA $32.00 CONNOLLY JEFFREY F $174.64 45324 117 W S COLLEGE ST 174 LORETTA AVE BOX 751 BROWN EARL W. 300 E CHURCH APT 3E BARBER RICHARD E BARNETT BRADLEY A $10.00 CHENEY STEPHEN XENIA $0.64 Celeste Yarnall CHAMBERS WILL $179.90 Title: Ain't I a woman : Black women and feminism / by Bell Hooks. $68.85 Industrial strength paint removers work best, but the type sold at your neighborhood hardware store will do the job. Get the kind sold in steel cans. Recommended brands are Zip-Strip and Strypeeze. 1315D HEMMINGWAY DAVIS JOSH One item in Murphy’s Law states, “When loosening bolts, one of them is bound to be a roller (a bolt that will not simply spin off, but must be wrenched off millimeter by millimeter). It will either be the last bolt or the one most difficult to reach.” BURRER CARRIE L 45385-1534 DRING LOUISE 3280 ELEAZER RD XENIA PSC 11729 4398 CHELSEA DR BAUGH THOMAS BRYCEN $381.55 62 WELLS AVE $63.96 TNA: Sacrifice 2008 Witness every minute of hard-hitting action with all three hours of TNA Wrestling's Sacrifice 2008 event. See unlikely partners A.J. Styles and Super Eric take on B.G. James and Awesome Kong, former rivals Kip James and Matt Morgan team up against L.A.X. and Christian Cage and Rhino battle Robert Roode and Booker T. Plus, a Terrordome X Division Match separates the men from the boys, with the winner going on to compete for the World Title. $13.83 $62.30 XENIA $1.78 BROWN GARLAND NUEL 45335-1570 DAYTON $116.69 45385 FAIRBORN 45324 XENIA $233.63 $30.94 1164 CROWDEN CT JAMESTOWN WILBERFORCE 2624 CROSS COUNTRY DR DAYTON SOLUTIONS INC $22.12 1883 MONTGOMERY AVE 45385 $0.24 Title: Room full of mirrors : a biography of Jimi Hendrix / Charles R. Cross. 838 EDINBORO CT APT D 120 VANDERGRIFF DR FAIRBORN Extra Batteries for Everything — do it, or Mr. Murphy will fall upon you. Subject: Human reproductive technology. 45431-2838 $16.00 45324 45385-1835 45324-4010 BARNETT PATRICIA V $15.62 $208.33 526 W MAIN 45305-1157 DOHRMAN MARY B 584 TOWNCREST DR FAIRBORN 4365 ARDONNA LN BROWN JOE C 9458 ASH HOLLOW LANE $69.30 SPRING VALLEY 45335 230 N STAFFORD 2484 HEATHER GLEND DRIVE BARBARINE MAXINE XENIA $369.72 CHAVES CARLOS M DAYTON 2501 MARCIA DR XENIA Locations of doors and windows. 2171 MINNESOTA DR BUHRMAN CHARLES ALLEN MARJORIE M XENIA $1,375.96 3170 RODENBECK DR $20.04 45385-5118 Amount SPRING VALLEY $86.48 645TH MEDICAL GROUP 1543 WILBUR AVE $192.00 BOX 402 ACOFF EVELYN E BAUER ERIK M FAIRBORN 45385 45432-1505 $68.28 DAYTON $191.50 $483.48 Keeping a couple of smoke grenades on hand to toss out the window while fleeing the scene of an act of ecotage is a good idea too. 2766 CHATHAM CT FAIRBORN 3011 US ROUTE 68 45324-4857 XENIA XENIA $21.97 45335 DAVENPORT RACHAEL E DICKINSON JUSTIN 2295 GREENE WAY BLVD BEAVERCREEK Posters and Silent Agitators XENIA 4440 MOHAVE DR ANDERSON CHAD XENIA Subject: Men--Conduct of life--Fiction. 1957 N LAKEMAN DR $165.50 $26.64 45370 FAIRBORN $65.39 45387 BELLBROOK FAIRBORN YELLOW SPRINGS $101.56 CURLISS LORETTA DAYTON XENIA FAIRBORN 45385 $28.20 DOUGHTY MIKE 45431 DILLAPLAIN JOHN 539 MONROE ST FL 2 F 1644 JOSELIN RD Sloganeering is as dangerous as any other form of ecotage but should not be approached too timidly. Anyone can paint a few small slogans on out-of-the-way walls or signs. The opposition will take you far more seriously, though, if your choice of targets indicates competent boldness. $11.61 $193.19 BELLBROOK 1369 ROBINSON DR 45385 616 GROTON CT APT B $50.00 $7.09 FAIRBORN 120 S GALLAWAY 4821 HASSAN CIR ARROWOOD RICK DUNCAN MARY $14.00 $579.37 $0.50 45324 Title: Our underachieving colleges : a candid look at how CASPAR ROBERT III BERNT ERIC 2705 BARNHILL CT 1625 YALTA DR BUNTON RAY M. $82.79 3769 MALIBU CT # B $2.00 45434-4305 Personal author: Kafka, Franz, 1883-1924. 45387 45305-1543 CORBEAN CONNIE L XENIA $27.41 45387 Condo Trashing Luna feels honored to be so well remembered for her portrayal of Marlena Moreau in the all-time classic episode, "Mirror Mirror" from the original "Star Trek" series. She has appeared in numerous movies and has guest starred on nearly five hundred television shows. Some of her favorites are: Walt Disney's "Zorro", "The Big Valley", "Hawaii Five-O", "Buck Rogers in the 25th Century" and "The Outer Limits". 1011 GREENTIMBER TR DUDLEY SUSAN K 1490 LUDLOW RD P O BOX 31156 4179 JASPER RD 293 KINSEY RD $17.97 CROSS CLARENCE BARE CHRISTOPHER JOHN BARR ROBERT 2018 KATHY DR XENIA DAYTON 3575 CHARLENE DR 575 TRAVIS DR BOWDEN EVELINE J 45324 FAIRBORN BUCCI KAREN DAYTON CHITKARA DENESH FAIRBORN CHEN KEITH 3030 ELEAZER RD DEBOLT DANIEL S 45385 $35.62 FAIRBORN Personal subject: Chekhov, Anton Pavlovich, 1860-1904. ANGEL JACK $2.30 577 WILKERSON RD 2017 MILL RUN LN $29.80 45324 $10.61 45432-2834 45324-1805 XENIA American English usage / Mark Davidson. 45434 45432 1121 XENIA AVE 45431 ANDERSON BRIAN BROWN DUSTY A BLACKBURN TONYA L XENIA Field Note 45385 Address 4974 COBB DR $100.00 DAVIS MARLON R 45387 45370-9732 FAIRBORN YELLOW SPRINGS $494.06 BEAVERCREEK 45385 $70.34 Butyric acid will make a remarkably effective stink bomb. This is a weak acid (not dangerous) with an incredibly powerful stench. It smells like vomit and thus is particularly appropriate for expressing opinions about land rapers. Only a very small amount is needed — 2 drops will befoul a room. An ounce will perfume a building. The odor is resistant to cleaning and lasts for weeks. ZIP 45324-0000 EICHENLAUB DONNA L 130 FIG ST $1,365.94 CASTILLO ODIN AARI THARUN 45335-9801 1712 MONTGOMERY AVE 45385 FAIRBORN CEDARVILLE COOK RICK L BATTEN D. T. 45324-4121 1857 ST RTE 35 E 720 N MAPLE AVE FAIRBORN 482 OAKLAWN DR DAYTON BROWN BERNARD $3.00 $961.00 45324 Title: The thunder of angels : the Montgomery bus boycott and 112 DUPONT WAY 45324 CAUDILL JOSHUA F Stop the motion of the windmill. RIVERSIDE DILLON JOHN O MINOR CRAFT KIM 45324-9622 The prearranged signal to reassemble at an alternative area should be clear to all members of the separated team, but meaningless to any observers. Non-verbal signals may be preferable to radio codes, due to reliability and speed. Smoke grenades or modified flashes could provide secondary benefits. Personal author: Eco, Umberto. 45431 CARPENTER STEPHANIE G DAYTON 2204 BEAVER-VALLEY RD $50.00 YELLOW SPRINGS BOX 276A FAIRBORN ARENA DODGE DAYTON $11.39 45387 45324-3340 PS3537.T3234 Z86623 2005 COUCH IONA WRIGHT PATTERSON AFB ZIP BAUGHN J SPRING VALLEY $1.45 PO BOX 707 FAIRBORN 605 JEFFERSON ST CAIN SHANNON E BROCKWAY BARBARA 45385 1430 CLIFTON RD FAIRBORN DAYTON $11.20 CANDIDO RAFAEL 45324-4022 45431-1600 1628 WILBUR AVE 45305-1561 $10.00 Make the “cap” illustrated here so that you can drive the stakes into the ground without blunting the sharp end. Buy two 3/8 to 1/4 inch galvanized pipe “reducers,” one 3/8 by 5 inch galvanized pipe nipple, and one 1/4 inch nipple of any length (the shorter the better), and assemble as follows: Screw the five inch long pipe into the large ends of both reducers; screw the smaller pipe into the small end of one of the reducers; then cut it off flush. 45387 XENIA Title: Three French hens : a holiday tale / by Margie Palatini ; FAIRBORN 45324-4036 45324 2444 PERIWINKLE DR DAYTON ADAMS BRIDGETTE S 45324-6306 45432 FAIRBORN $2.00 BECKER KATHLEEN Learn to use the weather to your advantage. Going out just before, or in the early part of a snow storm may mean a blanket of fresh snow will hide your activity. This is not a substitute for wiping away your footprints, just an added advantage. Follow weather reports closely and learn by studying local weather patterns in the area where you operate. $75.21 $4.00 XENIA $25.00 45324 XENIA BEAVERCREEK 45305 $19.49 821 S ALPHA BELLBROOK RD BELLBROOK 5535 PLAINFIELD RD 45385 Although many types of alarm sensors are visible from the outside of a structure (like the metal foil on windows), some are not readily detected. The surest way to check for presence of an alarm is to force entry. This may trip lights, bells, or sirens. If it does not, there may still be a silent alarm system in place designed to summon guards or police without alerting the intruder. These can be detected by forcing entry and hiding a safe distance away to see if someone arrives to check out the target. Most responses occur within a half hour, usually substantially less. YELLOW SPRINGS $7.90 45324 987 US ROUTE 35 E #B EADES TRACEY J DOHERTY JEAN 45431-5671 Subject: Mexico--Description and travel. 1229 CHAUCER WAY Dark clothing is the rule for nightwork. Long sleeves protect the arms and cover light skin (visible on moonlit nights). Avoid too tight clothing that restricts movement, and too loose clothing that snags on branches, barbed wire, and the like. If stealth is particularly desired, nylon and plastic clothing should be avoided, since it makes a “swishing” noise when one moves. Wool is quieter than cotton. However, woolen garments are particularly susceptible to leaving fibers behind. Brush, cactus, barbed wire fences, and even rough brick can snag clothing and cause the ecoteur to leave fibers. Although it is unlikely that investigators would find minute clothing fibers left at an outdoor monkeywrenching scene, you should nonetheless avoid unusual, exotic clothing, and should consider discarding clothing after a particularly “heavy” operation. $21.57 BEAVERCREEK Tape a piece of cardboard to your vise and make a mark on it to serve as a bending guide for all the hundreds of nails you’re about to bend. Clamp a nail vertically in the vise with the midpoint mark just showing and pound it over until the tip is even with the mark. Carefully bend all the nails to the correct angle, one at a time. Now you’re ready for the welding assembly line. BELLBROOK 45431-1420 JAMESTOWN YELLOW SPRINGS Subject: Communication in social action. CRUBAUGH MELINDA I Removing the Roadbed 45305-1454 45434 $47.83 A simple but effective time fuse can be made with a cigarette, a book of matches, and a rubber band. Spread the heads of the two lines of matches apart, light the cigarette, put it between the lines of match heads, close the match book, and put the rubber band around it to hold it shut. The time delay can be adjusted up to 7 minutes by how much of the cigarette has to burn before it lights the matches. In case this time fuse fails, you don’t want your fingerprints on the book of matches. Get your book matches from a hotel, bar, or restaurant where a basket of match books with advertising is displayed. Pick up several books at once, touching only the two on the end of the stack. In this way only the end books have your prints. $35.10 BOUTIS KATHLEEN R $312.84 $2,052.78 BARRETT PHYLLIS J XENIA 4520 MAUGHAN DR 2237 CREEKVIEW PL FAIRBORN YELLOW SPRINGS BROWN VIRGINIA BRIDGES KATHEE COLLINS KAVIS In the case of the above fenced and guarded bulldozers, perhaps you can still cut the fence or spike the access road or cut their power lines or hit their main office or alter their billboards. Do whatever it takes to make it too expensive for them to continue ravaging Earth. 45431 155 UPPER HILLSIDE DR BEAVERCREEK 580 32ND SP 24 BEAVERCREEK 45305 45324 DAYTON 45432-3306 $1.52 ASIKELE EDWARD E $16.00 DIENER MARGARET ANN CAMPBELL MICHAEL CALDWELL SHANE $2.49 CIRIC AMY FAIRBORN 986 RIVERVIEW CT Subject: Technology transfer--Periodicals. CARTER TAMARA A 849 E 2ND ST PO BOX 552 BEAVERCREEK 45385-9430 PS3607 .L37 T48 2003 CINTO HILMAR $10.00 $0.42 FAIRBORN DAYTON Lungs — gas masks are usually unnecessary, but it is prudent to work quickly in order to reduce your risk 387 MT-VERNON DR $316.97 45324 BELLBROOK 1128 N MONROE DR As good patriots, lovers of our native land, it is our duty to resist invasion and to defend our planet. The following chapter describes some of the tools for that defense. A hammer and nails to save the forests, a pair of gloves to pull up survey stakes, a socket wrench for power towers ... and so on. 45385-4723 AUKERMAN AMANDA ANN 311 RED OAK DRIVE XENIA 45431-3033 BURPEE MURLE F 45431-1500 $284.40 45324 COPELAND CHRISTOPHER M $117.23 45431-3139 45387 45434 CRUM LEIZABETH E 45324 45370-9710 ALAVATTAM VIJAYA 45324 DARLING DONALD 45305 $13.00 YELLOW SPRINGS As long as you have used common stock paper and surgical rubber gloves to avoid leaving fingerprints, this is a safe communiqué to send. Also, it spares you of the need to visit a photocopy shop to make a copy to send. Use envelopes of the standard variety, and seal them with (and moisten stamps with) a damp sponge or a piece of damp tissue paper. 1967 DRAKE DR Owner Name Address City ZIP Amount FAIRBORN 519 WAYNE AVE YELLOW SPRINGS $53.39 3588 WILMINGTON DAYTON RD 45431 BAUMAN RYAN W BECKS TIMOTHY S BONDS PAMELA M BARBER CRYSTAL D 329 ORINCO $22.27 Your brace should be lightly oiled to insure silence, and you should carry a spare bit so that you can always work with a sharp bit. Since you have to lean into the brace to get maximum effectiveness, this tool is particularly effective on felled trees that have been limbed and bucked (cut into shorter lengths). These can be found either scattered about the logging site, or near skid trails or “landings” where they are piled for loading onto trucks. $0.81 Other billboarders active in the early seventies included “Americans for a Scenic Environment,” who once replaced a downed sign with a small tree. During 1976–77, the “Vigilante Sign Committee” in Jackson, Wyoming, dropped every highway billboard in Teton County. In Arizona, a group called the “Eco-raiders” cut down numerous billboards around Tucson. According to one member, “If enough billboards are cut down, it will become prohibitively expensive to advertise that way.” BOYLAN ELLEN R 1583 RED OAK RD DAYTON XENIA PO BOX 51 3048 HITE RD $36.90 45305-8936 1213 CINCINNATI AVENUE %SANDRA DISHON 45370 BLACKMON ELVIN L DENZEL MICHAEL CRAWFORD ONA MEGAN Although it’s possible to make your own smoke bombs at home, this is not recommended for two reasons: 1) if you do it wrong the things won’t work, and 2) if you really do it wrong you blow yourself up. A wide variety of smoke bombs and grenades can be bought by mail with no record or legal hassles. The commercially-produced devices come in two basic types. The first type is designed to be ignited by lighting the fuse. The second type is designed to function like a hand grenade. The user pulls a pin and the device self-ignites several seconds later. These devices generate very large amounts of smoke (anywhere from 3,000 to 115,000 cubic feet), and will make smoke for up to ten minutes. These smoke bombs and grenades even come in a variety of smoke colors. White, gray, red, green, yellow, and violet are available. To give you an idea of the quality of smoke produced, burning crude oil has a TOP (Total Obscuring Power) rating of 200; some of these devices have a TOP of 2100. $55.88 CAHILL MATTHEW 2740 LOWER BELLBROOK RD DAVIDSON SHAWN R XENIA 1704 IRONWOOD DR APT 23 BEAVERCREEK $1.00 1041 WENRICK 644 WISCONSIN DR BEAVERCREEK 1979 DRAKE DRIVE FAIRBORN Address DIEHL CARRIE E Owner Name Paul Carr DAYTON CUNNINGHAM ALBERT FAIRBORN 45385 BAIR KEVIN L C/O NINA BURNETT 300 W SPRING VALLEY PAINTERSVILLE RD $0.08 3956 GRAHAM DR 45324 45324-6025 $1.22 117 W SOUTH COLLEGE ST 45432-3557 BUNTS THURMAN 3451 SUBURBAN DR 3842 FERRY RD 5579 BAYSIDE DR CULBERTSON CHRIS L 2838 STAUFFER DR JAMESTOWN BRUCE JOHN S 3382 ROCK DR $326.86 597 S STADIUM DR Special Release Problems. 2195 ROCKDELL DR 45324-0000 BOYER JANICE G $32.86 $41.25 BEAVERCREEK XENIA 45324 FAIRBORN 45385 $50.00 CHEESEMAN MELLISA DAYTON DIGEL MATTHEW XENIA CROSS CLARENCE YELLOW SPRINGS CUPPS CYNDAL 2501 SPICER DR BOWER MERLE 1519 MCGREVEY AVE FAIRBORN 45324 YELLOW SPRINGS JAMESTOWN BOWMAN ROGERS MICHELLE ANN BEAVERCREEK 45385-9628 DANIELS BECKY FAIRBORN AUGUJSTUS RON 257 ASHLEY CT XENIA Title: Afghanistan : opposing viewpoints / John Woodward, book editor. 1424 N BROAD BOWERS LOLLIE BURKHART STEPHAINE DONOHUE JAMES P 3011 US ROUTE 68 YELLOW SPRINGS 634 JEFFERSON ST 4967 WOODMAN PARK DR 5 45432 45324 2145 MONAHAN WAY 4539 GLENN MARTIN DRIVE 45431 3566 WOODGREEN DR XENIA DAYTON XENIA XENIA YELLOW SPRINGS CLAWSON ELI S ATHERTON SANDRA L. 45324 $450.00 CUI LIKE BAILEY MICHAEL E 1877 S MAPLE AVE STE 100 $69.60 DILLARD DALLAS 3244 CEDARWOOD DR 152 TRAVIS DR NORTH DETROIT ST BURTCH TAMBERLY K FAIRBORN 45324 45324 $356.40 45314-0000 DAYTON 389 1/2 LAKE ST ANDERSON DON BARNES KIM DENISE 4381 TONAWANDA TR 251 N MAIN ST # 2105 45431-2420 BRUCE JEFF 1648 SUNNYMEADE $6.00 FAIRBORN $10.30 WRIGHT PATTERSON AFB COLEMAN HEIDI L DAY JAN CAROLYN When handling the clay directly, always wear plastic gloves. The best types are the disposable examination gloves used by doctors and available at medical supply houses. More expensive, but more readily available, are the plastic gloves sold at all grocery stores in the kitchenware section. These types are more durable and will survive repeated use. Whichever type you use, obtain gloves with a skin-tight fit. Subject: Indians of North America--New Mexico Biography Juvenile literature. 4214 RUSHMORE PL $138.00 4195 FOX FERN CT 45305-0000 1990 S BELLEVIEW DR Amount You may find yourself being pursued when in your vehicle. Again, your pursuer may be a police officer, a private security guard, or an irate citizen. Even skilled pursuers can sometimes be safely eluded by the driver who keeps cool and plans ahead. However, it is unlikely that you will be able to outrun law enforcement vehicles. They know what they are doing. They also know they don’t need to catch you — all they have to do is radio ahead and wait for you to screw up. You have a better chance, however slim, of eluding police than out-running them. XENIA FAIRBORN Personal author: Fuentes, Carlos. $36.25 CEKIC ORHAN ARNOLD WILLIAM R Other Tire Flattening Methods $65.18 Z665.2.U6 W49 2006 XENIA Break down the power of the billboard ad by answering it, looking at the space available and the way in which the words and images lend themselves to addition, alteration, or comment. Humor is extremely effective in exposing the advertiser’s real intentions — turning the ad’s message back on itself. Finally — do not make spelling mistakes! 45324-2832 3187 CENTERVILLE RD DISCHER RONALD L Large machines, in the form of earth moving and logging equipment and haul trucks, are the most pervasive tools of land rape. Because of their purchase and maintenance costs, they are extremely attractive targets for monkey-wrenching. Downtime for repairs can exceed fifty dollars an hour, and a proper job of sabotage can idle a machine for weeks. ALLEN LILLIE 117 W. S. COLLEGE ST. 45385 2295 GREENE WAY BLVD BELLBROOK XENIA 45432 2300 WINCHESTER RD v-a-jpeg-40.jpg $0.54 $103.01 45335 683 WENDOVER DR BEAVERCREEK 719 CYPRESS DR 45430 45324-525 45335 DAYTON $100.00 45385 1321 VIMLA WAY $14.96 Subject: Earthquakes--California--San Francisco. DAVIS PORTIA F DARNELL MIKE A A Throw of Dice Inspired by the ancient Sanskrit poem "The Mahabharata," this silent 1929 epic follows two royal cousins, King Sohan (Himansu Rai) and King Ranjit (Charu Roy), who share many passions, including gambling and the winsome young Sunita (Seeta Devi). But when Ranjit wins Sunita's hand in marriage, Sohan challenges his cousin to a high-stakes dice game that will put everything they hold dear on the line. Sarada Gupta plays Sunita's father. $28.21 ANDERSON BRIAN $1.00 $1,770.43 $12.89 CASEY JOHN P 45385-2801 45387 City $9.80 FAIRBORN 45385 Cellular Telephones BELLBROOK 743 OLD HARSHMAN RD 23 864 EAST HYDE ROAD CARTER CINDY FAIRBORN 221 ARCHER DR DAYTON YELLOW SPRINGS $24.67 $16.70 BEAVERCREEK 468 FLORENCE AVE 45385-5213 4942 WESTMORELAND CT #C Because of the crucial need for good security practices by monkey-wrenchers, we have expanded and updated the material in this chapter. Read it. Study it. Make it second nature — like buckling your seat belt when you get into your car. 45431- 657 HOME AVENUE 45324-4918 1220 SUGARHILL LN 45385- CROSS CLARENCE DAYTON 45324-3942 45335-0000 CLEM DONALD S $6.29 DIXON JESSICA BISHOP MARY 45387-2010 45324 FAIRBORN 45370 BROWNING L. D. $42.96 FAIRBORN 45314 Of course this Third Edition of Ecodefense, like those before it, is meant only to entertain. No one should take it seriously. $3.00 DENOYELLES JESSICA L $65.67 $52.00 $55.32 FAIRBORN FAIRBORN “Bug zappers” indiscriminately slaughter flying insects and should be outlawed. Until then, they should be put out of commission whenever possible. They can be taken and destroyed, or shot out with BB guns, pellet guns, or slingshots. 45432 Monkeywrenching is deliberate and ethical ARGENT JAMES Subject: Mothers--Death Fiction. 45431 BERRY JULLEY R $435.81 CODY CHARLES 45324 1440 IRONWOOD DR XENIA XENIA A book well worth reading is The Outlaw’s Bible, by E. X. Boozhie. (In the second edition of Ecodefense, we reported it was available from Circle A Publishers in Arizona for $12.95 postpaid. They seem to no longer be in business. But some folks have ordered it through bookstores like Walden’s for $11.95.) It tells you how a few extra precautions may maximize the protection of your “constitutional rights,” something most people take for granted until it is too late. COLLINS KATHLEEN $654.12 $22.60 Title: The lovely bones : a novel / Alice Sebold. Anti-Boarding Deterrents CUNNINGHAM ALBERT v-a-jpeg-59.jpg 45324-2462 BELLITT JAMES R $10.08 1415 O SHAUGHNESY DR 18 S 2ND ST CARPENTER SHAWN J BOX 12252 1947 FORESTDALE FAIRBORN James Doohan is best known to Star Trek fans as Scotty ("Montgomery Scott"), the chief engineer aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise, in the original Star Trek series. $51.50 5726 ACCESS RD $22.18 XENIA 321 XENIA AVE 2089 DAYTON XENIA RD DAYTON 45324 4604 PENN AVE APT 102 807 N COLUMBUS Paint Remover $8.00 XENIA $10.73 $65.90 5490 PEARSON RD BALI JOHN C $0.04 BOYD WILLIAM P 45324-3764 retold by Robert D. San Souci ; illustrated by Sergio Martinez. ALLEN ULYSSES S $62.00 JAMESTOWN $1,055.97 45431 1003 COURTNEY DR #A JAMESTOWN XENIA 45431 BOWSHIER AMANDA J YELLOW SPRINGS National Forests list timber sales years in advance. Some even indicate if they are in roadless areas and which roadless areas. The safest and most effective tree spiking is done in proposed timber sales years in advance. Spiking ideally should occur before any road building or even surveying is under way. Such advance spiking should be announced to prospective timber buyers and the Forest Service, but not the media. The presence of spiked trees in timber sale areas will reduce the commercial value of such sales and turn off potential bidders. The cost of identifying and removing spikes may make the sale so expensive that even the Forest Service — which habitually sells timber at a loss to US taxpayers — will drop it. ALFORD SHIRLEY F 45324 EAKES ERIC L $106.75 45387 XENIA $345.00 432 ASHTON CT DONATO DEMERIUS L DAYTON ALEK INC 45324 FAIRBORN BEARD ERROL DAVID Disrupting Illegal Activities $401.85 DOTY CHRISTOPHER Subject: Learning disabled children. $10.50 Chlorpromazine (Thorazine) RT 2 FAIRBORN $63.96 5237 KETURAH DR $14.00 DENSLOW NORMAN D Owner Name 45301 CONNER JOHN N $96.50 $2,160.78 45385- BEEGLE SCOTT A Using The Noose Pole: 45431-3359 247 MAPLE TERRACE BEEBE BRIAN 142 WASHINGTON MILL RD BULLOCK KIMBERLY A FAIRBORN BURTON TERRY W YELLOW SPRINGS $36.42 DAVIS BENJAMIN H There is an objection to this type of spiking — the possibility, however remote, that the sawyer might be injured, either by the kickback of the saw striking the nail, or by the chain, should it break when striking the spike. A friend of ours who worked for many years as a logger in Colorado says that in numerous incidents of striking metal objects with his saw — including one time when the impact was great enough to cause him to swallow his chaw of tobacco — he never once had a broken chain or was otherwise hurt. Yet the possibility is there. Because of this possibility, we do not recommend this type of spiking. 2927 W. ENON ASSHIN BOBBY CARLIN RAYMOND G COURTNEY RICHARD FAIRBORN $35.08 1360 CORRY ST RIVERSIDE Personal author: Perry, Barbara, 1962- DONLEY JOHN M. 75 LORETTA #H 45432-4001 45305 Subject: Voyages and travels Fiction. DAYTON Once your first hit is successfully completed, you are bound together by shared danger and experience, and you may consider introducing the new recruit to the team. If the recruit seems paranoid or expresses doubts during or after the first hit, wait until she has a bit more experience before introducing her to other team members. The ideal recruit responds with excitement and enthusiasm to the rigors of direct action, but is not reckless. CAMPER BISHOP G DAYTON 530 MCINTIRE DR ALESHIRE LAWRENCE F II 2728 MONTEREY CIR $62.61 $5.57 45433 45432 $3.20 BECKER JAN L BELLBROOK 1523 ROCKWELL DR $80.29 When using the strobe at night, flash it several times at the guard or other individual who steps around the corner or pops up from behind a bulldozer. Remember, close your own eyes when activating the flash, or you will lose your night vision. Hold the light at arm’s length out to the side. After a few flashes, turn away and run like hell. BELLBROOK $2.00 $16.20 APT B 621 SMITH AVE CALLAWAY KENNETH H. COOPER KRISTEN L ASCCXA $20.00 $60.00 CURRIE GREG The Forest Service has a super-cache of law enforcement equipment in Bozeman, Montana. Some of this stuff is out of James Bond movies: automatic weapons, location transmitters to attach under private automobiles, motion sensors to place on trails or around logging sites, and night-vision equipment. 45430-1478 Disguise your spikes with small branches. This may be especially effective on logging roads. Soon, drivers will be afraid to drive over any fragment of dead tree. ANDERSON CHRISTOPHER BEAVERCREEK The contact should be very careful when passing information on to the action group. A pay phone to pay phone call, arranged at the last minute, is generally secure. Face-to-face meetings in open areas like parks are also usually secure from electronic eavesdropping. Pass information on verbally, making no written notes that can be seized as evidence, and on a strictly one-to-one basis. If confronted, denials will be more convincing if the content of a conversation hinges on one person’s word against another’s. Another precaution is for the contact to pass on information as if it were idle conversation or gossip. If no illegal activity is actually discussed, it will be harder to prove that a crime has been committed. $141.06 BEAVERCREEK $821.00 The Supreme Court has severely restricted “standing” for conservationists to sue the federal government; BEAVERCREEK 174 FAYETTE ST 45324 $26.00 45384 XENIA CRUEA ROBIN L $789.90 45385-0000 DAYTON 127 GLEN ST $22.27 CEDARVILLE 45324--52 EAGLE BEARD LINDA L $1,485.80 DAYTON 7 E FRANKLIN ST quince cuentos tradicionales latinoamericanos / Personal author: Sebold, Alice. BOX 357 2803 RHETT DR DAYTON 45335 $54.02 RT 1 BX 3975 $16.47 his bit, you can use readily available power-drill bit extenders ($3 each, lengths up to 18”). The power-drill bit extenders do require a special set of jaws in the hand brace, but most newer models accommodate both square and ta-pered shanks anyway. XENIA 306 D WILLIAMS ST 45387 BENNINGTON PAUL S $30.00 45324-4717 XENIA DAYTON $53.53 BEAVERCREEK DENGER JULIA AUKERMAN JAMES & NEK FAIRBORN WRIGHT PATTERSON AFB $61.30 CUMMINGS MILDRED V ZIP 819 MCDOWELL PL 1105 PAXON CT 1986 COMMONWEALTH DR 45385 $0.53 XENIA 45385-7603 Intensive search — An intensive search may be mounted if the authorities believe that the crime is serious, and that the suspects might still be in the area. A number of search methods which might be employed: There are disadvantages, though. Each cellular phone has a number, of course. Thus there will be a record of all calls, such as with long-distance on conventional phones. Also, conversations can be picked up by anyone with a scanner for the proper frequencies. $6.28 $57.20 Title: Rick Steves' France 2007 / Rick Steves. $72.35 3849 SR 35 E RIVERSIDE 45432-1136 EDWARDS STEPHEN R. Field Notes 45324 2484 DUTCH MILL DR 23 W WHITTIER AVE $409.00 723 SHEPHARD RD 3965 CORRY RD FAIRBORN 231 D EAST XENIA DR 45385 2082 LA GRANGE RD BARTON ROSS J 45324 2104 CRAB TREE DR 45324 45385 ZIP 3968 KEMP RD 1940 ALLBROOK DR $668.61 AAA MIAMI COUNTY 45434 $88.88 FAIRBORN BELLBROOK XENIA 1800 EL CAMINO DR 119 S GALLOWAY ST 150 LORETTA AVE APT 4 BOOHER DUSTIN L CONDUFF EDDIE Title: Imagining Los Angeles : a city in fiction / David Fine. $32.99 45314 $2.30 871 VAN EATON RD $500.00 $10.16 45431-3033 FAIRBORN $0.08 1803 SIMISON RD CONNILLY SMITH JOAN DAYTON CUSTOM EXTERIORS SPRING VALLEY WRIGHT PATTERSON AFB 902 N BICKETT RD COWSERT DECIMA B DELASKI KRISTINA M 45385 Subject: Internetworking (Telecommunication) $50.00 Title: Gabriel Orozco : photographs / [essays by Phyllis Rosenzweig and Mia Fineman]. CASTLE MARILYN 950 WHITESTONE RD $1.01 $30.33 CROWE BRIAN B 146 GREEN LAKE CT BLAIR JOHN ALPHA Damaging water developments; $41.00 DAYTON 5891 FOULOIS DR 49 SOUTH QUENTON A A major facet of Don's career is consultation on a number of issues connected with his work and with racial issues. Don has also received many awards in honour of his work including 'Outstanding Achievement to Don Marshall as acknowledgement of Superior Performance as a Black Achiever in the United States of America'. Don is enthusiastic about bringing 'Land of the Giants' back to our screens, and has written his own script 'Escape from a Giant Land'. $55.44 XENIA XENIA $15.33 FAIRBORN 15 W MARKET ST 5320 SAUM DR Majel Roddenberry 2324 IVY CREST DR $32.80 45387 YELLOW SPRINGS 45385 BELLBROOK FAMILY PRACTICE 45324 Title: The de Young in the 21st century : a museum by Dumpsters make fine “billboards” for our message, requiring only paint and perhaps a stencil. Large disposal companies like Waste Management Inc. (WMI) and Browning Ferris Industries (BFI) have dumpsters all over. (WMI’s are maroon; BFI’s are blue.) Good slogans to put on these companies’ dumpsters would advocate curbside recycling — “Your garbage is polluting my neighborhood! Demand recycling now!” and “It’s time to try recycling!” $10.00 $250.59 $22.59 45385-5013 DOORLEY FRANK J 45385 XENIA FAIRBORN 45385 $99.22 XENIA Powerlines All (motorcycles, cars, trucks, heavy equipment): BEAVERCREEK 2466 PERIWINKLE DR Undercutting a bank is only a little better than logs and rocks since the rubble can usually be cleared out of the way or driven over with less trouble than it took to bring it down. However, it is possible to find conditions where a modest effort applied to an unstable bank (or cliff above the road) will fill up a section of road with no easy detours. Using the spud bar in the cracks of fractured rocks is sometimes feasible. After a bank is well undermined, a ditch across the top of the bank will help to bring it down. (Remain on the uphill side of the ditch and/or rope off to avoid becoming part of the landslide!) If, after undercutting the bank and ditching across the top, it still won’t slide, you can lay a pole on each side of the bottom of the ditch. Lay the hydraulic jack on its side between the poles, and jack them apart. They will spread the load along the ditch and push the undermined bank off. DEAN CAREY A 1146 HURON TRL 1408 POPLAR DR. $66.21 45431-2919 XENIA $24.70 45305 $9.20 BERG NANCY V BEVERLY VIOLA City 4406 HILLCREST Back to Top JAMESTOWN Another weapon against tires is the spike- or nailboard. Short scraps of rebar, left over after making spikes, are useful here. For rebar spikes, take a 2 to 4 foot length of standard 2 x 4 or 2 x 6 lumber and stud it with spikes. Our spikes protrude 4 to 6 inches out of the board at a 45-degree angle and are usually placed 3 to 4 inches apart. The spikes can all be angled in one direction, or angled two ways, so as to puncture tires coming from either direction. To place the spikes, drill a hole the diameter of the spike, at the desired angle, through the board. After placing the spikes in the board, you may want to nail another board across the bottom as backing, so the weight of the vehicle won’t drive the spike down into the hole before the tip accomplishes its purpose. However, this may not be a hazard with the lighter ATCs and ATVs (a 4 x 4 ATV may weigh 500 lbs., sans rider). 101 PARKHURST #R BEAVERCREEK XENIA JAMESTOWN DAVIS GEORGE L BILLOCK AMBER 2219 CAPESTRANO DR These “walkman” type units have a maximum range of about a quarter of a mile under ideal circumstances (rarely achieved under field conditions), so they are not suitable for all operations. $23.13 105 OMALEE DR 5432 WOODBINE AVE COVELL DEBORA Personal author: Reynolds, Simon, 1963- 45324 2409 MALLARD LN BURKES DENNIS $93.21 $4.60 XENIA 45324 $60.00 $84.75 45433 45324 45385 45385-2309 45385-1660 ONE HERALD SQUARE $22.01 $4.00 Subject: Pueblo Indians Biography Juvenile literature. 45324-4024 1108 S MAPLE AVE 385 COLORDA DR 176 W. FUNDERBURG RD. $2.20 JAMESTOWN 45385 BRINKMAN DONNA COLORCRAFT FAMILY PORTRAITS 661 BROOKMEADE CT DENZEL MICHAEL Stun Guns — Where legal, the electronic stun gun can be purchased over-the-counter at pawn shops and some gun shops. The best models discharge over 40,000 volts at an amperage so low that they can be safely used (or so the manufacturers say) on someone wearing a pacemaker. They have a tremendous immobilizing capacity, and are best applied to a dog’s nose after he has taken hold of the protection sleeve. (At the present time, these “stun guns” are being sold legally in Arkansas, and probably in several other states as well.) $53.39 BROWNING JACLYN N $1.31 — High Plains Drifter CARTER MILDRED M 45431 BILYEU EDNA COFFEE HAROLD BROWN ROGER&PAULINE 45305 $0.90 BAKER MELINDA $0.15 Target Selection FAIRBORN Subject: Novelists, American--Homes and haunts--California--Los Angeles. 45385 XENIA 3353 CEDARWOOD DR FAIRBORN BACK JERRY $28.83 1673 US ST RT 68 SOUTH 45431-1411 Spiking trees many years ahead of their scheduled sale has several advantages. Little money has been invested in surveying, road building, preparing environmental assessments, and the like; so the authorities have less incentive to go ahead with a timber sale. It’s more difficult for the Freddies to locate spiked trees years after spiking, and without easy road access they are less likely to search for spikes. Timber buyers have not committed resources to the area and it may be easier for them to simply not bid on a risky, possibly expensive proposition. Also the monkeywrencher’s chances of being encountered are slim. The advantage of advising only the agency and prospective timber buyers and not the general media, is that there will be no public loss of face if the sale is quietly dropped or left without a bid because of the spiking. In some cases, spiked timber has been sold and cut at a considerable financial loss to both the Forest Service and the logging company so that they do not to appear to be intimi He has 4 children (Larkin, Deirdre, Chris and Monty) from his first marriage, and 3 children from his current marriage (Eric, Tom and Sarah). 2286 ROSEANNE COURT $1.05 45385-5509 $0.99 ALEXANDER ROBERT 327 E. MARKET ST. BOLAND DAVID W BEAVERCREEK 45433 DURON MICHAEL M 2091 NEBRASKA DR COX JAY JAMESTOWN BONDURANT TERESA M 1242 APPLE ST 45324 $95.00 DALLAS ALDRIDGE $81.78 CHIFALA CHRIS $35.31 Amount 407 MERRICK DR $10.00 XENIA 45387-8708 BOX 162 45324 XENIA Most Americans do not realize that commercial logging takes place in their National Forests. They believe that the Forest Service protects the Forest. In the early and mid-1980s, Earth First! used the Smokey the Bear Chainsaw Letter to educate National Forest campground users about what was really happening on their National Forests. $23.67 25 ROWLAND DR $15.00 1303 GULTICE RD WRIGHT PATTERSON AFB BYRD MICHAEL B $10.35 The police, many bureaucracies, and some media have technology that enables them to know the phone number someone is calling them from. This was just brought to my attention while I was talking to a reporter from a number he didn’t know. He was going to check into something and call me back. I started to give him the number but he’d gotten it when he picked up the phone. Scary. XENIA 45385-4941 BENNING GLADYS E DUFF GARY Paint — Dispose of in dumpsters. (Avoid fingerprints on paint cans.) Don’t neglect to dispose of rags or clothing that may carry paint spots. BLACKWOOD JANET G 510 CORONADD DR 45385 FAIRBORN 45335 XENIA — Corona Smith 45387-1420 $54.00 45385-9340 45324 45385-0000 Personal author: Wiseman, Rosalind, 1969- BURDICK T. T. 45385 $51.59 $55.40 BENNIER AMN J DIGITAL CONCEPTS INC 1330 WALNUT BT CT Personal author: Nunes, Paul, 1963- 1995 PACER TRAIL 45305-0000 45335 $11.00 BRUMBAUGH CHRISTOPHER 121 W S COLLEGE ST $7.70 $0.06 $4.00 BROWN BRAD ALLEN JOHN W $4.80 1777 ARLIN PL #D ALLEN MARJORIE E FAIRBORN 5810 KEVIN DR $16.76 4057 UPPER BELLBROOK RD 45305 CHEUVRONT DAVID C 45324-0000 FAIRBORN 18 KIRKMONT CT 211 DUPONT ST $162.53 45324-4036 627 W SECOND ST 45432 Alvin M. Josephy, Jr. ; with Marc Jaffe. $626.47 Back to Top Z693 .W94 2006 Personal author: Emmett, David. DAYTON $17.60 COSTELLO RICHARD XENIA BOYD RODNEY 45387 DENNY LISA RICHARDS EGUAROJE IYABO S Operate with a small group of trusted friends, and never have more people on an operation than are absolutely necessary. FAIRBORN BUSH AMY M 45324 Chain Saw Subject: Hatha yoga. WILBERFORCE CTY LOAN & SAV BX 206 661 BROOKMEADE CT BOLD VALENTINE 627 CENTRA 45324- XENIA AYERS STEVEN W 45305-1559 BRYSON RANDALL J BAPAT H D DAYTON BROOKE CASEY O 2498 HARBISON RD ANDERSON JOHN BEAVERCREEK $1.00 XENIA 45324 45324 45385 XENIA 631 SMITH AVE JAMESTOWN DAYTON $113.00 740 COLUMBUS STREET BONEWTLER TONI 45324 $104.86 45324-571 FAIRBORN 78 N HAVEN DR DAYTON 45385-7635 $16.80 $350.01 CROSS LISA $77.60 BARNES SHIRLEY L XENIA FAIRBORN $0.68 FAIRBORN 743 HARSHMAN RD Title: Classical optics and its applications / Masud Mansuripur. $85.15 45324-9621 BALDWIN BILLY R 45385 $10.72 45431-1309 Fintan O'Toole. $93.07 240 ARDMORE DR Title: Mrs. Dalloway / Virginia Woolf. $13.47 XENIA XENIA WRIGHT PATTERSON AFB 723 SHEPHARD RD $0.39 BELASCO CATHERINE 45324 Subject: Civil rights--United States Cases. XENIA $1.32 BROWN H E $195.89 XENIA 2272 HORSESHOE TRL Seeking information they do not need under “need to know” rules. JAMESTOWN When satellites for them are up, possibly in a couple of years, cellular phones may work virtually everywhere. At this point, they will be much more versatile than radios. (It may be expected that law enforcement, land managing agency, and industry crews will be equipped with them.) XENIA COX R. 45385--19 DAYTON $4.68 45387 $1.11 717 N. CENTRAL AVE BUSH VILDER F 2687 LANTZ RD BROKESHOULDER MARJORIE XENIA AVE WILBERFORCE BARNDABUR SARA M Amount CLIFTON BUCCALO GRANT DAVID ZIP FAIRBORN CASTLE MARK BAKER BRADLEY DAVID $358.31 $31.37 BEAVERCREEK $1.93 JAMESTOWN $117.13 1863 IRONWOOD DR PZ7.B91527 Th 2005 1480 ANNA ST # E 1823 BEAVER VALLEY RD Subject: Filipino Americans Juvenile fiction. 245 FACULTY DR DAVIS JUDY Those active in an area subject to law enforcement investigation and surveillance might encounter nighttime stakeouts utilizing sophisticated night vision devices. The most sophisticated of these will amplify existing starlight tens of thousands of times. This effectively turns night into day for the viewers, but it does not penetrate into shadowed areas very well. The addition of an infrared spotlight allows invisible infrared light to penetrate even the shadows within the range of the spotlight. ADAMS ROBERT L DAYTON 45305 $103.50 45385-9377 DUNNE JAMES E BEAVERCREEK FAIRBORN $4.00 Subject: Rock musicians--United States Interviews. 2145 N FAIRFIELD RD Personal author: Sliter, Rick. Subject: Government and the press--United States. 45314-9747 4269 WOODLAND TER Flashlight (Headset Lamp is best; with blue — not red light filter, and small backup light that you can hold in your mouth if necessary) FAIRBORN BONECUTTER BRETT Subject: Rock musicians--United States Biography. $72.53 45324 Subject: Executives Fiction. 3892 SHAWNEE TRL $564.78 $120.00 COFFMAN RONNIE R 219 HARDACRE DR $0.24 JAMESTOWN $27.29 $14.67 $82.00 45324-4447 PO BOX 1057 45385 45324 BELLBROOK XENIA $24.81 OLIVE KETTERING LIBRARY DAYTON 45434 $58.85 FAIRBORN 45335 257 HOLMES DR Cutting Fence 45385 FRIENDS CARE CTR ROOM 210 YELLOW SPRINGS 2421 W JACKSON RD HEARTLAND OF BEAVERCREEK BALMER JENIFEE H 45385-1453 45385 45431-1929 $13.90 795 LIVERMORE ST FAIRBORN $1.00 Encase your tools in several layers of sealed plastic bags to protect against moisture. Address 11 SELBY CT 45385 Subject: Iran--Foreign relations--1997- 45434 1088 YUMA TRAIL 45324-2685 222 BIG PINE RD 45431-3515 99999 2644 CHILDERS DR CARLSON CHRISTINE 237 XENIA AVE $27.50 CLIFTON 407 MERRICK DR Types of Radios $863.00 45432-2117 $520.45 DARNELL SALLIE MRS. FAIRBORN $76.00 45431- ADEGBORUWA THEOPHILUS A XENIA 638 WILSON DR $11.28 BUCHNER ROBERT CARBOLINE CO $79.00 $6.65 BOYD MICHAEL E BARNES JAMILA BENNETT SCOTT $336.40 $1.43 4881 SUGAR MAPLE DR BELLBROOK CLENDINEN VELMA H 45431 BREHM THOMAS A hand-operated bit and brace can be used to drill holes into trees for insertion of “super spikes.” After drilling the hole, a section of sharpened rebar can be driven into the tree. Be sure to cover the hole with bark (liquid wood or some other adhesive can be used to secure the bark). This method of spiking is very labor-intensive, but it shouldn’t take many such spikes to deter cutting. 45324-5250 45324 $0.72 45324 g you for a weapon (as they can legally do) and just stumbled upon the shoes. In a real pinch, you can claim to have found the shoes discarded alongside the trail. You tried them on for a fit, and decided to keep them. 37 HAWTHORNE DR COFFMAN GARY H P O BOX 31156 1015 11TH ST DAYTON ALLEN WADE $11.58 DURELL GEORGE 45370-9694 CLARK RONALD T 1526 WEDGEWOOD DRIVE Title: The march : a novel / E.L. Doctorow. ADKINS ROBERT D BURNS FLORENCE M 45432 282 XENIA TOWNE SQ Subject: Theory (Philosophy) Dictionaries. $511.92 DOSSETT JEFFREY $39.00 1340 MAPLEGROVE DR CLOUD STEPHANIE MICHELLE XENIA 45431-2758 BARTELT BRIAN 1400 MAPLERIDGE DR DAYTON XENIA 36 N DETROIT ST $50.00 BEAVERCREEK Title: Coast : a celebration of Britain's coastal heritage / Christopher Somerville. 45305 45385-4734 BORKOSKY BRUCE G B) Snare set in crawl hole under fence. FAIRBORN Even the best of plans can be quickly disrupted by unforeseen events. Coping with and adapting to such problems is the ultimate test of one’s monkeywrenching abilities. 45370-8812 45305-0092 PO BOX 33602 45324 $10.00 BURTCH STEVEN W 2462 BROWN BARK DR 45324-5527 Subject: Developing countries--Social conditions. COMBS MARRY ANN XENIA BUSH DOROTHY BOHN FAIRBORN $21.95 CEDARVILLE $67.69 $28.56 BATMAN JOE T FAIRBORN 1051 ANKENEY RD $62.90 XENIA Field Notes 45385-0282 BROWN RONALD D. CLARK SHELBY L BEAVERCREEK 45385 COYLE MARK G 1220 AMBERWOOD CT 11 E DORIS DRIVE $14.38 45431-3124 45432 v-a-jpeg-55.jpg JAMESTOWN FAIRBORN 45385 CLARKE RYAN JAMESTOWN BROWN LORENZO $471.74 $4.80 121 SUNBURST DR FAIRBORN XENIA 45335 CANTRELL CHARLES BRANDEBERRY JASON JAMES OLD SPRNGFLD PK RT 3 $67.50 FAIRBORN BAIR KEVIN 2157 MARYLAND DR $100.00 DALE MARK Subject: Mexico Guidebooks. DICE RANDY D 45305 45387 $15.54 $1.30 $23.61 45432 $10.00 2800 NEW GERMANY TREBEIN 1053 ARLINGTON DR 45431 FAIRBORN 189 BRONSTON TRL DANA SARA 2948 TARA TRL. 762 HUNTERS RIDGE 45385-3228 BURTON DAVID City More than just plaid, Johnny delivers his hilarious comedy performance with a Scottish twist that bowls audiences over. RC924.5.L85 W35 2005 $5.00 Cutting out words from a newspaper is even more time-consuming than it is boring. A simple alternative, which has the advantages of being quick, cheap, and untraceable (newspaper print can at least be traced back to the newspaper from which it came) is to use a stencil, such as those often found across the middle of a high-school-type plastic ruler, or a plastic template that contains the letters of the alphabet (some computer templates have this latter feature). Again, the stencil can either be disposed of after use or can be reserved only for communiqués. The advantage of the stencil over the typing element or cartridge printwheel is that the stencil is cheaper and you don’t have to buy a typewriter to use it. The best writing instrument for a stencil is a felt-tip pen. If you use a ballpoint, do not write on a hard surface that will retain a permanent secondary impression of your message. 45431-1729 CANTRELL TERESA 308 PURCELL DRIVE SPRING VALLEY CONLEY VIRGINIA B $44.59 Subject: Europe--History--1945- 2970 OLD TROON DRIVE FAIRBORN DAYTON BURLEW RUTH E. ng companies who might be checking out the timber before deciding their bids. Needless to say, you do not want to fall into the hands of these people. $10.00 $19.43 $2.88 BURTON ERIC A KEMP RD #3820 XENIA XENIA FAIRBORN 2441 GRANGE HALL RD Personal subject: Steinbeck, John, 1902-1968--Knowledge--California. FAIRBORN PO BOX 23 $767.88 45431 CONATSER TONYA $14.95 DAYTON NEWSPAPER INC 206 HOME AVE BASHAW STEPHEN W. BX 11714 45324 v-a-jpeg-33.jpg DAYTON 1442 SANZON DR 112 W DAY YEL SPGS 45324-5342 45324 DAYTON $111.11 $4.80 $7.17 If you don’t want to carry a noose pole to free trapped animals, consider a short heavy stick about four feet long with a fork on one end just deep enough to pin a small animal neck to the ground. Pin down the animal’s head and neck as far from the trap as possible. If the trap chain is taut, the animal’s trapped leg pulled straight, and the head pinned as far away as possible, the chances of being bitten or scratched (cats) is minimized. (The same principle of pulling the animal tight away from the trap applies to noose-pole releases.) With the forked end of the stick pinning the animal’s neck, lodge the other end into the front of your shoulder and use your body weight to hold the animal down. This frees both hands the open the trap. COX DONNY E. JAMESTOWN $1.00 FAIRBORN 45434 45324-5820 BAHNS RYAN M 130 ROGERS ST XENIA 45385-1927 BELLBROOK $491.88 1716 ARLIN PL Acetylpromazine (Acepromazine) 500 CLOVER ST $41.00 Sometimes, undercover agents may go beyond the identification of suspects and the gathering of evidence: they may actually encourage someone to participate in an illegal act, and then help the police set up the arrest of that person or persons (the classic “agent provocateur”). Don’t make the mistake of thinking that this sort of thing is only found in spy novels, or went out of style with the demise of the Czarist secret police. There is a good deal of evidence to suggest that the decline of a number of radical groups in the U.S. in the 1960s and early 70s was speeded up by the judicious use of agents provocateurs (as well as simple informants) by both Federal and local police agencies. The undercover FBI agent in the Arizona Five case went so far with being a provocateur in his desperation to make a case, that he warned his supervisor he had “an entrapment problem.” $15.78 45385 $15.34 CARTER SEAN P ALAVATTAM VIJAYA 45370 Subject: Seafood--Health aspects. 45324-4730 WILBERFORCE 2423 RED APPLE DR 45385-8562 ADAMS JIMMIE L 3228 LANTZ RD 242 ORVILLE ST APT 16 45385-4519 YELLOW SPRINGS 3353 CEDARWOOD DR BRAXTON GREGORY 45431-2306 $1.52 2328 BARNETT DR DAVIS CECIL XENIA XENIA AMOS LISA $20.00 FAIRBORN 7 You: The Owner's Manual by Michael F. Roizen and Mehmet -- 1 C. Oz (HarperResource: $24.95) A wry and witty guide to the inner workings of the human body. ACKLIN LEEANN not so innocent America / Wilson Bryan Key. $220.86 1 HALSEY DR DUVALL JENNA L $281.60 4881 SUGAR MAPLE/DOD 74 $10.80 Amount 45385-3604 45431-2917 DAYTON ABLE GAYLE L 3607 RIDGEWAY RD BELLBROOK 45305-1970 $0.76 FAIRBORN 45385-8022 Media Relations 45431-0000 BEAVERCREEK 800 LIVERMORE ST CLIFTON 45432-2363 $59.04 DAYTON $50.00 2135 CLEARVIEW DR 1277 TEXAS CT 2032 TAHOE DR 45385 45432 602 PHILLIPS ST BEAVERCREEK 2604 HENVILLE RD BOWSER CHARLES M CUMMINGS SARAH A $159.08 817 RED MAPLE DR $284.40 5518 BUCKEYE ST BOX 303 45385 FAIRBORN DAYTON CHMIEL JOHN G $56.00 45305 160 KANSAS DR 45324 SPRING VALLEY Leather Gloves — not rubber, or thin diving, batting, or golf gloves DAYTON $18.50 CRANZ KATHY DAYTON POWER AND LIGHT CO $0.70 $23.62 DEMBSKY RICHARD 45431 Subject: Parks--California--Pacific Coast Guidebooks. 255 SHEELEY ROAD 7 CLEMENS ST 697 N MONROE DR $146.11 $1.00 FAIRBORN essay on the land by Lawrence Clark Powell. JAMESTOWN CHOBBING INN BEAVERCREEK $1.14 BRIGGS RICHARD J XENIA $49.88 FRIENDS CARE CTR ROOM 210 45335 4072 WOODEDGE DR Owner Name 1436 NEW WAY DR 45385-3913 $3.09 45385 SPRING VALLEY 45324-9713 250 REGENCY CT $1.81 $323.00 $20.40 45370-9436 $10.00 $21.60 45384 BELLBROOK $3.27 4134 W ENON ROAD 45324-3979 4363 COMMACHE TRL Pour water into terminal keyboards after turning on the power. With disk drives, pour the water in at any handy access point. 45370-7723 7308 BRAKEFIELD RD $239.21 $15.46 BAUMAN WILLIAM H III DAYTON $299.62 5555 HICKAM DR Subject: Backpacking--Nevada Guidebooks. DAYTON FAIRBORN $0.03 BONNER ERMA J There are a number of simple ways to light a fire after you are safely away from the scene. Experiment with any delayed ignition technique several times before using it to burn a machine or other target. One such method is the use of SCORE hair dressing and swimming pool cleaner described in the section Billboard Burning in the Propaganda Chapter. Others include: 37 SPINNING RD 138 N BROAD ST Always be patient when looking for security guards. The slightest sound or glow of a cigarette will often tip you off to their presence. If you have not been able to locate any guards, but are still unsure, use your flashlight or make some loud noise to see if you can draw them out. Make sure you have a concealed escape route handy. XENIA $5.77 YELLOW SPRINGS 45387-1511 ZIP SPRING VALLEY 1590 PRIMROSE LN DONOVAN JAMES J 147 N DETROIT APT23 YELLOW SPRINGS $56.81 45385 CHAUDHRY NEERJA J 45314 Owner Name BEAVERCREEK 268 BUCKEYE AVE BEAVERCREEK BELLBROOK 45324-000 XENIA YELLOW SPRINGS DENNISON SARA 45385 42 GOOD MAN DR #4 COOK RALPH *--* 1 My Life So Far by Jane Fonda (Random House: $26.95) The 2 5 actress, antiwar activist, fitness guru and feminist icon tells the story of her life, with a heavy emphasis on the men along the way. 45324-2046 BELLBROOK To create his paintings, Michael uses many techniques and mediums but his most provocative and compelling method is reverse painting on glass or acrylite. The depth and vibrancy of color he achieves with this method is unmatched by traditional techniques such as painting on canvass or paper. But what makes Michael's paintings stand out doesn't rest on his techniques alone. His view of the cosmos and the world around him instill into his paintings a sense of wonder that transcends a literal reality. His vision is idyllic and intentional. Michael wants to convey to the viewer of his work a magic that is felt on an emotional level. $16.51 ALLEN LAVONNE C XENIA 293 PORTSMOUTH XENIA $53.30 DUNNINGTON NEIL T $91.33 45385 $53.13 DAYTON DAYTON 1421 FOREST LANE XENIA 360 VINE ST 45387-1700 45324-0000 $64.14 15 OLD YELLOW SPRINGS RD #O FAIRBORN XENIA 1168 S CENTRAL AVE 1787 SUGAR RUN TRL ZIP DICKERSON DAISY J $102.05 $78.49 $50.31 45433 $4.00 $41.40 Margaret Haerens, book editor. $7.56 45431 45324-1986 $59.00 $1.08 45385 55 HOME AVE BERNT ERIC RIVERSIDE 365 E ENON RD 1431 ALAMEDA DR BATES BARBARA A 45385-9589 BENTLEY E. I. FAIRBORN CONSTANT RUTH V 545 N GALLOWAY ST CARTER SIMONE C Once you have a working spray you can do one of two things with it — glue the can to a flat wooden base, causing the can to stand upright while discharging, or glue on a piece of stiff cardboard as shown in (g). Note how the cardboard protrusion prevents the can from rolling to a position that discharges the spray into the ground or floor. Since these radios were constructed for the military, they have been considerably over-engineered and can take plenty of abuse. Transmitters have worked even after klutzy paratroopers dropped them from a thousand feet! Since these radios do not have an FCC approval stamp on them, it is illegal to use them — but not to own them. However, enforcement is difficult since the FCC would have to catch you in the act of transmission. Another advantage of these radios is that the transmitter and receiver are separate units. This allows two people to have a duplex system (i.e., I transmit on one frequency while I receive my friend’s transmission on a second frequency). This decreases the possibility of someone scanning and picking up both sides of a conversation. Another advantage is that for another 70 bucks you can pick up a piece of equipment called an ID-1189 which is a test machine that allows you to change frequencies once you buy new crystals which are about $6 each. XENIA 114 LORETTA AVE #23 Let the remaining sucker rod fall down into the well casing, where it will be difficult to retrieve. Note: it might be possible to cut the sucker rods with a hacksaw, if they are not too thick. This would probably be simpler. BEAVERCREEK 1412 BELLBROOK AVE AMMONS SYLVIA D HC79.E5 G26 2006 WRIGHT PATTERSON AFB BROWN JUNE W. Overgrazing is vulnerable to monkeywrenching for two reasons: 1) much of the worst overgrazing occurs in places remote, rugged, and seldom visited; and 2) some of the most damaging livestock operations are on a precarious financial basis where enough losses from ecotage can eliminate the grazing problem. 1728 MAUMEE DR BELLBROOK 1726 A ARLIN PL DAVIS EARL T 45433-0463 1460 SOUTHGATE AVE #3 $12,783.13 YELLOW SPRINGS BARNETT HAROLD FAIRBORN BAILEY DEBORAH $41.04 XENIA 1301 MONROE DR XENIA BARTLEY ALEXANDRA C XENIA BELLBROOK DUNLAP JILL $299.62 (e) Safeguard and conserve nature In areas beyond national jurisdiction. 899 ANKNEY RD CLAYTON HEATHER L 1871 WILBUR AVE $4.40 CROSS KAYDEN ELI 225 YORKSHIRE LN 45305 45431 45324-2042 ARMSTRONG KEN E./MAR $2,800.00 45324 45432 BELLBROOK $210.00 $213.20 45324 5563 GROSS DR $17.95 Personal author: Wall, Dorothy, 1948- If you are an enemy of the throw-away society, here’s how to bring your message to an appropriate audience: 45324-2213 Once you have a house pinpointed, study the layout of the neighborhood streets carefully. This will prevent your driver from inadvertently taking a dead-end street in an attempted escape. Scout by day and by night. Decide ahead of time exactly what slogans will go on what walls. Unpracticed sloganeers do stupid things like running out of space for a full message. BEHR DAVID M 547 PEACH TREE LN 45431-1970 CHAPMAN AMY L SPRING VALLEY $15.80 45324 BELLBROOK 4058 MERIDELL DR 45324 ADAMS ERIC FAIRBORN Subject: Economic history--Periodicals. $100.00 $18.00 DOWNS MATTHEW T ARMSTRONG PENNY L 45316 XENIA XENIA 45433-1304 BRAUN JIM CAUDILL RYAN J 4454 BAYBERRY COVE City XENIA 1850 WOODVINE ST. APT 1430 RACE ST XENIA BERGERON PAUL A 45385 1452 COLONIAL DR Guard dogs are usually males, weighing 70 pounds or more, and of a working breed, German Shepherds and Dobermans being the favorites. Because of the recent boom in the guard dog business, quality has suffered. It is estimated that fewer than one in four German Shepherds is really suitable for this type of work. And since many clients base their choice on cost alone, they often get an inferior guard dog. 5234 OTTOWA DR DAYTON COFFEY BARBARA Fair-haired, intense, ever-youthful American actor born in New Orleans, Paul has had a long, distinguished career on stage, film and television. He began acting at an early age and at 17 performed in numerous theatre productions in his home town before deciding to improve his skills. He moved to New York to study acting at the American Theatre Wing, which sponsored the Tony Awards. He remained in New York for six years, working in summer stock, Broadway plays and live television. He made his screen debut as the young man in Alfred Hitchcock's 'The Wrong Man'. The same year he played the lead in 'Jamboree'. For the most part, he has been cast in roles in countless television episodes and a handful of feature films. He and wife Meryl run a health food business and manufacture the food under the label 'Love In The Kitchen'. 45344 $3.00 4900 HICKORY WOODS TRL 541 LEDBETTER RD $65.18 Subject: Architecture--Russia (Federation) 1463 ARROWHEAD TRL DANIELSEN STEPHEN A 45385 45324 45431 45324-2971 $56.10 45305 45305 70 BEVERLY PLACE 45385 3802 BIRCHMOOR DR $2.02 DAYTON Where to Place Road Spikes $205.00 272 TRAVIS DR 45431-1450 45385 $109.60 BELLBROOK 45324 45385- FAIRBORN CEDARVILLE DAYTON DAYTON SB434 .P48 2004 BAKER ELEANOR P 850 SAVIN HILL CT DOUGLAS WILLIAM S. ALLEN ULYSSES S 4221 W FRANKLIN ST CORNETT KENNETH 6940 HARGRAVE RD 45385 XENIA 45385 45324-6914 XENIA Clearcuts springing up in every nook and cranny of the National Forests; high-voltage power lines marching arrogantly across desert valleys and Midwest farms; seismograph crews scarring roadless areas with their bulldozers, thumper trucks, and explosives; survey stakes and their Day-Glo orange flagging warning of who-knows-what awful scheme; and the ubiquitous signs of overgrazing on public lands are the hallmarks of the industrial siege on the wild and open space areas of America. As Ed Abbey said, it looks like an invasion, an invasion from Mars. 45324 DAYTON BEAVERCREEK BELLBROOK COX JACKIE 45387 45324 $0.03 45387-1128 Monkeywrenchers do not aim to overthrow any social, political, or economic system. Monkeywrenching is merely nonviolent self-defense of the wild. It is aimed at keeping industrial civilization out of natural areas and causing industry’s retreat from areas that should be wild. It is not major industrial sabotage. Explosives, firearms, and other dangerous tools are usually avoided; they invite greater scrutiny from law enforcement agencies, repression, and loss of public support. BAIR JAMES EDWIN 45324-4254 FAIRBORN 45335 $1.72 Subject: Governesses Juvenile fiction. 45324 Owner Name PO BOX 104 BILAVER GRGO J 45324 HIGHLANDS 1568 E 45433- DAYTON $125.00 1621 DIPLOMAT DR Scope out the road ahead of time. Measure the diameters of the culverts at strategic points on the road. Then go home and cut 2 x 4s to fit each of the culverts. For culverts 30 inches and less in diameter, all you’ll need are two pieces a few inches longer than the diameter. For larger culverts, you might want more strength than this simple “X” frame can provide. You could use three in the form of a triangle, or four in the shape of a tic-tac-toe. But don’t nail them together yet. CEDARVILLE 602 PHILLIPS ST BELLBROOK MEDICAL CENTER Ecodefenders who wear glasses should use a head strap or keeper to prevent loss or breakage of glasses. Beware of light reflected from glasses and goggles. $13.24 45370 BRICHER MARY A $5.82 A stage actor of long experience, he has received awards for his theatrical work, most notably The Couch With Six Insides, which he co-produced and which garnered an Obie. Herd began appearing on television in the early '60s, in commercials, for Newport cigarettes and other products, which frequently had a comic side to them, but it was in harder and heavier roles in movies and television that he was best known in the 1970s and 1980s: Captain Sheridan in the police show T.J. Hooker; villains in Scarecrow and Mrs. King and numerous other hour-long dramas; tough executives and military officers on M*A*S*H and other series; and as the alien leader John in the NBC miniseries V. His portrayal of ruthless power company executive Evan McCormack in the feature film The China Syndrome left Herd typed as a heavy for years, which didn't prevent him from giving memorable performances in series such as Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman and feature films like Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. BEAVERCREEK 2952 LOWER BELLBROOK ROAD COOPER SHANE 2497 COUNTRYS 121 N COLUMUBS 45433 FAIRBORN BRANTLEY BEAU M $116.38 2640 NETHERLAND DR 45434-0000 477 CLEARY DR 45431-1246 2160 ZINK ROAD 1226 PORT WILLIAM RD 4080 DAYTON XENIA RD BEAVERCREEK EHRHART JOHN D FAIRBORN CHESTNUT TERESA XENIA $51.50 1403 SIOUX DR 45305-1116 45314 BEAVERCREEK 45385 $121.40 DOBBINS ALEX 45324 45434 DAYTON 45432 DAYTON 45385 42 E VINE $1.76 DAVIS RICHARD A $9.41 COATES PHILIP E FAIRBORN DRENNEN CARLA R $14.73 3108 RANCHFIELD DR $60.94 45324 $19.70 $200.00 45385 YELLOW SPRINGS 45234 BELLBROOK XENIA — Casey Jones Radio Fingerprints Title: Subliminal seduction : ad media's manipulation of a E847.2 .K67 2005 1532 N DETROIT ST $65.40 Subject: Bronx (New York, N.Y.) Juvenile fiction. 316 HONEY JANE DR 45324-4250 AUGENSTEIN NEIL E DR $30.60 $10.30 909 E THIRD ST 45370 T173.8 .F63 2006 Johnny "Bagpipes" Johnston has been piping for over 26 years. He can play the traditional to the not so traditional, from Scotland the Brave to AC/DC, from Flower of Scotland to Van Halen! If a stranger batters your door down with an axe, threatens your family and yourself with deadly weapons, and proceeds to loot your home of whatever he wants, he is committing what is universally recognized — by law and morality — as a crime. In such a situation the householder has both the right and the obligation to defend himself, his family, and his property by whatever means are necessary. This right and this obligation is universally recognized, justified and even praised by all civilized human communities. Self-defense against attack is one of the basic laws not only of human society but of life itself, not only of human life but of all life. 32 E EMERSON AVE $0.30 $28.99 45324 BEAVERCREEK $50.68 $100.00 $55.81 $74.38 $0.19 45324 YELLOW SPRINGS $167.81 FAIRBORN $17.57 280 ARDMORE DR DILLON JULIE BLAYLOCK MELISSA L 2814 STAUFFER DR $18.10 BELLA ASHLEY manhood and back again / Norah Vincent. 133 CANAL ST FAIRBORN 45324 950 WHITESTONE RD YELLOW SPRINGS $18.45 ND210 .F6 1962 SPRING VALLEY $21.73 CEDARVILLE 45432-2554 $2.00 45431 $5.95 $16.25 3720 CROSSWOOD DR FAIRBORN DAYTON FAIRBORN 442 KIRKWOOD DR CANADA CARL CORBETT ANNA 45385-9350 $0.06 CASSANDRA MALONEY 45324-5527 $0.61 CORD MICHEL BISSACCO ANOTHY XENIA Subject: Wisconsin Fiction. Place envelope in which letter came into plastic bag. DAYTON BEAVERCREEK BALL CHARLES W $237.51 BRECKENRIDGE JEAN P $0.04 $1.67 1468 DEERLAND ST Subject: Men--United States. 4069 BEACH TR ANDREWS STEVE XENIA BEAVERCREEK $10.00 45433 $0.68 BROWN JOE C $10.28 There are changes in the Third Edition, however. Some material deemed to be irrelevant or counterproductive has been dropped. Incorrect information has also been dropped. Much new information has been incorporated. Most of it was contributed between 1987 and 1989. A professional editor was retained to rewrite, copy edit, arrange, and otherwise clean up all of the text. Some previous material has been rearranged. DAYTON WILBERFORCE 45324 45370 XENIA 45324 334 W HERSFIELD $19.83 81 NETTLE CT FAIRBORN XENIA BRANNIGAN LINDA 45387 305 E 2ND ST DAY CHRISTOPHER M DAY VELMA Subject: Market segmentation. Never tamper with an aircraft engine or its fuel. A mechanical failure in mid-air is life-threatening. The monkeywrencher should aim to ground the plane with as much damage as possible, but without endangering anyone’s life. For this reason any monkeywrenching of an aircraft should be made obvious, with no attempt to disguise the work. Keep in mind that ecotage directed at an aircraft may entail felony violations of federal law or FAA regulations. Practice strict security on these operations. 4195 FOX FERN CT Hydrogen sulfide (smells like rotten eggs) DAYTON BROWN NANCY A 45324 $50.00 $9.54 $45.00 45431-1712 BELLBROOK $166.88 $24.30 XENIA $52.18 1623 FORESTDALE AVE $100.00 $7.00 YELLOW SPRINGS Sometimes a bucket filled with cement and gravel will just fit into a pipe. This is especially true for 12” pipes. Add extra cement around the edges inside the pipe to ensure good anchoring. Similar objects filled with cement are available for smaller pipes (vehicle exhaust pipes, for example). Plumber supply stores have commercial pipe plugs for 2 to 8 inch pipes. Title: Bandit's moon / by Sid Fleischman, ACKLIN HANNAH E 218 NORTHWOOD DR FAIRBORN 1775 WOODS DR BARNARD JANE 480 CLEARY DR DAYTON $80.00 2383 W JACKSON RD $20.00 45324 45431-1414 WILBERFORCE $120.85 $125.63 $0.30 4821 HASSAN CIR $0.43 8 COLIN KELLY DR 45431 1106 MIDDY DR If you must be neat or conserve gases, use the right size tip for the thickness of the metal you are cutting. If you want to destroy something as quickly as possible, use the largest tip appropriate for the amount of gas you have. FAIRBORN XENIA 2083 SPRING CREEK CIR 45324-2502 1135 S CENTRAL FAIRBORN COBB LUCY D $33.22 BOAZ FRANK W III There are several ways to release a trapped animal, but we cannot recommend the method used by an elderly Texas woman who quietly approached a trapped Coyote and released it without a fuss. A trapped animal is probably frightened and in pain and might attempt to bite or scratch you. Be cautious. BERG ORLEY DAYTON $843.29 DAVIDSON CHERYL L 2478 KEWANNA LN ZIP 45385-2223 45432-0000 1017 LEXINGTON AVE FAIRBORN 45324 ARNTZ MATT L FAIRBORN CATHERINE H KLINE TRUST FAIRBORN 45431 $1.60 DANIEL JUSTIN A FAIRBORN DEES SANFORD A. Owner Name DELANEY LARRY K $10.00 123 E MARKET ST FAIRBORN YELLOW SPRINGS $11.70 10141 MALLET DR 219 W DAYTON DR 45305 45385 stories / Franz Kafka ; translated by Joachim Neugro[s]chel. ADKINS D. R. FAIRBORN 45431-2227 $59.00 $10.25 $0.48 C & C $6.44 5819 BURR RD XENIA CW MARKETING INC 1656 BROOKLYNN DR ESTATE OF DE 45387 Subject: Political culture--United States Humor. BEATY WALTER C JR Walter Koenig 610 RUSTIC TR XENIA JAMESTOWN BEAVERCREEK 45387-1528 117 W S COLLEGE ST 45431 DODSON PEGGY J 990 FRED JOHNSTON DR BURRIS THOMAS A CARRETTA CRAIG Subject: International economic relations. $6.44 ZIP 45387 $20.18 45324-0000 Once you have singled out a prospective recruit, use casual conversations to gauge the depth of her commitment to defending Earth. If all goes well, you will next proceed to carefully introduce the topic of monkeywrenching into your conversations, perhaps with the aid of a news broadcast or newspaper story dealing with environmental sabotage. This will help to measure whether feelings about conventional law and order might override deeper moral concerns. Be patient. Never rush a recruitment. It may take months to find out that a certain friend is simply not suitable as a team member. 1257 EDWIN DR BARTO EULONDIA $1.03 BARNETT JEFFREY A 2630 BAHNS DR DINH PAT $119.29 XENIA XENIA 474 E MAIN ST $68.37 WILBERFORCE 45335 $20.00 $17.16 BREWER VIRGIL 3837 CHEYENNE TRL CHRISTIAN KATHY COLLINS EDDA $2.10 XENIA BELKO MICHAEL E 45305 45431 $1.19 XENIA CALL HENRY INC 378 YELLOW SPRINGS FAIRFIE RD 45324 45431-3792 DEARNALEY CAROLYN HAGUE 1623 FORESTDALE AVE $0.04 671 WILSON DR SPRING VALLEY $52.52 BELL ESSIE CLAWSON CAROL E $6.34 BEAVERCREEK BEAVERCREEK FAIRBORN ATHA ANNETTE E 45324 1203 FROST CIR YELLOW SPRINGS CHANEY WILLIAMRUTH 45434 45387 FAIRBORN BEAL KATHY DILLER AMY R Subject: Religion and science. $0.99 BEAVERCREEK 45324 45385 167 E 4TH ST APT 4 4500 BURKHARDT AVE 1523 SALEM AVE #1 $37.74 1955 GRANGE VIEW DR 2361 DUNCAN DRIVE 1 1682 ARAPAHO SPRING VALLEY $31.12 CHIPE CAMELIA $3.29 ACORD MARTIN 1777 ARLIN PL #F FAIRBORN $3.00 FAIRBORN ASIKELE EDWARD E 450 MARTIN DR Subject: African Americans--Civil rights--Alabama--Montgomery-- CRONLEY CHARLES R 354 CHADWICK PL 4051 CLARKSTON DRIVE $71.50 $23.36 BOGGS PATSY F JAMESTOWN 45433 45385 $20.00 BELLBROOK 45324 $106.63 45385-2714 BIANCA DAVIDE 45324 XENIA 45431 BELLBROOK 45430 DAVIS JAMES M The Marine Eco-Mechanic DAYTON BROWN JUDY $14.00 45324 45385-2801 $12.45 ZIP 212 E 13TH ST $118.05 45324 45434 BROWN COOK R Title: Understanding street drugs : a handbook of substance $89.63 2282 VIRGINIA DR $72.86 Title: Identifying and treating sex offenders : current 480 POLECAT RD BARK LILLIAN 45324-4700 45324-4970 45335-0000 Subject: Leisure class. DUNNAGAN THOMAS S 45431 873 HOOK RD RA776 .C353 2004 231 CHESTERFIELD CIR $125.00 2282 S LAKEMAN $0.24 Repeatedly casting suspicion on others without basis. This may be a smoke screen to keep suspicion off themselves. 45305 BOREN MARILYN ROSE NUGENT 45385 45305-1714 $0.31 FAIRBORN DAY RICHARD A CARROLL TERESA 45432 DICKINSON BRIAN FAIRBORN XENIA 7558 DAYTON RD FAIRBORN $86.40 45314-9584 45385 45324-9716 126 OFFICE PARK DR Title: Wicca for beginners : fundamentals of philosophy & practice / Thea Sabin. 3512 BLENCIA AVE FAIRBORN 45335 232 UNION ST Owner Name 45431-3216 45385 45434 45324 LOAN PAYOFF DEPARTMENT MORTGAGE SE 45324-0000 EHLER CLARA BALES RICHARD T 567 SHEPHERD RD Everything needed to upgrade your fuel system can be bought at your friendly auto parts store. It is a good idea to mount a small fire extinguisher in the cab of your truck. $20 is cheap insurance. BROWN R JOHN COFFEY BARBARA E $57.54 Handi-talkie model 49-H 49-HD 45324-0000 2472 HEATHER GLEN CT APT 1 Browse through the fur coats on the rack at your local classy department store with a razor blade concealed in hand. Slice the lining of the coats from the inside as you admire them. 45431-0000 DAYTON 45385 XENIA CEDARVILLE $0.23 BROWN ROBBIE To view Michael's work, visit his web site at www.michaeldavidward.com. 1392 CHINOOK CT 45432-2734 FAIRBORN DART GREG Field Note 4714 BARNHART AVE XENIA 45431-2930 art colony, 1875-1907 / Scott A. Shields. RIVERSIDE AHRENS GEORGE DAVID B ENT PO BOX 2268 $296.95 YELLOW SPRINGS CAMPBELL ANDREW LARKEN Here’s one that makes for a great hobby and might even be legal! BEAVERCREEK It is much faster to cut a hole in chain-link fencing than to try to get three to five people over the fence. When cutting chain-link fence, use small bolt cutters or a fence tool and cut the same vertical strand of wire repeatedly each time it slants to the left or right (not both). You will need to cut the bottom tension wire also. Study how chain-link fences are constructed. Watch for electrified or alarmed fences. FAIRBORN CONRAD ALEC R If, on the approach to the target, a neighbor or passerby sees you, scrub the mission and wait for another time. Be patient. Personal subject: Ames, Adelbert, 1835-1933. $11.16 DILLAPLAIN JOHN T BLACHINS VILNIS 45324 CLARK NICHOLAS S 45324 45324 XENIA $5.44 Cover packs or other camping gear with a plain canvas tarp. Tool boxes, torches, and other “working gear” left out in the open are a good idea if you wish to look like you belong on the job. $284.00 DAYTON 45305-892 45305-1518 BOUCHARD MICHAEL $9.00 The Undercover Infiltrator CASTILLO RAQUEL 361 CHADWICK PL ACHOR F M & LORE EDGERTON SANDRA L viewpoints / Louise Gerdes, book editor. 45432-